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From January 2002 through January 2009

January 23, 2009

On Inauguration Day I baked cookies, loaded up the car with our tabling stuff, and lots of art, banners, signs, and set out for Berkeley and the Ding Dong the Bush Is Gone Celebration at Ashkenaz. I had never been there before, and was greatly impressed by everyone who was there, and cooperatively helped lug stuff inside, and set up the room. At least 200 to 250 or more people showed up for the 4 bands, the great singers, speakers and the Bush Shoe Toss. Dana, Bill, Camille, Janette helped table and Vic Sadot also dropped in. Camille had printed a bundle of the 9/11 Truth Inauguration pamphlets that the DC 9/11 Truth group designed. For the most part, people were cheery and hopeful, but encouraged to continue to act and push for truth, peace, justice... As one of the last to leave, I didn't get home until 2 am, which made it particularly challenging the next day, Wednesday, to get up in time to cook enough for my son's Robotics' Team (parents take turns during the big robot building stage to provide meals for the kids who spend their afternoons, evenings, weekends designing and building a robot for national competitions.) Afterwards in the evening, I had hoped to go to raise questions at a youth center in Los Altos where an intelligence officer was supposed to speak, but a flat tire thwarted me.

Only today was I able to begin to catch up on the mail, the banking, at least I did the taxes yesterday (We were required to set up electronic tax filing). I am still behind on writing reviews of the new books and films that have come my way.

January 12, 2009

I am still trying to catch up unsuccessfully with many people and issues clamoring for my attention. Despite technical difficulties (being locked out of the Green Party office in San Francisco where the strategy/retreat was to be held on January 3rd and having to chase down the key), the meeting was productive and we voted to do another 9/11 Film Festival this year and support Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at the upcoming Architects Conference, which will draw 25,000 architects to San Francisco. AE911Truth.org will have a booth on the inside!

Unfortunately Richard Gage broke his leg skiing, and I hope he'll be out of his cast for the trip to Denver next month where Ken Jenkins, Richard and I (representing Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and Fran Shure representing the local Colorado 9/11 Truth group) will have a booth, and be delegates at the American Citizen's Summit.

I have also been attending other meetings (for the Santa Clara County Green Party) and working on other events, not directly related to 9/11. There is a flurry of organizing going on beneath the surface, as well as above the surface. A youth was shot dead on New Year's Eve at BART, and there is no police accountability. Peace rallies in support of the Palestinians, who are under brutal assault from Israel are drawing thousands of people. David Ledesma, who has been doing peace vigils every weekend in San Jose for years, had two thousand people suddenly show up a week ago (I'm not sure what the turnout was yesterday and the day before as the 10th was a National/International Day of action and I went to the rally in San Francisco.)

The police were awful at the rally in San Francisco and would not let me hang up any of our banners. They can make it really difficult for protestors to exercise their first amendment rights. We ended up draping our large Deception Dollar banner over the chairs. A lot of Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance came in support of the Palestinians and to help with the tabling and flyering. The public, as usual supported our presence, we received lots of donations, and also moved a lot of materials- books, DVDs, Rock Island Free Press newspapers.

I came home right after the rally, cooked dinner for the family and baked cookies for my Listening Project. On the 11th, I had to repack the car, and set up in downtown Palo Alto. An incredibly nice homeless veteran helped me set up and break down; it was a beautiful day, very quiet after the intensity of the day before. I picked up groceries on the way home, made dinner and was asked again to bake cookies for Jean-Luc, and Daniel... Between the meetings, rallies, the kids' theater groups, the Gunn Robotics Team, I seem to spend a good chunk of each day baking cookies/food/bread rolls for varying numbers of people.

Hadley Louden who leads Drummers For Peace, several other musical ensembles, and is a Civil Rights attorney, invited us to speak and table at an Inauguration Day event at Ashkenaz in Berkeley. I'm looking forward to it and was wondering what he meant by a "Bush Shoe Toss." Ideally, I think he would like a large effigy of Bush and encourage the non-profit groups to rent out shoes for people to toss at the effigy. I told him that if he didn't find an effigy that I would be willing to sacrifice our Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush art. I think I still have at least two or possibly three of the giant posters we used for our comedy event- which would make good targets.

January 2, 2009

We returned from Canada at 2 am this morning, so I haven't quite been able to catch up on my sleep (laundry, grocery shopping, email... news), but we do have the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Strategy Meeting/Retreat tomorrow- which I'm sure will be productive. One of the questions I'll have to raise is whether we should reprint the Deception Dollars, I think all of us (who have been distributing them for years) are running out finally...

December 21, 2008, Winter Solstice

I've been very busy the past few days working out some of the logistic details for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance's participation in the upcoming American Citizen's Summit, in Denver, Colorado, February 11th-15th. David Ray Griffin and Cynthia McKinney are invited speakers and the 9/11 Truth Movement and issue is welcome at the conference- which is really moving towards "Truth and Reconciliation" and acknowledging the shadow side of our country.

At our last meeting/celebration, we voted $1200 to send Ken Jenkins, Richard Gage, and I to the Summit. Fran Shure and the Colorado activists have generously offered to host us. We have yet, to work out all the details, and I'm afraid we will have a hard time persuading David to attend in winter. He is also under deadline to finish a book. I hope that they will include Richard Gage, AIA, as a speaker... but we will have to wait and see.

December 12, 2008

Given the changes that are taking place on the political landscape, I'm not the only one re-evaluating the current situation, trying to figure out where to put my time, energy, resources. I've been to six organizing meetings/events in the past 9 days and have received two new books on Money and Monetary Reform.

Yesterday, I was in downtown Palo Alto, at my usual spot, for the now monthly Listening Project/ 9/11 Truth Action. Although I received a camera for Christmas last year (just so I could get photos of events/rallies that I attend or organize that otherwise might not get photographed), I still haven't read the manual or had time to figure out the new camera. Chuck Millar who often comes and takes photos, didn't make it.

One of the passerbys whom I questioned was an artist and told me about his art, now on display, that incorporated some of the deception dollars into an art collage about 9/11 and "how it was used as a tool to help subvert our rights" which is part of an exhibit that will be up until Dec. 29th. It was a pleasure to meet him, a young man, Michael Denning (Heart of Chaos Director and Juvenile Hall Art Teacher) who also told me that the first 9/11 Truth event that he attended was the premeire of "The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw- The Great Conspiracy" at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park (With Barrie Zwicker, Peter Phillips, Webster Tarpley, Michael Kane) back in March 2005 that I had organized. He mentioned that he had been working at Trader Joe's Market and saw 14 of his regular customers at the event- each one wondering "What are you doing here?" Obviously, the event had some impact, and he incorporated lots of our outreach materials into his collage.

Collage by Michael Denning
Currently on exhibit at Gardner Community Center, 520 W. Virginia St., San Jose

Details of Michael Denning's collage

Jon Gold was asking me for photos and suggestions for the videos that he was producing on the Incomplete History of the 9/11 Truth Movement (See Video I and Video II and Video III). He received quite a bit of flak for not including many events and groups that would like to receive more recognition for their efforts. Of all the stuff that I've done, he only mentioned the Deception Dollars and the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11. I did tell him that no one person could possibly chronicle everything, the movement has grown too big for that, and we simply don't know about all the things that other people are doing at the grassroots level. All those people passing out DVDs and Deception Dollars, organizing events and film showings, getting 9/11 Truth documentaries on TV, posting key articles and links on the internet, speaking out at public events. We often never know when our message reaches and touches someone in a profound way. I love giving stacks of Deception Dollars, in particular, to teachers, particularly art teachers, who pass them onto their students. Meeting Michael yesterday made my day and made me feel that ALL of my efforts, no matter how ignored nor vilified by the press they might be, have been worthwhile.

I do feel very lucky to live in a place where I have been able to exercise "Free Speech." As I wash dishes, cook for the family, engage in the mundane tasks, enjoy the simple, normal pleasures of life, I am glad that I have chosen the path of "challenging empire" rather than "unconsciously supporting empire through material acquisition"... In the video, True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix, the methods of control to domesticate and control people, while maintaining an illusion of "freedom" are examined. I also received a link the other day to a lecture Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making with author: David Rothkopf

In the first video, the "rulers" certainly conspire to maintain their power and control over humanity. In the second video, Rothkopf, who jokes that he would like to sign up for such a global conspiracy, if it were an option, and makes fun of how he "doesn't belong to the "Superclass" that he describes in his book, also talks about his interview with the Federal Reserve chairman and his visits to Davos for the World Economic Forum. While he notes the incredible concentration of wealth, and the networks that connect the "Superclass" he dismisses a conscious intention to "rule the world," but says that when they act in unison that they can determine a "global agenda." This is their great power he says, neglecting to mention the consolidation of the media into very, very fews hands, the media's ability to omit, distort key information, perpetuate self-serving lies. He also quietly threw in the Al Qaeda myth in his talk, framed the need for a global governance structure to refrain the "bad actors," bashed "nationalism" (Hugo Chavez) and stated that the vast majority would never be in control, that only one group of elites might replace another under the guise of "serving humanity"... I can only hope that he is wrong, if we are to avoid totalitarian rule by the most corrupt, ruthless, wealthiest, deceptive people on the planet.

December 8, 2008

More on Pearl Harbor -- I was really moved by Admiral Kimmel's grandson's presentation on how they broke the Japanese code prior to the attack (at the Toronto International Inquiry into 9/11, which is corraborated by Stimmet's book and other sources. Today I received a link to this article-

Advance Warning? The Red Cross Connection
By Daryl S. Borgquist
Naval History, June 1999

It details how the Red Cross did receive emergency medical supplies and warning prior to the attack and how they kept that information quiet.

Additionally here is another link to an article- Misallocated Infamy, by Srdja Trifkovic with a compelling timeline of the events leading up to the attack.

My own article will probably be forever buried on this website, as I was horribly unsuccessful at posting this in a timely manner.

December 7, 2008 - Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor

    Sixty-seven years ago, on Sunday, December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, killing over two thousand people and wounding over a thousand. The attack enabled FDR to enter World War II, and prompted huge numbers of Americans to volunteer for military service. In the book Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor (2000), Robert Stinnett unveiled a memo outlining an 8 point plan to provoke Japan into attacking the US.

    Admiral Kimmel, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, was removed from office and demoted, taking the blame for the losses at Pearl Harbor soon after the attacks. Researchers, over the course of many years, believe that critical information was withheld from Kimmel and that he was unjustly punished. One of those researchers was his grandson, Manning Kimmel IV, who persuaded the U.S. Senate in 1999 to pass a nonbinding resolution exonerating Admiral Kimmel and Army Lieutenant General Short.

    In addition to shifting public opinion and gaining popular support for the US entry into World War II, Pearl Harbor was the justification for the passage of the National Security Act of 1947; the creation of the National Security Council, the CIA, and the Department of the Air Force; and the reorganization of the Department of War and the Department of the Navy into the Defense Department. Manning Kimmel IV, who worked for the FBI and the CIA, noted that emblazoned on the CIA’s walls is the reminder that the CIA was created “To Prevent Another Pearl Harbor.”

    Philip Zelikow, author of the US “Pre-Emptive War Doctrine,” has studied and written about the use, and misuse, of history in policymaking, including “beliefs thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty)”…“Searing events that take on 'transcendent' importance and, therefore, retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene.” In 1998 he co-authored the article Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy, which speculated that if the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center had succeeded,

      "the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force.”

    Zelikow, as the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, was able to control the “investigation,” write an outline for the contents of the report prior to the investigation, omit or distort facts, and edit the final report (much of it based upon confessions derived by torture). Amazingly, he and the 9/11 Report blamed the attacks upon a “failure of the imagination” on the part of the US government to even conceive of using airplanes as weapons. (This false statement, contradicted by innumerable reports and facts, was unquestioned and repeated by the mainstream press.)

    In 1944 George Orwell wrote:

      “History is written by the winners… The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits atrocities but that it attacks the concept of objective truth: it claims to control the past as well as the future… There is some hope, therefore, that the liberal habit of mind, which thinks of truth as something outside yourself, something to be discovered, and not as something you can make up as you go along, will survive. But I still don't envy the future historian's job. Is it not a strange commentary on our time that even the casualties in the present war cannot be estimated within several millions?...”

    The failings of the official 9/11 Report were clearly chronicled by David Ray Griffin in his books-- The New Pearl Harbor- Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration Volume I, and his latest book- The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé Volume II-- and in many documentaries, including 9/11: The Myth and the Reality. However, the report was accepted by the press uncritically. Congress accepted the official narrative and used it to justify the creation of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center, and to pass the most dramatic change since 1947 with the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which created a new Director of National Intelligence reporting directly to the President, determining and directing the budget of all the national intelligence agencies.

    The Project for a New American Century, founded in 1997, advocated for American “leadership” throughout the world, including the extension and reorganization of the military. Their document, entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century,” states:

      “The process of [military] transformation... is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event­--like a new Pearl Harbor.”

    Immediately following 9/11, the military received substantially more funding and was expanded to fight the “war on terror,” a war that was not expected to end in our lifetimes. “Pearl Harbor” was the “code word or concept” behind the preamble and the aftermath of the event. For nearly a year prior to 9/11, “Donald Rumsfeld routinely stated that the inevitability of surprise was a guiding principle of the Bush administration's national security strategy and handed out or recommended Roberta Wohlstetter's 1962 book, Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision.” [1] The Hollywood film, Pearl Harbor, which was released in May, 2001, conveniently maintained the popular myth and served psychologically as a recruitment tool. On 9/11 Bush, himself, very publicly wrote in his journal, “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.”

    On 9/11, in response to the horrific attacks on our country, we entered into “Continuity of Government,” but, unbeknownst to most of the American people, a shadow government has been in place ever since. Cheney and Rumsfeld worked on the plans for Continuity of Government for decades prior to 9/11, the provisions of which have been shrouded in secrecy. Even members of the Homeland Security Oversight Committee are not allowed to see its classified plans, but apparently Congress is an expendable entity when Continuity of Government is declared. While the country is in a declared “State of Emergency,” the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are ignored. In this context, the recent financial crisis, the Military Commissions Act, and the deployment of 20,000 US troops trained to respond to civil unrest as well as terrorist attacks within the US are less than reassuring.

    Although time and public opinion appear to be sweeping the now unpopular Bush and Cheney from the Oval Office, their policies and legacy remain. There has been no accountability for the “intelligence failures” leading up to 9/11, nor for the “failure to intercept the hijacked planes.” In a report released last August, NIST claimed that for the first time in modern history, fires felled a 47-story steel-framed building, World Trade Center 7, even though it exhibited all the characteristics of a controlled demolition. An earlier report claimed that fires plus two airplanes brought down the twin towers, ignoring the witness testimony and physical evidence that explosives were used.

    Zelikow is allowed to praise the incoming Obama cabinet on National Public Radio. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, after expanding upon Zelikow’s pre-emptive strike doctrine to include nuclear first strikes upon nations who might develop nuclear weapons, is retained by Obama as Defense Secretary. The winners might change, but the lies remain the same, as well as the direction of US foreign policy.

    Napoleon believed that

      “All you have to do is delay the truth until it no longer matters.”

    The rulers seem particularly afraid of the internet, the information technologies which allow people to communicate directly, bypassing corporate and government control, the erosion of faith in government and the media, the challenges to their tenuous claims to be the legitimate elected representatives of the people or the titans of industries which serve humanity. The promised "endless wars" provoke endless "protests" and increasing repression to quell the rising tide of dissent.

    Just as Pearl Harbor was encouraged and used by FDR as a pretext for war, 9/11 has been an equally deceptive new Pearl Harbor used to expand the National Security State into a Global Police State, where torture, pre-emptive war, surveillance, curtailment of civil rights, the Rule of Fear dominates the Rule of Law. As we remember the tragedy of Pearl Harbor, and we should educate and remind our fellow citizens that it was encouraged and allowed to happen by FDR as a pretext for war. Incidents since then- the Gulf of Tonkin, the story of babies thrown out of incubators during the invasion of Kuwait, were fabrications to trick the American people into supporting war. While the best historical parallel to 9/11 is the Reichstag Fire, used by Hitler to criminalize the communists and pass the Enabling Act (which bears a striking resemblance to the PATRIOT Act), Pearl Harbor and 9/11 both have been used to make the most sweeping military reorganizations within the US possible. Both events have served the powerful interests of genuine terrorists who have used the events to deceive the public, recruit soldiers, launch wars.

    Only by shattering the myths, exposing the lies, uncovering the truth about Pearl Harbor, our history, 9/11, the new Pearl Harbor, can we genuinely prevent the rush towards totalitarianism, a militarism based on fear, terror, disregard for truth, justice, human rights. Difficult though it may be, it is time to challenge the "War on Terror," expose the hand of intelligence agencies in incidents designed to launch new wars, before a nuclear Pearl Harbor obliterates the possibility of redirecting humanity onto a path towards peace and prosperity for all.

    [1] http://shoestring911.blogspot.com/2007/07/before-911-donald-rumsfeld-was.html

November 30, 2008

I received a well formatted copy of an excellent article entitled Summary of Evidence of Controlled Demolition at the World Trade Center posted at firefightersfor911truth.org. As I read it, this particular bit of info jumped out at me-

    Firefighters were not evacuated from Ground Zero before the collapse of the structures because F.D.N.Y. Chief of Department Pete Ganci knew the history of the buildings involved and the extent of their damage, as well as the fact that the fires were in the process of being put out. Therefore, based on that knowledge, he considered total building collapse a literal impossibility, which was acknowledged in the FEMA Report. As evidence of that fact, when a message from OEM (Office of Emergency Management) that the buildings were going to collapse finally reached him shortly before collapse ensued, Chief Ganci considered that statement so outrageous that he reportedly looked at the person who delivered it and said:

      “Who the f_ ck would tell you a thing like that?” ---

I asked David Wayne for his source and he wrote back:

    Regarding the Chief Ganci statement, the best overview is at: http://hidhist.wordpress.com/terror/911/wtc7-barry-jennings-peter-ganci-giuliani-arnold-weick/

    And, as we say in the Citations section:

    "There are 3 witnesses to the statement from F.D.N.Y. Chief of Department Peter Ganci, who was also killed in action on the morning of 9/11. All 3 witnesses were on-scene at the time and all 3 substantiate the statement, separately from the others, in virtually the same words and meaning."

I was just in the midst of reading David Ray Griffin's latest book- The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé and didn't see that key bit of information in the book, so I forwarded the link on to him.

David Ray Griffin replied:

    You can find the original reference in this chapter from my "9/11 Contradictions."

Ooops... I felt badly about bothering him with something that he already knew about, and for forgetting that I had seen it before- since I did read 9/11 Contradictions An Open Letter to Congress and the Press. On the other hand, every once in a while, I am astonished that great writers and researchers aren't aware of key info that others have dug up, and have passed on to me, and I'd rather be little embarrassed, than not convey critical info which might be extremely useful to our best spokespeople.

Luckily, most people do send their info directly to David Ray Griffin. He is very good at judging it, and placing it in context in his own writings, speeches. The most difficult challenge that we all have to face is the abundance of evidence, and trying to sort it out, and convey the most compelling facts that we know to open the press, politicians, and public's minds to the improbablity and impossibilities within the official narrative. No one can keep up with all the research, evidence, continually bubbling to the surface. I think we need a new 9/11 Fact Sheet to incorporate some of the more compelling evidence produced in the past year. Tomorrow I need to drive to Oakland to pick up 10,000 new Patriots Question 9/11 cards that we just had printed.

I've had to borrow the latest version of the Deception Dollar from Gabriel Day and I wonder, if we will reprint them. The latest bombings in India, "India's 9/11," have CIA and MOSSAD fingerprints all over them. With the global economy in shambles, I'm afraid that The Powers Will Be will do what they can to distract folks with new wars, economic hardships, and false flag operations to boost recruitment.

I did finish reading The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé and learned that Interlink has published it as a set, along with a reprint of The New Pearl Harbour and it is meant to be read in conjunction with the first book (if you haven't read it before- as a supplement or update). For those who read it years ago and are familiar with the topic, the book is very readable, engaging, with new information (maybe not all the information that has been unearthed in the past few years- but the most significant facts and evidence that David Ray Griffin chose to include). I do recommend it highly! And so does Publisher's Weekly which put it at the top of its list for Pick of the Week.

November 25, 2008

I cannot keep up with all the work and still need to write-up and post the minutes from last Thursday's Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting... but I was working on the speech for the rally to End the Fed until 1 am on Friday night. It's hard to access this computer because my son's computer is broken and he keeps bumping me, so he can do his homework and college applications. In fact, I just got bumped again, so I posted the write-up on the rally here, but won't be able to post it elsewhere til later.

November 18, 2008

Time flies by. Last week I started working on the local San Francisco End the Fed Rally/March. Gary Franchi, who I worked with to organize the 9/11 Truth Rally/March in Chicago, during the 9/11 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming the Future Conference is trying to organize at the national level. It's a real challenge to coordinate multiple actions, and utterly dependent upon the self-organizing abilities of local folks. There are various people and groups working on the San Francisco rally/march and I got mixed signals, both welcoming and discouraging me from organizing more, so I just backed off and posted what the group decided on my calendars and I don't think I'll try to do media, just work on what I want to say, although I think the action has the potential to draw a huge, diverse multitude of folks, to oppose the financial heist of the century, and draw the media.

Perhaps, though, I am completely wrong. I have slowed down a bit this week to catch up on mundane household and family chores, including mending a long neglected patchwork quilt, while watching the stack of DVDs that I have been given to review. Last night I watched a DVD on Flight TWA 800, and heard the story of investigative journalist, James Sanders and his wife. They were vilified by the press and targeted by the Justice Department, convicted of felonies, in order to destroy their reputation and keep a lid on the cover-up that was being orchestrated at the highest levels of government. They truly experienced the "Into the Buzzsaw" betrayal of the corporate media, in the face of their honest, investigative efforts. I suppose that the biggest financial heist of the century wouldn't even be attempted, if there was a chance that the corporate press would actually prevent the most powerful people on the planet from getting away with it, but it is astonishing how much damning info is scattered throughout the mainstream press, this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back, exposing the whole crooked game.

I just know that educating the public about 9/11 has been relatively easy compared to my earlier efforts to educate folks about global economics and the monetary system- where there has been far greater resistance to the information, but perhaps that has changed and people are more apt now to want to understand what is going on, for their own safety and survival.

I also finished reading Mark Gaffney's The 9/11 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America which overall was excellent, documenting the presence of not one, but two of the E-4Bs that flew over Washington DC on the morning of September 11th. These "Doomsday planes," the most sophisticated communications platforms in the airforce, whose presence was denied by the military and excluded from the 9/11 Report clearly were present at the critical time over Washington DC, betraying the "we were so surprised alibi" given by the government for so many years.

What irked me the most was a factual error about Janette MacKinlay, a friend of mine, whom the author said was not in her apartment on September 11th, when I know for a well chronicled fact that she was. Small errors like that just make me wonder how many other "mistakes" made it into the book, and damage its credibility. I wonder how the author could get such a simple fact wrong.

I guess I need to be more careful with my own work. It is far too easy to make mistakes and one needs to check one's sources. It's hard sometimes when two sources that I trust have diametrically opposing views on critical issues.

I also finally watched John Hankey's JFK II- The Bush Connection. I posted a review on Amazon saying-

    "John Hankey has put it together, in a very succinct, clear, powerful way. He builds a very solid case for the recruitment of George H. W. Bush into the CIA, his involvement with the anti-Castro operations, his presence in Dallas on the day of the assasination. He also shows how Kennedy was using the FBI to bust the CIA's anti-Castro terrorist training camps, and how Oswald was the FBI's key agent in busting the CIA's illegal, domestic camps. His analysis of the damning memo noting George Bush's CIA presence in Dallas, as being evidence of the CIA's threat to Hoover, demanding his cooperation in the cover-up is compelling.

    John is a High School teacher. This is a low-budget, labor of love. He does throw in some strange songs and language most inappropriate for a serious documentary, but the facts are completely damning, particularly the timing of the Congressional Investigation in the 70's when CIA Director Colby opened up during the hearings, was fired and replaced by Bush as CIA Director, and the subsequent murders of the key witnesses, and the end of CIA cooperation with Congress.

I wish I had seen it earlier, but I can't process all the stuff that comes my way, and organize, and do everything else.

November 10, 2008

A 3 day migraine knocked me off my feet on Thursday, and I missed the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting. I guess my body is telling me to slow down and recover, before I plunge into more organizing, more responsibilities. So I am behind in my correspondences and promises, still drowning in reviewing books, dvds, essays that need to be looked at, and deserve more attention, dissemination... MX whose website I host on this site wrote a provocative essay (which hopefully will be posted here soon) looking at the real movement bubbling up beneath the psuedo movement backing Barama's "promise for change."

I know I have been sounding a bit disheartened, "realistic," pessimistic, in light of the challenges that I see before us. We have the promise of another 9/11 echoed by a bunch of world leaders in just the last day.

During my campaign, Barry Warmkessel saw my statement on KTVU, and contacted me, asking for a yard sign. He came over to my house, and we went for a walk and had an interesting conversation. His passion has been tracking the history of comet impacts and the possibility of future comet impacts upon the Earth. He suggested that 9/11 might be masking some other hidden agenda (besides the PNAC desire to take over the world and seize oil/drug resources) maybe to step up preparations for certain remnants of humanity to survive the cataclysmic impact of a comet. I must admit that idea had never dawned on me before, and Barry threw out a bunch of other provocative ideas on a range of subjects.

One of his ideas was that the evolution of humanity occurred when people were able to overcome their fears, through love, and in the process, unleash extraordinary creative insight, deepening human understanding, advancing the entire species forward.

I've felt that we need to "overcome the dominant fear paradigm with a love paradigm, that it is not power that corrupts, but fear..." and that FEAR, overcoming fear, has been probably the single biggest obstacle everyone has had to face in countless facets of our lives. Barry surprised me by saying that soulmates- couples can overcome their individual fears, by cancelling one another's fears out, that usually each person has a particular fear that holds them down, and he began listing 7 fears which I had never heard of before-

    The fear of loss of control
    The fear of inadequacy
    The fear of worthlessness
    The fear of loss or want
    The fear of vulnerability
    The fear of missing something
    The fear of change or dealing with new situations

(I've grabbed a partial description of these fears from his website and posted them below.)

Of course, I immediately wondered which was my main fear, and which was my husband's, and I suspect my main fear is probably "The fear of inadequacy" and my husband's is probably "The fear of change or dealing with new situations" and we probably do help one another to overcome these basic fears and foray into the wider world.

But then I started thinking that we could also apply these fears to a group or a movement, which often seems to shoot itself in the foot, such as the 9/11 Truth Movement. Having been involved since the beginning, I know how I personally have played various roles, including shirking responsibility and retreating into my "comfort zone."

I remember when I first became an activist I wrote a long letter which I blasted out to friends which basically attacked the CIA, The Powers That Be, for the wars, oppression, economic disparities, deceptions, the ills of mankind and the destruction of the Earth's biosphere... It was more or less a declaration of War upon a system which was causing so many problems. I decided to throw my lot in with the bulk of humanity against the most powerful political forces on the planet... I wasn't too worried that the CIA or the bankers would go after some obscure, enraged, housewife in Palo Alto. At the time, I kept up with probably 150 people, friends and relatives, that I exchanged Christmas letters with. My friends were very important to me, especially because before I had children, I never lived anywhere for more than 11 months and I had to write letters to stay connected with my friends. I still have boxes of letters in my garage. I probably lost a few friends when I became an outspoken political activist, but I also gained new friends and my mailing list continued to grow, in fact it has become totally overwhelming and unmanageable.

My greatest fear, as an activist, has been to be organized and effective enough to merit the wrath of The Powers that Be, and endanger some of my friends, in the process. My biggest horror would actually be to be well organized enough to have a database which could identify the best, most effective, key activists- and assist the repressive forces in targeting, not just me, but my friends, innocent, and well organized alike.

So while part of me wants to be effective and build an unstoppable powerful movement/or movements, the fearful side of me, would like to stay under the radar, remain disorganized, not be too visible, not be perceived as a threat, not just for the sake of my own hide, my family, my friends, but also to protect the larger movements which I belong to. This is ludicrous, I know, but as I oscillate between battling the problems and nurturing solutions, so I oscillate between feeling incredibly powerful and woefully helpless.

Last night I watched an outstanding documentary called No End in Sight which was a remarkable expose of how incredibly unprepared the US military was when they began the occupation of Iraq. "Incompetent" is the kindest and most generous description of the US actions that followed the initial violence.

Initially, I guess when I took on the role of an activist, my main thinking was "Are they evil or stupid or both?" and I decided that they were both evil and stupid.

I think part of the challenge for the movement is a combination of fears, including the fear of success, the fear of becoming so strong that we have to face the ruthless violence of a threatened beast who will do anything to survive. So we continue to try, but not too hard, and to shoot ourselves in the feet, and hope that someone stronger, wiser, than us personally, will show greater courage and take on the mantle of responsibility and shine a brighter light upon the uncharted waters of turmoil that we face.

What we need more than anything, is to support one another, build stronger coalitions, deepen everyone's understanding, make it easier for people to participate, contribute, feel supported, connected, safe, and feel that what we are doing has meaning, purpose, and that even if we don't succeed, it is worth the effort, that the process itself is our hope.

(Time for me to get back to the mundane responsibilities and tasks.)

Here are the details on those fears:

    The fear of loss of control

    Positive Pole: Sacrifice - Negative Pole: Immolation
    Those so afflicted are often well-disciplined people. They tend to avoid social contacts and do their socializing in very controlled situations like company luncheons, family reunions and cocktail parties. An intimate dinner for four is about as large a gathering as they can handle, and still keep some degree of control of the circumstances. They are often thought of as rather difficult people as they tend to be very authoritarian giving the outward appearance of success and tranquillity. Often they have a feeling of no accomplishment or a sense of being directed by others. This Chief Feature encourages terminal diseases such as cancer as it offers a way out of situations they cannot control.

    The fear of inadequacy

    Positive Pole: Humility - Negative Pole - Abasement
    People suffering from this fear often inform others not to expect too much from them as they have many other "irons in the fire", all of which demand their time and attention. Often, they will take on far too much, then fail to "deliver the goods" because they are overloaded. Their self-effacing behavior can appear modest and they learn early to "bring others out of themselves" in order to accommodate the expectations of others. They lavish praise on others hoping that some will be returned to shore up their sagging confidence.

    The fear of worthlessness

    Positive Pole: Selflessness - Negative Pole - Mortification
    These people will find a myriad of ways to "tempt fate" in order to establish their worth. They undertake an almost constant search for the illusive grail of worthiness. They put themselves at the disposal of others, whether it be a family member or just a friend on the phone. They are hard working, often volunteering their services to committee chairmen who keep heaping tasks upon them. They feel that if they suffer enough, someone will assure them that it is all worthwhile. This fear can bring on thankless families, wasting diseases, gallstones, sabotaged careers, destructive personal relationships, etc.

    Greed - The fear of loss or want

    Positive Pole: Egotism - Negative Pole - Voracity
    There is no such thing as enough of whatever the greed is fixed on. This person is hardest to live with, as they are completely ruthless trying to satisfying their greed. They are rarely trusted by others, and rightly so. The Egotism makes these people self-centered, and appears outlandish unless they are public figures. Those who have greed centered on public recognition find that it makes accepting attention both easy and satisfying.

    The fear of vulnerability

    Positive Pole: Pride - Negative Pole: Vanity
    These people are truly shy, although this behavior might not appear so during casual encounters with them. They will avoid anything that smacks of exposure. Sometimes, they will go out of their way to develop a very strong public image so that their true personality need not be exposed. These people are determined not to reveal any aspect of their vulnerability and even deny that it exists. If they have been wounded through their vulnerability, they will deny it and if they cannot, they will claim they can "take it".

    The fear of missing something

    Positive Pole: Audacity - Negative Pole: Intolerance
    These people feel that whatever they have missed is more important than what they are currently doing. They have difficulty completing things. This fear is the hardest to live with since it causes constant restlessness and dissatisfaction. However, others around them find it exciting and intriguing.

    The fear of change or dealing with new situations

    Positive Pole: Determination - Negative Pole: Obstinacy
    Someone so afflicted will tend to make a new situation as much like the one they are already familiar, or find inventive ways to avoid the new situation entirely. They develop skills in the social graces and can be very entertaining, going out of their way to make others comfortable in the old situation. Even if acted out of the positive pole, the determination is likely born of panic or other less obvious forms of fear. This is humanity's most common fear.

November 5, 2008

I put up the last of my signs in the sunshine yesterday morning, voted in the afternoon, and went to an Election Night Party with Peter Myers last night where we watched the election results roll in. Before I left for the party, I responded to queries from the Green Party:

"I know that I don't have a chance of winning (especially with the health problems I had earlier this year, and not really starting until late September), but I do think it will be interesting to see what impact the TV ad has had in the 14th District. I have received some very positive feedback.

"On a more personal note, my family was very opposed to my run in 2006, my kids basically said that it would ruin their lives, if I was elected. When the Green Party asked me to run again, I thought if I could do it without it imposing an ordeal upon my family, without them even noticing, then I would do it. They did notice when I had to admit that I was gathering signatures to get on the ballot. They weren't exactly enthusiastic, but they haven't mounted opposition. My husband even became a citizen in September. My son who is a senior in High School registered to vote. So my husband and son will actually be voting for me today, which means more to me than all the other votes that are cast my way. Elections come and go, but my family, my marriage, is what gives me the strength to continue this work throughout my lifetime."

This morning I sent Cres another statement for the press:

It looks like the record turnout also gave a larger percentage of the votes to Green Party Congressional Challengers. Democratic incumbent Anna Eshoo garnered 70% of the vote (as of 6 am) the Republican challenger 22% (down from 2006) Libertarian Brian Holtz 4% and Green Carol Brouillet 3.5%.

Clearly the voters have had enough of the Republicans, and the mandate is for real change. I hope that we will see a reversal in the policies of torture, imperial aggression, the assault on civil liberties and the Constitution. I hope that the changes are not merely cosmetic and that we will see a continuity of policies favoring corporate power, private profit at the public expense. The work of the citizens to pressure for the roll back of the offensive legislation of the past decade has just begun. I would like to see genuine investigations and real accountability, but I don't think the Democrats will be capable of that since they were complicit in enabling the Bush Regime. I would love to be proven wrong. I am glad that the Green Party enabled some of us to raise the taboo issues that the Republicans and Democrats refuse to discuss and to raise questions that still demand answers. If we the people, do not know what is true, real, how can we make wise rational decisions for our future? The lies that have gotten us into wars are unraveling, only the truth will help us forge a new, peaceful, hopeful future for our country and the world.

There's a Green Party Meeting tonight, a Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting tomorrow night. I just finished reading Anthony J. Hall's outstanding The American Empire and the Fourth World- The Bowl With One Spoon- Part One and am in the mids of Mark Gaffney's new book The 9/11 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America. The family, of course, wants me to take a vacation (and clean the house, bake cookies, make more food, love them...) I'm actually looking forward to taking some time off, to catch up with my personal life, but I know I can't resist doing the political work.

Ellen Brown sent me a link to her latest article: All Is Well in Stepfordville: More on the Pre-election Chicanery of the Plunge Protection Team which again exposes the criminal fraud behind our rigged stock market, which keeps luring victims into the financial game that wreaks havoc upon the planet. I also couldn't resist watching Zeitgeist Addendum which I thought was excellent (except the font on the titles was almost impossible to read- and should have been bigger for watching on the internet), although the site appeared to crash three or four minutes before the film ended and is still down. I could tell that the film maker really believed in the solution that he profers, but having confronted much of the problem that he articulates in the film, I think his solution is far too limited and only relevant to a small minority of people. It is much easier to describe a problem, than to come up with "the solution." When dealing with a very large systemic problem, I don't think there is a "silver bullet solution," we can only nudge the direction away from the suicidal path towards the evolutionary hopeful path, raising consciousness as widely as possible. That "nudging" can happen in an infinite number of ways and requires the creativity, ingenuity, energy of the majority of the people.

November 2, 2008

Between the cold that I caught from my children and the rain, I haven't found the strength or energy to do all I had hoped to do for the Congressional Campaign. I really appreciate the fancy new website that my volunteer came up with, but it is a little frustrating that it lacks some of the major issues that I had hoped to draw attention to- such as Continuity of Government. An excellent video of Dan Hamburg and Peter Dale Scott was posted at 911Blogger.com.

The most sobering thing about it, is the admission that we are losing in the larger information battle. Peter says that in Chicago when the mafia ruled with an iron hand and over 1000 people were killed, their murders were not investigated. This parallels today's situation where the murderous criminality of the power-holders is an, off the table, taboo, topic that cannot be discussed in the mainstream press. One is ignored or villified as a "conspiracy theorist" if one hints at the darker reality that "the most" organized crime is in complete control of our government.

Those "disorganized" honest folk, like me, really don't have a chance of getting our voices heard. We can squawk and make noise all we want in the swamp of the blogosphere, but who will hear us? There are so many layers of buffers that most folk have no idea that we exist or have any inkling of the information that we have. In the interview Peter Dale Scott says that probably less than 100 people in Congress are aware of COG, which in fact is more like "Change of Government"- the elimination of our Constitutional form of government, as we move into this undefined area where the government can do anything to anyone without any checks and balances or accountability.

I feel so inadequate to the task of communicating what I consider to be critical information, not just to the public, but to my friends, allies, press, people within my voting district. The TV ad was my feeble attempt at drawing attention to the larger issues, and I don't think it reached, touched or moved many people. It got almost zero press coverage, less than 2000 hits online, and who actually watches TV? I don't. At least, since I ran in 2006, if there is any significant change in how many votes that I receive, it might be indicative of the impact of the ad, but my campaign manager/webmaster feels that if I didn't speak about 9/11, and just stuck to economics, then I would do much better. He feels 9/11 is a polarizing issue, and I have certainly seen that happen, but I still can't keep my mouth shut. I want people to question 9/11; I want them to learn that they have been lied to; I want them to wake up, and help them find the courage to challenge a murderous regime.

I do think we need to hold a strategy retreat after the election. My husband wants me to take a vacation. I have received some great books in the past few days that I can hardly wait to read/review. I know that the next few years will be extremely challenging, and no matter what the outcome of the election, I certainly know that I need to organize myself better, to improve my effectiveness as an activist, person, political spokesperson. As it is, I still can almost never find a phone number, email address, or regular address when I need it- I have more contacts than I can manage scattered throughout stacks of paper, filing cabinets, the computer...

October 28, 2008

I can't believe the technical and physical challenges of the past few days. If I was paranoid, I would be highly suspicious of my nemesis, who is working closely with the NSA, and thinks the greatest threat to America today, is the cyberterrorist threat...

We had so much trouble with the campaign website and 99% of my emails to activists and activist lists bounced in the last few days- even the ones to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance list which I moderate (actually those simply disappeared, as far as I know- or they could be buried in the 30 or so bounced emails that came back to me after the Tuesday morning press conference.8:27 pm I just figured out what I did wrong, my emails to the entire group for the past month have been going to the wrong email address- one we set up to facilitate the organizing of the 9/11 Film Festival- so the whole group has not been getting the emails- it's my fault, not the NSA...)

I just barely got the graphics done for the yard sign, in time to be printed and put together for the press conference. With so many details and things to bring and craziness (including taking people to and from airports) I managed to forget the most critical item-- the laptop with the ad on it. Tian did show up, allowing me the time to run back home and get it. I didn't know if any press or supporters would actually show up. I didn't have time to send out a single press release or print the one that Cres wrote. Don Kazak from the Palo Alto Weekly came by and a photographer/journalist from Stanford University, and a couple of other local activists, but that was it. I posted this at 911Blogger.com:

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008, a press conference was held in front of the incumbent, Anna Eshoo's office, the new TV AD was shown to the only journalist, Don Kazak, who came to the pretty last minute event. I have known Don Kazak for years, he has written a few stories about my activism before. Here is what he wrote:

    (Posted at paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=9825)

    Palo Altan Carol Brouillet, who is the Green Party candidate running against Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, will get her message on TV with a 30-second ad scheduled to start running Wednesday.

    Brouillet said the ads will run more than 200 times in the 14th Congressional District at or near prime time on cable channels CNN, Fox and CNBC. Because the ads are just running in the district, "they aren't that expensive," she said.

    Brouillet has long been a critic of the government's explanation of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Towers were demolished by terrorists who hijacked commercial jetliners.

    "A number of documentaries have questioned the official explanation of 9/11," Brouillet said. "Internationally, people are questioning the official story."

    -- Don Kazak

    If you could add a comment online, it would be appreciated. PS. We were passing out yard signs at the press conference for Cynthia McKinney and for Carol Brouillet, one woman, just passing by asked me if I was Cynthia and said that she had already voted for Cynthia, she was happy to get lawn signs for both of us to put up in her yard. (I still have signs for both McKinney and I, if anyone (local) would like one.)

I hate doing the press work; I hate making press phone calls; I hate faxing press releases. The best thing about having the radio show for a year and a half was I didn't feel so guilty about not doing media outreach because I was media. I could pour a ton of energy and effort into an event and there are zero guarantees of any press coverage or whether they will ignore me or bash us mercilously.

I am so grateful and filled with love for the people who do come to events, show support, write letters, comments, help in any way. I must admit that I don't think I could do this work if I didn't know that no matter how mercilously I am treated by the press, when I come home, my husband and kids still love me and appreciate and support me and my efforts (even if they don't want me to win elections and wish I wouldn't work so hard.)

I'm still having trouble with the new campaign website, though. I still don't know how to move things around and use all the tools. I also managed to catch the cold that Jeremy gave to Daniel which means I just can't think as well as I normally do.

October 26, 2008

No matter what I do, I can never catch up with the work. I was trying to fix up the new campaign website this weekend, but it went down today and still isn't accessible or functional (although it should be up by midnight when I will crash...) Blaine was supposed to do a sign for me, but I guess he was too busy. There will be a press conference (for my TV ad campaign at Eshoo's office) on Tuesday at 10 am, but there is a lot to do before then- and I have yet to receive the revised press release from Cres or send him all my press contacts.

In addition to all the demands of the family, the international financial crisis is getting worse. Ellen Brown just posted an excellent article on THE NOT-SO-INVISIBLE HAND: HOW THE PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM KILLED CAPITALISM. In the news, European and Asian leaders met to discuss creating a new global financial system, suggesting that they might even shut down the stock markets for a week or two to "sort things out"... The US does seem to have taken on the role of the world's pariah and cause of the debacle.

My son's sick and everyone is hoping that we won't all succumb to his illness...

October 23, 2008

We finished the new Carol Brouillet for Congress TV Ad

I also got an email from Jeff Bosakowski who interviewed me at the 9/11 Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater on 9/11/2008 and posted the interview-

(Part II)

I think he did a good job, and I appreciate the help I'm getting from so many talented people, including activist, Robert Livingston, a gifted photographer, journalist, who also helped us at the Impeachment Rally/Cindy Sheehan for Congress Rally at the SF Chronicle, today, and created an entry in Wikipedia about me. Blain Machan, the Deception Dollar artist is going to try to help me with graphics for a belated yard sign. (I just picked up 43 that have a spelling error, and I can use the good side which is for Cynthia McKinney and paste one of my own over the side with the error.) Demand for them might pick up when the TV ad is shown. So much to do and never enough time. The campaign website needs so much work. I was up until 1 am last night trying to learn how to connect articles to live links on the site. Once I learn it, I'll be able to do a lot more relatively quickly, but alas I have so much to learn and never enough time to get all the articles, op-eds, press releases written and sent out, in addition to the legwork for the campaign. Plus I have kids to take to soccer games, on field trips, who need milk, dinner, attention, on top of the political work. At least the kids on the Gunn Robotics Team that I chauffeured today expressed a greater interest in my work than my own son (who is SO TIRED of hearing me articulate any political opinions because he has heard almost nothing else his entire life).

I doubt if I'll win the election, but I hope that I can at least raise the visibility of the issues I care about at this critical time. I know a lot of people are glad that someone is not to afraid to speak frankly and honestly about 9/11 and the total looting of the country by the most flagrant criminals/occupiers of high offices.

(If anyone has the energy/time next week to help put up signs in transportation corridors or your yard or window, if you are in the 14th District- please email me or give me a call- cbrouillet@igc.org 650-857-0927.

October 13, 2008

I can't keep up with all the work that needs to be done. I'm trying to learn joomla and help with the new campaign website, but there is so much work to be done, and I still don't know how to navigate around the site and organize content. At the same time, we are working on a television ad which I hope will raise consciousness and inspire people, but it is pretty challenging to do a message in 30 seconds that won't shock, terrify, people who have never heard that there was anything wrong with the official myth of 9/11 before. Fortunately some very gifted, talented advisors are stepping forward to help. My husband is weathering the financial crisis well and I think the whole family is beginning to appreciate one another and the "most important things" over material "wealth." My article Evolution of the Apocalypse- Empire's Demise- Human Renaissance will be published in an Australian magazine called New Dawn and was also posted at 911Truth.org. I know that it could have been much better and shorter, but I was under deadline and had to get it finished, to move on to other deadlines. Maria Gilardin- who produces TUC Radio also wants to produce a radio show about it and get me to interview Mike Nickerson, which I hope to do, but I need some help from my husband first to install, and to learn yet more technology, so that I can record my conversations on skype. Maybe, in the future, I'll be able to resume the radio show, once I figure out how to record, edit, and upload sound files.

October 6, 2008

I've been extremely busy. Last Wednesday, I participated in Political Awareness Day at Foothill College, and people were very receptive to our message and table. That night I attended the Green Party meeting and brought home lots of Cynthia McKinney yard signs, which I need to distribute and get up. We received an unexpected windfall in donations. On Thursday I was able to give the financial report of an improved $7500 balance to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance at the San Francisco Meeting where we had a couple of new faces. The group also voted to reimburse me for the $1500 I lost on the premieres of Loose Change last December, and they voted to donate $500 towards 911Truth.org. Vic Sadot also came to Foothill College and the meeting and needs some help to relocate to California. We did vote some money to buy some of his CDs to table and offered him the use of our new DVD burner. (We also voted $200 towards a new awning- but I'm not going to go shopping for that, as long as I can avoid it.)

I had hoped to get an article to Janice at 911Truth.org on 9/11 and the financial crisis on Friday morning, but it kept growing in length, and I just finished it today, after a good three solid days of work. I wrote it for multiple reasons, including to prepare myself for the scheduled radio show on Rethinking Money that was supposed to take place this evening, but I was a bit stunned to discover this afternoon that the We The People Radio Network shut down, as of today. I ended up posting a draft of my article Evolution of the Apocalypse- Empire's Demise- Human Renaissance on the show's website. Chuck is helping me to edit it, and I still need to add the footnotes.

It has been a challenging piece to write, in the midst of the passage of the $850,000,000,000 bailout bill which was rushed through Congress (much like the PATRIOT Act). In my research (no surprise to me and those who have been keeping an eye on this government), those most responsible for the crisis (like those most responsible for 9/11) are the ones who will benefit from the bailout and undoubtedly hope to benefit greatly from whatever follows. 9/11 didn't "just happen" and neither did the crisis, it was engineered. Naomi Wolf lays it out very well in a recent speech. Bush is following the textbook path to constructing a Facsist Dictatorship. His basic message to Congress and the American people in September was "Panic! Be very afraid! Only I and my cronies can save you, trust me." And on October 1, 2008 he brought in an army battalion to help him "maintain control."

Most Americans don't even realize we are living under Continuity of Government, in a State of Emergency, the world is Bush's battlefield and he can designate anyone, anywhere, anytime a terrorist or enemy combatant and have them disappeared, rendered, tortured, killed. Wolf suggests our best hope at this point, in light of Congress's failure to stand up to Bush last Friday and caving in to the pressure- urge State Attorney Generals to arrest Bush. We can't give in to fear, we must stop him before the situation gets even worse than it is now. Paulson was one of the architects of the crisis, he should be in jail, not determining which institutions go belly up, and which survive, and which will profit handsomely as they devour their rivals.

KTVU posted my candidate's speech:

I also plan on getting some ads on TV for ridiculously low prices and I was planning on drawing attention to 9/11 and the bogus NIST Report, but in light of the current situation, since I am so late in doing anything for my campaign, I'm thinking I should devote all the energy to the strongest message to just wake up the country. I only have 15 and 30 second spots, though. If anyone has some brilliant ideas, send them my way. I have so little time to come up with text, ads, signs, and I am in the process of revamping my old carolforcongress.org website- although we still don't have control of the darn thing.

September 29, 2008, My second son's 18th birthday

According to Rep. Michael Burgess from the 26th District in Fort Worth, Texas martial law (a procedure in Congress to bypass normal procedures to hasten passage of legislation) was declared over the weekend and Congress is really being forced to pass the Bailout, before it has been written, read, understood. It is probably opposed by everyone, except those few who will get a piece of the pie. I did call and write to Eshoo urging her to oppose the bill, but I'm not surprised that she seems to have already casted her lot in with Pelosi, Bush and the rest of the gang hellbent on looting the country. [Hey, I just heard that the bail-out was defeated! There is hope!]

Last weekend the American Monetary Institute held their annual conference in Chicago. They also posted their reaction to the criminally insane $700 billion proposed grab.

While I doubt if everyone in the country is ready to pause, sit still, and listen, it is certainly time for people to begin thinking about what is wrong with our financial system, how it works, what is money, how we could improve the system. I suppose the rush to push 700,000,000,000 into the pockets of those who have created the current crisis is to insure golden parachutes for those ready to skip the country to avoid the wrath of the American people and the world. While the likelihood of honest elections are remote, there is a chance of massive voter revolt at both the Republican and Democratic parties for their participation in the trashing of our Constitution, the illegal wars, and the economic havoc.

Our institutions- like the government and the media- have lost so much credibility, however, I doubt that anyone would trust them to come up with any sort of real reform to solve the problems that they have gotten us into. The only hope is ousting the incumbents, holding them accountable for their crimes, and finding some courageous, honest people willing to tackle the mess that they have made, including the financial debacle.

Next week I will be doing a radio show on Rethinking Money with Mike Nickerson, author of Life, Money & Illusion- Living on Earth as if we want to stay.

Mike wrote to me this morning:

    I'm looking forward to the opportunity to address the crisis... One can only speculate productively for a while, but we need vision of a destination if we are to have hope of getting there.

    Below is an article I recently wrote on the issue.

    A Silver Lining to the Economic Downturn
    by Mike Nickerson

      An alternative to panicking when GDP stops growing is to view it as a sign of maturity.

      Human activity cannot expand forever on our finite planet. An economy growing at 3% a year doubles its size every 24 years. Centuries of such growth have brought us to a mature size. As with individual maturity, there comes a time for societies to stop growing and to take responsibly for their strength and impacts on others.

      As a mature species, we have two responsibilities to Earth and ultimately, to ourselves. The first is to live within the availability of natural resources. Global production of oil has stalled for three years at about 85 million barrels a day, yet demand continues to increase. This results in rising prices. The increased cost is reminding us all about how dependent we are on this particular resource.

      While fossil fuels are a well-known resource issue, there is also cause for concern with fresh water, forests, fish, soil fertility and other resources.

      Our second responsibility is to keep our waste within tolerable bounds. Climate change is a direct result of human activity having grown to where our C02 emissions are overwhelming the ability of oceans and forests to absorb it, leaving it to accumulate in the atmosphere. What is the logic of policies aimed at doubling our size, when current activities, at the present population level, have already brought us to the edge of climate chaos?

      Climate change is not the only issue related to tolerance. Respiratory problems, many cancers and other illnesses, which result from the accumulation of manufactured toxins, are also wake up calls.

      The sub-prime mortgage crisis rivals the price of fuel and climate change in terms of public concern. It too can be linked to confrontation with planetary limits.

      Over the centuries, the expansion of our growth-dependent type of monetary system has inflated it to gargantuan proportions. In North America, to accomplish 3% growth, over four hundred billion dollars in new business has to take place in the present year. This is over and above the fifteen trillion dollars worth of transactions already taking place. Large amounts of new money has to be loaned into existence to accommodate this expansion.

      Before humans filled the Earth, there were areas of untapped natural resources, from which we could produce things of tangible value that people were willing and able to pay for - businesses, houses, tools, food and the like - to back up an exponentially expanding money supply. By the 1980s, it was becoming increasingly difficult to produce enough real wealth to do the job. Following "junk bonds," and the DotCom bubble, bidding up real estate became a primary means for expanding the money supply. When that bubble threatened to burst after 9/11, interest rates were dropped to almost nothing and mortgages were offered to people with no down payments and little credit worthiness. At hundreds of thousands of dollars each, great quantities of money were loaned into circulation. It appeared to work, until energy driven inflation prompted interest rate increases that many sub-prime mortgage holders were unable to pay.

      These problems indicate that the time has come for a fundamental change. Fuel prices, climate change and the sub-prime mortgage crisis are all symptoms of one cause. They will not effectively be resolved until the fact that human activity has grown to stretch planetary limits is addressed. We cannot grow out of problems that result from our size.

      When we stopped growing as individuals, it was not the end of the world. Indeed, for most of us, life had scarcely begun before physical maturity. Even as physical growth ended, we became better informed, more comfortable in ourselves and we developed the skills and relationships that define our lives. The same can be true for civilization.

      Among the first things societies can do, as we acknowledge our maturity, is to shift investment into education and health care. Unlike cars and expanding highway networks, which are resource and waste intensive, education and health care (particularly care at the preventative level) consist almost entirely of knowledge and good will.

      Another step will be to revive local, small-scale agriculture. Food produced in this way requires less fuel and other natural resources and has been shown to produce more food per acre, of a higher nutritional quality, than industrial scale farming.

      Investing in education, health care and local food security makes sense, if what we want is a healthy, well fed, educated population. With the present commitment to make money grow, however, such goals appear self-serving. Our advanced size requires that all our efforts be focused on monetary expansion.

      Do we want to grow money or food? As long as our goal is defined as making the GDP grow, efficiency will be measured entirely in terms of what makes the most money. Even though industrial agriculture produces less food per acre, than small-scale local framing, it does produce a greater crop of investment capital. Money borrowed for heavy equipment, fuel, pesticides and fertilizer earns interest and, driven by payment schedules, stimulates efforts to maximize financial return. Local farming, on the other hand, contributes relatively little to the immediate need of expanding capital. It tends to put money into the pockets of farmers who, rather than investing it, are more likely to buy food, shelter and education for their children.

      When industrialization began, it was recognized that mechanized, mass production could provide products at a fraction of the cost of hand-made goods. The main obstacle to applying the industrial process to all manner of goods was a shortage of capital. Because it costs a lot of up-front money to build an industry, our system of mutual provision (the economy) was designed to encourage the expansion of capital. However, now that the world is awash in so much capital that, a continuous stream of speculative bubbles is necessary to give it places to invest, it is time for another goal.

      As we mature as a society, the things that indicate well-being change. Measuring how much a baby grows is a good measure of its health; it is not an effective way to measure the well-being of an adult. If we want to resolve today's multiple crises, we need more detailed information.

      At present, if there is a natural disaster, toxic spill or a health epidemic, the costs of dealing with the problems are added to the GDP, giving the false impression that we are better off. While more money might be flowing, life is degraded by such things. If we were to measure social and environmental factors of well-being with the same authority and enthusiasm with which we measure GDP, much of the confusion would be avoided. A Genuine Progress Index (GPI) would provide a broader spectrum of information, enabling the costs and benefits of different activities to be assessed with greater accuracy. Along with the traditional economic indicators, accounts about air quality and health issues, for example, would reveal that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually on medicine to relieve respiratory suffering is more a sign of distress than of economic progress.

      A legitimized indicator that shows whether social and environmental factors are improving or deteriorating would create the awareness needed to stimulate serious actions toward solving the problems.

      By identifying resource draw-down, pollution, and disruptions to communities, with a GPI, external factors would enter the picture. Presently externalized costs are not included in the price of goods. When such costs are added to production costs, those goods that are socially and environmentally friendly would be less expensive and those that cause problems would cost more. Both consumers and producers would then be inclined toward responsible products.

      Taking the additional step of shifting the skill, ingenuity and persuasive effort that is presently applied toward engineering obsolescence, and, instead, using it to design durable, easily repaired goods, and to reclaim pride in objects that have long served us, could cut up to 50% off of our material and energy consumption and consequent impacts.

      One final shift - from looking for fulfillment in material goods, to seeking it in friendships, knowledge, appreciation, service, music, art, sport and adventure - would complete the transformation. Coupled with environmentally responsible agriculture, such a change could reduce our impacts to practically nothing. That is, the real costs of maintaining well-being for humans, in terms of the ability of Earth to sustain life over time, would be negligible.

      By finding satisfaction in the richness of being human, we could change the image of our species from that of a potentially terminal blight on the Earth, to something much more suiting to our position amidst the life of this planet. As a mature species, we could reward three billion years of evolution by adding laughter, love, awe and wonder to a deep appreciation for the incredible accomplishments by which life has brought us to this point.

      While arguments persist about oil supplies, climate change and the possibility of perpetual economic expansion, we are well advised to acknowledge the ultimate finiteness of Earth and accept responsibility. Policies intent on expanding until the last possible moment will almost certainly be followed by disaster.

      Human ingenuity is more than sufficient to provide food, shelter and other necessities without having to double the total of all our activities every 24 years. It is a Question of Direction. We need to choose between the goal of perpetual growth and that of long-term well-being.

      We celebrate when our children grow. If an adult continues to grow like a child, however, it is cause for serious concern. Developing a healthy steady-state economy is no more frightening than the prospect of becoming adult is for a teenager. The silver lining to this economic downturn is the opportunity it offers to grow up and take responsibility for our impacts. It can be done.

I am really amazed that the system has lasted as long as it has, but it has only been able to do so through fraud and complicity of the government at the very highest levels, rewriting laws to allow the financial sector to oversee itself and come up with ever more complex schemes to lure money into its grasp. All the money on the planet multiplied ten times couldn't come up with enough money to cancel all the debts that have been wracked up. I wrote- Reinventing Money, Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life over a dozen years ago, but it still is a valid criticism of the monetary system and points towards local, regional, national, and global approaches towards needed systemic change.

Having spoken with numerous people who have studied money in depth, written many books, and who have come up with various ideas for change, I do realize that there is no one size fits all, magic bullet scheme to solving the current crisis. Money is basically an agreement, and it can be backed by brutal military force, or a spirit of cooperation and completely voluntarily. Ideally, it should be simple, clear, just, transparent, serve everyone's needs- which is the opposite of our current system which few people understand, relies on deception, and secrecy, concentrating wealth and power while destroying the Earth in the process.

I think the biggest challenge facing us is that so many misconceptions have to be unlearned, in order for people to grasp the reality of what money actually is today. We also must recognize our ability to change the system, and the need to reinvent money, so that it serves, rather than threatens, all of Life and humanity.

September 25, 2008

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to do 4% of the things I have planned on doing each day. Today I missed two demos against the Bailout of the crooks who caused the financial crisis, and the evening event on election issues in San Jose. At least I did make it over to KTVU and did my 5 minute speech. They made me edit it down, and then when I did it- I ended up with 20 seconds to spare... oh well. They were quite nice, though. I joked with the producers, "So, is the content of this speech legal or criminal, do I have to worry about Homeland Security busting me?" The response from the cameraman: "Homeland Security already knows the names of your grandkids..." (That haven't been born, yet...) They asked me if I was organizing the protests against the bailouts and I told them that I didn't have time to organize them, but that I'd probably try to attend them, but by the time I was back in Palo Alto, and had picked up the food, and CSA vegetables, I was too late for both the Palo Alto and San Jose protests. I figured I wasn't really needed in San Jose this evening, and that the kids would prefer it, if I stayed home and fed them.

There is so much to be said about the current "crisis." I must admit that I have been reading the point of view of my friends who have been writing, studying the financial/monetary system critically, in depth for years and years, and see its flaws, and have ideas on how to fix it. The major obstacle being that those in charge of it are the biggest criminals in the world, and they have institutionalized gambling, and ridiculous derivitives, and financial instruments on a colossal scale, without any kind of oversight or regulation, that has ballooned into a giant monster dwarfing the real economy, cannibalizing all the genuine investments, savings, in the process. These are the guys who have created the problem, and want to be sure that they and their pals don't get hammered, but are quite willing to let the taxpayers take the hit, and the pain of their bad bets and bursted bubble. We have never seen a more ripe moment for genuine reform, but there is almost no glimmer of hope with criminals installed in the White House and Congress. A few brave voices issue challenges, alternative proposals, but their voices are drowned out by the "Sky is Falling" President, ready to seal the biggest financial heist deal in history. I hope there is enough anger that every politician that goes along with it- gets canned.

I wonder how many people are actually noticing what is going on, and whether they would be willing to learn a bit about money and the economy. It does seem like the government is preparing for great civil unrest now, and I bet they are more worried about people waking up and recognizing and identifying the biggest crooks, liars and thieves in the land, and organizing more than just protests.

September 21, 2008, The International Day of Peace, and my first-born's 20th Birthday

I have been in recovery from our September 11th events, and also working hard to catch up on all the paperwork, banking, and television speeches. I can never catch up, but at least the challenging part has been tempered by dome pleasant gatherings- including a party in celebration of Jim Hoffman and Victoria Ashley's wedding last night (I baked a quickly devoured 6 layer coconut cake). There was another smaller welcoming party for Annie Machon. Unfortunately her event conflicts with the radio show that I had planned to do with her- so I had to hurry and find other guests. Right now I am trying to read the 600 page The American Empire and the Fourth World which is excellent, but I only have a few hours before the family returns from a backpacking trip.

I also never did a good write-up of our September 6th Rally/March and wish I had time to write a good article on the movement's 7th anniversay events, but as usual- there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. I've also been getting some flak and threats from within and outside of the group, but I try not to let them bother me to much or kill my committment to getting the essential work done.

I'm trying to get help for a tv spot drawing attention to WTC7 and the need for truth, a real investigation, impeachment for my Congressional campaign.

Here's the 5 minute speech I wrote for KTVU; it's always a challenge to write something for people who actually watch television. I think I owe my sanity to the fact that I stopped watching tv about 34 years ago. I do believe it is the most Orwellian form of Thought Control devised. The question is- how do we break the trance? Or is it meant to divide the country? It does seem that the country is being savagely attacked right now, by those who seek to loot it, control it, use it to fund their attacks on the rest of the world.

    Hello. I am Carol Brouillet, Green Party Candidate in California’s 14th Congressional District. It is out of love for my family and the world that I work for political change. I want to redirect our nation’s resources from a war economy-- from killing and controlling-- towards a peace economy. War is the biggest, most lucrative business on the planet.

    Congress has supported a corporate military agenda that threatens our nation and the world. The Executive Branch has attacked our rights, launched pre-emptive wars based on deceptions, institutionalized torture, military and police force against people who stand in its way. The most outrageous conspiracy theory about 9/11 was the one used to sell the war in Iraq.

    The Bush Administration’s corruption of science to pursue political goals violates the health and well-being of all and clouds our ability to make rational, wise decisions. The White House directed the EPA to falsely reassure people about the air and water quality at Ground Zero in the wake of 9/11. As a result, people are still dying from their exposure to the toxic dust.

    Congress failed to investigate 9/11. The 9/11 Commission, overseen by the author of the pre-emptive war doctrine, used their report, with its omissions and distortions, based on unreliable tortured confessions, to justify the construction of Homeland Security, and to pave the path for future wars. Yet, Congress approved its flawed recommendations, to expand a police state that has been used to violently suppress and criminalize us.

    Why were those most responsible for the failures of the military and the intelligence agencies on September 11th, rewarded with promotions and increased budgets?

    The Project for a New American Century, called for the U.S. to extend its power, through a “Revolution in Military Affairs,” including the domination of space, cyberspace, military technologies, and information systems. Their “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” report says: “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a New Pearl Harbor.”

    Who had the ability to carry out 9-11, to destroy the evidence, to cover it up, and who benefited? Cheney and Rumsfeld had worked for twenty years on “Continuity of Government plans” which were partially implemented on the morning of 9/11. The emergency measures have been renewed annually by the President, although the details have been kept secret. We do know that within the Continuity of Government plans, Congress is viewed as an impediment that can be discarded in favor of unelected, unknown appointees.

    Cheney and Bush must be asked to testify “What were the orders that they issued that morning?” and “Who was overseeing the multiple war exercises that were being conducted?”

    In August, the government released a report on World Trade Center 7. Not hit by a plane, its rapid disintegration into a neat pile exhibited all the characteristics of a controlled demolition. Yet, the report claims this 47-story steel-framed high rise collapsed on 9/11 due to normal office fires--a first in history. It's farcical Bush science, denying reality.

    Treason is a crime which demands impeachment. We need to impeach those who have committed the highest crimes against our country. We need to recognize that the “War on Terror” is the biggest fraud ever and is a “War of Terror” against all of us.

    “Real security” doesn’t depend upon weapons, spies, deceptions. Security cannot come from terrorizing entire nations in order to maintain the wealth and power of a few over the many. Real security comes from healthy relationships, a healthy environment, the cooperation of those who value and respect life and one another.

    We must have voter verified paper ballots. We need to ban corporate money from campaigns. We need citizen oversight at every level of our electoral processes, or we will be stuck with illegitimate, criminal governments serving corporations, at the expense of people and planet.

    The failure of the press to seek the truth, expose the lies, has obliged those of us who love life and care to become the media.

    I organized the first rallies and marches to demand a Congressional Investigation of 9/11, the first San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, I have been out in the streets, organizing 9/11 Film Festivals, events for years. Those who look at the evidence know that the official reports on 9/11 are frauds.

    We need a genuine investigation of 9/11, we need the truth, to make wise, intelligent decisions. Aung Sung Suu Kyi wrote: "It is not power that corrupts, but fear -- fear of losing power and fear of the scourge of those who wield it." War, terror, fear have been wielded by those frightened of losing power. Do we want to be ruled by fear or to be ruled by laws which apply equally to everyone. We must champion truth. Truth is powerful, combined with love, it gives us the courage to speak, and becomes the most powerful force in the Universe. Vote for truth, for impeachment, for genuine investigations, for peace, for justice. Vote Green, for me, Carol Brouillet, for Congress.

Not the best speech, but I didn't have much time, and a deadline to get it into the teleprompter. This is the least I can do, since I'm on the ballot, and doing this to try to raise a few issues...

September 13, 2008

I'm beginning to recover from the events of the last week, although we just got nailed with a medical bill for our son for over $25,000 which we don't know if the insurance company will cover, which feels like getting hit by a car. These past two weeks have been incredibly demanding, and I am way behind in everything, from just trying to pull off the 7th annual 9/11 Truth Rally and March (Report posted here) and the 4th annual 9/11 Film Festival (Report posted here). In addition to those events, I've been doing my radio shows, there was a Dinner for Bob Bowman, a Candidate's Forum, we tabled at the Grand Lake Theater the night before at a comedy event, not to mention the demands of the kids, soccer season has started, the endless demand for cookies, brownies, etc... plus dinner.

On September 11th, when things were under control at the Film Festival, I went off with my dearest friend, Maria Gilardin, to get something to eat at a nearby Thai Restaurant, it was my only meal that day, the first in 24 hours, and a pleasure to relax and catch up with my friend. I am feeling a mixture of emotions as the world does seem to be waking up, but our progress in the US is torturously slow. It was inspiring to see the theater filled with people and most people seemed to think it was a great success, only one friend told me to take three deep breaths and proceeded to tell me what was wrong with it. I know it could have been better, but I did what I could, and am not going to beat myself up for what I failed to do. My dreams are so beyond anything that anyone could acheive in a lifetime, I am continually contenting myself with the knowledge that I tried.

August 30, 2008

I've been on an emotional roller coaster over the past several days. I've felt the pressure of wanting to do way more than I am physically capable of (resulting in headaches, migraines, stress, nausea) and had to let go of things that I really felt were important (like getting out our yearly newsletter and word of the upcoming events to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance mailing list). It was torturous for me to let go of that, but the deadline came and the group discouraged me from trying. On top of that, Thursday was my birthday and Daniel's birthday, and the last day the family was together before Jules left for College.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I had a headache the whole day. Today, I woke up again, with a headache, and checked my email. The situation in Denver and Minneapolis is terrible. The police are attacking and terrifying the peaceful protesters and the media is doing a hatchet job and vilifying Alex Jones. Starhawk sent a letter detailing the pre-emptive strikes/raids on activists in the convergence center and local homes prior to the RNC. She wrote a long letter, this is just the tail end:

    "A protestor has been released from the building. A small crowd has gathered across the street, and Fox News has arrived. They interview Song, who does her first ever Fox media spot. She tells them the truth—that people were in there watching movies—a documentary about Meridel Le Seuer. Meridel would be proud, and I’m glad she is with us in some form.

    "One by one, protestor’s trickle out. Now we get more pieces of the story. The cops burst in, with no warning. They pulled drew their guns on everyone—including a five year old child who was there with his mother, forced everyone down on the floor. It was terrifying.

    "They had a warrant, apparently, from the county, not the city, to search for ‘bomb making materials.’ They were searching everyone in the building, then one by one releasing them as they found nothing.

    "They continue to find nothing, as we wait through long hours. Meanwhile, more and more media arrives. These cops are not as creative as the DC cops during our first mobilization there against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Those cops confiscated the lunchtime soup—which included onions and chili powder, claiming they were materials for home made pepper spray.

    "We wait until the last person gets out. He’s a twenty year old who the cops have accused of stealing his own backpack—but apparently they relented.

    "And now it’s morning. I wake up to the news that cops have been raiding houses where activists are staying, bursting in with the same bogus warrant and arresting people, including a four year old child. They’ve arrested people at the Food Not Bombs house—a group dedicated to feeding protestors and the homeless. They’ve arrested others, presumably just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    "The Poor Peoples’ Campaign, which had set up camp at Harriet Island, a park in the middle of the Mississippi, has also been harassed, its participants ordered to disperse and its organizers arrested.

    "Let me be perfectly clear here—all of us here are planning nonviolent protests against an administration which is responsible for immense violence, bombs that have destroyed whole countries, and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    "This is the America that eight years of the Bush administration have brought us, a place where dissent is no longer tolerated, where pre-emptive strikes have become the strategy of choice for those who hold power, where any group can be accused of ‘bombmaking’ or ‘terrorism’ on no evidence whatsoever in order to deter dissent.

    "Please stand with us. Because it could be your home they are raiding, next.

    "Call the Mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tell them you are outraged by these attacks on dissent. Urge them to let Poor People encamp and to let dissent be heard.


      St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman


      "Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak

      (612) 673-2100

      (612) 673-3000 outside Minneapolis"

I was in tears reading this. I had watched the video of the police surrounding protesters in Denver, 2000 of them, trapping them, attacking them... (Remembering what that was like when Starhawk and I were trapped with hundreds of other in Washington DC at a peaceful antiwar demo outside the IMF in September 2001... Remembering the police stopping my son and I at midnight on HWY 101, pulling their guns on us, handcuffing me, putting me in the back of a dark police car...)

I called the first mayor and spoke, the person on the line said she would pass on the message (taking my name and phone number). I tried the last number and got a human being who listened to me and gave me the mayor's phone number-612-673-2100 which I called and no one answered.

My heart goes out to the people in Denver and Minneapolis organizing, protesting, challenging the corporate/war/media machine... I knew that I would be insanely busy just trying to pull off our events and couldn't dream of going to Denver or Minneapolis on top of everything else, but I appreciate that they have found the courage and strength to try to assert their rights, and demonstrate to the country how the police and politicians are working hand and hand to destroy those rights.

On my birthday, I also got a call from Richard Hayes Phillips who wrote WITNESS TO A CRIME: A CITIZENS' AUDIT OF AN AMERICAN ELECTION and who will be speaking at the Grand Lake Theater on Tuesday, September 9, 2008. He also plays a musical instrument and played me a little song for my birthday. I had planned on tabling at his event and he has been invited to table at the Film Festival, but just after he hung up, I got another call from the League of Women Voters to invite me to their Candidate's Forum on the very same night. So between the rally and the film festival, I get to speak with the incumbent Anna Eshoo, and the Republican and Libertarian challengers for the 14th Congressional District. The hard thing will be to keep within the time limits and to not lose my temper over what Congress has aided and abetted over the past 16 years. Beside 9/11, waging war on Afghanistan, Iraq, threatening other countries, attacking the Constitution, Bill of Rights, institutionalizing torture... it seems like the US military is pouring weapons into Georgia and using the provocative massacre of South Ossetia on 8/08/2008 to provoke a major war with Russia.

I was planning on being out in the streets/tabling/running around today, but the headache slowed me down, and here I am again, writing html, revising the Film Festival Program, wondering where I should direct my time, energy, attention to have the most impact. I wonder sometimes if the great articles/info on the internet is being "read" or "ignored" or "lost"... There is so much clamouring for people's attention. When I gave up on the newsletter, I emailed the group and said "I'll bake cookies, instead." I wasn't joking. I bring cookies to all my rallies, meetings, events and give them to the public and the volunteers. I'm a great cook and I enjoy baking. My kids love cookies and Jeremy had asked me to bake him some cookies to take with him to the Games Conference that he is attending this weekend. I gave up on the newsletter and baked cookies for Jeremy, who greatly appreciated them and thanked me for them. It was tangible, real. I pour two days into an article, webpage, press advisory, blast it out and who is to say if it ever gets read, seen, or has any impact whatsoever.

Can passion, ideas, words, hope, love, change the world? I don't know. I have only learned recently that people don't make decisions based upon rational thinking; they make decisions based upon their emotions, and often they have no idea how those emotions are being manipulated by those "constructing our cultural reality." We live in a world of intricately overlapping cultural circles, all affecting one another in surprising, unintentional, unpredictable ways.

Sometimes I think I care too much, but I can not stop caring, feeling, and sensing that I bear some responsibility for what is happening, that my thoughts, actions, words, efforts do make a difference... But what that is... I really don't know.

August 26, 2008

NIST Came out with the most ridiculous "Fires brought down WTC7, (for the first time in history fire has brought down a steel structure...) Report" last Thursday. The NY Times quoted Richard Gage, AIA challenging the ridiculous official claims. I was surprised Richard even came to our meeting on Thursday night- he should have been on the National News debunking the official line, but I don't think ae911truth.org has got its media response committee intact, neither do I. I barely got out review copies of the films we are premiering to the film reviewers and meant to send out press advisories, but still haven't gotten them out.

Last night I was impressed by the organizers in Canada on my radio show who are organizing a Truth Tour and a March on Ottawa and produced a great film Montreal, Next Terror Target? It's so much work to organize and takes so much time. Today was the first day of school, and aside from my youngest, Daniel, it seems like we never really got a summer vacation.

I also got a DVD in the mail yesterday of The Elephant in the Room, a British, award winning documentary on the 9/11 Truth Movement, with some excellent interviews of Cynthia McKinney, William Rodriguez, Scott Forbes (describing the power down that took place the weekend before), the first responders, Richard Gage, and good cameos of Alex Jones, Richard Gage, Cosmos. I wish I had received it, and permission to screen it sooner, as it is almost impossible to fit it into the program now, although a new wrench has been thrown into the program which the organizing committee is going to have to help me figure out how to solve (especially since I was heavily berated for the last program change that I made without consulting them. Groan, Sigh...)

August 19, 2008

It's been an incredibly busy and demanding week for me, not only organizing the upcoming The 9/11 Film Festival coming up in Oakland this September 11th, but also challenging Nancy Pelosi on her book tour, talking with Congresswoman Jackie Speier at the event on 9/11, COG and impeachment... tabling and reconnecting with David Rovics at a local concert. I also got a call from Jesse Ventura and we had a good, long conversation (just wish it could have been on my radio show).

Last night I was not too surprized, but quite disappointed when Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente failed to do the scheduled interviews. At the last minute I found back-up guests- Les Jamieson speaking on the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative and 9/11 Citizen's Watch founder Kyle Hence, co-producer of Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9/11, 9/11 Press for Truth, and In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families. Luckily Les wanted to speak, and Kyle was gracious to join me, and we, frankly, had a rare chance to catch up, since our paths don't cross that often, but we have all been working on 9/11 for so long and continue to do so.

Kyle and I had been exchanging emails earlier in the day over In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families, Ken Ellis was in the credits, but when I invited him to our Film Festival and asked for some help, he shocked me by saying he didn't even know the film existed!!! We had been finalizing the card we were making to pass out at the 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival and for a while, I was afraid that I didn't have legitimate authorization for two of our main films. It is such a challenge to organize complex events.

It has been very demanding and stressful, especially with all the other demands on me (like being on a panel for the grassroots conference call with Cynthia McKinney last Thursday) which meant I couldn't feed my kids... well I was just too busy to feed them on Thursday and Friday nights. Saturday I had to take a break from the activism to clean the house and host relatives visiting from Canada. I can organize, I can do publicity, I can do the radio show, I can speak when need be, but I cannot do everything all the time. I am also doing the ordering, accounting, and can't keep up with the paperwork, database, pulling together the newsletter we hoped to get out Thursday. So I have tried to enlist the help of more people, and I hope they come through. I was hoping Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan would speak at the 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival and join us in our annual March and Rally, but after last night, I certainly am not going to count on them- even if they both say "yes." We all want to do more than we physically can- especially me.

This time of year is the most demanding time, and I am really struggling to stay healthy, balanced, not get too stressed- remember to eat, drink, sleep, so that I can make it through the next month, the next year, another decade or so...

August 11, 2008

Last week, I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with Peter Dale Scott (with my 19 year old along), we had hoped to be joined by the producers of The Reflecting Pool, but sadly they went to the wrong restaurant next door, so we didn't meet up with them until the showing at the Pacific Film Archive. I wish there had been a better turnout; the film and directors deserved one, but I must admit I didn't have time to do much promotion besides email/website announcements. Tuesday I came down with a cold/fever which I am still trying to get rid of and which has kept me from meetings, although I have been working on finalizing the program for our 9/11 Truth Film Festival in September.

Events on the global stage are unfolding at an alarming rate. I appreciate Chossudovsky's analysis on the Georgian attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia-

War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?

    During the night of August 7, coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Georgia's president Saakashvili ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia.

    The aerial bombardments and ground attacks were largely directed against civilian targets including residential areas, hospitals and the university. The provincial capital Tskhinvali was destroyed. The attacks resulted in some 1500 civilian deaths, according to both Russian and Western sources.  "The air and artillery bombardment left the provincial capital without water, food, electricity and gas. Horrified civilians crawled out of the basements into the streets as fighting eased, looking for supplies." (AP, August 9, 2008). According to reports, some 34,000 people from South Ossetia have fled to Russia. (Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, August 10, 2008)

    The importance and timing of this military operation must be carefully analyzed. It has far-reaching implications.

    Georgia is an outpost of US and NATO forces, on the immediate border of the Russian Federation and within proximity of the Middle East Central Asian war theater. South Ossetia is also at the crossroads of strategic oil and gas pipeline routes.

    Georgia does not act militarily without the assent of Washington. The Georgian head of State is a US proxy and Georgia is a de facto US protectorate.

    Who is behind this military agenda? What interests are being served? What is the purpose of the military operation.

    There is evidence that the attacks were carefully coordinated by the US military and NATO.

    Moscow has accused NATO of "encouraging Georgia". Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underscored the destabilizing impacts of "foreign" military aid to Georgia:

      “It all confirms our numerous warnings addressed to the international community that it is necessary to pay attention to massive arms purchasing by Georgia during several years. Now we see how these arms and Georgian special troops who had been trained by foreign specialists are used,” he said. (Moscow accuses NATO of having "encouraged Georgia" to attack South Ossetia. (Russia Today, August 9, 2008)

    Moscow's envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, sent an official note to the representatives of all NATO member countries

      “Russia has already begun consultations with the ambassadors of the NATO countries and consultations with NATO military representatives will be held tomorrow," Rogozin said. "We will caution them against continuing to further support of Saakashvili."“It is an undisguised aggression accompanied by a mass propaganda war,” he said.
      (See Moscow accuses NATO of having "encouraged Georgia" to attack South Ossetia, Russia Today, August 9, 2008)

    According to Rogozin, Georgia had initially planned to:

      "start military action against Abkhazia, however, 'the Abkhaz fortified region turned out to be unassailable for Georgian armed formations, therefore a different tactic was chosen aimed against South Ossetia', which is more accessible territorially. The envoy has no doubts that Mikheil Saakashvili had agreed his actions with "sponsors", "those with whom he is negotiating Georgia's accession to NATO ". (RIA Novosti, August 8, 2008)

    Contrary to what was conveyed by Western media reports, the attacks were anticipated by Moscow.The attacks were timed to coincide with the opening of the Olympics, largely with a view to avoiding frontpage media coverage of the Georgian military operation.

    On August 7, Russian forces were in an advanced state readiness. The counterattack was swiftly carried out.

    Russian paratroopers were sent in from Russia's Ivanovo, Moscow and Pskov airborne divisions. Tanks, armored vehicles and several thousand ground troops have been deployed. Russian air strikes have largely targeted military facilities inside Georgia including the Gori military base.

    The Georgian military attack was repealed with a massive show of strength on the part of the Russian military... See complete article here.

At the same time the Free Gaza boats are journeying from Cyprus towards Gaza attempting to break the Israeli Blockade.

Today, being the 11th, means I'll be doing my Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto (I also set up my table and awning at the park last Saturday during the Green Party Picnic/Potluck. Tonight I'll be speaking with Peter Dale Scott and John Judge about 9/11 and Continuity of Government, sadly relevant in light of the war provocations currently underway against Russia and Iran. A heavily circulated article on the US Armada Currently Threatening Iran says that-

    The two-ton elephant in the living room of the neo-con strategy is the advanced biowar (ABW) that Iran, and to a lessor extent Syria, has. This places the motherlands of the major neo-con nations (America, France, the United Kingdom), as well as Israel, in grave danger.

The idea that Iran would initiate a suicidal attack on the US- that would give the greatest gift imaginable to the neo-cons in charge- an excuse to attack Iran is insane and dangerous. The US is much more likely to launch an attack on its own citizens and try to pin it on Iran or another country to amp up its war on dissent and its imperial power grab abroad. Only recently have the Anthrax attacks targeting Democratic leadership that stood in the way of the PATRIOT Act coming back to light, as the government falsely tries to pin the blame on the suicided Ivins.

While my heart goes out to all the victims of war and occupation who are greatly suffering physically, mentally and emotionally from their hardships, I think the larger war is the psychological battle over the public mind and their grasp of reality and understanding of what is true and what is false. Scott sent out a link to a speech by Lindsey Williams on the Energy Non-Crisis, where a preacher working on the Alaskan pipeline describes his firsthand experience witnessing the discovery of the largest oilfield in America, which suddenly became classified information. Williams says basically that Kissinger cut a deal with oil producing nations that as long as they sold their oil in dollars and bought US securities, they would be rich and enrichen "those who would like to control the world." The only nations to balk the plan were- Iraq and Iran, and both were threatened militarily when they tried to sell their oil for Euros and buck the Dollar Hegemony.

I haven't has a chance to check out Williams' claims, but I do know that lots of people believe what he says and I have heard that sort of information before. People know that they are being lied to and manipulated- they just don't know what is true and what is real.

I ordered the book- False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World and spoke with the author, who says he was a pilot for decades and has spent years doing research on the plane aspect of 9/11. His thesis is completely at odds with Pilots for 9/11 Truth and the pilot featured in Neil Slade's film.

I know 9/11 was a special operation, but I do not know the nuts and bolts of what happened. I know evidence was destroyed, people are lying, but I don't know what claims are true or false in trying to piece together the events.

Argh, gotta get going!

August 2, 2008

Last weekend, I hosted a small retreat/organizing meeting for the Northern California Truth Alliance's upcoming rally/march/Film Festival which was quite productive, but I didn't have much time to get permissions/speakers/finalize the program before my sister and nieces arrived for a visit for the first time in over a decade. I decided to take a vacation from the radio show on Monday, August 4th, because I knew that I wouldn't have time to prepare and publicize the show with guests around. Fortunately that also means that I will be able to go to the premiere of

The Reflecting Pool

Premiering in Berkeley at the Pacific Film Archive
Monday, August 4, 2008 at 7pm
2575 Bancroft Way

I just wish I could have done more to publicize the screening which both producers and the leading characters- Joseph Culp and Jarek Kupsc will be attending- and I hope there will be a good turnout. I'm going to have dinner with Peter Dale Scott and bring him to the screening. Peter and John Judge will also be on my next radio show on August 11th.

I have so much work to catch up on! I still can't begin to process and disseminate all the stuff that comes my way...

July 23, 2008

Good News! The doctor called today and the cysts in my pancreas are benign. So, I don't have to worry about keeling over in the near future, and can start working on my Congressional Campaign (if I can find the time).

Last week and Michael Andregg and I had another chance to talk, walk, and have dinner before the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting in Oakland. We have a ton of things to do, as we gear up for September 11th- like figuring out our plans, getting out a newsletter. I wanted to review films and figure out the program, and I have been working on it, as well as figuring out guests for the upcoming radio shows, sometimes they are very hard to reach. I have a Green Party meeting Saturday, and am organizing a retreat at my house next Sunday for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance activists. I still have lots of phone calls and queries to make about getting some of the new films and confirming speakers.

I did want to post my good news, though, since so many people have expressed concern, and generously offered me their cancer cures... I have a hard enough time drinking water and brushing my teeth- I don't think I could have ever have found time to seriously modify my diet and try all the other remedies. The news alone should reduce the stress level amongst my family, although now I probably will have a harder time persuading others to help me with the dishes and laundry...

Now to make Impeachment happen... back to work. July 15, 2008

I missed the Green Party Convention to get the biopsy done last Thursday. My throat is still sore from the procedure which really knocked me off my feet for that day. Friday, July 11th, I went to Downtown Palo Alto in solidarity with all the other 9/11 Truth Actions. Terry Koch and Chuck Millar also came.

July 11, 2008, Listening Project in Palo Alto

Later Chuck and I took a walk and, by chance, passed by his friend's house. His friend had just died of pancreatic cancer and a gathering was taking place at this home that evening. On Sunday, I attended a moving celebration of David Wald's life. David, at 80 years of age, died of pancreatic cancer. I first met him when he ran against Eshoo in 1992, in fact I voted for him, and he has always been a great inspiration to me. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Hundreds of people came to the memorial, lots of them were old friends of mine, and activists, including Donna and Darlene Wallach who told me that they were going to Gaza via ship to break the medical blockade against Palestine. I have been working on a Free Gaza radio show ever since, and it has been quite an inspiring learning experience, but a lot of work with seven guests, in three countries, and lots of details to be ironed out.

I still can't keep up with my own life (like making a follow-up medical appointment, getting my campaign website back, finishing the design/changes/financing for the next Dollars), but my sister and nieces are coming to visit, and I'm working on events for September 6th and 11th, and still in triage mode. I am hopeful that Impeachment will move forward and hearings will begin.

July 8, 2008

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on the mailing for the Green Party. We had a meeting in San Jose on Wednesday night which Congressional Candidate Peter Meyers and I both attended and were the featured speakers (which meant we got to pause in our assembly line work to give ten minute talks about our campaigns.).Attending the meeting were most of the new county council (I did get elected to the Santa Clara Green Party County Council)plus past council members and other Green Party liasons and a few friends, and we collated, folded, labeled a 500 piece mailing, and discussed the San Jose 4th of July 3 day festival, and the upcoming San Mateo/Santa Clara Green Party Picnic/Potluck and the Green Party National Convention.

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance met last Thursday in San Francisco. Lots of people, including new people, attended the meeting, but I must admit that I was so tired I nearly fell asleep three times on the drive north which was rather frightening. John posted the notes on the discussion list. I passed out lots of the new Patriots Question 9/11 cards, and the ones I sent back east did reach Boston in a timely fashion.

I must admit that I took a holiday on the 4th of July to be with my family, we hiked, feasted, and played games.

On Sunday, I tabled for the Green Party at the music festival in San Jose, next to the Children's Discovery Museum.

I enjoyed passing out literature and talking with folks, but I did have a fairly intense encounter when I was leaving, on my way home to make dinner for my kids. I had just left the festival and found myself surrounded by some big burly marine types who had been in Iraq and were planning on going back and thought my handouts were sheer nonsense. The marines told me that women and kids were walking up to marines with bombs attached to their bodies and blowing themselves and the marines up in Iraq. One marine scoffed at the idea that Building #7 existed (let alone came down on 9/11) when I said it was reported on television and the BBC, he basically dismissed it as utterly fictitious.

When he started telling me that I owed my freedom of speech to him and other marines who were putting their bodies on the line in Iraq, I challenged him and said that I had freedom of speech because I had the courage to exercise my First Amendment Rights, and that marines killing people in other nations had nothing to do with protecting my rights, if anything it was increasing hostility towards Americans.

What was most disturbing about the exchange was seeing that we each believed a completely different narrative about our own history and world events- precisely the conditions needed for wars or civil wars to occur, according to Michael Andregg's book On the Causes of War.

On Monday, I took the day off from my radio show, and went to Stanford to consult with the specialist who is going to do the biopsy this coming Thursday. He warned me that it would be 10 days before we would get the results from the Mayo Clinic.

I started and finished reading a new 9/11 novel - Death at Angel Bay and stories of The Attack by Al Francis. I really should write a review.

    I generally don't have time to read novels, but I know that many people wouldn't pick up a serious non-fiction book debunking the official 9/11 story, and we need art, music, literature, films that can slip in some key information past those psychological barriers that people have erected.

    The hero of Death at Angel Bay is the producer of a television news program whose brother disappeared on September 11th 2001. It is a swift, action packed drama, mystery, with a fairly heavy dose of sex, violence, crime, stunning revelations.

    I believe the author is Australian, so the most "jarring' part of the novel is the slang that he has created which doesn't feel "American" or real to me. I kept translating the words into my own "jargon" as I tried to follow the plot. He makes allusions to "secret societies," rituals, and places which are known by some people by other names. There are no direct references, so the reader doesn't know how real any of the "facts" that are tossed in are or whether there is any reality behind the "characters" described. There is the standard disclaimer of all the characters being fictitious and the novel being a speculative work. That said, he does manage to throw some light onto paedophiles within the Catholic Church, government, and powerful circles, the almost inconceivable corruption that has such a horrific effect upon individuals and policies which touch so many lives.

    The main characters are complex, harbor their own skeletons, nightmares, and show surprising courage under extreme circumstances. It is a classic page turner which does not end in a neat tidy package. The end feels more like a beginning, as if this novel was the first step towards unraveling a much larger mystery, requiring a great many more heroes and courage to unravel.

    The main character has just taken his first step down the 9/11 Rabbit Hole. We are exposed to powerful, evil forces which would ruthlessly kill anyone who might threaten to expose them. The main villain disappears and is presumed "dead," but the body has not been found.

This morning I got a call from John Bursill from Australia with great news about a meeting they had with Green Party officials. It sounds like the Australian Green Party will come out formally with support for a real investigation of 9/11. John has done some pathbreaking work there which is very heartening. I hope the Green Party will take a loud, brave stand on 9/11 Truth, Impeachment, and other taboo issues this week in Chicago at the national gathering.

July 1, 2008

On Friday, Chuck Thurston and I went up to Willits for a big party at the art gallery showcasing Bernie's art. Fires had been raging in Northern California and the air was smoky. My best friend, Maria (who does some of the best radio in the country with her show- T.U.C. Radio, who lived in Greenfield, near Ukiah was fighting fires over the weekend, and was ordered to evacuate. I hope and pray that her home survived.)

Despite the smoke, the gallery and exhibition were very impressive. The party was great. The music was great, and we really enjoyed dancing. We spent a couple of nights at Bernie's place, about 40 gorgeous acres which he has offered as a place for a "Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Retreat." On Saturday we showed The Reflecting Pool and The Esoteric Agenda (which none of us had seen before) at the gallery, and we had some lengthy discussions between 3 pm and 11 pm on 9/11 and, also, the larger picture. We hadn't advertised the event or made flyers, so there were just a few people besides Bernie, Chuck and I, but the discussion was very lively, and we were glad that we made the long trip to Willits. On Sunday, we took a hike with Bernie and headed back towards San Francisco. I actually had a Green Party meeting in Sunnyvale in the afternoon, and then went to Sant Cruz for David Ray Griffin's talk.

Yesterday was pretty hectic, especially since I had my radio show in the evening, and my son, Jeremy, also returned from a ten day trip to Costa Rica. I did a terrible job as radio host, and decided to take a vacation from the show next week, mainly because I haven't got a guest lined up, and there are too many demands on me now- to even fulfill my normal obligations- especially with 4th of July this weekend. Last Thursday I organized the printing of 10,000 more 9/11 Patriot cards with Gabriel and the folks in Boston who want to distribute them there on 4th of July. The Green Party will be tabling at a Festival for 3 days in San Jose next weekend, and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance has been talking about doing outreach on 4th of July for quite some time. We've run out of 9/11 Fact Sheets. I need to work with Blaine on the new bills, so I really do have my hands full this week. Plus I need to design something for my Congressional Campaign, as we are doing a mailing for the Green Party tomorrow.

Back to work...

June 26, 2008

I've been very busy, as usual, but have been trying to read Michael Andregg's On the Causes of War. He also produced the film: Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation are Better Strategies Than Global War posted on the Ground Zero Minnesota Website. Michael attended the National Conference on Media Reform and I spent hours speaking with him and invited him to be on my radio show in July. I am continually reminded of my friend Tom Atlee's observation that "Things are getting worser and worser, and better and better, faster and faster all the time." It's hard to say whether the light is responding to the dark, or vice versa, whether repression provokes resistance or resistance provokes repression, the tempo continues to build, the fears that the war is unstoppable and the hope that we can stop it continue to rise.

Years ago, I wrote a rebuttal to Sun Tzu's Art of War I had thought of editing it, printing it, passing it out on Hiroshima Day, when we usually protest nuclear weapons development at Livermore Labs, but I get so involved with so many projects, that I never got around to the final editing/formatting, etc... I also wrote an abbreviated version to post as an article, but I was never fully happy with my work, and I thought it could be vastly improved. However the insanity of the guys in the White House ready to launch a war on Iran has prompted me to post my original emotional outburst/response to Sun Tzu and the war mentality that has dominated the planet for too many thousands of years... I don't know if it will have any impact whatsoever, but if I never post it, I will regret not saying my two cents or doing all that I could to prevent a disastrous war.

I am still struggling to get into the websites, organize printing and distribution of Patriot cards for the 4th of July, prepare for the weekend trip to Willits, a Green Party meeting, the David Ray Griffin event in Santa Cruz, plus my regular household/radio show tasks. Life is a continual balancing act.

June 24, 2008

Last Thursday, we had a productive Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting (and I had a chance to have dinner with Nikolas and catch up with him). John posted notes on our discussion list, so I don't feel obliged to go over all the financial details. I'm still drowning in paperwork; I missed two dentist appointments, and started bouncing personal checks, just because I can't keep up with all the demands on my time. On Friday, I picked up a copy of SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move by Katherine Albrecht, in preparation of my 5-11 Campaign Against Real ID Radio Show. I intuitively knew that RFID's were bad, but I had no idea how bad the situation was until I read Katherine's book, and explored Missouri Representative Jim Guest's website for Legislators Against Real ID. In some ways the term "national ID" is misleading, because the standards being imposed on identity cards are international ones, which allows the sharing of data across national boundaries, which strikes me as particularly chilling, given that we don't really know who the supranational ruling entities wishing to control people's movements are and precisely what their intentions and goals are, although we must suspect that they are not benign and in the best interests of the vast majority. Certainly, the 5/11 and 9/11 campaigns are intertwined and inseparable, 9/11 being the "excuse" for the implementation of "5/11"- ID's serving the Global Police State (which is run by the largest terrorist organization in the world).

Unfortunately, I was knocked out for a couple of days with migraine headaches and nausea (maybe stress) while Jean Luc took the kids (and boy scouts) rafting on the American River.

Monday, I was better and able to do a two hour interview on the local Stanford Radio Station, make dinner, bake cookies, and do my show without collapsing. Actually, I really loved doing the show, my guests inspired me; I kept wishing I had more time to work more collaboratively with them and their campaign, and help Katherine with her show to pressure more politicians to push forward on impeachment, and more investigations. This morning I sent Jim Guest a packet of info on 9/11 and hope he will be inspired to support Karen Johnson, and share it with his national network of state legislators. I can't help feeling that the movements are gathering strength, growing, but the relationship building and trust building simply takes time, as does reading a book, making a phone call, those vital conversations, and getting to know people. Next week's show is on Movement Building, which has also demanded much time and energy to organize. I promised Jean-Luc that I would take a week off soon- just because organizing the radio show is so time demanding, but- I find the work irresistable. The shows give me a good excuse to read the books, and talk to people, and learn about issues that I care about deeply, and to share them with a larger audience. I'm like a bus driver who chooses to ride the bus when he goes on holiday- because he loves being on a bus...

June 18, 2008

Last week, the school year ended, our teenagers converged in celebration mode, and my husband and I took off for a much needed (though brief) romantic vacation, leaving the kids at home.

It has been wonderful to witness the revelations and public statements on isues close to my heart, such as impeachment and the need for a real 9/11 investigation, but sobering to find the info pigeonholed on the internet and ignored by the corporate media. I suppose they think that if they don't report it, it didn't happen, and the issues will melt away, be forgotten, and they can continue on their merry march towards fascism that even Orwell couldn't have conceived of.

Ironically, I find myself trapped at the computer, but unable to keep up with my websites/work and drained by the challenges of gaining access to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance website and my Carol for Congress website, neither of which I can get into. I can barely keep up my calendar, organize the radio shows, let alone work on the next version of the Deception Dollar, the Perception Dollar, coalitions of impeachment/9-11 Truth candidates, and assist in organizing/promoting events. The kids want attention, food, and there isn't time for me to write articles, or finish the ones I've begun. I'm continually in triage mode, just trying to get the most urgent things done.

Last night I did participate in a national Impeachment conference call. With the 35 articles of Impeachment introduced by Kucinich, there is ample reason to impeach, but still the incredible resistance within Congress and the press to acknowledge the absolute criminality of the regime and begin to rein them in through impeachment. We're facing a global chicken game, and I think only the courage and pressure from citizens, people, pushing Congress and the press, and "becoming the media" will help us make the curve and turn the situation around.

I still wonder whether I should keep on doing the radio show or turn my energies/time to other tasks (like my Congressional Campaign, local events, publishing). I guess everyone has to face that uncertainty dilemma, we never know, at the moment, when our efforts will bear fruit, or be forgotten, so we might as well choose to work on those things which nurture our spirit, and have the potential to make a difference, and that help us find a functional balance in our lives.

June 13, 2008

On Tuesday, New Democratic Party Deputy House Leader Libby Davies delivered and read aloud a Parliamentary Petition signed by over 500 Canadians demanding a new 9/11 investigation, in Canada's House of Commons.

    We, the undersigned citizens of Canada draw the attention of the House to the following:

    THAT, scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraudulent document and that those behind the report are consciously or unconsciously guilty of covering up what happened on 9/11/2001. This evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by demolition explosives and that the official theory of the towers collapsing from the airplanes and the ensuing fires is irrefutably false.

    We further believe that elements within the US government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on 9/11/2001. This event brought Canada into the so-called "War on Terror," it changed our domestic and foreign policies for the worse, and it will continue to have negative consequences for us all if we refuse to look at the facts.

    THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon Parliament to:

      (1) Immediately launch its own investigation into the events of 9/11/2001 on behalf of the 24 Canadian citizens murdered in New York City.

      (2) Act lawfully on the findings of its own investigation by helping to pursue the guilty parties in the international courts.

Chuck and I took a few photos of our now monthly Listening for a Change- 9/11 Truth Action:

June 11, 2008- Palo Alto

Despite the fact that today was Friday the 13th, we finally opened a bank account for my Congressional Campaign, but I still don't have access to the website which needs updating. I worked on the radio show, and had the pleasure of speaking with Neil Slade, who will be a guest on Monday's show on Overcoming Collective Denial to 9/11 Truth I got him to repost his excellent page on The Psychology of 9/11 Perception and update his 9/11 website- www.911Think.com.

It is wonderful that so many people are doing great work, that I can't even begin to keep up with all of them. I was on the organizers' call yesterday and I'm glad that 911Truth.org wants to encourage people to do something to push for impeachment, especially since 3 of the 35 articles were directly related to 9/11. I think we need to be part of ever growing coalitions and I'm beginning to work on a radio show on those working on building grassroots movements to mobilize the vast majority of people who recognize the criminality of the current regime and the need to oust Congress and replace them with those committed to serving people and planet, not corporations.

June 11, 2008

In solidarity with other 9/11 Truth activists, I put up banners and held the Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto. Today the House Voted To Send the Impeachment Resolution To Judiciary Committee. I just hope that the Judiciary Committee will hold hearings, but I think it needs a major public outcry. I sent out the contact list to those who attended the poster session at the National Conference on Media Reform, and Minnesota We are Change posted this article:

9/11 Truth at the National Conference for Media Reform by Nate Clark

They also did a video of their confrontation with Amy Goodman and Dan Rather asking them about the Bilderbergers. I'm glad these guys are on our side and trying to get the truth out.

June 10, 2008

A major shift has happened, last Thursday I flew to Minneapolis for the National Conference on Media Reform. I probably should write an entire article about it, but since then even more has happened, and I'm reaching my "sitting at the computer" limit.

Before I left, I received a DVD anonymously from the UK entitled

911's a lie (by The Free Bees)

I'm so illiterate technologically that I didn't even know how to view it or see if it was safe from lethal viruses- so I didn't have a chance to view it before I left, but now it has been posted all over, and I'm delighted that whoever made it so generously offered it to the Truth Movement.

In Minneapolis, I was both thrilled and horrified by the conference. I had a great time and wonderful interactions with people. I saw old friends, made new friends, gave away all the Deception Dollars, 9/11 Fact sheets, and DVDs that I had brought with me. I gave a well attended poster session on "Overcoming Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth." I heard some great speakers, saw a wonderful Vote Fraud film called FreeFor All! One Dude's Quest to Save Democracy which will premiere online on July 4th. FCC Commissioner Adelstein (whom I had breakfast with in Memphis- and gave a copy of my DVD Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush to) announced that the FCC would investigate the Pentagon sponsored program to train military analysts to pitch the Iraq War to the media for them.

All the major speakers omitted to touch on the issue of stolen elections, impeachment, 9/11. There were several overt pitches for Obama (Hillary had withdrawn and thrown her support his way), including pitches and cautions by Naomi Klein and Van Jones. There was a "We're winning..." euphoria, as if Obama was actually a populist (not a corporate, war-mongering candidate)... and Cynthia McKinney was not there (although I did just talk to Larry Pinkney, who said she was enthusiastically cheered when her name was brought up in the session he attended...). Reform- maybe, revolution- no... False Hope- Velvet Glove Fascism on the rise- Real Hope- Real Democracy censored, toned down, ignored. Maybe the velvet glove is better than the iron fist for some people, but the killing sometimes gets worse when it is covert, rather than overt.

But I have thick skin, I'm used to marginalization, working at the edges, on the outside. I was glad to have some space at the conference and found people on an individual basis to be very receptive, friendly, encouraging, supportive. I'm glad I went and I had a wonderful roommate- even if we only had a chance to speak Sunday morning when I was somewhat sleep deprived.

Monday, it was great to get a phone call from Larry Pinkney telling me that Kucinich was introducing articles of impeachment in Congress. I knew Karen Johnson would be calling for a real 9/11 investigation in the legislature of Arizona today.

Great to know that crimes are being more exposed and probably the Bilderbergers have decided that Bush and Cheney have to go, for them to get away with their own empire project- Neo-liberals replacing neo-conservatives- chocolate to vanilla fascism. But who knows how far the pendulum will swing.

I'm still drowning in work, but trying to stay well, and deal with the most urgent demands of the family. I do feel we have more room to work in now, but I don't know how long that window will stay open.

May 28, 2008

The last few days have been very stressful and demanding. On Monday, Jean-Luc and the kids returned from their conference starving. It was the first time the family was together for dinner since Christmas, so I made a big dinner and a fresh apricot pie, but warned the kids that if they didn't do the dishes- no meals for a month, because I had to work on the Scientists, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Radio Show. I called Richard Gage and he wanted to restructure the whole show. It was great to speak with everyone, but very challenging with so many guests on at the same time, lots of callers, and a couple dogs barking in the distance. Kamal Obeid explained in a subsequent email:

    Sorry about the dogs barking on my end. I have two dogs; they are both for 911 truth and wanted to get on the air. There was no one else at home to distract them.

The next morning I also got this very thoughtful suggestion from the wife of one of the engineers-

    It might be really "neat" to have a discussion devoted to the subject of the collective denial, where 9-11 truths are concerned, and how to break through that denial.

    I spoke with a therapist about this: He responded that repetition is a key to breaking through that very difficult psychological wall.

    I believe, based on experience and observation of others, that denial is a very understandable mechanism with the function of shielding us from emotional pain. The pain of awareness----the dawning of truth----can be too difficult for many people to bear. It's just too hard to believe/unfathomable that some rare people are capable of certain things, like mass murder as in the 9-11 event.

    My response to that is to ask the question: If it is commonly-known fact that Bush/Cheney went to war based on a lie, and are planning more wars based on lies, how can we possibly put anything past them? How can we *not* believe that they could and would plan 9-11 as the prelude to such a war? How can we *not* believe that they are murderers on the loose? It's not even logical to ask the question.

    Perhaps a little bit of understanding of criminal psychology might be helpful too. If people understand that the mental health profession recognizes that murderers lack empathy and remorse for their victims, that they "have a screw loose" in this department, it might help people to understand how/why such crimes can be committed. This is not normal psychology we are dealing with here. "Oh really? You think so, really?" people ask me. My response is: "Could you yourself take our nation to war based on a lie, if you were President of the USA?" The answer is an obvious "no". That question, whether or not they could do such a thing, may get people thinking.

    And there surely must be many other ways to break that wall of denial. Please fill in the blanks...I'd love to see this topic discussed, and the solutions to it, perhaps even on an on-going basis!

    (Part of the solution may also be to understand that the human psyche will not take in info it is not prepared to deal with. Therefore, we as activists also have to know when to back down and give people space, for our own credibility's sake).

    b) I have a suggestion for reaching a wider audience. Those who are technically educated understand the significance of thermite and iron orbs being found in the WTC. Those lacking such an education won't know what thermite is (I wouldn't if I wasn't married to an engineer) or what it means to find iron particles in the WTC dust. They won't know to infer that x/y/z happened due to such findings. Also, these lay people may not understand what it means for a building to fall "following the path of greatest resistance" or "potential energy" or the like. Perhaps if you can use such terminology but also explain what it means, for your lay listeners, more people will "wake up" out of their denial and you can reach a greater circle of people. I would say the same for the entire 9-11 truth movement, not just for you... It really *is* a generic which I have come across in *almost all* 9-11 truth discussions. I believe the entire movement, and the terribly important cause, would greatly benefit from such lay-oriented explanations.

    c) More about denial: When people are not ready to "hear" certain information, knowing subconsciously that it will overwhelm them, they will subconsciuosly find ways to blow the information off. Hence:

    "Conspiracy theorist"
    and generally, they will make the truth-teller "The Problem" instead of giving credence to the obvious, logical facts spelled out in front of them. Psychology calls it "patient identification" when abusive parents label their victim kid as "The Problem". They blame their victims, instead of looking at the mirror. Once again, the pain of awareness---that we ourselves are capable of wrong-doing and not just the rest of the world----can be too much for some shame-based people to take in. Similarly, people may find very "convenient" ways to shame and blame 9-11 truth-tellers. How 9-11 activists deal with this phenomenon may be a very helpful discussion.

    Sometimes logic and all the convincing facts don't work. The problem may not *always* be concerning the spreading of truth: Instead, it's centered around the question "how do we deal with this information? Can we bear it once it becomes known, from within?" How to deal delicately and compassionately with that psychology may be the key to the success of the 9-11 Truth Movement. (And some people may never be ready to receive the information, no matter how one stands on one's head to make just the right presentation).

I thought this was a great suggestion and I'm working on a radio show on Denial for June 9th (if I can find the right guests).

Tuesday morning was incredibly hectic, and I hadn't slept well the night before and was feeling very tired. I didn't have time to send out press releases, and had barely time to organize the stuff I was bringing, the passengers... Of course, that was when the phone rang, and I got an appointment for a "consultation" with the specialist who is supposed to do the biopsy of the tumors in my pancreas. Apparently he doesn't even schedule the procedure without a consultation first, and then they order a bunch of other tests, too. These specialists are so busy that it takes months to even get an appointment, so my "consultation" won't even happen until July 7th.

Chuck and Tian drove up to San Francisco with me, we were early and set up the table, sound system, and banner outside of the San Francisco Chronicle offices. We gave handouts to passer-bys and more stuff to people who were actually working at the SF Chronicle and interested in what we were up to. There was a brief round of "This is our sidewalk, our building, you have no right or permission to be here." to blithely ignoring us, with a couple of security guards in the vicinity to make sure we didn't spraypaint graffiti or doing anything "violently illegal."

(I did post a couple of articles on the press conference- one at 911Blogger.com another at indybay.org.) Tian Harter posted the photos he took and my text on his website-

(Click to see more photos of the California Impeachment Slate Press Conference)

I did mention that I had received the email from the wife of one of the engineers on my radio show, suggesting that I do a show on "Denial" and that even structural engineers experienced cognitive dissonance on 9/11 and were unable to process the visual evidence with descriptions which denied physical reality, and that we needed to recognize collectively that the "War on Terror is a Fraud," that the 9/11 Report is a big lie, based on tortured evidence, and with enormous omissions, such as the disintegration of WTC Building Number 7, which was not hit by a plane and that the Report fails to even mention, and can't explain. It has taken years for pilots, engineers, and the country to begin to recover from the trauma of 9/11 and begin thinking more rationally about the lies that they have been told.

I praised Shirley Golub's wonderful play "I", The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, but cautioned that in the play, it clearly showed how difficult it would be for Congress to convict Bush and Cheney without convicting themselves for their unwavering support of their policies. We don't want the Democrats to do the "War on Terror" better than the Republicans, which is what is happening now. I brought my favorite key shaped sign which someone kindly lifted to show that we all believed that Impeachment is vital for the country, for justice, to reject the criminal path that we are on. (One side reads IMPEACH with the symbol for Justice) On the other side of the sign was 9/11 TRUTH and the Peace symbol. I emphasized that in order to have peace, we need the truth about 9/11, a real investigation, to discover precisely what role Cheney and Bush had in the events of that day, which they have used to launch their wars and attack our rights. I applauded and thanked everyone for their courage and support of impeachment, truth and peace.

Later, I spoke with Carol Wolman, who is also a psychiatrist, and she agreed to participate in the radio show on Denial. I was surprised to learn that her husband and many of her supporters were still scared of the subject. I was glad that her son Jacob Clapsaddle, the film maker who did the film High Crimes and Atrocities was able to deal with it. He also was in San Francisco and filmed the Press Conference. I'm sure it will be posted online, soon.

A few of us visited the Bay Area Reporter on our way out of town to give them info about the California Impeachment Slate. Actually we thought we were going to the San Francisco Bay Guardian office, but it turned out we were given good directions, but the wrong name of the paper.

I had to hurriedly get home, bake cookies for Jeremy's volunteers, and help out with his Eagle Scout Project, make dinner. Jules volunteered to do the dishes, and I worked til 1:30 am on the computer.

Yesterday, I also worked on the computer, got the vital wood to complete the Eagle Scout Project, baked and delivered the wood and the cookies. We were so glad to get it finished, but in the end, it was just Jeremy and me at 7 pm, picking up the last costumes from the floor, hanging them on the new rack that they had built. The main project was adding a layer of wood to reinforce the costume loft floor at the Gunn High School Theater where Jeremy devotes hundreds of hours of time doing technical work, stage managing, and a bit of acting, too. [And I must add that Jeremy did a great job of managing a huge number of volunteers and adults during the course of the project, which he felt was "easy," compared to the stress of the "shows." We are very proud of him- he also scored really well in his SATs, is a straight A student. Unfortunately, he is super-responsible, and he works way too hard- following the bad example of his parents.]

Now, at least, I have more time for "my work."

May 25, 2008- Memorial Day

I still haven't figured out how to be in more than one place at a time, or squeeze more hours into the days, so I'm afraid I can only try to spread the word and hope other people help with all that is happening this week. I'm sending out a blast to the email lists with this week's events (not counting the radio show that I'm doing tonight with Kevin Ryan and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. There is also a solidarity action at noon in San Francisco for Blair Gadsby who will begin his hunger strike for 9/11 Truth outside the offices of John McCain in Phoenix.

And tomorrow, the California Impeachment Slate (including me) will be holding a Press Conference in San Francisco, in front of the SF Chronicle offices, and I need help with banners, literature, signs...

Last weekend, I finally got to San Francisco to see "I", The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, even if it didn't touch on the damning, treasonous crime of 9/11, it certainly was an indictment of a complicit Congress which have enabled the tyrants in the White House to shred our Constitution, rights, to bully, torture, and lie...

People loved the Deception Dollars and all of mine disappeared after the show.

On my way home, I stopped to visit my family, including my eldest son who had just flown back from college, at the "Games Conference" they were attending near San Francisco. Our house has been such a disaster since the construction, I was working on trying to clean it up, so there would be room for Jules and his stuff. He decided to come home with me and catch up on the schoolwork that he hadn't finished. So, in addition to the 9/11 Truth, Impeachment work, I still have housework, people to feed, an Eagle Scout Project that isn't quite done, yet- and plenty of demands on my time and attention.

May 20, 2008

The whole family is still in triage, although they finally finished the construction work- we still have no window coverings, and the furniture, drawers, stuff is strewn all over. Daniel was sick, I had a relapse over the weekend, and now everyone is on overdrive, working on Jeremy's Eagle Project. I did get to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting last Thursday, and was glad someone- actually two people took notes and posted them!!! So I don't feel obliged to report all the details, but the San Jose event and the Truth Convergence cost us a thousand dollars, and we don't have much money coming in. I also picked up the rest of the Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush DVDs that we had reprinted, and got the group a credit card. It was messing me up too much, using my card, and getting the group to reimburse me. I kept running out of money, and being denied credit, and having checks bounce. Hopefully now the bookkeeping and my life will be easier.

I was really glad to stumble upon Eric Larsen's work- A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Era of Simplification and Deceit. It was an excellent, provocative, book. I just wish I had had more time to speak with Eric on the radio show last night, but we had technical difficulties, so the show didn't really begin until 17 minutes past the hour and my first guest was Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson who was wonderful. I just wish that I had been able to round up more elected officials to support her courageous stand.

The show does take a lot of work, time, but I do get a lot out of it, and it is wonderful to learn things from my guests. Phil Burk informed me of the little known powers of Congress, who do have the ability and means to actually arrest and jail someone who does not answer their subpoena- such as Karl Rove, and Conyers is threatening to exercise that power. I just hope that it will lead to hearings, and more hearings, and hopefully the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. People know those guys are criminals- why can't the press be upfront about it... Actually, I know why, but it still makes me mad. I'm still reading Jules Boykoffs's excellent book- Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States. It is scary to realize how the present is mirroring the past.

I'm playing phone tag with Stanford Hospital, still haven't managed to schedule the biopsy, but have been getting lots of friendly prescriptions for cancer cures from my dear friends, who seem to want me to last a bit longer. Amazing how much affection a few hundred thousand cookies can generate...

May 12, 2008

Recovering from being sick, construction work on the house, the radio show, and trying to drum up more State Senators in support of Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson kept me busy last week. I'm also drowning in paperwork, and have to do lots of accounting for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. Last weekend, there were conflicting events- and I found it impossible to be at three places at the same time. I gave Chuck stuff to table at the Richard Gage event in San Jose, and I went to the Truth Convergence in San Francisco. I baked cookies and brownies on Saturday morning and had a helluva time just finding my car keys and making it to San Francisco on time. There were folks from all over. My sound system didn't seem to work very well- I think I was so frazzled, I probably just goofed on the volume control on the ipod, but people were dispersed on the street corners, and there seemed to be no effort or desire to actually have a rally. At 4 pm or so we did start marching to Market and circled the Civic Center where an actual rally, with lots of volume and music was taking place in support of the Palestinians. The police kept us away from the rally. I was going to meet Chuck at 6pm at Mission and 16th, which is where we were scheduled to go, but the organizers decided to go to Powell and Market and blow off going to 16th and Mission, so I went with the "Impeach the Terrorists"/Billion Deception Dollar banner to rendez-vous with Chuck who was going to give me the tabling stuff. A few other 9/11 Truth activists also converge there. We passed out some Deception Dollars and enjoyed meeting one another. My old friend, Bob Gipson was there. We tried to find out where the "tba Activist Summit" was taking place and were given the location of a pub near Union Square. Three of us went via car and three by BART to the pub, but we never found any other 9/11 Truth activists at the pub nor were able to reach Cosmos or anyone else. So, Chuck, Bob and I just found a Thai Restaurant and enjoyed having dinner together and went home.

On Sunday morning I couldn't sleep past 6 am thinking about all I needed to do to be ready for the Convergence in San Francisco. I baked more cookies, put 100 or more of the new DVDs (Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush) into clamshells to give to activists, printed out directions for the Gage video shoot (which I forgot to pack), and loaded the car with the sound system, tables, handouts, chairs, banners, cookies, brownies, food and headed for San Francisco where I met John at 10 am and we set up the tables. Kai and Bill both came to help. It was very quiet- hardly anyone around and I wanted to be able to do the march, so Kai called John, learned that it hadn't even begun at 1 pm and drove me to the rallying point.

In hopes of getting the rally to move, I got the sound system running and introduced Cosmos. A few speeches followed (including one by Robin Hordon and folks from LA) and we finally started to move. My voice was shot, but I spotted Remos and persuaded him to chant...

It was a long march, Cosmos chose the site of the first "Bush Did It!" rally where there is a statue of McKinley (who launched a major imperial war against Spain and the Phillipines under false premises over a century ago.) We really didn't see that much of the public and it seemed like the march was more for the benefit of the Truthers with video cameras. Because I had to pack up the table/banners and get to Marin for the Video shoot, I didn't have much time to meet people or socialize by the time they reached our Golden Gate Park destination, which to me was a bit of a shame. People had come from so far away and I wish we could have been more hospitable.

The video shoot was long, but very interesting. I hadn't seen Richard's presentation since he tried it for one of the first times at our December 2006 strategy meetings (and I still haven't seen the video). He did a good job, although I am always shocked by omissions of what I think are key points by every major speaker. He also had a Structural Engineer and another engineer who specialized in understanding the collapse of buildings damaged by fire. Both of them offered powerful insights into their professions and the problems with the official story. I also learned that engineers are committed ethically and professionally to exposing fraud. They gave me hope that not all professionals could be bought off into complying with the Empire and remaining silent over falsehoods that were increasingly evident to rational, intelligent people.

It was a struggle, though, to stay awake and drive home, but I had good company to San Francisco- a talented musician who has done some great political songs, including ones on Controlled Demolition and Impeachment.

Back to the zillion chores that I have to do...

I also went with Jean-Luc to see the specialist last Friday regarding the tumors in my pancreas, and decided to go ahead with the biopsy. At this stage they don't look malignant, but they are throughout the pancreas and they couldn't remove them without removing the whole pancreas. They could do that and I could live (like a diabetic), but we'll have to see what kind of cysts/tumors they are before I have to think about whether or not I would go through treatment or not. Jean-Luc's been extra nice and supportive and people are giving me all sorts of great advice and suggestions. I just wish I had more time to sleep, drink, eat, exercise and keep up with all the work that comes my way. Perhaps I should drop the radio show, but I don't want to.

May 5, 2008- Cinco de Mayo

I'm better, but have been struggling with a cold all week, sadly my husband is sick now, too- and on top of that the house is a construction site thick with dust, as they have replaced all the windows.

I posted a Report Back from the Newstools Conference on 9/11 Blogger -

Report on the Newstools Conference for 9/11 Truth Activists

Much has been happening this week, but I was particularly interested to learn about what is going on in Mexico, as people are seriously organizing against an illegitimate regime, and we do have something to learn from them. This was sent to me from a friend, Alan Benjamin-

Update on Political Situation in Mexico


Cinco de Mayo -- May 5th -- marks the date in 1862 when the Mexican troops under General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the French troops in the Battle of Puebla. (Despite this initial victory, the Mexican troops went on to lose the war; Mexico was placed under the occupation of Maximilian 1, Emperor of Mexico. Four years later, the French occupation forces were expelled from Mexico by the Reform government of Benito Juarez, who had Maximilian executed just outside Querétaro.)

This year, Cinco de Mayo takes place in Mexico in a situation of profound political and economic crisis.

La Jornada today published an article detailing the disastrous effects 14 years of NAFTA have had on Mexican agriculture. Top economists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) report that Mexico is paying US$20 billion per year to import grain and basic food staples -- mainly from the United States -- that were produced in Mexico prior to NAFTA. Not only is the bleeding the Mexican economy, the economists explain, it is forcing millions of peasants to leave their farms. It is also imposing near-famine conditions in certain regions of Mexico. The destruction of millions of acres of corn, rice and other grains is the direct result of NAFTA, as these native crops are not able compete on the market with the genetically modified and high-tech-production grains brought in from the United States. (1)

This report in La Jornada exposes the criminal lie presented by the Usurper ("El Espurio"), Felipe Calderón, in New Orleans, when he told the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit meeting that Mexico under NAFTA is making "great progress" on the economic front, modernizing its productive capacities and improving its ability to feed its people. (At the SPP Summit in New Orleans, Calderón also lambasted the takeover of the Mexican Congress buildings by the opposition congresspersons in the Broad Progressive Front (FAP), stating that it made "Mexico look ridiculous in the eyes of the world." Calderón also accused the legitimately elected president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of "taking his power trip to a new level, thereby endangering the security and stability of our country.")

Last Thursday, May Day was celebrated in Mexico with a number of mass labor rallies and marches. The largest rally, spearheaded by the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME), the Mineworkers' Union and the National Union of Workers (UNT), witnessed speaker after speaker denounce the proposed "Energy Reform" packet submitted to the Mexican Congress on April 8 by Felipe Calderón. "The Mexican workers will not allow these reforms to go through," said Martin Esparza, general secretary of the SME. "If we allow these energy 'reform' measures to be passed, they will immediately move to 'reform' our labor laws. Calderón and his ilk have stated as much. This would destroy our collective-bargaining agreements, our unions, and our workforce."

Also on May Day, Andrés Manuel López Obrador answered publicly the widely circulated charges leveled by PRD founder Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas against him and against the Peaceful Civil Resistance Movement. One day earlier, Cárdenas had denounced the takeover by the FAP deputies and senators of the Mexican Congress buildings, calling it an "unnecessary and irresponsible" action that endangered the legitimacy of Mexico's political institutions. (Cárdenas has sided in the fierce internal struggle within the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD), the party of López Obrador, with the wing that has recognized the election of Felipe Calderón and that has voted to support the "reform" measures demanded by Calderón and Bush.)

López Obrador's reply to Cárdenas was respectful in tone but unyielding in content. "How can anyone think that Calderón was not aiming at ramming his reforms through this session of Congress?" he asked. "That was Calderón's stated goal, his mission. ... We must remember that Calderón was imposed in the presidency by the influence-peddlers, both domestic and foreign, whose aim has been to turn over to foreign oil interests the exploration, perforation, refining, petrochemical production, oilducts, transportation and storage of Mexico's oil resources. ... We will not allow Calderón and the foreign oil corporations to do this!"

López Obrador continued, answering the charge by Calderón in New Orleans that López Obrador and this Resistance Movement are opposed to progress and modernization in Mexico. "This claim is absurd," he stated. "On the contrary. We believe Mexico can make great progress. We believe we have the engineering and technical expertise in Mexico to modernize our equipment and drilling in our oil industry. But what we oppose are so-called 'reforms' that only benefit a handful of people in Mexico who are beholden to foreign interests."

López Obrador concluded his statement explaining that "before any country-selling energy 'reform' is enacted, he and the Peaceful Civil Resistance Movement will insist that the people of Mexico are allowed to express their point of view through a referendum or a plebiscite -- so that no decision is made behind their backs." He went on to urge the Mexican people to join the Brigades and Committees being formed across Mexico to defend Mexico's oil and sovereignty.

To be continued. ...



(1) In their speeches on May Day in San Francisco, both Cynthia McKinney, presidential candidate of the Power to the People coalition, and Cindy Sheehan, independent candidate for U.S. Congress (challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi), called for repealing NAFTA, explaining that this agreement is responsible for the destruction of jobs and communities and both sides of the border. Their call must be taken up by working people and the trade union movement across the United States. (Video posted at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4832122434521971338&q=may+day+cindy+sheehan&ei=9DsfSKbhG4-eqgOflOnEAQ).

April 29, 2008

Last week the Impeachment event at the Grand Lake Theater was a great success with a good turnout and a very good, inspiring program. (Read the keynote by David Swanson here- Sympathy for Dick Cheney). I went to dinner beforehand with a number of folks and Paul Burks put forward the idea of suing various members of Congress for failing to do their jobs. We still have to find out more details and get some good lawyers willing to help us.

I passed on the tabling stuff and banners to John Wright so he could take them to the Beach Impeach, and hopefully the May Day march/rally/protests.

Generally I miss out on the family/scout events and go to the political events, instead, but I made an exception last Saturday, because I had agreed to go canoeing with the family and the scouts, before they revived the Beach Impeach, and I love canoeing. So last Saturday, I was on the Russian River with the scouts. I have done a lot of white-water canoeing, but last Saturday we had two canoes overturn and get trapped by submerged trees in strong currents, one five feet below the water. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. I also was the one to venture up the bank and find a house, people, and borrow a rope which allowed us to haul the buried canoe out of the tree in deep water. Everyone was glad that we were able to save the canoe- and that I was there.

It was a beautifully hot summery day, but the water was freezing. I couldn't resist swimming, and unfortunately by evening I could feel myself coming down with a cold which knocked me out for a couple of days. Richard Gage called me Monday afternoon for the phone number of the Stanford Radio Station, reminding me that I had a radio interview. Besides feeling feverish and sick, the construction workers tore out our bedroom and office windows on Monday forcing us to move tons of stuff around, and I had completely forgotten about the radio show.

My own show is so much work, but I do enjoy it, even when I'm sick. I'm just way behind on a ton of paperwork, including taxes, the forms for Agape Foundation... posting events on the calendar, lining up guests for upcoming shows... And I need to rest to get well, but Life is so irresistable, and today is my husband's birthday, and I'd love to be able to bake him a birthday cake, at least.

April 19, 2008,

I have been struggling to balance the demands of my life, my family, with the demands of my "work." Sometimes there are surprising overlaps. Before I had Paul Krik on my radio show, last Monday, I realized that his great film Able Danger was inspired, to some degree, by the first "film noir" - The Maltese Falcon, which I had never seen. As it was, I was so interrupted by the demands of family that I never got to see the whole thing before the radio show, but Daniel watched it, too, and then afterwards Daniel and I watched Able Danger. On my second viewing, I could catch more of the jokes, parallels to the actual film, although Daniel (who is 14 was completely lost by the plot line). It's quite possible to enjoy Able Danger, without having seen The Maltese Falcon, but I think seeing both of them is a good idea and more fun...

On Tuesday I went to Stanford to question Morgan Spurlock about his new film- "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?"

Wednesday, I worked on the website and posted some of the news from Europe.

Thursday, I spent most of the day at the FCC Hearings on "The Future of the Internet" at Stanford.

Audio of the public comments are posted at www.indybay.org/newsitems/2008/04/17/18493592.php

I wish I could write an article about the meeting, but I haven't had time. There was a lottery to determine who would comment, in what order, during the public comment period, and I was lucky enough to be speaker #16 and get a whole 90 seconds (originally we were supposed to have two minutes) to speak. It was hard to squeeze the major points into such a small window.

I hurriedly bicycled home, skipped dinner and left for Oakland where I was half an hour late to a well attended meeting. The big action item was the upcoming 9/11 Truth Convergence being organized by Cosmos, we allocated $250 and encouraged him to find a defined space for people to meet, network, socialize, besides the street actions, so that it isn't just a vague, dissolve, bar hop later on your own, type of event. Those who could host folks from out of town are encouraged to let Cosmos know, so he can hook you up with folks who are coming. Most of the organizing is being done online at truthaction.org but we do need support from folks in San Francisco to help with logistics, actual meeting space, and there are monies allotted for that. Our next meeting is a joint meeting with us and Aaron Dames group on Thursday, May 1st, which I won't be able to attend because I'll be at the Media Conference in Sunnyvale. I do hope people will pitch in and help to make the Convergence a success, and that means helping with the real nuts and bolts logistics.

We also discussed other upcoming events and opportunities- The big Impeachment Event at the Grand Lake Theater on the 24th, the Beach Impeach, the upcoming media conferences, and the Week of Truth, and I urged folks with websites to put up banners on their sites. I still need to send out an email blast to our list and the Deception Dollar webmasters, but I have been "in triage" trying to do the most urgent stuff first- like feeding hungry kids, getting Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush republished, in time for the media conference, ordering all the DVDs that I should have ordered last January, plus The Shell Game to support the national effort and have the book available at our upcoming tabling events. I've also been working on the upcoming radio shows, and the interview I needed to do for the media conference. I have also had to do our taxes, pay the bills, do the banking, shipping. The demands never end, but my time keeps running out. I never can catch up with my Impeachment page, either, because my back just doesn't allow me to spend too many hours at the computer.

April 12, 2008

My appreciation for the outpouring of concern and support from friends and listeners who have been sending me emails, and my apologies for not being able to reply to all of them or even keep up with my phone messages. It has been challenging for me this week because the windows and doors are being replaced in our home and the sounds of construction and plastic spread to prevent the dust from getting everywhere has even shrouded the phone answering machine, so there obstacles for me to simply do the "ordinary things- like eat, drink, cook, sleep, as well as hear the phone or think when being blasted by the noise of walls being shattered by machines.

I have tried to escape when possible, to go for my hikes and it was a pleasure to set up the Listening Project on Friday, the 11th, in solidarity with the 11th Day od Actions. It almost felt like summer weather and I wished that I had worn shorts. Women in Black also gather in Lytton Plaza every Friday and they were very nice to us and welcomed our presence.

I also had a good long chat with John Bursill and shipped him 4 cases of Deception Dollars and 9/11 Fact Sheets. I'm getting so low on stock now, that I think I might have to reprint soon. I still hope to make "Conception" or "Perception" Dollars for Truth, Peace, Justice, Impeachment candidates, but I've been in triage mode for so long, I haven't even officially launched my Congressional campaign- or sent out a single press release. The guy who created my 2006 website (and the only one who has access to it) hasn't made it available to me, and has had his hands full with taking care of his mother who is seriously ill. Some day I hope to catch up with my life and become better organized.

Next Thursday, the 17th are the FCC hearings at Stanford (and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting in Oakland), plus the Week of Truth begins on Wednesday. Just doing my radio show, planning for the upcoming events, conferences, keeping up with the ordering, bookkeeping, taxes for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, and feeding the ever hungry family still occupy most of my time. At least the weather is beautiful and I am feeling well and happy. When I spoke to my son (in Oberlin, Ohio) yesterday, he told me that the hardest thing for him to do was his schoolwork when it was beautiful weather outside. I could sympathize 100%. I enjoy being outside and being with family and friends so much, it is hard to hunker down at the computer and catch up on all the "work."

April 11, 2008, The Listening Project, Downtown Palo Alto

April 8, 2008

I have several emails waiting to go out, but for the past two days I have been having trouble sending them out- they are blocked, and I've only been able to send them when they have more or less become obsolete. I am not sure what the problem is.

I worked far too long on the computer today on a review of the great new film Able Danger and updating my radio show blog with the upcoming 9/11 Film Makers' Show with Samira Goetschel, director of Our Own Private Bin Laden and Paul Krik creator of ABLE DANGER.

This evening I went to see John Pilger's new film - The War on Democracy which I had really been looking forward to seeing. I suppose I might have been more moved, had I not been familiar with all the material that Pilger covered, but I felt that the film would never attract a large general audience or people like my husband or kids who probably wouldn't have been able to sit through it.

I'll probably get blasted by my hardcore fellow 9/11 truth activists, but I think Able Danger could draw, and hold a larger crowd. I will post my review- of Able Danger - the film when my back recovers from today's ordeal.

April 6, 2008

On Thursday night we voted to donate $300 to the Feal Good Foundation (We did hold a benefit for them and us in December, but we lost money on the premieres of Loose Change- Final Cut, but we're in better shape now financially.) We also voted $300 to the organizers of the conference in Australia, and an additional $200 to help cover my expenses to attend the National Conference on Media Reform in June.

On Friday workman began ripping apart the walls of our home to replace the dead furnace, and I spent way too much time working at the computer, aggravating the pain in my lower back.

Saturday, I drove to UC Berkeley to attend the California State Green Party Plenary and press conference (I did interviews with 3 TV stations- abc, cbs, kpix, as well as interviews with KGO and KPFA radio stations (although I have no idea, if any of what I said was aired.) Here's the written statement of what I said at the press conference, although I did modify this somewhat:

    For over a decade I have worked on educating the public about the global economy--which, frankly, is a war economy that undermines the health and well-being of the planet and all of us who ultimately depend upon the water, the air, and the living soil for our basic sustenance. As long as this nation devotes the bulk of its resources and energy towards waging war and controlling, killing, and imprisoning people, it will continue to criminally rob its citizens. The most blatant examples of this can be seen at the highest levels of government, where the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and basic morality are not respected. Instead we see rampant looting, corruption, war-profiteering, and, most recently, financial shenanigans legitimizing fraud and predatory lending, allowing the rich to legally rob the poor and deprive them of their homes.

    The Federal Reserve itself was a horrific scam foisted upon the American people that has only benefited the “banking class” and never served the public good. The Fed has recently been responsible for deregulating the financial sector and encouraging speculative derivatives that created the housing bubble we are faced with now. Fortunes have been made by some, but many people were lured into debt traps through promises of credit, no questions asked.

    Charging exorbitant interest used to be called “usury,” and it was forbidden by all the world’s religions. In recent years the federal government intervened to prevent state governments from protecting their people from the predatory lending practices of the largest financial institutions in the country. As a result, for the first time since the data began to be tracked in 1945, homeowners' debt on their houses now exceeds their equity [1]. California has the dubious distinction of being the state with the largest total number of foreclosures--more than 57,000 filings in January, one for every 227 homes [2]. This is serious. Personal bankruptcies are expected to be the highest ever this year, and all levels of government are facing fiscal crises.

    There are solutions available to help those suffering the most in the short term--and we should help the most recent victims--but frankly, these are just band-aid solutions. We need systemic solutions that recognize that the debt crisis that has toppled empires historically--when wealth is so concentrated in the hands of the upper class that they blindly destroy their economic base. What our nation needs is basic and comprehensive monetary reform, to move us away from a debt-based system to an honest, transparent, accountable system. But as long as our political system is dominated by liars, crooks, and corrupt politicians--who ignore their oaths of office and our Constitution--such comprehensive reforms are highly unlikely at the federal level; it is only at the state level that we might have a chance of initiating minor reforms.

    I am appalled that Congresswoman Eshoo--the incumbent I am running against--has been working closely with the NSA to “fight counterterrorism.” The so-called “War on Terror” has provided the Bush administration with an excuse to undermine civil liberties at home, siphon resources from the poor to the rich, and Eshoo has embraced this agenda. The real terrorists are in the White House and should be impeached. We should be exposing the lies and criminals, getting out of the war business, and redirecting resources to healing and improving people’s lives and the failing ecosystems upon which they depend.



It was great to see old friends and meet some new people, including Mark Sanchez who is running for the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. The worst thing was not rendez-vousing with Tian on Sunday afternoon, when I went to a meeting on saving KPFA (which Tian couldn't locate- so he went home on public transit unbeknownst to me). I knew many of the speakers, including my dear friend, Maria Gilardin. Maria also gave me a copy of her new program on the Maritn Luther King Jr. Trial and the closing arguments of William Pepper to the jury who delivered the verdict that James Earl Ray did not kill King, but was part of a larger conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, Memphis, police, the mafia. It was very late by the time I got home and everyone was very hungry, waiting for me to cook them dinner. (The rock-climbing was good, but the boy scout cuisine left something to be desired.)

The media is still vital to the battle for "democracy"- within KPFA, as well as in this country, the world. On Friday I learned that the FCC will be holding their hearing Thursday, April 17, 2008, 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University. At the same time I read a tongue in cheek article on Eshoo's working with the NSA to combat "cyber-terrorism" which I suspect is their euphemism for "free speech"- dissenting websites/information/the truth. We have a huge amount of work to do, and much of it will be "framing issues," getting out the information, helping people to realize what is at stake.

April 3, 2008

Just got an email from David Ray Griffin- the funds have been raised to get his new book to Congress.

April 2, 2008

9/11 Truth- The Key to Peace

Impeachment- The Key to Justice

Here are the wonderful signs that Cam made for the Impeachment/Anti-War Rallies in March. These photos were taken by Sandy Taylor who also created the great Pelosi on a Peach Impeachment image. I just wish we could get these ideas seared into the brains of the Peace and Justice Movement. There is still rampant fear and denial over the most blatant, obvious facts about 9/11.

Hard as our issue is, I think David Ray Griffin's gentle approach might be the most effective at winning over politicians and the press. Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance would like to help get David Ray Griffin's excellent new book, 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press, sent to Congress with the assistance of the publishers (Interlink).


So far $3000 has been raised and we hope to raise an additional $1144.(April 3, 2008- The money has been raised. DRG just sent me a note today!) If you would like to help with this effort please earmark your donations "DRG- 9/11 Contradictions." Donations can be made out directly to Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance or, if you would like a tax deduction, checks can be written to Agape Foundation- or you can donate through Agape's webisite.

(Mail checks to Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306)

All donations of $50 or more that go through Agape Foundation to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance are tax-deductible. Although we do not have our own tax-exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service allows our donors to make charitable contributions through our Fiscal Sponsor, The Agape Foundation. As such, their name, not ours, will appear on your bank or credit card statement.

We greatly appreciate all donations. Our work depends on the generosity of people who share our vision for a non-violent world, and an end to state-sponsored terrorism. Donate through Agape Foundation

Our campaign is also in solidarity with another national campaign-

Week of Truth
April 16-22, 2008

Let's make 9/11 Truth part of the National Dialogue.

Help drive Steve Alten's novel- The Shell Game onto the NYT's Bestseller's List


When the book hits the top 10, hopefully #1, on the NY Times list, we should be able to have a major dialogue on this issue- a real break in the dam which has kept so many basic facts hidden from public consciousness. (Although a work of fiction, the book raises important issues and draws attention to the work of Griffin, Ruppert and the 9/11 Truth Movement, in general. It's a good read. My Review is posted here. Watch Steve Alten in this Video Interview by Jon Gold and decide whether or not you would like to see him in the national spotlight.

March 29, 2008

When I was 22 years old, facing a suicidal friend in Grenoble, France, I had my first "mystical experience" which lasted less than a minute, but profoundly changed my life- allowing me to forgive, accept and love my friend, myself, my family, the world. I felt that I had learned life's most important lesson, and while I had been extremely fearful of death as a child, from that moment onward, I felt that it would be no great tragedy, if I died, because I had learned life's most important lesson, I had found an inner peace which allowed me to live a full, joyous life.

When, on the verge of getting married (at age 25), I was informed that my fiance had a tumor, the size of an orange at the center of his brain, and might not survive the weekend, that certainly rocked my "inner peace" a bit and my values changed, as the future took on aspects of "a black hole" and each day, I never knew whether it would be my fiance's last day for about two years, while we lived on the intense edge.

In the last two weeks, I have had to confront the possibilities of death, again, my own and my husbands, as we have both been in and out of Stanford Hospital and had to undergo various tests. It's a little chilling to be in a Cancer Clinic, have a doctor remark, "Oh you're so young, I thought you'd be older." Point out giant cysts/tumors which are "probably benign," but suggesting a biopsy because, "Well, why? If they are not, then I would get the joyous news that I would probably die, soon."

Facing the possibility of knowing or not knowing, I can't help but think about whether or not I would live my life differently, if I was told that I did have cancer. As a political activist, maybe an effective one, maybe an abysmally ineffective one (Certainly, it is hard to say, to judge, and I'm hardly in a position to be objective), I do feel like I have stuck my neck out and, if I actually am successful, then I am putting my own life, and possibly those of my family and friends at greater risk. On the other hand, I usually take on giant, global issues, which have a huge impact upon humanity, and perhaps the survival of our species. I often see myself, and each of my colleagues, fellow activists, engaged on a multitude of issues, as the immune system of humanity and perhaps the biosphere, doing all we can to prevent "terracide." Each day could be my last day, and I am forever grateful for each moment that I am alive and for what I am able to do, although usually it is a small percentage of what I wish I could accomplish in the course of a day. I am forever trying to balance my life- the work, the kids, the husband, the friends, my body, my spirit, my intellectual curiosity, my passions.

So, I felt a certain ambivalence about more tests, a biopsy, and would like to avoid as many as possible, and just live my life.

I confirmed my attendance at a couple conferences, made airline/hotel reservations, lined up guests for my radio show in April, tried to update my calendar of events. I also baked lots of cookies for the horde of teenage boys who filled the house over Spring Break, playing all day long, and for Jeremy to take with him snow-camping with the scouts this weekend, and for Jules to take with him back to Oberlin (I was up at 5 am to get him to the airport). I missed the impeachment rallies in San Jose. I need to improve my write up for my next radio show with David Ray Griffin and Janette MacKinlay and post that, and finish and post some of the articles that I have neglected for years. Chuck and Adam contributed edits to the interview with Adam Trombly that I did on March 17th. I still need to figure out the voice recognition software for use on the other interviews (plus how to use the camera and audio tools that I have now). So much to do, to learn, and yet, I think of the lovely 84 year old woman dancer who shared her house with me in Berekely and advised- "Meditate an hour every day" and if you are really busy "Meditate for two hours."

On my list of favorite things to do, and things that I need to do, is simply going for a walk, a hike, a bike ride (getting away from the computer which causes me physical pain). I will never be able to do all that I wish to do, but I hope that I at least find the balance, so that I can enjoy every moment, of every activity, that I choose to do, including the work that I am still passionate about.

March 24, 2008

I've spent the last few days, transcribing the interview with Adam Trombly and I just posted an excerpt of it on this website, and need to edit it even more and post it elsewhere, if my body can bear working at this computer more. Actually, I need to take a break. I can't sit here too long without paying a horrible price physically, and I want to ship some stuff to Australia for the organizer of the Sydney 9/11 Truth Now Tour. My husband's sick, the kids are out of school, and I need to feed them and give them some attention, too.

I'm glad I did the transcript, however. It should help me prepare questions to ask Trombly, as we continue our conversation on tonight's radio show.

March 20, 2008

Many of my friends were hanging banners, getting arrested, demonstrating in creative civil disobedience actions yesterday, while I went with Jeremy very early to the oral surgeon's office to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Between taking the ice on and off his jaws, changing gauze, getting medication for him, I baked lots of cookies for the anti-war rally in San Francisco. I couldn't leave Jeremy, or home, though, until my husband returned from work to be with Jeremy. I was pretty late setting up, and glad to see some familiar faces, especially Jody and Bill, who helped me table. We set up banners, I brought the sound system, but we were so disorganized (my fault- I forgot to send out an email to people- and we never really figured out an organized action at our recent meetings.) Also I think a lot of people were arrested yesterday (not necessarily expecting to be arrested)- so I wasn't able to find people to carry our banners or form a contingent in the march. I can also blame my hand injury, light rain, for making it very challenging to spontaneously organize at the rally. The table was swamped/popular as usual, although the crowds were smaller than usual, the rally shorter than usual, and with the table covered to protect the papers/books from the rain a good part of the time, we still received a respectful dose of support from the public who gave us about $500 in donations, and for our educational materials- books, DVDs, bumper stickers, buttons. The cookies and Deception Dollars we gave away for free.

Yesterday I also got an email from Adam Trombly, agreeing to be on my radio show again next Monday. I'm so glad, we covered just the tip of an iceberg. If I didn't have to unload the car from yesterday's rally, get to the Post Office, bank, grocery store, feed the family and get to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting tonight- I'd try to do a transcript of our last show and get out a better article tomorrow to promote the next show.

Despite all the obstacles, and the seemingly glacial pace of change, however, I am so deeply encouraged at the raising of consciousness that is taking place- still beneath the mainstream media radar...

March 18, 2008

While I agree that "responsible" means being able to respond to the reality of the moment, I must admit that I cannot "respond" to everything or be at more than one place at a time, hence the belated, inadequate updating of this website, and I am missing the Impeachment caravan, as I write this, and prepare for the rally this afternoon in Palo Alto. I could not resist joining Tian at White Plaza yesterday (at Stanford) to pass out a few hundred flyers on today's Impeachment Rally, flaunting our great banners, and blasting our Impeachment- 9/11 songs on campus. Despite a few rude hardcore Bush fams, we found a lot of support and appreciation from the people who crossed our paths.

Last night I had a rather dramatic interview with Adam Trombly, if anyone has time to write up a transcript of the show- please send me a copy. I'd do it myself, if there were more hours in the day... Tomorrow there are major anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco (and on top of that my poor 17 year old is getting his wisdom teeth pulled- so I need to be mom first- activist second).

March 16, 2008

A cold, rainy forecast made it hard to coordinate our rally/march/tabling efforts in Palo Alto on Saturday. Camille made a beautiful key shaped sign with "9/11 Truth and the Peace symbol" on one side and "Impeachment and a Justice symbol" on the other. We missed one another for the first hour or so, as I set up banners in the Civic Center and then tried to make it to Town and Country Village for the Impeachment March, since I had the sound system and our two big Impeachment banners. Camille and Dana found us later when the rally began at the Civic Center. They brought a large case of the new Patriots Question 9/11 cards. The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center had rigged up some large awnings since there was a 70 % chance of rain and thunderstorms and the turnout was much smaller than usual- a couple of hundred of people. Many had gone to the direct action in Richmond against Chevron and others to the Winter Soldier Hearings in DC. We also did a side march for Impeachment to Lytton Plaza and up and down University with our Impeachment & 9/11 Truth Music, and flyered for the upcoming Impeachment Actions/Meeting/Rally. I was glad that it didn't rain. Our table was popular, especially since we had lots of cookies. There was a little coverage in the local papers, but by and large, the local press didn't have a clue about the events taking place nationwide, internationally, and the growing opposition to the war and the Administration.

I just wish I had figured out and brought my camera. As usual, I didn't get photos of our marches, and our wonderful new sign and handouts. We had an embarrassment of riches, as far as educational materials are concerned- more than we could pass out to all the people.

March 11, 2008

On Sunday night I had an extraordinary conversation with Adam Trombly who has agreed to be on my radio show next week. We started talking at 8:30 pm, at 1:20 am, I had to hang up on him, because my husband wanted to go to bed, and I didn't want to harm my marriage (plus I had to be up early the next morning). Monday, I spent most of the day on an article which I never was able to finish, before my back complained too much, and I had to shift to other tasks- baking cookies for today's Listening Project, feeding the family...and doing the radio show with the Australians, which was a wonderful experience.

The Listening Project- 9/11 Truth Action- March 11, 2008 - Downtown Palo Alto

It is heartening that so many people are doing outstanding consciousness raising work, not just on 9/11, but in exposing how the media controls information, creates lies/myths out of whole cloth. I just posted the links to the outstanding 8 part series of Expert Testimony by William Schaap on the FBI and CIA's control over the media and how it has been used to manipulate the public and crush dissent.

This should be seen by every student, every adult in the US- they would never be able to look at history or the news in the same light, if they knew this information. They would see through the "9/11 Lie" very quickly, and the government wouldn't be able to pull these operations off repeatedly.

There is so much I want to do. I have been thinking of a short "to do" list so as not to overwhelm myself:

    1. Impeach Bush and Cheney.

    2. Abolish the CIA.

    3. Change the monetary system, from a debt based to a more honest system.

    4. Restructure the global economy from war to healing people and planet.

Then again there are things I have to do:

    1. Heal thumb.

    2. Get treatment for the kidney stones.

    3. Get oil change and car fixed.

    4. Clean house and organize papers so I can find stuff, and catch up on my mail.

    5. Clean garage, so I can find stuff and be prepared for the anti-war rally Saturday.

    6. Finish and publish article I was working on Monday.

    7. Schedule radio show guests for the rest of the month.

    8. Get access, control over the website for my Congressional run that Christian created for me.

    9. Fulfill all the promises, committments that I have made, the business work for NO. Ca 9/11 Truth Alliance.

    10. Get some new pants, cause all my jeans have holes in them.

My husband wasn't feeling well today, and ended up in the Emergency Room of the Stanford Hospital. I worried about him when I went to my demonstration, and when I came home and Daniel told me to call Jean-Luc on his cell phone. I picked him up at Stanford, just before cooking dinner. There is no roof on our house, now- it is in the process of being "reroofed." Life is a continuing flow of personal, global crises, that I am compelled to respond to. At least things are so bad, that the whole family is relishing in our sense of humor and ability to laugh at what is happening, and glad that we are able to love, support, encourage one another to get through the challenges we create for ourselves each day.

March 9, 2008

It has been a very difficult week for me and my family. At the same time, some good things did happened and I was encouraged by the activism and efforts of many people from around the world and locally. Last Tuesday when I was dealt a heavy blow at the Voter Registrar's office, telling me that the signatures we had gathered were on the wrong form and wouldn't count, I also was hurrying back and forth to Stanford University to meet with filmmakers and see a documentary called-

Made in LA

Students had organized a lunch for the filmmakers, that was well attended. They spoke and showed poignant clips from their film and shared their story, which was quite moving.

What had started out as a ten minute organizational tool for activists working on a boycott to protest sweatshop conditions in LA, turned into a 6 year project, film, which followed the transformation of three women's lives> In the course of their organizing efforts, the women become empowered and understand how their own struggle is connected to the larger struggle of immigrant rights,and labor struggles taking place throughout the world.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet student activists, and people who would be good to ask to speak on my radio show on the topic of workers and immigrant rights.

After my ordeal at the Registrar's office in San Jose, I hurried back to feed my kids, and was slightly late for the evening film screening (which sadly was not very well attended). I could not be unmoved by the film, however, especially since it was so personal in showing how hard they worked at their jobs, and devoted all their free time to their organizing efforts, and tried to meet the demands of their families. I saw my own story in their story (plus I was born and raised in LA...). When the film concluded, I was the first to ask a question (actually more than one question- the second having to do with the larger picture and issues- how their struggle impacted sweatshops oin LA and pushed the industry to relocate elsewhere)> My first question was a very personal question about the mother who left three kids behind in El Salvador, and worked to support them in LA. In the film the kids try to rejoin her, but they don't make it. So I asked if she ever got to see her kids. The filmmaker said that at the World Premiere in DC, the three women were at the showing, and the organizers of the event arranged for the eldest son to come, as well. Mother and son were reunited at the World Priemire- and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The son fully understood what his mom had been through to support his family for those many long years when they were separated.

The film's message is deeply personal and universal and is reaching audiences across all sorts of cultural boundaries, because everyone can relate to unjust laws, tyranny, oppression, exploitation, the daily struggle, the need to organize to defend rights not only for oneself, but for others.

I plan on doing a radio show with the film producers and others, when I can schedule it.

On Thursday, there was a rally that I could not resist going to at Stanford, in defense of habeus corpus and the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, organized by students. That morning I also received a stunning report from the Palo Alto Police Department, completely exonerating themselves from my formal complaint- when they threatened to arrest me for gathering signatures on my Impeach Cheney petition in the local park last year.

Speaking at the rally were some amazing people, including a young man who spoke about the Wikileaks case, where a website was shut down because it posted some damning leaked documents about a bank's behavior. They won their case and got the website back up again, and he shared that they were posting leaked documents which showed how systemic the torture was at Guantanamo, and how the model was then systemically expanded to Abu Graib and other prisons.

Another speaker won three cases at the Supreme Court on behalf of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners (and will probably win a fourth case), but she expressed her frustration at winning cases that the Adminsistration chose to ignore. They have yet to comply with the law of the highest court of the land.

The same lawyer volunteered to write me a letter for the Palo Alto Police Department, as she agreed with me that the First Amendment trumps the city ordinance that they cited to shut me up, and use to threaten me with arrest. That should help me and others to exercise our rights, and prevent the police from intimidating us with arrest threats.

On Thursday, I continued to call the Secretary of State about what happened in Santa Clara County, and eventually she responded to my email. Here is her response- and my response to it:

    March 6, 2008

    Dear Ms. Brouillet:

    Thank you for contacting me about the problem you had with submitting signatures to the Santa Clara County elections office in order to waive your candidate filing fees.

    Under current law, California Elections Code sections 8020 and 8106, candidates must submit nomination documents and petition in-lieu filing fee forms according to specific deadlines set out in statute. Local elections officials verify the signatures submitted on those forms.

    It appears that in your case, you attempted to submit additional in-lieu signatures on March 4, 2008, but that Santa Clara County was unable to accept the signatures, because they were submitted on a nomination form instead of a Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee form. You mentioned you were misinformed about which form to use. While I certainly understand your frustration, the law is very specific in this area and does not provide for exceptions. Fortunately, there is still time for you to submit signatures on the appropriate form. Friday, March 7th is the filing deadline, which should allow you time to resubmit your signatures to Santa Clara County on the proper form.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, or if I can assist you on another matter related to the Secretary of State’s office, please contact my office at (916) 653-7244.


    Debra Bowen
    Secretary of State

    Dear Ms. Bowen,

    This is unfair and outrageous. We cannot go back to 35 people and tell them that I was misinformed by a horrific bureaucrat at the County Registrar's Office who gave me 3 copies of a useless form on February 21st. It was their mistake, but I am supposed to pay the price- in this case- a lot of work and annoyance to a lot of people or hundreds of dollars. I have turned in over 150 good signatures- 120 on the Petition in lieu of filing fee form which I received in January, and the rest on the form that was given to me on February 21st when I knew that I would need to gather replacement signatures, if some of the 158 signatures that I turned in on that day in were not good. We spent days gathering signatures. I'm a busy woman with an injured hand, people working on my house, meetings, kids to feed, rallies to attend, a radio show to organize.

    I was misinformed, misdirected by the Santa Clara Office- and I think I should not have to bear the cost of their mistake, that the signatures were gathered in good faith (I thought the old form was no longer good) and all the signatures that I gathered should be honored as 122 were on Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee on them and 29 on the form given to me on February 21st which said "Nomination" on it. I thought it was the date/time period that was the important thing- and all of the signatures were gathered within the required time period- less than 40 stated Nomination on them. There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

    Of course today I spoke with a lawyer, who is willing to represent me for free on a more serious matter, but she won 3 cases in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were denied their habeus corpus rights (and other rights). The White House ignored the Supreme Court's decisions.

    I am running for office because I think Cheney and Bush should be impeached, and that Congress is failing to live up to their oath of Office. I have been threatened with arrest for trying to exercise my First Amendment Rights. I have been pulled to the side of the road and had "law officers" hold me and my sixteen year old son at gunpoint, and been handcuffed and placed in an unmarked police car "supposedly because we fit the description of suspects in a non-existent armed robbery"- but, in actuality, it was a clear attempt to intimidate me and curb my activism. Under the new laws- I'll probably get labeled a "domestic terrorist" and tortured, killed in some undisclosed prison/concentration camp.

    I shouldn't expect fair treatment, honesty, from bureaucrats who certainly don't want me to get elected to public office. I should expect lies, roadblocks, obstacles, on every step of my journey, especially since there are enough laws that contradictions are bound to exist, and I could probably be prosecuted for almost anything I do or say under some law or another.

    I had expected better treatment from you, since I thought you cared about the blatant stealing of our elections, and I had hoped that you would be ethical, understanding, human, and working towards improving the electoral process.

    I am angry, but I will direct my energy, efforts, towards other battles. This is, I think, grossly unfair and unjust, but emblematic of a corrupt system, that does not care if it hurts people, lies to them, denies them justice, and would like to shut them up- whatever it takes.

      You wrote:
      Fortunately, there is still time for you to submit signatures on the appropriate form.

    It's impossible. That is tomorrow. You will deny the validity of the signatures gathered and charge me a hefty filing fee- because a petty bureaucrat gave me the wrong form, in triplicate at the wrong time.

    We have suffered enough calamities from trying to do too much. The health bills and getting the car repaired would cost more than $400, but $400 hurts, and I am very mad at the Santa Clara County Registrar's Office and at your response. You can be sure that everyone will hear the story!!!!!

    Carol Brouillet

I didn't tell Ms. Bowen, but I was feeling pretty ill, exhausted, and angry when I wrote my response (perhaps that comes through in my choice of language). However I had a headache from Wednesday through Saturday, and felt ill, particularly on Friday and Saturday. I think because of the kidney stones. On Monday, I will have to schedule the treatment for them. My husband's back is still hurting him, my hand is still in a splint and I hope it heals correctly, but if I try to bend it- I am still missing the lower knuckle. Secretary of State Bowen might think that gethering 35 signatures was no big deal for me, but to me it was just a huge, unnecessary, obstacle thrown in my path- a real blow to my spirit, more than anything else. Tian said he went out and got five more (I don't know if he turned them in or not), but I didn't find the strength or energy to gather anymore.

On Wednesday night, I went to bed at 6:30 pm. Then I got a really nice phone call from Larry Pinkney and his girlfriend thanking me for having him on the show. I thought he was great and hope to have him on again with Cynthia McKinney, who did agree to do the show (on Movement Building)- but didn't get back to me in a timely fashion. [It is hard to schedule shows with busy people, which is one of the things I need to do today- work on scheduling, especially since they just changed the clocks in the US- and tomorrow night I want to be sure to get John Bursill and Glen Clancy on at the right time- John's in Sydney and Glen is in Japan- and it is so easy to make mistakes when we are on different days and different clocks.]

On Thursday night Chuck came over and we went together to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting in San Francisco. It was a pretty small meeting- I know Ken and Cosmos were preparing for their trip to Australia, so we really never bothered with an agenda, financial report, but just had a discussion and I passed out the latest Rock Island Free Presses. Chuck and I agreed to go to the Impeachment rally the next day at Zoe Lofgren's office. I'd bring the sound system and he's brings the songs.

Friday, I felt so ill, I wouldn't have gone, had I not agreed with Chuck that I'd bring the sound system- which really does help at those rallies. It was a struggle to get out press releases and post articles about my upcoming radio show.

Last week I also was cheered by Valentine, whom I sent the 32,000 Deception Dollars to, just in the nic of time, to be passed out at the EU parliament 9/11 event... I had sent Valentine the wrong account number for the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. She wrote back the sweetest note-

    I am happy to find the problem
    I make a new order.
    Do not worry
    My car broke down
    The more you do the more calamities you make
    And the more goals you reach!

    We have had a very instructing week end in Amsterdam
    With more than 40 europeen activists, Chiesa and Fujita
    We want to start trials against these morons for genocide
    An idea from Chris Coverdale who started this in the UK
    Based on 4 international laws.
    'Make war history' with Annie Machon.
    You will hear from us.

No matter what troubles we face dealing with the US government. It is good to know that there is this wonderful network of people throughout the planet committed to truth, peace, justice, working together, despite all the obstacles.

P.S. I just revised some of this when I realized that I had made some mistakes. On Friday when I returned from the Impeachment Rally, I immediately went to bed, and got up in time to go with my husband to see the High School production of The Winter's Tale which our son, Jeremy has been working on for so long. It was classical Shakespeare, a story about misplaced jealousy which causes death, heartbreak, various calamities, lots of suffering... but eventually with time, love, and forgiveness, the situation is resolved.

I know I should be more forgiving, but it is always hard when one is still in the "painful moment" and much easier when there is time and distance.

March 5, 2008

The Good News- I had a great time gathering signatures last weekend to get on ballot. It was wonderful, finally getting to speak directly with Wade Frazier on Monday's radio show, creator of the voluminous, insightful website- www.ahealedplanet.net exploring New Energy and the Abundance Paradigm. Lots of people helped me to hammer out a press release on the latest International Developments on the 9/11 Truth Movement, and John Bursill, organizer of the Sydney Conference agreed to do a radio show on it next week.

[Here's a short version of the Press Release]:

    International Demands for New 9/11 Investigation Challenge US “War on Terror”

In 2008 alone, in Japan, in Europe, Australia, the US Congress, and New York, elected officials and citizen activists have questioned the Official Story of 9/11.

On January 10 in Japan, Yukihisa Fujita, a member of the Democratic Party of Japan, challenged Bush’s request for the Japanese to assist in supplying the US military effort in Afghanistan, by raising questions about 9/11 and the “War on Terrorism” before the Japanese Parliament.

On February 26 in Italy, Giulietto Chiesa, a journalist and member of the European Parliament, invited colleagues and the press to attend a screening of the documentary Zero, an investigation into the events of 9/11.

On February 26 in Washington, Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher spoke out on the floor of the US Congress about the Bush administration’s obstruction of Congressional inquiries related to the crimes of 9/11, stating that he has “come to the sad conclusion that this administration has intentionally obstructed Congress' rightful and constitutional duties.”

In New York City, 2008 has seen a citizen effort to place on the November General Election ballot an initiative that will allow the voters of New York City to mandate, through public referendum, the formation of a new Citizens Commission to Re-Investigate 9/11.

In Australia, from March 14 to March 16, Sydney Truth Action will host an international conference to critically examine the events of 9/11 and Australia’s participation in the War on Terror. The central issue of the conference will be "Did Australia go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a false pretext?" The conference will focus on what really occurred on 9/11 and what has been done in the name of 9/11 by the Australian government. The conference will also examine whether the US and Australian governments have actively sponsored, or been complicit in the cover-up of, terrorism.

For more information about this international conference, go to www.truthnowtour.com

The Bad News- The cascading personal, family calamities continue. We've rented the same house for 18 years. Suddenly the owner wants to cherry it up (horror- will we have to move????). Workman coming to remove the dead water heater which has always lived in the garage forced us to move out a ton of stuff (including all the priceless banners and art onto the porch), we spent hours cleaning out a fraction of the garage, and it was extremely hard on our backs- particularly my husband's back- which is seriously traumatized (he can hardly walk and couldn't lay down because the pain was so bad last night he hardly got any sleep). In the turmoil which cost me my thumb last week, my son's notebook was lost plus the big assignment due today in his Honors English class.

Yesterday I joined Tian, Gerry and Dana to deliver signatures to the Voter Registrar's office in San Jose. As I was leaving the house- all the stuff on the porch (which I hadn't had time to put away) was getting wet and soiled by a guy cleaning the roof (argh- a thousand dollars worth of art wrecked- but I think they rescued it- I'm not sure yet- but I had to move it in the dark garage last night and I hope its ok.) I had to hurry...

What started out to be a joyous triumph turned into an ordeal when I was informed that the 35 signatures we had gathered "were on the wrong form and useless..."

Today I sent an email to-

    The Secretary of State- Debra Bowen

    Dear Debra,

    Having spoken at one of the hearings you organized regarding the integrity of our elections, I am confidant that you will be able to help me, and be understanding of the outrage I felt today when I submitted 37 signatures of Registered Green Party members to eliminate my filing fee in the June 6th Election, where I hope to be on the ballot for the Green Party nomination for US Representative District 14 in the November Election.

    In 2006, I also ran for Congress, and I enjoyed gathering signatures, and was able to do so in a timely fashion. In 2007, I was thinking about running for Congress, but I was also organizing film premieres, rallies, hosting a weekly radio show (one with Sherry Healy on Election Protection), and very active in the organization that I founded- The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. The day after our major rally/action in San Francisco, on December 17, 2007) while I was hosting my radio show, I became violently ill. I was unable to complete the broadcast, my husband called 911, and I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I was diagnosed with kidney stones. When I was able to leave the hospital, I was very weak.

    Following the Green Party Presidential Debate, (January 13th, 2008) friends within the Party encouraged me to run again. I told them that if they could help me gather the necessary signatures to waive the filing fee that I would run again, although we really didn’t have much time, and I knew I would need help, especially since I hadn’t the physical strength that I was accustomed to. I did receive lots of help, and I also stopped taking the medication that was responsible for the weakness that I felt and regained my strength.

    On February 21, 2008- the last day of signature gathering, I turned in 158 signatures in Santa Clara County (I had already turned in 3 in San Mateo County). The next day I received a phone call telling me that 120 were “good” and that I could turn in up to 38 replacement signatures.

    On February 21st I also received a form and two copies of that form at the Registrar’s office and the distinct impression that these were the new forms for the replacement signatures, in case I needed them. They were dated February 21st and I thought that the other forms were only for signatures gathered before that date, not subsequent to that date.

    Today when I tried to turn in 35 signatures, gathered between February 21st and March 4th, I was informed that they were on the wrong form and would not qualify to replace the needed signatures because they said “Nomination” not “Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee.” (The additional two signatures which someone handed me that day, I didn't think would count because they were on the "old form," but to my surprise- they were accepted and the staff tried to reject the others and say that they would not count towards the 150 signatures needed.) I was outraged, and the staff said that there was a terrible misunderstanding between me and whoever gave me the forms, but that there was nothing they could do- the situation was out of their control, and rested in your hands. Rules are rules, there are lots of candidates, no one could make an exception, I should have read all the rules. Well there is common sense and justice, and I assume you are amply endowed with both from my personal observation of you, and your actions, so I appeal to your humane understanding to acknowledge and grant the signatures that I gathered in this brief time period (that are good and from Registered Green Party members) to count towards the reduction of the filing fee. I'd rather save my anger, energy, efforts for larger justice battles that I am currently engaged in. Thank-you for your time, attention, and hopefully assistance in this matter.


    Carol Liane Brouillet...

    PS I thought of ccing this to the press, but I’d rather just draw it to your attention and have it quickly rectified and suggest that the “current process and procedures” be improved, so that other candidates do not suffer from the situation I found myself in today. Thank-you.

    Sometimes one doesn't have time to shorten and edit a message. Here's the first draft (with more info) of my DRAFT press release:

      International Demands for a New 9/11 Investigation Challenge the “War on Terror”

    In Japan, in Europe, in the Congress of the United States, in New York City, in Australia, elected officials and citizens are questioning the events of 9/11, the obstacles that the Administration has placed before the official Commission, and other Congressional investigations into terrorists’ attacks. People are challenging the official narrative of 9/11, and other attacks that have taken place in the US, and abroad, and challenging policies which assist the US to carry out its “War on Terror” and threaten civil liberties.

    On January 10, 2008, Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, a member of Democratic Party of Japan, challenged Bush’s request for assistance from the Japanese to supply the US military effort in Afghanistan, by raising questions about 9/11 and the “War on Terrorism” in the Japanese Parliament.

    On February 26, 2008 Guilietto Chiesa, a member of the European Parliament, journalist, and author, invited his colleagues and the press to attend a screening of the Italian documentary named ‘ZERO, an investigation into the events of 9/11’ and a debate with Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, Dr. David Ray Griffin, theologian and author of seven important books on 9/11, Tim Sparke, the film distributor, as well as the director and producers of ‘Zero’- Paolo Jormi Bianchi, Thomas Torelli, Francesco Trento and Franco Fracassi.

    On the same day, the anniversary of the first World Trade Center bombings, Representative Rohrabacher spoke out on the floor of Congress.

      “The disdain and uncooperative nature that this administration has shown toward Congress, including Republican Members, is so egregious that I can no longer assume that it is simply bureaucratic incompetence or isolated mistakes. Rather, I have come to the sad conclusion that this administration has intentionally obstructed Congress' rightful and constitutional duties.”

    Rohrabacher detailed the lack of cooperation in many specific cases, including his request to the acting Attorney General last October-

      “In 2005, former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger pled guilty to the mishandling and destruction of classified documents.

      “He admitted to entering the National Archives and unlawfully removing, then subsequently destroying, classified documents dealing with terrorist related issues. He removed the documents by stuffing them down his pants and in his suit jacket, presumably with the intention of getting rid of any damning evidence showing his involvement in the failure of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to prevent the Sept. 11th attacks prior to his testimony before the 911 Commission. These documents have never been recovered.

      “As part of a plea deal, Mr. Berger agreed to take a polygraph test to be administered by the Department of Justice. It has been two years since that agreement and Mr. Berger has yet to fulfill his obligation.

      “We are writing to officially request that as Attorney General you direct the Department of Justice without any further delay to administer a lie detector test to Mr. Berger and determine what documents were stolen and how our National Security was compromised.

      “The Congress, and the American people, deserve to know the facts of this crime and what Mr. Berger was covering up.”

    Rohrabacher also was denied access to the Federal prisoner Ramzi Yousef who-

      “may well have had something to do with the bombing of the World Trade Center and the bombing of the Oklahoma City building… This request is well within my committee's jurisdiction as ranking member of the Investigative Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This request has been supported by the chairman of the Investigative Subcommittee, the chairman of the full Foreign Affairs Committee, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and the chairman of the Intelligence Committee…

      “Nevertheless, the Department of Justice, consistent with its treatment of congressional inquiries during the tenure of this President, has dismissed this valid request. This request has been treated with what can only be described as contempt and condescension.

      “So, why would this administration obstruct congressional inquiries such as this? Remember, Ramzi Yousef was the mastermind behind several devastating terrorist attacks and plots against America. He led the first murderous attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, as I say.

      “After fleeing to the Philippines, he and two other terrorists plotted to kill thousands of Americans by blowing up 12 commercial airliners over the Pacific at the same time. It was known as the Bojinka plot. It was within 2 weeks of being executed when it was discovered and thwarted by Philippine police.

      “Interestingly, the terrorist operation, the Bojinka plot, was to take place about the same time as the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing, perhaps on the same day. We don't know. Perhaps we should know. Perhaps we should ask Ramzi Yousef about that.

      “Ramzi Yousef has been in Federal prison for over a decade. He is a prisoner with a unique understanding of the al Qaeda terrorist structure. He is the nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

      “In 2006, when I was the chairman of the House Oversight Investigations Subcommittee on the Foreign Affairs Committee, I was investigating Yousef's movements and activities not only in the United States but in the Philippines. I even traveled to the Philippines to question authorities who had captured Yousef's roommate and coconspirator in the Bojinka plot.

      “In spite of that fact and in spite of the fact that I was looking into Yousef's terrorist activities and in spite of the fact that I had obtained new information about Yousef's phone calls right here in the United States and new information about his associates while he was in the United States, the Department of Justice still dismisses the effort and, more than that, they are obstructing a legitimate congressional investigation, refusing to permit this elected Member of Congress, a ranking member of a congressional investigating committee, to interview a Federal prisoner. They refused access to Yousef claiming that there is a ‘ongoing investigation.’

      “This prisoner has been in jail for over 10 years. It is more likely that what we have here is an ongoing coverup and not an ongoing investigation. In fact, I have been told recently by a former member of the Justice Department that they were told routinely simply to give answers that there is an ongoing investigation even if no ongoing investigation was underway, but simply using it as a phrase to dismiss a request from Congress.

      “Well, this is outrageous, but it's typical of this administration… Is it really the rules of engagement that we want for our government that Members of Congress and the legislative branch don't have a right to talk to Federal prisoners?

      “Well, that's apparently what the Bush administration is trying to establish as the executive authority, as executive authority, the right to deny congressional investigators access to Federal prisoners. The danger of this should be easy to understand, both on my side of the aisle, the Republican side, and the Democratic side of the aisle.”*

      In New York City, there is a citizen effort to place on the November 2008 General Election ballot an initiative which will allow the voters of New York City to mandate, through public referendum, directly and democratically, the formation of a new Citizen’s Commission to Re-Investigate 9/11.

      Sydney Truth Action of Australia, from March 14th to Sunday 16th March, 2008, will host an International Conference to critically examine the events of 9/11 and Australia’s participation in the War on Terror. Themed- "Did Australia go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a false pretext?" the conference will focus on what really occurred on September 11th and what has been done in the name of September 11th by the Australian government. The conference will examine how the US and Australian governments have actively sponsored, or been complicit in the cover-up, of terrorism.

      The 9/11 Truth Movement continues to grow, as evidenced by the websites devoted to the issue, the books, documentaries, films, music, art, international conferences, radio programs. A Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney, although vilified by the corporate press and the Democratic Party, raised the most challenging questions about 9/11 while she was in Congress. Public revelations that the official Report was based upon “tortured confessions” and that the Commissions’ work was directed by Philip Zelikow, author of the “Pre-Emptive War Doctrine” and integral to the National Security transition from the Clinton to Bush White House has fueled doubt in the Commission and demands for a real investigation and government accountability.


    I had intended to get the press release out on Monday (Friday being the worst day for press releases, but all the immediate demands have kept me from so many tasks. If I don't get to the bank today- my checks will bounce- I've also been needing to go to the Post Office to send out orders. I also need to send out the email on the month's events to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and remind folks about the meeting this Thursday in San Francisco. I can't do it all, and on top of that I finally, listened to my phone messages this morning. I have 9 kidney stones including one too large to pass, and the doctor recommends the wave treatment- argh- not today.

    March 1, 2008

    This past week has been a series of cascading personal disasters/challenges for me... which I don't have the heart or strength to describe, other than to say that I smashed my right thumb which is now immobilized by a splint, and makes it hard for me to do the most mundane things, impossible to do the more urgent, demanding stuff, and frustrated by my limitations. So that is why I missed Friday's Impeachment Rally, or all the other stuff that I should have done. At least, if I'm forced to take a "vacation" from my usual activities, the movements are strong enough to pick up the slack and carry on fine without me.

    February 27, 2008

    Today I receieved an email from Valentine in Belgium with this note:

    I posted the article on 911blogger.com with photos, perhaps prematurely, as I hadn't received permission, and my husband informed me that reprinting articles (without permission) is in violation of copyright laws... Ooops- not the first time either. However, some articles are so timely, that we do make efforts to get them to the activist community ASAP, and I felt this was a significant event.

    I also think that I should concentrate on this country and, in particular, the Congressional District which I reside in, and am running against an incumbent who co-sponsored the Intelligence Reorganization Act, thinks the 9/11 Report was bipartisan and thorough, does not believe in Impeachment, serves as the Chair of the Subcommittee on Intelligence Community Management, and on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as subcommittees on Energy and Commerce, Health, Telecommunications and the Internet...

    However, I am so glad that others are finding the time to travel abroad and speak out for 9/11 Truth- Dr. David Ray Griffin, William, Rodriguez, and the many others going to Australia in March. I greatly appreciate the wonderful Canadians who are organizing a March on Ottawa on September 11th of this year.

    The networking and solidarity that is happening internationally strengthens all the local and national efforts here in the US- which hopefully will benefit the whole world, if we can succeed.

    My closest ally in the early years was a Canadian, Blaine Machan, our 9/11 Truth artist, who has done the artwork and website for the Deception Dollar, but Blaine has led a different life from mine. He has had to work a real job, fell in love, and is planning on getting married (while my main job besides raising three kids has been my activism), staying in love, maintaining a happy marriage/family. So Blaine, at some point, stopped putting as much time into his website and the movement. I can't keep up with mine, but now I feel compelled to add (especially since Valentine asked us, too, when he ordered the 32,000 Deception Dollars to distribute in Europe- which arived just in time for him to pass them out at the EU Parliament event)...

    Links to the European 9/11 Truth websites:

    I am actually glad that I cannot keep up with all the 9/11 Truth websites, although it does make it harder for us to figure out which websites to include on the Deception Dollars. I keep hoping that we will breakthrough, and not need to reprint them...

    February 26, 2008

    Chuck and I managed to get to Lofgren's Office on Friday in time for the Impeachment rally- we had the sound system and the Impeachment and 9/11 songs really made it a lot more fun. A group had met with Lofgren earlier in the day and she needs a lot more pushing to sign on to hearings- so we need to increase the pressure.

    I heard from the Registrar of Voters, 120 of my signatures were good- so I have until March 7th to get an additional 30 good ones. Today Tian, Chuck and I went to White Plaza at Stanford with banners, a table, cookies, the sound system, passing out Deception Dollars and tried to register students to vote, and locate some Green students. We didn't get anyone registered or signatures on the petition, but we passed out the Dollars and it was great to blast the Impeachment/9-11 Truth songs on campus. We do need to find allies and better outreach opportunities, but it was finally a beautiful sunny day- and we all enjoyed a great hike afterwards.

    I am also hoping to figure out how to download sound from the computer and use my ipod- so in addition to music I could play some key speeches. Last night's show on Impeachment and Larry Pinkney's critique of Obama should be heard more widely. The students (mainly all registered Democrats) should have a better idea of Obama's track record. American Blackout is showing in Palo Alto in March. I'd love to make better connections on campus to show films there and bring in speakers- like William Pepper.

    Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance received $1150 in generous donations in the past few days. The 32,000 Deception Dollars I sent to Belgium were joyously received in time for the Zero film and Griffin and others presentation today to the European Parliament.

    I'm still behind on the bookkeeping, website, DVD orders, my mail, housework, but I am happy to be healthy, and finding balance in my life.

    February 22, 2008

    Thank-you to the 161 people who signed my petition to get on the ballot, and all those who helped with the phoning, walking, talking and signature gathering! I turned in the signatures yesterday, and I will be on the ballot in November, although I can't promise that I will do much active campaigning- I plan on continuing my "normal organizing" and trying to find balance in my life- staying healthy and happy, so that I can do the work that I am most compelled to do. I'm just so glad the pressure of gathering those signatures is behind me, so that I can get on to other stuff...

    Last night I went to the Oakland Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting. Camille was there and passed around the artwork for the new logo for the group, as well as the new informational "Patriots Question 9/11 Card" that she has designed. We voted between 250 and 300 to print cards for local distribution (as well as to slip into DVD cases). We also voted 1200- 1500 to reprint another 1000 Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush- which we are almost out of, and to let Tom and others make copies and distribute them for free. We will probably upgrade the next printing- Ken and I will figure out what is best to include in the second half. We had about $4000 in our account and are due to receive 1300 from a large Deception Dollar order from Europe. We discussed international developments- Griffin and Zero at the European Parliament on Feb. 26th, the upcoming Australian 9/11 Truth Tour, a mobilization happening in Canada hoping to march on Ottawa on September 11th with thousands raising the issue of a real investigation, shattering the myth that the Canadian Government has been going along with. Richard Gage is going to LA for a big event on Saturday and passed out a new cd that he did with Bonnie on Guns and Butter. He and Ken are working on doing another presentation for DVD in studio on May 11th. Both Richard and Scott shared stories of their recent accomplishments- which were very impressive and are posted online.

    We also voted another $600 to support filmmakers and increase our stock of DVDs- with the sequel to 9/11 Press For Truth- The Family's Voices, The Reflecting Pool, Loose-Change Final Cut, Let's Get Empirical and 9/11 and Nationalist Faith. We also voted $150 for props for the March 15th Peace Rally in Palo Alto- using Jeremy's graphic idea with the key image using the peace sign and the shaft being 9/11 Truth. I'd like to see the other side of the key with a symbol for justice and the shaft saying impeachment- but how much artwork and construction we'll be able to do before March 15th, I don't know. We don't lack ideas... just time.

    There were plenty of new developments that we discussed and shared. Paul Rea gave a report on the new Shenon book and Bill gave an overview of the denial of rights to the suspected 9/11 masterminds who would be held indefinitely or killed whether they were innocent or guilty.

    Everyone ate all the cookies that I brought to the meeting, and understood why my family thought "feeding them" should be my main priority, and I should let go of the "political work..."

    This morning I had a wonderful chat with Larry Pinkney who will be on my radio show on Monday, talking about Movement Building. I've also extended invitations to others, but people are so busy, Larry is the only confirmed guest, so far. If I can get to the Post Office and the bank, soon- I might be able to join the others at Lofgren's for the Impeachment Rally this afternoon. I wish there were more hours in the day. (I do need to buy milk and groceries, too- or I'll get a lot of flak from the family...)

    February 17, 2008

    I can't keep up with this website and all the work that needs to be done. I feel the pressure of needing 150 signatures by Thursday. I think we've only gathered 100 so far and if people don't call me, help more, come over and sign- soon, well maybe I won't be on the ballot in November and have more time for other things. I was up til midnight last night finishing a review of The Reflecting Pool and trying to post it (better late than never). I was stunned to realize today that it made the headlines of LA Indymedia- so often my articles get censored or buried at those sites (with the exception of Portland- although sometimes I can't get my posts up there either). I hope it helps- the film deserves attention. I did watch the new version and it is better than the one we premiered last September- they dropped the flashes and highlighted the collapse of building #7 and include an excellent commentary with references to the sources in the bonus material. Tomorrow, we'll be going to San francisco for the Impeachment Rallies, and I have preparation work to do for that, plus David Ray Griffin cancelled on me for the February 25th show- so he could catch a plane to Europe where he will be speaking to the European Parliament- which is great, but I am struggling to find replacement guests. So much to do- and not enough time. I'm just really grateful from the help that I have received from Tian, Michael, Arshalos, Dana, Dick, Chuck, Galen, Arlen and Jean chasing down Green Party signatures and to the wonderful people who kindly called me and signed the petitions.

    It is always difficult to decide where to spend my time and energy- doing the website, writing and posting articles, talking to people, organizing, creating new materials, promoting the new films, books that have come my way and need to reach a wider audience. I ended up sending out another 100 Christmas letters (revised) in a less than timely fashion.

    February 11, 2008

    Ooops! In updating this website, I realized I forgot to post updates for tonight's Weather Warfare Show with Jerry Smith. I've just been in triage mode this past week, and still haven't caught up. Jerry was a very articulate, knowledgable guest, though- and I wish I had had time to read both of his books before tonight, but I was overwhelmed trying to get out my mailing, and with all the other stuff I had to do- including working on getting 150 signatures to be on the ballot in November. I had hesitated to tell my family, because I knew they would not approve of me running for Congress, again. I figured it was rather "iffy, too- unlikely that I would be able to gather enough signatures." If anyone can help- there really isn't much time- and I know that I won't be able to do it without help. Last week though, I finally stopped taking the medicine for the kidney stones and began to regain my strength. It was a pleasure to bicycle around the neighborhood and talk to people, while gathering signatures- a wonderful break from working at the computer, and sitting down to get out 300 Christmas letters... So I finally had to confess to the family that I had agreed to run- if we get the signatures. If I don't, that is ok, and I just will do my regular organizing. My top priority is still - balance- remaining healthy, maintaining healthy, happy relationships within my family situation, and "doing the work that I can't resist doing- when I can."

    I am heartened by the revelations hitting the NY Times, and NPR challenging Zelikow and the 9/11 Commission Report. I also went to an Impeachment Meeting and it looks like someone else will be running in the Democratic Primary against Pelosi to push her into moving forward with impeachment. (Carol Wolman's campaign has forced her Congress Critter to sign on to support Impeachment Hearings.) Conyers has told activists that he fears "backlash" if he moves to impeach, but I think we need courage, and to continue to put pressure on Congress. The more outrageous the Administration gets- the more we need to do to oppose them loudly and visibly at every level.

    Sander Hicks was here for his West Coast Tour, and it was great to reconnect with him and hear him speak. Chuck kept an eye on the table and let me catch some of Sander's talk at Stanford, after the Listening Project theoretically concluded at 1 pm. He even remembered to bring a camera... we usually never take photos of the regular weekly/now monthly actions.

    February 11, 2008

    February 5, 2008

    Ironically, the guest I had hoped to have on my "Psychological Warfare Show" went into panic mode and decided not to "go public" until he gets his book published, which could take a year. At the last minute, I persuaded an old friend of mine, an excellent investigative journalist, Karl Grossman, to be my guest on last night's show. His cover story just came out:

    Money Is the Real Green Power:
    The hoax of eco-friendly nuclear energy

    He also teaches Investigative Journalism and I couldn't resist asking him about whether he taught his students to challenge the big corporate lies- such as "9/11," but he steered clear of 9/11 and focused on his main issue which has been the nuclear issue for over twenty years. He does know his subject and it is unbelievable to me that the nuclear industry believes that they can get away with expanding under the guise of being "clean and green" now... Karl was not optimistic about the public's gullibility.

    I was disheartened to see fanatic Hillary Clinton supporters waving their signs at a major intersection as I made my way to the Post Office yesterday. How anyone can fall for the rhetoric of Clinton, Obama, or the Republicans (with the exception of Ron Paul- who at least is anti-war, and anti-imperialism, and is kept out of the corporate press), I don't know. To me the only choices are McKinney or Nader and I would prefer to vote for both of them- they both have proven themselves by word and deed, in my opinion. I might not agree 100% on their strategic decisions, but at least I am confidant that I know which direction they are headed in.

    I have been frantically working on lining up guests for the radio show, getting out my Christmas letter, feeding my hungry family, shipping Deception Dollars, going through the 4 foot stacks of unanswered mail that have piled up, housekeeping...

    I have also continued to read and research group psychology/Psychological Operations/the history of Public Relations. It is sad to realize how many people have been hoodwinked and that the psyops continue in a much more sophisticated form. But I refuse to be disheartened by the "dumbing down efforts" that seek to control "the masses," I can't believe that people are so incredibly stupid that they cannot discern truth/reality from blatant lies. I believe that truth will triumph, that people are wisening up, that those who seek to kill, control, profit from war and other criminal activities will eventually be held accountable. So, I will continue with my humble efforts at educating myself and the public.

    Allan Rees interviewed me for his special Election Night Coverage on-


    February 2, 2008

    Last night I went to San Francisco for the Reception for Robert Shetterly's exhibition of Americans Who Tell the Truth. Robert and many truth-tellers were there and there was also a great exhibition of art by Youth for Truth, who presented their poems in the adjacent theater space. The event was very well attended and I later went to a dinner party for Robert, his family and some of the organizers and friends. Robert is not only a gifted artist, but a very wonderful person, and a wonderful story-teller. He has continually added to his collection of paintings. I wanted to suggest that he do a portrait of Cynthia McKinney, but he was ahead of me and has already done one!

    These paintings are very powerful- See them if you can!

    I came home very late last night and decided to change the theme of next week's radio show, because I hadn't heard from the guest who has been working on exposing the Psychological Warfare Operations against the American people. I hope he is ok and that we could reschedule it. Fortunately, an old friend of mine is available on Monday night and has been doing work on exposing the latest hoax financed by the nuclear industry to sell nuclear energy.

    January 30, 2008

    I am swamped with info, meetings, and posting updates/events, and getting to dentist/doctor appointments, and trying to get my Christmas letter off. I am heartened by the organizing taking place in New York, Los Angeles, and locally (without much help from me). I did a radio interview on the Stanford Radio station on Monday, and hopefully Sander Hicks will do an interview next week, and the time/place of his talk there will be confirmed soon. I'm frustrated by my guest on the next radio show who hasn't sent me a bio and photo, so I have held off updating the site and links. I saw the doctor about my kidney stones today (first time since I left the hospital in December) and was reminded that I have to take care of myself, before I can begin to catch up on all the other things that I wish I could do.

    January 27, 2008

    Preparing for the radio show, research, and two sick kids kept me busy last week, as well as baking LOTS of cookies for the Independent Media Strategy Summit which I just returned from.

    I need to type in my notes from the last group I was with, before I had to take Sarah Van Gelder to the airport. Unfortunately that particular group was a working group to achieve one of the major goals of the conference- an Independent Media Network with truthful, reliable, public serving news... Sarah mentioned that if we had started that meeting this morning we probably could have hammered something out, but we could only begin the task in a very short 45 minutes/hour, but we had some awesome people in the group and if we could collaborate to any degree, better than we have before that would be something.

    Checking the website, again, I am amazed and impressed by the interactivisty aspects of it, maybe we could just evolve that into whatever we have money, time, talent, technology for, in an organic manner.

    I must admit that I probably knew at least 50-100 people who attended the Summit which was a blessing and a curse, as catching up with friends also reduced the amount of time to meet other people, but I could not resist the rare opportunity either of seeing people that I love whom I almost only see at events such as these. The time passed all too quickly, however, and we will see what the ripple effect will be as the new relationships develop. I do have great respect for all those who came drawn broadly by shared goals, despite a real difference in viewpoint and strategical assessment of the current political situation, and the most urgent demands at this time. In the brief report back time that I was there (missing the finale because of the flight's timing) someone presented a two minute synopsis of "Personal Development"- the abc's of enlightenment- a gentle, delightful, reminder of honoring and accepting the moment. Like me, if the conference can achieve 2% of the stated goals, it should rest content- it will have made a significant contribution towards our collective enlightenment, survival and evolution.

    January 18, 2008

    I overdid it on Tuesday and was feeling too ill to work (cook, read...). I was better yesterday and able to attend the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, and get to the Grand Lake Theater to get a couple copies of the film they were premiering- Uncounted and give them a case of Election Deception Dollars.

    I have a lot of work to do this morning and a dentist appointment, so don't have time to detail the entire meeting, but we did vote to support Sander Hicks visit/an event/party, give $250 to Cam to design a logo, give $100 to Jeremy Begin to print cards promoting a book signing February 22, 7 pm at Book Zoo, 6395 Telegraph Ave. for his great book- Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil and Drugs).

    About eight of us will be attending the Media Strategy Summit in Santa Cruz at the end of the month. We voted to ask Brian not to attend meetings or be on committees- which was the most emotional, painful part of the meeting for most of us. I can't handle the emotional abuse.

    A welcome new face at the meeting was Max from truthmove.org who is relocating to the Bay Area. Richard Gage also shared his great news of lots of speaking engagements and passed out some dramatic new bumper stickers for ae911truth.org that Cam designed.

    Tian took some great photos at the-

    Impeachment Rally at Pelosi's office last Monday, January 14th

    (click on photo to see more images)

    January 14, 2008

    Although I am not fully recovered, and don't have my usual strength, I have been so busy these past 4 days. On Friday, I loaded the car, set up in Downtown Palo Alto with the Listening Project/9-11 Visibility Action (with the help of my dear friend- Chuck Millar), on Saturday Chuck and I went to the Strategy Meeting for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, on Sunday we (Chuck, Gerry Gras, Dana St. George and I) helped with the Green Party 'Presidential Debate That Matters' at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, today we (Chuck, Gerry Gras, Dana St. George, Tian Harter and I) delivered over 8,000 letters and 3000 signatures to Pelosi's office demanding impeachment, with Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney and other activists (Including John Wright, Gordon Wright, Jody Paulson, Brad Newsham, Nancy Papermaster...). I just interviewed Sander Hicks and posted some details of the upcoming radio show with Steve Alten, author of The Shell Game.

    I've had such amazing conversations with a wide variety of people in the last several days, and feel more hopeful than ever, despite the looming threats of disaster- manmade and otherwise.

    Driving back and forth to San Francisco (for three days in a row), the conversations were very wide ranging and Gerry Gras (longtime activist) mused "what makes a person become an activist?" The Green Party candidates for President, each had their own amazing personal history and a deeper grasp of history than the average "Joe." Gerry thought maybe it was genetic... their parents were community leaders, engaged in the larger social justice struggle, they fought the new battles... I suggested "spirit," that innate energy we possess which can be nurtured, crushed, broken, but also connects us to every living thing, each of us a unique moment in time and space, but also open and touched by all the larger forces surrounding us, and called upon to do whatever we can do, wherever we are, depending on the needs of the moment and our awareness or connection with the larger whole. Our awareness of Death makes life all the more precious and helps us to appreciate the moment, even more. I think my greatest frustration will always be my human limitations, but it is very consoling and energizing to know how many wonderful amazing "kindred spirits"there are who share the reverence for Life, and will overcome anything that Fear throws our way. I just wish my organizing and communication skills were better. I still can't find phone numbers and addresses, and wonder if I'll be able to get the Christmas letter out with so many other responsibilities, work demands upon me.

    January 10, 2008

    I'm still catching up on "the work- website, banking, organizing..." and haven't had a chance to really process and convey all the info that has been thrown at me. There are multiple major strategy conferences taking place this month in the Bay Area, and I can't possibly go to all of them, which is a good sign- there is probably more activism happening now than in any other time in history. People are beginning to wake up. A shift is happening, and navigating the rapids of change is one of the challenges that we all must face.

    Ten years ago, I was organizing the first Gathering to Transform the Global Economy in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That conference seeded some powerful ideas, connections, collaborations, and in 2000, I redirected my energies towards getting North Americans to the first World Social Forum (in January 2001), which has now evolved into a decentralized global organizing opportunity. Our -

    SC truthemergency.us link

    is very much in alignment with the World Social Forum's purpose and processes. I called to volunteer to help with logistical stuff, since I'm not actually on the organizing committee and know how much work is involved in trying to pull off conferences. Media and communications are such a key part of the systemic transformations that we need. I can't help but be involved, and wish I had more time to do more.

    Over the Christmas holidays, I read Lew Paz's book Pushing Ultimates- Fundamentals of Authentic Self Knowledge, an excellent look at one man's 40 + year journey into self-understanding and the perennial wisdom, philosophers, scientific discoveries, recent New Age/Spiritual movements of our time. I also began a trilogy of books, The Manipulated Mind, Battle for the Mind, and New World, New Mind that I got from John Leonard. I have always seen parallels between the individual, the family, the political system, but I hadn't read the detailed studies on how to "brainwash, condition" minds, nor realized how "contagious" beliefs were from one individual to a larger group of people. All the books force one to question the assumptions that have been laid down upon us by family and culture and reexamine them. The recent books- The Shock Doctrine and The End of America which I haven't read, but have heard a great deal about do show how the methods of brainwashing can be applied on a larger scale to a whole society to change their thinking patterns and belief systems. Almost every person, except possibly the insane or the ultra-enlightened, can be psychologically broken down when subjected to multiple shocks, stresses, including being deprived of food and sleep. Resiliency to endure psychological assaults isn't obtained through intellectual understanding, but is forged over a lifetime.

    Peggy Holman's observation that the most personal experience is the most universal... strikes me as incredibly true, especially reading about the responses of people to torture, and captivity during war. Pavlov also wrote extensively about the "paradoxical transformation" that occurred in animals (the dogs he studied) when exposed to life threatening trauma. It made me think of my own "uncharacteristic behavior" last December, a few days before I went into the hospital, when I woke up feeling horribly ill, with an awful headache. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and I just desperately wanted to stop the pain. I thought maybe since emotions affect the body, perhaps the pain was because I was holding onto so much anger and that that was what was making me sick, and I ended up calling the person who I was most furious at. When Pavlov's dogs almost drowned due to flooding, he mentioned how their whole personalities switched and how they suddenly attacked those they used to like and favored those whom they used to dislike. In the books it shows that people can be their own worst enemy in their longing for approval, affection, desire to please, meet expectations, conform to a group, obey authority, abdicate personal responsibility.

    I remember being confronted by a distraught woman, after I made a short announcement (alluding to the truth about 9/11) at a big event on "Non-Violence" at Stanford University. She basically charged me with shattering her worldview, disrupting her peace of mind, with my few spoken sentences. I felt a huge wave of emotion from her hit me, and I remembered how I felt after seeing Oliver Stone's film, JFK, and the six month soul searching, political research, personal transformation process that I went through during that time. Shattering the comforting myths laid down since childhood, will cause people sleepless nights, anxiety, stress... People can torture themselves far more effectively than sadistic jailers.

    While I believe that Truth and perceiving reality, as best we can, is our best hope individually and collectively, I can also have compassion and understand that the process will be difficult and challenging for many, and that it will take time.

    January 7, 2008

    I can't believe how quickly the days go by! I've been working on tonight's radio show, and haven't had time to update the calendar, do the vital bookkeepping, get to the bank/Post Office or catch up on my phone calls/mail since we returned from Canada. I did write my annual Christmas Letter to Family and Friends, but I don't know if I'll be able to get it printed, and get it into the mail with so many events coming up this month, and I'm feeling the pressure to "clean the house" and might actually have to go shopping (horror of horrors- I hate shopping), but my jeans and our curtains are so full of holes- it's too embarrassing now to ignore.

    Sibel Edmonds revelations are coming out in the UK if not in the US. I've been processing lots of books and films and need to write some reviews when the exigencies of the day are less demanding. I did read Steve Alten's The Shell Game and posted a quick review on Amazon and will have Steve on my radio show on January 21st- Martin Luther King's birthday. While it seems I have been speaking out for years, the urgency for for all of us to speak out and force a change in direction of this nation and the world's political direction has never been greater.

    December 23, 2007

    I am unable to process and disseminate all the stuff coming my way and am going to take some time off to be with the family and hopefully get well. I updated the calendar and will resume my radio show in January with folks working on Impeachment. I hope everyone supports Wexler's efforts to get hearings going. He's got over 100,000 signed up so far- hopefully over a million will force the media to take notice.

    We must organize resistance faster than they can organize repression and they are moving awfully fast. The ACLU has been trying to expose the-

    Fusion Centers

    It is an ominous development- pure fascism.

    From the ACLU website:

      "A new institution is emerging in American life: Fusion Centers. These state, local and regional institutions were originally created to improve the sharing of anti-terrorism intelligence among different state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Though they developed independently and remain quite different from one another, for many the scope of their mission has quickly expanded­with the support and encouragement of the federal government­to cover "all crimes and all hazards." The types of information they seek for analysis has also broadened over time to include not just criminal intelligence, but public and private sector data, and participation in these centers has grown to include not just law enforcement, but other government entities, the military and even select members of the private sector."

    This is reminiscent of the part of the film The Corporation where the players in the NSA, alphabet soup agencies, are the big multinational companies who the government is working for.

    December 20, 2007

    There is no way that I'll be up to getting to tonight's Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, but I did try to add links and photos to the

    San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth webpage

    I included links to both slideshows, the video posted by the SF Chronicle, links to various articles, and video/photos from Boston, LA, Cincinatti, Milwaukee, and Minnesota. I wish I could do more, but I don't have that much strength, and I still have to do dishes, laundry, take care of a sick child, cook, and get well.

    December 19, 2007

    On Monday night, just before my radio show, I began feeling violently ill. I tried to do the show anyway, but felt worse and worse. I threw up all of my dinner and was in extreme pain. I felt badly for my guest, Vanessa German, but I finally had to give up, and let the station go ahead with a rerun. To make a long story short, my husband took care of me, finally called 911 and the paramedics came and took me by ambulance to the Emergency Room of Stanford Hospital where I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. They held me until I could keep down water and food and had the pain under control. I was released this morning, but I am still weak and doubt if I'll be able to catch up with my e-mail, let alone phone calls, regular mail, for awhile. I will probably miss the regular northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting tomorrow, too. The doctors hope that I will be able to pass the stone, without medical intervention (besides all the medicines that they have proscribed for me). My husband thinks it is obvious that I need a real vacation, and I feel so weak now, that I am inclined to agree with him. I think I've done what I could do, and its time to pass the baton onto others. (at least for the next month).

    December 16, 2007, the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

    Part of me is sure that I was absolutely insane to agree to organize the Oakland Premiere of Loose Change, and then add on the San Francisco Premiere, as well. There just wasn't enough time to do the outreach, organizing, publicity. I counted on the Loose Change guys to help somewhat with promotion- add the premieres to their website, send an email to their list, but they didn't send out an email until 2:30 pm on the afternoon of the second premiere, and I don't think the website ever mentioned that Dylan and Jason with Remo would be at the San Francisco Premiere. That said, I'm still glad we did it. About 150 people came to the Victoria Theatre last night. This time Remo Conscious and his band performed onstage with the video of the San Francisco and Boston Tea Parties as a backdrop to the music. The stunning replicas earmarked for the Bay- The Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act, HR 1955- the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Presidential Directive #51, and the July 17, 2007 Executive Order flanked the stage. Dylan and Jason each had a chance to speak before and after the film. Everyone thought the film was great and people stayed late to ask questions and socialize. I didn't get home until past one am and had to get up at 7:30 am to reload my car for the Tea Party.

    I was overjoyed to see Scott waiting for me to help me unload the awning, tables, cookies, handouts, sound system... We set up and prayed others would arrive in time for us to make it to Pier 39 by noon. John, Ken and Jason stopped by and picked up Scott and the sound system, leaving Ken to mind homebase. I tried to catch up with everyone on foot, passing out Deception Dollars and the beautiful Impeachment Cards, with an abbreviated text of our proclamation:

    I came across a huge group of folks with the giant replica of the 9/11 Report with the big holes in it well before Pier 39, apparently the police had blocked off Pier 39 and were threatening to arrest anyone on the sidewalk or the parks or anywhere near the pier. I can't believe that even the sidewalks are not "public" and that we have no right to "free speech" on them. I guess in San Francisco, the use of public space is severely restricted and all musicians and artists must get permits for their little space of sidewalk and to hawk their talents. Rather than infringe upon the musician who was doing his thing in front of the replica, I took the sound system across the street- where there wasn't a crowd, to, at least, read the proclamation. A small crowd gathered as I read, and three quarters of the way through the proclamation the Pier 39 Security tried to shut me up and call the SFPD to arrest me. He made enough noise that I went back across the street to where the replica was and finished reading the proclamation and passed on the microphone. By that time we had quite a few videographers, photographers, supporters, press, and the strength of numbers. Bill Veale, Dylan Avery, Jeremy Begin, Cam, Jason Bermas spoke on the various pieces of legislation that we wished to reject and toss into the Bay. At one pm we began our march westward, pausing to read the proclamation again for the tourists, and local folk, and allow the giant replica to catch up with us. I didn't do a nose count. Some folks were in costume, and many weren't, we had pirates in purple and pink, fabulous banners, signs, the many replicas atop tall poles. If the press or anyone was looking for us, we would have been hard to miss. Amazingly the only time the police didn't bother us was when we were forced to take to the streets with the giant replica- to avoid smashing awnings over the sidewalks.

    When we reached Hyde Street Pier we were intercepted by the Federal Park Security who granted us a temporary permit and then promptly revoked it. At one of our meetings someone had volunteered to apply for a permit, but he never actually followed through. The Park Security basically said we could go out on the Municipal Pier, as long as we had no signs and could only throw one object (not the many that we intended to throw into the Bay) off the pier. Since our last Tea Party, they had also constructed a large gate which they threatened to lock to keep us off the pier.

    Although I gave the Feds my contact info (like last year- same info), I tried to step back at that point and let Jeremy and John make the decisions on how to proceed. There was a committee working on the Tea Party, but I knew that I didn't want the leadership role, and they had agreed to take it on.

    We all followed the giant replica up the hill and they parked it at the park with the cable car turnaround and a fabulous view of the Bay, the three masted Balcutha, Alcatraz, and a somewhat captive audience, as it is a long wait for the cable car. Jodie read the proclamation. We had more speeches. Ken Jenkins was very articulate and brief in a damning condemnation of the 9/11 Report. More press, videographers, photographers and another crowd gathered. There was a slight ruckus with the performing artists who felt we were encroaching on their livelihood, but they graciously quieted when we gave them a few twenty dollar bills.

    We had such a mixed reaction from the tourists. Some obviously disapproved of us and were absolutely closed to the information, others were very curious and delighted to accept our handouts, and some were hungry for more information.

    We were fortunate with the weather- it wasn't as windy or as cold as last year. The sky was cloudy, but dramatic and beautiful. We had enough people to carry the signs, props, banners, push and pull the giant replica, until the right wheel gave way one hundred feet short of the Municipal Pier. The decision was made to toss in the smaller replica, again. Many of the props and banners were left behind and about fifty of us trekked out to the end of the pier for a final reading of the proclamation, the ceremonious tossing of the 9/11 Commission Report replica into the Bay. Although we didn't have the television coverage like we did last year, we did have the Examiner, the SF Chronicle, and a few other print reporters there.

    There was an "After Tea Party Party" at the local tavern, down the road, which I missed, as I had to pack up all the stuff, load my car, and get home in time to feed my family. I was very grateful to all the people who came and participated, and spoke, and brought signs, and helped, and tabled (THANK-YOU Diane!!!!), and helped me pack up and load my car. There was so much work that went into the event, the art, the proclamation, the publicity- it just wouldn't have happened without so many people putting forward their time, creativity, energy. Scott gave me the wonderful Impeachment banner that Sandy designed for our next Impeachment actions, although since I'm closer to Zoe Lofgren's Office- I think it should be used more in San Francisco to target Pelosi. It is heartening to know that there are efforts to move forward with Impeachment Hearings in the Judiciary Committee now. Wexler has received over 67,000 emails in support of hearings- add your voice to the demands for impeachment at- wexlerwantshearings.com. I hope the Boston, L.A., Cincinnati, Milwaukee Tea Parties went well, and hope that our efforts find support amongst more Americans and encourage them to add their voices to ours.

    December 13, 2007

    Yesterday I tried not to panic or get too stressed; it's always a challenge when organizing an event. The premiere was especially difficult because we simply did not have enough lead time to do the normal stuff- psa's, calendar listings, and not enough time to get the film to reviewers for reviews in the local papers, although I had hoped that there would be something in the East Bay Express- and there was absolutely nothing. I was surprized that Cheryl Eddy at the San Francisco Bay Guardian did find time to review it and include it in Rep Picks

      "Loose Change Final Cut All but the most completely gullible can agree there was more to Sept. 11 than meets the officially-sanctioned-version-of-events eye. The third and purportedly final version of Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and Korey Rowe's doc — a carefully edited array of news footage and government hearings, plus some original interviews — scrolls through the tragedy event by event, raising questions about what may or may not have happened. Some are obvious and valid: why didn't any fighter jets intercept the hijacked planes before they crashed? Some are a little harder to get behind — despite plenty of eyewitness testimony, Loose Change suggests the Pentagon explosion wasn't caused by a plane crash. But even if you don't agree that everything presented here is hard evidence, the film provides plenty of food for thought — and not merely crazy-eyed conspiracy-theory thought either. Proceeds from screenings benefit the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and the FealGood Foundation. (2:00) Grand Lake, Victoria. (Eddy)"

    Our large ad also came out in the SFBG, and they published Sandy's great Impeachment art and a hit piece on the San Francisco Tea Party entitled Pollution for truth? Egads!.

    We had no idea what our turnout would be like and I was somewhat horrified when I arrived at the Grand Lake Theater to not even see Loose Change up on the marquee. We did manage to get it up on the marquee within an hour with the help of the theater staff and our volunteers- even Dylan helped hold the ladder. There was a lot of equipment to set up for Remo Conscious and his band. Fortunately, Remo was there and had things under control technically. Dylan was early, as well, but informed me that Jason missed a plane and would be there late. There was a slight flurry of panic, as we tried to figure out how to get a copy of the DVD for the showing. We actually ended up using a copy that someone had brought to be autographed, less than ten minutes before the program began. Luckily we got a DVD of the Boston Tea Party Tuesday, which gave Ken Jenkins time to edit a 15 minute segment of the Boston and San Francisco Tea Parties, which we ran, while Remo sang.

    I don't think the Loose Change guys ever emailed their list about the premieres, and on their website, as of today, there is still no mention that they will be at the premiere in San Francisco.

    We had about 150 people in the audience, including Richard Gage, Mickey Huff, Paul Rae, Scott Page, the hard core members of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. Everyone liked the film and Dylan fielded Q & A afterwards and was heaped with praises. Jason Bermas arrived during the screening and basically stayed in the lobby to table DVDs, T shirts, hats, and talk to people. The poor guy had a long day- over 12 hours catching planes and waiting in airports.

    I wore my costume to the event and pitched the Tea Party before I introduced Dylan and when we stalled a bit to allow 40 people in line to get into the theater. The audience was very friendly and receptive and lingered until 11pm to socialize. I brought cookies and they were a hit.

    I just hope that we have a better turnout on Saturday in San Francisco, so that we "break even." Although if we don't break even, then I'll have a better excuse to slow down, say no, and not try to pull off another event on incredibly short notice. I must have been temporarily insane when I agreed to do this, but it did seem like a good idea at the time, and regardless of how it turns out financially, I think we should support the film and film makers who have done so much to build the truth movement. Dylan put forward the idea of converging on Washington DC on September 11th 2008- and that was well received.

    December 10, 2007

    I've had my hands full with organizing the Loose Change Premieres and the Tea Party. Scott's sister, Sandy, together with Scott, came up with some fantastic art for our Tea Party action:

    San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth
    Sunday, December 16, 2007, on the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

    Camille and Sandy have also been working on a big ad for the SFBG and club cards to pass out at the Tea Party. Richard filled the house in Santa Rosa for his recent talk. So much info is coming out right now.

    Bill, John, Bernie and I tabled and leafletted at the KPFA Holiday Crafts Fair Saturday and Sunday and got a good response from the people there. We still have lots of cards and posters to get out. Dylan is arriving today and he'll be on my radio show tonight. Tomorrow, the 11th, I'll be doing my Listening Project in Palo Alto, but in addition to Market and Powell, the guys are planning on targeting the Moscone Center during the lunch break of the American Geophysical Union conference.

    I wish we had more time, but it slips by so fast, and so many tasks left undone. I just hope people will respond to the Tea Party idea and, like last year, come up with costumes, musical instruments, props, signs, and join us. I'm still worried about logistics- like fishing the props out of the drink...

    December 4, 2007

    I've been in triage mode working on the premieres for Loose Change - Final Cut, and I was gone for 4 days to a continuation of the Storyfield Conference. I can't keep up with the website, the radio show, the work, the phone calls, the e-mails... and had to book airline tickets and am in the process of figuring out how to include Remo, the very talented musician, who did the soundtrack for Loose Change, in the shows. He's actually local- but the tricky part is getting the sound equipment set up and moved- in a timely fashion, and he needs to see if the rest of the band is available Saturday night, too. Plus Jason is coming instead of Korey and not all the correct info went out on the press advisories, posters, cards, mailing... I think we are trying to do the impossible- too much, in too little time. the only way that we're going to pull this off- is with a lot of help! But I think people are with us, support what we are doing, and that we should pull in the support we need. I hope so!

    November 25, 2007

    Organizing the Loose Change Premiere and the San Francisco Tea Party has been agonizingly slow, but I've updated the website, art for the card is ready to go as soon as we get word on whether or not other premieres will happen during the little window of opportunity. The press needs review copies of the DVD ASAP- if we're going to get any reviews or press.

    A lengthy article, worth reading appeared on the Dissident Voice website:

    Averting World War III,
    Ending Dollar Hegemony
    and US Imperialism

    by Rohini Hensman / November 16th, 2007

    Despite some good articles, the website is horrific on the issue of 9/11 Truth.

    I was also informed of a new "non-corporate, non-government news site" which holds great promise called The Real News Network. I don't know if they are going to touch 9/11 Truth or not, but it would be good to try to win them over.

    I am totally drowning in work, but I'm glad I took some time off the last few days to be with my family, friends, and sneak in a couple of hikes to maintain my health and sanity. I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up with the work.

    November 22, 2007

    I received a request from Ohio for some Election Deception Dollars for a press conference they held yesterday. They didn't get them on time, but improvised fabulously.

    My thanks to all my family, my friends, my fellow activists, all the people who love and cherish life and make the efforts to bring joy, love, health, justice, peace to the world.

    I'll be doing a radio show on Election fraud and how to change the system on December 3rd.

    November 20, 2007

    Janette hosted a wonderful party on Saturday night. I tried to "not turn it into a meeting," but it was great to be able to have vital conversations to move forward our plans for December and also to learn a bit more about one another. I won't mention names, but someone admitted that they were probably the only person in the room to have experienced "waterboarding" and torture, at the hands of the government, as part of his military training- I would never have guessed that! Don Spark, whom we awarded a "2007 Heroic Citizen for Impeachment Award" joined us and mentioned he was leaving his activist mode to get a job in the more normal world and I said that I wished we could get him to work for us. He's a very skilled, talented organizer, and has many basic skills that I totally lack. I think he appreciates what we do and is in alignment with our mission and could be tempted, if we could actually figure out how to hire him. I hope we can, since we have so much work to do, and I know I can't do it all. Part of the challenge is simply coordinating and making use of the volunteers who do want to help and contribute, but don't know how to plug in, and of course the hardest part is communications- within the group, with the press and the public, which is so dependent on our various abilities- with computers, writing, artwork, film-making, musical, theatrical talents...

    We don't have much time to organize a premiere of Loose Change, and the Tea Party, and John Parulis suggested that we hold an event where Sibel Edmonds could speak out with Daniel Ellsberg and Dennis Kucinich. I can see us doing something like that, if they were in favor, and trusted our ability to reach the public, bypassing the corporate controlled mainstream press, but time is a limiting factor. The Impeachment activists also are urging me to help organize a big Impeachment Forum in San Jose. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I don't see how we can pull off all the events that we would like to make happen- without a tremendous amount of concentrated effort on the part of the activist community.

    It is heartening to get emails announcing great new websites and entities like Musicians for 9/11 Truth and a campaign for Black Friday- A Shopping Boycott From November 23rd- Christmas against the villainous corporations "to Impeach the Bush Administration, End the War in the Middle East, Eliminate Poverty, Crime, Hunger and Environmental Destruction Through Economic Resistance." Give money and time to the Resistance- don't buy corporate junk.

    Sadly Brian is putting all his energy into counterproductive attacks, and I am doing my best to ignore him, and not let bother me, and I try to channel my anger into something productive like the work at hand.

    The Loose Change Film-Makers are enthusiastic about coming to the Bay Area for premieres of their film and to participate in the San Francisco Tea Party for Truth, we would like to coordinate showings from Santa Cruz, to Oakland, San Franciso, and Marin, if possible- to get maximum publicity of their film, our issues, the Tea Party, while they are out here. To coordinate with us- contact Loose Change directly or me, if you can find a Theater/Venue between the 11th and the 17th of December.

    Yesterday, we had a demo in front of Zoe Lofgren's San Jose office, and hope to push her into supporting Impeachment, but she was one of the co-sponsors of the horrific- H.R.1955 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This piece of legislation was written about in this Baltimore Sun article entitled :

    Here come the thought police
      By Ralph E. Shaffer and R. William Robinson
      November 19, 2007

    With overwhelming bipartisan support, Rep. Jane Harman's "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" passed the House 404-6 late last month and now rests in Sen. Joe Lieberman's Homeland Security Committee. Swift Senate passage appears certain.

    Not since the "Patriot Act" of 2001 has any bill so threatened our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    The historian Henry Steele Commager, denouncing President John Adams' suppression of free speech in the 1790s, argued that the Bill of Rights was not written to protect government from dissenters but to provide a legal means for citizens to oppose a government they didn't trust. Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence not only proclaimed the right to dissent but declared it a people's duty, under certain conditions, to alter or abolish their government.

    In that vein, diverse groups vigorously oppose Ms. Harman's effort to stifle dissent. Unfortunately, the mainstream press and leading presidential candidates remain silent.

    Ms. Harman, a California Democrat, thinks it likely that the United States will face a native brand of terrorism in the immediate future and offers a plan to deal with ideologically based violence.

    But her plan is a greater danger to us than the threats she fears. Her bill tramples constitutional rights by creating a commission with sweeping investigative power and a mandate to propose laws prohibiting whatever the commission labels "homegrown terrorism."

    The proposed commission is a menace through its power to hold hearings, take testimony and administer oaths, an authority granted to even individual members of the commission - little Joe McCarthys - who will tour the country to hold their own private hearings. An aura of authority will automatically accompany this congressionally authorized mandate to expose native terrorism.

    Ms. Harman's proposal includes an absurd attack on the Internet, criticizing it for providing Americans with "access to broad and constant streams of terrorist-related propaganda," and legalizes an insidious infiltration of targeted organizations. The misnamed "Center of Excellence," which would function after the commission is disbanded in 18 months, gives the semblance of intellectual research to what is otherwise the suppression of dissent.

    While its purpose is to prevent terrorism, the bill doesn't criminalize any specific conduct or contain penalties. But the commission's findings will be cited by those who see a terrorist under every bed and who will demand enactment of criminal penalties that further restrict free speech and other civil liberties. Action contrary to the commission's findings will be interpreted as a sign of treason at worst or a lack of patriotism at the least.

    While Ms. Harman denies that her proposal creates "thought police," it defines "homegrown terrorism" as "planned" or "threatened" use of force to coerce the government or the people in the promotion of "political or social objectives." That means that no force need actually have occurred as long as the government charges that the individual or group thought about doing it.

    Any social or economic reform is fair game. Have a march of 100 or 100,000 people to demand a reform - amnesty for illegal immigrants or overturning Roe v. Wade - and someone can perceive that to be a use of force to intimidate the people, courts or government.

    The bill defines "violent radicalization" as promoting an "extremist belief system." But American governments, state and national, have a long history of interpreting radical "belief systems" as inevitably leading to violence to facilitate change.

    Examples of the resulting crackdowns on such protests include the conviction and execution of anarchists tied to Chicago's 1886 Haymarket Riot. Hearings conducted by the House Un-American Activities Committee for several decades during the Cold War and the solo hearings by a member of that committee's Senate counterpart, Joseph McCarthy, demonstrate the dangers inherent in Ms. Harman's legislation.

    Ms. Harman denies that her bill is a threat to the First Amendment. It clearly states that no measure to prevent homegrown terrorism should violate "constitutional rights, civil rights or civil liberties."

    But the present administration has demonstrated, in its response to criticism regarding torture, that it can't be trusted to honor those rights.

    Ralph E. Shaffer, professor emeritus of history at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and R. William Robinson, an elected director of a Southern California water district, wrote this article for the History News Service.

    Copyright © 2007, The Baltimore Sun

I'm certainly glad this article made it into print, but I don't think we have a chance of stopping this from passing. Only impeachment and a reversal of this Administration's policies could change the current trajectory. Hillary Clinton is the darling of the War Mongerers and has no intention of changing the direction that this country is going, if elected, and I am afraid that is the case with all of Congress unless they give in to enormous public pressure which we must drum up through our actions, our own media, until we so saturate the consciousness of the public that the mainstream press is forced to abandon its most egregious lies and begin acknowledging the criminal truth about those wielding government power. However they might not ever do that, and so then it will be up to us, to make them irrelevant, and strengthen the public voice and power.

I really enjoyed my conversation/interview with Frank Morales last night on the radio show and am inspired to know that he is an integral part of the New York 9/11 Truth Movement.

The conference that I'm going to at the end of the month is a continuation of the Storyfield Conference, and is about empowering people to get their positive visions for themselves and humanity out. My friend Tom Atlee sent this link-www.movementvisionlab.org- to a great little video called "A Tale of Power and Vision" which attempts to do just that. It's a wonderful metaphor- looking at how we can get from where we are- to where we want to be in the future.

November 16, 2007

I was so busy yesterday, making plane reservations, taking Jeremy to the orthodontist, feeding him, before he had to leave for the play he's working on at school, and I couldn't get a straight answer from Brian as to whether or not he was going to the meeting, so I could figure out carpooling with Chuck and whether I needed to write a letter or not to the group. Fortunately, Chuck called Brian, received assurance that he wouldn't go to the meeting- so I went.

We were late, (I had to feed Daniel, Jean-Luc, Chuck and I, too). Kai facilitated, lots of people were there, including some new faces, and we got a lot done, and it felt like we did some group healing, too.

Becky from Code Pink shared a 9/11 Truth Impeachment Carol that she had written which bouyed all of our spirits. It's great when the Raging Grannies and Code Pink are carrying our messages out into the world. John Wright stepped forward to shoulder the Tea Party, along with Jeremy and Scott, and I'm going to help, although I need some help with web graphics to get up the webpage and a 2007 banner.

Ken also mentioned that Loose Change- Final Cut was something we could all support and the group voted $1000 towards the Tea Party and $2000 towards a premiere of Loose Change at the Grand Lake Theater. Allen said we could have the theater on December 12th, but I still need to connect with the Loose Change guys and work out the details.

There was a lot of discussion, news, revelations from witnesses interviewed by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Janette also invited everyone to her fundraising party, to make up for the money she put into the Arizona Conference that was not reimbursed by Kent. The group voted $3000 to help make up for the bulk of the loss. They also gave me $300 to cover the PR guy I hired to help me out for the Rodriguez event, and $200 for Cosmos for TruthAction.org stickers and $100 for Camille to come up with art for a new card for TruthAction.org. So now we don't have much money left, and lots of work to do.

Today, Camille and I made it to San Jose for the action against Jeppeson, the travel agency that facilitates rendition (torture) flights for the CIA. There were over a hundred people from the Peace, Justice, Impeachment community. I saw lots of old friends. I hurriedly made a sign that said:

To frighten civilians into
silence and submission

Suddenly, I am overwhelmed again- with committments for rallies, actions, events, and another small conference at the end of the month, and not enough time to even post all the events on this website. So much for my break..

November 13, 2007

My family is very happy that I have switched from doing the Listening Project on a weekly basis to every month. The conflict which is keeping me away from doing 9/11 street actions and probably the next meeting, is also giving me time and energy to do other things in life- like spending more time with my kids, husband, and friends, and attending Impeachment meetings and the Veterans for Peace meeting.

Here are some key points that I gathered from the Impeachment meeting-

    General Info-

    Best Impeachment News Sources- www.afterdowningstreet.org, rawstory.com (also impeachforpeace.org )

    Great Impeachment Resource Site Phil Burk's site- www.impeachbush.tv
    Includes section on How to and Why

    87 towns have voted for impeachment
    11 state have introduced legislation at the state level to push for impeachment, Vermont succeeded at passing legislation at the state level.

    What are impeachable offenses? Broad range- but hard to get public support for violation of international law, even though violation of treaties falls under "a violation of the US Constitution." (Politically so many are against the UN that the argument doesn't fly.)
    High Crimes- undermining rights and specific statutes. Now they are trying to retroactively change laws that they have blatantly violated. Undermining FISA law.
    Lying to Congress to go to war is FRAUD. Lying to Congreess should be a major reason for Impeachment, and very provable. Many examples of half truths that Bush and Cheney have told to sell the war/make the case for the war on Iraq, for example.

    Impeachment Movement- was in a lull. The Movement turned a corner when Kucinich introduced it and Hoyer tried to table it.

    Congressman Wexler is the new hero, who wants impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee. Earlier he wanted to push for impeachment of both Cheney and Bush, but came up with censure instead. He's from West Palm Beach, Florida. He can speak to progressives and conservatives- needs help and support. Kucinich's bill (House Resolution 333) was languishing in committee. It now has a new number - House Resolution 799- and new life.

    Key people for us to pressure- Zoe Lofgren (on the Judiciary Committee) and Nancy Pelosi (most powerful person in Congress- and in our own backyard).

    How? Multiple possibilities- maybe can do all of them, and encourage others to be creative and come up with even better ones....

    John Conyers is the key person actually scheduling hearings, needs visible support, pressure to do the right thing.

    Suggestion- send him flowers, books, letters, messages.

    Grasssroots- letter writing campaign (worked with Lynn Woolsey). Handwritten letters are many, many, many times more effective than just petitions, emails, phone calls. They should all come from the people in the district of the politician however- the constituents. [For SF- places to get letters from public using ironing board/volunteers- 6th & Irving, Haight, Farmers' Markets, Universities, busy street corners.]

    However all of the Judiciary committee needs to be urged to move forward with impeachment. There are 40 members- 17 are Republicans. Of those that we need to win over, are the ones who voted to table impeachment these include-

        Howard Berman (CA 28)- "forget it - won't change position"
        Artur Davis AL 07- "a mystery"
        William Delahunt MA 10- "will come around"
        Zoe Lofgren- CA 16- "KEY"
        Jerrold Nadler NY 08- "KEY- at the national level and also dead set against impeachment"
        Linda Sanchez- CA 39- "could be moved"
        Debbie Wasserman Schultz FL 20- "very obstinant"

        These folks voted Against Tabling-

        Tammy Baldwin WI 02
        Stev Cohen TN 09
        John Conyers MI 14
        Keith Ellison MN 05
        Luis Gutierrez IL 04
        Sheila Jackson-Lee TX 18
        Hank Johnson GA 04
        Bobby Scott VA 03
        Brad Sherman CA 27
        Betty Sutton OH 13
        Maxine Waters CA 35
        Melvin Watt NC 12
        Anthony Weiner NY 09
        Robert Wexler FL 19

I've been missing the Silicon Valley Impeachment meetings, but they are very active and planning an Impeachment Teach-In for Zoe Lofgren. They have also put ads in the local paper.

There are actually plenty of things that we can do to increase the visibility of the issue and get the ball rolling, the public support is there, but mobilizing them means bypassing the media, or pushing the media into covering the issue/facts- which they have been so reluctant to do for so long. Maybe shaming them, so that if they don't cover it, than they will be discounted as government propaganda props.

I still think Impeachment is the best hope for the country.

This article appeared on Chossudovsky's globalresearch.ca site and has received a lot of interest:

Crisis in the U.S.: “Plan B”?
by Richard C. Cook

    Strange events are taking place in the U.S.

    By August 2007, a lot of very smart people were reading the tea leaves, convinced that the upper echelons of the U.S. government had their own hidden reasons for forecasting an event even more heinous than the attacks of September 11, 2001.

    President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff had been hinting that another 9/11 could be coming.

    Figures from the U.S. military had also projected a 9/11-type event. On April 23, 2006, for instance, the Washington Post published a statement by an unnamed Pentagon source that, “Another attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets.”

    9/11 was a turning point in history, and not just because it provided a pretext for the Bush administration to use off-the-shelf plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. The 9/11 Commission criticized the government for failing to do enough to act on danger signs that attacks may have been afoot. But a movement has formed which argues that the reality was worse—that 9/11 was an inside job staged to further the geopolitical ambitions of an elite seeking to use U.S. military power to advance its own imperialistic agenda.

    What is indisputable is that from the 2000 presidential election through the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath, what New York Times columnist Paul Krugman termed a “revolutionary power” took control of the U.S. government.

    Krugman’s statement, contained in the introduction to his 2005 book The Great Unraveling, has not been taken seriously enough. George W. Bush had lost the popular vote to Al Gore but was named to office by a Supreme Court that rubber-stamped what Greg Palast and others have proven was an extended process of electoral fraud in Florida. The subsequent actions and policies of the Bush/Cheney administration have been in accord with its dubious beginnings.

    From the emergence of the Neocons as an ideological power base dominant over U.S. foreign policy, to destruction wreaked on the Bill of Rights by illegal surveillance of citizens, to the senseless creation of the bureaucratically monstrous Department of Homeland Security and passage of the Patriot Acts, to the initiation of “wars of choice” leading to the devastation of two nations and the killing or displacement of perhaps a million Middle Eastern non-combatants, to violation of international treaties and conventions against wars of aggression and torture of prisoners, to presiding over an economy ruined by the continued export of manufacturing jobs and the creation and deflation of the housing bubble, to the wrecking of the federal budget by over a trillion dollars of wartime expenditure, to the abandonment of the city of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, to tax cuts for the most wealthy while the income of the middle class has drastically eroded, and to threats to start another war, this time against Iran, based on deceptions similar to those which preceded the Iraq invasion, the Bush/Cheney administration has brought the U.S. to the brink of catastrophe.

    What is now being asked is whether there was a plan that was to take place in September-October 2007 whereby the rest of the job would have been done. Speculation was that a nuclear device was to have been detonated in a U.S. city, perhaps one of the six attached to cruise missiles that were “inadvertently” carried by the Air Force B-52 bomber that flew from South Dakota to Louisiana just before Labor Day.

    Check this link from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for the official explanation of the incident: http://www2.arkansasonline.com/news/2007/oct/19/air-force-punishes-70-accidental-nuclear-weapons-f/.

    According to the Air Force’s report, the missiles were being mothballed due to “a treaty,” but ground personnel at Minot Air Force Base “grabbed the wrong ones” and loaded missiles with nuclear warheads by mistake.

    Some have argued that these nukes were secretly bound for Iran to prepare for a nuclear attack on that country. But would such a Keystone Cops routine have been necessary to prepare for military action as a contingency to implement a possible decision coming from the highest political levels?

    Suppose, on the other hand, that one of the nukes was targeted for a false-flag domestic attack, perhaps a city like Portland, Oregon, where military exercises simulating a major terrorist incident had been scheduled and where residents actually were warning each other to leave town.

    Was the attack to trigger an economic collapse, leading as a side-effect to a payoff of billions of dollars for the placers of the “bin Laden bets” that were reportedly made in the financial markets anticipating a fifty percent decline in stock prices? Of course such an attack would be blamed on foreign terrorists. The trail of the explosion would be found to lead to Iran, resulting in war against that nation. Would the Constitution then have been suspended and martial law declared? Would citizens have been rounded up and herded into prison camps?

    Such a scenario seems unfathomable, horrendous, even incredible. But it still may have been in character for a regime whose actions have led the world to view the U.S. as the greatest existing threat to peace. Rumors about such possible events have been churning on the internet for months.

    But the rumors have not been confined to “conspiracy theorists.” Regarding President Bush’s commitment to the sanctity of constitutional processes, Congressman John Olver expressed the prevailing view in government circles when he told twenty of his constituents at a private meeting in Massachusetts on July 5, 2007, that he could not support a movement to impeach Bush. According to an attendee, the reason the Congressman gave was that, “The President would declare a national emergency, institute martial law, and suspend the 2008 elections.”

    Therefore we might ask if it is true, as some sources have alleged, that the reason these events have not taken place was that there was a revolt by the U.S. military, which refused to carry out the false-flag attack that may have been intended?

    What then has happened differently which indicates that events may have altered or postponed such a sinister denouement to the nightmare of the last seven years?

    What has happened appears to be that the U.S. establishment has decided to move to “Plan B.” This may be defined as a decision that the sway of the Bush/Cheney regime must end and that some semblance of normality should be restored, at least in appearance, by making Hillary Clinton the next President...

    I think, if we can mess up the already messed up schemes of these madmen that we are doing the right thing. I just hope we can mess them up more. I remember feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders years ago, when there wasn't much opposition to the Neo-Cons and their wars. Now I feel that the weight has been lifted and that there is a critical mass of opposition- that these guys are stoppable, if not "doomed," although the replacements for the evil Rumsfeld, Gonzales, do not bode well for the future. I have "zero" faith in the Democrats, particularly the Clintons. The only ones looking worse in the polls than Bush and Cheney are their enablers- Congress- which should definitely be ousted unless they get their act together, do their job- impeach (at least) these guys and reverse their policies. I'll continue to work for that.

    At the Impeachment meeting, I met a wonderful woman who has been working on Election Reform for the past six years or so. I will have her on my radio show- what she knows does not bode well for "democracy" or the illusion of "democracy" in this country. Without citizens getting involved to challenge the tyrants and corruption within the US government, we and the world don't really have a chance.

    Yesterday, I also made some phone calls, as I was catching up on the bookkeeping. One guy has sent us a couple of checks, and I was concerned that he might have made a mistake and forgotten that he had already sent one generous donation. He told me that he was old, happy to give away his money for a good cause (He'd given $50,000 to the 9/11 Truth movement) and he asked me for the names and addresses of activists doing the work fulltime who needed support. His generosity rekindled my hope. I think many people, when they realize what dire shape we are in, will shift their time, money, energy to following the heroic path and helping humanity to get off this war path.

    I don't think there has ever been as much organizing going on, as there is now, even if it isn't making headlines- it is widespread and addressing the huge range of inter-related issues. No one could possibly focus on all of the problems nor all the solutions. I need to add all the great, inspiring conferences coming up to my events page...

    November 10, 2007

    Yesterday, I received a link to an article on the changing media landscape, quite relevant to the upcoming radio show on the "Media Renaissance." Here's an excerpt from

    Ron Paul Vs. the Gatekeepers:

      For over four centuries, the structure of Establishment rule has rested on one assumption above all others: the high cost of delivering images to large numbers of people. This assumption has become increasingly ludicrous ever since 1996.


      A series of seemingly competitive Establishments are interlocked domestically and also internationally, despite competition at the margins among them. There is basic agreement on competitive rules and strategies. The Bilderberger organization conducts closed meetings where representatives of these Establishments get together to discuss in private the range of outcomes acceptable for the various international Punch and Judy shows.

      These Establishments are an institutional mixture of long-term senior advisors to this year’s crop of presidents and prime ministers, multinational bankers, foreign policy specialists, oil industry decision-makers, university educators, mainstream media representatives and their well-paid and completely housebroken salaried intellectuals, plus hundreds of low-level candidates who dream of entry into the inner ring. (Read C. S. Lewis’ wonderful essay, "The Inner Ring." It is on the Web.) Entry into any of these Establishments is screened by senior members. The system is self-policed.

      The key to this policing is control over the barriers to entry.

      Officially and legally, these various organizations are private and voluntary. Their carefully crafted barriers to entry are not mentioned in the United States Constitution. These barriers are not mentioned in the foundational judicial documents of any nation. This means that, legally speaking, non-Establishment interlopers can breach these barriers and take over the society. The ideology of democracy guarantees this. Democracy is the reigning religion of our era.

      But, as Forest Gump’s mother would say, "Democracy is as democracy does." In every democratic nation, non-democratic barriers to entry into the various controlling Establishments have kept democracy on a very tight leash.

      Here, I am speaking of politics. But society is far more than politics. Politics is only one aspect of society. The Establishments’ system of controls is not limited to politics. Nevertheless, they maintain their control primarily through politics. This is their supreme institutional weakness. They are holed up inside a castle that has been built in terms of political control over the social order.

      The social question is: How can the public get off the existing leash?

      As economists would put it, at what price can the public get off the leash?

      If the cost of maintaining the leash increases, the public is more likely to get off the leash.

      The cost of maintaining the leash is now rising exponentially. Why? Because the cost of individuals’ operating off the leash is collapsing.


      Today’s Establishments are an unofficial confederation of multiple interlocking directorates. These are self-policed directorates. The designers of this almost 500-year-old piecemeal system have based their control on a single highly specific barrier to entry: the cost of delivering pieces of paper. This barrier is now collapsing.

      The last major communications-based revolution in the West began on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 proposed debate topics onto the door of the church in Wittenberg. He thought he was launching a serious academic debate in Latin. He was in fact launching a social revolution: a change in law, attitudes, and religion.

      Luther could not have launched the Protestant Reformation had Gutenberg not invented movable type two generations earlier. The nameless printers who translated Luther’s 95 theses into German and then mass marketed them were the key to this revolution. By never paying Luther royalties for his writings and pocketing all the profits, they made him the most important person of the sixteenth century. Most historians would put him in the top five or ten men over the last 500 years. But Gutenberg is higher on the list: no Gutenberg = no Luther.

      It was impossible for the existing Establishment to stop Luther and his followers at a price they were willing to pay: the systematic destruction of all unregulated printing. Subsequent political rulers recognized the threat and tried to control printers, but, political revolution by revolution, they failed. The cost-effectiveness of printing was too great. The lure of profit for printers was too great. Printers cheated. They broke the law.

      The European Establishments in 1517 had been built on the older, pre-Gutenberg image-communications system. By 1517, the cost of delivering pieces of paper had fallen too far for the Establishments to adjust to the new pricing conditions. They had not recognized the enormous threat to their power for two generations. Luther spotted his opportunity by the end of 1517. The printers had made it visible to him within a matter of weeks. He took advantage of it. He became the greatest master of the pamphlet in the history of the world. He retains the title.

      Peter Drucker years ago wrote that when a new technology reduces costs by 90%, it cannot be stopped. It will take over any market that has been maintained by an existing technology. The Internet has reduced communications costs – not counting our time – by far more than 90%. It cannot be stopped.

      Any Establishment that fails to adjust to this new pricing structure for communications will not survive. This means that the single most important foundation of the present reigning Establishments is in its final stages unless the Establishments adjust. So far, they haven’t.

      The information gatekeepers in every field except one are losing market share: newspapers, FCC-regulated television networks, K-12 public education, and movies. Radio long ago fell to the right-wing talk shows. All that the Establishment has left in radio are the news shows on National Public Radio: narcoleptic radio. ("The surgeon general has warned: Do not drive while listening to NPR.")

      In only one area do they still maintain almost complete control: higher education. This control is maintained by means of a system of state-enforced accreditation. But there is a monster inside the gates of the halls of ivy: the for-profit University of Phoenix. It has at least 250,000 students enrolled today. It is mainly Web-based. It takes in over $2 billion in tuition each year. It is the harbinger of the future.

      Drucker’s rule is about to manifest itself in higher education. He saw it coming. Distance learning cuts costs by 90%. "Universities won’t survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast."


      I have shown how a student can earn a distance learning B.A. degree from an accredited university for about $15,000 in three years – maybe two.


      The Establishments are losing control. They hold the leash, but it is wearing thin. Ron Paul’s $4 million day is indicative of how voters have begun to slip the Establishment’s leash.

      The time cost of reading is an inescapable cost. Time is our only truly irreplaceable resource. Here, the Establishments have no insurmountable cost advantage over anyone else. If anything, they are on the defensive. They are not digital media savvy. This is why they are losing ground.

      Through the dual technologies of Web addresses and graphics-based browsers, the Internet in just one decade, 1996 to 2006, stripped the cost of communicating ideas to the bedrock limit: the time cost of reading. I am sure there will be many more innovations, but the main one is now behind us: delivery costs. This outcome was not foreseen by anyone in the U.S. military who designed the original Internet back in 1969. The outcome just happened.

      Assuming that the Internet stays up, the revolution was.

      The fallout has begun.


      Decentralization is now the wave of the future. No single plan of social transformation will dominate the Internet. There are too many players. The cost of entry is too low. Google will be a big part of successful plans. That is about all I feel confident in saying.

      This will be a trial-and-error procedure, which is weighted in favor of error. Most plans fail. This is good for liberty and bad for tyranny. Tyranny is limited to one plan per power unit: whatever the central planners agree to. Liberty is based on open entry: "Come one, come all!" The fact that most plans fail is the Achilles heel of central planning. Consumers determine who succeeds or fails – mostly fails – in the free market. Never has there been a market with entry costs lower than the Internet’s. The number of ways for private decision-makers to succeed is enormous and growing, due to low entry costs. The number of ways for central planners to fail is growing just as fast.

      Innovation is a characteristic feature of decentralization. Stagnation is a characteristic feature of civil government. This is because of rival systems of funding, as Ludwig von Mises showed in his 1944 book, Bureaucracy. Funding for voluntary, decentralized agencies is dependent on creative promoters in the agencies or supportive of the agencies. Success is based on whatever pleases consumers or donors.

      In contrast, funding for civil government is based on taxes, unamortized debt, and monetary inflation. All three produce losses for most consumers and therefore growing resistance.

      Thus, my motto:

      "Nothing is sure except death and taxes and people’s attempt to cheat both."

      The inability of large, tax-funded, centralized government agencies to respond rapidly to innovative pathways around government controls is universal. The lower the costs of entry, the more overwhelmed the state and its licensed institutions become. Every Establishment therefore relies on the state to create barriers to entry. These barriers are being undermined daily by the Internet. This has happened so rapidly, under the radar of bureaucrats, that all of the various Establishments have been caught flat-footed.

      If there was a single event that illustrates this tipping point, it was Matt Drudge’s 1998 story on President Clinton and the unnamed intern. Within hours, the attempted weekend suppression of the story by Newsweek ended in howls of derisive laughter. To Newsweek, the world said: "Close, but no cigar." The breach in the gatekeepers’ wall became visible to tens of millions of people within days.

      This breach has gotten wider ever since.

      The gatekeepers are frantic. The mainstream news media immediately branded Drudge an amateur. He was not credentialed in any way. He was just a high school graduate operating out of a room in an apartment. This attack had no effect. Today, his site is ranked in the top 1,300 by Alexa. It has a higher ranking than the Los Angeles Times or CBS. As for MSNBC, it’s about 16,000 – lower than LewRockwell.com, the Ron Paul information site.


      The stakes are enormous. The stakes are these: control over the flow of information, money, and power – in that order in importance. This issue can be encapsulated by one question:

      "Will semi-public monopolistic agencies that are licensed by the central governments of the world be able to control the flow of information to individual decision-makers who have both money and brains?

      If you want it in percentages, it is this:

      "Will the 1% on top be able to protect today’s semi-monopolistic positions of the 4% who shape the thinking of the 20% who decide on behalf of the 80% who officially have the votes, but who rarely show up on election day?"

      There are three primary trends that suggest that the answer is "no." First is the Internet. Second is the inability of most civil governments to protect the broad mass of the population from rising crime. Third are the promises by politicians regarding long-term retirement income – promises not funded by the accumulation of income-generating assets.

      Consider the Internet. The denizens of the World Wide Web have more money than the typical voter. They have more formal education. They also have skills in navigating the Web. They have Google. They have e-mail. They are international.

      These people are on the cutting edge of social change. In the way that literate people were on the cutting edge in 1517, so are people who use the Internet as their primary source of information.

      In effect, the world’s Establishments have based their control on their ability to control the flow of information to illiterates – digital illiterates. They are in the condition that the Catholic Church was in back in 1517. The Church controlled the preachers, more or less, through a system of compulsory accreditation and licensing. The state backed up the Church. Most people in Western Europe got their information from preachers in 1517. Then one of the preachers, Drudge-like, got his hands on a lot of printing presses – not directly, but indirectly. The printers built his audience for him. They kept the money; he kept the audience.

      Power after 1517 spread to local units of civil government in what we today call Germany. Protestant princes challenged the Catholic Emperor. The Church relied on the Emperor to enforce its system of accreditation and licensing. It rested on a weak reed. The process of decentralization, informed by low-cost pieces of paper, could not be reversed.

      Today, the same process has accelerated. Digits have replaced pieces of paper. Electrons have replaced atoms.

      It is very expensive for governments to control digits, which recognize no borders or jurisdictions. Yet without such control, the Establishments’ jointly held leash gets frayed.

      Digits can cross borders. This means that two things are now beyond low-cost control by any national government: information and money. Information and money are conveyed in digital form.

      The gatekeepers have always used control over information and money as their primary means of control. In our era, for the first time in recorded history, the self-screened gatekeepers have lost control over both the flow of information and the flow of money. They can try to influence both, but influence is not control.

      Ron Paul’s campaign indicates that Establishment influence is waning where it counts most in the long run: the flow of information. The evidence for this is the flow of money: $4 million in one day. That got the attention of the gatekeepers. Money talks. In their world, it talks louder than anything except votes.


      Karl Marx called this the cash nexus. It’s the digital nexus today. Central banks control the creation of digital money. They cannot control the response of speculators to monetary policy. At most, they can influence speculators at the margin.

      The key political fact in every Western nation is this: the supply of political promises has exceeded the supply of capital to fulfill these promises. The system of political promises is unamortized.

      This will produce a crisis of faith. Today, there is society-wide faith in democracy and faith in civil government. Both faiths are waning. The evidence of this decline in faith is seen in rising prices and rising crime rates. This process seems to be irreversible throughout the West. This is the conclusion of Jacques Barzun in the final section of From Dawn to Decadence (2000). It is also the conclusion of Martin van Creveld in the final section of The Rise and Decline of the State (1999).

      The politicians dare not openly repudiate their promises of retirement safety nets. To do so would be political suicide. Yet these nets cannot be funded for even one more generation. Their repudiation will therefore be papered over, not with paper money but with digital money.

      When the flow of digital money from the world’s capital cities ceases to maintain the flow of economic goods and services to those with bank accounts filled with digits, the world will change dramatically, just as it changed in the generation after Luther nailed his debate topics on the church door.

      What matters most now is the flow of information, not the flow of funds. The flow of funds is pretty much set. Neither the government nor the public has much discretionary income. The budget next month will look pretty much like the budget this month and last month.

      What is changing is the budget for time. People are re-allocating their precious time in terms of the new cost conditions. Here, price competition has created a new world order.

      Most denizens of the Web already have their favorite sites and e-letters. To get them to change is costly. Their attention cannot be bought with money alone, any more than the attention of pamphlet readers in Northern Europe could be bought with money alone after 1517.

      Today’s political Establishment cannot respond effectively on the Web. It can respond in the traditional media, but these are shrinking in influence.

      The handwriting is on the screen: "Thou hast been weighed in the balance and found wanting."

    This morning I also received an email with this look at The Bilderbergers-

    I’ll have the Bilderberger, well done!
    By Jerry Mazza
    Online Journal Associate Editor

      I read Daniel Estulin’s The True Story of the Bilderberg Group over a long weekend trip to South Dakota to visit in-laws. The amazing history of the Bilderberg Group, its kindred Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission (TR), filled my mind with its awful vision of One World Government, one government uber alles, that is, over all sovereign nations, from America to Zambia.

      Interestingly, the Wednesday that began our trip was Halloween. And lord knows the Bilderbergers had been spooking the world since 1954, though their ghost-like founders had been in operation since the days of Woodrow Wilson and well before.

      The well-done Bilderberger called for in the headline is the one behind the fixed smile, pointy nose mask. He is one of the most aggressive Bilderberg leaders of our time, David Rockefeller, scion of the Rockefeller clan. He has also been the spook behind hundreds of think tanks, the giver of grants for studies to implement mind-control techniques, government-toppling scenarios, and other nasty business. Rockefeller is a leading man in this real-life horror movie, gathering some 200 government and corporate honchos, European Royalty, international CEO’s, bureaucrats of the highest order, to pull the strings of various governments; this along with prodding the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, European Central banks; in short to tie us all in neocon knots.

      And speaking of neocon knots, I thought of passing through LaGuardia airport en route to South Dakota. After presenting passports and/or drivers licenses, we were obliged to spill shoes, change, wallets, belts, jackets, watches and disgust into plastic boxes. As I passed through security without a beep, the surly guard was doing his best to be unpleasant and make us feel like a threat to the country we loved. Once past security, we entered the electronic Matrix, each robotized traveler with cellphone in hand, earpiece, earphones, blackberry, I-pod, Palmcorders, et al, in digital touch with Big Brother and his holding companies somewhere, everywhere.

      This too was part of the Bilderberg-manufactured (Bush implemented) terror state guaranteed to cripple Americans and citizens of the world with angst, fear and apathy, color codes to match. But why wasn’t David Rockefeller, his gang and forbearers being grilled for their sins of treason and dissimulation, literally the ongoing attempt to destroy the Constitution and overthrow our democratic government? Why weren’t their feet (Kissinger’s, Brzezinski’s, Schulz’s, et al,) put to the fire for their treason? What gate of a thousand eyes should they pass through to reveal their offenses? Daniel Estulin’s, of course, that’s whose, and anyone else who felt the need, the importance to reveal these cretins’ crimes.

      Somehow for 15 years Estulin managed to find the location of yearly Bilderberg meetings as they were announced, always just a week before they happened, always in some small town outside a major city, cloak and daggered with armed and vicious security guards. The meetings, first held in the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek in 1954, during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, did not allow press coverage of any kind. Today that remains true, even though major news and media figures may attend, that is, to plan to alter public opinion on some issue.

      In fact, here is Estulin’s latest report on Bilderberg 2007: Welcome to the Lunatic Fringe. Read it, please. It includes a list of this year’s objectives and a complete list of attendees. Estulin’s razor-sharp observations will boggle your mind.

      Bilderberg privacy reigns, too, to make attendees feel “free enough” to utter their innermost thoughts (a truly scary thought). Uninvited, Estulin arrives days in advance of meetings, bonds with hotel staff, even security once he gives them the past history of this group. And then there are those who know the history and come to him, eager to reveal the ugly “innermost thoughts” of someone who’d like to see a government toppled, a revolution financed, a leader disappeared (as in Aldo Moro of Italy), a president made or toppled (as in the case of Richard Nixon when he bucked Bilderbergers on his price control plan that was working). In short, the agenda is to weaken all world leadership but they’re own. Bilderberger needs, mandates, and laws, in their eyes, precede even those of the US government.

      Yet planning and attending these meetings is in essence a crime. Estulin points out, “A US law, called the Logan Act, states explicitly that it is against the law for federal officials to attend secret meetings with private citizens to develop public policies. Although Bilderberg 2005 was missing one of its luminaries, US State Department official John Bolton who was testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the American government was well represented in Rottach-Egern by Alan Hubbard, assistant to the president for economic policy and director of the National Economic Council; William Luti, deputy under secretary of defense; James Wolfensohn, outgoing president of the World Bank and Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of state, an ideologue of the Iraq war and incoming president of the World Bank. By attending Bilderberg 2005 meeting, these people are breaking federal laws of the United States.”

      But then sovereign governments and their nation-states are in Bilderberger minds outmoded. We see this in the operation of the North American Treaty Agreement (NAFTA). The multinational participating corporations’ needs and mandates supersede the laws and mandates of the nations and peoples involved, whether they be the United States, Mexico or Canada. Curiously, the tarantula of NAFTA was gifted to us by none other than former President Bill Clinton, after his stints with the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Though President Bush is not formally a member of this triple threat, his father was, and Junior delivered CAFTA to us, the Central American Trade Agreement, extending the tentacles of participation further south.

      And now we see George W. Bush attempting to wrap the US, Canada and Mexico into a North American Union. What they are doing is building a global free market for the multinationals and their profiteers, in order to loot the rest of the world’s people. National identities, cultures, aspirations, ideals be damned. This is the real meaning of their One World Government, one which maximizes their wealth and everyone else’s poverty and enslavement. Not a pretty picture. But then they’re not pretty people. They are predators.

      Estulin points out that their founding precursors, JP Morgan among them, poured millions of dollars into the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to topple the Czar who was trying to bring Russia into modernity, but unfortunately asked for 12-hour working days and every ounce of strength of the working people. This opened the door to the Bolsheviks to protest. It also opened opportunities for Morgan and his brand of capitalism to weaken the Russian people. In its second try at a coup, the Bolsheviks, with Morgan’s and other large financial and material assistance, succeeded in toppling the Czar and making Russia a satellite of their interests, not a super-power. This action provided a paradigm for future actions, right up to today.

      Here is the first of Bilderberg 2007 activities that Estulin reports in his linked article: "Aside from the Iraq quagmire, energy problems continue to dominate Bilderberger discussions. Oil and natural gas are finite, non-renewable resources. That’s because once used up it cannot be replenished. As the world turns, and as oil and natural gas supplies dwindle while demand soars dramatically, especially with Indian and Chinese booming economies who want all the trinkets and privileges of an American way of life, we, as the Planet, have crossed the midpoint of oil production and discovery.

      “From now on, the only sure thing is that supply will continue to diminish and prices will continue to increase. In these conditions world conflict is a physical certainty. End of oil means end of world’s financial system, something which has already been acknowledged by Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, two full time members of the Bilderberger inner circle. Goldman Sachs oil report, [another full time member of the Bilderberger elite] published on March 30, 2005 increased the oil price range for the year 2005-6 from $55-$80 per barrel to $55-$105. During 2006 meeting, Bilderbergers have confirmed that their short range price estimate for oil for the 2007-08 continues to hover around US$105-150/barrel.

      “No wonder Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission, announced several months ago during the unveiling of the new European energy policy that the time has come for a ‘post-industrial age.’ To bring the world into the post-industrial age, you first need to destroy the world's economic base and create another Great Depression. When people are poor, they don't spend money, they don't travel, and they don't consume.”

      It is obvious why Bilderbergers would have “thinking out loud” like this stay in the privacy of their confines.

      Estulin continued, “Third item on the [2007] agenda is European relations with Russia not only in Europe but also in Central Asia. With Moscow making a deal with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan over the transport of gas to Europe, the US geo-strategic goal of driving a wedge between the Central Asian countries and Russia lies in shambles. While the US says this is 'not good for Europe,' the Europeans are divided. Iran, overnight has become America’s last hope in the energy war.

      “Iran war, after two years of huffing and puffing by the Bush government is definitely off the table. Furthermore, with France, Russia, Japan and China investing heavily in Iran, the world has drawn a line in the sand and the U.S. will be told at the conference not to cross it. There is blood in the water, and blood in the water usually leads to a good fight.

      “That notwithstanding, the United States needs to control the region, not only for its oil reserves but, most importantly to help it sustain world economic hegemony. Under this strategic design, regional states will be turned to weak domains of sectarian sheikhs with little or no sovereignty and, by implications, a pathetic agenda of their economic development. Regional chaos favours the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, which in turn reinforces the process of political and social disintegration supported by the Bilderbergers.”

      Thus you see that David Rockefeller and his friends have their viewfinders on many sights. In fact, the world is in their sights. Yet this super-powerful world organization, as Estulin points out, “runs out of an 18m2 [194 square feet] offices, staffed by one person, using one telephone line and a single fax number. There is no web page and no brass name plate on the door. The independent press has never been allowed in, and no statements have ever been released on the attendees’ conclusions nor has any agenda for a Bilderberg meeting been made public . . ." It is the epitome of low-profile dark ops, a shadow government hidden in a doorway.

      Yet somehow, Estulin reports in his book, the Bilderbergers were responsible for the elevation of Jimmy Carter from peanut farmer to president, and more. Thus you must read the 326-page story that moves like a novel of political intrigue, though Estulin’s facts are stranger (and truer) than any fiction. For me, on Halloween and past it, it was a treat to read and to understand the vicious trick these people have been exacting on humanity for 53 years and their forbearers for a hundred more. After all is said and done, our present is clarified by knowing the past, which illuminates the journey for global hegemony begun with the royals and elites of Europe, America, and Asia. It really is us against them. And now is the time to arm yourself with knowledge, to take action for the defense of your country, its freedoms and your survival.

    I also had a lovely long chat with Rita Kubiak over the phone today. She and David had both given me a beautiful bamboo plant which used to sit on her meditation table and is now the only "live" plant in my "neglected for years" house. I also gave Rita and David a copy of the DVD- Outsourced a charming, comedy about a guy whose job is outsourced to India and ends up going there to train the forces that are replacing him. Since Rita is from India, and David, besides being an American, is one of the most insightful critics of the corporation, and subsequent corporate globalization- I knew they would both appreciate the excellent film, which was made by an independent filmmaker and needs to be suported and distributed through "non-traditional means." The film's enthusiasts had organized a showing at Google, where Jean-Luc and I saw it, and I received the DVD in the Q&A trivia contest which followed.

    Rita and I discussed the power of art, storytelling and culture in effecting culutural change and bypassing the control of the hierarchies, so dependent upon lies, secrecy, to cling to power and legitimacy. Art, media, communication is vital for the health and survival of our species, and so much depends on those sensitive enough to activate the immune system or power of ordinary people to regain control over their communities, resources, and lives.

    November 9, 2007

    Yesterday I went to a lecture on "Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness" applied to the monetary system (See Open Money.org) presented by Jean-Francois Noubel at (of all places!) Stanford Research Institute. With me was Rita Kubiak who is organizing a Best Practices Green Festival in India in 2009 and was especially interested in community currencies, also at the talk was an old friend of mine Sergio Lub, founder of Friendly Favors (The last time I saw Sergio was when he hosted an event with Nafeez Ahmed via webcam on the first anniversary of 9/11- one of the first educational events on 9/11 held in the Bay Area).

    It was a lively interactive lecture and I couldn't help mentioning the Deception Dollars and passsing out the new Conception Dollars. In transitioning from teaching how money and the monetary system works to exposing the truth about 9/11, I have found that psychological barriers still exist, but actually explaining the monetary system is a lot harder than explaining special operations. The important thing is that changing people's belief systems is the key to changing the system- taboo truths about money, the CIA, war, religion, elections, whatever has the potential to change people's perceptions about themselves, the world, and to change their subsequent actions.

    Later Rita, her husband David (officially the International Campaign Advisor for 911Truth.org), and Sergio came over to my house for dinner and we had a great conversation, discovering that we had many mutual friends, and interests. It looks like the Media , Truth versus Corporate Power Conference that David is working on is coming together, and I am hopeful in light of all the synchronicities of our lives.

    November 7, 2007

    Kucinich's action yesterday created more space for dialogue on Impeachment, and now we need to make a lot of noise to get Conyers to actually do something and not kill the resolution in committee. To reiterate your support for the Impeachment of Cheney, first, H.Res 333 go to:


    The page is very effective in getting your message sent to public officials and the local press, though certainly not the "only" thing one could/should do.

    I just got a call from a guy wanting more Deception Dollars and Conception Dollars. He especially wanted the ones featuring Cheney with "Impeach Cheney First!" graffiti on them. I'd like to see that image on the front cover of Time Magazine.

    Yesterday, I got an email and a better photo from David Mathison, author of BE THE MEDIA who will be doing the radio show with me next week, along with Eduardo Cohen, who helped me with publicity for the Rodriguez event. My title: Media Renaissance- from Selling War to Serving Life Show is deliberately ambiguous. I believe the media is almost as guilty as Cheney in ushering in some horrific wars, and that both Cheney and media moguls should get Life Imprisonment for their crimes against humanity. At the same time, David Mathison has undergone a tremendous personal/career transformation from serving Reuters and the corporate news system to being the strongest activist for public participation in media creation. I met him at his home, in a follow up meeting to the National Conference on Media Reform, months and months ago. He sent me a copy of the intro to his book which was all about a "Media Renaissance" and I was really struck by the power of the words and the idea- that what we were experiencing wasn't a "Media Revolution, but a Renaissance" without the violent replacement implication that the word "revolution" connotates, but with the non-violent, creative, birthing of something new and hopeful that the word "renaissance" conjures.

    It feels like humanity has been under a spell, put to sleep by the repeated lies, stories, myths spun by those seeking power and dominance over the planet. Slowly, but surely, humanity is beginning to wake up, recognize the spell, the drugs, the lies created to paralyze us into complacency, obedience to the black magicians trying to keep us under their control. The new media, our media, the truth, is the antidote, the light that pierces the darkness, the alarm that breaks the revery, to pull us collectively from unconsciousness so that we might exert our collective will and halt the plunge towards slavery/oblivion, set in motion by those seeking to rule the world. Our own ability to communicate between ourselves and with the larger world seems to hold the key to whether or not War, Peace, Death, Life, Tyranny, Justice will prevail.

    November 6, 2007, National impeachment Day

    Impeach Cheney First!

    Today, Dennis Kucinich is going to introduce a resolution on the floor of Congress to Impeach Cheney. Another member will move to table (kill) the resolution. This will force a vote. Time to add more pressure to onr Congressional lobbying efforts and to get news of the existence of this resolution and the public support for it into the mainstream media.

    Suggested actions include the simple email pages, petition signing, phone calling, occupation of Congressional Offices, writing letters to the editor. Click on the

    Impeach Cheney First!

    -if you have time and need ideas on how to support this effort.

    I still think the best hope for the country is impeachment. My sound system ceased to function at the last anti-war rally and George is still trying to get it fixed. He called me yesterday about doing an action at Eshoo's office today. I'm tempted, but there isn't a whole lot of time to pull anything together, and I really should just clean up the house which I've neglected to do for so many months.

    However, I still have lots of petitions with signatures that I haven't turned in to Eshoo's office, so I will probably write something, take it to the press, and to Eshoo's office, today. If enough of us make the effort, maybe we will prevail.

    November 5, 2007, Guy Fawkes Day World Peace Week

    The eloquent Kevin Barrett posted this on his 9/11 Truth Holidays webpage:

      9/11 Truth Holidays!

      Guy Fawkes Day, Boston Tea Party, 11th of the Month Spread 9/11 Truth Revolution 

      "I don't wanna holiday in the sun / I wanna go to new Belsen / I wanna see some history..."  - The Sex Pistols 

      9/11 truth holidays? Well, not exactly. We don't yet have real cause for celebration: Justice for the victims and truth in the newspaper headlines and history textbooks. 

      But while we have not yet won the biggest battle—yanking the perps-in-chief out of office in chains before their terms expire—we are winning the war. The official myth of 9/11 is like Monty Python's parrot: "'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!" 

      But aren't there still plenty of people out there who believe the Osama-and-19-young-Arabs version? To borrow a line from Bill Clinton, it depends on what you mean by "believe." 

      For a story to function as a myth in the anthropological sense, it needs to be fervently believed by almost all members of the group it serves to unify and mobilize. If a group member questions the myth, he or she must be branded as a heretic and silenced. If widespread questioning occurs, the myth dies.*  

      While the official 9/11 story is still functioning in the corporate monopoly media as if it were a living myth, it is no longer widely believed by the general population. According to a New York Times poll, only 16% of the American people believe the government is telling the truth about 9/11. That is why an ever-growing majority opposes the 9/11 wars. Americans are no longer being unified and mobilized by the 9/11 myth. Instead, they are being disunified and demobilized. 

      The battle for 9/11 truth and justice is the central theater of a larger cultural-political war: republic versus empire—or to put it bluntly, freedom versus slavery. In the end, no empire can survive without widespread public support, without public willingness to sacrifice, blood, treasure and liberty. 9/11 was a fabricated mythic event designed to mobilize support for empire. It succeeded for a few years, but is failing in the long term. To ensure that it fails—to ensure the triumph of liberty over slavery, of peace over war, of Republic over Empire—we of the 9/11 truth movement need to settle in for the long haul, and make it clear that we are not going away. 

      Those who grumble "It's like the JFK case. We'll never get to the truth" are missing the point. The JFK coup d'état was primarily designed to change leadership at the top of the chain of command. The 9/11 coup d'état was different. It was primarily a psychological operation, designed to mobilize the public for a long-term imperial project of "wars that will not end in our lifetime." To function effectively it had to give rise to a sacred myth. By progressively dismantling the myth, we are dismantling the empire and stopping the wars, regardless of whether or when we bring truth and justice to the courtrooms, headlines and history books. 

      In order to settle in for the long haul, the 9/11 truth movement needs holidays—or more accurately calendar customs as we folklorists call them. Special days like Christmas and Independence Day, celebrated on the same day each year, commemorate key events that the culture wishes to remember, such as the births of Jesus and the American nation. Establishing a calendar custom helps transform short-term cultural memory into long-term memory.  

      As M.M. Bakhtin tells us, holidays are always the site of a battle between official and unofficial culture. And the good news for the 9/11 truth movement is that unofficial culture always has the edge. When medieval popes and clerics tried to maintain control over the meaning of religious holidays, framing them as occasions for the celebration of political and religious authority, the people were busy transforming them into carnivals designed to mock authority and establish a space of freedom, a temporary autonomous zone

      We the people, meaning the 9/11 truth movement, have already overturned the official September 11th anniversary memorial at Ground Zero. Designed to legitimize such authority figures as Bush and Giuliani, and mobilize support for the endless 9/11 wars, the anniversary events have turned into huge 9/11 truth gatherings. Last year the authorities even tried to ban access to Ground Zero, in order to shut down an event that has been taken over by the 9/11 truth movement. What better evidence that the official myth is dead, defunct, deceased, persisting as a peripheral illusion only because it is repeatedly scooped up and nailed to its perch by an ever-more-desperate corporate media? 

      But upending the official September 11th calendar custom is not enough. We need our own calendar customs—our own 9/11 truth holidays. And fortunately, we have them! 

      The grandaddy of all 9/11 truth holidays is the not-quite-one-year-old Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth. Last year on December 16th, a riotous group in patriotic garb threw an oversized mock-up of the 9/11 Commission Report into Boston Harbor,  just as the patriotic revolutionary American colonists had done with British Imperial Tea back in 1773. 

      The original Boston Tea Party "went viral" and helped spark the American Revolution: 

      "As the electrifying news of the ‘Boston tea party’ spread, other seaports followed the example and staged similar acts of resistance of their own." The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 truth also went viral. All over the USA, 9/11 truth supporters joined the festivities by tossing the Report into rivers, lakes, bays, and streams. They burned and barbecued it, shredded it, and otherwise expressed their disapprobation. This year, expect the celebrations to grow and spread. 

      The Boston Tea Party is a perfect 9/11 truth holiday. It reminds us that America was born in an insurrectionary struggle against empire—a people's rebellion against official political culture. Being violently opposed to empire, to the point of Patrick Henry preferring death to life under empire, is what being American is all about. This, more than anything else, is the core of American identity—and the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth helps keep anti-imperialism in America's long-term memory, while building the momentum for truth and justice. 

      Another important 9/11 truth calendar custom is the 11th-of-the-month day of public actions. By commemorating 9/11 and sparking action for truth on a monthly basis, Truth Action Day builds 9/11 truth communities and gets the movement off the internet and into the streets.  

      Last but not least, Remember, Remember the Fifth of November! Today is November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day--a holiday which commemorates the first great act of imperial false-flag terrorism in modern history, the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. As Webster Tarpley and Barrie Zwicker have written, Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plotters were set up as "Catholic extremist terrorists" by a cabal that wanted to demonize Catholics and launch imperial wars against Catholic Spain and Portugal. It was the 9/11 of the 17th century, the gigantic public relations stunt that launched the British Empire.  

      In England, Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and revelry. The British people have been brainwashed over the centuries to believe the official story, and encouraged to burn Guy Fawkes in effigy every November 5th because Fawkes "wanted to blow up Parliament." But here, as in so many holidays, the people have turned a pro-authority official holiday into an anti-authority carnival. The energy that drives Guy Fawkes Day is not anger at the "Catholic extremist terrorist" but popular celebration of "the rebel who wanted to blow up Parliament." That is why the brilliant graphic novel V for Vendetta put its anti-fascist freedom-fighting superhero behind a Guy Fawkes mask. And that is why the film V for Vendetta turned the story into an allegory for 9/11, celebrating rebellion against a fascist regime that had established itself by a huge false-flag terror attack blamed on Muslims.  

      The massively-popular V for Vendetta, whatever you think of the film politically and artistically (personally I give it an A+ on both counts) is a perfect vehicle for discussions of false-flag terror and fascism. Screenings of V for Vendetta, perhaps accompanied by house parties, fireworks, bonfires, and masked revelry, will help us "Remember, Remember the Fifth of November" today and in future years. 

      Today, Guy Fawkes Day, marks the beginning of World Peace Week / War on War Week, November 5th-November 11th. All antiwar activities this week, from the V for Vendetta parties and Ron Paul fundraiser today, to the Veterans Day peace events, 11th-of-the-month actions, and Loose Change premiere on November 11th, mark the first stage of a future calendar custom to help us remember the truth about false-flag terror and dedicate ourselves body and soul to overcoming fear and putting an end to war. 

      9/11 truth holidays are not frills, but vital, essential events. When Emma Goldman said "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution" she wasn't just thumbing her nose at the dour, insipid Bolsheviks. Emma was underlining a deeper truth: The struggle for freedom will be joyous and liberating, or it will not be at all. 9/11 truth holidays will play a key role in transforming a horribly painful, death-dealing event, the 9/11 crimes against humanity, into a life-giving force for peace, justice and freedom.  

      So remember, remember...to get out there and party!  

      * * *

      * Note:  I analyze 9/11 as a scripted mythic event in “Interpreting the Unspeakable: The Myth of 9/11,” in 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out (Interlink, 2007). David Griffin offers a similar perspective in “9/11: The Myth and the Reality.”


    November 3, 2007

    I still haven't quite recovered from organizing William Rodriguez's "Last Man Out Tour" at the Grand Lake Theater, on Thursday night. I should write a whole article about it, but maybe I need to recover more strength, before I spend four hours putting together a serious article with photos and post it. I have pushed myself so hard this past month, with all the logistical details, unending phone calls, never getting all the invitations out, all the calls made, the nametags written, the things I'd hope to do- done before it was time to get to Oakland to take William to a nice quiet dinner, hosted by Richard Gage (on behalf of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance) with Cindy Sheehan, Peter Dale Scott and Paul Thompson, while I met with volunteers at the Grand Lake Theater to prepare for the event.

    We had to set up the tables, the sound system, the equipment for the slideshow and powerpoint presentation. Janette brought lots of food, drinks, tablecloths, serving stuff for the reception, plus her ikebana twin towers which she set up on stage. Cornelia brought seven enormous, fabulous bouquets of flowers. Mike Marino (I think?) brought a huge banner saying "9/11 Truth Now"- I didn't have time to figure out how to hang it, but he went ahead and figured it out and certainly it helped make a powerful statement. Janet Kobren helped order pizza for the volunteers, and it was an intense scramble to organize all the tables and stuff, before people started arriving- not everything got done, but lots of people pitched in to help with all the zillions of tasks including collating the programs and passing them out. Camille did a beautiful job on the programs. Chuck helped me edit it. Here's the text:

      Last Man Out

      6:45 pm- Slideshow: Local Heroes in the 9/11 Truth, Peace, Justice, and Impeachment Movements

      6:55 pm- Song by August Bullock, “Heroes of America” - an anti-war anthem

      7:00 pm- Welcome, by Carol Brouillet, co-founder of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

      7:05 pm- Peter Dale Scott—a former Canadian diplomat and English professor at the University of California, Berkeley—is a poet, writer, and researcher. His books include The War Conspiracy; The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond; Crime and Cover-Up: The CIA, the Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection; Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America; Deep Politics and the Death of JFK; Deep Politics II: Essays on Oswald, Mexico, and Cuba; and Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina. He was featured in Guerrilla News Network’s short documentary “The War Conspiracy” and their more ambitious documentary “Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11.” He edited 9/11 and American Empire with David Ray Griffin. His latest book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America, was published this fall by the University of California Press.

      7:15 pm- Cindy Sheehan is an American anti-war activist whose son, Casey Sheehan, was killed during his service in the Iraq War on April 4, 2004, at age 24. In August 2005 she received national attention for her extended demonstration at a peace camp outside George Bush's Texas ranch. Her prominence earned her the nickname “the face of the anti-war movement.” She has written the book Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey through Heartache to Activism. She has also been at the forefront of the impeachment movement, and she is challenging Nancy Pelosi for failing to put Impeachment on the table.

      7:30 pm- William Rodriguez was working as custodian in charge of three 110-story stairwells in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the day it was destroyed. In possession of a master key to all of the stairwell doors, he personally saved the lives of 15 people and aided NYC firefighters in saving hundreds of others. He has used his recognition as one of the true heroes of that tragic day to help draft and pass legislation on behalf of victims’ family members and survivors, to help raise millions of dollars for the victims of 9/11 and their families, to bring attention to the health concerns of thousands of first responders, now sick with "Ground Zero Syndrome," and to lobby for the creation of the 9/11 Commission. His private testimony before the Commission was excluded from its final report. He is now raising questions about what he describes as serious gaps in the official story and is calling for a international investigation.

      9:00 pm- Reception, with slideshow repeated

      Thank you for coming! If you don’t have a name tag already, please go ahead and make one for yourself—materials are in the lobby. We have some very special guests this evening and we encourage people to meet one another. Beverages and desserts will be in the main theater after the presentation. Informational tables are in the main lobby.

      We would like to thank our Individual Endorsers:

      Patricia Gray
      E. H. Joerger
      John B. Massen
      Chuck Millar
      Allan Rees
      Ron Stutz

      Many thanks also to our Organizational Endorsers:

      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
      Peace Resource Project
      San Francisco Bay - World Can't Wait
      Veterans for Peace - Chapter 69
      Guns and Butter

      This year the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance presented awards to:

      2007 Citizen Heroes for Impeachment
      Jacob Clapsaddle
      Brad Newsham
      Cynthia Papermaster
      Don Spark
      Carol Wolman

      2007 Citizen Heroes for 9/11 Truth
      Aaron Dames
      Richard Gage
      Jim Hoffman
      Janette MacKinlay

      2007 Citizen Hero for Truth

      Dennis Bernstein

      Many of our invited, honored guests also merit awards for their efforts and activism over the years. If we are to collectively experience “the Great Turning” that Joanna Macy (with us tonight) has described, and that David Korten has written about in his book The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, then we must move from fear to love, find courage, and inspire others to join us in our efforts.

      This evening is a celebration of the courage of our guest speakers and of our courageous audience, who each have their own story to tell.

      Special thanks to all those who have helped to make this evening possible:

      Gabriel Day, for organizing the western portion of the Last Man Out Tour.
      William Rodriguez, Peter Dale Scott, and Cindy Sheehan for speaking tonight.
      Allen Michaan for the use of the theater.

      Artwork/Program – Camille

      Technical Crew - John Parulis, Ken Jenkins, hummux

      Transportation - Paul Rea, Matt Grantham, Patricia Gray, Galen, Kai Middleton, Mike Dean

      Telephoning - Chuck Millar, Janette MacKinlay

      Press - Eduardo Cohen, Carol Brouillet, Bonnie Faulkner

      Slideshow - Janette MacKinlay, Camille, and all of you who kindly sent in photos!

      Flowers - Cornelia Fletcher, Janette MacKinlay

      Desserts - Riva Enteen, Janette MacKinlay, Richard Gage, Patricia Gray, Cynthia Morse, Carol Brouillet

      Beverages - Bill Rushton, Paul Rea, Mike Marino

      Volunteers - Chuck Millar, Mark Brandt, Bill R., Eric Wilson, Judy Shelton, Bob Damron, Mike Hagerty, Amanaa Rendall, Kurt Abrams, Jay Lee

      The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance is one of the oldest 9/11 Truth groups, comprised of people who anonymously gathered for the first street actions “Demanding an Investigation of 9/11” and challenging the official narrative. We published the first “Deception Dollars” to overcome media censorship of the basic facts about 9/11. We have organized the first showings of 9/11 documentaries, the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, innumerable marches, rallies, and educational events with the help of many people and organizations that have endorsed, sponsored, and contributed to all of our efforts. Our stated mission is:

        “to seek and disseminate truths about the terrible crimes committed on September 11, 2001, exposing gaps and deceptions in the official story, and to thus inspire more eyewitness revelations, truthful media coverage, and a movement that will bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts."

      We strongly encourage and invite you to join us in promoting the following events:

      “World Peace Week” is from November 5th to November 11th (Guy Fawkes Day to Veterans Day).

      November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day. Even now, few understand the original Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes was framed in a bogus “Catholic terrorist plot” to blow up the King and the Parliament. The real plot was royally successful: to invent a pretext for war with Catholic Spain. This fraud, which rallied popular opinion for a war with Spain, was the foundation of the British empire. Guy Fawkes Day, the holiday that celebrates the granddaddy of all fake war provocations -- the 400th anniversary was in 2005 – is the first day of World Peace Week. The last day falls on November 11th, Veterans Day, which commemorates the end of WWI on 11/11/1917 and honors the veterans and victims of this and all other wars (all of which, when you examine them closely, were started on false pretexts).

      To end these wars, we need to promote both the knowledge of how the war party incites war as well as sympathy for the fallen. These dates in November are a perfect time to remember both the culprits and the victims, so we are encouraging people to observe World Peace Week by intensifying activities to bring an end to war.

      The next meeting of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance is November 15th from 7 pm to 10 pm at the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 530 Lake Park Avenue (between Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue) in Oakland (a short walk from the Grand Lake Theater).

      The Tea Party for 911 Truth is on Sunday December 16.

      The 9/11 Commission Report, the Military Commissions Act, the Patriot Act, Presidential Directive #51, the FEMA Report, the continuously revised and delayed NIST Report—this list of attacks on the truth and on our rights and freedoms continues to grow every day, by decree of this administration and with the blessing of Congress. The need to reject this encroachment is even greater than it was last year, and the need for a Tea Party to express our rejection is NOW!

      On December 16 in New England, Boston 9/11 Truth will read a 9/11 Truth Proclamation at a downtown Boston location and publicly declare their demand to reopen the 9/11 investigations. Together they hope to demonstrate to the public that it’s ALL one big lie. The “Tea Party” will then disperse and reconvene near the site of the original 1773 Tea Party at the Evelyn Moakley Bridge, and ceremoniously cast into the sea the documents of tyranny that have been cynically imposed on a terrorized public—the 9/11 Commission Report, the Patriot Acts, the Military Commission Acts, PD51, and others.

      Last year’s Boston Tea Party reverberated around the country, with 9/11 Truth coalitions stretching from Washington DC to San Francisco Bay staging their own Tea Parties. Join us in planning a local event in support of our brothers and sisters in Boston. The San Francisco Tea Party for Truth is being scheduled for Sunday, December 16th (the 234th anniversary of the original Tea Party).


    I must say that I think I am the most disorganized organizer in the world. I can never find a phone number or address when I need it and I am awful at matching volunteers to the tasks needing to get done. I cannot do everything and continually disappoint myself, by not doing all that I mean to do. Since we do so much tabling all the time, I thought I could trust the experienced volunteers to take care of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance table, but the poor volunteer who had never set it up before didn't know what to do and bore the brunt of me "losing it" as I tried to fix the table...

    I was totally stressed out because I felt I had to be in three locations at the same time, and at the same time delighted to see so many friends come, and wanting to be sure people had nametags, and trying to stay on time, as best I could. I hate events which abuse people's time and start really late- it's so unfair especially when hundreds are in the audience. I glanced inside the theater where Janette and volunteers had the reception tables and flowers beautifully under control, the slideshow was running, and August Bullock was singing, then I realized with horror that I was scheduled to speak in one minute, and I hadn't seen Peter Dale Scott, whom I was supposed to introduce.

    I rushed into the theater, made sure Peter was there, and picked up the mike, and welcomed the people patiently sitting in the auditorium. I felt incredibly tongue tied and awed by the audience. I asked who considered themselves to be members of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, and had ever participated in any of our meetings, rallies, or even passed out Deception Dollars. A good number of pople had. I asked how many were at a 9/11 Truth event for the first time and was surprized to see a lot of hands raised, so there were many who were at their very first event which questioned the official story of 9/11. I asked how many people had ever been to the Bioneers Conference. Very few people raised their hands. I told them that it was a wonderful conference with great speakers, but the best thing about it was that the audiences were just as interesting and amazing as the speakers, and that we were blessed to have so many heroes and fabulous people in the audience and suggested that they look around at the people near them, and introduce themselves.

    I hoped that people would stay for the reception afterwards and proceeded to introduce Peter and remember to thank all the people who came and contributed to making the event a reality. (I totally forgot to get people to turn off their cell-phones and all the housekeeping details.)

    When Peter Dale Scott began to speak, much as I wanted to listen to him, I had to get the slideshow turned off, and dashed up to the lobby (which was totally full, and shouted out that the event had started, and that Peter was speaking, and tried to get more people into the main auditorium). Later August Bullock came up to me and asked when he was going to sing. I was shocked because I thought he had sung and was keeping to the schedule. "No," he said, "I was only doing the soundcheck with a Pete Seeger song." By then, there wasn't much I could do other than put him in after the presentation, when we were passing donation boxes and replaying the slideshow.

    At least the ceiling didn't collapse; there wasn't an earthquake, and Peter and Cindy spoke well. Cindy shared her experience of 9/11, including a dream which was a premonition of the events that unfolded. I was glad that Maria Gilardin (my best friend) was recording everything.

    We were so lucky that John Parulis volunteered his equipment, which allowed William to move around in the audience, rather than being stuck on stage behind a fixed microphone. Although he has told his story countless times before, and was incredibly sleep deprived, he mesmerized people with his very moving, detailed account, of his experience.

    KPIX (Channel 5) came and recorded part of it, and filmed it (I'm not sure if and when they showed the footage). Although we didn't pack the theater, we had a 100 invited guests and I would estimate a crowd of between 3 and 400. I'm sure it would have been larger if we had been able to announce the event to the full house that we had on September 11th, but that was when Allen told me that he had double booked the theater, so we weren't able to publicly announce the event until about a month before it happened.

    The only thing I do worse than organizing is asking for money, but when William finished his presentation, I announced that although the event was a benefit for the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, all the donations placed in our boxes would go to William to help him continue to tell his story. Volunteers circulated the boxes.(We received almost twice as much as we generally receive when we have asked for donations- about $1400 which went to William). August sang, the slideshow came up and when the singing ended the reception began. Janette had been worried that we would have too much food; I had been worried that we would run out, so I had baked over 9 batches of five different kinds of cookies and we had more food and drink than the guests desired (or maybe we goofed and should have circulated trays instead of relying on people to help themselves). It was apparent that everyone was enjoying their conversations, which took place everywhere, until we were kicked out by the theater staff who wanted to close up and go home at 11 pm.

    I took William to the Bed and Breakfast place where we were staying, and then drove back to the theater to help finish packing up. People were still engaged in animated conversation outside of the theater when I finally left.

    My husband kindly suggested that I spend the night in Oakland and offered to foot the bill, to spare me the drive home late at night and early the next morning, when I needed to get William to KTVU for a five minute interview at 8 am. This afternoon, I finally heard the phone message that we could have slept another half hour, because they rescheduled us for later. (He was on air between 8:45 and 8:55 am and they promoted his speaking event in Sonoma.)

    William hadn't slept for two nights because the international press was asking his reaction to the verdicts related to the Madrid bombings. He was so tired that he must have forgotten to turn off his alarm and at 5:30 am or so Friday morning it went off. I heard it from my room down the hall, and the proprietor of the Bed and Breakfast must have heard it from downstairs and came up to see what was the matter. William, however, slept through it for two hours, while it gradually increased in volume, and didn't wake up until I pounded on his door at 7:30 am to wake him up for the television interview.

    After the television interview, after breakfast, he did an interview with the largest spanish speaking newspaper in the US, L'Opinion, which should come out on Sunday. He did a half hour interview on a Sacramento radio station, confirmed an interview on Air America with Tom Hartman on Tuesday morning, did an interview with KBOO in Portland. We had less than ten minutes for him to grab fast food at a Mexican restaurant on our way to an interview on KPFA's Flashpoints. It was in Spanish, but he was very happy with that interview. Matt Grantham picked him up there, to take him on to Sonoma, where he was scheduled to give another presentation that night.

    I felt so sorry for him, watching him go through so many interviews and having to deal with so many of the same questions. I cannot blame him for not wanting to do Q & A after each presentation, but preferring to talk to people one on one.

    I told him on Thursday that I could be his chauffeur and secretary on Friday, luckily he never hired me and so couldn't fire me, when Friday morning arrived and I realized that all the critical phone numbers were packed up in the boxes that were loaded into Chuck's car on Thursday night. I don't think I would have survived the event without Chuck's help, in so many ways- from editing and listening, moral support to the hard physical ordeal of carry the bulk of the stuff- tables, tabling stuff, Deception Dollars in his vehicle to and from the event, which gave me room to carry the cookies, ice chests, my luggage, William's luggage and William on Thursday and Friday. I also felt lucky to have the new car that my husband bought me, which is much more ecological, functional and comfortable than the Omni held together by baling wire and luck for 19 years.

    It was really a pleasure and honor to have a bit of time with William and get to know one another better. He gave me a copy of his new DVD "Last Man Out" which is, in essence, the same as his presentation, except it is longer, with more detail, and interesting footage from his travels, New York, and key witnesses, plus Annie Machan, the British whistleblower. I think it would actually be easier for William to show the movie, then do Q & A, but I guess the movie isn't quite the final cut.

    I hope the rest of the tour goes well and that our efforts will help amplify his message, which is also our message to wake people up and inspire them to action.

    It does feel like we might make the curve and I'm feeling exhausted, but also hopeful, and ready to allow others to carry the baton, and show leadership. My family was delighted when I told them that I wasn't going to organize any more events and was going to stop doing the Listening Project, and instead just do the 11th Day of Every Month Visibility Actions, and continue to do the radio show. I also said that I would try to catch up on the housework, mend my quilt which is full of holes, and try to catch up with my own life.

    I still have plenty to do, but maybe I won't "forget to do" so many things, if I don't overcommit, and maybe I will be able to finish some of the projects, articles that I have been meaning to do/write that I have shelved while operating in intense triage mode for so many months/years.

    October 29, 2007

    I've had my hands full organizing the November 1st event, plus we all went to San Francisco for the big anti-war demo on Saturday, October 27th (and got a couple great 9/11 Truth photos in the SF Chronicle) and passed out thousands of cards, dollars... I keep getting new guests for tonight's radio show- so far- it is a Crushing Liberty and Dissent Show with Nikolas Sikelianos,Aram James, Mya Shone, Ralph Schonemann, and Frank Morales. I haven't even had time to think about next week- but I think I'll take a vacation and rerun the World Peace Week Show- after all it will be Guy Fawkes Day. There's just not enought time to do everything and answer all the emails, make all the phone calls, and the website comes last.

    Wednesday will be the 6th year anniversary of my Listening Project.

    October 21, 2007

    My son is home from College and I need to spend time with him and the family, but there is so much work to do, and rifts in the movement to heal. Fortunately, there are some creative people still coming up with great art, music to challenge the powers that be. Martin Noakes who did the great music/video 911 Building 7 is releasing it again on Itunes and hopes it can break into the popular charts. He also sent me a link to another music video-

    New World Order

    By So Out There

    It's well worth watching. A new group in LA has also been doing some great work, challenging Bill Maher and promoting the 11th day actions in Los Angeles at the bluff above the Santa Monica Pier and through the Promenade. I need to recruit them to help us do a promo for the Tea Parties for 9/11 Truth in December, but hey, maybe they are already at it...

    October 19, 2007

    I'm so behind on getting out the press advisories for the November 1st event, although I posted the latest version online if anyone wants to help send it out. I was working with Camille, Kevin Barrett, Sharry Clark, and John Leonard on art for the World Peace Week/War on War Week which is a real challenge via email.

    I was stunned at last night's meeting when I was attacked heavily by Brian Good on the November 1st event AND the Trick or Truth idea, AND War on War Week- because of Kevin Barrett's involvement AND for having Captain May on my radio show. Jeremy Begin took Brian's side and the group voted against endorsing War on War Week and using any of our funds to promote it.

    At the same time they also voted to give an award (publicly if possible) to our wonderful artist Cam, who did the art for the Rodriguez event and has been working closely with us on the "Trick or Truth" "World Peace Week" art and to give her $250. I was also given $250 in donations for radio ads on Air America for the Rodriguez event and they voted an additional $250 towards the ads- and Janette was at the meeting and lots of people signed up to help and volunteer. Dave Heller generously volunteered to make the picket signs for the October 27th rally- so I wasn't like totally beat up and murdered by the group.

    However we wasted so much time- that we had less than ten minutes to discuss the San Francisco Tea Party for Truth and zero time to do any serious organizing/thinking about it, although we were lucky, and a newcomer said he might be able to squeeze a permit out of the National Park Service for the action- which we did without a permit last year...

    Unfortunately, Brian wrote a LONG attack email directed at me and cced to most of the local activists this morning which I was forced to respond to- and ate up much of my precious time. No press advisories were sent out- I missed the big peace rally. I did get a hold of Barrie Zwicker who agreed to be on the next radio show on the "Stopping State Sponsored Terrorism" theme (also the theme of the book he's working on) - which is the theme of World Peace Week... oddly enough Barrie Zwicker's birthday is on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) and William Rodriguez's wedding anniversary is on Veterans Day- November 11th- which is when World Peace Week begins and ends.

    I just hope when I get through this difficult period that I will be able to look back and appreciate the hard lesson that I was forced to learn from this experience, but I'm still in the midst of it, and royally mad at Brian for his incredibly bad judgement, and being so counterproductive.

    On the brighter side, I do appreciate my family and friends more than ever for their understanding, love, and support, and I do hope that the time I spent responding to Brian's accusations might help increase understanding between Kevin Barrett and his accusers and mend some bridges (undoing the damage caused by those who are TRYING to create rifts in the movement and unjustly attacking Kevin Barrett, and Captain May, and I for being in league with those who have created some awful websites and films that target 9/11 Truth activists as members of Al Qaeda- with names, addresses and encouraging people to use violence against them.)

    October 16, 2007

    It has been a very busy week and I can't keep up with all the work on the website- and do my demo, and get out all the invitaions to our upcoming event, plus the press advisories... It was particularly hard last week because I was sick, and still had to take the kids out to get nice shoes and clothes for our friends' wedding last Saturday.

    Eshoo had a last minute Town Hall Meeting in locations far removed from most activists on Saturday afternoon. I had no time to organize anything, but went to the meeting in Redwood City. She did not read or respond to my written questions or the issue that I had hoped to raise (besides impeachment- half the questions were pushing for impeachment). I wrote that Vincente Fox was pushing for the North American Union, that in the documents pushing for it, they said that another 9/11 would be necessary to gain public support for it. The media is silent on it, and I asked her whether she was for or against it. Since she didn't touch the issue, and wanted to close without even addressing it- I interrupted her closing remarks to raise the issue. She refused to answer me, and I marched out (I had to leave anyway to get to the wedding). I did patiently give her one hour and forty-five minutes of my time and the chance to speak her piece, and refrained myself from challenging her on some of her earlier remarks and statements which I found infuriating, deceitful, and misleading.

    Last night's Stopping the Next 9/11 Radio Show looked at the major counter-terrorism exercise taking place this moment in Portland, which we hope won't "go live" but if it did- it would be precisely what the neo-cons need to launch a war on Iran, crack down on dissent in this country, toss out the Constitution entirely, and move forward with the North American Union- complete corporate takeover. Online Journal posted a great piece on the issue by Warren Pease entitled TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08: a view from the "feverish fringe".

    More sobering was a speech given by Ralph Nader Things are a lot worse than we thought! It's just a three minute clip showing that there are ample grounds and support for impeachment. He mentions how a majority of folks in New England where many towns passed impeachment resolutions have been pressuring their Congressman to move forward with impeachment. Congressman John Olver (Democrat born in 1936) vehemently refused, saying that, if they did so, the current autocratic executive branch would launch an aerial attack on Iran, institute martial law, and cancel the 2008 elections.

    Corrupt or scared? Congress is not doing its job. I can understand how they might rationalize their fears, and tell themselves that they are protecting the country from Bush by "making nice" to him and not threatening him in any way which might push him over the edge to mad acts of self preservation and global domination. It takes a lot of spider webs to hold down an elephant (old African proverb).

    I have also been working with some folks on the World Peace Week/War on War Week idea. Camille did some great art for a card that we could pass out:

    We still haven't finalized text for the back. So much to do, and never enough time to do it all! At least I'm better now, but my husband and son were home sick yesterday, and are still recovering from my cold.

    October 10, 2007

    I finally went to the Veterans For Peace meeting last night and they voted to endorse our November 1st event, and they were also interested in working with me on a "Improving Our Communications Skills Workshop," and opening it up to other activists. Our posters have been printed! I'm in the midst of a mailing and need to get the PSA's, calendar listings out by the deadline which is really today. Unfortunately, I am sick, but went to the Listening Project anyway- it was amazingly beautiful despite the morning rains. Back to work. We have 10,000 cards to distribute- so anyone who can help- please let me know!

    October 9, 2007

    I've been way too busy, but lots is happening. It was great to see Cynthia McKinney and have a chance to really speak with her last Thursday. She raised more money than they were aiming for and I think she will run for President on the Green Party ticket. I told her that I would have put her face on the Conception Dollar had she announced last summer- but I put on Cindy for taking her stand against Pelosi. I will print more Conception Dollars for candidates who share my values and will work to change the direction of this country. I mentioned Ellen Brown's work to her and meant to take Web of Debt to her on Sunday, but I actually forgot the book, and a large supply of Conception Dollars. I was running late.

    Friday, I joined World Can't Wait for their ORANGE action at Whole Foods Market, I received from Granny Ruth some great photos of the action, but haven't had time to post them, yet. It takes so much time to do the website- and I have a mailing deadline, and the press deadline coming up. Someone asked me to be on his radio show, and I put it off til November- cause I have so much work to do.

    On Saturday, George Johnson's van broke down, and even though I felt really sick, I emptied my old car and drove to Redwood City and gave him the car. In the process, I discovered that I could fit two of my tables into the new Prius without dropping down the back seat- which is great because it is a logistical nightmare to shlup stuff in and out of the car all the time- especially the heavy tables. So I can leave the heavy tables in the trunk and just have to empty all the boxes, bamboo poles, banners every time I go tabling... now.

    Sunday morning Daniel asked for waffles, and I couldn't say "no" but we were late to scout, set up, at the event. It was a real challenge trying to get out cards on our big event to all the people, at least 1000 people gathered to spell out IMPEACH 4 PEACE in Berkeley. Special guests included Cindy Sheehan, and Cynthia McKinney:

    (Click for more photos)

    An article with photos of 9/11 Truth activists was also posted on 911blogger.com BEACH IMPEACH IV - A great Success

    We passed out the new Dollars and the new cards for the November 1st William Rodriguez event which will also honor Impeachment activists, and hopefully bring the Truth, Peace and Justice Movements together.

    I worked Sunday and Monday on the invitations, guest list, and hope to get out a mailing today and tomorrow. It's just so much work- on top of the radio show, grocery shopping, feeding everyone, and I'm way behind on the bookkeeping and need to get stuff mailed out today to other folks. I just can't keep up with the work, and miss simple things- like getting my walks, playing with the kids when I feel the time pressure burden. I just hope the "crunch" will pass and that I will survive...

    We had a very small number of people show up at our meeting last Thursday and so I feel a lot of weight on my shoulders, I wish more people would volunteer to take on some of the load for the upcoming anti-war rally and the November 1st event.

    Camille made a great graphic for the posters, website, and the postcards:

    I just haven't had time to send it out for people to post on their websites, yet.

    October 3, 2007

    I had a good talk with William Rodriguez this morning, although I was a bit late to Lytton Plaza. A few friends showed up and helped me set up in record time. We were immediately swamped by a large number of interested people, we had some great conversations, a hefty number of donations, although I had to leave promptly at 1 pm to attend a parent-teacher conference. We also had one journalist take lots of photos for an upcoming story on activism in the Peninsula/South Bay. I can't keep up with creating/posting/attending all the events that are happening. There is a lunch with Cynthia McKinney tomorrow in Mountain View- an Impeachment Demo at Whole Foods Market in Downtown Palo Alto from 3-6 pm on Friday, plus the Beach Impeach this Sunday. I just remembered to post Project Censored's Media Accountability Conference on my website, but unfortunately it conflicts with the next major anti-war demo. It's just impossible to go everywhere and do everything.

    However, it does make me feel more hopeful that the movement is growing stronger, and wider, and deeper, and is more unstoppable than ever.

    911Truth.org posted a very interesting article the other day about what happened when Martial Law was imposed in Poland (before Solidarity triumphed) with some great insights and suggestions from one of the key Solidarity leaders, Lech Biegalski. I think it is very important for activists to read and be aware of, because this month could be a turning point- and we might face something like this, if we continue to scare the 'powers that be...' One man, who came by the table today was from Iran, and used to work in Building Number 7; he was very aware of the current political situation, and felt that the US was engaging in a big bluffing game with Iran, but admitted that the Administration might be scared or stupid enough to start something. I quoted Aung Sung Suu Kyi for him- "It is not power that corrupts, but fear -- fear of losing power and fear of the scourge of those who wield it." He asked me to write down the quote.

    It seems like the battle that is going on now, within the individual and collective soul, is the choice between acting out of fear or out of love... acting to protect the small ego/self, or acting for the greater good of all.

    October 2, 2007- Gandhi's Birthday! First international Day of Non-Violence

    It's been so hectic with all the organizing and the radio show- I really enjoyed speaking last night, though, with Robert, Emily and Darryl. It's wonderful to have a radio show, even if it is a lot of work. One of the points Emily and Darryl made last night was the importance of "Listening" and in the CDs that they recommended for me and our group, one of the major points made by the trainer was that leaders are teachers and everyone is a learner and that our natural impulse/desire is to learn/grow/become/by doing and I think what they really teach is how to be "a better learner" so that we can really enjoy life, take advantage of all the learning opportunities thrown our way by the Universe. That's a fancy way of saying- DON'T PANIC!!! It's not a DISASTER- think of it as a learning opportunity- whenever we find ourselves "unconsciously reacting emotionally" to a person/situation...Or how to make lemonade out of lemons.

    Challenges and opportunites abound! I just wish we had more time. Camille finished the art for the cards and posters, and I sent it to the printer. Now to move forward with the press, invtations... (But I also have to do the mundane stuff like laundry, cleaning the house, post office, and my husband bought me a new car (It's actually a very ecological one- I hate shopping- and he chose it.), which means I have to clean the garage (ARGH!!!) and get rid of my old car- which will be a huge pain in the neck...

    Since Jean Luc works at Google, I complained to him about 911Truth.org suddenly disappearing from the Google search engines. I just learned, however, that it wasn't Google's fault. 911Truth.org's website had been hacked. The electronic warfare is increasing. Activists can't keep up against the paid disinfo wackers who are trying to sabotage our sites and set up their peculiar disinfo sites all over the place. I can't even post now on some sites, and get ignored or attacked at the popular- 911blogger.com website. I can't spend 24 hours a day online- or even keep up with this website, but I think that despite the disparity in financial backing and resources, the vast majority, those who really care about life, their families, the future, truth, peace, and justice will triumph over those who rely on fear, terror, war, lies to enrich themselves and maintain their power.

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    I finally got through to Cindy Sheehan's assistant and received confirmation that she will be able to come to the November 1st William Rodriguez event and introduce William Rodriguez. I also spoke with Peter Dale Scott who agreed to come and introduce Cindy Sheehan. Hooray- now we can move forward with publicity, outreach, invitations...

    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    Yesterday was my son- Jeremy's 17th birthday, besides celebrating, I have been working on the November 1st event. Camille has done some great graphics for cards and posters, and we want to get them to the printers tomorrow, so that we could have them by Thursday's meeting. It is so hard sometimes to organize when people do not respond to emails and phone calls.

    At least, I have confirmed guests for my next couple of radio shows. Tomorrow night the show will be on "Telling the Truth" with Robert Shetterly and Emily and Darryl Bouchard. Robert and I have been having a wonderful correspondence since I read his excellent article (Here's an excerpt):

    The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy

      Several years ago I gave a talk on Martha’s Vineyard about many of the people whose portraits I’ve painted in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series. I spent some time talking about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. When I talk about King, I like to focus on his last year — the period when, defying the advice of many of his advisors in the civil rights movement, he spoke against the Vietnam War, equating racism with imperialism. King felt bound to make the point that the forces of capitalism, materialism, and militarism that were driving segregation were also driving the war, and until we confronted the source of the problem, the abuses would continue. It was April 4, 1967, in Riverside Church in New York, that he made that declaration. A year to the day before his assassination.

      It has always confounded me every year when we celebrate Dr. King’s life that no mention is made of that Riverside Church speech in the major media. We are always treated to sound bites of the 1963 I Have a Dream speech. That speech’s oratory is as powerful as it is non-confrontational. Which is why it is re-played for modern audiences. Dr. King was about confrontation. Non-violence and confrontation, each ennobling and making the other effective. In 1967 he said, “… my country is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” And he explained how our economic system thrived on exploitation and violence, or, as Emma Goldman put it, “The greatest bulwark of capitalism is militarism.” This was probably the most important speech King ever gave and not playing it when we ostensibly honor him, is tantamount to castrating him morally and intellectually. Just as there is a long history of White America castrating black men, there is an equal legacy of Elite America cutting the most important truths of our social prophets out of the history books. We pay homage to King’s icon, the cardboard cutout, but not to his strongest beliefs and his most cogent analysis of our problems — to what vision called forth his courage. And, if we think that he spoke the truth, to censor that truth is to promote a curious kind of segregation. He is segregated, not for the color of his skin, but for the accuracy of his perception, how close to the bone his words cut. We can’t bear to hear the sound of truth’s knife scraping on hypocrisy’s bone. Only people who actually want to change the system dance to that music or want it to be heard.

      Equally important, and part of the same neglect, is the intentional ignoring of the facts of his death. In my talk on Martha’s Vineyard I spoke about William Pepper’s book, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, Jr. Pepper had been James Earl Ray’s lawyer. Ray was the man convicted of killing King. But both Pepper and the King family were convinced that Ray was innocent. The King family hired Pepper to represent them in a suit; they asked only $100.00 in damages to clear Ray’s name. Before the trial came to court in 1999, Ray had died in prison. The jury determined that King had been assassinated by a conspiracy involving the Memphis police, the Mafia, the FBI, and the Special Forces of the U.S. Army. Ray, the patsy, had left town before the shot was fired. Pepper had confessions from people involved from each of the organizations named. The verdict was barely mentioned in the U.S. media then and is not mentioned every year on the anniversary of his death. Why?

      After my talk on Martha’s Vineyard a man came up to me and said, “I enjoyed your speech and was with you until you started that conspiracy stuff about MLK, Jr.” I said, “That’s not conspiracy. What I told you are facts.” End of conversation.

      I think we’re confronted with two conspiracies here: one to commit the crime, the other to ignore it even when the facts are known. ( Two sides of the same coin.) The man who accused me of slipping into the neurotic, aliens-are-among-us land of conspiracy nuts was unable to hear the evidence, perhaps because he was so utterly convinced by our government and media that conspiracies don’t exist, people who espouse them are dangerous fruitcakes, and if you begin to think like that, your whole house of cards wobbles then topples. Who wants that? Better a standing tower of marked cards, than having to admit the game is rigged and the ground is shaking.

      America is steeped in conspiracy, and even more steeped in propaganda that discredits those who try to expose the conspiracies. Whether we’re talking about MLK, Jr., JFK, RFK, Iran-Contra, 9/11, or, most importantly, the status quo, anyone who works to uncover the truth is branded a “conspiracy nut” and discredited before any evidence has a fair hearing. The government/corporate/media version is THE VERSION. Anything else is illusory...

    Emily and Darryl I met at the Storyfield Conference and I was very impressed by their ability to communicate. Actually, I felt like the "worst communicator" in the world when I was at the conference and Emily recommended some tapes that they had used with a group to improve their own communication skills. I thought it might be a good idea for the whole Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance to listen to the CDs, together and practice the skills on one another. I just received them and heard the first one. It's really geared towards "Leadership" and was very good. My son, Jeremy, was just voted into a leadership position in the Boy Scouts, and my husband was giving him some pointers on leadership and I think both of them could benefit from the CDs, as we all are in "leadership positions" and have to do "speeches" or speak to large groups.

    I think one of the challenges that the movements for peace, justice, impeachment face is that we are scaring those in power whose power is so dependent upon lies, deception, violence. I don't know what is happening, as far as the next war against Iran, but I do think that the Bush/Cheney cabal would do another 9/11, if they thought that they could get away with it and use it to increase their power in the US and in the rest of the world. I think we're really approaching a tipping point.

    Peter Dale Scott wrote an excellent article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies entitled 9/11 Commission Deception, Cheney's Actions on 9/11, and Why He Should Testify Under Oath. His new book- The Road to 9/11- Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America is out, and I hope he will continue to get good press. At least he is respected by the Left, independent media in general, although I suspect he is ignored by the mainstream press, in general. This month, I am hoping to do press for William and Peter and Richard Gage, while promoting the event on November 1st. I'd love to have them, plus David Ray Griffin on Krasny's Forum, which I think is one of the most listened to programs in the Bay Area, but has been highly supportive of the Big Lie, the official Commission Report...

    However, the more noise we make, the harder it is for the newspapers, television and radio shows to ignore us.

    I would also like to get on my radio show a person named Captain Eric H. May who wrote this article:

    "Amerika Uber Alles" -- Our Nazi Nation

      October 1, 2007
      Peter Guenther's Prologue

      The most persuasive anti-Nazi I ever knew was my mentor, Dr. Peter W. Guenther, who believed that Nazism was monstrous at every level. As a professor of humanities, he thought it was both inhumane and inhuman. As a professor of art history he thought its aesthetics were artless histrionics. He readily granted that his intellectual opinions were molded by his personal experiences. As a German veteran of World War II, he regretted the loss of his youth, the waste of his friends' lives and the devastation that they had inflicted on others. He held Hitler accountable for all of this -- after all, it was Hitler who had drafted them into the war. He had served from 1939 to 1945, from Poland to Norway to France to Russia. He once quipped that before every one of their invasions their leaders said they were fighting for national defense, but after the shooting started every soldier on every side believed that he was fighting for his own self-defense.

      By the time of the Iraq war he was retired from academe, and I was writing military analysis for media. As US forces began storming up the Euphrates Valley in the spring of 2003, hell-bent on Baghdad, we began to discuss the limited American mobilized manpower and materiel, and the overall limitations of blitz tactics. Guided by his insights, I published a then-radical op-ed in the Houston Chronicle that predicted a quicksand war in Iraq, and maybe a world war as a result of it.

      As the easy war promised us by the Bush administration wore on into the summer of 2003, Dr. Guenther and I began to note that there were more similarities between Post-9/11 America and Third Reich Germany than just over-reliance on Blitzkrieg tactics. We finally determined that the two nations were following parallel political courses. Most disturbing for my mentor, who had become a patriotic American citizen after World War II, was the painful conclusion that our American president, with his global war for a New American Century, was just another German fuhrer, with a world war for a Thousand Year Reich. "This is a bad copy of a bad original," he said.

      "Drang Nach Ost" -- The Eastern Offensive

      George W. Bush came into office with a secret war plan and no excuse to implement it -- just as Hitler had come into office in 1933 with the same predicament. Both of them wanted the prize of Middle Eastern oil. In Hitler's case that meant going through "Judeo-Bolshevik" Russia on the way, while in Bush's case that meant going through "Islamo-Fascist" Iraq. In Hitler's case the guiding document was Mein Kampf, while in Bush's case there were two. A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm was presented to the Israeli government in 1996 by American neocons Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and David Wurmser, among others. Restructuring America's Defenses was presented to the American government in 2000. Its arguments mirrored the Israeli document, and had been drawn up by the neocons as well. In 2001 Feith, Perle and Wurmser became key Bush administration members.

      Neither Hitler's nor Bush's plans for world dominance could have been pursued without some good luck, though. Both leaders entered office with over half their nations opposing them, and an avid opposition that wanted to pull them down. Hitler's good luck came with the Reichstag fire, blamed on Jewish Communists, which mobilized his fatherland to rally behind him. Bush's good luck happened on 9/11, blamed on Muslim Fundamentalists, which mobilized his homeland to rally behind him.

      In both cases, their followers smiled at their good luck, and began their new order of things. Hitler quickly instituted an Enabling Act for the protection of the German people, slated for expiration in five years, which was quietly continued. Bush quickly instituted a Patriot Act for the protection of the American people, slated for expiration in five years, which was quietly continued. Hitler created the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) to further protect the German people, while Bush created the Homeland Security Agency (Homeseca) to do the same for the American people.

      "Fuhrer Prinzip" -- The Unitary Executive

      Both leaders were believers in the authoritarian concept. A few weeks before assuming office, Bush said outright that he thought dictatorship would be a fine form of government, if he could be the dictator. They both believed that power should come from above and obedience should come from below, and they offered protection in exchange for loyalty. Thus no one was surprised when Hermann Goering made a fortune helping to run Germany, just as no one was surprised when Irving "Scooter" Libby received a pardon for his pro-Bush political crimes in America.

      Both leaders supplemented their new security police and security acts with concentration camps such as Dachau and Gitmo, initially designed for only a small percentage of national enemies. Both dispensed with international rules and regulations in their treatment of enemies in those installations, and applied a wide variety of innovative persuasive techniques to extract information and obtain confessions. The lessons learned in these proto-type camps proved to be invaluable in later establishments such as Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib.

      Both leaders relied on agreeable legislatures. In Germany the Reichstag cheered enthusiastically as it endorsed the increase in police powers, the reduction in civil rights and the national march to world war. In America Congress did the same things, but in more subdued fashion, even with a show of dissent. In Germany, Hitler declared a dictatorship under Article 48, provided by the old Weimar Constitution for the event of a national emergency. In America Bush recently created National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), thereby legalizing a dictatorship in the event of a national emergency.

      "Gott Mit Uns" -- God's on Our Side

      Neither Hitler nor Bush could have effected their radical plans without a party full of functionaries and a compliant national media, of course. Hitler relied on his "Nazi" party, a word derived from the name of his National Socialist organization. He had a brilliant individual named Joseph Goebbels to control the Reich Propaganda Ministry and rally the public behind Nazi policies. Bush relied on his "Nozi" party, a word derived from "Zionism," with the first four letters Z-i-o-n remixed into N-o-z-i. He had a brilliant cartel of Zionists to control the American Mainstream Media and rally the public behind Nozi policies.

      The greatest accomplishment of both the Nazi and Nozi parties was convincing themselves and their citizens that they were not conspirators of any sort, but rather the victims of an international conspiracy. The Nazi party never tired of saying that Judeo-Communism was the hidden enemy, against which all the powers of a determined fatherland had to be directed, and that they were the targets of anti-German propaganda. The Nozi party never tires of saying that Islamo-Fascism is the hidden enemy, against which all the powers of a determined homeland have to be directed, and that they are the targets of anti-Semitic propaganda.

      The rest of the world didn't buy the pro-war propaganda from Germany's Nazis three generations ago, and they don't buy it from America's Nozis three generations later. The way the rest of the world sees it, what we have been taught to call the axis of evil is not so dangerous to the world as the axis of America and Israel. They see American naval forces massing in the name of national defense against Iran, and they remember Iraq. They see Israeli air forces attacking Syria, and they remember Lebanon. The rest of the world knows who we have become, even if we don't.

      Peter Guenther's Epilogue: He died in 2005, and was followed by his wife Andrea six months later. They had been married for 58 years, and had been American citizens for more than 50. For more about my friendship with them, refer to the first and fourth volumes of my 2003 Iraq war correspondence here.- Captain Eric H. May

      Thursday, September 27, 2007

      On Tuesday, I was riding my bicycle when I was hit by a car. I was uninjured, but my wheel was damaged and I was pretty shaken up by the experience, and have had a migraine ever since. I went to the Listening Project yesterday, and was informed by a friend who came to help me that I was not my usual "chipper" self. So I am behind on the organizing work for my radio show, William Rodriguez's event at the Grand Lake Theater on November 1st... I'm afrad I'll never catch up with this website, but the hardcore organizing that needs to be done takes precedence.

      September 22, 2007

      On Thursday night we held our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting in Oakland. Eric thought we should have been celebrating our great success, but we had a few new people and basically just held our regular meeting, discussing the event, the gaffes we made, how to improve, and expressed our own frustration at our website- which could be greatly improved, but we have no one willing to take it on. I can't keep up my own 3 websites, and many in the group are struggling with their own websites, and they guy who began our sf911truth.org website, lost interest, and let it go. Unfortunately, the group website is now high up google's "9/11 truth" links, but isn't the best reflection of us or the movement.

      Our financial situation has improved with the ticket sales from the 9/11/07 event and we voted reimbursements, honorariums, and replenished our stock of DVDs from Ken and Richard. We also have enough money to move forward with the William Rodriguez, November 1st event at the Grand Lake Theater. There is a great clip of William's appearance on Dutch National TV. William has really helped to galvanize the International 9/11 Truth Movement.

      At the meeting we agreed to do promotion in English and Spanish and to try to reach out to communities that we haven't been able to speak to before.

      Friday was the International Day of Peace (And my eldest son's birthday), the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center organized a vigil at Lytton Plaza where we encouraged folks to call Congress, and had cell phones available to push for cutting off the war funding, and for impeachment. I put up a couple of banners and helped pass out flyers, and Deception and Conception Dollars. The media came, I gave the Dollars to ABC's reporter and cameraman, who filmed me (but I didn't see the news or monitor what made it into the clip or papers). The best coup, was a great Op Ed that Fred wrote on Impeachment entitled Arguments against impeachment don't stand up which made it into the San Jose Mercury News. Also Ben Terrall wrote a piece that appeared on 9/21/07 entitled Where Impeachment is Taken Seriously ... By Everyone But Nancy Pelosi The Streets of San Francisco which talks about the Beach Impeaches and Pelosi's cold dismissal of the will of her constituents.

      September 20, 2007

      Yesterday, I set up my tables, banners and did my usual "Listening Project." I never know who will come by, but I met some great people and had some wonderful conversations yesterday that reminded me of how important it is, just to be there, be visible and create the space for genuine dialogue and such interactions to take place.

      This morning I viewed the video of the 9/9 United for Truth rally in Brussels and was moved to tears by it. What each one of us does is so important, and it is so good to know that consciousness is rising and people are rising up all over the world.

      It is hard to predict the future, but each of us can effect those whose lives we touch. Simple questions, basic truths, fearless courage to note that "The Emperor has no clothes..." inspires others and shifts the field of perception. We cannot let lies, fear, dominate the world, wherever one person or ten or twenty or two hundred or fifty or one hundred thousand gather for truth, peace, justice, we help nudge humanity's direction, away from the abyss, towards evolution, the expansion of life and consciousness.

      September 18, 2007

      On Saturday, I was told at the Beach impeach that there was a concerted effort to fire Dennis Bernstein and get Flashpoints off the air. We gave Dennis a "Heroic Citizen for Truth" award at our June Rally. He has done some excellent programs on 9/11 Truth wih David Ray Griffin and also exposing the "Global Police State" legislation "justified by the bogus war on terrorism." There is supposed to be a rally in support of Dennis Bernstein and Flashpoints at 2 pm, today, Tuesday, September 18th at 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley. I have a ton of work to do, but I'm tempted to go. KPFA is so far away that I have managed to avoid most of the mahjor battles over the direction of the station- I have always had too many other issues to shoulder and have never relied on them to break a story or issue. However, listening to KPFA and NPR on my long car rides, I have been struck (horrified really) to hear some of the limited debates which support an utterly criminal regime, to my mind and give cover to the aspiring politicians like Obama and Hillary who are clearly in the corporate/military camp and are a threat to this nation and the world (as much as Cheney/Bush are- since they are currently not opposing them on any, but the most superficial levels.)

      I sent out an email to the Northern california 9/11 Truth Alliance and hope some other folks will show up to help Dennis and Flashpoints out- there are so very few courageous voices standing up to the big lies- we need to support them.

      September 17, 2007

      Saturday, September 15th, 2007, while over 100,000 people converged on Wshington DC for Truth, Peace, Impeachment, in the Bay Area, about a thousand people gathered in Crissy Field to spell out:


      Others gathered in the People's Park in Berkeley for a more traditional anti-war rally with speakers and music.

      I brought the banners, Conception and Deception Dollars and a 9/11 Truth contingent formed a chunk of the H and the O. The photos, videos look great, but sadly the media ignored our action, and really basically ignored the mass mobilization in DC, as well. NPR did a totally lame story on it, narrowing the debate between the sold out "Move-On" fake opposition, and the Committee to Reduce the Escalation in Iraq (or some such ridiculously titled official Democratic Party mild opposition to the size of the war- which failed utterly to address the basic immorality and criminal nature of the war or how Congress had a duty and obligation to cut funding for it). All the more reason for us to become the media- their omissions and distortions of key issues is one of the prime reasons humanity is in its present state of crisis.

      After the action at Crissy Field, I headed north to join friends for dinner and an evening concert with David Rovics in Bolinas, where Ponderosa Pine, Bonnie Faulkner and I also had an opportunity to say a few words. Ponderosa was one of the original folks on one of the first 9/11 Truth email lists and has supported the movement and global transformation since he became politically awakened (like me in his early 30's). He had been living in Thailand and just returned to the US last May. After the concert, we headed home and had a great conversation late into the night. The next morning we conitinued the conversation and went on a couple of little hikes around Bolinas. I had a chance to talk to David candidly about 9/11. It was amazing how subjected he was to the government attacks on the movement and how little he knew about "our side"- he never even heard of William Rodriguez, but accepted the DVDs I gave him graciously, and I think he might actually watch them, and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of what we have learned since 2004, when he sang for us at the first International Inquiry into 9/11.

      It was delightful to stay in my friend's home (although they were in DC filming the IFG's big Teach-in: Confronting the Global Triple Crisis - Climate Change, Peak Oil, Global Resource Depletion & Extinction). I made some new friends and caught up with old friends of mine, which was a real treat, expecially since I was missing out on the trip to Yosemite with Jean-Luc and my kids. I also left a couple stacks of the latest issue of the Dollars in Mary Beth and Jim's place, since I featured their website on the new Conception Dollar: www.eon3.net (The Ecological Options Network).

      Time to get back to work!

      September 14, 2007

      A damning clip came out on CNN on September 12, 2007 entitled 9/11: The mystery plane. The plane is identified as an E4B state of the art- Flying Command Post, nicknamed the "Doomsday plane." The Pentagon says it is not a military plane. Hamilton dismisses the obvious "Inside Job" thesis as preposterous. There's a snapshot of the 911Blogger.com webpage discussing the plane.

      Despite the official denials, it is a very damning fact that shows how untrue the official narrative is to any who can think rationally and critically.

      We did fail to plug the Beach Impeach III event at Crissy Field at 1 pm- on Saturday at the Film Festival, but I hope people will come. We will table at Crissy Field and pass out our new "Impeach Cheney First!" Dollars. I think we should aim for the H again. If you come, bring plastic to lay on- as the grass can be quite wet. I'll bring our 9/11 Banners and signs.

      September 13, 2007

      I didn't have a camera, nor have I found time to write up the events of the past week, but Camille and Bonnie both posted articles:

      9/11 Truth Festival presents the case for an "unimpeachable" investigation into 9/11

      Grand Lake Theatre 9/11 Truth Film Festival A Huge Success!

      And there was a hit piece (with photos) of Saturday's 9/11 Truth/Impeachment/Peace Rally posted at-

      9/11 Truth March and Power to the Peaceful Festival
      San Francisco, September 8, 2007

      The woman who took the photos and wrote the hit piece article thinks that we are insane. She also doesn't think we are at war with Iraq- and she thinks we're the "zombies!"

      We did no real organizing or outreach for the rally/march and knew that the turnout would be small, which is why we wore the costumes- to just draw more attention, and make it easier to pass out the thousands of cards for the 9/11 Truth Festival. (We discovered in Palo Alto and Mountain View that it was a lot easier to pass out flyers in costume- and people loved the superhero costumes).

      I know that I have tried to do too much, and have done a poor job of balancing being a mom, journalist, organizer, publisher, distributer, treasurer, cook, chief bottle-washer, laundress, and I'll have to give up something, and do a better job with fewer tasks to juggle, but it is hard to let go of all the work that seems so urgent. There is a meeting tomorrow at Eshoo's office, and I'm wondering if it would be possible to give her any information that would penetrate her corporate consciousness. Saturday there is the Beach Impeach III and I've been invited to speak a bit at a David Rovics Concert in Bolinas. I can't resist doing the political work, but will miss the trip to Yosemite with the family (and the Boy Scouts).

      There is so much concern over another "nuclear 9/11" which we'd like to prevent, but I can't go into "panic mode," especially with Jean-Luc's dad and my mom's husband both in serious condition in hospitals, Jules's and Jeremy's 17th & 19th birthdays coming up, watching my kids grow up, and leaving home now, reminding me of the extraordinarily rapid passage of time, and how brief our lives are.

      September 12, 2007

      Our 9/11 Truth Film Festivals went really well and last night we filled the Grand Lake Theater. My thanks to all the volunteers, organizers, Bonnie and Allen Michaan, the film makers, and especially to Jarek, Jodie, and Joseph who came all the way up from LA to do a special preview screening of The Reflecting Pool which was very well received. Unfortunately, I didn't get out of there until 12:20 am and had a hard time getting up at 7 am this morning- to take care of the kids and reload my car for the Listening Project. I stopped at the bank and Post Office (and grocery store) on my way home, to deposit the accumulated cash/checks from the Power to the Peaceful Concert, Deception Dollars, and the tabling/donations from the festival. It does help our almost utterly depleted cash situation- especially since we have the huge bill to pay for the latest Deception Dollars. We took in about $500 last Saturday, $200 Monday, and $1400 Tuesday; I gave a small $200 honorarium to Jarek and Jodie (gas money, really- since they drove all the way up from LA). Hopefully most of the people didn't sneak into the theater for free and we should get some of the ticket proceeds, but I don't know when and how much we will get from that. At least it looks like we will be in the black.

      I was surprized when Gabriel Day showed up yesterday; he returned from New York early and reported that the groups there were not working together well, at all. I must admit that I felt badly at not forming greater coalitions with other groups prior to our events, but I was stretched way too thin, however, we could have done a better job, and totally missed Code Pink's 9/11 event at the Oakland Federal Building that took place yesterday at noon.

      It's just impossible to do everything. I received two emails today from friends who have huge mailing lists over their concerns about the possibility of another 9/11 type event (nuclear) happening this week, perhaps best summed up by Carol Wolman's Op-Ed piece:

      9-11-2007- WHAT'S GOING ON?

        Going into Labor Day weekend, there were lots of rumors anticipating a false flag operation, another 9-11. Trainloads of armored vehicles rolled into Houston. The San Francisco Bay bridge closed for three days. Suspicious activity was reported on ferries in Puget Sound. Ominous civil defense exercises are being held in Oregon, as part of Operation Noble Resolve, which also involves military jets flying over New York. An antiaircraft division is ordered to Washington DC.

        We made it through the holiday safely.

        Then last Wednesday, Congressman Paul Gillmor (R-OH) was found dead in his home. This was reported as a heart attack, until word leaked out that he had blunt trauma to the head and neck. www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20649320/ Now we're being told he fell down the stairs. Gillmor was investigating a series of option trades that are suspicious- someone is betting billions of dollars that the market will fall 50% by September 21st. Even with the housing crisis, it would take a major catastrophe, like a "terrorist" attack, to precipitate such a plunge. As part of his job on the House Finance Committee, Gillmor was investigating this deal. Was he murdered because he was about to reveal something?

        Would this death, on top of the deaths of Senators Wellstone and Carnahan, and the anthraxing of Senators Daschle and Leahy, have a chilling effect on people in Congress? Maybe that's why they're "spineless".

        Now we learn that on August 30th, six nuclear warheads were "accidentally" shipped by B-52 from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. (Five arrived, did one get "lost"? Or is someone unable to count?) This violates all military procedure, which requires that nuclear weapons always be shipped on the ground in the continental US, so that if there's an accident, a bomb detonation won't occur. It would take an order from the Commander-in-Chief to put nukes on a plane. The warheads were reportedly fastened to cruise missiles, which have a range of 1500-2000 miles. Not enough to cross the Atlantic, but enough to hit cities in the US as part of a false flag operation. This scenario is being claimed by "military investigators" on the Hal Turner show, and is making its way around the internet. It's being said the plan was to hit 5 American cities with nuclear weapons over Labor Day weekend in order to install martial law. If so, we have been saved by the grace of God, operating through loyal American whistleblowers, who made the "accidental shipment" of nuclear warheads public.

        Now we are told that the entire Air Force will stand down on September 14th, for overhaul and review of procedures. www.airforcetimes.com/news/2007/09/airforce_aircombatcommand_standdown_070807/ Our skies will be unguarded for a day, and our vulnerability has been announced to the whole world. It's an open invitation to America's enemies to attack us. The last stand-down, unannounced ahead of time, took place on Sept 11, 2001. What's planned for Sept. 14th, 2007? Oddly enough, El Al, the Israeli airline, will not be flying planes that day either.

        What is going on? One of my most anti-conspiracy friends says he believes it's a giant conspiracy. What do you think? and how can we nip it in the bud?

        Let us pray that honest, conscientious, loyal Americans will abort whatever evil plot is in the works, just as someone "outed" the nukes on the B 52 on August 30th. Let us remember that many such evil plots have been headed off- the fourth plane that did NOT hit Congress or the White House 6 years ago (which would have initiated martial law) , the anthrax that did NOT wipe out the whole Senate (thanks to alert postal workers and doctors at the Communicable Disease Center), the lie about "yellowcake from Niger" that was exposed by Ambassador Joe Wilson (at great cost to his wife Valerie Plame, and to all of us who were being protected by her undercover CIA network), and many others.

        What to do? Talk about the Sept 14th stand-down and your suspicions, write about it, protest about it. The truth will set us free. God is with us, with We the People. We are being threatened with great harm by those in power who are supposed to be serving us. If we shed enough light, if we make enough noise, if we love our country and our planet, we will finally be able to overthrow the pirates who have hijacked our ship of state, and bring them to justice.

        Impeachment now!

        In the name of the God of truth and justice,
        Carol Wolman

      The other friend who sent out an alert on this was Tom Atlee, organizer of the Storyfield Conference where I was unable to address the whole group about the 9/11 issue, but managed to get some key pieces into many people's hands.

      September 10, 2007

      The 9/11 Truth Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater has started. I sent my car, loaded with stuff for the event, but stayed home to attend a meeting with Eshoo's staff and do the radio show tonight with Mike Berger and Donna Marsh O'Connor. Tomorrow, I'll go to the Film Festival.

      Meetings with the staffs of Senators and Congressmen often feel like a waste of time, especially when you know that they don't want to look at the information that you are trying to offer them. On the other hand, when they do listen and act on information that we offer them, there is a tremendous potential effect... and certainly all positive changes have been due to the people pressure rather than benign inspiration of the "political leadership." There are some good people in office, as well. Amazingly, we have had some very productive dialogues on 9/11 recently with State Senators from Vermont to Ohio. Maybe if every state pushes for Impeachment- we'll stop those guys.

      Unfortunately, I didn't have time to craft a great letter, but here's my "five minutes before I have to bicycle to the Congressional office" attempt to express my concerns and push Eshoo in the right direction. I also included a print- out of the Declaration of Peace Document, urging her to sign it.

        September 10, 2007
        Dear Congresswoman Eshoo,

        We have been demanding Impeachment since before the Iraq War. There is more and more evidence that those in the White House particularly, Bush and Cheney are a threat to our nation and the world. They haven’t hesitated to subvert our electoral processes, lie to Congress and the American people, champion torture and war. They are practically guaranteeing a nuclear 9/11 and preparing to oust the Constitution and cling to power in the event of an “emergency” that would facilitate the illegal Security and Prosperity Pact that they have been negotiating with Mexican, Canadian, and American business and political leaders. Indeed, as the Project for a New American Century calls for “a catastrophic and catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbour” to further American hegemony, in the documents pushing for a North American Union, the same mentality is expressed, and there are statements that rather baldly recognize that another “9/11” is required, to get support, for the radical changes, a North American Union would impose upon all three nations.

        For the sake of our nation and the world the Bush Administration and their policy direction must be stopped and reversed, not aided and abetted by a timid Congress.

        Please exercise more courage and stop their funding for war, move forward with impeachment, investigate them for the most blatant of their crimes.

        We will continue to educate the public and create a groundswell for politicians brave enough to champion the interests of the people of our nation and the world.


        Carol Brouillet
        Palo Alto, California
        Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

      I neglected to mention "Iran," but others did at the meeting. I don't see how the Democrats can "pretend" that neither Bush nor Cheney haven't committed grave offenses against the Constitution, as well as violations of International Law (not to even mention the treasonous crimes of 9-11). The psychological operations against Congress and us continue to this day. I just got an email about -

        CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden warned of new attacks by al-Qaida:

          "Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U.S. homeland."

        Hayden's unusual public address was made at his request at the Council of Foreign Relations.

        The newly minted CIA chief also took the unusual step of making his appearance in military uniform, though as CIA director he is not on active military assignment.

        Hayden's address appears to be part of a coordinated White House public relations campaign leading up to the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks next week.

      The fear card is being played, yet again. Who's Congress more afraid of? The Executive Branch? Or the people of the world??

      They have caved in so much these past several years, that our hopes of their finding courage and reining in the White House seem rather remote, but I don't think they will do anything unless, we the people, make enough noise and exert enough pressure to force them to take action.

      September 9, 2007

      It is so much work to pull together rallies, marches, a booth, and I feel like I'm in recovery from the effort I put into yesterday's annual 9/11 Truth Rally/March to the 911 Power to the Peaceful Concert where we passed out thousands of cards and Dollars to the 40-50,000 strong crowd.

      Fortunately, the most important thing I learned at the Storyfield Conference was "Radical Forgiveness" so I'm not going to beat myself up for doing a lousy job pulling together the rally and march. It was very small. Bernie came and sang his songs, but we had no prominent speakers- just those of us hardcore 9/11 Truth activists who have been doing the work- and one journalist/photographer from some University or another, covering the event. I just didn't have time to do all the organizing, legwork, outreach to pull off something big. Knowing it would probably be small, Brian and I donned the superhero costumes to add drama/color/draw attention to our rather small march. I don't think we were many beyond 30 people- but we were loud, and sang most of the way. I was glad that some young people were there and we shared the microphone- and I think it was good for everyone to be able to get their voices heard, publicly. We got the usual thumbs up- favorable response from the Haight/Ashbury District and through Golden Gate Park and at the Festival. The costumes helped us to pass out another 4000 cards about the Film Festival- and I had to do a couple film interviews and pose for at least a hundred photos. Ironically, I didn't bring a camera, so I have no actual photos of the rally and march- I just hope some will show up. The hardest thing for me was the cold. I used my satin cape, but the skimpy Wonder Woman costume is really only doable in warm weather. At least the music was good- so I danced to keep warm and spent most of the day just passing out the cards and the Deception and Conception Dollars.

      The great thing (for me) was that I was, at least, able to do the rally, march, and hand out the cards, which would have been impossible had it not been for Chuck and Brian and Scott, Bill, Bob, Camille, and others who helped carry stuff, set-up, minded the table, and pass out cards, too- it really was a group effort. One of us can make a little noise, but together we can have a big impact- I would say we did reach our message to most of the crowd at the Concert- and that we definitely felt our work and efforts were appreciated by most of the public and our fellow activists.

      I still have to unload and repack the car- for Brian who will be tabling at the Grand Lake Theater tomorrow. I will have to miss it- so I can do my weekly radio show. At some point, I will have to choose between the show/the street activism/organizing events/keeping up on the website. It is clearly impossible to do everything, and I'm not finding time to catch up on my reading nor the writing I want to do.

      I just got a link to an outstanding short video The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein based on the book- The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

        About the book:

          "Based on breakthrough historical research and four years of on-the-ground reporting in disaster zones, The Shock Doctrine vividly shows how disaster capitalism – the rapid-fire corporate reengineering of societies still reeling from shock – did not begin with September 11, 2001. The book traces its origins back fifty years, to the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman, which produced many of the leading neo-conservative and neo-liberal thinkers whose influence is still profound in Washington today. New, surprising connections are drawn between economic policy, “shock and awe” warfare and covert CIA-funded experiments in electroshock and sensory deprivation in the 1950s, research that helped write the torture manuals used today in Guantanamo Bay.

          "The Shock Doctrine follows the application of these ideas though our contemporary history, showing in riveting detail how well-known events of the recent past have been deliberate, active theatres for the shock doctrine, among them: Pinochet’s coup in Chile in 1973, the Falklands War in 1982, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Asian Financial crisis in 1997 and Hurricane Mitch in 1998."

      I should read the book. I suspect it doesn't go so far as to say that the US caused the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, or 9/11, but merely capitalized on their "shock value" to push forward brutal shock therapy benefiting the global elite. However, the brutal methods are well exposed in the film and applicable to the infantilized psychological state that so many Americans are stuck in today- so that they can't even conceive that "Papa Bush" might knowingly, deliberately do them wrong. The healthiest thing is to help people get out of shock and grasp with clarity what has happened, is happening, to stop, prevent further victimization.

      September 4, 2007

      Since I was in Colorado all last week at the Storyfield Conference, I am way behind on my work. The new Deception/Conception Dollars were printed and I am shipping some of them out today. We had fun giving them out yesterday at the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love Concert in San Francisco. I need to update my radio show website and do some press for our upcoming Rally/Film Festival... but there are still lots of logistical details to attend to- getting new cards made, bumper stickers, books, dvds ordered, insurance, signs, my regular demo, Thursday's meeting... I wish I had time to write about my experience in Colorado, but will have to shelve it. There is just never enough time to catch up...

      August 23, 2007

      I've been working so hard on finalizing the publishing details for the Dollars, barely finding strength for my Listening Project and the Impeachment Rally/March yesterday (which was really organized by the Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition- a small rally, but much needed- unfortunately Annie, from Annie and the Vets took a serious fall and badly injured her knee- necessitating a trip to the hospital).

      I posted a new page for the Conception Dollar.

      Of greater significance, the CIA inspecter general's Report released on Tuesday, August 21, 2007, is really a damning look at the CIA's role in the September 11th attacks- obscured as much as possible by gobbledygook language. Read the Executive Summary of the Report and a damning review by Kurt Nimmo entitled 9/11 Blame Game: CIA Falls on Its Sword Again. Of course NBC can't just come right out and say "The CIA did it!!!"... They need to sanitize and spin it, so that the report supports the innocent, incompetent, bumbling idiot, less daming image of a well intentioned tool of the benign American Empire bringing Democracy and Freedom to the world, so they just say- Report Faults CIA For Pre-9/11 Failures Finds Tenet, Agency Did Not Adequately Confront Terror Threat.

      August 20, 2007

      I was up very late last night and early this morning working with Blaine on the new bills and figuring out who is going to speak when on tonight's radio show. Michel Chossudovsky just posted an excellent article on the topic- Montebello SPP Summit: Canada's Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America.

      I've updated and added images to yesterday's entry to make it easier for people to see what the new bills look like and figure out how many they want of which variety- so that I will know how many, in which proportion to print. Blaine will upload the art files this evening and we are still making changes and working on these.

      August 19, 2007

      I'm feeling better, but not quite well, yet and have been working all day on the latest Deception Dollar and Conception Dollar, the art is due tomorrow- if we are going to have these printed and shipped in time for September 11th Anniversary events. Blaine hasn't finished all the details and changes, but here are some of the latest drafts-

      New Conception Dollar-Front

      New Conception Dollar- Back

      New Deception Dollar-Front

      New Deception Dollar-Back

      New Billion Deception Dollar-Front

      New Billion Deception Dollar-Back

      If anyone wants these in quantity- now is the time to let me know. I still have to figure out how many to print of each issue. John wants to keep Bush on the Billion Dollar Note, but it will have some other changes on it- bumping and adding a few different websites.

      While I was sick, I didn't manage to get out the usual PSA's and calendar listings and press advisories, calendar listings for our September 11th events. I also missed last Thursday's meeting and someone failed to pick up the 5000 beautiful cards that Cam designed to promote the Film Festival and Richard's talk on September 11th at the Grand Lake Theater- so those didn't get out to everyone. Fortunately Dana picked them up plus the beautiful 250 color posters we had made on Saturday and took them to the Asby Flea Market where Brian, Bill and others were tabling. Cam put up posters in the area around the Grand Lake Theater. Mickey has volunteered to be the distributor of cards and posters at Berkeley City College. [Email him Mickey Huff at mickeyhuff(at)mac.com to arrange a pick-up]. With 250 we should try to get all the colleges/Universities- downtown Berkeley and strategic places in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area- like libraries, bookstores.

      It is so hard to coordinate and do everything. I just can't. I'm just so grateful to people with skills, talents, time and energy who do come forward and volunteer- or nothing would get done.

      August 14, 2007

      Sadly, no one from Portland called in last night on the radio show to speak about the upcoming Terrorist Drill planned for Portland, but there is a new website devoted to the issue- Oregon Truth Alliance.

      I am still finalizing guests for next week's show which will look at the opposition to the North American Union- and the mobilization taking place in Montebello, Quebec where the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the US will be having their summit.

      George Bush is coming to Canada - the Trailer (2007)

      (click to see video- "unwelcoming Bush")

      I also stumbled upon an article written back in June, but highly significant, given the current situaton and the importance of controlling the public mind- particularly in targeted areas.

      Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale
      by Mark Baard
      Published Saturday 23rd June 2007

      An excerpt:

        "The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual "nodes" to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR.

        Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a "synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information", according to a concept paper for the project.

        "SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP)," the paper reads, so that military leaders can "develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners".

        SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.

        Yank a country's water supply. Stage a military coup. SWS will tell you what happens next.

        "The idea is to generate alternative futures with outcomes based on interactions between multiple sides," said Purdue University professor Alok Chaturvedi, co-author of the SWS concept paper...

        The US government appears to be Simulex's number one customer, however. And Chaturvedi has received millions of dollars in grants from the military and the National Science Foundation to develop SEAS.

        Chaturvedi is now pitching SWS to DARPA (www.darpa.mil) and discussing it with officials at the US Department of Homeland Security (www.dhs.gov), where he said the idea has been well received, despite the thorny privacy issues for US citizens.


        In fact, Homeland Security and the Defense Department are already using SEAS to simulate crises on the US mainland.

        The Joint Innovation and Experimentation Directorate of the US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM-J9) in April began working with Homeland Security and multinational forces over "Noble Resolve 07", (www.jfcom.mil/about/experiments/nobleresolve.html) a homeland defense experiment."

      The movie- The Matrix, in light of what the government is up to, is seeming less far out, and more like a frightening prediction of where we are going.

      August 13, 2007

      I have a sore throat and am afraid I'm coming down with something. I've been hacking away at the computer all day, working on the upcoming radio shows, and putting Webster Tarpley's latest missive into html which I posted here-

      Fed Attempts to Bail Out Bankrupt Wall Street Speculators;
      Cheney Demands Staged Terror Attacks, War with Iran

      Helicopter Ben Unleashes Hyperinflation

      August 12, 2007
      Webster G. Tarpley

          By deciding to ante up $38 billion for a hopeless bailout of predatory Wall Street hedge funds and the banks that stand behind them, Federal Reserve Chairman Helicopter Ben Bernanke has placed the bankrupt US dollar on a direct course towards the precipice of hyperinflation. In so doing, he has given new momentum to the backers and controllers of Dick Cheney, who favor an insane flight forward into general war with Iran, deluding themselves that they can thus escape from both military defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and from the death agony of the dollar...

          Back in September 1998, at the time of the Russian state bankruptcy around bonds called GKOs, Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), a Connecticut hedge fund, went bankrupt, blowing a hole of several hundred billion dollars in the world banking system. LTCM used high leverage and the Black-Scholes model to place gigantic bets on currency movements. If Greenspan had not rushed in with billions of Fed money to carry out a back-door crony bailout, the interbank clearing systems of the US, UK, and perhaps Japan – known as CHIPS, CHAPS, and BoJ Net, would have jammed up, and the hearts of the financier universe would have ceased to beat, leading swiftly to world economic chaos and depression. But this time it is not one LTCM, but two dozen highly-leveraged hedge funds which have blown up or are about to. Prominent among them are the so-called quant funds, which bet $10 billion and up on financial fluctuations using computerized predictive models. Prominent among these is Renaissance. The quants complain that their models, which are supposed to incorporate 45 years of market history and experience, are now failing to forecast what will happen next, and losses are mounting. The reason is that we have now encountered a cataclysmic singularity which has not been seen in more than half a century – the beginning of the end of the US dollar. To find a financial earthquake comparable to the present one touching the leading currency of the world, we must in fact go back to the disintegration of the British pound in September, 1931.

          In recent days, reality has filtered through, even on CNBC. Commentators have warned of “systemic risk if a big bank blows,” “the end of the world,” “depression,” “Armageddon,” “panic,” “the Hindenburg” (the dirigible, not the signal), “a return to 1990” (when Citibank was bankrupt and secretly seized by the Controller of the Currency), the crash of 1987, the hedge fund crisis of 1998, and a “credit crunch.” “Bond traders are afraid.” “Wall Street is afraid.” Led by Jim Cramer with his celebrated on-air psychotic episode on the afternoon of Friday, August 3, Wall Street has been heaping insults on Helicopter Ben and demanding that he open the cash spigots, cut the fed funds and discount rates drastically and quickly, and reassure the stockjobbers that back door crony bailouts will be available for all, starting with the too big to fail, like JP Morgan Chase and Citibank.

      On top of this, the folks in Portland are quite worried about a nuclear 9/11 targeting them. They have the only indymedia site with a section devoted to 9/11 truth, hence I usually post articles there and on our local indymedia site. These are just a few articles concerned with a drill taking place in Portland August 20th-24th which they are afraid might go "live" such as the drill taking place on 9/11/2001 and 7/7 in London.

      I sent these links to my historian guests and hopefully we will get some callers from Portland to discuss what is going on now, the historical parallels, how we can prevent history from repeating itself by casting light on the current situation.

      Today's good news is that Karl Rove is leaving his position at the end of the month- like rats leaving a sinking ship, let us hope that more and more of these characters desert the Bush/Cheney cabal, and that others will be afraid to carry out their more treasonous, murderous orders.

      I also got a couple of very sweet emails from Dylan Avery, of Loose Change, in response to my concern about Korey Rowe (and other people's concern as well). he wrote:

        "He'll be ok. Just gotta take care of things. Are you coming to NYC on 9/11 or are you going to DC?"


        "It's funny...this morning I re-watched your confrontation with Phillip Zelikow. That man is guilty as sin and he knows it. You really put him in his place. Congratulations. If you don't mind I'm going to find a spot for that somewhere in the movie..."


        "LC3 is being wrapped up, we plan on having a test screening in NYC and Norway (David Ray Griffin's going to be there, and he requested to screen the Final Cut, as opposed to the Second Edition, so we obliged) for the anniversary, and it should be released shortly thereafter. I believe Alex is planning on premiering his new film on the 10th in NYC with us, but that's still being planned..."

      It's great how each of us can do something and inspire others, and the movement gathers strength.

      Over the weekend I reviewed two books-

      Bearer of Light- A Catalyst for Global Change

      by Paul DesLauriers

      and The American Truth- a novel

      by Nick Shelton

      Both books try to get out basic information about 9/11, in order raise consciousness, mobilize people and prevent those responsible from continuing on their global domination project, but they each take a very different approach.

      Bearer of Light pulls people into a mystical, spiritual, romantic contemporary story, plunging them into a near death experience, reliving past lives. Combining ancient spiritual truths with modern physics and organizational development, the main character takes on a Herculean task of transforming modern corporations and governments, miraculously escaping death from the clutches of his evil nemesis who tortured and killed him in past lives... Unfortunately, if you are not a devout believer in the Holy Bible, the storyline is awfully hard to swallow. The insights, however, which apply to spiritual truths, or the Jesus Code, as the author calls them, and to organizational development, are practically very useful for groups, and personal development. They are explained, along with a handy self survey for groups and individuals to use at http://www.beareroflight.com/bulk.html.

      The American Truth begins with 20 pages of facts (very well laid out for those unfamiliar with them) before plunging into a murder/mystery/suspense/action novel revolving around a Pentagon PR man who lost his wife in the attacks, but somehow finally realized that something was seriously wrong with the official story, and begins digging for the truth. Unfortunately, these military characters who worked at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 are very expendable beings in the new 9/11 Truth films and novels. The government just doesn't want them to talk and is out to get them. They suffer grim fates.

      When I was reviewing the Severe Visibility film, with a similar plotline, my son said, "Well I think he probably meant to get people to take action and do something, but this is probably going to have the opposite effect."

      I wonder what it is that makes some people do something brave and others shrink and remain silent.

      In the first book the parable of the seeds is told- how some take root and grow and others don't survive rocky, unhospitable conditions. I suppose 9/11 Truth seeds are that way, too. Some people are utterly closed and don't want to know anything about it, then there are those who are open and hungry to learn the truth about all things and incorporate whatever they learn into their existence. We just don't know - who, what, when, where, how- our words, actions, and 9/11 Truth materials/seeds will fall upon or have some effect- we just keep trying to get those seeds out there, and the more there are, the better the chances of them taking root.

      There is a great story about Eugene Debs traveling for hours in a snowstorm to give a lecture, but only one person showed up. He gave his lecture. That one person was Susan B. Anthony- who was apparently very moved, and became a powerful leader in the suffrage movement which gained women the right to vote.

      They say that when the student is ready- the teacher will appear (probably because the teacher has been there all along, but the student finally notices and starts to pay attention- raise questions- open himself up). The principles of open space, the conference that I will be going to this month are very Zenlike in that sense. They are:

        1) Whoever comes is the right people.
        2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
        3) Whenever it starts is the right time.
        4) When it is over it is over.

      August 10, 2007

      My body hurts from working at this computer way too long- and I still haven't done 50% of the work that needs to be done- especially with deadlines coming up for the newsletter, the Deception Dollar, and the press/publicity work for our big events next month and the last minute August 22nd Impeachment Rally in Palo Alto. Again, I feel like an awful bottleneck with more coming to me than I can disseminate in a timely fashion.

      I did post a short article on August 6th -

      Speaking for 9/11 Truth- August 6, 2007, Before Arrest at Livermore Labs

      I also posted -

      Interview with Jarek Kupsc, Writer, Director, Actor in The Reflecting Pool

      I also received two books to review, and a great article -Air Defense Response- September 11, 2001- which looks at Robin Hordon's contribution plus other key points to make a compelling case for how September 11th was engineered from within the US government- and things that no Al Qaeda operatives could possibly have done to thwart a response from NORAD on 9/11/2001.

      Back to work...

      August 6, 2007

      I've been so busy. I was up at 5 am to get to Livermore Labs in time for the speeches, remembrances, civil disobedience. I picked up Tian Harter on my way. It was extraordinarily cold for August (I was shaking with cold) and perhaps the smallest gathering that I have seen. We grabbed one banner and one 9/11 Was an Inside Job sign and hurried to the West Gate. Ed Rippy was getting sound for radio. Gordon Wright helped me pass out Deception Dollars and 9/11 Fact Cards. There were lots of police and press, great speeches and songs. People layed down in the road and their outlines were chalked in memory of those incinerated 63 years ago. A air raid siren sounded to mark the event, followed by a long minute of silence. In addition to the main speakers, there was an open mike and many who wished to say something. I had planned to write a 3 minute speech- and I even worked on it and an article that I had hoped to have printed and to pass out today, but neither were finished with all the other stuff that I have had to do. So, I just spoke from my heart. Here's a paraphrase of the gist of it:

        "I speak for truth. Sun Tzu wrote thousands of years ago that "War is based on deception." The largest deception being the self-decption of rulers that they are superior to everyone else and have the right to kill and control others. We entered World War II on the basis of a deception. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were deceptions, too. They didn't drop the bombs to end a war, but to launch a new war of terror against all people- the Cold War.

        The war on terror is a fraud. It is a war of terror against all of us, the entire planet. It has never been criminally investigated. The director of the 9/11 Commission was Philip Zelikow who co-authored a book with Condoleeza Rice and wrote the "Pre-Emptive War Doctrine." As Pearl Harbor was used to create the National Security State; 9/11 is being used to create a Global Police State. Now they are promising us a nuclear 9/11, if it happens it will be by the hands of those who did 9/11. We need a real investigation.

        Aung Sung Suu Kyi wrote: "It is not power that corrupts, but fear -- fear of losing power and fear of the scourge of those who wield it."

        The global elite are afraid of us, the world's people, and afraid of the truth. They use terror and fear to try to control us. The only antidote to fear is courage. I hope that the peace and justice movements will join with the truth movement. War relies on deception. Truth can stop war. We need the truth and courage.

      I then went to the side of the road where people were laying down to block traffic, in anticipation of being arrested. I lay down and someone chalked my outline on the pavement. Eventually when everyone had laid down and been chalked we gathered in front of the gate and held one another and began singing "We will not be moved." The police warned us several times that if we did not disperse we would be arrested. With all their fancy riot gear, they surrounded us. Then in three groups they marched in taking us one at a time into Livermore. They placed our stuff in plastic bags, frisked us, handcuffed us, put us on buses, took us into pens, then took off the handcuffs, then wrote out tickets for each of us. They goofed on the tickets. Some had court appearance dates and some didn't. Eventually, they crossed out all the dates, and we all knew that we would not be compelled to go to court ("Don't call us- we'll call you" kinda message...)

      I can't imagine being arrested with a nicer group of people, Daniel Ellsberg was the most famous one with us. Usually, I have too much stuff and am too busy to get arrested, but today I had time. Tian didn't mind waiting for me and the whole arrest probably took less than an hour.

      I'm trying to finalize the program for our upcoming -

      Click for details and film schedule

      I hope also to find time to buy groceries and feed the family before tonight's radio show with John Perkins and Jarek Kupsc- writer/director of The Reflecting Pool, both Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp will be coming for Special Preview Screenings of their new 9/11 Truth feature Film in September-

      July 30, 2007

      I ended up hosting our Northern California Truth Alliance Retreat at my house on Sunday, which meant I spent more time baking fresh fruit pies, and meals than facilitating, but we had some great people at the gathering and did get through of most of our agenda. I'm still in the midst of organizing- making phone calls, answering the phone, updating my websites, scheduling my radio show guests and figuring out the program for September 11th. I wish there were more hours in the day. Paul DesLauriers also called me today, regarding organizing and will send me his new book- Bearer of Light; we had a great conversation discussing organizing and I will probably get him on my radio show, after I read his book. It's just hard to keep up with all the good books that are coming out and the articles/speeches I need to write, in addition to pulling together events and the next Deception Dollar.

      I did enjoy and was inspired by last night's radio show with Tom Atlee, Founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, author of The Tao of Democracy and Peggy Holman, author of The Change Handbook,
      both are organizers of this August's Story Field Conference.

      July 25, 2007

      The sun shone today, and many people came to help me at the Listening Project. There is so much organizing going on, at so many different levels. I've been struggling with pulling people together for the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Retreat. We were going to do a 2 day retreat this weekend in Mendocino, but for technical and logistical reasons, we changed our plans, and will just do a one day retreat at my house (at least I don't have to drive). Hopefully, we'll be able to work up a plan, enthusiasm for the next couple of months activities, and do some serious long term thinking, as well.

      I got blasted for an email that I sent out which included my recent letter to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (on the East Bay Impeachment list for being too vague about my sources). For those who think I am too vague about the current political climate and want sobering facts/analysis. Here are links to three articles which, I feel, back up the concerns that I hinted at in the latest letter to Eshoo:

      Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
      From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps
      that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms.
      And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all

      Tuesday April 24, 2007
      The Guardian

      Operation Falcon and the Looming Police State
      By Mike Whitney

      De Fazio asks, but he's denied access
      Classified info - The congressman wanted to see government plans for after a terror attack
      Friday, July 20, 2007

      The producer of the popular 9/11 Truth film Loose Change, Korey Rowe, was arrested today by the US Military for Desertion. We should make as much noise as possible to protest his arrest and demand his release. Alex Jones covered the arrest at prisonplanet.com, and includes an interview he did last year with Korey, and useful phone numbers for activists to call in support of Korey and to show that we want the military to let him go.

      July 23, 2007

      With all the work I have to do, I must admit that I did flake out over the weekend to spend time with family and friends. (Unbelievably, my 18 and 16 year old sons even asked me to wake them up at 6 am on Sunday to join me on a 10 mile hike in the hills, after complaining that they would have gone with me on the same hike Saturday had I just woken them up.) I'd hoped to organize a last minute Impeachment Rally/Action for today while I was at my friend's birthday party yesterday (She is an activist, and on the Board of Veteran's for Peace). Most of the people at the party were activists- including the Raging Grannies, and Annie and the Vets, but we were having such a great time- and celebrating Sharon Kufeldt's 60th Birthday- which seemed more important, at the time, than just bringing down the current criminal regime.

      Today in DC, Cindy Sheehan and others will be rallying, marching, taking action on John Conyers' office, which they plan to occupy, until he moves forward with impeachment. I still have a stack of impeachment petitions to deliver to Eshoo's Office, but I haven't organized an action for today- I just have been too busy, to do everything, and I still have so much work to do, taxes to get done, the calendar to update, a radio show to produce (Tonight's show will include a report form DC on the Impeachment events from Matthew Sullivan). I wish there were more hours in the day.

      Congresswoman Eshoo knows how I feel about Impeachment, so I think that I'm the last person that she will listen to, but a groundswell of other voices, besides mine- might have an effect. She is close to Pelosi, who has balked on the issue, as well. They will only cave in to massive public and media pressure.

      July 20, 2007

      A rare "summer storm" doused the Listening Project on Wednesday. I had baked cookies, bread rolls, loaded the car, and just was amazed that the sky "spitted" or "sweated" (you couldn't really call it rain- it was so feeble and light) for 20 minutes, I finally gave up and went home and back to work...Thursday, I went to Oakland for our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, and to discuss our upcoming retreat- where we can hopefully strategize and plan in greater detail our upcoming events, and figure out a schedule for September 11th at the Grand Lake Theater. Richard Gage wants to present and Ken wants to premiere his new film (which he hasn't made, yet- of David Ray Griffin Debunking 9/11 Debunking.) I'd like to share the new feature films with the group and see if we could premiere them, or choose the best of the 9/11 Truth ones that have been made, and intersperse the films with good speakers.

      I refused to be scared at this point; I am so tired of the "looming terrorist attack" that we are continually threatened with, but I did get a particularly grim email today, regarding plans to crush domestic dissent with the US military, and the latest Bush seizure of power to quell opposition to the Iraq Folly/Occupation.

        Baghdad, 13 July 07: “Yesterday, one of my good friends from another office was telling me they were going to start issuing armored vests to us office types because of the growing danger from mortars. We are being shelled daily and, like everything else, casualties are way underreported . But more important than the flak vests was a file he had copied out and which he gave to me to smuggle out of the country. As I have said, we have strict censorship here on all incoming and outgoing snail mail, email, phone calls and so on. This report is so serious I am making a précis of it and am even now sending it around to various news outlets, both Stateside and elsewhere. I have my sources and believe me, the CIC people here are so stupid they couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the bottom.

        It states that because of “growing popular unrest in the United States, caused by the prolonged war in Iraq .coupled with obvious Congressional inaction,” the U.S. military has drawn up plans for combating domestic U.S. civil insurrections. This is not a theoretical study but a very specific one. Units to be used domestically are listed in detail as are detention centers, etc.

        As a result of this, plans are now in train to segregate, retrain and reequip certain anti-insurgent U.S. military units now serving in Iraq and to prepare them for quick transfer back to the United States for use "as needed" The Pentagon command believes that such civil insurrections are not only a possibility but a very real probability in the event that the President and his advisors maintain their present course vis a vis the Iraqi war.

        It is interesting to note that "foreign intelligence representatives, now active in the United States” (read Mossad) are to be subject to “arrest, confinement and eventual deportation to their country of origin."

        The report and several attached ones, run to almost 900 pages and cannot be put up in their current form. However, I will list some of the more important data here:

        Classification: Top Secret-Noforn as of 1 June 2007

        Distribution Restriction: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD contractors only to maintain operations security. This determination was made on 1 June 2007. Other requests for this document must be referred to (redacted)

        Destruction Notice: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document. ….

        This publication uses the term insurgent to describe those taking part in any activity designed to undermine or to overthrow the established authorities……

        Counterinsurgency is those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency (JP 1-02). It is an offensive approach involving all elements of national power; it can take place across the range of operations and spectrum of conflict …

        In dealing with the local populace, the primary aims must be to:

          •Protect the population.
          •Establish local political institutions.
          •Reinforce local governments.
          •Eliminate insurgent capabilities.
          •Exploit information from local sources.

        An insurgency is organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict (JP 1-02). It is a protracted politico-military struggle designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control. Political power is the central issue in an insurgency.

        An insurgent organization normally consists of four elements:

          Combatants (main forces, regional forces, local forces).
          Cadre (local political leaders that are also called the militants).
          Mass base (the bulk of the membership).

          A perceived serious potential of dissident American groups rising up against constituted authority has been clearly identified by counter-intelligence agencies.. The stated cause for such an uprising appear to be growing dissatisfaction with the course and conduct of the war in Iraq, the chronic inability of Congress to deal with various pressing issues and the perception of widespread corruption and indifference to public needs.

          The support of the people, passive or active then, is the center of gravity. It must be gained in whatever proportion is necessary to sustain the insurgent movement (or, contrariwise, to defeat it). As in any political campaign, all levels of support are relative.

          Insurgent movements begin as “fire in the minds of men.” Insurgent leaders commit themselves to building a new world. They construct the organization to carry through this desire. Generally, popular grievances become insurgent causes when interpreted and shaped by the insurgent leadership. The insurgency grows if the cadre that is local insurgent leaders and representatives can establish a link between the insurgent movement and the desire for solutions to grievances sought by the local population

          Insurgent leaders will exploit opportunities created by government security force actions. The behavior of security forces is critical. Lack of security force discipline leads to alienation, and security force abuse of the populace is a very effective insurgent recruiting tool. Consequently, specific insurgent tactical actions are often planned to frequently elicit overreaction from security force individuals and units.

          Insurgencies are dynamic political movements, resulting from real or perceived grievance or neglect that leads to alienation from an established government.

          A successful counterinsurgency will result in the neutralization by the state of the insurgency and its effort to form a counterstate. While many abortive insurgencies are defeated by military and police actions alone, if an insurgency has tapped into serious grievances and has mobilized a significant portion of the population, simply returning to the status quo may not be an option. Reform may be necessary, but reform is a matter for the state, using all of its human and material resources. Security forces are only one such resource. The response must be multifaceted and coordinated, yet states typically charge their security forces with “waging counterinsurgency.” This the security forces cannot do alone.

          These imperatives are—

            · Facilitate establishment or reestablishment of a ‘legitimate government’.
            · Counterinsurgency requires perseverance.
            · Foster popular support for the incumbent US government.
            · Prepare to perform functions and conduct operations that are outside normal scope of training.
            · Coordinate with US governmental departments and agencies, and with vital non-governmental, agencies.

          Urban operations.

            · Protection of government facilities.
            · Protection of infrastructure.
            · Protection of commercial enterprises vital to the HN economy.
            · Protection of cultural facilities.
            · Prevention of looting.
            · Military police functions.
            · Close interaction with civilians.
            · Assistance with reconstruction projects.
            · Securing the national borders.
            · Training or retraining a national military police and security force.

          Establishing and maintaining local government credibility.

            · Contributing local government is both tangible and psychological. Local security forces must reinforce and be integrated into the plan at every stage.
            · Facilitate and use information and intelligence obtained from local sources to gain access to the insurgent’s economic and social base of support, order of battle, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

          Army forces help local pro-government police, paramilitary, and military forces perform counterinsurgency, area security, or local security operations. They advise and assist in finding, dispersing, capturing, and destroying the insurgent force.

          US forces may conduct offensive operations to disrupt and destroy insurgent combat formations. These operations prevent the insurgents from attacking government-controlled areas.

          There are many organizations and extensive resources available to aid counterinsurgent forces.

          Commanders should not overlook the aid these organizations may provide. All forces assigned an AO or function should determine which departments and agencies are assisting in that AO and coordinate actions so that there is no duplication of effort. Such departments, councils and agencies include—

            · National Security Council.
            · Department of Defense.
            · Department of State.
            · Department of Justice.
            · Department of the Treasury.
            · Department of Homeland Security.
            · Department of Agriculture.
            · Department of Commerce.
            · Central Intelligence Agency.
            · Department of Transportation

          Various governmental departments directly administer or support other governmental agencies. Examples of these US agencies are—

            · The US Coast Guard (under Department of Homeland Security).
            · The Federal Bureau of Investigation (under Department of Justice).
            · Immigration Customs Enforcement (under Department of Homeland Security).
            · Federal Communications Commission

        The proper application of force is a critical component to any successful counterinsurgency operation. In a counterinsurgency, the center of gravity is public support. In order to defeat an insurgent force, US forces must be able to separate insurgents from the population. At the same time, US forces must conduct themselves in a manner that enables them to maintain popular domestic support. Excessive or indiscriminant use of force is likely to alienate the local populace, thereby increasing support for insurgent forces. Insufficient use of force results in increased risks to US forces and perceived weaknesses that can jeopardize the mission by emboldening insurgents and undermining domestic popular support. Achieving the appropriate balance requires a thorough understanding of the nature and causes of the insurgency, the end state, and the military’s role in a counterinsurgency operation. Nevertheless, US forces always retain the right to use necessary and proportional force for individual and unit self-defense in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.

        The media, print and broadcast (radio, television and the Internet), play a vital role in societies involved in a counterinsurgency. Members of the media have a significant influence and shaping impact on political direction, national security objectives, and policy and national will. The media is a factor in military operations. It is their right and obligation to report to their respective audiences on the use of military force. They demand logistic support and access to military operations while refusing to be controlled. Their desire for immediate footage and on-the-spot coverage of events, and the increasing contact with units and Soldiers (for example, with embedded reporters) require commanders and public affairs officers to provide guidance to leaders and Soldiers on media relations. However, military planners must provide and enforce ground rules to the media to ensure operations security. Public affairs offices plan for daily briefings and a special briefing after each significant event because the media affect and influence each potential target audience external and internal to the AO. Speaking with the media in a forward-deployed area is an opportunity to explain what our organizations and efforts have accomplished.

        Continuous PSYOP are mounted to—

          · Counter the effects of insurgent propaganda.
          · Relate controls to the security and well-being of the population.
          · Portray a favorable governmental image.

        Control measures must—

          · Be authorized by national laws and regulations (counterparts should be trained not to improvise unauthorized measures).
          · Be tailored to fit the situation (apply the minimum force required to achieve the de-sired result).
          · Be supported by effective local intelligence.
          · Be instituted in as wide an area as possible to prevent bypass or evasion.
          · Be supported by good communications.
          · Be enforceable.
          · Be lifted as the need diminishes.
          · Be compatible, where possible, with local customs and traditions.
          · Establish and maintain credibility of local government.

      A control program may be developed in five phases:

        · Securing and defending the area internally and externally.
        · Organizing for law enforcement.
        · Executing cordon and search operations.
        · Screening and documenting the population (performing a detailed census).
        · Performing public administration, to include resource control.

      Support to the judiciary may be limited to providing security to the existing courts or may lead to more comprehensive actions to build local, regional, and national courts and the required support apparatus. To avoid overcrowding in police jails, the courts must have an efficient and timely magistrate capability, ideally co-located with police stations and police jails, to review cases for trial.

      Cordon and search is a technique used by military and police forces in both urban and rural environments. It is frequently used by counterinsurgency forces conducting a population and resource control mission against small centers of population or subdivisions of a larger community. To be effective, cordon and search operations must have sufficient forces to effectively cordon off and thoroughly search target areas, to include subsurface areas.

      PSYOP, civil affairs, and specialist interrogation teams should augment cordon and search orces to increase the effectiveness of operations. Consider the following when conducting cordon and search operations:

        Cordon and search operations may be conducted as follows:

          Disposition of troops should—

            · Facilitate visual contact between posts within the cordon.
            · Provide for adequate patrolling and immediate deployment of an effective re-serve force.

          Priority should be given to—

            · Sealing the administrative center of the community.
            · Occupying all critical facilities.
            · Detaining personnel in place.
            · Preserving and securing all records, files, and other archives.

          Key facilities include—

            · Administrative buildings.
            · Police stations.
            · News media facilities.
            · Post offices.
            · Communications centers.
            · Transportation offices and motor pools.
            · Prisons and other places of detention.
            · Schools.
            · Medical facilities.

          Search Techniques include—

            · Search teams of squad size organized in assault, support, and security elements. One target is assigned per team.
            · Room searches are conducted by two-person teams.
            · Room search teams are armed with pistols, assault weapons, and automatic weapons.
            · Providing security for search teams screening operations and facilities.

          Pre-search coordination includes—

            · Between control personnel and screening team leaders.
            · Study of layout plans.
            · Communications, that is, radio, whistle, and hand signals.
            · Disposition of suspects.
            · On-site security.
            · Guard entrances, exits (to include the roof), halls, corridors, and tunnels.
            · Assign contingency tasks for reserve.
            · Room searches conducted by two- or three-person teams.
            · Immobilize occupants with one team member.
            · Search room with other team member.
            · Search all occupants. When available, a third team member should be the re-corder.
            · Place documents in a numbered envelope and tag the associated individual with a corresponding number.


          Screening and documentation include following:

            · Systematic identification and registration.
            · Issuance of individual identification cards containing—

              A unique number.
              Picture of individual.
              Personal identification data.
              An official stamp (use different colors for each administration region).
              Family group census cards, an official copy of which is retained at the local po-lice agency. These must include a picture and appropriate personal data.
              Frequent use of mobile and fixed checkpoints for inspection, identification, and reg-istration of documents.
              Preventing counterfeiting of identification and registration documents by laminat-ing and embossing.
              Programs to inform the population of the need for identification and registration.

            Covert surveillance is a collection effort with the responsibility fixed at the intelligence/security division or detective division of the police department. Covert techniques, ranging from application of sophisticated electronics systems to informants, should include—

              Informant nets. Reliability of informants should be verified. Protection of identity is a must.
              Block control. Dividing a community or populated area into zones where a trusted resident reports on the activities of the population. If the loyalty of block leaders is questionable, an informant net can be established to verify questionable areas.

              Units designated for counterinsurgency operations

                · 115th MIB, Schofield, HI
                · 704th MIB, Fort Made, MD, Collaboration with NSA
                · 513st MIB, Fort Gordon, GA in Collaboration with NSA
                · Arlington Hall Station, VA
                · Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland)
                · US Army Intelligence and Security Command – INSCOM- Huachuca ( Arizona )
                · INTELLIGENCE THREAT and ANALYSIS CENTER ( Center Analysis for threat and Intelligence )
                · 501st Military Intelligence Brigade EAC
                · 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion Exploitation Area

      Michel Chossudovsky has also been writing about this. In his latest posting:

      Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement
      by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
      Global Research, July 20, 2007


        A presidential Executive Order issued on July 17th, repeals with the stroke of a pen the right to dissent and to oppose the Pentagon's military agenda in Iraq.

        In substance, the Executive Order entitled "Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq" provides the President with the authority to confiscate the assets of "certain persons" who oppose the US led war in Iraq...

        Broader implications

        The criminalization of the State is when the sitting President and Vice President use and abuse their authority through executive orders, presidential directives or otherwise to define "who are the criminals" when in fact they they are the criminals.

        This latest executive order criminalizes the peace movement. It must be viewed in relation to various pieces of "anti-terrorist" legislation, the gamut of presidential and national security directives, etc., which are ultimately geared towards repealing constitutional government in the case of an impending "national emergency".

        The war criminals in high office are intent upon repressing all forms of dissent which question the legitimacy of the war in Iraq. The executive order combined with the existing anti terrorist legislation is eventually intended to be used against the anti-war and civil rights movements. It can be used to seize the assets of antiwar groups in America as well as block the property and activities of non-governmental humanitarian organizations providing relief in Iraq, seizing the assets of alternative media involved in a critique of the US-led war, etc.

        In May 2007, Bush issued a major presidential National Security Directive (National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51/HSPD 20), which would suspend constitutional government and instate broad dictatorial powers under martial law in the case of a "Catastrophic Emergency" (Second 9/11 terrorist attack.

        On July 11, 2007 the CIA published its National Intelligence Estimate which pointed to an imminent Al Qaeda attack on America, a second 9/11 which would according to NSPD 51 immediately be followed by the suspension of constitutional government.

        NSPD 51 grants unprecedented powers to the Presidency and the Department of Homeland Security, overriding the foundations of Constitutional government. It allows the sitting president to declare a “national emergency” without Congressional approval The adoption of NSPD 51 would lead to the de facto closing down of the Legislature and the militarization of justice and law enforcement.

      I am going to make copies of these articles and bring them with me when I meet with city officials and the police to complain about their threat to arrest me when I was gathering signatures on my "Impeach Cheney First Petition" at my local park. I want to know where local officials stand in regard to these Federal Decrees- on the side of the Constitution and the American people, or on the side of a criminal government, hoping to cling to power through violence, terror, and fear, through war, and the "criminalization of dissent."

      I do think that many people are afraid of another False Flag operation to persuade Americans to fall in line with the Bush Agenda. People are also afraid of dividing the country and civil war. Our best hope, I believe, is non-violent, widespread opposition to the threats to the constitution and our civil rights, and the world, and for Congress to begin Impeachment proceedings to halt these guys and reverse the policies of the past several years.

      July 17, 2007

      I don't think that I will ever catch up with my life, my mail, my e-mail, all the things that I have started and hope to finish someday. The past week, I've been just trying to catch up with the basic houshold demands, the radio show schedule, and working with the organizers of the upcoming Story Field Conference. I have been amazed at the emails, news, of the past week- what has come out, and what has "not been said." Google has been holding a series of forums at their Mountain View office, where my husband works, for all the presidential candidates, including Ron Paul who also spoke last Sunday at the Mountain View Charleston Park. I attended the rally with 4-500 other people) and was very impressed with some of the things he said (which I agreed with) and awed at the silence on my issues- "9/11 Truth and Impeachment" which were not mentioned at all, although I had great success passing out Deception Dollars and gathering signatures on my impeachment petitions at the rally.

      Last week two articles were sent to me-

      Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

      By Henry Makow, June 29, 2007

      And a lengthy transcript of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense's radio show.

      Here's what I learned about Fulford:

        His great grandfather was George Taylor Fulford, one of the richest men in the world, was the largest single shareholder in General Electric. He was going to finance free-energy wizard Nikola Tesla, but was murdered by the Rockefellers in 1905 in a fake car accident. Fulford claims the family fortune was stolen by the Rockefeller Cabal.

        Benjamin Fulford, former Asia Pacific Bureau chief at Forbes

      From Y. Yamamoto's posting on TokyoFreePress

        "I first got to know of Benjamin Fulford when I somehow came across his book titled Say Good-bye to Zombies (Kobunsha, March 2006). I found the main part of this work so truthful and revealing that I asked the author for a sit-together. He complied with my request on the condition that I read his most recent book 9.11 Tero Netsuzo, or 9-11 Hoax Terror in my tentative translation of the title (Tokuma Shoten, July 2006), in advance of our meeting. That's how we met on August 21 to talk over the issues Fulford took up in these controversial books.

        "Fulford's Bio

        "Benjamin Fulford was born in Canada in 1961. He majored in comparative literature in Tokyo's Sophia University, and then went on to attend the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He came back to Japan in the late-1970s to settle down here and joined Forbes magazine. When he was Asia Pacific Bureau chief of the publisher, a deadly virus epidemic broke out and quickly spread all over the world. The Asia Pacific Bureau chief somehow got wise to the fact that the one who had created the particular computer virus was working for an anti-virus software company. But that software company happened to be one of the major advertising clients for Forbes. His big scoop was aborted when the headquarters in New York City turned it down. He made up his mind to submit his resignation. This is how he became a freelance journalist several years ago.

        "Two important books on Japan published to date this year

        "In Say Good-bye to Zombies, he calls Japan a kleptocracy hijacked by a host of zombies. Although he isn't very clear about who are zombies and who are not, his merciless revelation of the truth about the "Iron Square" formed among politicians, bureaucracy, business, and yakuza is compellingly convincing. That's what made me think he is a person to watch, despite the fact that the solution part of the book is not quite impressive.

        "9-11 Hoax Terror is a 409-page book written based on a substantial amount of research. Fulford theorizes here that 9-11 was a hoax plotted by the military-industrial complex and Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. According to the author, the American conspiracy can be traced back as far as to 1898 when America launched an attack on the Spanish colonies in Latin America on the pretext of the sinking of the battleship USS Maine, which later proved a fake as late as in 1975. In the concluding chapters of the book, he expresses his hope that the Japanese will be among the first to wake up to the reality of the conspiracy. Furthermore he speculates that they will then act like the Japanese cartoon superhero Ultraman to thwart the evil ambitions of the American imperialism. So, the questions I wanted to ask the author in person all came down to this: "What exactly makes you think the zombies will be among the first to wake up to the crisis of mankind, and act accordingly, i.e., emerge as a savior of the world?"...

        "Throughout 9-11 Hoax Terror, he repeatedly refers to the serial movie, Matrix. According to him, this near-future film series depicts people who are forced to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, in the face of the devastation caused by a nuclear warfare (or an environmental destruction?). If one takes a dose of the blue pill, he remains unaware of the devastation, and thus sits on his ass just awaiting the doomsday, whereas one who picks the red pill wakes up to what has actually happened while he was in a hypnotic state caused by the political sandmen, and gets on his feet to prevent the ruin of mankind, if ever he is strong enough to face up to the reality."

      A friend of mine made these comments on the Fulford interview:

        Well, we listened to the whole interview when it came out, and it was definitely.... interesting.

        If I didn't know what I do, I think it would have been a struggle to take what he said at face value. After all, one must always consider the possibility that any type of unusual public statement is an attempt at 'muddying the waters'. This is particularly true of many websites related to the so-called 'Illuminati' - e.g. garbage like http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_satanic_bloodlines.htm or http://www.illuminati-news.com/illuminati_organization_chart.htm.

        Yet while I may not agree with every point of his analysis of the 'big picture' or of the 'attitude' prevailing 'in Japan', I deem that he believes he is telling the truth as he sees it. As such, if there IS any attempt to muddy the waters here, my guess is that he is not privy to that attempt. Moreover, my take is that that interview was not really aimed at 'convincing' anyone anyway. It was what he stated - a public warning to those who already know what he was talking about. Sort of like a modern personal ad, you know the kind which was in former times used to anonymously transmit messages to others.


          - His credentials stack up. He was in a position to know the people he claims he knows.
          - His information about the history of the Qinghongbang (the Chinese secret society that he refers to) is accurate as far as I can assess.
          - I personally see no strong evidence for a Rockefeller-Rothschild split, but then again, I am no expert. I certainly would guess that the Rockefellers are ultimately first row front boys for the Rothschilds.
          - I suspect that the numbers of nips who are 'in the know' are considerably lower than he implies, but I certainly could not supply even estimates.
          - It would have been swell if he could have cited some evidence for the manufactured nature of SARS, but then again, I don't think he was talking to the 'uninitiated' in the interview.
          - If he is not being fooled here into a large-scale water-muddying excursion, then I would have to say that this is the first serious challenge they have had in a long long while.... being cowards at heart, what will they do??? OK, Putin is a minor threat, but he's only one guy and an open target. It's all he can do to avoid being assassinated - much less threaten others. They rule by intimidation of the Bush-level public elites and are very unused to anyone having the nerve to actually attack THEM. I look forward to searching field reports for signs of a reaction....

      I certainly hope there is a split within the ruling factions, simply to give those at the grassroots the opportunity to come together and seriously challenge them.

      Impeachment also broke through the mainstream media barrier on local television in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as nationally on Bill Moyer's Journal. I actually watched the broadcast live (a rare occurence, believe me!) It was shocking to me how they could ignore and not mention the articles of impeachment introduced by Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich, as if those Congresspeople never walked the face of the Earth and didn't exist. They also gave veracity to the bogus "war on terrorism" in an offhand manner. That's what drives me nuts- the acceptance of the "Big Lie" to win incremental progress in raising public awareness, ever so gradually...

      People keep talking to me about "strategy" and the reason for not speaking the "truth" and alienating those who haven't quite figured out what is going on, but it still irks me. I know my job is to create the giant sea of support, so that leaders feel "safe enough" to speak the "truth" someday...

      I had Blaine Machan, John Parulis and Paul Cross on the radio show last night, all artists, really, trying to raise consciousness on 9/11 Truth. We also sought input for the new Deception Dollar which Blaine is working on now- and we hope to get out before the next anniversary of the attacks. There is a convergence of movements going on and next week's show will look at the Impeachment/9/11 Truth activities taking place in DC (There is a big Impeachment Rally/Action planned for July 23rd) with Rock Island Free Press Editor Matthew Sullivan. I'll also be interviewing an old CIA op, Robert David Steele, who I ran across amongst the participants in the Story Field Conference, but also is starting up a weekly radio show on We The People Radio Network.

      Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance is also working on a newsletter, for our members, and to pass out at the upcoming September 11th events. We will be having a meeting Thursday and are hoping to have a weekend retreat July 28th/29th up in Mendocino to make our plans and strategize our short and long term activities/goals.

      July 11, 2007

      I got up early to load my car and set up for the Listening Project and the Impeachment Rally. Brian helped me and brought the large Deception Dollar banner which he and Joni used when they held the Listening Project, in my absence. University Avenue had finallly opened (after the fire/crime investigation had shut it down) and there were people about. Unfortunately, only a few activists, my regular supporters, came for the rally. Chuck brought his I-pod so we were able to play our excellent collection of 9/11 Truth and Impeachment songs- but we didn't bother with speeches. The table was more or less swamped with interested people and we had some very good conversations throughout the day. I hadn't made any great impeachment fliers, and it seemed like we could be more effective staying at Lytton plaza than marching up and down University without relavant handouts. "Next time we'll be perfect." said Brian, again... Next time, however, we will have to post the rally on the calendars, do some outreach, publicity, get out press releases and have some decent fliers. The size of a turnout doesn't really depend on the strength of the issue, but the time and effort that goes into organizing it. I still feel passionately about the importance of Impeachment and 9/11 Truth, but must admit, that I am human and do need a vacation- and summers are generally earmarked for the kids and family activities. They will put up with me being away one day a week, but It is harder on the family when I also have "more" to do like the radio show and monthly rallies and other events...

      I do love some of the conversations I get to have with people visiting Palo Alto who come from all over the world. We share what we know and they share their nuggets of insight, wisdom, experiences and the dialogues are often very rich. Although I have a dozen books to read and essays/articles to write, one guy recomended the "best book he has ever read to us entitled- "The Paradigm Conspiracy: Why Our Social Systems Violate Human Potential -- And How We Can Change Them " which I just ordered and looks like a very useful book when You are in the midst of challenging the dominant institutions that are trying desperately to control the public mind.

      July 10, 2007

      I had a mini-vacation over the weekend and still haven't had a chance to catch up, let alone do the organizing/outreach/publicity for tomorrow's Impeachment Rally- it is not even listed in my events calendar or on Indymedia.org. However, I did bake cookies, start the dough for the bread rolls and intend to be at Lytton Plaza tomorrow with the ingredients necessary for the Listening Project and a Rally/March. One other major hindrance has been the fire that occurred downtown, while I was away. Streets have been closed; the papers report that it looks like arson; the downtown businesses are suffering, and our usual march route has been cut off by the "crime scene." So tomorrow may bring very few people to Lytton Plaza.

      On the other hand the national movement for Impeachment is growing. New Yrk has finally got a NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative for an honest, independent investigation of 9/11 to create a new Commission chosen by independent researchers, not the government. The work really has to be done by New York City residents, but I support their effort.

      A music video of our June 13th Impeachment Rally was posted by Brain Phreak. I like the song (Impeach Cheney First by Bill Oliver), but I think we have better photos and video to draw from than the ones that he used. I just don't have the technical know how- and I haven't had the time to start doing video editing, but I think I have enough raw material...

      I registered for the Story Field Conference and am looking forward to it. There are so many dots to be connected in shaping a better narrative to serve life rather than a corporate elite clinging to power through the use of fear, terror, and war. I want to be sure than 9/11 Truth is included... I invited dear Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) to be a guest on my radio show the other day, and he was to busy finishing up a new book he is writing, but might also come to the conference- I hope so, as he is one of the Truth Movement's best allies.

      The radio show is taking up such a huge amount of my time and energy. I have a stack of books to read to prepare for future shows. There is so much I don't know. There are so many issues- and all inextricably connected.

      New documents have come to light on the North American Union through the Freedom of Information Act and the Corbett Report. Here is an excerpt from Corbett:

        The most startling passage of the document concerns the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), which the minutes themselves note was a "body created by Leaders in 2006 to give the private sector a formal role in providing advice on how to enhance competitiveness in North America." The idea that business interests are really in control of the process is suggested in the following passage:

          Exchanges following a formal presentation of the [NACC's] report uncovered frustration relating to the private sector's seeming inability to influence the pace of regulatory change "from the bottom up."[...]The subtext was clear: in the absence of ministerial endorsement, bureaucracies are unlikely to act on the more challenging recommendations.[...]The complex and far-reaching nature of the recommendations suggest that governments will need ample time to review and consult internally — and trilaterally — but it seems clear that the NACC will be looking for an early commitment to moving forward quickly.

        This shockingly candid passage makes it clear that the business interests are actually in charge of the process, giving the politicians marching orders and demanding that these orders are followed, and followed quickly. Perhaps this is not surprising when one discovers that the SPP in fact did not start life as a governmental "dialogue" at all, but rather as an initiative launched by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCOCE) in January 2003. According to the CCOCE's own documents Council members comprise the CEOs of 150 leading Canadian businesses which "administer in excess of C$2.1 trillion in assets, have annual revenues of more than $500 billion" and, it seems, have a number of ranking governmental officials from all three North American nations in their back pocket.

        The other worrying news to come out of the meeting minutes is the revelation that Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day proposed at the meeting "the establishment of a coordinating body on Emergency Management" which like all other SPP initiatives will drastically curtail democracy in each of the three countries by leaving vital matters of national security in the hands of unelected foreign nationals and bureaucrats...

      July 6, 2007

      I have been on vacation with the kids the past couple of weeks, and it is wonderful to learn that much has happened to advance the movements for truth, peace, justice, impeachment while I was away. The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference was a success; at the US Social Forum resolutions for Impeachment and 9/11 Truth were passed; in Philadelphia and Los Angeles on July 4th, the emergency anti-war/9/11 Truth gathering was well attended and the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center launched. More and more people, even some of the press, are supporting impeachment, even Move-On is beginning to Wake-Up.

      Last night I went to San Francisco for our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting and we voted to budget $2500 towards edition #10 of the Deception Dollar (we're almost completely out of them), and still trying to decide what changes/improvements to make. We also want to have a strategy/planning retreat to figure out what we'll be doing in August/September and beyond. Kris Milligan (Publisher of Trine Day Books) called to let me know Wayne Madsen will be in California in August, and William Rodriguez is planning a tour as well- and we need to decide which events/films/speakers we want to put our time/energy/efforts into showcasing.

      Jeremy Begin's book is finally in print:

      Although it is not exclusive to 9/11 Truth, it does a good job of painting an overview of where we are now historically. It doesn't have much humor, but the illustrations are very good, although I can't say that I'm all that wild about the cover.

      I have a lot of catching up to do and although "refreshed" by the vacation, I still feel overwhelmed at all the tasks on my plate.

      June 19, 2007

      Last weekend, I went river rafting with the kids and the scouts. It was Father's Day on Sunday, so after the river trip, I chauffeured everyone home, did four loads of laundry, cooked dinner, baked a fresh peach pie, discovered the phone answering machine had died- destroying all phone messages, and that my friends had no clue on how to post articles on Indymedia. I was so tired that after I botched a couple of postings (forgetting to click on the html box), I gave up on work and went to bed. On Monday, I tried to catch up on work and couldn't resist checking out a highly recommended online video called- Zeitgeist which was an excellent deconstruction of the major myths of our times- Religion, 9/11 and the Monetary system. The problem with it- is that it is 2 hours long, and the first 3 minutes are just sound- no images. I didn't have the patience for it the first time that I tried to see it.

      In 1984, I was in London doing research on a metaphysical movie project, and I learned that big chunks of the Bible were lifted out of ancient Egyptian teaching texts. Zeitgeist clearly shows how the Bible and other myths are really descriptions of the voyage of the sun through the zodiac, and not based upon physical people or actual events. It is very well done and convincing. An online source which hints at what is expressed very well in the film is at


      I know many people believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible and could be upset by this film, which challenges not just Christianity, but an array of religions that have similar central myths. What I liked most about the film was the conclusion which presented the "Fear or Love" choice that lies before us, at this moment in time, and perhaps with everyone, at every moment in time. To me the choice is clear- let us fearlessly love the moment, our families, our friends, humanity, our freedoms, and champion truth, justice for all, and not cower in fear from those who seek to own and control the material world for themselves, regardless of the cost to others.

      It was a pleasure last night speaking with Michel Chossudovsky and Maria Gilardin (on Questioning War- Organizing Resistance) both of whom I could spend hours on the phone with- so the time flew by. A caller asked Michel if he agreed with an article posted on globalresearch.ca that stated the US was entering into a Depression. Chossudovsky answered that "Yes the American economy had already collapsed." He pointed out that at the time of the Depression, the rhetoric was much like today's, and that it was not acknowledged publicly for several years well into the Deppression/crisis. However the current Depression is not confined to the US, but is a global one. Maria provided her own keen insights, as well, particularly the history of Fast Track and the expiration of Bush's authority to hang onto it beyond this month, and how 9/11 was used to push "Free Trade" in the WTO Doha Round in November 2001.

      This month there is so much going on, in terms of protests, conferences, and activism, but I feel ready for a real vacation and plan on visiting family. Jean-Luc has less of an option and less vacation time, now that he is working at Google. I am going to try to return in time for the 4th of July and Boy Scout Camp, but much will depend on the kids and whether I can help Daniel get over the cold he acquired on the river trip.

      One of the more profound insights I learned from the scouts, is that one of the hardest things for a "leader" to do is keep his hands in his pockets, and allow others to learn to do things on their own- without direct assistance. It's good to see so many people taking leadership positions, and taking on various important work within the 9/11 Truth Movement. I'm so glad that I can take a break, and know that the movement will continue to grow and flourish without me.

      June 15, 2007, 5:27 pm

      In the process of posting this- I got a bunch of photos of our-

      Impeachment Rally on June 13th

      June 15, 2007

      I'm embarrassed to admit that with all the fantastic photo opportunities that we had at Wednesday's rally; I forgot my camera and don't have a single photo. I did write a report about it, including a couple of great speeches, but I am hoping to get some photos soon- and then I will post the report.

      It has been a very demanding week for me, with very little sleep, and lots to do. The other "things I forgot on Wednesday" were a case of Deception Dollars, sunscreen and it was a very hot day. I got sunburned, and either heatstroke/sunstroke/dehydrated or a combination of those and yesterday I was simply in recovery mode. When we arrived to set up at Lytton plaza early Wednesday morning (for the Listening Project, as well as the rally), and evironmental group was posing with pinwheels planted around all the trees. A photographer from the Palo Alto Weekly warned me that our event conflicted with numerable graduation ceremonies. My sons both celebrated their last day of school June 14th (Daniel graduated from Terman Middle School)- which is one reason I put so much effort into the rally. With the kids home this summer- we will be doing a lot of family trips and i won't be able to do as much organizing/activism during summer break.

      Many friends came to the rally, which, I think, was a success. There was some press there- the largest Chinese newspaper in the US covered it, and the local Foothill College, but none of the television networks or local papers. We, however, took lots of video footage and there were lots of photographers and hopefully some good synergies, music videos will come out of it- with new collaborations between activists, singers, video producers, photographers...

      This week I also learned that the 9/11 and the Media Conference will probably be postponed to January. I also was invited to another conference whose intention is this:

        We believe that changing the stories of the defining culture is a key to the social transformation of humanity now at hand. Our intention is to gather a diverse group of creative artists, media people, thinkers, and doers engaged in story-work to share our stories of what we are doing and learning in our own work, to deepen our collective insights into the story change process, and to grow the relationships of new alliances.

      I agree and I think changing breaking the "myth" of 9/11 has to be included in that story, so I am hoping to go to-

      The First Annual Story Field Conference

      "Invoking a New World through Story"

      a pioneering interdisciplinary gathering

      of storytellers, artists and experts

      August 26-31, 2007
      Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado

      I told my husband about it. When I turned 40, I had a party which involved a circle, lots of dialogue, a talking stick, facilitated by Tom Atlee (one of the organizers of this conference) a good friend who taught me a lot about process and facilitated the first Gathering to Transform the Global Economy. At that birthday party, my husband spent at least 6 hours washing dishes. This year, I will turn 50 and I was thinking of having another birthday party with a similar theme and structure... but Jean-Luc (perhaps in hopes of avoiding another 6 hours of dish-washing suggested that the conference might be a good gift to me from him...) I just got the green light from my son, too (who shares me birthday). So I think I will try to go.

      I received this from friends today which is actually one of the most hopeful articles that I've seen:

      "What happens if the president of the EU tells US citizens to go sign the Kyoto treaty for themselves and 20m Americans do? It would have no legal standing - but what does the president of the US do?"

      Internet spells end for political spin, says US web guru

      Tania Branigan, political correspondent
      Wednesday June 13, 2007

      Guardian Unlimited http://politics.guardian.co.uk/print/0,,330018750-110779,00.html

        Internet activism is spelling the end for the age of spin, the online campaign guru Joe Trippi will warn British politicians today, suggesting that the rules for dealing with "old media" no longer apply.

        "The game has changed in a way the top needs to understand," he told the Guardian.

        "It may take a disaster: a leader saying something ridiculous in an unregulated moment, thinking no press are there, and then realising a person in the UK with a video cellphone could destroy you, [with the clip] getting passed through social networks.

        "Before TV, what mattered was how your voice sounded. Then with TV it matters what your candidate looks like ... Anybody can fake it on TV: all the Joe Trippis and Alastair Campbells get really good at making sure our guy looks great for the eight seconds that are actually going on the news.

        "We are now moving to a medium where authenticity is king, from what things look like to what's real ... You have to be 'on' 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

        Tony Blair yesterday attacked the mainstream media as a "feral beast" which requires new regulation and lamented his lack of success in bypassing it through websites and press conferences.

        But Mr Trippi believes the influence of the established media is waning and argues that politicians must allow activists to build their own online communities, not simply use the net to disseminate information.

        He argues that, in an age of declining deference and empowered individuals, most voters will trust the opinion of peers who endorse a politician much more than a "top-down" message.

        Rather than encouraging politicians to say one thing in public and another in private, this shift makes it pointless for them to try.

        Platitudes will simply bore people, but the public will learn to filter out trivial gaffes: voters are unlikely to tolerate evidence of racism, but may learn to accept that senators occasionally drop off in hearings, for example.

        But the switch will be particularly hard for incumbents, he suggested, who have to abandon the tactics which have made them successful.

        "Parties that have had iron-clad message discipline - in the US, the Republican party and in the UK, Labour - have a tougher time," he warned.

        "Command and control ... [is] a disaster in the peer-to-peer social network world."

        Mr Trippi will today address MPs and other campaigners on the changing face of politics at a meeting in Westminster organised by the social networking group Bebo.

        He was hailed as the man who reinvented campaigning after using the net to build an unprecedented grassroots movement around Howard Dean's bid for the 2004 presidential nomination: creating an official blog, raising huge amounts in small donations and using Meetup and other social networks to allow volunteers to organise themselves.

        "The candidate lost, but the campaign won," argued Mr Trippi, who has now joined the John Edwards campaign.

        "Most people think: 'My £10, or my four hours in my neighbourhood, can't make a hill of beans in this big mess of politics.'

        "They come to realise that if 300,000 people put in £10 [or their time] we can change the whole country."

        Labour's deputy leadership candidates have begun to learn his lessons - Jon Cruddas has posted videos on YouTube; Alan Johnson is updating supporters on his whereabouts via Twitter - but Mr Trippi suggested that the UK faces particular challenges.

        Set election dates in the US make it easier to build momentum in the run-up to polling day.

        "What I see happening [here] is people saying, 'Let's try this on the net,' when the election is going to be in 60 days.

        "Then [they just assume] it doesn't work like it does in the States. The party that pushes through that and understands that the future is bottom-up and that continues through false starts will be the party that destroys other parties over the long haul.

        "The parties are also stronger here organizationally; they're top-down [from the leader] ... There's almost a feeling that 'we don't need riff-raff telling us what to do'."

        Mr Trippi argued that the parties had to learn to utilise the networks created by supporters, rather than corralling activists into party structures.

        "Social networking is building an army of Davids. You don't want to be Goliath. So how does Labour or the Conservatives provide slingshots for the armies out there who want to do something on climate change?" he asked.

        "What happens if the president of the EU tells US citizens to go sign the Kyoto treaty for themselves and 20m Americans do? It would have no legal standing - but what does the president of the US do?"

      The big question is determining what is true and what is authentic. In an era where images can be manipulated, voice can be simulated, where those who control the technology can control access to information, there is an enormous struggle being waged over the multiple ways that people can communicate directly, as well as via the larger commercial megaphones, which shape peoples' worldviews, and their confidance in public and private institutions. Who will the majority of people believe is telling the truth?

      June 10, 2007

      The good news is that Congresswomen Lynne Woolsey, Barbara Lee, and Yvonne Clarke have co-sponsored House Resolution 333. This is significant because Woolsey and Lee are co-chairs of the Progressive Caucus. The bad news is that in my home state of California a horrendous prison expansion plan was passed- the largest prison expansion in the history of the United States. This is one reason, I am reluctant to recite the pledge of allegiance with its "liberty and justice for all" line when I know how enormous the human and environmental toll is from the war-mongering, dissent crushing apparatus that is expanding.

      I got an email this morning alerting me to Project 28 and the Arivaca Tower a militarization of the border project under the "Real ID Act" which is a further erosion of our rights and a threat to everyone.

      Saturday, Brian and I donned our superhero costumes, again to flyer in Downtown Palo Alto and were very successful, passing out ALL of the hundreds of fliers Brian printed. I had to take a few hour break in the middle of the afternoon to attend a double Eagle Scout graduaton ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony- the kids and speeches were great and I think Brian's idea of a giant sign with an eagle clutching an Impeach banner in his claws is a great idea. Since my husband hates politics, and is very active in the scouts with my 3 sons; I didn't bring my fliers to the event. However, I had some good conversations with parents and leaders who were very open to and interestd in my impeachment and 9/11 Truth work and loved my T shirt which bore the Orwell quote- "To Tell the Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit is a Revolutionary Act."

      I just wish there were more hours in the day to do all the work, and find time to play, eat, sleep, and all those other delightfully human activities. I found a new impeachment song- "Impeach Cheney First by Bill Oliver, and worked on lyrics for the one we began at the last rally.

      June 9, 2007

      On Thursday night at the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting which was well attended by "old faces"- everyone knew one another - we actually got a lot accomplished and voted $700 to subsidize John Wright, Cosmos, Ken Jenkins, hummux's expenses/conference fees for the upcoming Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, and will help get Peter Dale Scott to and from the San Francisco airport- so that he can speak there. We voted $100 for the rental of Humanist Hall, to sponsor the Bob Bowman event this Sunday at 7 pm. We voted an additional $4-500 for awards/honorariums/lunch for Aaron Dames, Dennis Bernstein, Jim Hoffman for our upcoming Impeachment Rally, plus $200 to retroactively pay for the mailing that Brian and I did for those events. Bernie volunteered to film on Wednesday. Cosmos spoke about the action at the press outlets on Monday morning, June 11th- which many of us will attend and Brian agreed to get the replica there.

      We also discussed the new film Severe visibility which will premiere at the Grand Lake Theater in August, and all the events this summer/September and the need for a real newsletter/mailing in mid-August. Aaron is organizing lots of library showings of 9/11 films this summer, and I've been too busy to update all the events of July on my calendar. Ken and John gave an update on the David Ray Griffin tour in the Northwest which went very well, but complimented us on having a more functional group dynamic than other groups. When the meeting ended at 10 pm, people went into lively socializing mode and were merrily conversing when I had to play "mom" and kick everyone out of the room at 10:45 pm- because I had to get some sleep to get my kids out of bed for school on Friday morning. I gave Scott abunch of stuff to table for the group at the Oakland Bowman event. (Thursday we also got out press advisories to our list. Friday I posted articles.)

      Friday, Brian and I, in costume, leafletted the downtown Mountain View area before joining everyone for the regular Impeachment vigil at Castro and El Camino. Afterwards we went to downtown Palo Alto, which was "the happening place"- we quickly drew lots of attention, including from a Marine in full dress uniform who argued at length with Brian attracting a large crowd. Most people approved of our action, complimented us, took photos, and occaisionally signed my impeachment petition (I was given a new pen when my pen ran out of ink...) We're thinking of doing more leafletting there today- since mayor and councilmen are having a rally at Lytton Plaza today and the evening scene should be even more lively.

      The imperative for impeachment looms greater than ever. I just got this aricle:

      Was Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran?
      by leveymg

        This isn't good news.


        I’ve been writing for over a year now that the Joint Chiefs have been blocking the White House’s efforts to expand the war to Iran. No matter what you might think of Gen. Pete Pace, this really is TERRIFYING news, unless you crave a wider war in the Persian Gulf and South Asia.

        Pace has been the most visible symbol of the push-back within the military against the Long War.

        George W. Bush, in effect, just fired the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, USMC. This is unprecedented, as it is the first time the JCS Chair has not been reappointed.

        Pace's replacement will be Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Mullen, if the Senate approves his nomination.

        The Admiral appears to be a much more convinced true-believer than Pace. Mullen was quoted in an address earlier this month to naval personnel: http://starbulletin.com/...

        "The enemy now is basically evil and fundamentally hates everything we are -- the democratic principles for which we stand ... This war is going to go on for a long time. It's a generational war."

        Read that again. Mullen says he thinks we're in a Long War with Evil. Who does that sound like? Click the link above and take a look at Admiral Mullen. That man, if confirmed by the Senate, will have all of our lives in his hands. Is he the man you want to have that responsibility? You do have a say in that - let your Senator know what you think.

        When Pace goes, there may be a further shake-out of the Joint Chiefs to remove the other top brass who have reportedly opposed the Surge into Iran. I am afraid that may leave it all in the laps of Congress.

        Either the Senate Democrats get their act together, block this appointment, AND get on with the overdue job of Impeachment, or we should be ready to start losing more American cities.

        If you liked the preventable losses of the WTC and NOLA, you're going to love the impact of the next act of malign incompetence of the Bush-Cheney Administration. If you liked the optional war in Iraq, now appearing on Central Stage, global war with Iran and Shi'a Islam.

        By the way - a war with Iran still doesn't make any military sense. Least of all for the troops on the ground in Iraq, who will be facing an uprising by at least 60 percent of the Iraqi population, which is Shi'a. Maybe, just maybe, Congress understands that. Our Senators can show their understanding of this issue by denying the Admiral's confirmation.

        Blocking Mullen and Impeaching Bush may be the most important things we ever do.

        FYI: The term of the next Chair starts October 1.

        That doesn't give us much time.

      I don't think we should operate in "panic mode" and hate to use fear to propel people to action, but I do think it is up to "we the people" to rein in this criminal government which seems hell bent on expanding an unpopular war into an unprecedented catastrophic war. There's a short damning video on who controls the media which focuses on the Council on Foreign Relations. Until people realize who the mainstream media is serving and how it actually threatens humanity's interests in favor of the corporate elite interests, and we (ordinary people who oppose corporate control over every aspect of our lives) are able to organize effective communications and mobilize opposition to thwart their plans, the future looks rocky at best.

      We are, however, part of the global majority and the struggle is going on throughout the world. In Germany at the G8 summit, police provacteurs are trying to make opposition to corporate rule look bad, but more and more people are waking up to who the real problem is:

      June 6, 2007

      Yesterday, Brian and I worked on producing and mailing 500 postcards on the upcoming events for Bob Bowman and our Impeachment Rally. Today, we tabled in Downtown Palo Alto, and I'm still trying to catch up on phone calls and the website.

      Cosmos is back from his whirlwind three week travels and trying to organize his show, the Bowman event in Oakland on the 10th, a press conference (sort-of) on the 11th of June. He also will be at the regular meeting tomorrow night and will accept a Heroic Citizen's for 9/11 Truth award on Wednesday, June 13th, at our rally. There are just a zillion logistical details that I need to take care of, in addition to the press work, and getting up posters... Mike Baldwin sent me some very nice photos of our last rally-

      Raging Grannies, August Bullock(Superman), Spiderman, Cynthia Papermaster, Brad Newsham, Jacob Clapsaddle, Don Spark, Yoda

      I added his photos to the "Impeachment" page.

      Today I received a couple of articles which make chilling reading and clarify our dire global situation-

      Financing the Imperial Armed Forces
      A Trillion Dollars and Nowhere to Go but Up

      By Robert Dreyfuss

        "Democratic criticism of administration policy in Iraq looks muscle-bound when compared with the Party's readiness to go along with the President's massive military buildup, domestically and globally. Nothing underlines the tacit alliance between so-called foreign-policy realists and hard-line exponents of neoconservative-style empire-building more than the Washington consensus that the United States needs to expand the budget of the Defense Department without end, while increasing the size of the U.S. Armed Forces. In addition, spending on the 16 agencies and other organizations that make up the official U.S. "intelligence community" or IC -- including the CIA -- and on homeland security is going through the roof."

      Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End to Occupation
      By Raed Jarrar and Joshua Holland

        Without the cover of the U.N. mandate, the continued presence of coalition troops in Iraq would become, in law as in fact, an armed occupation, at which point it would no longer be politically tenable to support it. While polls show that most Iraqis consider U.S. forces to be occupiers rather than liberators or peacekeepers -- 92 percent of respondents said as much in a 2004 survey by the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies -- the U.N. mandate confers an aura of legitimacy on the continuing presence of foreign troops on Iraq's streets, even four years after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

      It's heartbreaking to see the false choices we are given- between Democratic or Republican warmongers- between a U.N. or U.S. occupation that both serve transnational oil interests.

      The veil is getting thinner. A reporter was arrested for trying to raise a 9/11 question to the Guiliani camp in New Hampshire. Try as they might to shut us up and keep us from asking questions, people are waking up.

      June 4, 2007

      On Friday I posted my blurb on the Interview with Paul Cross which generated lots of interest and responses, and my essay on Impeachment Not Appeasement. Brian and I donned our costumes to join the folks in Mountain View for their weekly Impeachment Vigil. We had the big Impeach the Terrorists! banner. 101 was closed and the traffic was very heavy on El Camino (where we were, at the intersection with Castro). Unfortunately there was a 3 car pile-up. I hope it wasn't our fault- but the costumes, banners and signs sure drew attention off the road.

      Over the weekend, I couldn't resist going with my kids and the boy scouts on a 25 mile and a 50 mile bike ride (even though I should have been putting up posters and doing the mailing). I knew the kids only need one 50 mile ride to get their bike merit badges and it was a spectacular ride across Dumbarton Bridge, all the way to the hills on the other side of the valley. (I didn't want to miss it!) The back of my T-shirt has my favorite Orwell quote

      "To Tell the Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit is a Revolutionary Act."

      And the bumper stickers on my bike seat say-

      Bush is LYING
      about 9/11 and the War

      Impeach the Terrorists!


      At least, I got the message out, even if I was, just, having a good time.

      I had another long talk with Paul Cross and watched Severe Visibility again last night to clarify some issues and concerns about him, the film and the website that had come up. He did grow up in a Republican family and did undergo a dramatic transformation when he figured out 9/11.

      It's strange how people's names sometimes effect or mirror their roles in life. His film "Follow the Leader" was a naive, idealistic look at the office of the presidency and he did win an award and travel and speak about the film, even at a Bush/Cheny 2004 Republican fundraiser in 2004 in L.A.- although he says his speech was restricted to his film. However he is now passionate about getting out the truth and exposing the criminality of the regime- and he has "his cross" to bear- his karma to deal with, after making "Follow the Leader." His webmaster should get the Severe Visibility website functional tonight- it couldn't deal with the surge of traffic that came his way when my article hit the front page of 911Blogger.com.

      It's great to see 9/11 Truth news breaking in Canada! Barrie Zwicker won A Gold Award in the Current Events category of the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

      And the folks putting on the upcoming 9/11 Truth Conference in Vancouver have posted a short and sweet Promotional video for the event.

      I have a ton of work for the radio show and to get out word of all of our upcoming events today.

      May 30, 2007

      I have been struggling to balance life and work- even with a holiday and the kids gone for a couple of days, I'm still having a hard time catching up- with the radio show organizing and the next Impeachment Rally.

      I really did enjoy my conversations on Monday's show with Wayne, Bev and Paul speaking about the upcoming 9/11 Truth Conference in Vancouver and Paul's new film- I'd like to write up that interview with Paul or the transcript, because I think it is a powerful story.

      A migraine, unfortunately took the wind out of my sails yesterday, but I did get to call Dennis Bernstein and persuade him to be Master of Ceremonies for our June 13th rally!

      I also got to a Peace Picnic on Monday- which was great (we also had lots of 9/11 truth activists, banners, and tables), and gathered lots of signatures on my Impeachment petitions. Today, there was a respectable rendez-vous of activsists at the Listening Project and we had good conversations with the public and one another.

      I haven't had a chance to add all the upcoming events to this website, nor publicize all the ones I'm still trying to organize. What is hopeful is how much mobilizing is going on- so many events/gatherings happening simultaneously all over the world. In addition to the evil G-8 Gathering in Germany, the Bilderbergers gathering in Turkey, their opposition (us) are coming together for the first US Social Forum, and all sorts of "Peace Convergences" are happening.

      I'm resisting committments to going to them, and organizing things this summer, because the kids want to visit family, but I'm so glad that others are picking up the slack. In fact, a friend said this to me about Cindy Sheehan's announcement of her retirement-

        I am looking at Cindy's change in status within the peace movement as a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for:

        ...the peace movement to decentralize and become more focused upon local "peace presences" all across the country...

        ...change from being a "one trick pony", that of HUGE MARCHES which have been easily made useless by warmongers...

        ...the peace movement to "get underground" using the internet to "meet-up and coordinate" local-national-international actions...like the 9/11TM...

        ...putting more POWER into the PEOPLE's hands...

        ...and pardon my stuttering below...but...its PEACE PRESENCE BABY...here, there, and everywhere...[in high traffic areas on routine basis]


        ...and some more stuttering...


        So, THIS is the opportunity that we can really, really turn on its ear and do what Billy Bragg croons in song by making a..."GREAT LEAP FORWARD"...

        Carol, I write you because of your central position and I'm hoping that we can avoid the usual "knee-jerk" reactions so intrinsically connected to overreactionary liberals by appealling to how FULL the glass still is...in fact, its more full now than it was yesterday...IF, we want to see it that way...

        Love, Peace and Progress...and PAPER BALLOTS ONLY


      I've been working on an essay on Impeachment to raise issues and get out some basic information that never was published or menioned in the press. Of course with every day that goes by, I have to edit out the old stuff and add the new. So here is this evening's version- which could be improved and plagarized tomorrow with my blessings (The title a gift from Jon Olsen who was at the rally in Maine the other day and told me what a great rally they had delivering over 11,000 signature to their State Senate and Congressional Representatives. It's inspiring to know folks are doing this all over the country and not just in Palo Alto.)

        Impeachment Not Appeasement

        Opposition to the current regime has steadily grown over the years, as one scandal after another has exposed the lies used to sell illegal, immoral wars to the American people, the institutionalization of torture, unlawful spying on vast numbers of U.S. citizens, and serious assaults upon our Constitution and Bill of Rights. After opposition to the war in Iraq enabled Democrats to take over the House of Representatives, anger smoldered when impeachment was pushed off the table and Congress voted to continue funding the war effort.

        Activists wrote books, staged demonstrations and rallies, and spelled out IMPEACH upon beach after beach to pressure the media into covering the issue and members of Congress into upholding their oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies- foreign and domestic. Representative Cynthia McKinney, who courageously introduced the first articles of impeachment before leaving office last year, was crucified by the press and by her own Democratic Party for daring to champion truth and justice and failing to toe the "party line."

        Last month Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 333 (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c110:H.RES.333:) to launch impeachment proceedings against Vice President Richard Cheney on these grounds: 1) fabricating a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, undermining the genuine security interests of the United States, 2) manipulating public opinion about the relationship between al Qaeda and Iraq in order to gain support for a war, 3) threatening aggression against Iran in violation of international law, in a manner that destabilizes the region and harms the genuine national security interests of the United States.

        Kucinich's resolution reflects the concern that there might be another false flag event or fabricated incident or manipulation of intelligence to justify an expansion of the war into Iran. Kucinich has only three co-sponsors at the moment. Just in the past week, large Impeachment Rallies were held when Bush spoke at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, hundreds representing an array of impeachment and anti-war groups rallied to protest Cheney’s address at West Point last Saturday, in Maine a hundred citizens rallied to present over 11,000 signatures to Maine's Senate and their Congressmen to urge them to impeach Bush and Cheney.

        Resolutions for impeachment have already been passed by the Green Party, but are now being passed by the Democratic Parties in various States- California and Massachusetts, as well as by numerous cities, most recently Detroit, the mayor of which is married to Rep. John Conyers, chair of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

        In Palo Alto, we demanded pre-emptive impeachment of Bush in January 2003 (as well as investigations back in 2002), in hopes of exposing the fraudulent (and irrationally named) War on Terror, preventing the Iraq War, and reversing the disastrous policies bulldozed through Congress. Public awareness of these issues is much elevated since then, the ripening fruit of the grassroots efforts to demand justice and accountability from our government. We will continue our monthly impeachment rallies and marches in downtown Palo Alto until Bush and Cheney are impeached.

      May 25, 2007

      Wednesday, some great folks stopped by the Listening Project, and we had some wonderful conversations. Chuck was late, and announced that it was his birthday- and I took him out to lunch. If we can't celebrate our lives and our friendships, then Life isn't worth all the effort we pour into it...

      Although, I must say, it seems to be one interruption after another. Condi Rice came to town yesterday, and I hate it when Bush, Cheney, Rice, or other assorted war criminals show up, because I do feel a moral obligation to protest them- when there are so many other things that I would rather be doing. However, we did have fun putting up signs, positioning the replica on Los Robles Avenue in Barron Park, almost across the street from the house she usually stays in on her visits here. Here's a photo:

      Message to Condi- May 24, 2007

      I also got to see a review copy of the new film-

      It is a very sobering, dark, film. Amazing how life mirrors art, and art mirrors life. Just this month, Bush, in an Orwellian power-grab signed a new National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (See- Bush To Be Dictator In A Catastrophic Emergency) basically destroying the Constitution under the guise of protecting it. At the same time, he has been caught in the act of using covert action to topple Iran. Congress ignores the impeachment option offered by Kucinich to give Bush more money than he asked for to continue the war against Iraq.

      I wrote an op-ed on Impeachment for the Palo Alto Weekly, but they have ignored it. I'll have to post it elsewhere, before the desperadoes in the White House decide to nuke an American City and declare Martial Law and void the Constitution forever. After all, the only ones to benefit from a major terrorist attack at this point, would be the ones clinging to power, hiding their crimes under the cloak of National Security, making out like bandits from their war profiteering.

      I posted a Call for 9/11 Truth Heroes for our upcoming Impeachment Rally, and still have a ton of PR, reading, outreach, organizing to do. So many worthwhile projects, so little time...

      May 22, 2007

      Today... there is a call for meditation by indigenous people buried somewhere in my IN box. I was advised by a dynamic 84 year old dancer to meditate half an hour a day- and for an hour a day when I'm super-busy. I'm beginning to think it is a good idea. I'm trying to do too much, and never have time to do everything- catch up with email, respond to phone calls, give my kid a haircut... I want to write an impeachment piece for the local paper, maybe I'll be able to do it, if I take time to meditate (maybe when I take a break and go for my hike.)

      May 21, 2007

      I was nearly arrested yesterday, believe it or not, trying to gather signatures on my Impeach Cheney petition in the local park! After repeated warnings on the illegality of doing anything "political" at a permitted park event, I thought that the First Amendment allowed me to ask people to sign petitions- and believed that it was my duty to exercise those rights- or lose them to the intimidating tactics of the local heavies. I finally did stop- but was tempted to continue- just to challenge an ordinance which I felt was "unconstitutional." However, yesterday my son returned from college, I had to pick up friends from the airport- and I didn't have time nor inclination to deal with jail- even for a just cause.

      Nafeez posted an excellent write up on the Strategy of Tension at his blog- exposing the State Sponsored Terrorism of the last several decades, and I found a link to an excellent number of videos on cover-ups, including the three parts in the expose on Operation Gladio.

      I also just got a call from the guy organizing the Truth Burn Art Project at Burning Man, which strikes me as a very worthwhile project. I agreed to help funnel donations through Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance (And our 501c3 sponsor- Agape Foundation), and hope to do a radio show with him, and architect Richard Gage in June (which is good- I've got guests lined up now for the next 5 shows, so can worry less about coming up with a new show at the last moment each week.)

      May 18, 2007

      I have tried, to some degree, to catch up with my life this past week, although just keeping up with the radio show, the Listening Project and our monthly Oakland/San Francisco No. Ca 9/11 Truth Alliance meetings (the paperwork-bookkeeping/shipping/ordering)- is a full-time job in itself. I've been trying to learn how to say "no," to new endeavors, but it is a challenge. It is hard to resist opportunitities, great ideas, actions that would be fun and help further the movements along. With the New York Times and the Senate raising the big 9/11 questions, it seems like we need to keep pushing forward loudly.

      On Wednesday, we had some interesting people come by the Listening Project, and I received a 9/11 Truth screenplay to review, which prompted me to follow up on the two Hollywood 9/11 Truth feature films that are supposed to come out. I phoned the Executive Producers of The Reflecting Pool and Severe Visibility to find out the status of their films, when they hoped to premiere them, and to talk about strategy and the larger 9/11 Truth movement. The films should come out this summer, and I will have the producers/directors/writers on my radio show, when they are ready to go public.

      At last night's Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, Janette reported that Steven Jones would be willing to come out for an event/benefit to help raise money for the $20,000 lost at the Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference. Richard Gage reported on the phenomenal success of his presentations to architects. We discussed at length the fire that collapsed the freeway and understanding how that collapse could not be rationally used to support the official "collapse theory" of the WTC buildings- so that we could debunk those who are trying to use the incident to "sell the Big Lie."

      Bernie brought photos of an enormous 7' by 9' painting he did of the WTC buildings on September 11th- showing multiple scenes of the stages of the attacks and the disintegration of the towers. Chuck Thurston brought a couple of well mounted informational posters for our use tabling and at educational events.

      I finally remembered to bring the clippings from the last several impeachment rallies and report on our recent success- and the inclusion of our group under the "Impeach for Peace" umbrella, and suggested that we use the superhero theme for a 9/11 Truth Action. Mary Ann suggested that we use it again for the June Rally, and I thought of giving out awards to 9/11 Truth heroes. The impeachment rally was voted another $400, and I'm starting to work on it.

      We also got a couple of volunteers to work on producing a newsletter, and to feed in the latest data and print out a local 9/11 Truth Activist Directory- to help with organizing efforts outside of meetings.

      I am also seeking ideas and nominations for a book title for issue #10 of the Deception Dollar, which will also probably come out in June.

      May 15, 2007

      Larry Chin wrote an excellent article entitled -

      US government fans homeland terrorism fear
      Washington consensus plans for martial law, nuclear terror holocaust, behind closed doors

      It seems so obvious to me that these guys are desperately trying to fabricate enemies to prevent rational thought, keep the population frightened and under control. Their artificial "victories" disrupting wild terrorist plots are so transparent. I just can't believe the mainstream press can believe they can get away with parroting the bogus terrorism lies without people seeing through it and laughing at them. I guess they hope that fear will overcome common sense and people's ability to add two and two together. I think we've reached a tipping point and that these guys should be ridiculed, as well as whoever helps promote the "fear mongering myths and ramping up the preparedness for terrorist nuclear holocaust."

      Last night I enjoyed talking with John Leonard, Hal Sisson, and Manuel Valenzuela about 9/11 Truth books, and basically all means to get our message out to the general population (on my radio show Questioning War- Organizing Resistance), although I feel a bit embarrassed that I tripped over my tongue and criticized Manuel Valenzuela's novel Echoes in the Wind without praising its good points- like I couldn't put it down and read it in just two days (although I must admit that I couldn't read the violent sections and when some of the characters went on political rants). I'm a harsh critic and I do believe that almost all writing can be improved- especially with a good editor.

      I've been wanting to publish something I wrote in the summer of 2004, that I still haven't "finished" because I feel so strongly about it, and it could be better- and still needs editing.

      I'm wondering what book title to put on the next version of the Deception Dollar. We've been trying to put our strongest book titles on them, but now there are so many books- it is hard to choose.

      May 12, 2007

      Yesterday I was brainstorming about creating a new impeachment music video with all the great footage and images that we have now, and stumbled across an impeach video contest on YouTube by Free Soul Jah, which is now finished (The resulting video is posted at- Impeach Bush Now! Liberty Depends on it. I also received a link to Tom Chelston's new video from his new CD- Brick. The video includes some great images from the National Impeachment Day- several of the Beach Impeach, a cameo of me. Here is a link to it:

      Another Great Impeachment Song/Video by Tom Chelston


      At our last No. Ca 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, there was a slight reluctance to fund the recent impeachment rally because it wasn't directly "9/11 Truth" related. I think impeachment and 9/11 Truth need to be combined, and I'm glad to see 9/11 Truth entering more into the discussion of the need for impeachment. The article I wrote about our Wednesday rally quotes Don Spark, World Can't Wait, saying "9/11 was an inside job." Tom Chelston's video shows the demolition of WTC building 7, and adds 9/11 Truth to challenge Bush. I think we need to build these important bridges between movements, so I'm very glad we are now recognized as a new chapter of

      Yesterday, Brian took the relica of the Commission Report to the 11th Day Truth Action in San Jose. There were a dozen people; they had a great time, and they think they had some impact. I was sorry I missed it, but I had so much work to do. I still have bookkeeping, helping with the resource pages for the new book, organizing for my upcoming radio shows, worrying about our next issue of the Deception Dollar. I was going to send 911truth.org a large case of them yesterday, when I realized that I was out of the plain version and only have 16,000 of the graffiti version left. Blaine also needs to get a new computer before he can resume work on it, so there are obstacles to overcome to keep the Deception Dollars flowing.

      May 11, 2007

      This appeared in the local paper today:

      Caption: Supergroup
      Anti-war demonstrators in superhero garb sang and marched on University Avenue Wednesday,
      ending up at Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's office calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.
      Carol Brouillet (left) dressed as Wonder Woman and singer-songwriter August Bullock played guitar in a Superman costume.
      Palo Alto Weekly photo [page 3] May 11, 2007

      I've been very busy just trying to catch up with all the work that has been piling up, and working on a 9/11 Truth Comic Book that is going to the printer's Monday.

      May 10, 2007, 11 pm

      I just posted an article - 2007 Heroic Citizens for Impeachment Awards; Heroes Rally, Sing, and March for Impeachment on the local indymedia (and I tried to post it on 911blogger.com, too- but I have trouble posting to that site.

      I also finally sent out a letter to those who came, thanking them for coming and helping, and said:

        I included a rather bad scan (better than none) of a 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" photo plus 1" x 2" caption that read- One with the force that appeared on page 5 of The Palo Alto Daily News today. While they neglected to mention who else we wanted impeached besides "w" at least they mentioned that there was a rally for impeachment and hinted with the visuals- our opposition to the Evil EMPIRE. I will email you all again, when the Palo Alto Weekly does their "photo." I can't tell you how hard it is to get stories in the paper, but sometimes the photos are more powerful. In the original photo (not my lousy scanned one)- you can just make out the word Impeach on the flier.

        Palo Alto Daily News, Thursday, May 10, 2007

        I think the public responded well though to the music, the message, our theme- and I hope activists elsewhere will be inspired to do similar local actions. I hope that the event was a positive one for all of you and that you did get to meet and know one another a bit better, and had a good time. I loved the song/chant we started to jam together, and kept thinking of the verses I should have thought of, yesterday. I think we need more practice. Let's do it again, and we'll come up with a great song! I did have a lot of fun, and I hope our actions encourage others to join in the fun and help us defeat the EMPIRE.

      I think we should use the superhero costumes and theme for a 9/11 Truth Action, though precisely when and where- I don't know- oh yes I do! Fremont and other places on the 4th of July!!! (My only problem is that I'm usually gone then... but it would work well with that holiday, I think.)

      May 10, 2007

      We had a great rally/march yesterday and both Palo Alto papers sent photographers, at least. So impeachment was mentioned in the Palo Alto Daily, today, beneath a photo of Wonder Woman and Yoda passing out fliers at Lytton Plaza and a large caption that says: "One with the force" although it says the rally was "for the impeachment of President Bush" omitting our multiple mentioning of impeaching Cheney, too- and the articles of impeachment submitted by Kucinich to impeach Cheney. Oh well, we'll have to try again. I am working on an article to submit to indybay, but I'm hoping for some help with the editing. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday:

      2007 Heroic Citizens for Impeachment Award Recipients Surrounded by Super-Heroes
      Cynthia Papermaster (Code Pink), Brad Newsham (Beach Impeach), Carol Wolman's son- Jacob Clapsaddle, producer of High Crimes (both impeachbush-cheney.com- he accepted on behalf of his mom), Don Spark (World Can't Wait)

      Risking parking tickets, these heroes stayed til the very end to pressure Eshoo at her office.

      May 8, 2007

      A busy day, just catching up on the website, doing the press work for the Impeachment Rally. Brian, Tian and I had a great time as Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Yoda passing out flyers at White Plaza at Stanford University. There was a great band playing, lots of people and we easily passed out a ton of flyers, before heading downtown, where we got a warm reception flyering up and down University Avenue. My computer still is unable to do faxes, so Brian helped me fax out all the releases, and bake cookies, brownies for tomorrow. I just hope people bring lots of their own Impeachment signs- we have our two big banners, but not much else.

      An article appeared in the local online High School paper with this photo:

      Anti-war protestors rally near Paly

      Photo and article by Venna Tran

      I was mentioned and interviewed in the article (and obviously that is me and my Impeach the Terrororists! banner in the photo) speaking about the rally:

        Though many protesters were affiliated with MoveOn or PPJC, activist Carol Brouillet doesn't agree with their purpose.

        "MoveOn has been really bad. I think the bill was weak anyway. This is a charade, a fake battle between Congress and Bush."

        Her Web site clears any confusion over her intent.

        "I was furious at Move-On, as well as Eshoo and Congress for the lousy bill [H.R. 1591], which gives tons of money to the military, doesn't prohibit Bush from launching a new war on Iran, and seems like a PR stunt to sell a distant deadline for ending the war, which can be easily changed," she wrote March 25.

        "I'm worried that those rallies might allow the media to pretend that Congress is standing up to Bush, when they are doing so very little in that regard… We should have been rallying support for Impeachment (not appeasement!)," she continued on May 3.

        Brouillet brought a large sign saying "Impeach the Terrorists" and passed out fliers and Deception Dollars. Deception Dollars are fliers made to looks like dollars, good for "one deception" from the government. Printed on the Deception Dollars are websites that Brouillet has found to be the " the best information…found on 9-11," according to deceptiondollar.com. Brouillet, who holds weekly rallies in Lytton Plaza, estimates that over 6 million Deception Dollars have been distributed.

      Before the radio show yesterday, I sent Griffin and Hordon a significant article that appeared in the NYT regarding the co-option of the "Anti-War Movement by the Democratic Party.

      Antiwar Groups Use New Clout to Influence Democrats on Iraq

      Published: May 6, 2007

      Here's just an excerpt:

        WASHINGTON, May 4 — Every morning, representatives from a cluster of antiwar groups gather for a conference call with Democratic leadership staff members in the House and the Senate... Shortly after, in a cramped meeting room here, they convene for a call with organizers across the country. They hash out plans for rallies. They sketch out talking points for “rapid response” news conferences. They discuss polls they have conducted in several dozen crucial Congressional districts and states across the country.

        Over the last four months, the Iraq deliberations in Congress have lurched from a purely symbolic resolution rebuking the president’s strategy to timetables for the withdrawal of American troops. Behind the scenes, an elaborate political operation, organized by a coalition of antiwar groups and fine-tuned to wrestle members of Congress into place one by one, has helped nudge the debate forward.

        But there are tensions in the relationship between the groups, which banded together earlier this year under the umbrella of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, and the Democratic leadership. The fissures could be magnified in coming weeks as the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California, and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, struggle to cobble together a strategy after President Bush’s veto of the $124 billion Iraq spending bill that tied the money to a timetable for withdrawal.

        On Thursday, leaders of the liberal group MoveOn.org, including Tom Matzzie, the group’s Washington director who also serves as the campaign manager for the coalition, sent a harshly worded warning to the Democratic leadership.

        “In the past few days, we have seen what appear to be trial balloons signaling a significant weakening of the Democratic position,” the letter read. “On this, we want to be perfectly clear: if Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush — passing a bill without measures to end the war — the unity Democrats have enjoyed and Democratic leadership has so expertly built, will immediately disappear.”

        The letter went on to say that if Democrats passed a bill “without a timeline and with all five months of funding,” they would essentially be endorsing a “war without end.” MoveOn, it said, “will move to a position of opposition.”

        The antiwar coalition combines the online mobilization capabilities of MoveOn with the old-school political muscle of organized labor. They have been working in tandem with Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate on a systematic strategy to unify Democrats, divide Republicans and isolate the president.

        The alliance, including MoveOn, chose to stick with Ms. Pelosi as she ushered through a war financing bill that included a timeline for withdrawal, but many peace advocates called the measure too timid. Some critics accused the alliance of becoming too cozy with the Democratic leadership and selling out the cause.

        “There’s a dividing line between those groups who feel the most important thing is to be clear on bringing the troops home as soon as possible, and the groups that feel that unity within the Democratic Party is most important and the most important thing is for the Democrats to win the White House,” said Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of Code Pink, an antiwar group that is not part of the alliance. “So the groups who feel the most important thing is to win the White House would naturally be more inclined to listening to Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she says the only way we can get a vote through is if we water it down.”...

      There is such a huge difference between the watered down "realistic lobbying efforts activists are "instructed" to do in DC by the major organizations and the desires at the grassroots, far from the DC corruption. In DC shaving off a million here and there is a win, even if the billions for Israel's illegal nuclear weapons never get challenged- at least that was my experience years ago.

      I need to send out the events announcements, get some sleep- tomorrow is going to be very demanding.

      May 7, 2007

      I played hookey last weekend and went camping at the beach with the boy scouts (and my husband and the younger kids). I worked on my tan and finished reading David Griffin's new book Debunking 9/11 Debunking- An Answer to Popular Mechanics and the Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory. I think it is the best intro to 9/11 Truth for anyone who has never looked at the subject before and am very glad Robin Hordon urged me to read it. Both Griffin and Hordon were on my radio show tonight. I'm still drowning trying to catch up with all the website work, updating the press release, and info for Wednesday's Impeachment Rally. During the show- I was lucky to get confirmation from three people that I asked to be on next week's show- John Leonard, Manuel Valenzuela, and Hal Sisson, speaking on 9-11 Truth and publishing fiction and non-fiction on 9/11 from the publishers', activists' and authors' points of view.

      I did take time off today- to get outside and get fresh air (at noon- no lunch!) and go with Brian in our costumes to Stanford University to pass out flyers for the Impeachment Rally. In less than half an hour, we passed out 300 of them- I guess Spiderman and Wonder Woman are better at passing out flyers than "ordinary citizens." We'll do it again tomorrow- with more flyers and Yoda, maybe even get there earlier with a table, banner, and get signaures on our impeachment petitions. One person can do a helluva lot, two can do even more, three can change the world!!!! The Raging Grannies will sing at the rally Wednesday, and I think we might have a good turn-out- despite the last minute flurry of effort. Good weather should help, too!!! I think the threat of rain greatly diminished the turnout in April.

      May 4, 2007

      I'm afraid my back won't permit me to work too much at the computer anymore and I'm going to have to figure out how to do "less" or the impossible... I forgot to mail out reminders to last night's meeting which drew lots of new faces. We had a number of report backs and discussion, but little business- although we voted $400 for "Citizen Hero Awards" to pass out at the Impeachment Rally (Theme- Be a Hero!) next Wednesday. We also want to move forward with a Sacramento rally/action in June, but I am still in triage mode- and just doing the most urgent stuff first. The big action items now on 9/11 is to vote for Kevin Barrett to get reinstated as a teacher at http://www.channel3000.com/news/13255407/detail.html#, and to urge the morons at move-on to try to impeach, already at http://pol.moveon.org/bushsurvey/a.html?id=10229-4599041-uA6iZW&t=1. I'm still angry with Move-On for urging people to support that awful legislation which gave Bush more money than he wanted for the war, plus a weak "timetable to withdraw"- the one Bush vetoed...

      May 3, 2007

      Paul Hawken has come out with a new book entitled- Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being, and Why No One Saw It Coming

      I have a lot of respect for Paul, although we have had our disagreements from time to time and I have not yet had time to read his book, but the idea of it is "I believe" echoed in the enormity and diversity and breadth of what I see as a rising global movement in opposition to corporate faciscm, military dominance, the police state, a contempt for life, liberty, and planet on behalf of the ruling class. I think one reason why it is hard to get people to demonstrations- is because there are so many of them, so many fronts that we are working on- and one just can't possibly be everywhere, all the time.

      Maybe I'm feeling just a bit guilty for missing out on the May 1st marches and demonstrations, and the Global Warming one, and my own "Listening Project," yesterday, as I struggled with my most recent opportunity/dilemma organizing next week's radio show (with Robin Hordon, David Ray Griffin on 9/11 Truth, and Griffin's latest book- Debunking 9/11 Debunking An Answer to Popular Mechanics and the Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory, as well as doing the publicity, outreach, organizing for next week's Impeachment Rally.

      I did manage to get to the emergency rally last night- against the Bush veto of that awful legislation authoring more money for war than he asked for, and a dubious timetable for withdrawal which could easily be changed. I'm worried that those rallies might allow the media to pretend that Congress is standing up to Bush, when they are doing so very little in that regard, with the rare exception of Kucinich, and the three other co-sponsors of the Resolution to Impeach Cheney. We should have been rallying support for Impeachment (not appeasement!). So I took the big Impeach the Terrorists! banner to the demo, along with flyers for next week's impeachment rally, in solidarity with the Peace and Justice community.

      When I was ill, and recovering, I also couldn't resist reading a novel by Manuel Valenzuela called Echoes in the Wind which reflects the ideas and realizations behind the environmental and social justice movements in a dramatic, violent, romantic, adventurous, fictional story.

      So here is an excerpt from Paul Hawken's Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being, and Why No One Saw It Coming

        The environmental movement discovered that to protect the environment, it had to confront power, corruption, and mendacity in the world of commerce, a struggle that extended back through history and across the world. From the beginning, an environmental movement had to be an environmental justice movement, and an environmental justice movement was de facto a social justice movement. Two seemingly unrelated elements of history had become reengaged in the public mind because of Carson’s work. The question that continues to reverberate to this day is whether human rights trump the rights of business, or vice versa, a conflict that has been ongoing for more than three hundred years.

        Business justifies these rights because of its indisputable argument that it creates value, a position that nevertheless neatly evades the other side of the issue: How much value does it destroy in the process of carrying out its activities? Whether value is taken from the environment in the form of resources or despoliation, or from people in terms of wages, conditions, or worker health, it is largely unaccounted for in the calculation of rights. Rachel Carson’s reluctant conclusion was that once -respected businesses were creating products that destroyed value. They were exceeding their license to operate, and creating a public health hazard that threatened the web of life. Business rights are illegitimate if they remove rights from others, if they are not reciprocal and mutual with the rights of citizens, and if they extirpate other forms of life. From an economic viewpoint, what citizens have been trying to do for two hundred years is to force business to pay full freight, to internalize their costs to society instead of externalizing them onto a river, a town, a single patient, or a whole generation.

        Just as ecology is the study of the relationship between living beings and their environment, human ecology examines the relationship between human systems and their environment. Concerns about worker health, living wages, equity, education, and basic human rights are inseparable from concerns about water, climate, soil, and biodiversity. The cri de coeur of environmentalists in Carson’s time was the same … as in the time of Emerson, the same as in the time of 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai of Kenya. It can be summed up in a single word: life. Life is the most fundamental human right, and all of the movements within the movement are dedicated to creating the conditions for life, conditions that include livelihood, food, security, peace, a stable environment, and freedom from external tyranny. Whenever and wherever that right is violated, human beings rise up. Today, they are rising up in record numbers, and in a collective body that is as often as not more sophisticated than the corporate and governmental institutions they address.

        from Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken. Copyright © Paul Hawken, 2007

      I also got an email from Genevieve Vaughan who is the most passionate advocate of the Gift Economy. Gen wrote :

        Dear Friends
        As you know I have been working on the idea of a gift economy for years. Last year I went to the World Social Forum in Mali, where I ran into Bev Bell, an activist from the US who was visiting a group of Malian women who are doing an alternative school there. The women told us about the dama, their traditional gift economy.Of course I was totally enthusiastic to hear about that. Bev has started a new organization called Other Worlds, based in the US, and they have now made this little video.

        (click on image to view video)

        Other Worlds: Malian Gift Economy

        April 30, 2007

        It was wonderful tonight to do the "Impeachment Radio Show with Jacob Park, Amilie Coster, Carol Wolman, Elizabeth de la Vega, Anthony St. Martin, and Stephania Widger. So much happened, all over the country last week, and it was great to hear the reports, views, ideas, energy generated to grow and push the movement to the next level. After the show, Jacob sent out a fantastically long email with lots of photos and reports from www.a28.org plus links to many media reports which I'm afraid I can't replicate here, but am very inspired by.

        Because I was sick last week and yesterday was my husband's birthday, I didn't have time to make or follow all the news or organize our group's action and participation in the long Impeachment march to Pelosi's mansion last Saturday or, even, chase down more guests for the radio show. However, after having had conversations with Jacob and Amilie prior to the events- it was a real treat to hear about their successes. I just wish Brad Newsham had called in, but I think he was too tired from organizing the biggest, most impressive, fun, Impeachment event of all... At least I was there and had a chance to talk to him a little bit about it afterward, despite all the time, money, stress, energy that goes into organizing, I think people realize that it is worth the effort- that our time, attention, efforts, do have an impact and make our own lives richer and more meaningful in surprising, wonderful ways.

        This morning, between getting the taxes done, depositing donations in the bank, catching up on the accounting, organizing the radio show, I filled in one of those online petitions to "Impeach Cheney" http://www.usalone.com/cheney_impeachment.php and was surprised to get a phone call later in the afternoon from the Palo Alto Daily News, confirming that I had written to the local paper which were forwarded comments I had posted on the online petition. I would encourage everyone to fill out this particular petition- I think it really will make a difference- if all those letters and comments go to the representatives- and the papers.

        I also got together with Brian to plot our next Impeachment Rally- publicity, endorsements, posters, flyers, costumes, and an action plan- it was fun. I think he'll get a Spiderman costume to wear at the May Fete Parade this Saturday to pass out flyers. I'll probably get a Wonder Woman costume...

        Tomorrow is also May Day- a huge holiday- with all sorts of actions planned to support labor and immigrant rights- and "National Law Day" —this year, the Center for Constitutional Rights wants to make it Restore Habeas Corpus Day.

          On Tuesday, attorneys from the Center for Constitutional Rights and more than 75 influential lawyers and respected legal scholars representing Guantánamo Bay detainees are traveling from around the country to Washington D.C. to urge members of Congress to approve legislation that will restore habeas corpus.

          But members of Congress also need to hear a loud and clear message from you, their constituents, that the fundamental right of habeas corpus must be restored!

          The provision in the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that stripped habeas corpus is unconstitutional and sets a dangerous precedent. However, because of the political pressure and misinformation spread by the Bush administration, some members of Congress are reluctant to support habeas corpus restoration.

          We know that habeas corpus is a core principle of the western legal system and is one of the major checks on presidential power. We know that according to the government's own documents, 92 percent of the men held at Guantánamo Bay have no affiliation with al Qaeda and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many members of Congress seem to want to ignore these facts—it is up to us to remind them.

          Please visit our new action and resource center restorehabeascorpus.org and learn how you can take multiple types of action to support the restoration of habeas corpus.

        So many battles to fight on so many fronts- and all of them inextricably linked together. I wish I could do more, but I know that I have to recognize my human limitations- and get some sleep and take care of myself, so I have the health and strength to get me through the weeks/months/years of struggle ahead of us. Even if we win on Impeachment and Habeas Corpus, that will just be the beginning...

        April 28, 2007

        This week was one of the most demanding of my life, and I was feeling horrifically stressed trying to do "the impossible" on Tuesday, which simply meant organizing and preparing for the week's events...

        On Wednesday, however, when I went to Lytton Plaza for my Listening Project, I never felt so cold, and the hours never took so long to pass by. I had lots of errands to do- taking tax info to the accountant, mailing stuff at the Post Office, delivering 15 petitions filled with "Impeach Bush and Cheney" signatures to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's office, in support of the articles of Impeachment filed by Kucinich against Cheney.

        I didn't have the strength, however, to buy groceries, and came home and went to bed. When my husband got home he popped the thermometer in my mouth and "surprise"- I had a fever (though no other symptoms- other than the pain and lack of strength).

        Thursday, I used medication to bring the fever down, and with the help of my husband and Brian, put powerpoint presentations together for the 9/11 Cover-up? Exposing the Official Story presentation at UC Berkeley. Half the audience was the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance who helped shlup the stuff in and out of the car. I think Ken, Joyce, and I did a fairly good job, and it was a beautiful venue with a good technical crew and an excellent screen, but it was a shame we had spent so much time, energy, into a presentation for such a small crowd (40-50, although it was videotaped as part of their Globalization Series, but few students came). I can organize, and do publicity, and give presentations, but I can't do everything, especially during a week with multiple events, so "nobody did any publicity" other than some emails and flyers around the International House and campus, but there wasn't even an announcement in the student paper or the East Bay papers- or in any calendar listings...

        On Friday, I was supposed to speak at the Impeachment Press Conference at Pelosi's office, but I woke up with a fever, and just knew- I couldn't do it. Brian kindly took my car (with the banners to San Francisco) and sent back this report:

          The event was attended by about 40 people, and that included the speakers. Speakers included:

            Carol Wolman (former Congressional candidate) www.votecarolwolmanforcongress.com

            Cynthia Papermaster, Code Pink

            Leah DiTullio, PDA and Kucinich for Pres.

            Don Spark, World Can't Wait

            Norma Harrison, Peace and Freedom

            Jim Dorcott, Veterans for Peace and pelosiwatch.org

            Evan, Impeach Bush Cheney

            Brad Newsham

            Jodie Paulson

          The Impeach Blimp was about 12 feet long and 6 feet in diameter.

          The police told me I couldn't hang the banner on any government property, but they let me drape it on the retaining wall.

          Curt Wechsler very kindly took the other post on the "Impeach the Terrorists" banner, and the blimp handlers floated the blimp over it and we were all photographed together.

          Jodie made a point of saying she had no group affiliations.

        It's awfully tough to get folks out on a weekday, but I think many people aimed for Saturday which was, of course, much more fun- how often do you get to enjoy lying in the warmth of the sun on the beach, while making a powerful political statement, in solidarity with 1500+ people?

        This morning I woke up without a fever. Brian drove the replica of the 9/11 Report to the Beach and Pelosi's house. I had meant to arrive earlier, but just arrived at Ocean Beach at 10:30 am, in time to fill in some vast blank spots on the "W" with my huge collection of banners and signs, plus all the bright colored cloth which makes lying on the sand more pleasant (and is easy to wash). There was also another call for 9/11 Truth activists to be the "H" so there were multiple 9/11 Truth organizations participating. Brian parked the replica between the cars and the sidewalk above the W- if you look closely in the photos you can spot it, but you have to try. Lots of people helped me set up, pass out posters, handouts, etc... and the table was very popular. We saw lots of friends, but the time flew by.

        I suddenly realized it was 11:00 am, and rushed to lay down with everyone else. Brad didn't try to get us to run to the wall and the sea, like last time, but there was a dramatic switch when we did the second spelling and I and M turned into a Peace sign and H morphed into an E... One news helicopter arrived too late, when the whole thing was breaking up... By noon, we were totally scattered.

        First Spelling

        Second Spelling

        Later we went, some by foot, others by bus, and others on their own, to converge on Nancy Pelosi's mansion where we held a rally for a couple of hours. Channel KNTVU (2) was there, and I suppose some other press was there, too. By far the greatest turnout, however, was at the beach- that was simply FUN.

        There is so much more I could add to this, but I know I need to rest. Tom Chelston sent me a great song I am a Brick from his new album. He is also coming to California and I hope I can persuade him to sing at our next Impeachment Rally on May 9th.

        Another friend, Bill Douglas, who really was a powerful force in the early days of the 9/11 Truth Movement, sent me one of his poems, which echoes the spirit of Tom's song, and, heck, all of our Impeachment actions, nationwide today- by challenging that force which seeks to dominate us all through terror and war-

          My old man was an Okie.
          Picked fruit all day and watched children starve around him.
          I love the stories of Vince Papali, and Jim Braddock.
          Little men that ripped the lungs out of the Dick Cheney’s of this world.
          Men who found the spark, Judas was shown by Jesus.

          I do not give a damn how big, how powerful, how ruthless men can be.
          There is something in the soul of humanity.
          There is something deep and profound.

          There is no name for it.
          It cannot be patented.
          It cannot be bottled or packaged.

          There is a spark that comes from the bowels of our creation.
          There is a need, an urge, a fever within,
          It cannot be diverted, subverted, or perverted by this CNN, FOX, Hollywood delusion they try to sell us.

          There is a POWER within.
          I can’t name it.
          But, Goddamn it, I can FEEL IT.

          YOU can FEEL IT!

          We will NOT allow oil companies to sell our children for their profits.
          We will NOT allow our father’s blood to spill for them.
          We will NOT allow the soul of our nation to be sold to the highest bidder in the sham we call elections.

          The streets are calling us.
          The streets are calling us.

          STAND UP!
          There is an electricity in the blood in our veins!

          The voltage within us cannot be suppressed.
          “We” are THE POWER.

        by Bill Douglas
        Son of an Okie farmer, a veteran in Patton's Army, a simple American.
        Author of “The Amateur Parent ­ A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe”

        April 23, 2007

        I just finished doing our first 9/11 Truth radio show with Ken Jenkins and Joyce Lynn, which was actually a rehearsal for our event on Thursday at Berkeley, minus the visuals and the big audience, Q & A and other participants. I still have more preparation work to do before Thursday (like editing a ten minute segment of 9/11 Press for Truth to cast more light on the 9/11 Commission. I still need to learn so many skills, in order to do the work I need to do.

        There is an excellent new documentary on Sibel Edmonds called Kill the Messenger, although I don't think that it has been released in its entirety in the US, yet. There was an event last February in DC - followed by a panel discussing "the current state of the U.S. Main media, unconstitutional government secrecy, and national security whistleblowers." A description and clips from Sibel and the panel are posted at http://sibeledmonds.blogspot.com/. There is also a pirated version of the movie in circulation (including one posted at http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/04/22/18403725.php.) I tried unsuccessfully to contact the producers to see if we could premiere it in the Bay Area without any luck. (Mike Berger also tried to do so in St. Louis without success). It's difficult devising distribution in this country with all sorts of new challenges because DVDs are so easy to replicate and post online.

        In the panel discussion they say we need more investigative journalism films, but Americans aren't making them. They are almost impossible to get on television or into the theaters, without a big bankroll, and of course those with the most money don't want those sort of films, or information to get any public attention.

        I wonder if Kucinich will introduce articles of impeachment against Cheney tomorrow or whether "some other incident" will upstage him and stay his hand.

        April 21, 2007

        There was a decent turnout in Berkeley for the 9/11 and the media event that Mickey Huff organized (although Peter Phillips played hookey to attend his grand-daughter's 2nd birthday party.) Half a dozen of us had dinner afterwards at a nice Thai Restaurant. There is a real "9/11 Truth Community" in Berkeley and it was good to see so many friends. I just got a phone message from Cosmos inviting me to be on his radio show this Wednesday. I think he just decided to do it and has very ambitiously agreed to host a one hour radio show 5 nights a week on the We The People Radio Network. His show is every night Monday through Friday from 9-10 pm PST and is called "Truth Revolution." Cosmos also did a community access television show with Abel Ashes, who also was at the Berkeley event tonight. Cosmos is the moving force behind the The Eleventh of Every Month 9/11 Truth Action. I have no idea how he could take on so much work and still expect to find time to eat, sleep or do anything else...

        I did agree to be on his show this Wednesday, even though my week is going to be very, very busy with all the events going on.

        I found another very useful 9/11 truth song, as I was checking out the We The People Radio Network hosts/shows, looking for Cosmos.Three Shoe Posse has a show, and a great song called "10 Second Freefall."

        I think the synergy of musicians, film-makers, researchers, activists, artists, creative, perceptive, passionate people who care about life will triumph over the fear-mongering and the lies that continue to prop up the failing empire.

        Next week, however, it looks like the climax of a long, drawn out game of "chicken" between the world and the Bush/Cheney cabal- two cars hurtling at breakneck speed at one another. Who will change course? Will the World destroy Cheney? Or will Cheney/Bush destroy the world? Will they collide and destroy one another? Will disaster be averted with someone blowing a whistle and applying the brakes to the next major False Flag Operation designed to expand the war into Iran and crush civil liberties in the US?

        I guess I won't be retiring in the near future.

        April 20, 2007

        Today my great-aunt, Lucille Swanson, celebrated her 100th birthday. I meant to call her, to wish her a "Happy Birthday!" but I got busy, as usual.

        I just want to post here for those who don't get 400 emails a day the news about the big exercises (drills) planned for next week. See Noble Resolve 07: Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe or go directly to the source: www.falseflagnews.com. DL Abrahamson also has a show on We the People Radio Network. I also got an email telling me that the radio archives are finally up- although the shows aren't labled on it, yet.

        I'll be tabling at the Deconstructing Deceit: 9/11, the Media, and Misinformation at Berkeley City College tomorrow, and on Sunday I want to attend (and pass out flyers for all the upcoming impeachment events) at the 25th anniversary celebration dinner of the local Peninsula Peace and Justice Center. I haven't had time to catch up with all the work I need to do- like website, taxes, bookkeeping...

        April 19, 2007

        When I decided to do the radio show, my husband asked me what I was going to give up, knowing how stretched I already am with all my activism. I couldn't figure out what I would "let go," but I am afraid that in trying to do everything, I simply won't be able to do a very good job at publicizing anything properly. Fiske did a great job of filming our rally and march last Wednesday, and we weren't able to edit or post the footage in a timely fashion. I simply lack the skills. Yesterday, I went to downtown Palo Alto for the Listening Project, where I had some great assistance from a lot of activists, we filled up the Impeachment petitions and passed out all the cards on the National Shopping Boycott to Impeach for Peace and Justice. I also met with a great Stanford student/activist who had organized a 9/11 Film Festival on the East Coast and was enthusiastic about doing something at Stanford.

        In the evening Brian and I took a class on video-blogging which didn't actually teach me any useful technical skills, but pointed me to where I could find explicite tutorials and some other great online resources. The instructors had written books about the secrets of Videoblogging and are in David Mathison's book BE THE MEDIA.

        Also attending the class was Jay Thorwaldson of the Palo Alto Weekly, we spoke a bit after class and he encouraged me to give him more materials on 9/11, particularly looking into the collapses of the buildings. Since I have been trying to get them to break the story for only 6 1/2 years, I haven't been rushing to them each time a new book or DVD comes out with new information and they condemned and ignored me as a "Conspiracy Theorist" long ago. I still send them press releases, but haven't banged on their door since they last ignored the screening of 9/11 Press for Truth with Paul Thompson and Peter Dale Scott, just prior to the November election.

        The event and radio show with Ken Jenkins and Joyce Lynn hit some roadblocks in the student council, but I think we'll be going forward with it. It's very hard to say what motivates the extremely fearful reaction of journalists, academia when touching the subject.

        I wrote a "Thank-You letter" yesterday to the author of the Winnepeg Sun article:

        Scholars debate 9/11 findings who opened his piece with this observation-

          "An unbiased observer doesn't need to look beyond what's happening on the ground today in Iraq and Afghanistan to conclude the War on Terror has been a brutal, manipulative means to a transparently self-serving end."

        I suppose I will "let go" of my weekly "Listening Project" in Downtown Palo Alto when the country and the world recognizes that the "War on Terror" is a fraud and the dismantling of the war machine and the police state begins. Until then, I'll just keep up in triage mode, doing what I can to educate myself and the public with my limited time, energy, and resources. Today, I need to get to the Post Office, and Oakland for our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting. The Stanford student, that I met with on Wednesday, will be graduating this summer and is looking to do something next fall, and I hope she might take on the administrative work of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance (banking, shipping, ordering, tabling, mailing, database, email list, calendar) to free me for other work.

        April 17, 2007, 3:00 pm

        Wooh, truth is busting out! It's heartening to see and well reported on 911blogger.com. Last night I received an email with a link in it from a friend. She wrote- "This song was written by a bankruptcy lawyer in Santa Cruz, August Bullock. He made the video himself. It's worth watching!"

        Heroes of America - an anti-war anthem

        (Click image to go to video-link)

        I think it's great and asked August if he would sing for us at our next Impeachment Rally on May 9th and he said he would. So- let's make "Be a Hero! Stand up and March for Impeachment, for Peace, for Justice the theme of our next rally. Costumes encouraged!!! August also has a website at- augustbullock.com.

        April 17, 2007

        I was so busy with the Impeachment Show yesterday that I couldn't follow or register the massacre which took place in Virginia, however I am very suspicious of the cover story that has come out in the press. Violent events can be manufactured to "manipulate the public emotions" and to push through legislation, or distract the public from other issues. The big message is "fear" and the general outcome means more power to "police forces" and fewer rights to ordinary people.

        I enjoyed doing the radio show last night and speaking to activists doing great work on Impeachment. I had scheduled 6 people to be on the show, and one of them, for I don't know what reason, was not available for her 20 minute slot, which meant a more meandering conversation than planned between 7:40 and 8:00 pm (Pacific Time), but I hope the show was informative and inspiring for whoever listened to it. My guests were:

          Jacob Park www.a28.org has done a great job creating a website for the National Day of Action on April 28th. The theme is "Spell It Out" and people are encouraged to spell it out publicly (or privately) and take photos, films- creatively show their support for Impeachment. Lots of groups are involved and participating. There is plenty of room for individuals and small groups to do something and meet like-minded people.

          Amilie Coster, a young woman who is organizing the Coney Island Impeach Beach event and I spoke the longest. She attended the National Conference on Media Reform last January which really inspired her to become more involved. I attended both the Conference and the San Francisco Impeach Beach event, so we basically spoke about organizing and our activism.

          Lew Brown, national coordinator for the National Shopping Boycott to Impeach for Peace and Justice talked about the campaign, their strategy, its educational/organizing function, and some of the background of his work with Peter Phillips of Project Censored which led him to become involved. They have done some pretty significant research into the next generation of weaponry, and are well aware of what a major threat the neo-cons are to Americans and the planet. It is sometimes a bit of a challenge to not overwhelm people with the magnitude of the challenges we face, since what we need, above all is an informed, activated, empowered public. Some truths scare people or shut them down, or make them flee, whereas others get angry, rise to action, become involved, and inspired. I mentioned to Lew the film A Force More Powerful which chronicles the history of non-violent social movements over the past couple centuries, including the Danish resistance to the Nazis who were occupying their country during World War II. It also has been made into an online game which is supposed to be useful in developing appropriate non-violent strategies under different oppressive conditions (but I haven't actually played it or gotten my kids to try it yet.) One of the hopes behind the boycott is to help educate people about the power of their purchases, and to draw energy from the worst corporations and to nurture the local economy. Another facet is simply building community by organizing locally. Doing the Impeachment, 9/11 Truth work, I know that I have helped to build community and the friendships born out of the work strengthen the movement and feed and nurture my soul. It's a lot of work to tap into a computer, but the love I feel for the world in general, and my friends in the struggle in particular give me the strength and energy to work (and make it fun and bearable when it is hard).

          Nancy Mancias, from Code Pink (which also does Pelosi Watch) including camping at Pelosi's SF mansion, protesting, and putting the pressure on Pelosi to move forward with impeachment and to end the war, also spoke about CodePink's lobbying and protest efforts in DC, and the local work. On the national day of action, they plan to go to Pelosi's house (after the Beach event) for a big impeachment rally. There are also plans to launch an "IMPEACH" blimp at the Federal Building on April 27th, being organized by Impeachbush-Cheney.com and others.

          Brad Newsham, beachimpeach.com who organized the wonderful Impeach Beach event last January (click on photo for a great musical film on the action) was the final guest on the show.

          Brad described his emotional, physical, logistical hurtles, trials, and tribulations pulling together the January event, and his plans for an even larger event on April 28th, and how he is also helping to launch similar events in Coney Island, Central Park, Washington DC and Coachella Valley. His work is certainly heroic and, at the same time, he provided a great opportunity for people to do something, get involved, form community, get together, make a powerful statement, overcome the media barriers. I could also empathize with his "sleepless nights and concerns." I know what it is like to risk all of my savings (even borrowed money) to put on an event, not knowing if people will come, if the weather will turn against you, whether all the time and effort poured into organizing will bear fruit. I had to admit to Brad that I haven't registered, yet, to come to the next event, and lots of people wait until the last minute to decide what they are going to do. So, to make life easier for Brad and the Impeachment Movement, I am urging whoever is local to plan on going, register as soon as possible. For those in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I'll try to be there earlier next time (I actually thought I had the flu last time- and barely made it there.) I'll bring banners, posters, signs, Deception Dollars, 9/11 Fact cards...Let's try for the "W " if Brad goes for "Impeach... NOW!") Otherwise- lets' do the "H" again...

          Register at- http://volunteerforchange.org/e/987?refcode=o547

        I was sorry Dennis Loo cancelled at the last moment. I loved what he had to say at Sunday's Impeachment event and his Show It Off! Wear Your Politics on Your Sleeve idea. Interviews with him can be found at his homepage- http://dennisloo.blogspot.com/ and I'll just have to have him on next time I do an impeachment show. Jacob mentioned the gathering in New York with mulitple groups working towards impeachment with convergent strategies...

        I just got an email from my friend saying that Kucinich is taking the lead and- Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney. Let us pray. We might have the Impeachment Summer Jacob spoke of. Things are heating up.

        After the show last night, I spoke with Wes, the technical guru, the We The People Radio Network still needs sponsors to uplink on the satellite and reach a much larger audience (like $1100 a month). When I first became an activist, I helped co-found the National Radio Project, which produces Making Contact, now heard on over 200 stations. We had discussed the sorry state of media and decided that radio was the cheapest, best medium to reach lots of people for the least amount of money. I probably gave over $30,000 to get Making Contact up and running, and subsequently gave away all my money for social change work in the 90's. I have no regrets for the seed money that I gave away, and I still pour all my money into my work, but I just don't have a fat bank account. I do think, however, that the 9/11 Truth movement, or others who recognize how bad the media is and how vital it is for the truth to get out to put their resources into spreading the word at this point in time. So I would urge people to donate or help sponsor the fledgling network. Maybe the 9/11 Truth Movement can pool its funds, as this network is the only one to have a huge number of 9/11 Truth Activists as show hosts.

        Yesterday I spoke with John Leonard, publisher of Progressive Press. John published the first 9/11 Truth book in the US- The War on Freedom, which I helped promote, and he has been a big sponsor, help, distributor of the Deception Dollars. He also met Webster Tarpley at the SF Inquiry, which I organized, and became Webster's publisher, and is publishing Kevin Barrett's work, as well. Between the two of us, we have only about 150,000 Deception Dollars (version #9) left, maybe we can help the radio network with our next issue. I also thought of better graffiti for the back side. Instead of "Only 9/11 truth can stop endless war"- just "9/11 Truth Ends War" (plagarized from my dear friend, Cosmos, whose organizing the eleventh of every month 9/11 truth actions). It would be nice to get the radio network up on the satellite, however, as soon as possible...

        We also have to edit our video of the "411 on 911 event" and get that up as soon as possible. Another task on today's "do list." So much to do - and the time flies by.

        April 16, 2007

        Saturday night, a number of us attended Gordon's showing of 9/11 - The Myth and the Reality in Berkeley, there was a modest turn out. I think the event in San Diego- the Grand Jury went well. Sunday, we tabled at the Impeachment Round-Table Discussion in Berkeley. The speakers were good. The press failed to show up; the turn-out was modest. It was a gorgeous day and I don't think the outreach effort was enormous. Still, I remain optimistic on the Impeachment Movement. I spent most of today working on the roster for tonight's Impeachment Show. Brian is also trying to edit the 1 1/2 hour video of our 411 on 911 Rally/March for 9/11 Truth and Impeachment to post on the internet in a timely fashion- we want the message to go viral on the upcoming actions. I wish I had better technical skills. Luckily more people with those skills are joining the movement daily.

        We get info, DVDs, faster than we can process or disseminate it.

        Although this subversive 9/11 Truth Mailer produced by the Comic News might strike some people as grossly commercial, it includes a very good 9/11 Quiz that I think is a powerful way to raise awareness on key 9/11 facts and I wish the guy that came up with the subversive stamp/mailer idea all the best. Click on the stamp and cartoon to see the mailer, the quiz- and order some of these, if you think they might move "Uncle Vinnie"...

        April 14, 2007

        I've been in correspondence with a Green Party activist in Australia, who organized their Australian 9/11 Truth website and solidarity actions on the 11th of Australia, and is hoping that he can persuade the Australian Greens to add their voice to the call for a genuine investigation of 9/11. He had written an excellent letter to a politician in Australia and said this about the Greens in office:

          (I will paraphrase so as not to get anyone in trouble) "Two Green Senators embarrased Australia by questioning Dubya during his speech to parliament when he visited Australia in October of 2003. They were suspended for 24 hours by the speaker for their dissent. This has given me hope that they are prepared to take risks."

        I am going to send the Australians some Deception Dollars and 9/11 fact cards for their future actions.

        This morning I also received a link to an excellent video put together by Ann Arbor 9/11 Truth entitled:

        Open Complicty: Anatomy of the 9/11 Cover-Up

        It's an excellent, informative, provocative film looking at the bizarre, incriminating evidence of complicity within the event and the cover-up.

        I am so heartened by the excellent work being done at the grassroots level and how we can share information and support one another to a deeper understanding of the events, in our efforts to expose the crime and redirect humanity's path.

        Brian was burning the midnight oil working on cutting down the video of our Wednesday action into a video release for television and the internet.

        April 13, 2007

        I just got this graphic from Stephen whose helping to organize this event at the International House at UC Berkeley:

        Ken Jenkins and Joyce Lynn will also be my guests on the April 23rd Questioning War- Organizing Resistance radio show and we'll do a 9/11 Truth program.

        This weekend- I think I'll table at the Impeachment/9-11 Truth materials at the Global Warming event on Saturday in nearby Mitchell Park, and get to Berkeley to help with Gordon's event- the showing of David Ray Griffin's- 9/11 The Myth and the Rality, and stay in Berkeley for Sunday's big Impeachment event where we'll table 9/11 Truth materials- and our impeachment action cards. I'll miss out on the rock-climbing trip with the scouts (and the family) to Pinnacles (which is extremely beautiful- a great place to hike). It's impossible to do everything.

        April 12, 2007

        I just updated this website a bit and posted an article about our 411 on 911 Rally/March on Indymedia.org. The complete text of my letter to Eshoo and Janette's speech and the Impeachment handouts we made are posted on the Impeachment page.

        April 12, 2007

        More photos and a write-up by Tian Harter can be found here:

        411 on 911 - Rally/March for 9/11 Truth and Impeachment concludes at Congresswoman Eshoo's office in Palo Alto

        April 11, 2007

        Rain was forecasted last night, and it was raining this morning when Annie cancelled and George's vehicle wouldn't start. I was late to Lytton Plaza and it looked a bit iffy, but the sun showed up- as did all of our speakers, the replica, and more!!!! Although we missed the music for the first hour, we had some great speeches, Fiske filmed them, a phtographer from the Palo Alto Daily News was there (maybe we'll get another cover photo in the Palo Alto Daily tomorrow!). We managed to wheel the replica into the street, with 25 people accompanying it with banners, signs, hand-outs and MUSIC. Chuck rigged up his ipod to the speaker so -we had some great Impeachment and 9/11 Truth music as we marched up University to Cowper, and down Hamilton. We almost made it to Emerson (Eshoo's office) when the police stopped us, and we persuaded her that our destination was a short block away and she let us go. I'll post a write-up and photos ASAP, but gotta feed the family and attend a slide-show event of Jeremy's school trip to the Grand Tetons tonight.

        April 10, 2007

        Yesterday, I got an email informing me that-

        Women and the Gift Economy

        was released. It includes my speech- "Facing the Shadow of 9/11."

        I also had to go to San Francisco to meet with Ken Jenkins, Joyce, and Stephen to organize our 9/11 event in Berkeley on April 26th.

        Despite some minor technical glitches, (like not being able to get the first guest on the air for 5 minutes) we did produce my first Questioning War- Organizing Resistance radio show with Dr. Garth Nicolson, author of Project Day Lily on We The People Radio Network. It was a pleasure, and an eye-opener, to finally speak directly with Dr. Nicolson whose story is such a dramatic one that it rivals any work of fiction and also has dramatic repercussions for all of us. In the book, which details how they stumbled upon the Bioweapons program in the United States, multiple attempts on their lives, the deaths of many of their colleagues, it also describes how his wife was always treated in a very bizarre way, because she was an heiress to one of the largest trusts in the world. That trust, ironically was funding the very bioweapons programs that they were opposed to and she had no access to the levers of control over the trust. Apparently that is changing now, as are the political winds. The Nicolsons' work is still being suppressed, and not officially acknowledged in this country, but increasingly understood outside the US.

        Unfortunately, it does seem like there is a deliberate attempt going on to decrease the human population dramatically. Prison Planet posted an article today about the Bees Dying and alluding to yesterday's posting that in a Government Report: Bio-Weapons Could Be Used To Combat Overpopulation (MoD dossier outlines nightmare vision of new world order, ethnic cleansing, class warfare, brain chips by 2035) which links back to the Meeting Dr. Doom article about Dr. Eric R. Pianka's advocacy of eliminating 90% of the world population using a modified Ebola virus (and getting a standing ovation). I raised these issues with Dr. Nicolson yesterday and he quite bluntly stated that a modified Ebola virus wouldn't work and could be stopped via quarantine and other methods, whereas the bioweapons released upon him and his wife, the soldiers in the Gulf War, the prisoners in Texas, were slow, stealthy, and could not be stopped or identified easily, as they manifest themselves in countless ways ("much like the health effects of low level radiation which accelerate the aging process"- my words not his).

        I asked him about the repeated attempts on his life and how he found the courage to continue to speak out and he did say that "being a public persona" offered a certain measure of protection. I think he is right about that and that those who champion issues, do need to get some public attention that identifies them with their issue to protect themselves- and that can be a hard- chicken/egg sort of problem for whistleblowers, whose lives are in greatest danger when nobody knows what they know...

        The radio shows will all be archived at We The People Radio Network if anyone wants to hear the show.

        I need to work on tomorrow's rally and bake cookies, and get to the Post Office, and I'll probably never catch up on all the work that needs to be done.

        April 8, 2007, Easter Sunday, 11:30 pm

        I was up way too late last night with all sorts of technological problems. Today, my husband fixed the sound on the computer, so I can actually do the radio show from home. Nikolas volunteered to help rig up a sound system for Wednesday's rally/march, which can play the great new Impeachment, 9/11 Truth songs that I had hoped to play. I finally figured out how to make the small banner for the We The People Radio Network website, and edited two 60 second spots to promote the Deception Dollar and 911tv.org (My compensation for hosting the show). I didn't do all the work, that I still hope to do, but it was Easter - and a beautiful day. The whole family slept in. I made waffles, we went for bike rides, played tennis, and celebrated Jeremy's straight A report card at a great Thai Restaurant. It's the last day of Spring Break, the kids go back to school tomorrow, and I'll get back to work Monday morning.

        April 8, 2007, Easter

        I'm so frustrated by my lack of technological skills. I can't even make a 468 x 74 or 128 pixel wide Deception Dollar banner because I can't figure out the graphics program on this computer. I haven't done the publicity that I should have done for the upcoming rally/march this Wednesday, and the new radio show that begins tomorrow. I haven't figured out the technology that I need for the radio show, nor have I bought a portable sound system that we need/want for the march. I feel like a failure. On the other hand, I am glad that the 9/11 Truth movement really doesn't "need me" anymore, at this point. It has legs, is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are far more talented, creative, skilled, people out there doing important work.

        Last night, we went to see the Dixie Chicks in Shut Up and Sing and it was an inspiring, encouraging film. When their hit Not Ready to Make Nice won a grammy and started playing in Convenience Stores that was a sign that the Bush Days are numbered and Truth and Justice will overcome...

        I just feel like the least organized organizer in the world, but thank God that it's through the efforts of so many people that the tide has turned. There's a new campaign to put 9/11 Truth yard signs up on the eleventh day of every month... what a great idea!

        It's wonderful that the 9/11 Truth and Impeachment moving are growing faster than I or anyone can keep up with them.

        I was passing out our postcards about the rally at last night's screening and found a lot of enthusiasm, including for a local impeachment action on April 28th, the national day of action, so Wednesday will give Rainbow time to make flyers and pitch her idea to the local community (and I might not have to drive to San Francisco for the Impeach Beach II event, after all- if we reach critical mass here, locally). That is good. The more, the better. Then if I can't do it all- it's ok; it doesn't matter, other folks can pick up the slack.

        Even Canada (Vancouver, BC June 22-24th), and Texas and San Diego are putting on big 9/11 Truth events next weekend. There's a new Project for a New American Citizen Dedicated to Rebuilding America's Senses...

        Who knows, I might be able to take today off after all.

        April 6, 2007

        Last night the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance met in San Francisco, Kai actually did a great job taking notes and posting them on the list (a rare accomplishment). There were so many upcoming events and announcements; we also voted up to $400 for a sound system for next Wednesday's march- to play the new 9/11 and impeachment songs, from the Replica, which will also be useful at future actions/rallies/marches. I haven't been feeling well and mentioned an article that I saw about Cheney stating that he wanted to change the 22nd amendment, such an outrageous statement that I thought we could increase the movement for impeachment from 58 to 85% if people just heard about it, but when I got home I realized that the article was an April Fool's joke.

        Dennis Loo also sent me a link to his idea for a week prior to the National Day of Action for Impeachment, April 28th. His idea is Show it Off Now!!! to get a percentage of those supporting impeachment to visibly wear "Impeachment garb/colors" during the week leading up to April 28th to get the message to the public that we are the majority and make it easier for people to expess dissent and opposition to current regime.

        I agree that the more visible we are, the more we prompt public dialogue on these important issues and are able to disspell the big lies which have held sway these past several years (centuries...). A friend of mine is working on a book about how history is basically written by those who win the wars and the larger battle over the public mind.

        Another interesting article passed my way, by Mark H. Gaffney, who has also written a path-breaking book about Israel's nuclear program and about the gnostics and the early Christian religion (the heretical point of view). Mark posted an article about a mystery plane that appeared on Rense.com, as well as a wider ranging article on 9/11 Will America Face the Truth About 9/11? on Information Clearinghouse. I hadn't been aware of the mystery plane before, but it makes sense in light of all the wargames going on on September 11th, and the fact that the Pentagon has consistently lied about the events, timeline, their behaviour on 9/11. I must admit, that I like to be sure of the authenticity of "new evidence" that suddenly appears after many years. However, I remember trying to compile the original list of questions that we raised when we demanded an investigation of 9/11 in December 2001/January 2002- the questions were far from comprehensive- there was a lot we didn't know, and we didn't have half the pieces to the puzzle that we have now. It's not like a widespread grassroots movement without any funding can do comprehensive research. It's more of a hit or miss, cooperative enterprise, amongst a diverse growing number of individuals, each of whon have a unique perspective, an different access to the mulitple facets of a very complex event.

        April 4, 2007

        Yesterday, Brian and I finished painting about 160 posters for the upcoming rally. We saved a whole $200, but at a price- I forgot to drink water and didn't feel very well today. Brian was inspired to add the color ourselves by a poster in San Francisco that had been hand painted. "I could do better than that." he thought. We hope that our efforts will inspire more creativity and better technique in others.

        Cosmos sent me a link to a shortened version of the new 9/11 Truth Film, specifically calling people to action

        The Eleventh Day of Every Month: The Third Stage
        (about 3 minutes in length).

        [ I'm also in it- challenging Philip Zelikow at Stanford.]

        Today we were in Lytton Plaza at the weekly Listening Project and met some great people and passed out lots of postcards. We also got our press advisory into the mail (and I posted it yesterday at Indymedia.org.)

        Unfortunately, the press work never ends and I just can't do it all. Fortunately, new people are jumping in and helping all the time, and taking the load off my shoulders. The press advisory included suggestions and edits from Janice Matthews, Janette MacKinlay, Brian, and Chuck. The worse the Administration is- the more creative, inspired, generous and cooperative people become to challenge them.

        April 2, 2007

        Here is a very short and sweet new 9/11 Truth film (about 20 minutes), encouraging 9/11 Visibility actions on the 11th of every month entitled-

        The Third Phase

        (Photo from SF March 3/17/2007 by Steven Gray)

        Friday, Brian and I worked on a postcard and the poster for our upcoming rally, trying to get 1000 made in time to pass out at last weekend's events in Palo Alto when Kucinich and Chris Hedges spoke.

        Here's what we came up with:

        The text on the back reads:

                    9/11 Truth

            The 21st century's defining event is the crime of 9/11, used by the
            Bush Administration to launch illegal wars and assaults on the
            Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and habeas corpus. The
            institutionalization of torture, and the Military Commissions Act's
            authorization of the use of martial law and military force against US
            citizens, were supported by Congress and unchallenged by the media.
            They have both failed to investigate and report the basic facts about
            9/11. 115 serious omissions and distortions in the 9/11 Report are listed
            by Dr. David Ray Griffin in his essay, “The 571 Page Lie.” The lies,
            the cover-up, and the conspiracy theory Bush and Cheney used to
            connect 9/11 to invasion of Iraq are high crimes meriting impeachment.
                communitycurrency.org, 911truth.org, 911review.com

                National Shopping Boycott – April 15-22nd
                Impeach for Peace and Justice

            To defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and
            domestic, to hold accountable those who through fraud and
            malfeasance have sought endless war, demonstrated endemic
            corruption and heartless disregard for the weakest among us, for
            justice, we will begin a one-week shopping boycott, along with other
            civil disobediences, uniting citizens who agree we must do something
            NOW. Simultaneously withdrawing from the retail economy, millions
            of us can send a wake-up call to the corporations that back our national
            leaders. During this week, shop only at local independent stores.
            We can show the corporate powers and our elected representatives
            that we are determined, that the time for truth and justice has come, that
            “We're not buying it any more” and a full accounting is expected from
            Washington and Wall Street both.
              The National Day of Action for Impeachment (April 28th)

        We could use help passing them out before the rally and during the march. Tomorrow I hope to get out the press advisory, and include the upcoming 9/11 Truth educational events- there are so many this month- and we still haven't worked out all the details for all of them.

        (I must admit, I took a vacation on Saturday- to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. My husband won a contest at Google and the prize was a night at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel [plus spending money], so we left the kids on Saturday and had a delightful, romantic weekend in San Francisco. I do feel refreshed now, though, and ready to get back to work. I think my happy marriage and kids actually give me the strength and energy to do my activism.)

        March 29, 2007

        One of the biggest challenges of the 9/11 Truth Movement has been to get the basic facts about 9/11 into the mainstream media or general consciousness. People who go to see documentaries are vastly fewer in number than those who seek entertainment and distraction. Since I became an activist, only after seeing a film which disturbed me (JFK) and doing some research on the CIA, I have always thought that films are one of the best tools to raise awareness, and we have continually tried to produce better and better films- mainly documentaries. Late last night, Chris Emery, who made a film about the Oklahoma City bombing, sent me a link to a trailer for a new 9/11 film, which is not a documentary-

        G.B. Shaw



        An investigation of the 9/11 events by a Russian-American journalist and a father of a 9/11 victim implicates the US government in the attacks.

        ALEX PROKOP (JK Baltazar), a successful journalist, receives a rare 9/11 video tape revealing missile-like bursts of light on the hijacked planes as they hit the Twin Towers. The footage was sent by PAUL COOPER (Joseph Culp), a driven researcher, whose daughter died on 9/11. Sensing a good story, Prokop travels with Cooper to New York and Washington, DC, where they uncover suppressed information implicating the US Government in the attacks. As Cooper introduces Prokop to key eye-witnesses, the façade of the "official story" begins to crumble. Prokop hears accounts of underground explosions in the Twin Towers moments before their collapse, and learns of mysterious "engineers” who rendered the WTC security systems inoperative the weekend before 9/11. To his astonishment, he discovers that the firm providing WTC security was run by immediate family members of the President.

        We follow Alex and Cooper as they investigate the inexplicable collapse of the 47-story WTC Building Seven, disprove the implausible airliner "attack" on the Pentagon, and uncover the illegal destruction of physical evidence from Ground Zero.

        The pressure builds as the FBI intimidates Alex's editor, McGUIRE, (Lisa Black) to reveal key sources – while the magazine's corporate investors threaten to kill the entire story. Plagued by the ghosts of his Communist childhood and trying to uphold the independence of American journalism, Alex's search for the truth leads to a dangerous and shocking realization! THE REFLECTING POOL is an intense, sobering investigation into the most controversial tragedy of our time. Drawn from established sources and based on verifiable facts, THE REFLECTING POOL is a thought-provoking study of a search for truth and the profound consequences of not looking for it any further than the nightly news.

        There's a trailer on the main website and on YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2wqSf2AU9g.

        I hope the film gets wide distribution and think we all should do what we can to help promote it.

        Yesterday, at my Listening Project, I interviewed lots of people and I could tell that some of them really hoped that I was wrong, but that they had never been exposed to the facts, and were open to looking into it. The country is beginning to wake up, and I'm sure fifty years down the road the fact that 9/11 was a special operation, state sponsored terrorism, will be common knowledge. However, to prevent the next 9/11, to reverse this course of endless war and terror, we need people to wake up as soon as possible- film, art, music, truth, courage are our best tools. I'm delighted that these filmmakers, who don't even have any connection to the 9/11 Truth Movement that I know of, have come up with this powerful film. I hope we can help premiere it here in the Bay Area.

        March 28, 2007

        The blueprints for the World Trade Center were leaked to Steven Jones and have been posted on a few websites. Jim Hoffman has posted them on his comprehensive website. Victoria details this at 911blogger.com at Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade Center Tower. It's great that the researchers, bloggers, can work together so cooperatively.

        I got a nice email from Steven Jones asking on pointers for organizing protests against Dick Cheney who is scheduled to do a commencement speech at BYU.

        I also got word from We the People Radio Network that the network launch has been push back a week, so my first show Questioning War-Organizing Resistance will be on April 9, 2007, 7-9 pm (Pacific Time) with Garth Nicolson, co-author of Project Day Lily and Director of THE INSTITUTE FOR MOLECULAR MEDICINE.

        Our 411 on 911- 9/11 Truth/Impeachment Rally and March is beginning to coalesce, and my videographer friend, Fiske, will be able to film it, but I sure could use some help with both the rally/radio show/website, especially with graphics!!!! I called Blaine Machan, the Deception Dollar artist, and he is unavailable now, in the middle of moving (though he plans on visiting SF next month).

        With my son home now, on spring break (from Oberlin), I'm spending more time cooking and being with the family. Last night before and after the big family dinner celebration at a favorite Chinese Restaurant, I went to the Palo Alto Taser Task Force Meeting, where Aram James and the ACLU, and the public finally had an opportunity to voice opposition to tasers. Most of the local TV stations came, and I hope the public outcry against tasers will outweigh the stacked deck within the task force, in favor of tasers. I spoke out, particularly voicing my concerns about the militarization of the police force in the face of rising domestic dissent, and my opposition to a torture device to be used against non-violent protesters conducting civil disobedience and exercising their first amendment rights to oppose criminal policies by the Federal Government.

        This morning I need to get to Lytton Plaza for my weekly Listening Project; it's a gorgeous, sunny day.

        March 25, 2007

        The recent successes of 9/11 Truth breaking on a national level have been mirrored by our small local efforts, including a great photo (which I have yet to see in the front section of the SF Chronicle on March 24th). Today, an article appeared in Fremont's Argus about the Saturday screening of 9/11 Press for Truth entitled: Documentary questions response to 9/11. The choice quotes at the articles conclusion were:

          "The absolute failure (of officials) to address important issues is so apparent," said Brian Good, who was on hand to help promote the film. "They seem to be covering up."

          Paul Rea, author of the upcoming book

          "Still Seeking the Truth About 9/11," fielded questions with a liberal dose of his own perspective. He predicted the tide would turn in favor of the public's putting greater pressure on lawmakers to hold the administration accountable.

          "Things are really bubbling up in a lot of places," Rea said.

        On Saturday I also received a letter from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo ( I wonder if she saw the cover photo of our Impeachment rally in the Palo Alto Daily). She wrote:

          March 16, 2007

          Dear Ms Brouillet,

          Thank you for your letter about impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I have received numerous letters from you over the years and my office records demonstrate that I have responded to each and every one. We have discussed this issue at length before.

          I've lived through an impeachment process and witnessed firsthand how it tewars the country apart. The election in November was a resounding rejection of the Presidents's policies and the policies of his party. I think it's time to bring the country together and move forward. In my view, impeachment will heavily distract from the important work of reversing the disastrous course this Administration has set and will virtually bring to a halt progress on important issues including healthcare and global warming.

          As you know, the Bush Administration enjoyed virtually unfettered and unchecked power over the federal government under Republican Majorities in both the House and the Senate over the last six years. This has changed. In the first two and-a-half-months of the 110th Congress, Democrats have held more than 100 oversight hearings covering the war in Iraq, the response to Hurricane Katrina, the firing of United States Attorneys, and the treatment of our veterans at Walter Reed. The House has voted its disapproval of the President's plan to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq. In the coming weeks, the House of Representatives will be voting on legislation to set conditions and timelines for ending the war in Iraq. Congress will conduct rigorous oversight and investigations that will serve the interests of the American people.


          Anna G. Eshoo
          Member of Congress

        On March 23, 2007 Eshoo made a statement supporting H.R. 1591. Move-On had urged its members to support the bill and then thank legislators when the bill passed. I was furious at Move-On, as well as Eshoo and Congress for the lousy bill, which gives tons of money to the military, doesn't prohibit Bush from launching a new war on Iran, and seems like a PR stunt to sell a distant deadline for ending the war, which can be easily changed. It is simply Orwellian and perpetuates the bogus "War on Terrorism" which is the biggest scam this country has ever pulled on its own citizens.

        I continue to collect signatures on Impeachment Petitions and to plan our next "411 on 911" 9/11 Truth/Impeachment Rally. If Anna continues to serve the corporate/military interests, work collaboratively with a criminal regime, rather than hold them accountable, I am sure the Green Party will run a candidate against her in 2008.

        Today Webster Tarpley sent out this message:



        By Webster G. Tarpley

          Washington DC, March 25 -- The long awaited US military attack on Iran is now on track for the first week of April, specifically for 4 AM on April 6, the Good Friday opening of Easter weekend, writes the well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov in the Moscow weekly “Argumenty Nedeli.” Uglanov cites Russian military experts close to the Russian General Staff for his account.

          The attack is slated to last for twelve hours, according to Uglanov, lasting from 4 AM until 4 PM local time. Friday is a holiday in Iran. In the course of the attack, code named Operation Bite, about 20 targets are marked for bombing; the list includes uranium enrichment facilities, research centers, and laboratories.

          The first reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, where Russian engineers are working, is supposed to be spared from destruction. The US attack plan reportedly calls for the Iranian air defense system to be degraded, for numerous Iranian warships to be sunk in the Persian Gulf, and the for the most important headquarters of the Iranian armed forces to be wiped out.

          The attacks will be mounted from a number of bases, including the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is currently home to B-52 bombers equipped with standoff missiles. Also participating in the air strikes will be US naval aviation from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, as well as from those of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Additional cruise missiles will be fired from submarines in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of the Arabian peninsula. The goal is allegedly to set back Iran’s nuclear program by several years, writes Uglanov, whose article was re-issued by RIA-Novosti in various languages, but apparently not English, several days ago. The story is the top item on numerous Italian and German blogs, but so far appears to have been ignored by US websites.

          Observers comment that this dispatch represents a high-level orchestrated leak from the Kremlin, in effect a war warning, which draws on the formidable resources of the Russian intelligence services, and which deserves to be taken with the utmost seriousness by pro-peace forces around the world.

          Asked by RIA-Novosti to comment on the Uglanov report, retired Colonel General Leonid Ivashov confirmed its essential features in a March 21 interview: “I have no doubt that there will be an operation, or more precisely a violent action against Iran.” Ivashov, who has reportedly served at various times as an informal advisor to Putin, is currently the Vice President of the Moscow Academy for Geopolitical Sciences.

          Ivashov attributed decisive importance to the decision of the Democratic leadership of the US House of Representatives to remove language from the just-passed Iraq supplemental military appropriations bill which would have demanded that Bush come to Congress before launching an attack on Iran. Ivashov pointed out that the language was eliminated under pressure from AIPAC, the lobbing group representing the Israeli extreme right, and of Israeli Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni.

            “We have drawn the unmistakable conclusion that this operation will take place,” said Ivashov. In his opinion, the US planning does not include a land operation: “ Most probably there will be no ground attack, but rather massive air attacks with the goal of annihilating Iran’s capacity for military resistance, the centers of administration, the key economic assets, and quite possibly the Iranian political leadership, or at least part of it,” he continued.

          Ivashov noted that it was not to be excluded that the Pentagon would use smaller tactical nuclear weapons against targets of the Iranian nuclear industry. These attacks could paralyze everyday life, create panic in the population, and generally produce an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty all over Iran, Ivashov told RIA-Novosti.

            “This will unleash a struggle for power inside Iran, and then there will be a peace delegation sent in to install a pro-American government in Teheran,”

          Ivashov continued. One of the US goals was, in his estimation, to burnish the image of the current Republican administration, who would now be able to boast that they had wiped out the Iranian nuclear program.

          Among the other outcomes, General Ivashov pointed to a partition of Iran along the same lines as Iraq, and a subsequent carving up of the Near and Middle East into smaller regions.

            “This concept worked well for them in the Balkans and will now be applied to the greater Middle East,” he commented.

            “Moscow must expert Russia’s influence by demanding an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to deal with the current preparations for an illegal use of force against Iran and the destruction of the basis of the United Nations Charter,” said General Ivashov. “In this context Russia could cooperate with China, France and the non-permanent members of the Security Council. We need this kind of preventive action to ward off the use of force,” he concluded.

          Even Conservatives are talking now about impeachment to stop Bush, and most recently held a press conference pushing an American Freedom Agenda which reins in some of the worst excesses of the Executive branch.

          I don't think you have to be conservative or liberal to recognize the difference between self serving, evil, un constitutional power grabbing and that which protects the rights of ordinary people. Even the media people are beginning to wake up to this giant threat, although we have a long way to go before the media acknowledges 9/11 Truth and encourages power-holder and policy changes that we have been working towards these many years.

          March 23, 2007

          I still have to learn blog technology. I posted a new blog for my upcoming radio show at -


          with some info on my first guest- Professor Garth Nicolson, co-author of Project Day Lily.

            Project Day Lily is based on the true story of two scientists in Texas that discovered the presence of one of the most insidious incapacitating biological agents ever developed in Gulf War veterans’ blood. This microbe hides inside cells and causes all sorts of chronic signs and symptoms, similar to what one would see with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and many other chronic illnesses. It also tells the story of the two scientists being thrust into a world of danger and intrigue as they unravel the mystery of how sinister university and government administrators plotted to keep what these scientists had discovered hidden from the American public, even attempting to murder the two whistleblowers to prevent the exposure of their hideous experiments from public scrutiny. The final irony is that the inheritance of one of these scientists was likely used to finance the development and testing of biological weapons of mass destruction by a rogue faction of government scientists, bureaucrats and intelligence operatives, and these same funds likely financed the diabolical campaign of sabotage against the two Texas scientists.

            Project Day Lily explains to the general public what happened to the veterans and their family members after the first Gulf War and what is happening to our Armed Forces to this day.

          I learned about Professor Nicolson and his book when someone sent me an e-mail stating that the Nicolsons had been warned about 9/11, and passed on the warning to the US government.

          Project Day Lily is a fictionalized version of the Nicolsons personal experiences that casts light on the science and politics behind the bioweapons program. It raises larger questions about who is funding the research, and for what purpose? After innumerable attempts on their lives, Professor Nicolson is still bravely speaking out, but is his story reaching the country or having any effect upon the policies of the Veteran's Administration or the medical profession or the people suffering directly from being exposed to the bioweapons created and tested upon American soldiers, prisoners, and ordinary citizens? What can we do to raise awareness on this issue and stop the development and testing of bioweapons upon more people? Recent legislation which removes liability from the pharmaceutical companies for their vaccines, does not bode well for the health of the public. Who is benefiting from this war on human health? And who is paying the price? These are some of the issues we will be discussing on April 2, 2007.

          Last night, I went to a house party where we watched highlights from the National Conference on Media Reform. It was hosted by David Mathison, who is working on a multi-media book/website project entitled: BE THE MEDIA. I was so impressed by David. He did a tremendous amount of work in the corporate world, was a Vice President at Reuters for five years, but radicalized by his firsthand observation of the stolen election and the failure of the press to tell the story. All his work is devoted to empowering people to raise their voices and champion truth, and their issues, and be heard above the din of the mainstream media. The way media technologies are developing and transforming society are so dramatic that he sees it as a "Renaissance" rather than a revolution, which is far more hopeful, promising, and undefeatable. I hope to get him on my radio show, too- if his schedule permits it.

          This morning I spoke with Gabriel Day and David Kubiak who will be able to join us at our "411 on 911" (April 11th) 9/11 Truth/Impeachment Rally. They are also brainstorming on a conference this summer with a special emphasis on "Media and 9/11." Certainly our struggle is to break through fear and denial, encourage understanding, create a movement strong enough to bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts. By exposing the deceptive war game, hopefully we can break it once and for all.

          March 21, 2007, 10 pm

          Just found this image in the local paper:

          March 21, 2007

          On this beautiful warm first day of spring, I had quite a bit of help at the Listening Project, but hurried home to work on updating the calendar, and organizing upcoming events. It looks like Ken Jenkins, Joyce Lynn and I will be doing something together at Berkeley on April 26th, and we need to define it more precisely.

          Mickey Huff is organizing a "Deconstructing Deceit: 9/11, the Media, and Misinformation" on Saturday, April 21, 2007, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Berkeley City College with Peter Phillips and Bonnie Faulkner in session one, and Richard Gage and Jim Hoffman in a subsequent session.

          I just got word that my radio program will begin on April 2nd, and I need to work on a website (with feedback options) or at least a webpage, so that I can list the guests and work out the schedule.

          I was touched by Rabbi Lerner's speech at the Federal Building the other day and contacted him and he invited me to submit an essay on the "Gift Economy" to Tikkun, which I hope to do soon.

          Some excellent articles have been surfacing lately on the concentration of wealth in the world (An excellent read is Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They “Made It” by James Petras, March 20, 2007 . A sobering analysis on Lula, the Left's darling in Brazil, who has sold out to the Bushes and serve elite needs now appeared in Narco-News:

          Out-Flanked: A New War on Terra Arrives with Bush-Lula Ethanol Deal
          Another Bush Family Energy Empire Now Forming in the Heart Of South America
          , by Garrett St. James

          I guess us "fanatics" need to redouble our efforts in the face of "impossibilities." I remain optimistic despite the drooling malevolence and hutzpah of the ruling elite.

          March 19, 2007

          On Saturday, I set up our banners, the tables very early at the Palo Alto Civic Center. I was there before the main organizers and helped them unload. Fortunately a few activists came to help. Brian fixed the Replica so that it could be hauled vertically, but sadly the police said it was "illegal, too dangerous, exceeded height limitations and had to be hauled horizontally." I was so disappointed. We managed to pass out a fraction of the picket signs that I brought to the rally and I could only find people to cary one of the banners and had to leave the other two behind. Chuck leafletted, Bill watched the tables during the march. Still- we were visible and the table was popular (We took in $175 in donations- mainly bumper stickers, buttons, a few books and dvds. We passed out a lot of Deception Dollars.) I would guess that four hundred people were at the rally, and more than that participated in the march. The Palo Alto Daily News said:

            Marking the fourth year since United States forces invaded Iraq, millions across the country marched to protest the war, including about 350 people in downtown Palo Alto.

            Impeaching President George Bush, bringing the troops home, conspiracies about the 9/11 attacks and fear of an impending attack on Iran were common themes among the 40 and older crowd.

            And many, such as organizer Paul George, director of the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, were frustrated that the newly-elected Democratic Congress isn't pushing the White House harder for a troop withdrawal. It was the center's fourth anniversary rally.

          ... I actually spoke with the reporter at the rally and gave him some of the 9/11 materials. He seemed genuinely open to looking into it, but said his editor wouldn't go for it. There was also a videographer from a Turkish television statement who was interested in the 9/11 materials.

          First to arrive, we were also the last to leave. Chuck and I went back to my house to finish stapling 50 picket signs for the big rally the next day.

          Sunday, we were up early to get a good spot in the Civic Center, and set up the large Deception Dollar banner and my Earth Banner and Not in our Name banner, we borrowed an awning from Veteran's for Peace and set it up for for Bonnie Faulkner (Guns and Butter) who tabled next to us. Eric, Chuck and I left Scott and Bill to table while we went to Justin Herman Plaza to help with the replica, banners, signs.

          We found John and Cosmos, who stapled together and passed out lots of picket signs. Brian was late, so it was hard for us to rally easily at the replica, but fortunately he unloaded it, and most of the signs, right at the beginning of where the march would travel- which was an ideal location to pass out signs, and I recruited five wonderful young people to help pull the replica and carry two banners, so all of our signs and banners made it into the march (We didn't get many back and I think people liked the message and will reuse the signs.)

          Our leaflets and dollars were so popular that we handed out almost all the sacks of them that we brought. There were at least 40,000 people who filled all of Market Street. My voice was horribly raw from chanting on Saturday and the sound system wasn't directed well and bounced inside the replica rather than towards the street, there was lots of music, drumming and sound coming from multiple groups all along the way, with an occaisional roar from the entire march. We felt the public was very supportive of our message. Kids would flash "9/11 was an inside job" t shirts at me and give me the thumbs up. We were glad to be there.

          We parked the replica behind our tables when we reached the fairly packed Civic Center and our table was, again, the most popular, and us, about the last to leave. We gave out lots of free literature and received about a thousand dollars in donations (running out of some of our books).

          Some people were quite upset that we didn't have a speaker at the podium. It's amazing the level of resistance there is still to 9/11 truth within the official "left," but we are getting more popular support and the evidence is becoming more evident and obvious to a critical mass.

          Today, Brian and I went to the rally at the Federal Building to cut off the war funding. I had only heard about the rally from George Johnson, who was one of the speakers last Wednesday when he spoke at our Impeachment Rally. I tried to see if we could endorse, speak and table at the event. They had a full slate of speakers, allowed no tabling, but did include us as endorsers on their website, and we felt warmly welcomed and easily found volunteers to hold two of our three large Deception Dollar banners and they left us tie up the big one in the trees behind the podium! (Hopefully the banners will find their way into the newscasts, as they are the perfect visuals to complement the message of the rally).

          I saw lots of friends, several Green Party folks including- Krissy Keefer, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, and Matt Gonzalez spoke. The Democrats have shown such horrific contempt for popular will and support for criminal policies that I have no idea if they will even begin to cave in, even cosmetically, to the stop the war funding efforts. I am more hopeful, though, that Cynthia McKinney, so vilified by the press and Democrats will consider to run as a Green in the next election to be a true champion of people, truth, peace and justice.

          With the shifting alliances in the power elite, the dumping of the dollar on the world stage, it looks like the elite are in full "damage control" mode.

          I'm sure Rabbi Lerner, today, was trying to offer them a carrot to help prevent "total meltdown" in his articulation of a Global Marshall Plan or Generosity Strategy to help us transition from the "Dominator culture" towards a "Cooperative culture." It's a good first move.

          Sadly our replica failed to make it into the photos of the rallies, and I forgot to bring my camera, again, but here is a nice one of the rally at the Civic Center March 18, 2007 with a prominent "9/11 Truth Now" banner beneath the "TRUTH" building:

          March 15, 2007

          Today we made the

          cover of the Palo Alto Daily News

          That was a nice surprise!

          Kucinich also made remarks on the floor-

            U.S. House - 15 March 2007 -- This House cannot avoid its Constitutionally authorized responsibility to restrain the abuse of Executive power. The Administration has been preparing for an aggressive war against Iran. There is no solid, direct evidence that Iran has the intention of attacking the United States or its allies.

            The US is a signatory to the UN Charter, a constituent treaty among the nations of the world. Article II, Section 4 of the UN Charter states, "all members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. . ." Even the threat of a war of aggression is illegal.

            Article VI of the US Constitution makes such treaties the Supreme Law of the Land. This Administration, has openly threatened aggression against Iran in violation of the US Constitution and the UN Charter.

            This week the House Appropriations committee removed language from the Iraq war funding bill requiring the Administration, under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution, to seek permission before it launched an attack against Iran. Since war with Iran is an option of this Administration and since such war is patently illegal, then impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran.

          Kevin Ryan also posted an excellent article entitled 9/11: Looking for Truth in Credentials: The Peculiar WTC “Experts”. The article also was posted at crimesofthestate.blogspot.com which has some very good articles on it.

          Global Research also posted an excellent piece on Propaganda and the Politics of Perception. We are in the midsts of an information war with violence looming over our very heads.

          Since Jean-Luc (my husband) works at Google and doesn't share my political views, we have some very interesting conversations about what is happening with the internet. Google just got sued bigtime- New Media challenging Old Media for copyright violations, but they are probably safe because they are "policing" YouTube and removing "copyrighted material" quickly. Well the copyrighted material- happens to be the most damning evidence of complicity in 9/11. A great new documentary entitled The Ultimate Con 911 Documentary Trailer I disappeared sooner than I could add a live link to it the other day, and who knows how many places it will be put up on and taken down from by those who don't want people to see it, not because it violates copyright laws, but because of its damning political nature.

          At least my husband no longer works at Inxight which he admitted was beginning to get more and more funding from the alphabet soup agencies that I oppose. He is hopeful that the guys at Google really do mean well; I'm more skeptical.

          March 14, 2007

          I've been so busy these past few days, but I am so moved and hopeful by my conversations, the latest news, the phenomenal work of other activists, our impeachment rally in Palo Alto, today, and our ideas for a major impeachment/9-11 visibility rally on 4/11 (Dial 411- for info) next month.

          On Monday night, it was a pleasure to speak with Samuel Ettaro on the Citizen's Advocate radio program (The show is archived there- if anyone wants to listen to it.) Tom Chelston was the first caller. He had written to me a little while ago and gave me a link to an excellent Impeach music video which Tom produced, and which Samuel managed to play on the air, at some point, during the show. Samuel is a wonderful resource, too, for learning multi-media skills, and he actually teaches people how to "be the media." I wish I could learn his skills!! Another caller mentioned that he felt isolated, and was losing his friends when he tried to get them to look at the 9/11 Truth materials. He did perk up when I mentioned the www.truthaction.org 9/11 Visibility Actions and the possibility of targeting state capitals on the eleventh of some month (maybe June) in a coordinated national campaign to demand a real investigation of 9/11. He said he'd drive the several hours to get to Olympia. I do think actions begin small and then have the potential to grow and be replicated in many places...

          Tuesday was actually a bit frustrating because I hadn't done much outreach for today's rally. Last February, I pulled together as many people as I could with less than 24 hours notice. Aside from some calendar listings, I had no speakers scheduled, one flyer that I had made on Monday, and I needed a new banner. So I sent out some e-mails, made a few phone calls, put up a few flyers, baked a lot of cookies, painted a banner, wrote a letter for Congresswoman Eshoo, and drafted a press release.

          Today, I got up very early, got some good editing suggestions from friends, posted a quick article on Indymedia, sent out a couple faxes to the local press, loaded up signs, banners, food, sound system and hoped for the best...

          Many of my dear friends showed up, plus a few people that I didn't know. It was a pretty small, but vocal group. George Johnson, from Veteran's for Peace and Annie and the Vets came and gave a great short little speech and sang "Connecticut Yankee." Tian and Drew both spoke on behalf of the Santa Clara Green Party and the Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition. Galen also spoke on 9/11, and, with his booming voice, led most of the chants during our march (He also was in Snowshoe Films NYC Ground Zero 9/11/06 film, and will be featured on Kevin Barrett's show, soon). Julia Bernd represented the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center and spoke very briefly, encouraging everyone to come to the rally at the Civic Center on Saturday whose theme is Get Out of Iraq - Stay Out of Iran. Unfortunately, the Raging Grannies, Code Pink, and others were busy with other actions and couldn't make it to ours, too. There is just so much being done all over the Bay Area all this week and next week!

          I forgot to bring a camera and so did Tian, but a photographer did show up. Miraculously, he was from the Palo Alto Daily News which has ignored me consistently for over six years, and ignored over a hundred demonstrations, rallies, marches, and events that I have organized. The photographer stayed around for quite a while and took a few photos as we marched, spoke and chanted down the sidewalks on University Avenue encouraging people to support impeachment, and passing out our flyers about the upcoming rallies and the national campaign to boycott corporate America from Tax Day to Earth Day to send the "Impeach for Peace and Justice" message to the powers that be.

          We ran out of flyers, people were receptive to our message. We also went to Eshoo's office, I presented my latest letter ; we all signed in, then returned to Lytton Plaza to break bread and pow-wow a bit on further actions. Drew noted 4/11 also was "411" meaning info and we thought that would help with our publicity efforts to make next month's rally larger and more powerful. It just takes a lot of effort and more people, than just me, to pull off something "big."

          I was so tired when I returned home, but I was revitalized when I found a brilliant 9/11 music video posted at 911 blogger a larger screen version is also posted at www.911building7.co.uk which includes the lyrics with hyperlinks to relevant websites. It's so well done- a marvelous tool for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

          John Gold also posted an excellent interview with Bob McIlvaine, whom I was honored to meet in Arizona. Of all the victim's family members that I have heard speak, Bob's voice, story and understanding of 9/11 has touched me the most. He is probably the best spokesperson for 9/11 Truth, although it is heartbreaking to witness his emotion at the loss of his son, Bobby, who sounds like an exceptional, wonderful person.

          March 12, 2007

          Today, I need to catch up on all the organizing that I haven't been able to do since Thursday, including the usual accounting, post office runs, and I have to feed the kids early tonight because I'll be on the radio tonight from 6-8 pm, Pacific Time (if the East Coast is getting off Daylight Savings time, as we are).

          Today, Carol Brouillet will be speaking on the Citizen's Advocate Monday, March 12th-9pm EST on Live365 Radio

          March 11, 2007

          Unfortunately, a 4 day migraine knocked the wind out of me these past few days and today was the first day that I felt "almost normal" again. The kids, errands, cooking, and sorting out all the 9/11 materials in the garage consumed most of my strength. Even though I couldn't join everyone in San Francisco, or even stage a minor 9/11 visibility action in Palo Alto today, I at least wore my T shirt and buttons. Dave made 50-100 picket signs which he tried to deliver to us in San Francisco, but he was a week off on his timing, so they ended up in my place- and I'll need help getting them to the upcoming rallies (They also need back-sides.)

          I just posted an interesting interview that a friend of mine did-

          The First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th
          Former Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon speaks out
          on 9/11, NORAD and what should have happened on 9/11.

          By Jeremy Baker

          Former Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon

          From the first two paragraphs-

            Within three hours of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Robin Hordon knew it was an inside job. He had been an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) for eleven years before Reagan fired him and hundreds of his colleagues after they went on strike in the eighties. Having handled in-flight emergencies and two actual hijackings in his career, he is well qualified to comment on what NORAD should have been able to achieve in its response to the near simultaneous hijacking of four domestic passenger carriers on the morning of September 11th, 2001.

              “There had to be something huge to explain why those aircraft weren’t shot down out of the sky. We have fighters on the ready to handle these situations twenty-four-seven. We have NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) monitors monitoring our skies twenty-four-seven. We have a lot of human beings, civilian and military, who care about doing their jobs.”

          Although I have hated to even look at the Pentagon issue, because it is so controversial and decisive within the movement, I really was disappointed to not meet the Pilots for 9/11 Truth in Arizona in February and to see the Citizen Investigation Team's new film The Penta Con. I wasn't as impressed by The Penta Con video, as I was by the official pilots challenging the data released with the official report, but both expose some severe problems with the official story.

          I do think that one of the best points made in the air traffic controller interview, and in my own interviews with pilots and witnesses is that those coming forward need to feel safe or have some sense of protection. This is very challenging to provide, when I don't think "anyone" can actually "be safe" anywhere anymore- not from the government, not from the media... All we can do really is to overcome fear, be brave, and hope for the support of the growing community of 9/11 truth, peace, justice activists and our own communications network- at some point people "will feel safer" being on the side of the vast majority who do want peace, justice, truth to prevail rather than on the side of the crooks, liars, and sellers of war.

          It's a deeply personal decision which people must make for themselves.

          March 8, 2007, International Women's Day

          The last few days have been sobering, but I think there has never been more compelling reason to get out in the streets and organize, mobilize the public for change. Tuesday night, we went up to San Francisco for a Unity meeting to mobilize people for the upcoming anti-war rally/march on March 18th in San Francisco. While there wasn't much discussion, but a lot of short speeches from the thirty or so groups who had representatives there, it was good to realize that the movement is growing, but daunting to realize that it has been forced to grow by the repressive attacks by the police and the Christian Right upon people of color, immigrants, homosexuals, the poor, the Left in general.

          I managed to get in my two minute 9/11 speech and raise the issue of a upcoming false flag attack, to be blamed on Iran, in order to get support for the next war, and query as to how many believed the official story of 9/11 (yes-2) and how many felt that 9/11 was used as a pretext for imperial expansion (yes 35- out of 80). The taboo issue, 9/11 Truth is still not addressed by ANSWER, the ISO, and others in the anti-war movement. I'm going to try to write something up for the upcoming summit to stop the war on Iran that will be held in Berkeley on Saturday. We need to merge the truth movement with the peace and justice movement- to strengthen them and have a more significant impact on the public, the media, the government.

          Wednesday, at the Listening Project, I was told about how the police stopped a bus on 101 because a "sleeping man" had a knife on him. The police interrogated, photographed, and terrorized everyone on the bus and delayed them for over an hour. It is almost like they are practicing for martial law. That evening in Berkeley, Chalmers-Johnson gave a very grim talk with a poor prognosis for the demise not only of the American Empire, but its economic collapse. He is an old guy, but seemed willing to take in "new facts" and change his opinion about things, so we did present him with 9/11 materials after the talk, but he held tightly to his famous "Blowback Thesis" which was published prior to 9/11 and probably helped sell the official 9/11 narrative to the Left.

          Today, I actually was feeling quite ill, and wasn't too happy to receive more confirming articles on the dire situtation that we are facing in this country today. Here are excerpts from-

          Operation Falcon and the Looming Police State by Mike Whitney, February 26, 2007

            On 29th June, 1934, Chancellor Adolph Hitler, accompanied by the Schutzstaffel (SS), arrived at Wiesse, where he personally arrested the leader of the Strum Abteilung (SA), Ernnst Roehm. During the next 24 hours 200 other senior SA officers were arrested on the way to Wiesse. Many were shot as soon as they were captured but Hitler decided to pardon Roehm because of his past service to the movement. However, after much pressure from Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler, Hitler agreed that Roehm should die. At first Hitler insisted that Roehm should be allowed to commit suicide but, when he refused, Roehm was shot by two SS men. (Spartacus.schoolnet.co)

            Later, Hitler delivered a speech at the Reichstag in which he justified the murders of his rivals saying:

            "If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to the regular courts of justice, then all I can say is this: In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people. It was no secret that this time the revolution would have to be bloody; when we spoke of it we called it 'The Night of the Long Knives.' Everyone must know for all future time that if he raises his hand to strike the State, then certain death is his lot."

            The Night of the Long Knives is seen by many as the turning point where Hitler made it clear that he was above the law and the supreme leader of the German people.

            Operation Falcon: Blueprint for removing dissidents and political rivals

            The Bush administration has carried out three massive sweeps in the last two years, rolling up more than 30,000 minor crooks and criminals, without as much as a whimper of protest from the public.

            Operation Falcon is the clearest indication yet that the Bush administration is fine-tuning its shock-troops so it can roll up tens of thousands of people at a moment’s notice and toss them into the newly-built Halliburton detention centers. This should be a red flag for anyone who cares at all about human rights, civil liberties, or simply saving his own skin.

            Operation Falcon was allegedly the brainchild of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his counterpart in the US Marshal's office, (Director) Ben Reyna. But its roots go much deeper into the nexus of right-wing Washington think tanks where fantasies of autocratic government have a long history. The name, Falcon, is an acronym for "Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally." It relates to the more than 960 state, local and federal agencies which are directly involved in the administration’s expansive criminal dragnets.

            Typically, law enforcement agencies are protective of their own turf and wary of outside intervention. The Falcon program overrides these concerns by streamlining the information-sharing processes and setting up a chain-of-command structure that radiates from the Justice Department. This removes many of the traditional obstacles to agency interface. It also relocates the levers of power in Washington where thy can be manned by members of the Bush administration...

            The first Operation Falcon took place during the week of April 4 to April 10, 2005. According to the US Marshal’s official website, "The emphasis centered on gang related crimes, homicides, crimes involving use of a weapon, crimes against children and the elderly, crimes involving sexual assaults, organized crime and drug related fugitives, and other crimes of violence." More than 10,000 criminal suspects were arrested in a matter of days. It was the largest criminal sweep in the nation’s history and, according to U.S. Marshall chief Ben Reyna, "produced the largest number of arrests ever recorded during a single initiative." The Washington Times noted, "The sweep was a virtual clearinghouse for warrants on drug, gang, gun and sex-offender suspects nationwide."

            The emphasis was clearly on quantity not quality...

            Still, this doesn’t explain why state and federal agencies had to be integrated with local law enforcement simply to carry out routine police work...

            Operation FALCON II was another massive dragnet which covered the western half of the country and focused primarily on "violent sex offenders". The raids took place from April 17-23, and succeeded in apprehending 9,037 alleged fugitives. The US Marshals web site boasts that the operation "took some of the country's most dangerous wanted criminals off the streets and made America's communities safer".

            Nonsense. Despite the claims of success, only 462 "violent sex crime" suspects were arrested, along with 1,094 "unregistered sex offenders" and other minor "sex crime" suspects. That leaves 7,481 suspects who were rounded up for other unrelated reasons.

            Who are they and what crime did they commit? Were these drug violations, dads who were delinquent on child-support payments, traffic tickets, jay-walking?!?

            7,481 people who were incarcerated are unaccounted by the government’s estimate. This means that the bulk of them were probably undocumented workers who were shunted off to the INS (Immigration and Naturalization) or dispatched to Cheney’s tent-city gulags in western Texas. (See: Democracy Now "Human Rights Groups Call for Closure of Texas Jail Holding Undocumented Immigrants" 2-23-07)

            Similar inconsistencies appear in "Operation FALCON III, which covered the eastern half of the country from October 22 - 28, 2006." State, local and federal police-units arrested 10,773 fugitives; including 1,659 sex offenders, 971 unregistered sex offenders, 364 gang members, 140 homicide suspects, and 3,609 drug violations. Once again, the US Marshal’s official tally doesn’t pencil out. This time, 4,030 extra people were rounded up without any further explanation.

            Who are they and have they been charged with a crime?

            Furthermore, sex offenders, drug users and gang-bangers are not what we normally consider "some of the country's most dangerous wanted criminals". In fact, there are indications that the great majority of these people are not violent at all. For example, of the 30,110 total fugitives who were apprehended in all three Falcon sweeps, a measly 586 firearms were seized.

            Clearly, the people who were arrested for the most part were not "armed and dangerous" nor were they a serious threat to public safety. They were probably just the unwitting victims of an overzealous US Marshals office and an ideologically-driven Justice Department.

            So, what was the real impetus for the Falcon raids? Was it just a bean-counting exercise to see how many people would fit in the back of a Paddy-wagon or are they a dress rehearsal for future crackdowns on potential enemies of the state?

            Bogus News Reports

            The Falcon operation illustrates the incestuous relationship between the media and the state. They are two wings on the same plane. The Justice Department provided the TV networks with official footage of policemen and government agents raiding homes and handcuffing suspects; and the media dutifully aired the video on stations across the country. The scenes were accompanied by a reassuring commentary lauding the administration’s new crime fighting strategies and linking homeland security with the nebulous war on terror...

            The Falcon operations can only be understood in the broader context of the ongoing assault on the constitutional system of checks and balances; including the repeal of habeas corpus, warrantless wiretaps and searches, and the use of torture.

            For the last 6 years, the Bush administration has been busy dismantling the legal safeguards which protect the citizen from the arbitrary and, oftentimes, ruthless actions of the state. To that end, detention camps are being prepared by Halliburton within the U.S., secret courts have been established which deny due process of law, American citizens are arrested without charge, law enforcement is increasingly militarized, and the media has strengthened its alliance with the central government.

            Additionally, in October 2006, George Bush quietly changed the Insurrection Act, which prevented the President from deploying troops inside the United States. Bush’s revision effectively overturns the Posse Comitatus Act which put strict limits on the executive’s power to use US troops in domestic situations. Just days earlier Bush signed a similar bill, "The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" which gives Bush the power to take command of National Guard units across the country which are traditionally under the control of the state governors.

            Without fanfare, Bush has taken control of all armed forces and militias inside and outside of the country and now has a monopoly on all the state-sanctioned tools of organized violence. It’s a coup that could never have succeeded without the tacit cooperation of the media.

            Bush is now free to declare martial law in response to a natural disaster, a pandemic or a terrorist attack. The congress is powerless to stop him.

            Also, Bush recently signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which allows the president to arbitrarily declare citizens and non citizens "enemy combatants" and imprison them indefinitely without charge. The new law gives Bush the authority to disregard the Geneva Conventions and the 8th amendment’s ban on "cruel and unusual" punishment and apply "harsh interrogation" which may include torture. The act effectively repeals habeas corpus, the cornerstone of American jurisprudence and the Bill of Rights...

            These are the chilling precedents which have paved the way for further government lawlessness and abuse. They foreshadow the ominous transition from representative government to autocratic rule; from inalienable rights to martial law.

            The Falcon operations are just a small part of this larger paradigm. The program is not designed for rounding up minor crooks and drug dealers, (which no one really cares about anyway) but for removing leftists, dissidents and political rivals. These are the real targets. The power of the state is measured in terms of how effectively it defeats or eliminates its enemies. And, the Bush administration has shown a remarkable aptitude for crushing its rivals.

            The Crawford Fuehrer

            One day, after a particularly savage domestic purge; we can expect President Bush to stride to the presidential podium and reiterate the same words that were uttered by his German predecessor 60 years ago:

            "If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to the regular courts of justice, then all I can say is this: In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the American people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the American people….Everyone must know for all future time that if he raises his hand to strike the State, then certain death is his lot."

          This article, which was published in Pravda, echoes the other one:

          US president orders military to begin jailing all civilian protestors to war, by Sorcha Faal, January 18, 2007

            In yet another shocking prelude towards becoming a Total Police State, Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the American War Leaders have issued orders to the United States Military Northern Command authorizing the jailing, and military tribunals, for any American citizen critical of the 'war effort'.

            These reports state that the American President has 'lost his confidence' in the American Judicial System and has further ordered his War Cabinet to begin attacking civilian judges, and as we can read as confirmed by the MSNBC News Service in their article titled "Gonzales: Judges unfit to rule on terror policy", and which says:

            "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says federal judges are unqualified to make rulings affecting national security policy, ramping up his criticism of how they handle terrorism cases.

            "We want to determine whether he understands the inherent limits that make an unelected judiciary inferior to Congress or the president in making policy judgments," Gonzales says in the prepared speech. "That, for example, a judge will never be in the best position to know what is in the national security interests of our country."

            The American War Leaders have further launched attacks against their own civilian judiciary from the Pentagon, and as we can read as reported by the Jurist Legal Research and News Service in their report titled "US law deans 'appalled' by Stimson criticism of law firms for representing detainees", and which says:

            "More than 130 deans of US law schools signed a statement released Monday expressing their dismay at comments made last week by DOD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Detainee Affairs Charles "Cully" Stimson in a radio interview critizing top US law firms for providing pro bono representation to Guantanamo detainees.

            "We," the deans wrote, are appalled by the January 11, 2007 statement of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Charles "Cully" Stimson, criticizing law firms for their pro bono representation of suspected terrorist detainees and encouraging corporate executives to force these law firms to choose between their pro bono and paying clients."

            Furthering the complete destruction of the rights of the American people to 'due process' and 'fair trials', the American War Leaders have passed a new law subjecting their citizens to Military, instead of Civilian trials.

            According to reports from the United States, this little known law was 'slipped into' a large spending bill unbeknownst to US Congressional Leaders, and though 'seemingly' applying to American contractors in fact subjects all American citizens to Military Arrest and Trials.

            The most destructive of these 'new' laws 'slipped into' much larger legislation, and bypassing the notice of US Lawmakers, has overturned over 200 years of American procedures for appointing US Federal Prosecutors, and who are, according the American Constitution, charged with being 'politically neutral' so as to afford the citizens of the United States protection against prosecution by a vengeful government, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "2 U.S. Attorneys in Calif. quit, critics say Bush forced them out", and which says:

            "Two U.S. Attorneys in California announced they are stepping down, as critics alleged political pressure from the Bush administration was pushing them and others out of their jobs. Kevin Ryan, chief federal prosecutor for the state's Northern District, and Carol Lam, who headed the state's Southern District, both announced Tuesday they would be leaving their positions.

            The two are among 11 top federal prosecutors who have resigned or announced their resignations since an obscure provision in the USA Patriot Act reauthorization last year enabled the U.S. attorney general to appoint replacements without Senate confirmation."

            Russian Legal Analysts familiar with American Law state in these reports that the significance of these actions being taking against American citizens by the US War Leaders shows the 'complete ascendancy' to 'total power' of the American President, and who now is free to rule his Nation by decree free from interference by either the US Congress, or the American people themselves.

            So powerless have the US Congress and American people become, that as outrage continues to build within the United States against the expansion of the war in Iraq, and the planned US attack upon Iran, the spokesman for the American War Leader has stated in response to a US Congressional move to block further war making:

            "Presidential spokesman Tony Snow said resolutions passed by Congress will not affect Bush's decision-making. "The president has obligations as a commander in chief," he said. "And he will go ahead and execute them."

            Russian Intelligence Analysts in these reports to President Putin have asked, "If President Bush feels that he is not constrained by either the elected representatives of the American people, or the American people themselves, we must then consider that he, and his Administration, have become powers unto themselves and that the United States should therefore be considered a dictatorship, not a democracy."

            To the American people themselves, they remain in abject denial of the dark Fascist forces descending around them; but soon, and much sooner than they could believe, and with their families and neighbors disappearing into the vast American Gulag, what they once believed in as the American Dream, will soon be shown for what it really is, an American Nightmare.

          Not exactly cheerful reading. At least in the Bay Area, we are somewhat encouraged by the police to protest against the war, a lot of them seem to be on our side ideologically. Tomorrow the Christian Rightwing will be coming to San Francisco to protest our "immoral liberal laws" and hold a gargantuan militant Christian rally in the stadium called "Battlecry" encouraging youth to "kill for Christ." In some ways, the country seems to be deliberately polarized, divided, and being pushed in the direction of civil war.

          A friend who visited me this week, and who generally lives outside the US, agreed that the prognosis for the United States was bleak and that the country was being deliberately destroyed. He also felt that it wasn't a new phenomena hatched by the neocons, but part of a larger process begun centuries ago, by monied interests, desirous of maintaining the "Divine Rights" that they have held onto. Just as the US has tried to destroy Cuba and the threats of a "alternative example" elsewhere, the bad American example is being "destroyed." The ideals of the US, which have inspired revolutionary, nationalist movements in other countries, are being exposed as false, empty, veneer with no substance, as the country is losing all respect in the eyes of the world for its rapacious militarism, flagrant use of torture, imperial overreach, and descent into tyranny.

          The stage is being set for revolution. I would rather see a media revolution and a revolution in consciousness, than the descent into a bloody civil war. The biggest challenge is to wake up those who have been apathetic, cynical, frightened, and encourage and empower them into taking action, only the involvement and the support of the majority in opposition to the current regime will stave off the expansion of war at home and abroad.

          March 6, 2007

          I just posted upcoming anti-war organizing meetings on the calendar. Also Chalmers-Johnson and Gray Brechin will be speaking on "NEMESIS: The Last Days of the American Republic" Wednesday in Berkeley and Ken and Hummux would like to table at what should be a very big event. Richard Gage also wants to try out his new powerpoint presentation at our Thursday Educational Forum, March 8th in Oakland- This is his www.AE911Truth.org (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth multimedia presentation), a 1-1/2 power-packed expose of the 3 WTC High-rise “Collapses” on 9/11, which he will be giving at 6 different colleges during March and April- so we should come, bring friends, give positive and critical feedback to him, wish I had had more notice, but I'll send out an email on our larger events list for all the new events, including the Impeachment Rally, that I'm working on organizing for March 14th. Yesterday I was stuck at the computer and phone all day and didn't begin to get all the work done. Today is gorgeous and I'm going to at least go for a walk to maintain my health and sanity.

          It is somewhat magical and wonderful, however, to make connections via the internet and see them blossom into friendships and collaborations. Last night I got an email and a song about Impeachment from Tom Chelston- the mp is posted here- www.tomsongs.com/images/Impeach.MP3, the Video version is posted at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT6Zhx0q8xs. His website is www.tomsongs.org. I was really impressed by his music and his work, and I hope he'll be able to participate in some of our events when he comes through the Bay Area in early April. I also want to include his song in the new radio show- I just have to figure out all the technological details. The challenge isn't lack of ideas, but lack of time to do everything I want to do- and feed the kids and not neglect the family...

          March 5, 2007

          I wish there were more hours in the day, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is coming my way, and all that I'm being asked to do.

          I started watching 9/11: The Birth of Treason the other day and it seemed pretty well done, until I noticed a rather horrific gaff, selling the Commission Report's Lie about Mineta's testimony which was actually about the plane heading for the Pentagon, rather than Flight 93. I wish they had had time to get more seasoned 9/11 truth activists to check their facts. However, I think that there is disagreement on many of the "facts" throughout the movement. We know that we've been lied to; we agree that the whole thing has the fingerprints of a special operation all over it, but we still don't know exactly what happened. Actually an excellent little segment on Al-Jazeera's Look at 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and the Media Coverage which Sparked Them. Certainly, any time we get the facts wrong- we look awful in the eyes of the press and the public and the mistakes undermine the credibility of the whole movement. Sadly, it's pretty easy to "infiltrate us," get the stage, and then start spouting nonsense. Similar techniques were used to discredit Jim Garrison's investigation of the assasination of J.F.K.. All we really can do is try to reach the most people with our best information, and trust in the power of rational thinking, truth, to overcome the fear mongering, and the Big Lie.

          Today, I worked on the final edits of my chapter in an upcoming book that is basically a copy of the speech I gave in November 2004 at the International Conference on the Gift Economy entitled Facing the Shadow of 9/11. I also got a link to an interview of me at the recent 9/11 Accountability Conference by Matthew Jarfi.

          Brian miraculously fixed my car (which saves me thousands of dollars, a huge headache, and much stress) and it also allows me to put resources into more useful activities- including the 9/11 Truth events that I'd like to organize. I also have been asked to help organize events for Kevin Barrett, Bob Bowman, and Mike Palacek. The more urgents events, however, are the upcoming anti-war rallies, and the impeachment rally on March 14th which require some legwork, graphics, outreach. There is also a planning meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday night for the big mobilization in San Francisco on March 18th, and we really should attend- if we're going to get the 9/11 Truth issue mentioned at the rally. It's time for the 9/11 Truth, Peace, Justice, Impeachment Movewments to merge- and ample opportunities. We just heard of another anti-war summit (this Saturday) to protest the upcoming war on Iran, plus there is the anti-war conference May 16-17th in New Mexico, the US Social Forum in Atlanta in June, and the UFPJ Conference in Chicago in June. Thank goodness there are so many of us, now- that hopefully people will be able to champion 9/11 Truth, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally- wherever and whenever thay can. (Summers, I usually can't do much, because the kids are out of school and I'm on family trips.)

          March 2, 2007

          Yesterday, Raymond and Elliott, devoted Christians, began a walk for 9/11 Truth leaving Denver for DC. They posted two films on google 9/11: The Birth of Treason and Iraq: The Death of Reason. I believe they are sincerely devoted to waking up the genuine Christians in this country as to the true nature of the Bush regime, and they deserve our support. I still haven't had a chance to view their films, but I was fortunate to meet them last October when they were in Boulder filming.

          Last night, we didn't get very far covering our agenda at the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting. Brian and I were late, which didn't help. Except that I did get a phone call from the new We the People Radio Network and agreed to do a radio show on Mondays, 7-9 pm Pacific Time (which is when my kids are at their Boy Scout meetings and really my only "free" evening). I know it will be a lot of work, but also an opportunity to interview people whom I couldn't interview otherwise and to get voices and issues on the air that have a hard time getting their important messages out. If anyone wants to help me lining up shows, finding music, writing up transcripts, please let me know. The best thing about it is that I'll be able to do it from my computer at home and don't have to drive anywhere.

          It was very good for us to share our experiences and views of the conference and the net result was that the conference succeeded, despite the poor organization, and structural, logistical gaffs. The most critical thing was bringing people together. Great connections were made, important networking did happen, our message did get out favorably in the press, despite the fact that we couldn't have staged a better opportunity for detractors to run with various bad soundbites. We made lots of lemonade out of lemons. I need to follow through and provide the best ideas we want to convey under "outreach" for the webmaster to post at their site, and I will write up an article on "strategy" to help people avoid falling into "perception of failure or burnout" which is a real danger at this stage of the movement. With enough support and understanding of how social movements work, we should be able to pull the movements together into phase six which is "Success."

          Janette also lent me a car, and Brian is working on mine, so at least I'll be able to get to meetings, rallies, and demonstrations in the near term without agonizing over what I could fit on my bicycle.

          March 1, 2007

          Yesterday it poured rain before I could get to the Listening Project, so I cancelled it and just worked at home. I lost my voice somewhat from the conference, the cold, and am fighting off another illness. I went to bed early last night, for health reasons, but also to finish reading the novel that Ian Woods passed out in Arizona- Hal Sisson's Modus Operandi 9/11. Jim Marrs is quoted on the cover- "It's a bit like having 9/11 explained to you by Benny Hill."

          While it mixes outrageous fiction with the plausible facts that have led most of us to the conclusion that "9/11 was an inside job," it also paints a larger scenario where Cheney and Bush (or at least their fictional equivalents) are willing puppets in a larger game. There were some slow parts (the redundant pieces elaborating the facts that I already knew), but also more engaging interesting pieces that made the book hard to put down. I think it would actually be most enthralling to people who have had zero exposure to the 9/11 Truth Movement's work. Just as I produced Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush to sneak basic facts into the public domain, I think Hal has done a great job of sneaking facts into his engaging novel. We need to try it out on the uninitiated.

          Yesterday an excellent piece appeared in The Burlington Free Press about the initiative that will appear on Vermont's ballot on March 6th demanding a real investigation of 9/11. If it succeeds, it should help us mobilize more public pressure, expose the cover-up, and halt the criminals who are still riding high on the Big Lie.

          February 28, 2007

          Today it was supposed to rain, but it is beautiful and sunny. I just wonder how I'll be able to get to my Listening Project at Lytton Plaza with my tabling stuff and banners without a car, guess I'll have to condense and try it with my bicycle and bike trailer and hope the weather doesn't turn on me.

          I got an email with most of the outreach ideas generated at the workshop in Arizona and posted a new section on this page at Outreach Ideas. Missing is www.wearenotbuyingit.org - the National Boycott from Tax Day to Earth Day to demand impeachment and an end to the war on Iraq.

          But I have to bake bread and load up the bicycle... I can never do everything...

          February 27, 2007

          The 9/11 Accountability Conference in Chandler, Arizona concluded yesterday with a birthday breakfast for Janette and a closing circle. I think Janette found the whole experience to be quite an ordeal and it really isn't over for her. We will have to see how we can support her and help her to continue her vital work within the 9/11 Truth Movement. There were at least ten of us- Janette, Ken Jenkins, hummux, John, Brian, Scott, MaryAnn, Cosmos, Scott's sister Sandy, her friend Valerie, Richard Gage, and me representing Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance over the weekend- plus the folks from Santa Cruz. MaryAnn and I got a dose of the disorganization when we left for the airport with no rendez-vous point for a ride to the resort, no one answered the conference phone hotline, and we decided to grab the super shuttle. At the hotel lobby, Steven Jones doubled as door opener. Peter Dale Scott couldn't get into a room, and MaryAnn and I let him rest in our room, until the conference organizers could authorize a room for him.

          I know when I did the San Francisco Inquiry, no one was met at the airport and everyone was on their own, so who am I to criticize? It's a struggle to organize a complex event with no paid staff and just a boon of volunteers at the last minute. Kent took blame publicly for all the gaffs and directed credit for all that worked towards volunteers and others.

          We did the best we could to make the conference work, but it was a bit of a challenge logistically and the real tragedy to my point of view was that there wasn't any formal mechanism which gave people an easy place to meet and get to know one another- you basically bumped into people by random chance and people that I would have loved to meet- I never even got to see. Some people are shy and can't just strike up a conversation randomly with people that they don't know, just because they are attending the same conference. I oscillate between bravado and shyness, myself- it takes an effort to reach out to strangers. MaryAnn made a Herculean effort to gather contact info for the 9/11 Truth Activist Directory, but it would mean a lot more to us all had there been a place for everyone to comfortably, even briefly, introduce themselves to one another- I wish there had been more circles and less of the hierarchical traditional conference structures.

          I was delighted that we actually got some great press on the local channel 12 (NBC) news station- What if Everything We Knew About 9/11 was Wrong?. However, there were ample opportunities to give critics devastating footage of the fissures within the movement and the people who specialize in sticking their feet in their mouths. I witnessed part of the Press Conference, but couldn't endure the whole thing.

          I did get to meet some great people and despite the lack of sleep, I think I held up better than I usually do at conferences, primarily because MaryAnn and Brian were there and shouldered most of the tabling, so I actually did get to relax, socialize, eat (didn't sleep much, though). There was a party on Saturday night which began at 10:30 pm and kept most people up until past 2 pm, and then the fire alarm went off at 5:18 am, and I was scheduled to hold an outreach meeting at 9:00 am (not my idea, but it was posted on the website and on the registration table) so I went to it (it wasn't printed in the schedule and only 2 other people showed up at that incredibly early time on Sunday morning. That was really the biggest challenge- the program- which was rarely followed and stuck people for hours in one place or another- waiting and waiting.)

          I'm sure Kent lost tens of thousands of dollars on the event, and there was a lot of stress at the end on how people were going to be reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses, which was not resolved by the time that I left.

          I missed most of the programs, but I did get to Ken and Janette's presentations and the Saturday morning memorial session which I think were vitally important and much appreciated. I have a feeling that each person who attended Chandler had a unique experience depending on where they went, what they did, who they encountered, who they knew. I joked with MaryAnn as we were leaving- "Thank God- we're more than one person!" That also happened to be the same sentiment expressed at the close of the closing circle "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the one." Despite all the differences, most of us (with the exception of those deliberately working to destroy the movement) were united in exposing the big lie, demanding accountability, and changing the system, so that false flag operations and future wars could be prevented.

          Leaving for the airport, MaryAnn and I were given a lift by a great activist in Gabriel's new car, along with Damon from the East Coast. We had a delightful conversation and after the three of us were dropped off at the airport, before we went our separate ways, I realized that Damon and I had chanted our 9/11 song at the rally/march in Chicago last June, so I suggested we teach him and sing, at the top of our lungs the whole song with the latest stanza, in the airport which we did!!! It was fun (sometimes the police will give you a hard time for passing out Deception Dollars- but they can't stop us from singing.)

          Coming home, I got a ton of email and phone messages. The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance hotline number is suddenly out of commission, and we're afraid that the company that hosted it went out of business.

          I received notice that a whole new section has been added to the www.patriotsquestion911.com with statements and photos of Victim's family members and survivors.

          February 22, 2007

          I'm incredibly busy, but here is what is happening:

            Impeachment, 9/11, Overcoming Fear, Showing Courage

            Tonight, Impeachment is on the table at the Grand Lake Theater, but 9/11 Truth has been bumped from the panel discussion. Why is it important to overcome fear and include 9/11 Truth in the discussion? Here is the text of the speech that won't be given this evening...

            A year ago today, Janette MacKinlay, a 9/11 survivor, who lived directly across the street from the World Trade Center, organized an event in this Theater entitled Question 9/11- A Call to Activism. The Bay Area has been called “Ground Zero” for “the 9/11 Truth Movement.” We have held numerous events here including David Ray Griffin speaking on 9/11 The Myth and the Reality. The first Citizen’s International Inquiry into 9/11 took place in San Francisco and now those who say that they believe the official narrative of 9/11 is down to 16% of the population. Tomorrow, hundreds of people will converge in Arizona for the 9/11 Accountability- Strategies and Solutions Conference.

            We know that this Administration has committed terrible crimes against our country, the world, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights. We passionately believe that they must be stopped and impeached.

            It is possible that Congress might “Impeach him” for a minor charge, and merrily carry on with the worst of the Bush/Cheney’ policies, the bogus war on terrorism, beefing up Homeland Security, ceding the destruction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the institutionalization of torture, the Military Commissions Act, the imposition of a national identification card, the militarization of space, global hegemony. For this reason, 9/11 should be included in the articles of impeachment. However since the current Congress has embraced the bad recommendations of the 9/11 Cover-up Commission this may be politically unfeasible, without a massive effort on the part of the public. We need to create the wave which will give courage to those in Congress to impeach the Administration and reverse their policies.

            The real terrorists have hijacked our country and are occupying the White House. They have stolen at least two presidential elections, and have no legitimacy.

            They lied and covered up the truth about 9/11 and Katrina. Those lies cost the lives of thousands of people. The worst conspiracy theory about 9/11 is the one that Cheney and Bush used to sell the war on Iraq which has cost over one hundred thousand innocent lives. They spent billions of dollars on propaganda to sell that lie and 85% of the soldiers in Iraq were tricked into believing that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. This could not have been accomplished without the complicity of Congress and the press. They supported the lies, they failed to ask the hard questions, and they deserve much of the blame for the enormous suffering and loss of life of these past five years.

            Fear and lies are the tools of a criminal regime. Courage and truth are the tools and hope of those who cherish and respect life. We who seek justice, peace, freedom, a future for our children and future generations must have the courage to seek and speak the truth about the foundational lie of the current regime.

            Resistance to 9/11 Truth comes mainly from fear. People can’t believe that important facts could be true and unreported by the mainstream press or absent from the official investigations. People do not want to believe that their government or the press could deceive them on such an important matter.

            However we have abundant evidence that the official 9/11 report is a 571 page lie with at least 115 significant omissions and distortions. Additionally, on the day after 9/11 the White House pressured the Environmental Protection Agency to say that the air and water at Ground Zero were safe, dooming first responders to extremely toxic health hazards which have ruined the health and killed not only first responders, but those who were exposed to the deadly dust created by the disintegration of the twin towers and Building 7. While many agree that the official narrative of 9/11 is false and that there is strong evidence of “government incompetence, foreknowledge, criminal negligence, destruction of evidence, a cover-up;” there is also evidence of complicity, means, motive, opportunity. Clearly the attacks benefited the White House, military contractors, oil companies, the surveillance industry and others. In his chapter on the Global Dominance Group in the book 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, Peter Phillips and his fellow researchers identify 236 suspects, who wanted to expand the American Empire, their power, and profits...

          February 20, 2007

          Astonishingly, the New York Times published this editorial yesterday-

          Making Martial Law Easier

            A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night. So it was with a provision quietly tucked into the enormous defense budget bill at the Bush administration’s behest that makes it easier for a president to override local control of law enforcement and declare martial law.

            The provision, signed into law in October, weakens two obscure but important bulwarks of liberty. One is the doctrine that bars military forces, including a federalized National Guard, from engaging in law enforcement. Called posse comitatus, it was enshrined in law after the Civil War to preserve the line between civil government and the military. The other is the Insurrection Act of 1807, which provides the major exemptions to posse comitatus. It essentially limits a president’s use of the military in law enforcement to putting down lawlessness, insurrection and rebellion, where a state is violating federal law or depriving people of constitutional rights.

            The newly enacted provisions upset this careful balance. They shift the focus from making sure that federal laws are enforced to restoring public order. Beyond cases of actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or to any “other condition.”

            Changes of this magnitude should be made only after a thorough public airing. But these new presidential powers were slipped into the law without hearings or public debate. The president made no mention of the changes when he signed the measure, and neither the White House nor Congress consulted in advance with the nation’s governors. There is a bipartisan bill, introduced by Senators Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, and Christopher Bond, Republican of Missouri, and backed unanimously by the nation’s governors, that would repeal the stealthy revisions. Congress should pass it. If changes of this kind are proposed in the future, they must get a full and open debate.


          Of course, Leahy spoke about this on February 7, 2007, and I don't think it made headlines back then.

          My car, which I bought when Jules was 3 weeks old (he's now 18), was formally pronounced dead by the local mechanic. Even $1500 in parts couldn't guarantee its revival, and I doubt if it is worth that much. It throws a wrench into my activism, since I use it so much to get to meetings, events, carry the stuff to rallies. If I don't buy another car, than I can justify bicycling more, and not going to distant meetings and events. I also got an email with another offer for a weekly radio show- so maybe I will redirect my energies in a more ecological manner- less travel- more computer/radio/local work.

          I've helped to edit a 9/11 chapter for an upcoming book, and am working on the presentations for Thursday and the Arizona Conference, and getting the website up- which could compile a 9/11 Truth Activist Directory for Arizona (as well as for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and other 9/11 groups). I also baked cookies for tomorrow's Listening Project, the forecast is for rain later in the afternoon- I hope it doesn't hit sooner.

          Locally, the Silicon Valley impeachment group would like to do an Impeachment Rally and March on Eshoo's office once a month. That would dovetail in nicely with the upcoming Palo Alto anti-war rally on March 17th, and the National "We're Not Buying It!" Boycott from Tax Day to Earth Day. I think it would make sense to do the Impeachment Rally/March on the second Wednesdays of the rest of the year. I just wonder what I can carry in my bike trailer, or whether I'll be able to find a functional affordable car.

          February 18, 2007

          The excellent 9/11 Solution video posted by Brasscheck TV-

          The 9/11 Solution
          The big clue that everyone missed
          How the key 9/11 myths were implanted

          was removed, but I found another viewable copy posted at-


          It's very worthwhile checking out, and reposting if you have the technological capacity- so that it can't be removed or suppressed again.

          February 17, 2007

          Here's a posed group picture, after our "Love America- Impeach Bush/Cheney" Rally and March which ended at Eshoo's office in Downtown Palo Alto.

          Valentine's Day- February 14, 2007, Palo Alto

          We didn't attract any news media, but quite a few people turned up and the public was supportive. If you click on the photo- it will take you to Tian Harter's account of the day and more photos. I had fun making the banners, but my car chose that day to die. I really didn't know if I'd make it to Lytton Plaza, and just barely made it home.

          Thursday, I was obliged to rent a car for a week to get to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting and other upcoming events- including getting my son to the airport tomorrow morning at 4:30 am, while my husband is away. At the Oakland meeting, I dispersed tabling materials for the Thursday (February 23rd) High Crimes screening, with Cynthia McKinney, Larry Everest, Peter Phillips at the Grand Lake Theater- where I'll also have an opprtunity to speak on 9/11 for 5-10 minutes. I also gave cases of materials for others to bring to Arizona, and got out T-shirts and books, and bumper stickers to those who had asked for them. The meeting was well attended with a full agenda, including discussion of possible future events, which require some effort on our part to make happen. Jeremy announced that he is doing a 9/11 Truth comic book with Trine Day Press, and Mickey Huff is pulling together a great event at Berkeley City College on 9/11 and the Media on April 20th- or around that time- I'll post it on the calendar when I have the chance. We're trying to get a functional online 9/11 Truth Activist Directory- for local use, as well as to offer to the 9/11 Truth conference in Arizona, to improve communications between activists. We can't do all the organizing at meetings- there are too many events- which require various sub-groups to communicate directly with one another, to spearhead, and shoulder the various actions.

          Friday, Peter Phillips came to Mountain View for an "Impeachment" event and gave an excellent talk, along with Lew Brown, whose working 100 hours a week to organize a nationwide shopping boycott. Here's links to the new website:

          I was so busy on Friday with the normal tasks, feeding the kids who were on holiday, getting to the Post Office, Bank, and baking cookies for the kids to take to their conference and for the Impeachment event. I also brought a sound system, in case we needed it and was one of the first to arrive, besides Fred and his wife, who did the brunt of the work setting up.

          Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty exhausted, with a headache, ill. After the event, when I got home, I discovered that I had lost my keys (I thought that I left them in the house when I rushed to the meeting). I couldn't get in the house and was forced to take a "vacation"- drive to San Ramon and join my husband and the kids in their hotel. I just brought Jeremy back this evening. So I'm drowning in stuff that needs to be done, including editing a chapter on 9/11 for an upcoming book, two speeches, and I doubt if I'll be able to get the press releases out for Arizona, or everything else done next week, since Daniel will be home alone and will need some attention.

          It was very heartening to talk with Peter on Friday and hear about all the activities that the students are doing at Sonoma State University. The national student strike/walk-out scheduled for last Thursday drew 300 of their students together for a rally. It is great to realize how much is going on, how widespread the activism is, although certainly there are major areas where people don't have access to information, or the desire to look beyond the headlines or their own problems, to see the larger challenges facing us.

          I still have to figure out how to balance the work I'd like to do with maintaining my health and giving the kids and Jean Luc the attention that they deserve.

          February 13, 2007

          I missed the local Impeachment group meeting and just found out about an action that they are planning for tomorrow, Valentine's Day. It's a great idea and I'm going to work on props, publicity, outreach today, fortunately I can easily add it on to my regular weekly Listening Project. With such short notice, though- I have no idea how many people we will draw- but that is ok- even just a dozen with good props, a strong message, could have an impact!

          Here's what I put on the calendar:

        • Love America! Impeach Bush/Cheney Valentine Action!
            Wednesday, Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007
            Rally begins following the Listening Project at Lytton Plaza (11am- 1pm- Emerson/University, Downtown Palo Alto). 1- 1:30 pm.
            1:30 pm March to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's Office (a short 5 minute walk- Eshoo's office is at 698 Emerson Street)
              Time for Impeachment! With Love for our Country and the World- what better Valentine could there be?

              The Silicon Valley Impeachment Group is delivering Impeachment messages to Congressional offices in Santa Clara County. Please join us!!!!!

              (Contact- Carol Brouillet about the Palo Alto Rally/March, 650-857-0927, cbrouillet@igc.org).

              From the Silicon Valley Impeachment Group-

              Celebrate a Green Valentines Day of Impeachment Demonstrations — Campbell, San Jose, and Palo Alto (we will travel by the Light Rail - our Impeachment Train)

              The day of Impeachment demonstrations begins in Campbell at congressmember Mike Honda's office

              9 a.m. Meet in front of Mike Honda's office, 1999 South Bascom Ave., Suite 815

              Join the Green Party of Santa Clara County in showing love for our country and our Constitution. The Green Party has passed a resolution requesting impeachment proceedings against George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales. Green Party representatives and the South Bay Impeachment Committee will deliver the resolution to our congressional representatives.

              Come with us as we deliver our resolution to Mike Honda, Zoe Lofgren, Anna Eschoo and Jerry McNerney. We are going to travel on our own Impeachment Train and we invite you to join us for a day of standing up for the Constitution. We will begin our day at Mike Honda's office, travel by the Light Rail to Zoe Lofgren's office and to Anna Eshoo's office. We will have our signs demanding impeachment and in support of the Green's resolution. We will have a day of friendship, solidarity and enjoyment. We also will be delivering impeachment valentines. Plan to be a part of this history we are creating, this valentine of impeachment.

              To RSVP and to get full details CONTACT: Merriam Kathaleen 408-482-6032 mkmusic03@aol.com

          February 12, 2007

          Someday, I will have to get a decent camera, a friend took some pictures, yesterday of the table and banner we set up in San Francisco- it turned out to be beautiful T-shirt weather - no rain- and a large number of us gathered to do a a 9/11 Truth Action in Memory of Dan Wallace. Sadly, I don't have yet any photos of the larger group of people, mainly young people, with their bullhorns and energy, who gathered at Powell and Market, and helped me set up the banner and table. We passed out lots of our 9/11 fact sheets, Rejected Commission Report Cards, and the popular Deception Dollars.

          9/11 Truth Action- February 11, 2007, San Francisco- In Memory of Dan Wallace

          We gave these to most of the people that passed by

          I feel overwhelmed by all the demands upon my time. Kent wants help with the Conference in Arizona. Yesterday, I was asked to consider taking a 2 hour time slot once a week to do an internet radio show, that could be picked up by a lot of commercial stations. I called Bonnie Faulkner for advice and we spoke for a long time. She might be willing to do it with me, if I take "Thursdays," but Thursdays are the meeting days for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. It would mean that I probably couldn't cook those nights for my kids. My husband basically said that if I wanted to do it then I would have to stop doing other things- like my Wednesday Listening Project or going to the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meetings, or maintaining (trying to maintain) my calendar of events and website.

          Yesterday, I would have been better prepared for the action in San Francisco (and not late) had I not been on the phone to Arizona working on the conference. Plus there are a bunch of events that I should add to my local 9/11 truth calendar and after writing this article and not getting a response from my queries, I think I'd better post it, before it becomes utterly obsolete:

          Truth Versus the Lie

          Reflections Inspired by 9/11 and American Empire:
          Muslims, Christians, and Jews Speak Out (Volume II)
          Edited by Kevin Barrett, John Cobb, Jr. and Sandra Lubarsky

          I also have to do the bookkeeping and financial work for Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and just can't sit here all day at the computer without my back and body screaming complaints. So I question where I should direct my skills, talent, time and energy , to have the best impact, and keep me functioning, healthy and happy. When I'm ill or in pain- I'm not much use to anyone. I think everyone is faced with a similar dillema, but I actually have more options, since I don't actually have to work to pay the rent or feed the family, and can devote my time to volunteer work. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility, and I have to prioritize that which is most important. I usually end up doing that which I find irresistable.

          February 10, 2007

          Understanding propaganda and psychological operations is key to understanding 9/11. Here is an excellent compilation of three "commentaries" broadcast on the morning of September 11th that sell the big "myths" about 9/11 that we are trying to shatter.

          The 9/11 Solution
          The big clue that everyone missed
          How the key 9/11 myths were implanted

          Brasscheck TV suggests that if we knew who prepared and posted these stories/ideas on tv during the operation we will be able to identify the perpetrators. Of particular interest is the voice of Jerome Hauer, who has been identified as a prime 9/11 suspct, by virtue of his background:

            From the 9/11 Encycopedia:

              In May 2002, Tommy G. Thompson named Jerome M. Hauer as new director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP). Hauer replaced D.A. Henderson, who will continue to serve as principal science advisor to the secretary for public health preparedness and chairman of the Secretary's Council on Public Health Preparedness http://www.biohazardnews.net/news/news9_2001.htm

              From a former GROUND ZERO Forum article, released at Scoop: "Very few cities at this point in time are prepared to manage the consequences of bio-terrorist attack." Jerry Hauer in an interview with Eyewitness News, October 1, 2001 http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/news/WABC_investigators_100101bioterror.html

              On May 5th 2002, Jerome Hauer became director of the federal Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP), succeeding Dr. D. A. Henderson from Johns Hopkins Institute... ...Hauer is controversial among those who are able to connect the dots between his person and shady business deals in biopharmacy since 1998. More interesting, he seems to have had prior knowledge about both so called terrorist-attacks: September 11th and Anthrax. But many private investigators claim since months, he let the attacks happen on purpose to continue his career. Is Hauer Lihopsuspect No.1? He started to work for the NIH under Tommy Thompson on September 10, 2001 as an adviser on national security. On September 11th, he told the White House to take Cipro, the antibiotic that works against the anthrax virus, without bothering to reveal his warning to the American nation. http://www.bayarea.com/mld/bayarea/living/health/3020501.hym

              The watchdog group JudicialWatch decided to file a lawsuit against the NIH, the FBI, CDC and the White House, for the same reason: Prior Knowledge. It is not known how long Hauer worked at the NIH before Sept. 11, but we can confirm that he was working on Sept. 10. http://www.lauriegarrett.com/wtc_day12.html But things get really interesting when we consider that in August 2001, Jerome Hauer arranged a new job for John O' Neill - the resigning chief of the FBI Terror Task Force - as head of security at the World Trade Center. How did Hauer know that the Twin Towers would be so important?

              We would like to ask John O' Neill, but there is one problem: O'Neill died in the towers on September 11th, one day after he started his job officially, according to the New Yorker. Disturbingly, O'Neill has never been received the same hero status in the mass media as has been accorded to the fallen New York firefighters and police officers. His death has gone without the same fanfare. For 11 months his story went untold, with two big exceptions. The two French intelligence specialists Brisard and Dasquie (see: http://intelligenceonline.fr) published an interview with O'Neill taken before his death in their book, "Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth." And articles on O'Neill were published in the New Yorker and New York Magazine. ...TIME magazine tried to remember him, but left out the most important angles. This should change immediately. There is a lot which has been hidden from us, but for what reason?

              This might have something to do with the FBI HQ (O'Neill complained about them), but also with Jerome Hauer - who is a friend of the current prime anthrax suspect, Stephen Hatfill, who was working for the military anthrax program USAMRIID at Fort Detrick and Battelle, a huge pharmacy company with many ties to the CIA. Hauer and Hatfill worked together at the SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis in 1999. The SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corp) later received a huge BioDefense budget in autumn 2001. http://www.saic.com/news/nov99/news11-30a-99.html - (Hauer) http://www.nandotimes.com/nation/story/455218p-3643441c.html - (Hatfill)

              But first, more about Hauer: In 1983, Hauer joined IBM where he was responsible for the company's Hazardous Materials Response and Crisis Management and Fire Safety programs. Hauer produced a series of hazardous materials training videos that earned him the International Film andTV Critics of New York Bronze award in 1986. In the early 1990s, Hauer got his first contacts to military and biodefense. Hauer received a master's degree in emergency medical services from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. Then he became member of the Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Bio Defense, where he wrote various articles about a possible bioterrorist attack. http://iml.dartmouth.edu/ists/hauer.html

              In 1998, he started working at the OEM (Office for Emergency Management) in New York. In the same year, Hauer and anthrax suspect Hatfill both supported the CFR as experts in their respective fields. The Cfr is an acronym for Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most important think-tanks advising the US government, as well as many other governments abroad. CFR members include the Pentagon's top advisers, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, ex-CIA chief Woolsey,James, biosciences specialist Joshua Lederberg, and many others.

              On May 28, 1998, Hatfill and Hauer spoke together at the same CFR meeting about "Building a 'Biobomb': Terrorist Challenge" http://www.cfr.org/public/resource.cgi?meet!102 Hatfill was at that time Senior Research Associate at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

              Hauer seems to specialize in the art of holding down several different jobs at the same time. While he started to work for the NIH in September 2001, he remained a Managing Director at Kroll Associates - the official security and bodyguard company for all American presidents since World War II! With Hauer's many sources of insider information (e.g. Kroll/President bodyguards) , it makes sense that he knew about the CIA briefing for George Bush on August 6, 2001, about warnings of an imminent terrorist "attack with planes." Hauer is still trying to save the world. On November 6th, 2001 he participated in the "Independent Task Force on America's Response to Terrorism" at the CFR. Participants there included James J. Zogby (President of the Arab American Institute and Central Asian Enterprise Fund), Newton L. Gingrich (Chief Executive Officer, The Gingrich Group), Harold Brown (former secretary of defense and counselor at CSIS: the Center for Strategic and International Studies), Henry A. Kissinger (Senior Fellow in National Security and European Affairs), Richard C. Holbrooke (Counselor, CFR and Vice Chairman of Perseus, LLC) and Philip A. Odeen (Executive Vice President, Washington Operations of TRW, Inc. and CEO of Reynolds + Reynolds, Dayton).

              Their agenda, eight weeks after the attack of Sept. 11, was strange indeed: http://www.cfr.org/Public/publications/PubDiplom_TF.html "....Release a White Paper explaining our goals and rationale for the war in Afghanistan, and outlining the evidence that the al-Qa'eda network was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.... ...Disseminate stories of particular victims to convey the range of people killed in the 9/11 attacks-stress range of religions, races, income levels, etc... ...counteract myth that Mossad was behind the attacks by showing Jews killed, etc... ...Routinely monitor the regional press in real time to enable prompt responses..." (*Note: As other sources pointed out, parts of this text had been based on ideas of George Soros )

              Hauer's deep connection to disinformation circles for his own purpose are well known. In 1998, he convinced New York Mayor Rudi Guilliani to develop a vaccine against the West Nile virus - almost one year before this virus broke out in New York. To this end, Hauer introduced Col. Thomas Monath of Oravax (now Accambis) to Guliani and organised a business deal. Hauer continued giving bioterror lectures and writing terror scenario scripts. He organized a July 26, 1999, conference in New York for journalists and "thought leaders," on bioterrorism and "Reporting on Weapons of Mass Destruction - Responsibility, Reliability, Readiness." At the same time, he was heading the West Nile spray operation in NYC. Bioterrorism and vaccines - a perfect payroll combination for Hauer? Among the participants at this 1999 conference was Brigadier General Bruce Lawlor of the U.S. Army and the former FBI assistant director, Lewis Schiliro (NYC). General Lawlor has in the meantime become the Senior Director for Protection and Prevention at the Office of Homeland Security: http://ksgnotes1.harvard.edu/bcsia/esdp.nsf/bios/lawlorbruce Lawlor was the first commanding general of Joint Task Force - Civil Support (JTF-CS), located in Fort Monroe, Virginia. JTF-CS is a standing joint task force assigned to U.S. Joint Forces Command. Lawlor has taught at the U.S. Army War College and served as a consultant to the Defense Science Board. Nothing is known about his further influence in preventing attacks on America. However, as FBI assistant director, Schiliro supervised several counterterrorism investigations, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. But Schiliro gave up supporting Hauer in February 2000, too. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/terrorism/fail/ He left the FBI to move to credit card giant MBNA Corp. And Schiliro wasn't the only one. His close friend Louis Freeh - who was replaced in the FBI in August 2001 by Thomas Pickard as the acting head of the Bureau - started a new job as a Senior Vice Chairman at MBNA Corp in early September 2001 and began to collect shares. http://biz.yahoo.com/t/in/k/krb.html

              The background of the MBNA is very interesting. They helped the FBI in tracing the hijackers' credit card transactions, and had a lot of prominent helping hands. Among them was James Kallstrom, the former head of Special Operations, FBI. MBNA has a controversial status among civil right groups. Since 1996, MBNA CORP has unleashed various bulldozers, dump-trucks and explosives in a savage attack on the Ducktrap Deeryard (major coastal wildlife area on Penobscot Bay, Maine USA) or continued with "dull roar of corporate jet noise". Then, in April 2001, MBNA had to deal with check fraud. Involved was Intelligent Finance, a Halifax-backed Internet bank and a bogus account for a guy named Vindel. http://www.mbnasucks.org/kallstrom.html Interesting is the bio of another director of the MBNA Corporation: Bernadine P. Healy. She serves as a trustee of the Battelle Memorial Institute and is President and CEO of the American Red Cross. http://yahoo.marketguide.com/mgi/biograph.asp?rt=biograph&rn=5570N On May 10, 2001, a few months before Sept. 11, she testified on "human challenges that we will face during a WMD attack": http://www.slu.edu/colleges/sph/csbei/bioterrorism/official/congress.htm

              The Red Cross and the OEM under Jerome Hauer worked very closely together. Hauer's connections and insider information seem to be intriguing! He helped with the construction of the New York OEM headquarters known as "the bunker," on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. http://www.politicsny.com/reports/february02/2-14-02-sheirer.shtml The CIA later confirmed that they had an office in that building, next to the Department of Defense and the INS. For unknown reasons, 7 World Trade Center was the third skyscraper to collapse on Sept. 11. Officially, it began burning after debris from the Twin Tower collapses caused an illegal diesel-fuel tank inside the building to explode. The presence of this large gas tank - on the 23rd floor, too - with thousands of gallons of fuel far above ground, in violation of the fire code, was confirmed some weeks after Sept. 11th. There has never been an official verdict on the reasons for the collapse of WTC 7. A FEMA study failed to reach a clear conclusion: http://www.house.gov/science/hot/wtc/wtc-report/WTC_ch5.pdf

              While the collapse of WTC 7 remains a mystery, it cannot be said that the deaths caused by the bio-attack a couple of weeks later were similarly due to incompetence. On the contrary, Hauer had a huge team behind him, and had already warned the White House. Why didn't he leak all his information in time?

              In May 2000, the Johns Hopkins Center, in collaboration with the ANSER Institute for Homeland Defense, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Oklahoma Memorial Institute for the Study of Terrorism held a bioterrorism exercise at Andrews Air Force Base. Former Senator Sam Nunn played the President. David Gergen played the National Security Advisor. Governor Frank Keating played himself, Frank Wisner was Secretary of State, ex-CIA director Woolsey,James (ironically) played CIA Director, John White played Defense Secretary, and Dr. Margaret Hamburg was HHS Secretary. The Attorney General was played by George Terwilliger, William Sessions was FBI Director, and Jerome Hauer played FEMA Director. http://www.hopkins-biodefense.org/pages/library/fema.html "One of the striking observations of this exercise was the unfamiliarity of these distinguished and experienced professionals with the basic decisions and trade-offs associated with managing the response to the epidemic." Observing was Tara O'Toole, MD, MPH Senior Fellow, Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies and at that time Deputy Director of Johns Hopkins Institute.

              This started a series of different "war games." On June 22-23, 2001, the same crew organised their last big scenario before Sep11th. They called it DARK WINTER. It was about a possible smallpox attack. Hauer participated as well, this time "playing" the director of the FBI. The whole list is still mirrored at: http://www.hopkins-biodefense.org/participants.html http://www.mipt.org/darkwinter06222001.html http://www.mipt.org/darkwinter06222001.html http://www.homelanddefense.org/darkwinter/index.cfm http://www.homelanddefense.org/darkwinter/index.cfm http://www.homelanddefense.org/darkwinter/index.cfm Among the other participants once again: Woolsey,James, ex-CIA director Hon. Sam Nunn George Terwilliger etc. Observing, among many others, Thomas Inglesby, at that time Senior Fellow Johns Hopkins Institute

              Hauer ignored one report by Barbara Rosenberg (on possible anthrax suspects), but he certainly knew who she was. He first met her on April 10, 1998, at a "roundtable on genetic engineering and biological weapons" under President Clinton. The small group of outside experts and cabinet members present there included: William Cohen (at the time Secretary of Defense), CIA boss George Tenet, Craig Ventner (Celera), Joshua Lederberg (Rockefeller University, Defense Science Board), Thomas Monath (Oravax/Acambis, former CDC and USAMRIID), Hauer, and Barbara Rosenberg. In November 2001, Hauer was still ignoring the investigations by Barbara Rosenberg, who had already worked out a list of possible anthrax suspects, scientists who would have been able to gain access to the original Ames strain from USAMRIID, Fort Detrick. http://www.fas.org/bwc/news/anthraxreport.htm

              Among the suspects on this list were Battelle and the Battelle Memorial Institute administrators, who supplied the Dugway anthrax proving facility in Utah, where the only virtually identical Ames strain of silica-impregnated hyper-weaponized anthrax was found: http://www.stlimc.org/print.php3?article_id=1295

              Meanwhile, Hauer in November started an initiative known as "De-Mystifying the Biological Weapons Debate," and as a member of this group he claimed at the time that the suspects for the anthrax attacks included "Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda network and sympathizers to US right wing extremists" http://www.basicint.org/BWreport.htm

              Is Hauer in any conflicts of interest? What was his coordination with FEMA? Can Hauer confirm, if a FEMA team was already dispatched to New York on September 10, as spokesman Tom Kennedy said in an interview with Dan Rather (CBS, shortly after the attack)? (INFO: An interview with FEMA director Joe Allbaugh took place on September 12th on CBS at 7:40:20 accirding to the CBS transcript) http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:WsMptQzZzY8C:tvnews.vanderbilt.edu/010912cb.html+&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

              On May 8, 2001, Bush announced a new Office of National Preparedness for Terrorism at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. At the same time, he proposed to cut FEMA's budget by $200 million. Bush said that day that Cheney would direct a government-wide review on managing the consequences of a domestic attack... http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A8734-2002 Jan19 ...Hauer not only knew former CIA director Woolsey,James, but also Milt Bearden, who was station commander and had managed America's covert war in Afghanistan, helping the Moujaheddin drive out the Soviets between 1986-1989. Both spoke at the Nassau Community College (NYC) on October 22, 2001: http://www.sunynassau.edu/collegerel/news/archives/10_01/102201_3.htm

              Hauer's connections to the CDC, Johns Hopkins and the CIA (James Woolsey) are well-established. What role did Jerome Hauer really play? Why was the distribution of Cipro to White House staff on Sept. 11 classified for such a long time (AP)? http://www.infowars.com/saved%20pages/Prior_Knowledge/bush_cipro.htm

              What exactly does Hauer know about Stephen Hatfill and his former USAMRIID colleague, Thomas Monath? What was his concern in organizing a security job for John O'Neill at the Twin Towers? What exactly did Hauer organise on Sep11th? Is it true that his office ordered thousands of employees "back to their desks" after the first plane hit, causing hundreds of unnecessary deaths?"

              NOTE: Journalist Mitchel Cohen wrote another story on Hauer in November 2002 (See Vaccinations,Forced)

              The most recent psychological outrage reinforcing the "Terrorism Myth," justifying torture, and violation of civil rights by US operatives in efforts to "thwart" terrorism is a Fox TV show called "24." Who else should be the authority explaining to the public about the next "real attack" but Jerome Hauer? He wrote- "Chemical Nerve Agents: A 24/7 Threat on June 14, 2006.

          The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance just endorsed the Campaign to Stop Torture and I've added the Petition to Stop Torture and reverse the horrible military Commissions Act to the list of Petitions to sign. Cosmos is committed to doing the Sunday Action in memory of Dan Wallace- rain or shine and I've posted it under events on this website and I'll try to mention it on the radio today. I'll be on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Show beginning 4 pm California time.

          February 9, 2007

          The rain and a storm have altered this week's plans. On Wednesday I worked on the press advisory for the upcoming 9/11 Accountability Conference and stayed up til midnight faxing them to all the newspaper, radio, tv contacts I had in Arizona, instead of going to Lytton Plaza. Despite a few drops of rain, wind, threatening clouds- the weather wasn't actually that bad, and I probably could have tabled- it's just so hard when it does rain, after all the time and effort it takes to set up- and there is so much risk to damaging the materials.

          I hoped to at least do a street action in San Francisco on Sunday, February 11th, in response to the call from 9/11 TruthAction.org and in solidarity with NY911truth.org's decision to do street actions, in memory of Dan Wallace, the young activist son of a firefighter who died so suddenly, recently. Here's his photo -

          Dan Wallace

          and a link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMkkA16mNJk&eurl to
          his 6 minute speech to the New York 9/11 Truth group.

          Right now, there is a call to meet at noon at Powell and Market in San Francisco, Sunday, February 11, 2007, but the weather report looks very iffy. I had hoped to table and bring banners, but what we can do will be limited by how cold, wet, windy it is on Sunday.

          Last night Ken Jenkins gave an excellent presentation on 9/11 in Redwood City. It was on short notice, the first of a series, but there was decent turn out, including a couple people who had not looked into 9/11 before and many who were undecided. hummux filmed it and Ken is beginning to produce DVDs of his presentations right now.

          I have my hands full doing press work now for upcoming events, but my back can't stand being at the computer too much, so I'm struggling to balance the work with the family/household demands.

          I'll be on Kevin Barrett's radio show this weekend- I guess maybe this afternoon- I get the times mixed up with Webster's show. I'm going to try to reconfirm it.

          February 6, 2007

          I had a good talk with Kent this morning who gave me the "Green Light" to work with Kevin Barrett on pulling together contributors to 9/11 and American Empire- Muslims, Christians, and Jews Speak Out (Volume II) to the conference in Arizona.

          Posted to me this morning were 3 rather critical articles- one chronicling what we have been suspecting/knowing all along that the real terrorists in Iraq are the ones getting support from the CIA and MI6-

            Who Are The Real Terrorists in Iraq?

            *Clear Evidence British special forces are recruiting, training terrorists to heighten ethnic tensions
            *Elite SAS wing with bloody past operates with immunity, provides advanced explosives
            *Some attacks being blamed on Iranians

            Steve Watson Infowars.net
            Monday, February 5, 2007

          and a more chilling article on the US's march forward in developing bioweaopons-

            New Fort Detrick BioDefense Laboratory May Reflect a Bush Germ War Effort

            by Sherwood Ross, globalresearch, February 5, 2007

            Although no foreign power has threatened a bioterror attack against America, since 9/11 the Bush administration has allocated a stunning $43-billion to "defend" against one. Critics are now saying, however, Bush's newest "biodefense" initiative is both offensive and illegal.

            The latest development, according to the Associated Press, is that the U.S. Army is replacing its Military Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md., "with a new laboratory that would be a component of a biodefense campus operated by several agencies." The Army told AP the laboratory is intended to continue research that is only meant for defense against biological threats.

            But University of Illinois international law professor Francis Boyle charged the Fort Detrick work will include "acquiring, growing, modifying, storing, packaging and dispersing classical, emerging and genetically engineered pathogens." Those activities, as well as planned study of the properties of pathogens when weaponized, "are unmistakable hallmarks of an offensive weapons program."

            Boyle made his comments to Fort Detrick as part of its environmental impact assessment of the new facility. Boyle pointed out in his letter that he authored the 1989 U.S. law enacted by Congress that criminalized BWC violations.

            The Fort Detrick expansion is but one phase of a multi-billion biotech buildup going forward in 11 agencies sparked by the unsolved, Oct., 2001, anthrax attacks on Congress that claimed five lives and sickened 17.

            The attacks, and ensuing panic, led to passage of the BioShield Act of 2004. There is strong evidence, though, the attacks were not perpetrated by any foreign government or terrorist band but originated at Fort Detrick, the huge, supposedly super-safe biotechnology research center. Despite an intensive FBI investigation, no one has been charged with a crime...

          here's the worst part...

            The current expansion at Fort Detrick flows from a paper penned by President Bush. His Homeland Security Presidential Directive, HSPD-10, written April 28, 2004, states, "Among our many initiatives we are continuing to develop more forward-looking analyses, to include Red Teaming efforts, to understand new scientific trends that may be exploited by our adversaries to develop biological weapons and to help position intelligence collectors ahead of the problem."

            Boyle said the Bush paper is "a smoking gun" fired at the BWC. "Red Teaming means that we actually have people out there on a Red Team plotting, planning, scheming and conspiring how to use biowarfare..."

          The last article was a letter by Ellen Mariani describing her experience and current plight. The website that posted the letter is down now, but this is supposed to link to it- http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=99090.

          Ellen spoke at the San Francisco Inquiry, and she has been through a lot. I hope she will also come to Arizona for support and to share her experience with those who want to pursue "legal strategies." In case you can't get it via the link, here are a couple excerpts-

            After five years of battling to find the truth of 9/11/2001, the day I lost my husband Louis Neal Mariani on United Airlines Flight 175, I want to give 9-11 activists and 9-11 researchers an idea of what I’ve been through. It includes emotional abuse, harassment, lawyers’ misguidance, and now the prospect of financial ruin. Even more, there’s been a constant pressure to give up the fight to expose the criminals involved in 9/11 and what they did to our loved ones—and to the service men and women presently fighting and dying in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

            It took me three months after 9/11 to gather my composure and face the fact that I would never see my husband again. But on December 20th, I put together and filed a wrongful death law suit against United Airlines. I was not suing the government at that time. That idea originated with attorney Phil Berg.

            Airlines get $10 billion in assistance

            Unknown to many of us in late September 2001, the presidents of the American Trial Lawyers Association from all over the country had already formed a group to go to Washington DC to meet with our elected government officials to save the airlines. With the help of lobbyists, these people presented a bill called The Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act. On September 22, 2001, President Bush signed it into law. The Act established an Air Transportation Stabilization Board that could issue up to $10 billion in Federal credit. Most officials never read the bill, but were encouraged to sign it.

            On December 21, 2001, the same Washington DC officials had also put together a September 11th Victim Compensation Fund to pay us for the terrible losses of the lives of loved ones on that tragic day. No court trials would be needed and there would be no attorney fees, so they said. But to receive “compensation,” the victims’ families must sign off that they would never sue the airlines or the government. This rule did not take into account whatever facts the future might reveal as to what really happened or why their loved ones were not protected from the air disasters. After all, incidents of terror and planes crashes had been going on since the 1970’s. To me and many others that “compensation” appeared to be “hush money,” not “help money.”

            Victim’s families get $7 billion in assistance

            Kenneth Feinberg was appointed Special Master to run this fund. He was actually angry that I had placed the first lawsuit in the country the day before he began his assignment. I was not aware I was the first widow in the country to do so. Nevertheless, it was up to Feinberg to decide how much each victim’s family would receive, by estimating how much each victim would have earned in a full lifetime.

            Once a family accepted the offer, they had the right to appeal. Families unhappy with the offer were permitted to appeal in a non-adversarial, informal hearing and present their case as they wished. After some 1600 hearings, by the end of the process some $7 billion went to 97% of the families. The average payout was about $1.8 million. Somehow the airlines managed to get more financial assistance than the victims’ families.

          This is very long and describes horrific abuse by the attorneys and lawyers, and concludes with this:

            My attorney informed the judge that I requested to speak. To defend myself against their insulting and cruel accusations, I told the judge how far they’d gone to harass me and discredit me. I also pointed out with whom they were all associating with and why. I felt I was no longer being taken seriously, given the judge’s facial expressions. I then turned and said directly, “YOUR HONOR, what would you do if your husband was murdered and you had been harassed from day one, without a moment to grieve? I want you to order them to stop doing this to me now!”

            The judge listened to all sides and then recessed. On our way out of the courtroom, I noticed a man sitting there. I didn’t understand what he was doing there, because no one had been in the seating areas of the courtroom during any of my previous proceedings. The man introduced himself as a 9/11 activist who lived in New Hampshire. He was told I’d be in court that day and he wanted to meet me for an interview.

            He later informed me that there had been a note posted on the courtroom door that read, DO NOT ENTER, PRIVATE SESSION IN ORDER. My God, that would explain the lack of people attending any of my 9/11 proceedings. They were literally shut out with that sign. I informed my personal attorney and he was shocked. He said, “this note is supposed to be posted when there is a juvenile or mentally handicapped case in progress.” So, there was this endless series of dirty tricks to deal with.

            Afterwards, the new administrator and heir’s attorneys tried a second time to have my psychological evaluation challenged and removed, to be replaced with one of the heir’s attorney’s appointed psychiatrists’ evaluators. The judge finally decided that my evaluation was sufficient. That was it for now.

            And so my dear friends, I sincerely need your help…

            As you’ve read, I’ve been abused, harassed, financially ruined in the process of trying to get justice for 9/11 and my dear husband.

            At this point, any and all gift donations to help me with legal bills and living expenses would be greatly appreciated. Believe me, it’s not easy to ask, but your gift would be very gratefully accepted. And know that your gift will help me to never give up the fight to expose these criminals and what they have done to our loved ones, on 9/11 or in its bloody aftermath.

            Keep the faith.

            With Love,

            Ellen Mariani

            Please send gift donations to:

            P.O. Box 2792
            Parker, Co 80134

            © 2007, Ellen Mariani
            All rights reserved.

          I will send Ellen a check and urge others to support her. She is a fighter and if we ever do win a legal suit against the government for the crime of 9/11- I'll bet that Ellen is behind it, and whatever she does- is one of our best hopes of getting the real evidence- or chronicling the criminal cover-up that has "GUILTY" written all over it.

          February 5, 2007

          I worked all day writing "Truth Versus the Lie"- Reflections Inspired by 9/11 and American Empire- Muslims, Christians, and Jews Speak Out (Volume II) Edited by Kevin Barrett, John Cobb, Jr. and Sandra Lubarsky. It still needs some work and editing, but I hope to post it soon, if I can work with Kent and Kevin Barrett to incorporate some more people and ideas into the upcoming conference in Arizona.

          This evening my son bumped me off the computer so that he could play, and I finally got around to seeing a DVD that Josh Harvey (Snowshoe Films) gave to me in Memphis (at the National Conference on Media Reform) entitled "NYC 9/11 2006 Series with We Were Also Killed, NYC clips one, William Pepper, Hasta La Victoria Seimpre." We were actually showing the DVD at our table, but I was so busy with other people and other tasks, that I never actually watched the whole thing.

          The entire 58 minutes was extremely moving and powerful, from the voices of the dying 9/11 first responder, to the activists at Ground Zero last September 11th, to William Pepper's address to the 9/11 Truth Movement. There are some great insights, observations, and inspiring suggestions. Having devoted so much of my time and life to the movement, over these past five years (plus three months), I am glad, proud, to have played a significant role in the birth of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I wish that I was smarter, braver, more energetic, gifted at public speaking than I am and was more successful in trying to do "the impossible," but oh well, at least I know that I did the best I could, under the circumstances, and I thank God for all the people who have joined the 9/11 Truth Movement, and support the larger goals of the greater movement for truth, peace, justice, and a hopeful future for our children and all children.

          In Pepper's speech he mentioned the five major elephants in the room- Military Intelligence, agents provacateurs (urging us to say something stupid or do something stupid which could be used by the press to annihilate us), the corporate media (which is the CIA to a great degree since the CIA is the world's largest publisher, owning and controlling so many publications), the TRUTH, and the support of the majority of the world's people.

          Sometimes I forget that I am not alone, and it is nice to be reminded that our efforts and actions do matter- to ourselves, to those whose lives we touch, and to those whom we will never know, whose lives will depend on whether or not the movement succeeds and the dominant fear/terror/war paradigm is replaced by a respectful, peaceful, life nurturing one. Someone once said "If you can acheive your dream in your lifetime, then you are not dreaming big enough." I think I prefer to dream big, and try to content myself with acheiving maybe 2% of my hopes and aspirations- and leave the rest to the kids and grandkids... give them something constructive and meaningful to do... (Joke- as if rescuing a planet in crisis isn't enough to occupy the current and future generations.)

          Here is a great photo I stumbled upon today, plus a direct link-www.pbase.com/lautreamont/protest" to Steven Gray's great photo album of the recent anti-war rally in San Francisco.

          The People Demand the Truth

          February 2, 2007

          I'm glad I missed last night's meeting- they went on til well past 11pm. Brian tells me that he usually falls asleep after the first hour of our 3 hour meetings, but last night there was high energy and he stayed awake the whole time. Some young people from Marin and organizers of 9/11 Truth Films at San Francisco State University were there.

          I felt better today- no headache- just a slight sore throat, so I caught up with the bookkeeping, went to the bank, post office, and baked lots of cookies for a Peace Rally/March, scheduled to take place tomorrow in East Palo Alto. It s supposed to be cold- but hopefully it won't rain!

          While the 9/11 Truth Movement has been under attack lately in the press, at least a rare fairly decent piece came out on Alternet by Sander Hicks. I'm also thinking of trying to pull together another big event in the Bay Area drawing from 9/11 and American Empire- Muslims, Christians, and Jews Speak Out, edited by Kevin Barrett, John Cobb, and Sandra Lubarsky, but I'll need some help, and it will take awhile to pull it together. I've been reading the book, while sick in bed, but it is inspiring, and I hope it reaches a larger audience.

          February 1, 2007

          Unfortunately, I am sick and don't know whether I'll be able to make it to tonight's meeting or not. This morning I found a bunch of great photos in my In Box- including those of banners that I hadn't even seen, carried by people that I didn't know at the San Francisco March. It would be good to write an article and post it on Indymedia, but I haven't the strength for that and am just going to post them here for now:

          Here's our replica on Market Street, January 27, 2007
          (Thanks to Darrow Bishop for this photo)

          Here's a banner at the rally, before the march, January 27, 2007

          Here's a different 9/11 banner during the march, January 27, 2007

          Here's the "War on Terror is a Fraud" banner during the march, January 27, 2007

          January 31, 2007

          I'm pretty exhausted now. I think I'm coming down with Jean-Luc's cold. I was up early to do chores and prepare for today's Listening Project in Lytton Plaza. However, I finally received some good photos from Saturday's March/Rally so I couldn't resist posting them:

          Our replica of the Commission Report at the march/rally in San Francisco on Saturday, January 27, 2007

          Carol Brouillet holding the "9/11=Inside Job" banner-
          It would have looked better, had I found someone else to help me with it- hint, hint

          Another view of our replica of the Commission Report at the march/rally in San Francisco on Saturday, January 27, 2007

          Great shot of Dana- "The Ghost of 9/11's"

          Another view of our replica of the Commission Report at the march/rally in San Francisco on Saturday, January 27, 2007

          All of these photos were taken by the talented Steven Gray who has taken an incredible number of shots of all the major anti-war demos over the years. He hasn't posted the most recent ones at his website, but you can find fabulous shots of many past actions at his website- www.telepoetic.com

          January 29, 2007

          Yesterday, I received a phone call from Janette about one of the young speakers who was scheduled to come to Arizona, a son of a fireman who was killed on September 11th, who had just completed a film that he said he would send her. He was dead. The circumstances seem mysterious and Janette was shaken.

          This morning an email came from the New York 9/11 Truth group:

            There is no easy way to say this, I've been looking at my keyboard for the past 2 hours.

            One of our most prominent, courageous and dedicated young members of NY911Truth and CHANGE, Dan Wallace is no longer with us. Dan's father Robert Wallace gave his life on 9/11/01, leaving Dan in a pursuit of truth. Dan was an ardent activist who showed no fear when confronted by police at street actions at WTC Building 7 and at the New York Stock Exchange. Dan was an eloquent speaker, both on videos of the street actions and at St. Mark's Church, where he gave a moving ovation before a packed crowd in a recent Sunday night presentation. Dan Wallace, 23, was found dead early Monday morning in his bed. The exact cause of death is yet to be determined.

            He was a young man of great conviction and conscience, and his heart was as big as his smile. Dan will be sorely missed by myself and the members of "We Are Change," as well as all of us in the New York 911 Truth organization. Our hearts go out to his family, especially his mother who must endure the deaths of a husband and child in the span of only a few years. We carry on the fight in the memory of Dan Wallace. He is in our hearts now, as his Dad has been in our hearts already. We continue the mission that Dan felt so strongly about: to strive to expose the truth of 911, and to bring the real 911 criminals to justice. Dan, you are with us, we'll never forget you, and we promise to make you proud.

            Funeral Services will be held for Dan at...

            87-13 87th street
            Woodhaven New York, 11421
            J train to 85th street

            Wednesday 1/31/07 7pm-9pm

          I think all of us are very saddened by the news, and would like to know precisely why this brave soul suddenly died.

          I hope we can locate a copy of the film he made and see it in Arizona- perhaps it might have some clues.

          Yesterday, I also received a call from someone who gave me the contact info for people at CNN who have been working on a 9/11 story. I sent them an email, received a response and encouraged them to come to the Conference in Arizona. I also learned from Janette that the Italians who filmed in Chicago will be coming and presenting their new film. I'd like to see if I can get a room for a serious dialogue/circle to look at strategy and pool together the insights from everyone who will be coming to the conference, but that will be a challenge logistically.

          Organizing requires so many conversations, communication, connecting people, ideas... and much as I try- it is often hit and miss- sometimes I succeed and often I don't, but I think I have to keep trying.

          I am heartened that so many other people now are organizing locally on 9-11, and it is all I can do to try to keep up my calendar of events- I can't begin to attend or participate in all that is going on- which is great. The movement "has legs" and will continue regardless of whether one or more of us "drops out" or takes a vacation.

          I think our regular meetings are more of a support group for activists and actually aren't that great for getting work/organizing/logistical work done. We need to put more effort into the database and our communications infrastructure and a lot of that falls on my shoulders and I continually put it off- cause its "not fun work," but it needs to be done.

          I'm just so behind on my own "life"- mail, having failed to get out my annual "Christmas letter" two years in a row. I hardly know how to begin catching up, and there are always other things to do.

          January 28, 2007

          The rain was a major organizing obstacle on Friday and Saturday- it just makes a march/rally/tabling ten times more challenging. My husband also came down with a cold and I didn't want to get soaked, chilled, ill, marching in the rain or forcing others to do so- so I didn't do any phoning or outreach and just prayed that we'd manage as best we could, depending on weather conditions.

          Brian was up til 2 am finishing up details for the replica, and up at 6 am, trying to get the thing to San Francisco. Since it was raining, I baked bread and cookies for my family and for activists, on Saturday morning, before the rain let up and I was able to toss the sound system, posters, banners in the car. Chuck joined me (thank Heavens), so we were able to unload directly at Powell and Market where we were lucky enough to spot Scott, who helped. We got a couple tables set up, with just our free handouts, buttons, bumper stickers, and set up the big banners so 9/11 Truth activists could find us. Dozens of Northern California 9/11 Truth activists came and helped pass out signs and literature, but they melted away for the most part, before we got all our stuff into the parade.

          There were some sprinkles before and after the march, but the weather was surprisingly mild and the crowds larger than expected. I think they had over 100,000 in DC and over 15,000 in San Francisco. It was hard to count noses in the midst of it all. I saw so many friends!!! Brian brought the 12' x 8' x 2' replica of the Flawed Commission Report with all its holes, and unloaded it about 75 feet away from the table. The challenge was getting the replica, and the banners, the sound system, and activists together to march. People didn't stay together, but were all over the place, so we didn't have a strong vocal component for our contingent.

          Darrow filmed me singing our traditional chant. and posted it on You Tube (at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmOh-lP4-qY). You can see part of the replica in it, but I have yet to find a good shot of it, at the march, yesterday. Robert Livingston, who usually takes great pictures and posts them quickly, took a few, but he was actually pushing the replica, so only a little piece of it shows in his photos. He also interviewed me and did post a three part piece on the protest-

          Part One (which has me in it) is at- http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/01/28/18353373.php

          Part Two- http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/01/28/18353395.php

          Part Three- http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/01/28/18353410.php

          We did take over all of Market- it was shut down completely to traffic, and fun to have the whole street. There were lots of bands, drums, other sound systems, besides ours, and the usual extraordinary creativity displayed through art, posters, costumes, by activists seeking to get out their message to the world.

          There were lots of great photos posted at indymedia.org and also some at SF Gate.com the San Francisco Chronicle headline was-

          Wide Opposition to war energizes protests
          SAN FRANCISCO: Diverse crowd defies drizzle in downtown march.

          I didn't see lots of our signs in the photos, although some did appear with Neo-Con Jobs- Iraq, 9/11 in them. There was one interesting photo of the latest version of the Deception Dollar ironically taken by Darryl Bush:

          Jonathan Selin of San Francisco takes a break from performing in the "Extra Action Marching Band"
          to wear an anti-President Bush dollar on his head.

          He was part of an awesome band, whose leader had stenciled on his black shirt- BUSH KNEW

          I think this photo really captures the flavor of the march which was "IMPEACH"-
          photo by Jeff Patterson from Courage to Resist:

          Today, I baked more bread and cookies (and made waffles for the family). The cookies were for the Barron Park Neighborhood Annual Meeting where I set up an information table outside the school and passed out my Homeland Insecurity: Big Lies, Big Disasters, Bird Flu Hoax 4 pager. Probably 80 people came to the meeting, including a large number of friends and neighbors who I have known for years. My kids' Boy Scout Troop put up and took down the flyers and posters, as well as babysat kids while their parents ate cookies and attended the meeting. The Police, Fire Department, Mayor, Commissioners came. Unbeknownst to me there had been a release of some hazardous gas recently, and a tearful man spoke very frankly about his fear for his children and his own life in the event of another, worse release (apparently 600 people live in the KILL zone and their is no evacuation plan). Barron Park is also one of the most "prepared" of the neighborhoods to deal with emergencies.

          posting from Palo Alto Town Square Forum on the release and the City's response to it:

            CPI Settlement with City is criminal posted by Bill Kelly, a resident of the Barron Park neighborhood, on Jan 22, 2007 at 9:00 am

            On Friday CPI Industries settled with the city for releasing toxic gases into Barron Park. The settlement calls for no admission of guilt and a $20,000 fine. CPI's own investigation concluded it was employee error; however, the PA fire department changed the finding to 'inconclusive'.

            CPI stores 600 pounds of deadly potassium Cyanide and 4000 pounds of Nitric Acid on their property line next to Barron Park residents. Inhaling 10 milligrams of Potassium Cyanide will cause a person to pass out within 60 seconds of exposure and, if untreated, will be dead in 20 minutes. This stuff is seriously dangerous.

            In documents submitted to the county toxics board, CPI says in a worst case scenerio, they will release 13 pounds of potassium cyanide to the neighborhood; and residents living within 1000 feet of the chemical storage areas will be incapacitated or possibly die.

            The Palo Alto fire chief and city attorney concluded that better community notification are the solution to future issues. With a 10 mile per hour breeze, that gives the closest residents 7 seconds to evacuate, and 68 seconds to the residents 1000 feet away (this includes a pre-school).

            How in the world will better notification help this problem?


          The new Educational Officer for Homeland Security covered general emergency response info and a man who was part of the Neighborhood Barron Park Association went over the Bird Flu Pandemic preparations with a power point presentation. Apparently there is going to be a much more detailed presentation next Thursday at 7 pm and we got the condensed version. One slide showed that only 15% of the medical folk who attended some major conference felt there might be a pandemic within three years, whereas 65% of officials without medical expertise felt it was likely within three years.

          I stood up and suggested that with the politically motivated fake terror alerts, and the White House's ordering of the EPA to downplay the health hazards at Ground Zero saying that the air and water were safe, thereby causing enormous harm to the health of first-responders, and volunteers in the wake of 9/11, that I was concerned that the pandemic preparations might be politically motivated, based on Bush Science rather than genuine science, for the benefit of certain economic interests rather than for the well being of the country, noting that Rumsfeld had interests in the Gilead Company which benefited financially from the scare.

          The presenter tried to assure me that he was a scientist and that this was scientifically based info and not at all political.

          I remained unconvinced- especially since the Democrats are pushing for Homeland Security these days and both Democrats and Republicans seem to represent "corporate globalization and war" regardless of the human cost and the environment. (which is why I'm a Green.)

          Galen also came to the meeting and spoke up, much more forcefully than I about his concern over the Homeland Security Officer's understanding of the anti-Patriot Act resolution that the city had passed, the threat to our civil rights, the threat of martial law when a pandemic occurs, and his stance on tasers, quarantines, and forced vaccinations. The officer joked, and evaded most of his questions.

          He was followed by the mayor who joked that fixing potholes was neither "Democratic nor Republican" but a bipartisan issue.

          The mayor blithely went on to speak of her committment for "the seventh generation, sustainability, concern for global warming..." and in the next breath her priority seemed to be expanding Stanford Shopping Center with a new hotel and more... a gross contradiction if I ever heard of one.

          When the meeting broke up, I went outside where people thanked me for speaking up, and some who didn't get my paper earlier, took it. Brian helped me with the table. The audience was older and for the most part trusting of government officials, although one women spoke up about the mayor's action to slightly reduce the use of hazardous chemicals- which do threaten Barron Park residents and how they had no power to get the corporation to do anything, including warn them or the city in a timely fashion should a release occur. She made me think of the Bhopal Disaster.

          Clearly the city officials seem most concerned over finances and the bottom line. People are concerned about their health, safety, lives, in the event of emergencies.

          I doubt if anyone felt particularly reassured that the government (local/state/federal) could handle big disasters should one strike us in the Bay Area or in the entire country... The guy presenting the bird flu pandemic was assuring us that it would hit the entire nation from coast to coast... and in waves that could last for months.

          When I organized a march in Sacramento to protest the Model Health Emergency Powers Act, and spoke out against the dangerous Smallpox Vaccine at the CDC hearings in San Francisco, I felt like a lone voice in the wilderness, but a needed voice. The challenge has been to champion multiple issues. The Anthrax threat and the Smallpox threat both came from the government and were sold by the media. I suspect if a "Bird Flu Pandemic" appears- it will come from a government lab and I don't trust the legislation which removes liability from drug companies in testing their "vaccines." I think it is part of the war of terror against us to frighten people into giving up even more rights for the benefit of the few, and at great cost to us all, and I don't want to unquestioningly let them get away with it.

          Part of me wants to go to the next Palo Alto "Bird Flu Pandemic" meeting and raise some noise- but unfortunately the meeting conflicts with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting- and I just still can't figure out how to be in two places at the same time- or do everything- someone else will have to shoulder the "Bird Flu Pandemic Debunking...".

          January 26, 2007

          Yesterday I worked on a handout for this weekend when Palo Alto's new- Coordinator for Homeland Security and Public Outreach will be discussing the upcoming Bird Flu Pandemic at the annual Barron Park Neighborhood meeting from 2-4 pm at Barron Park Elementary School (800 Barron Ave.) With help from William Engdahl and Chuck Millar, I put together a 4 pager on Homeland Insecurity: Big Lies, Big Disasters, and the Bird Flu Hoax. I'll post Chuck's pdf here, but I have tried to improve it and don't know how to post the final word document.

          The best supporting articles on the Bird Flu Hoax were:

          Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry Tamiflu, Vistide and the Pentagon Agenda by F. William Engdahl, Global Research, November 6, 2005

          and Bird Flu and Chicken Factory Farms: Profit Bonanza for US Agribusiness by F. William Engdahl, November 27, 2005

          I asked permission to butcher the articles somewhat to fit a smaller format and got this encouraging response from the author:


            I would love to come and help you pass these out! Beautiful. This is why despite all their total spectrum dominance, cyper-snooping, homeland insecurity and mind control games these people who have usurped the title government will ultimately be ‘heist on their own petard’ as Will Shakespeare would say. Please send me a followup report after the event. I always tell people when I give a talk on these horrible themes and they say ‘Mr E what can we do???’ ‘Remember there are about 5,100,000,000 of ‘us’ normal peace-loving ordinary human beings, and only maybe 2,100,000 of those mentally-disturbed power control freaks who think they have the right to control or extinguish our lives and the only thing that stands between us and their control is angst. The rest are those who aspire to join the 2,100,000 and will ultimately destroy themselves in the process.

            And angst is something we can change. I never give blueprints to people when they ask me. I say, my role is to tell the truth as completely as I humanly am able. The rest is your decision what you do with it. I think there is a deep current in American culture which is capable of the most marvellous sudden change to the positive from the passive, and let’s hope its beginning to surface.

            p.s. I’m now in final editing of my book Seeds of Destruction: The Dark Side of Genetic Engineering due out from GlobalResearch publishers later in spring.



          Yesterday, I also attended a lecture at Stanford University entitled:

          Stifling Debate: Reflections on the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman Finkelstein-

            Son of Holocaust survivors, Professor Norman Finkelstein is the author of five books exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the politicization of the Holocaust. Finkelstein will discuss how the concept of Anti-Semitism has been distorted to include any criticism of the state of Israel and silence all legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy. His powerful argument will also reveal how the Holocaust has been exploited to promote Israel's political agenda and overlook Palestinian suffering. A professor of political science and Princeton Ph.D., Finkelstein has received extensive international praise for insightful contributions to the field.

          Sponsored by Coalition for Justice in the Middle East and Students Confronting Apartheid in Israel, Stanford Unviersity.

          There was a full house- standing ovation- and in essence he said Truth and Justice will win out over the lies/smoke and mirrors that dominate the mainstream press in America... We just have to have the courage to speak the truth, and present it rationally and clearly...

          I was very moved by his talk which really cleared the confusion/controversy surrounding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and presented the situation as simple, easy to understand, with obvious solutions.

          "To tell the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." was the most apt quote of the evening.

          The hopeful thing was that the lies are becoming more and more transparent, and even within the "establishment" the obvious truths are beginning to emerge, and find support amongst the larger public who have figured out what is real despite and not thanks to the "established opinion leaders that dominate the media."

          Indeed an article that appeared in the UK Guardian on Loose Change, today, stressed the same point:

            "It has forced millions of people to question whether they can trust big media, and by bypassing the broadcasters through internet distribution it has altered the media power balance profoundly. With a little money and passion, anyone can make an important film."

            The final test for Avery and co is yet to come. They are putting together Loose Change: the Final Cut... They have filmed original interviews with Washington players, employed lawyers to iron out copyright issues with borrowed footage, commissioned 3D graphics from Germany, and recruited a theology professor to act as fact-checker and consultant. The end result, they hope, will be seen at Cannes and have a cinema release in America and across the world on the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

            If that happens, they will have squared the circle. The underground film-makers will have come up for air, exposing millions more people to their argument - and themselves to intense scrutiny. Stand back and enjoy the fireworks.

          The Mass Media Reality will be forced to confront the reality that others are piecing together, via personal experience, cooperation via the internet that challenges "official reality."

          All we can do is try to strengthen the voices for truth and justice, and create the political will and mechanisms to change the laws and institutions that are benefiting a tiny minority and are harming and threatening the vast majority of people and all life.

          Yesterday, a case of 9/11 and American Empire- Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out, Vol.II turned up on my doorstep. Kevin Barret is one of the editors and doing a 10 day speaking tour now.

          The opening line of the introduction is-

            This book is about our need for truth--especially if the truth is disturbing, uncomfortable, or even painful.

          I agree. It is also our hope for the positive transformation of our planet.

          January 23, 2007

          There is so much going on internationally, nationally, regionally and locally that I don't know where best to put my time and energy. Brian finally made it back from Memphis, so we can move forward with the action/march/rally on Saturday, although since no one attended the organizing meeting last Saturday- we probably won't have a speaker- oh well!

          Sunday, I actually want to be prepared to meet with folks in my neighborhood where the new mayor and new Educational Officer from Homeland Security will give a Bird Flu Pandemic- Be Prepared "pitch" to local residents. The Bird Flu scare/hoax has been all over the news- pushed by all sorts of government officials- including the City council, our Congresswoman, and of course, the White House. Rumsfeld may have resigned, but he is making tons of money from his company which is making windfall profits with the scare and Tamiflu. The military and the UK are really beefing up the stockpiles of useless vaccine. Meanwhile the scare has really had the biggest impact on small poultry farmers who have had their livelihoods and markets under attack while the 5 major poultry growers have elbowed their way into lucrative Asian markets. It's so outrageous. I need to write up a good footnoted info sheet for local people.

          At the same time, on the international level, we need a concerted effort to expose "State Sponsored Terrorism" and the Mainstream media that trumpets the big lies for the benefit of war mongers, empire builders, the growing police state/surveillance industry. Daniele Ganser wrote an excellent book on NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe as well as a chapter in the latest 9/11 and American Empire- intellectuals Speak Out, but this info needs to get out beyond intellectual circles to the average Joe who is being bombarded with ridiculous orange alerts, forced to give up his toothpaste in airports, and told that "moms with babies are hiding explosives in baby bottles and diapers."

          Some of us 9/11 Truth filmmakers were given an invitation to get our films translated and distributed more widely via a French publisher, and he sent me these heartening words yesterday:

            rejoice then, for there are sites and groups all over Europe and probably outside Europe and the US but U fellow people of the US are and will remain our models and inspiration !

          (I had mentioned that I felt my time was best spent trying to educate Americans, as opposed to travelling and working on the issue outside of the US.)

          There is certainly lots happening locally and everyone wants help with publicity for their events- including several film screenings, lectures, rallies, plus next month's 9/11 Truth Conference. The Impeachment Movement is gaining legs, and I haven't even linked yet to a nationwide shopping boycott to demand impeachment and an end to the Iraq War April 15- April 22nd. But it is still in the development phase. I'm sure after Bush speaks tonight, demand for impeachment will SURGE.

          I have a ton of things to do, but I remain hopeful that reason will triumph over insanity and that the madmen threatening Iran will be stopped by the combined courage and outrage of the global community.

          January 21, 2007

          I have to be up at 5 am for the 6-9 am radio show on KKUP tomorrow, so this is going to be short.

          A new 9/11 song is out posted at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJpCezIsMpk&mode=related&search= by Remo Conscious entitled "We Know." It's a very damning political statement.

          Today I went to a National Organizer's Alliance meeting and an Impeachment meeting. Barrie Zwicker and I spoke for a couple hours and I am heartened by all the activism. We do seem to be in a race between education, an enlightened population and annihilation by an unenlightened, frightened global elite who are scared of the vast bulk of humanity and underestimate our collective intelligence and ability to communicate directly with one another and not fall for the redundant big lies that are blasted at us by the corporate press.

          We need to keep organizing, making noise, making songs, music, films, art, whatever it takes to "wake the folk up." But that also means, we need to remember to sleep, to eat, to be coherent and functional when the dawn comes... which will be vary early tomorrow for me!

          January 20, 2007

          Last night, I reviewed a couple of DVDs that I had received from friends. Oil, Smoke & Mirrors produced by Irish filmmaker Ronan Doyle featured many of my friends/colleagues- Richard Heinberg, Nafeez Ahmed, Webster Tarpley, as well as Julian Darley, Michael Meacher, Andreas von Bulow, Chris Sanders which, although mainly talking heads, was very well done and raises the issue of peak oil, as well as 9/11 as special operation... The byline is "There is no war on terror." I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. The film is well worth watching, and perhaps as gentle as it gets to introducing 9/11 to people who have zero knowledge or interest in the topic.

          I get so much stuff thrown my way that I often wonder "what is the psyop?" How much of this info is real, or meant to terrify or paralyze people? For example, peak oil is a fairly simple concept, but it can be presented in a terrifying way- an insurmountable crisis which will wipe out half of humanity with a sudden contration of the food supply and an economic depression and war- the reason politicians won't go there- is because there are no "easy solutions" so they avoid it like the plague. At the same time, it's hard to imagine such a bleak, impossible, future when there are so many promising alternative technologies being developed, and it is possible to produce food almost anywhere, and we have been doing so for thousands of years, and have adapted to harsh circumstances when necessary. I am wary of the scare tactics being deployed to get people to join various bandwagons and concentrate on issues in isolation from the the larger global problems.

          hummux sent me a couple of photos that he took at Memphis- one of most of the 9/11 Truth activsts gathered in Gabriel's Peace Resource Project's booth, and another of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance's booth.

          Charles, Saachi, Maryann, Les, Josh, John, Gabriel, Carol, Tom

          Representing the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance - Brian, Maryann, John, Carol

          I also received invitations to upcoming events, which are still in the process of being finalized, so I can't put them on the calendar, yet- but hopefully Ken Jenkins will be showing a film and presenting in Redwood City on February 8th, and there will be a big impeachment event in Oakland at the Grand Lake Theater on February 22nd. We will also have Peter Phillips speaking on Impeachment on Friday, February 16th at 7:30 pm in Mountain View, but I don't have the details on that one, yet either.

          There is also something big happening in Europe, which I was invited to, but I think the most important work has to be done in the U.S. and hopefully Ken or hummux could do the thing in Europe. The publisher of the best 9/11 books in France also wants to get our works translated and distributed in France and Europe.

          Barrie Zwicker and I were supposed to talk today, but he forgot about a birthday party for his grandchild, so we rescheduled the conversation, but just speaking to him briefly, I could understand his need to take time out to think and be by himself. It is hard to go full throttle and speak/do/organize without pausing, thinking, strategizing, digesting, reviving oneself, refocusing our limited strength to the areas where we can have the most impact, and maintaining some sort of balance in our "real lives" and the relationships we have with our family and friends. This weekend with the kids and Jean-Luc gone (skiing with the Boy Scouts)- I had hoped to catch up somewhat, but I can hardly make a dent in the household demands, let alone catching up with my mail, and all the activism requests... and the website, the book reviews... the publicity needs of half a dozen different upcoming events. At least it feels like we are winning, although I am concerned that the insane folks in power might do something horrific in order to cling to their positions.

          January 19, 2007

          We had a lively meeting in Oakland last night, sharing stories about Memphis, the upcoming conference in Arizona, recent research, books, films, and catching up on all the organizing, events happening here in the Bay Area.

          I also spoke to Brian's mom, who reported that he was stranded by a storm in Oklahoma (He had driven much of our stuff all the way to Memphis- and was the only one who didn't make it back.) I hope he returns ok, and in a timely fashion- as we would love to have the great replica he made of the rejected Commission Report for the upcoming anti-war rally/march on January 27th (noon- Powell and Market) in San Francisco. I also need volunteers to help with the banners, sound system, signs, tabling. Anyone who can go tomorrow to the last organizing meeting before the rally at 2 pm, 110 Capp St. in San Francisco- please do so. We also need to provide two volunteers to help with security.

          Tomorrow, I've scheduled a phone conversation (long overdue) with Barrie Zwicker, looking at the larger picture and strategizing on where we are and where to put our energies now.

          Sunday, there are a couple of meetings- one for the National Organizers Alliance, in Oakland at 2 pm (2326 Maywood), and the other on Impeachment, at 3 pm in Berkeley (2161 Allston Way), which will be working on the next big impreachment event- scheduled for the Grand Lake Theater on February 22nd. Also Brad who organized the Impeach Beach event (which made the cover of the Christian Science Monitor today) is opening a storefront in oakland devoted to impeachment, just a few doors down from the Grand Lake Theater. Quieter efforts are also underway, directly reaching people through word of mouth and dvd, as well as in more public gatherings- radio shows and in churches- speaking on 9/11 Truth and Impeachment. I remain hopeful in spite of the silence and fear exhibited by the politicians and the press; heartened by those moments when i've torn myself from the computer and enjoyed the fresh air, exercise, nature, direct contact with people and life, the sky at night.

          Communications seem to be the key to everything, and yet there are such enormous limits to language itself. At our meetings, after four years, and many shared experiences, that "which is not said" I think binds us more than whatever is said, a deep knowing on a soul level, a love of life, compassion, and committment to a cause much larger than anyone of us. I think we are and will continue to be a support group for 9/11 truth activists who realize profoundly how truth can lift the blindfold from a condemned failing regime, and offer a ray of hope for redemption and salvation from the rush towards oblivion.

          Richard Gage, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth www.ae911truth.org and I will be speaking on a 9/11 Truth Radio show from 6 am to 9 am Monday, January 22, 2007 on KKUP 91.5 FM.

          Les Jamison sent me this photo of our booth in Memphis at the National Conference on Media Reform

          Representing the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance - Ken Jenkins, John Wright, Carol Brouillet, Maryann Thomas

          January 17, 2007

          I have to rush out the door soon for my weekly Listening Project, but this morning I received a link to an outstanding article, actually the third in a series by Juan Santos. I was so impressed- I just emailed him to see if he could come to the conference in Arizona this February. I think he sees the larger picture and could have some great insight, as far as strategy is concerned. Here are links to the three articles:

          January 16, 2007

          The National Conference on Media Reform was extremely well attended- over 3000 people, mainly media activists, plus a fair sprinkling of celebrities and high profile, articulate champions of the movement to free the means of communication from corporate control. Six of us from the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, and others from New York, Arkansas, Illinois, had a very visible 9/11 Truth presence with our booth, and outreach efforts to the attendees, and hopefully had a significant impact on a lot of people and should generate some press and motivate more people to become involved in the movement. I hope I can get a photo of our booth to post. We had the large 4' x 8' Deception Dollar banner, the rescued cover from our rejected 9/11 Report replica (that we tossed into SF Bay at the Tea Party for 9/11 Truth last December) and an enormous photo of Martin Luther King with a headline about the court case which found the US government guilty of complicity in King's murder, that never really found its way into the press or national consciousness, despite the well documented evidenced compiled by William Pepper, the lawyer for the King family who won the case and wrote a book on it entitled- An Act of State- The Execution of Martin Luther King. We passed out 20 deluxe 9/11 Truth packets to the celebrities, and major press figures, and 80 or so to the general press, who were attending the conference, which included my press release and a one pager, Ken Jenkins wrote on the King trial:

            The Media Blackout of the Memphis Martin Luther King trial of 1999

            Memphis,TN, December 8, 1999:

            Shocking Jury Verdict in MLK Assassination Case:

            US Government Guilty of Conspiracy to Murder Martin Luther King!

            This headline did not appear in mainstream media in 1999, even though it is true.

            The following is a summary of a TV script by Barrie Zwicker, broadcast in Canada in 2003.

            James Earl Ray, a petty criminal who died in 1998, never confessed to killing Martin Luther King. Ray was manipulated by his government plant lawyer into signing a guilty plea. On the basis of the guilty plea, Ray was sentenced to 99 years in prison. Ray realized he’d been duped. Three days after arriving in the penitentiary he moved for his guilty plea to be set aside, and, that he be given a trial. But stalling by government officials denied him that for the rest of his life; to his dying day he insisted he did not kill Dr. King. Whoever killed King, it was not James Earl Ray. He was the fall guy.

            A civil trial into Dr. King’s death was held in Memphis, Tennessee in 1999. The King family’s complaint is against co-conspirators both named and unknown. The trial is about the truth. It lasts almost a month. Seventy witnesses are heard. A jury of six black and six white persons take just one hour to arrive at a guilty verdict against “the co-conspirators (consisting of) the named defendant, Loyd Jowers and those that the Defendant named in his response namely, the United States Government, the State of Tennessee, the City of Memphis and Memphis Police Department, James Earl Ray, Earl Clark, and Frank Liberto.” Earl Clark, now deceased, was the top marksman in the Memphis Police Department. Frank Liberto was a Mafia kingpin. Conspirators within the U.S. Government, included J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Richard Helms and the CIA, and the military.”

            One of only two people attend every day of the trial, was Memphis TV reporter and local ABC news anchor Wendell Stacy. Because of insisting on attending the trial every day, Stacy is fired. He sues for wrongful dismissal and wins.

            The mainstream media effectively boycotted the trial. As William Pepper writes: “…the silence following these shocking revelations was deafening. Like the pattern during all the investigations of the assassination throughout the years, no major media outlet would cover the story. It was effectively buried.”

            Based on the evidence, the Kings “were in effect charging U.S. intelligence agencies – particularly the FBI and Army intelligence – with organizing, subcontracting and covering up the assassination.”

            King recognized that powerful economic forces stunt history and kill hope. It’s important to understand that these powerful forces now include the mainstream media.

            Recommended book on the King assassination: An Act of State—The Execution of Martin Luther King, by William Pepper, a friend and colleague of Dr. King, who has spent most of the past 35 years investigating the circumstances surrounding Dr. King’s death.

          At our booth, we had a small DVD player and we showed Ken's new DVD with the Barrie Zwicker report on the trial, as well as 9/11 Press for Truth, and Snowshoe Films latest documentary on the actions in New York at Ground Zero last September. I think our booth was one of the most popular booths there- and almost always drew people to it (We also passed out thousands of Deception Dollars and received over 1000 dollars in direct donations and sales from our huge collection of books, DVDs, and other 9/11 related materials). We were happily surprised to also learn that there was a huge 9/11 Truth section at the FreePress Bookstore, and many people were quite aware of the issue (and maybe the movement could have done very well without us there- but we were all glad that we came and felt people were quite receptive and supportive of our presence and our message). We did a couple of small poster sessions, but I think most people were drawn to the booth (whereas last time in St. Louis- we didn't have a booth- so people were more drawn to the 9/11 poster session, as the only way to connect with one another.)

          Peter Phillips also spoke critically about the left/progressive press's coverage of critical issues- 9/11 truth, impeachment, and the stolen elections during one of the formal sessions. He took a bit of flak and lost another Project Censored judge, although he also received support from the audience- including a journalist from Switzerland who spoke about a four page spread in a Swiss paper confirming Jones' work on the controlled demolition of Building #7.

          There are still enormous psychological barriers for us to overcome to deconstruct the bogus "war on terrorism," but we have made tremendos progress over the years, and are winning in the court of popular public opinion- despite the major propaganda effort of the corporate press, Hollywood, and the attacks from the "so-called" Left.

          It was wonderful to connect with activists from all over the country, who helped us with outreach, and at the booths.

          I just wish that we had been able to capture an interview that I had with one woman who used to work for the military (for 18 years) and worked as a public information (propaganda officer, and in "counter-terrorism"). She was tearful when she explained how she realized 9/11 was an inside job when she heard the Taliban interviewed, just after the attacks, denying any knowledge about them. Given her background, her analysis gives even more strength to our 9/11 truth message. (I also found a link to another military insider pointing out the huge lies surrounding the war on Iraq.)

          Astonishingly, still many people know nothing of the 1999 King court case, and can't believe that the press is capable of being "silent" about the crimes committed by the government, nor their "ask no hard questions" policy since 9/11. Fortunately, there are people who do want to know what is going on and actually do seek the truth, who are very glad to accept assistance on their quests from other "truth-seekers".

          The best concession that the 9/11 Truth Movement will triumph is an admission by Zelikow who said that trying to argue with "conspiracy theorists" is like playing "whack a mole"- they might be able to whack down one argument, but instantly another ten will pop up. This is especially true because they have destroyed so much evidence and told so many outrageous lies, that the new ones they construct tend to be feebler and feebler and less and less believable, by any standards. I still am shocked that Congress had the "hutzpah" to pass legislation implementing the bogus 9/11 Commission's recommendations. I suppose they are trying to rush through all the horrific, repressive legislation, before the public really catched on and can organize more resistance against it. They keep many people off balance trying to fight them on multiple fronts.

          I'm glad that I at least tried to oppose these policies when I ran for Congress, even if I didn't break the mainstream press barrier. Another exchange that I wish I had filmed in Memphis, was when a Congressman approached me at the booth- and I gave him our deluxe 9/11 Truth packet, and began asking him the tough questions about 9/11- he just fled as fast as he could when he realized what issues I was raising. I think Congress is as scared of the public, as the White House is, which is why they are working so feverishly to control the flow of information, the internet, and scare people with bogus terror alerts, expansion of the war in Iraq, escalation of the violence against pro-democracy forces in Mexico, and the threat of war against Iran.

          If Congress had any moral fiber, they would be focusing on Impeachment hearings, now.

          January 9, 2007

          The Impeach Beach action was great fun and produced a wealth of photos and films, already. Fortunately, I didn't have the flu (just a misdiagnosed severe case of pre-menstrual cramps- so if I hugged and kissed you Saturday- breathe easier- I don't think I was contagious.) Many of our 9/11 Truth banners and signs and art were in the photos.

          I'm feeling better- beginning to hear again in my left ear. I wrote a press release for our 130 press packets for Memphis and finally wrote a resource list with a dozen books and a dozen DVDs- embarrassing to admit many were not included on this website, but I just never find time to catch up, and I keep getting books!

          I got a review copy of James Petras's The Power of Israel in the United States which is an excellent look at the power of the Jewish Lobby in DC and their control of Congress and US foreign policy, although I don't think I agree with him on every point, and his few pages on 9/11 don't cast a tremendous amount of light on the events- only hint that the Israeli spies knew in advance and didn't give the US a timely warning. However, we'll be getting some copies delivered to table in Memphis where the major issues raised by the book are still relatively taboo in the so called Progressive/Independent Press.

          I'm also getting more films- Penny's 911 Dust and Deceit at the WTC, and Samira Goetschel 's award winning documentary- Our Own Priv@te Bin Laden.

          I also am reviewing Kevin Barrett's new book, Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie which is very funny and enjoyable (I will have a chance to finish reading it flying Thursday) and will take a few copies to Memphis. Lisa Finnegan will also let us table her new book No Questions Asked on the media failure to question the administration or hold them accountable for lies and actions, in the wake of 9/11 (which I haven't got a copy of yet.)

          I have had my hands full getting stuff to John and Brian to take with them to Memphis, getting materials for the press kits, including writing a cover letter/press release to go with the books and DVDs we want to give to press (and Jane Fonda and other big celebrities we'd like to win over, if given the opportunity.)

          Yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of our first public 9/11 Truth March, Demanding a Congressional Investigation of 9/11, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at a showing of Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush in Santa Cruz at a Green Party meeting. It was the first time that I actually got to see it with an audience (besides the kids walking through the living room when I was trying to do all the paper edits from the original show, which was twice as long as the edited version). They laughed in all the right places and even applauded (only one person left in the middle). It was fun. I also spoke with Richard and Joseph, two of the Patriots in our SF Tea Party action who want to do a 3 hour radio show on KKUP 6-9 am on January 22nd with a special emphasis on the collapse of the towers. Hard to work on everything simultaneously, and get out the checks, and get the stuff we need, while feeding kids and trying to get my body into more functional/optimal shape...

          Here's a draft of the press release for Memphis and the flip side with our recommended list (I know it's not fully comprehensive, but it is what we will have in Memphis, and can fit on a sheet of paper).

            9/11 Truth Movement Challenges Press Censorship
            at National Conference on Media Reform

            The crime of the century took place on September 11th, 2001 when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. Afghanistan and Iraq. Challenging the official spin and weak, ludicrous, evidence were citizens, who demanded a Congressional Investigation of the attacks. The White House opposed a full investigation, limiting the first official inquiry to “Intelligence Failures.” Forced by public pressure to create the 9/11 Commission, the White House sought to control it by appointing Henry Kissinger to head it, and Philip Zelikow, part of Bush’s National Security Transition Team, to direct it. Systemic destruction of actual evidence and a cover-up began directly following the attacks. The Commission was used to buttress the official narrative, justify the construction of Homeland Security, expand the National Security State, and push for the 'pre-emptive' war doctrine, in part crafted by the 9/11 Commission Director, Zelikow.

            The 9/11 Truth Movement and opposition to “Endless War” upon civil liberties within and outside of the US has steadily grown. The 9/11 Truth Alliance has grown from a few activists and scattered websites into many groups, in many cities and many countries. They have produced numerous websites, events, rallies, marches, books, films, conferences, inquiries, magazines, art, music, articles, films, documentaries, television and radio programs and they continue to win, in the battle of public opinion. The New York Times/CBS News poll, in October 2006, shows that only 16% of the public believes the official narrative, while 53% believe the government is hiding something and 28 % believe that they are mostly lying about prior knowledge about 9/11.

            In 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee, the family of Martin Luther King, Jr. brought the government to trial for its role in King’s assassination. Seventy witnesses under oath set out the details of the conspiracy and the jury took an hour to find for the King family. It was ruled that a wide-running conspiracy existed and that government agents were involved. The story was effectively buried. William Pepper proceeded to detail the case in An Act of State, published by Verso in 2003, including the government plans for King’s execution that involved the military and the FBI, media cover-ups, and the corporate forces dominating the nation. The continuing silence of the press on government and corporate crimes committed against Americans, as well as innocent people living in targeted countries is the greatest impetus for a genuinely independent media. Where it should have, the media failed to rewrite history and bring to account those really behind the King assassination. We ask that the press to stop censoring and suppressing the truth in the case of 9/11.

            Out of necessity, the 9/11 Truth Movement has become the media to raise consciousness on the basic facts surrounding the attacks of 9/11. We ask that more media producers look at the evidence, recognize the lies and omissions in the government’s story. Join us in demanding a genuine investigation, accountability, and an end to the use of violence, terror, and war for the benefit and enrichment of the few, at the expense of the many.


            The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance has sponsored activists to attend the National Conference on Media Reform, to give press kits to the press, and have available 9/11 Truth materials at our Booth (#26). These are materials we recommend. * means that they are in our press kits, ** means that we are producers of the materials. We also publish the Deception Dollars (over 6,000,000 in circulation) which are covered with excellent 9/11 Truth websites, have created useful 9/11 Fact and information cards, and have produced many 9/11 Truth events.

            Recommended 9/11 Truth Books-

            *Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11 by Barrie Zwicker(includes the DVD- The Great Conspiracy- The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw), New Society Publishers

            *9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, Edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, Interlink Publishers

            Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, by David Griffin

            The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin, Interlink Publishing

            The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the Anatomy of Terrorism, by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Interlink Publishing

            The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute, by Paul Thompson, published by Harper Collins

            America’s "War on Terrorism" in the Wake of 9/11, by Michel Chossudovsky, published by Global Research

            Synthetic Terror- Made in USA, by Webster Griffin Tarpley, published by Progressive Press

            9/11: The Greatest Crime of All Time, the Best of Global Outlook, published by Global Outlook

            Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie, by Kevin Barrett, published by Progressive Press

            The Big Wedding, by Sander Hicks, Long Island Press

            **Still Seeking the Truth About 9/11, Exposing Fallacies in the Official Story, by Paul Rea

            Recommended 9/11 Truth DVDs-

            *9/11 Press for Truth, by Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy, producer Kyle Hence, 911tv.org

            The Great Conspiracy- The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw, by Barrie Zwicker

            **Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush, by Carol Brouillet

            Improbable Collapse, by Mike Berger

            9/11: Dust and Deceit at the WTC, by Penny Little, www.911dust.org

            **9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, KPFA event, by hummux & Ken Jenkins

            9/11 Mysteries, by Small Storm, www.911weknow.com

            Who Killed John O’Neil?, by Ty Rauber and Ryan Thurston, www.WKJO.com

            **9/11 Overview, compiled by Ken Jenkins, especially to give to the press

            Our Own Priv@te Bin Laden, by Samira Goetschel, www.ourownprivatebinladen.com

          Tomorrow I have my Listening Project in Palo Alto and the challenge of packing all the rest of the stuff that needs to get to Memphis.

          January 6, 2007

          We returned from Canada very late on January 2nd/3rd. On Wednesday after little sleep, I still did the Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto, and started catching up, unpacking, etc... I wrote a blog entry on January 3rd, which seems to have disappeared, not the first time that I messed up and forgot to save- late at night. I did, however write my belated annual Christmas Letter. Thursday, we had our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting in San Francisco, where I transferred hundreds of pounds of stuff for others to carry to Memphis for the upcoming National Conference on Media Reform, where we will have a booth. Other excuses for not catching up- I've been deaf in one ear since the flight home, my hand/one finger is broken, and I think I have a touch of the flu, but I still hope to get to San Francisco today for the Impeach Beach action- we'll be meeting at the left top of the H. There is so much to write about and links to add to this website, but I'm occupied by the most urgent demands of my life, now.

          January 4, 2007

          I very much wanted to go to the protests at the Federal Building in San Francisco today, but sanity prevailed and I realized there was no way I could go AND get all the preparations in order for next week's National Conference on Media Reform, catch up on my mail, do the shipping, get to the bank, and get all the paperwork done, so that we will have what we need at tonight's meeting and in Memphis. Each of us going to Memphis has to carry 40- 50 pounds of materials for our booth, plus I've ordered some books and DVDs to be shipped directly to Memphis. Wish I had time to update this website with links to all the great new resources and articles, but unfortunately I still have work to do and kids to feed. I must say, though, that I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democrats and organizations like Move-On who are actually pushing for people to get their congressmen to support the awful recommendations of the bogus 9/11 Commission. Michael Dietrich forwarded their repulsive pitch to me-

            ( Hi,

            As you may have heard, Nancy Pelosi is hoping to start off big with her "100 Hours Agenda." It's a bunch of progressive proposals...)

          and I replied to him:

            Move On should Move Out- this petition makes me furious- they want to implement all the awful recommendations of the 9/11 Cover-Up Commission- The Democrats are as eager to build the Global Police State- Surveillance Industry as the paranoid die-hard neo-Nazis that they have graciously permitted to reign these last several years- Anyone who supports the asinine Move-on recommendations should think twice- they are being conned--- including you!

            Carol Brouillet

          All of congress should be impeached if they aid and abet Bush/Cheney with their dark agenda, while cloaking it with token crumbs- healthcare, bread, and circuses to appease the discontented.

          December 18, 2006

          I added more photos and links to video clips, including links to the local television news clip of the-

          San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

          It is heartening to see the video clips and photos from Boston, D.C., Philadelphia, Milwaukee, (still hope to see something from St. Louis), and I think people will be inspired to join us in January when we are mobilizing so many forces to push Congress in a different direction. I hope we can improve our giant replica of the flawed Commission Report for the upcoming rallies and demonstrations and not let Pelosi beef up the Intelligence agencies and Homeland Security for the benefit of the criminals who did and went along with 9/11 and the cover-up in their quest for global domination.

          I hope that I have time to do a real write up about December 16th before the family demands my complete attention. Low tide was about 3 pm on the 233rd Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and it just felt like the entire Earth, all of nature was sending this loud, clear message that the tide was turning in favor of the people over tyrants, in favor of truth over lies, in favor of peace over war, in favor of hope, joy, light over terror, fear, despair... This is a magical time of year, the shortest days, when the season begins to turn and I remain hopeful that courage, love, and humanity will prevail.

          December 16, 2006

          233rd Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, in solidarity with Boston 9/11 Truth who organized a huge Tea Party for 9/11 Truth, we held a San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth. We had a great time! I just updated the webpage with some of the details and a link to an article that Cam posted at Indymedia.org entitled San Francisco 9/11 Truth Tea Party Dumps Official Whitewash in the Bay which has some great pictures. There were lots of photographers there, plus the local television station, KPIX, and KPFA got sound and interviews for their nightly newscast, and I gave an update on Tarpley's radio show, but I was up til late last night, and up very early this morning- so can't write or do more tonight.

          December 15, 2006

          We've been very busy- building replicas of the 9/11 Report, finding costumes, bells, writing and sending out press releases, praying for good weather. Finally there is a promising weather report with "late afternoon showers possibility 30%" in the forecast. I got a call from the manager of the Hilton Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf, asking if we needed rooms and saying he hopes to come to the party. Good to know the word is out and that there is support coming from all quarters. Scott picked up 5000 cards to distribute tomorrow and we hope to arrive in SF at 10 am, to set-up and do some outreach, and have some fun with our props and costumes before the press and larger public turn up.

          We'd like to meet around 10 am near Hyde Street Pier and set up a home base- awning, table with all the free literature/props, etcetera, but we need help to manage/mind the table throughout the day- or it won't work. Please let me know if you can volunteer to do a shift. (650-857-0927).

          There are still lots of details to attend to. I can't update this website, but there is a page at 911blogger.com that details the multiple Tea Parties that will be happening tomorrow. We'll try to call in to Webster Tarpley's radio show and give a report in the afternoon.

          December 10, 2006, Human Rights and Impeachment Day

          While I was working on my Impeachment speech on Friday, unbeknownst to me, Representative Cynthia McKinney was introducing Articles of Impeachment and gave a speech on the floor of Congress.

          On Saturday, we set up the table at the KPFA Crafts fair despite the bad weather forecast, and Veteran's for Peace kindly lent us an awning. I spent most of the time at a big War Resister's event (couragetoresist.org) at the War Memorial Building, followed by a rally and procession with war resistors and their parents. It was very moving, and heartening; there were also outstanding speakers and musicians, plus the Brass Liberation Orchestra, and David Solnit with his beautiful, awesome puppets and a giant bird. There was some television coverage, as well as a film maker working on a documentary. The Veterans are the real backbone of the anti-war/peace movement. Unfortunately, it started pouring when I returned to the table and it was an ordeal packing up. Brian and I managed a quick bowl of soup to warm our chilled bodies before a 5 pm antiwar organizing meeting, which drew 40-50 people.

          I think I found out about McKinney's action and speech very late last night, and didn't have time to completely rewrite my speech- but I modified it somewhat spontaneously at today's rally.

          I was up very early this morning, baking cookies, and bread for the rally, and the family, reloading the car, printing out my speech. I was late leaving the house. We had hoped to get to San Francisco by 11 am for the action against the Military Commissions Act at Union Square, but the weather was bad, and we picked up the awning again, and had just an hour to join the leafletting/action at Union Square before heading for UN Plaza.

          We barely had the awning up, before the rains started falling. The turnout was pretty small, but the press did come. Peter Phillips and others spoke very well and there was some great music, as well. The Declaration of Human Rights was born out of the founding of the United Nations and the documents were actually signed in the War Memorial Building.

          There is an obelisk at UN Plaza honoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which reads, in part:

            "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services."

          UN Plaza is also where the homeless gather, and those who really suffer from the problems due to the abundance of drugs on the street, the lack of available medical care, come up to the activists to enlist them in their struggles. (An elderly woman told me that of all the dozen or so doctors she saw, none would accept Medicare and refused her healthcare.) I have a hard time explaining why I can't take on every issue to people who are suffering. The cookies were popular (with the homeless, the well-fed, and the hungry). We saw lots of old friends, and passed out Deception Dollars, and flyers for the San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth.

          Two speakers didn't show up, so I actually was able to say a few extra words about the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, the Deception Dollar, our action, and our demand for a real investigation. Brian noted that I got the best audience response when I was speaking spontaneously about 9/11 and that if we had a real investigation of 9/11 the Administration would fall from power, as well as those who aided and abetted them in the cover-up, but I didn't write it down, so here's the slightly modified written part of my speech:

            A great peace activist, John Galtung, when asked about the difference between Russians and Americans, replied “In Russia, when people hear the party line, they know it is the party line. In America, they don’t.”

            As children, we are taught to revere our presidents, and the founding ideals of this country, the idea of a government “of, by and for the people.” We don’t learn in school that our original government was ratified by a small voting minority. The Founding Fathers knew that their winning slogan wouldn’t work so well if they said, “a government of, by, and for “the rich, the white, the male, the propertied few.”

            History is the story of the struggle between vested interests, and social justice for the bulk of humanity, who have been killed, enslaved, exploited for so long. All social gains-- representative government, ending slavery and monarchy, laws protecting children and the environment—come from raising human consciousness about injustices, and forcing institutional changes, or the ousting of tyrants. History is slanted to legitimize the powerful and and celebrate their role, and rarely do the people get the credit. The politicians seeking to avoid “revolution” and “dismissal via the ballot box,” who only reluctantly concede to public pressure, usually like to pat themselves on the back, later, for being “visionary leaders.”

            As far as I am concerned, all members of the 109th Congress who opposed impeachment, should have been ousted in the recent election, especially Nancy Pelosi. The exception being Cynthia McKinney, who bravely submitted articles of impeachment on Friday, and she was ousted from Congress this year. Perhaps we should run her for President in 2008. Please try to imagine if Congress does do the right thing, and opens real investigations into the blatant crimes of the Administration. Imagine if Congress follows through with impeachment and indictment, should the credit go to the people?

            The people, who have marched and rallied in the rain, forced the issues into the press, deconstructed the lies, deceptions and crimes this Administration has committed against the US and the world, and disseminated the information via the internet, community access television, radio, film, art, music, and all the myriad ways humans can communicate with other humans. The people should get credit for stopping this Administration, and reversing its horrendous domestic and foreign policies. However, if Madame Speaker Pelosi or Congress wants to take credit for impeaching Bush and reversing his policies, few of us would be really bent out of shape about it.

            What worries me is that Congress might not impeach him, but try to divert our attention elsewhere. Or that Congress might “Impeach him” for some trivial charge, and merrily carry on with the Bush/Cheney’ horrendous policies, the bogus war on terrorism, beefing up Homeland Security, ceding the destruction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the institutionalization of torture, the Military Commissions Act. We cannot allow them to toss out habeas corpus, bring back the Inquisition, where secret evidence, tyrannical whim, could condemn innocent people to death.

            It is clear to us that the real terrorists have hijacked our country and they are occupying the White House. They have stolen at least two presidential elections, and they have no legitimacy. We know that they lied and covered up the truth about 9/11 and Katrina, and that those lies cost the lives of thousands of people. We know that the worst conspiracy theory about 9/11 is the one that Cheney and Bush used to sell the war on Iraq. We know they spent billions of dollars on propaganda to sell that lie and that 85% of the soldiers in Iraq were tricked into believing that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. This could not have been accomplished without the complicity of Congress and the press. They supported the lies, they failed to ask the hard questions, and they deserve much of the blame for the enormous suffering and loss of life of these past five years.

            The country is starting to wake up--a slow, painful process that I know well. I came from a Republican family. I missed the rallies against the first Gulf War in 1991. My own outrage at the government’s actions and lies—and the media’s silence--began in 1992 when I began doing research on the CIA. More and more people are waking up to the lies, and distrusting official sources. More and more people are learning from one another, and organizing, in self defense, to keep the rights we still have, and to exercise some control over a government that poses a greater and greater threat to them and the world.

            We need to help the country wake up. We need to force our elected officials to uphold our Constitution and rein in an Executive Branch that claims the divine right of kings. We need to become the media and force the mainstream media to address the vital issues. Or perhaps, we might have to follow the example of Venezuela, who elected Chavez despite opposition from the corporate press. We have plenty of work before us. I believe that all of us, as Americans, have a responsibility to hold our government accountable for its actions. The Bush Administration has flagrantly violated our Constitution, trashed the Bill of Rights, launched illegal, immoral wars, lied about matters of utmost importance to the American people. Bush, Cheney, are, truly, the most dangerous terrorists in the world. It is up to us, the people, to force our elected representatives to recognize and adhere to their duty and hold top officials accountable for their heinous crimes, that means impeachment," It is our best hope to redeem ourselves as a nation. Impeachment, regime change, should begin and end at “home.”

          After the rally, we went to another organizing meeting with World Can't Wait. It would have been nice to join everyone after the meeting for dinner, but I had to get home and feed the kids. My husband and kids set up the Christmas tree, today, and the evening meal and a game afterwards was all the time we spent together as a family the whole weekend. At least they know me well, and tolerate my activism (as long as they are well fed).

          Scott was able to speak about the San Francisco Tea Party on Webster's radio show last Saturday, and I am now hearing that there are more Tea Parties for 9/11 Truth scheduled - for DC, the Mississippi River, Lake Michigan. We'll have to revise the press release this week. Lots of people are excited about it, and I hope we have a good turnout- and good weather!!!! It's such a challenge in the rain...

          December 6, 2006

          I've been super busy- working on our upcoming San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth action. We finally worked out the details, so I can post the webpage, the press advisory, the updated calendar, and (soon) a pdf. of the new flyer. I also was on a conference call for the Arizona 9/11 Accountability- Strategies and Solutions Conference, and did my regular Listening Project in Downtown Palo Alto, today. I also need to get a statement on Impeachment to the Green Party for a press release, and write a short speech for the Impeachment Rally in San Francisco this Sunday. I won't be able to get out Press Advisories tonight- because we also have a local Impeachment meeting. I doubt if I'll get that Christmas letter out by Christmas at this rate!

          December 4, 2006

          On Saturday, Brian and I tabled at the 25th Annual Holiday Peace Fair in San Jose. It was a wonderful event! There was lots of food, drink, music, dancing, tabling by activist groups; I knew lots of people and got to see old friends, as well as make some great new connections with activists, and a professor at San Jose State University- who can and will arrange for us to get rooms there- for 9/11 Truth events! We also gathered over a hundred dollars in donations and recycled some of the money into other groups- like the African Women Refugee's Group, whom we purchased two beautiful handmade tablecloths from to upgrade the dying blue plastic ones that we have used tabling for the past few years.

          On Sunday, we went to San Francisco for the all day Strategy/and regular meeting. The space was a bit tight for the group, but we all enjoyed the day and accomplished something. The morning was spent doing introductions using the circle process (without a timekeeper) and I believe we each got to share what was most important to us, and to know each other better.

          We broke for lunch and had a feast, Brian made a huge vegetarian lasagna, Kyle cooked curried lentils, I brought fresh baked bread and cookies, and everyone else contributed chips, crackers, goodies, fruit to the meal.

          When we reconvened, Kai quickly facilitated us through our regular meeting process. We voted $200 towards our Solidarity Boston Tea Party Action on December 16th. Brian, Bill, and possibly Becky and I plan to table next weekend in SF during the KPFA Crafts Fair- and there might be an Impeachment event at UN Plaza, as well.

          The Boston 9-11 Truth group sent me their media list (which they paid $300 for) and they want a $20 donation to other 9/11 Truth groups that also use it.

          There was one new person at the meeting, David from Santa Cruz, who was told about the meeting by Gabriel, and has jumped into mass producing 9-11 Truth DVDs and passing them out. He was also a businessman and very interested in getting out 9-11 Truth kits to the legislators and the press. Since he had lots of business experience, as well as organizing experience from grassroots environmental groups to Toastmasters, I asked him if he wanted to facilitate the strategy session. Despite the fact that it was an all day strategy meeting- we actually only spent one and a half hours going over a fraction of the proposed agenda items on strategy and gave an hour and a half to Richard Gage to practice/and improve his public presentation on 9/11.

          What we did cover-

            *Successes of the 9/11 Truth Movement over the years, and in particular, this past year-

            More Celebrities speaking out on 9/11 Truth (Charlie Sheen)

            9/11 Truth Movement being taken seriously.

            Great support and momentum of the 9-11 Truth Movement at the grassroots level.

            The weakness of the repetitious, fallacious debunking attacks upon us, mostly generated at a couple sites which are easy to rebuke.

            Media empowered "tide is changing" in our favor.

            Recognizing that politicians or high profile people need to feel "safe and comfortable" to "show leadership- speak-out on 9/11 Truth" and it is up to us to create a parade which the more high profile folk will either try to lead or get trampled by.

            We want to force the media to be on the "right side" of history.

            There is consensus in the 9-11 Truth movement for a genuine investigation- and the release of documents, evidence that the government has been withholding.

            We see signs of fear amongst the ruling elite- Zelikow's resignation, attacks upon one another (instead of just us!)

            With technological innovations, we are overcoming corporate/Left Gatekeepers through the internet, DVD, and creative/artistic/literary/musical means...

          We discussed in detail who to target within the press- nationally and locally and our experiences dealing with politicians.

          We reiterated the amazing resources that those in the room had to offer to the 9/11 Truth Movement and the importance of improving our internal communications to improve the networking within the movement.

          Richard did a great job presenting his multimedia show, but with the wealth of informed activists in the room- he got lots of valuable corrections, suggestions, new info to improve his show.

          Chuck also wrote a couple of great pieces which he passed out to the group- one might be very good to reformat and publish as a pamphlet. He also improved his powerpoint/slideshow- which is a great resource for all 9-11 Truth Activists online at www.truememes.com.

          We went over time- still managed a closing circle, and a good number of us ended up going out to a Thai Restaurant after the meeting to continue to socialize and also refine our plan to do a San Francisco Solidarity Action with the Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party event. As soon as we nail down the details, I will post them. Anyone who wants to get involved and help- please contact me cbrouillet@igc.org 650-857-0927- we're still working on the timetable/route and plan on building a giant Commission Report with giant holes in it, parading in colonial costume through Fisherman's wharf and tossing the thing in the Bay, with appropriate speeches- and filming the event. We have a flute player and could use a drummer... and as many people as possible wishing to come in costume and help.

          December 1, 2006

          I spent most of yesterday phoning and emailing trying to find a location for our Strategy Meeting. Our options were paying $20 an hour for Cellspace from 5 pm to 10 pm or holding the meeting in someone's home from 10 am to 6 pm, and we opted for the home meeting/either that or cancel the meeting. Since we haven't had much lead time on this, it is questionable how many people can come- hopefully not 75 like last year, but it would have been nicer to have more space, but oh well, we couldn't find a better place.

          The meeting will be from 10am to 6pm. If you want to bring food (ala potluck) that would be welcome. Here's the proposed agenda for the strategy meeting:
          Assess (and celebrate) the 9/11 Truth Movement's (and our) achievements, over the years, this year in particular, and where we are now. Look at our current situation, politically, the obstacles, opportunities, threats, before us now.
          Determine what our resources our, where are passions and energies can be directed for the benefit of Movement needs, and our personal needs/hopes. Brainstorm short, medium, long term goals.
          Consider how we can be more effective, what our our internal weaknesses, how can we improve our communications within the group, and getting our message out to the public.
          How can we support, encourage, inspire one another, and grow the movement?
          My suggestion is to use a circle process, unless we are in pure "brainstorming mode." Rotate facilitators, during the day, if needed.
          We can also flesh out a more precise agenda on Sunday, when people show up.
          We want to be able to have the thoughtful discussions that we don't have time for at our regular meetings, but since this meeting will replace our usual San Francisco, first Thursday meeting, we will try to cover our regular business, as well. One reason we chose to have the meeting this weekend is so that those who wanted to do a solidarity action with the December 16th Boston Tea Party 9/11 Truth event- would have a bit of time to connect and plan an action.

          (Logistics are posted under Events and Bay Area Events)

          November 30, 2006

          I can't believe how hard it has been to find a place to hold our strategy meeting this weekend. I'm hoping to hear back from several people because we must decide whether to try to have one or cancel by tonight. Life keeps interfering with "Politics" and vice versa. There are a number of events political and otherwise already in the works for this weekend. On Tuesday night there was a conference call on the proposed national conference in Arizona, but it is still "in the air," "no contracts" "no genuine committee" "no secured domain name/website" and time slipping away. It's almost impossible to do much in December because of the holidays. We also have our trip to Memphis and the National Media Reform Conference in mid January- so I can't commit to shouldering too much, myself. Simple things, like baking cookies, adding links to a website, reviewing movies, making phone calls, just take TIME. Penny Little sent me copies of her new DVDs- Electile Dysfunction and 911 Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center. Since I've seen many films on the stolen elections, "Electile Dysfunction" wasn't a tremendous shock or eye-opener. It is a very good one for those who haven't looked into the stolen elections. 911 Dust and Deceit was an excellent look at the lies about the health hazards at and generated by the collapse of the WTC buildings. What I didn't realize was that there was a major media cover-up of that, and the treatment (or lack of treatment) of those sick and dying from their exposure to the "dust." I should have known that! However, I remembered that stories had appeared, in fact a new one just came out the other day in the Village Voice, but Penny documented how the paper, that first broke the story, had the writer and editor ousted and replaced. The ousted writer went on to write a book on the subject.

          I think the way the whole propaganda system works is that "a little truth" can appear, no big deal. However, "too much truth" is not allowed, so writers, editors, publications, sources are bought up, axed, discredited to help "disappear a story, info, topic." Sometimes, perhaps, a person may resign from a visible post, to quell public outrage, and prevent further investigations into the scandal. Who knows why the whistleblower on the Moscow apartment buildings (the Soviet Union's 9/11) was poisoned recently, but probably it is in part a message to whistleblowers- shut up. Alexander Cockburn just did a hit-piece, several actually appeared in Counterpunch recently, on the 9/11 Truth Movement. If I had time, I'd refute him on every point, but I can't do everything, and some things are more important than arguing. I did greatly appreciate, however, Kevin Ryan, taking the time to lay bare the brunt of the attack, although I doubt if readers of the Counterpunch hit piece will ever figure out who Kevin is or have access to his excellent work in debunking NIST and the Bush Science used to further a political agenda and obscure reality.

          I was flattered and happy to receieve warm compliments on the radio yesterday, and via email from my 9/11 truth colleagues, but I was also sobered by an email that said-

            "you were getting dissed tonight on kpfk at 12:30am, by a guy named daniel something or other
            he said you were getting paid to put out disinformation!"

          Does anyone know if Daniel Hopsicker was the guy on KPFK? He has attacked me before. It does seem like there are elements within the 9/11 truth movement that are spending more energy on attacking one another than those who did 9/11. John Albanese is working on a film looking at Cointelpro efforts to destroy the movement. I guess we should be flattered that we are succeeding and having so much impact that we actually merit being fought "tooth and nail."

          The more serious threat, sadly, comes from Hollywood, where big names and big producers are churning out "CIA Propaganda."

          My friend called me today and urged me, and others to lobby Oliver Stone to not do the proposed CIA flick (Here is the email she sent me awhile back...)

            Dear friends of Afghanistan,

            Beginning in 1992 we've worked with Oliver Stone to develop an Afghanistan story based on our experience and research. There is nobody in Hollywood who has been better briefed on the deep complexities and American responsibilities than Oliver surrounding the Afghan story. Rather than take on the challenging and complex story that every American needs to know, Oliver has chosen to make his Afghanistan film based on Jawbreaker, a book by a CIA officer who helped topple the Taliban. It's particularly tragic that Oliver should choose this story given that the Taliban are on the rise again!

            We've included below the letter Sima Wali sent to Oliver... Please send your own letter and feel free to pass this information along.

            Paul & Liz

            ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oliver Stone
            1207 4th Street PH 1
            Santa Monica, CA 90401
            Fax: 310-395-1536

            November 7, 2006

            Dear Mr. Stone,

            I was shocked to read that you have chosen to make a film about Afghanistan based on Gary Bernsten’s Jawbreaker. The world does not need another film from the perspective of the intelligence operatives who set this tragedy in motion in the first place. In Robert Dreyfuss's Devil’s Game How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam, the truth of the US role in creating Afghanistan’s travail today is laid bare. "In Afghanistan, we made a deliberate choice," says Cheryl Benard, a RAND Corporation expert on political Islam, who is married to Zalmay Khalilzad, who served as U.S. ambassador in Kabul. "At first, everyone thought, There's no way to beat the Soviets. So what we have to do is to throw the worst crazies against them that we can find, and there was a lot of collateral damage. We knew exactly who these people were, and what their organizations were like, and we didn't care," she says. "Then, we allowed them to get rid of, just kill all the moderate leaders. The reason we don't have moderate leaders in Afghanistan today is because we let the nuts kill them all. They killed the leftists, the moderates, the middle-of-the-roaders. They were just eliminated, during the 1980s and afterward."

            I understand that Tom Hanks is in production for Charlie Wilson’s War, a telling that lionizes the wild-west fantasy world of the Mujihadeen freedom fighters. Robert DeNiro has the rights to former CIA Station Chief in Pakistan during the Reagan Administration Milt Bearden’s book The Main Enemy that continues to glorify these operatives while revealing nothing of the role of their puppeteers.

            As I work to resurrect Afghanistan from the ashes of the Cold War that destroyed my homeland, I’ve come to realize it is the ignorance of the US role by Americans that is my biggest obstacle. These films will set an understanding of the atrocity to the Afghan people back a century.

            I ask you to please not use your great talent to add to the misery of my people.


            Sima Wali, President
            Refugee Women in Development (RefWID), Inc. www.refwid.org

          November 28, 2006

          Many people have been asking me for a campaign report and an update on my thinking- after the election. This article contains the gist of it (although it probably leaves out even more than it says, but that is part of the "description process" when one draws a line around an experience- separating it from the larger whole).

          Running in Circles:
          2006 9/11 Truth/Impeachment Congressional Campaign Report
          From Beginning to End, and Where Next?
          by Carol Brouillet
          November 28, 2006

          Click on image to go to the complete article.

          An excerpt:

            Recently I was invited to join a “circle” and I couldn’t resist the invitation, because circles can be very powerful experiences. Native Americans have traditionally formed circles, passing a talking stick and speaking from the heart, to draw from the collective wisdom of the group to solve problems. Circles respect everyone’s ability to contribute and participate meaningfully. The most productive, meaningful gatherings that I’ve participated in have used circle processes; when they grow large, sometimes they give birth to many new circles. I see the spread of circles--concentric, overlapping circles everywhere--as people make more and more connections between the personal and the political, as the unconscious becomes conscious, and as light is cast upon the darkest shadows of our collective experience.

            We are needed to midwife the transition from a dying “dominator paradigm,” where large institutions and governments hold power and legitimacy, to the “peaceful paradigm” where individuals and small groups with courage, integrity, truth, and heart will begin to shoulder greater responsibility for pointing a way through the rapids of change, to avoid the rocks, the whirlpools of economic collapse, endless war, and the unleashing of the latest wave of bio-terrorism attacks.

            Did the anti-war movement win the recent election? Is the Baker/Iraq study group just a mask for the fascists to hide behind, as they lick their wounds and retreat? The proposal to create a North American Union--a more draconian expansion of NAFTA that asserts control over Mexico’s energy resources--allows for the super-exploitation of labor and the environment and guarantees profits to the major players with the costs to be borne by people and planet. A few Congressmen have put forward a resolution condemning and drawing attention to the plan. The idea will be vigorously opposed at the grassroots level. After a suspicious election, the legitimacy of the Mexican government remains questionable. Repression, rebellion, and murder in Oaxaca have sparked solidarity protests in many American cities and other countries as well. The Global Justice movement, set back by the events of September 11th, is reviving and again challenging the most visible dominant institutions that exercise the most obvious power over most countries.

          November 27, 2006

          Thanksgiving, the kids, have kept me busy, but I have had time to review a couple of DVDs, and finish a couple of books, and received the book version of Global Outlook's #11, today. (It's very impressive!) I feel, again, like the bottleneck of an hourglass- and could spend the whole night, just adding links to this website and catching up on the abundant news. However, I did spend most of today working on an article, which I hope to post tomorrow with lots of links.

          I did find a very interesting online tool/website for activists entitled www.issuecrawler.net which maps out networks working on various issues- such as media reform. I thought it would be interesting to see how the 9/11 Truth Movement looked on an internet map and tried to create one. It works with Internet Explorer, but not well with Firefox. It was my first try, and I think I need to redo the inputs and parameters, and depth, but it does certainly show how the 9/11 Truth Movement has grown over the years (Another way to see that is by going to Google trends and typing in 9/11 Truth). The websites that I fed into the search were those that were on the Deception Dollar. Today a new 9/11 Truth Europe Website was launched, in conjunction with an effort to create a European 9/11 Citizens Jury.

          Tonight I received a phone call from Malcontent X (whose website I host on this site- September 11-Unanswered Questions) and we spoke about our current projects, and remembered what it was like when we had our first telephone conference calls- when there were only a few 9/11 Truth websites. We're both still working on 9/11, but feel that there are enough of us now, that the weight isn't quite as heavy as it used to be on our shoulders. He is working on a 9/11 Rock Opera, and I've seen how creative projects need time, and lots of inputs to mature, and get produced. I still can't get more than 2% of what I'd like to do finished on any given day.

          We still haven't found space, yet for our Strategy Meeting which we hope to hold next weekend in San Francisco. I also have been brushing up on some issues for an upcoming radio show-

          • Radio Malaspina, CHLY 101.7 FM, presents 9/11 Truth Show: An Exercise in Speaking Truth to Power
            Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
            Nov. 29 2006
              Confirmed Guest:
              Nov. 29 Carol Brouillet - 9/11 Truth activist.

              For reading, website and documentary movie lists, questions, and comments contact producer/host Raymond Geisler at radioshowfor911truth@hotmail.com.

              Listen online at www.chly.ca

            Raymond wrote:
              "For this interview/discussion I would like to focus on the 9/11 Truth movement itself, and your seemingly tireless energy in it, as well as the consequences for Canadians citizens and their government, the North American Union, for example...(his blurb for the show)

              The September 11, 2001 terror attacks, conducted by elements within the US government, awakened in this researcher the desire to learn a more comprehensive version of U.S. military and economic history than corporate/financial elite and complicit governments make begrudgingly available. This expose on 9/11 and the resulting War on Terror, with particular regard for Canadian content and consequences, began as a counter argument to the well-intended but misinformed citizens trapped within an artificial reality created by decades of patriotic propaganda. However, research exposes something equally frightening; documented plans for the creation of an integrated North American Police State with the US government that will forfeit Canadian independence to the greed of Wall Street and the military might of the Pentagon. Our governments are doing this by creating a climate of fear and counting on our continued ignorance. Our concerns and actions must become political before our democratic process becomes the charade it has for our southern neighbours.

          November 22, 2006

          On this day, in 1963, President John F. Kenndy was assasinated. The details of the murder, the cover-up, the why behind it have been obscured by the press, the government for decades, but most people realize now that Kennedy was not the victim of a lone deranged gunman, but the victim of a conspiracy that reached high into our own government. My research into the CIA and special operations, and 9/11 were sparked by that murder.

          This morning, I was delighted to learn that C-Span will finally be airing 9/11 and American Empire- Intellectuals Speak Out, the event held in Berkeley last September, which I had hoped would have been aired before our October 27th premiere with Peter Dale Scott, but oh well, better late than never...

          I also added a new link to a Petition to urge Congress to try Bush/Cheney for treason for their role in 9-11.

          I also went to Downtown Palo Alto for my usual Wednesday Listening Project, and I am glad that I was there. Lots of people came to help, and we had some great conversations with the passerbys, some of whom had never thought to question the official story before. We passed out lots of Deception Dollars, and moved a few articles, books, bumper stickers, as well. A friend came by to tell me he was passing out 900 copies of the David Ray Griffin cover story that appeared in the Metro last September. Slowly but surely, it is beginning to feel like we are winning.

          November 21, 2006

          I've been working on an article, and trying to catch up on household stuff, including provisions for the holidays, and tomorrow's demo. Impeachment has been the topic floating around the 9/11 lists, as well as a new banner, which I can't find a jpg image of- but it says "Impeach- Bush Cheney, 9/11 Was an Inside Job." I agree that we should include 9/11 amongst the impeachment charges. Craig Hill wrote:

            "...the Green Party of Vermont became the first political party in the US if not the Western Hemisphere to insist impeachment of Bush/Cheney be based first and foremost on the greatest crimes they committed, as opposed to the kitchen sink everyone else has been throwing at them, most of which they would be able to wriggle out from under in a real courtroom. Treason, which consists of making war against one's own country, not only puts them quickly in the clink but, as we know, is so heinous it will go beyond that to destroy the entirety of the system that put them in office. This not only makes plain the value of 9/11 in the impeachment process, as you nailed it, it validates the value of impeachment as the vehicle to expose those crimes in legal, public hearings. Which as a movement i feel should be our primary focus:

            Green Party of Vermont
            Historic Resolution of April 23 2006

            The Vermont Green Party reaffirms its 2003 resolution that President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney should be impeached. The President continues to commit crimes against peace and humanity, assuming the powers of an imperial executive unaccountable to law, and usurping powers of the Congress, the Judiciary and those reserved to the people of the United States, and violating the civil rights of U.S. citizens and people of other nations. Further, the complicity of the Bush administration in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the massive nationwide election fraud of 2004 must be be put in the forefront of the overall drive toward impeachment. Since we issued our original impeachment resolution of 2003, the situation has greatly worsened with almost 2,400 U.S. military dead, more than a hundred thousand Iraqis killed, and untold numbers from both countries injured and maimed in an illegal war. At this time we call on the Vermont Legislature to request that the U.S. Congress begin the impeachment process.

            Comments delivered at the press conference of May 4 2006 in the Cedar Creek Room of the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier ~~~

            As stated in its historic resolution of April 23 2006, the Green Party of Vermont is the first political party in the known world to stress that the impeachment process can best and only come to its desired goal by exposing, for all Americans to see, the greatest impeachable crimes of all which the chief executives of this country, who hold our very futures hostage, have committed: Their complicity in the attacks of 9/11 and the massive nationwide election fraud of 2004.

            It is with deepest frustration with the supposed opposition party which refuses to oppose that we make this this announcement today, May 4, in this hallowed room of great Vermont and national historic significance, the Cedar Creek Room of the Statehouse in Montpelier. Were the Democratic Party to allow its own frustrated grassroots lead it, this nation today would in such a whirlwind of pressure to impeach both Bush and Cheney, there would be no time for them to prepare for the nuking of Iran for the time they'd be spending preparing their defense for their trials. Were the Democratic Party to unleash the pent-up anger, if not hatred, of this administration, Bush's polls would be in the single digits and he and Cheney would be nearing the end of their occupation of the White House and control of OUR government.

            WE, the people, are the sovereign. We are the master of our servant, government. Not the other way around, as the servant has fooled some of its masters into believing. We are NOT to be spied on by our servant to quite possibly become its future detainees for politically opposing our servant's madness. Our servant has repeatedly lied us into paying for unprovoked wars it initiates with our blood. The mushroom cloud Condeleeza Rice claimed Saddam Huessin was threatening us with is in fact a mushroom cloud her bosses are including in their plans to attack Iran and which would doom us all. That our servant is threatening us was proven for anyone with the curiousity to discover the facts of their orchestration of 9/11, and so should not come as a surprise, but as a confirmation. They are criminally mad, and must be removed from power as immediately as possible before they kill us all.

            That's why the impeachment drive is so important. That's why there is a special place in global warming hell for those of the beltway leadership of the supposed opposition party who have continually thwarted any sincere real opposition to the administration they, by their inaction and silence, protect. Silence is consent, not dissent. Votes are deeds, not mere hot wind fooling constituencies into thinking they oppose when they do not. The removal from power of the thugs among our servants is of such importance we have no time to waste. It is up to the people to support impeachment as the first priority of the planet at this moment. Greens proactively urge citizens from each jurisdiction in each town in Vermont, and beyond, to step forward to oppose those who will not oppose Bush in the state legislature, the governor's office, and in Washington DC. The Green Party of Vermont has a ballot line waiting for many of you to fill who are frustrated and frightened of the future the monsters occupying the White House have in mind for us all.

            ~ /s/ John Darc
            Secretary, GPoV

          I'm proud to be a Green Party member! I wish the California Green Party could show the same courage as they show in Vermont! (Hopefully, they will someday!)

          November 19, 2006

          Every year there is an action in Fort Benning, Georgia, to shut down the School of the Americas, which has been been training soldiers on how to torture and terrorize people for decades. This year over 22,000 people were there.

            "Thousands of people took part in simultaneous events calling for the closure of the School of the Americas throughout Latin America this weekend -- in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay and Peru.

            "The SOA/WHINSEC, a military training facility for Latin American security personnel, made headlines in 1996 when the Pentagon released training manuals used at the school that advocated torture, extortion and execution. Despite this shocking admission and hundreds of documented human rights abuses connected to soldiers trained at the school over its 60-year history, no independent investigation into the training facility has ever taken place."

            See www.soaw.org for a report on all the activites.

          I have never actually gone to Georgia myself, but I certainly support all the efforts to shut the place down, and to eliminate torture and terrorism. It is outrageous that the US could continue to operate such a place and declare a "War on Terrorism" at the same time (and institutionalize torture).

          If the Democrats don't do anything to investigate or shut the place down, then I think they certainly should lose all their credibility as "champions of the people." I have almost zero faith in Democrats, but I know they would like people to believe that they are "protecting us" rather than aiding to construct the Global Police State.

          On the SOAW website, they say-

            November 2006 : Midterm Elections Update

            Dear Friends in the Struggle,

            Yesterday’s midterm elections results represent a victory for all grassroots activists working to hold the U.S. Congress accountable for failed policies and misplaced priorities. Over 20 of our opponents of the June 2006 amendment have lost their seats in the House surpassing the 15 vote margin we need to win a vote in Congress. With this new and more favorable Congress, we expect a successful vote on the SOA/ WHINSEC. The next few months will be a crucial time for SOA Watch as we work to connect with these new Members of Congress, educate them about this important issue, and urge them to support closure of the school.

          Certainly we should put as much pressure on Congress, as possible, to do the right thing- Impeach the criminals in the White House, Repeal the Patriot Act, End the Bogus War on Terrorism, Get out of Iraq completely, Dismantle Homeland Security, Overturn the Military Commissions Act, Close the School of the Americas, Redirect the Military Budget towards something Constructive (serving people and planet- rather than enshrine corporate dominance at tremendous human and environmental expense).

          Today, I also received a link to a very interesting interview with Jürgen Elsässer: “The CIA recruited and trained the jihadists” by Silvia Cattori- Here's the opening:

          The Yugoslav Caldron

            In his latest book, “How the Jihad Came to Europe”, German journalist Jürgen Elsässer unravels the Jihadist thread. Muslim fighters recruited by the CIA to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan were used successively in Yugoslavia and Chechnya, still supported by the CIA, but perhaps sometimes out of its control. Basing himself on diverse sources, mainly Yugoslavian, Dutch, and German, he reconstructed the development of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants at the side of NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovinia.

            Silvia Cattori: Your investigation into the actions of the secret services makes a frightening report. We discover that since the 80’s the United States has invested billions of dollars to finance criminal activities and that by means of the CIA they are directly implicated in the attacks attributed to the Moslems. What is the contribution of your book?

            Jurgen Elsässer: It is the only work that establishes the tie between wars in the Balkan of the 90’s and the attack of September 11, 2001. All the large attacks, in New York, in London, in Madrid, would never have taken place without the recruitment by the American and British secret services of these jihadists who have been blamed for the attacks. I bring a new light on the manipulations of the intelligence agencies. Other books than mine have noted the presence of Ossama Ben Laden in the Balkans. But their authors presented the Moslem fighters in the Balkan as enemies of the west. The information that I collected from multiple sources, demonstrate that these jihadists are puppets in the hands of the west and are not, as one pretends, enemies...

          (This is the same theme as Michel Chossudovsky's work, although he doesn't mention Chossudovsky and has different sources of information). More and more is coming to light on this, although slowly it seems, his book has only sold 6,000 copies.

          I also received an order for Deception Dollars, along with some very nice cards promoting the website www.theblackpacket.com.

          I'm not a great fan of Woodrow Wilson, and this quote is rather hard to read, but I agree wholeheartedly with the line-
          "The history of liberty is the history of resistance."

          In Chicago I learned that the flag upside down means the country and Constitution are under distress.

          Today, I also attended a 4 hour meeting on "conspiracies," and suggested the need to expose globally how "false flag operations" worked. Someone suggested calling the effort- "True Flag." National flags carry so much symbolic, karmic, emotional weight- one can hardly begin a discussion of their meaning without provoking empassioned argument.

          November 17, 2006

          Another incredibly busy day, with no time to write aticles, or even update the calendar of events.

          At last night's Oakland Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance meeting, there were some new faces, committed activists who had just quit their jobs to work full time on 9-11. Seven people were interested in going to the National Conference on Media Reform whose early-bird registration fee ends tonight. We voted $2000 to get an exhibition space and help with airfare to those willing to go, shlup stuff in their luggage and share the tabling work. We also voted gifts (cases) of Deception Dollars to Boston and Arizona 9-11 Truth Groups in appreciation, and support of their upcoming events.

          Boston is organizing a-

          Boston Tea Party for 9/11Truth

            (from their website:): On December 16th, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party we come together as American Patriots, and Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to demand the Truth of the events of 9/11. We reject the Kean Commission's failure to address the numerous, critically important outstanding questions of 9/11. The Commission's failure deliberately obscures the truth of 9-11-01. In addition The Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee Investigation - itself was held in secret - with poor access to official documents - was then heavily redacted and censored. The Kean commission's "evidence" was built on classified reports, while whistle blowers' testimony was never entered, family steering committee questions were ignored and Commission Director Zelikow's conflicts of interest were not addressed.

            For these and many more reasons, we cast this book of DECEIT into the Boston Harbor. Join us in carrying out our patriotic duty to REJECT THE TYRANNY OF LIES AND OMISIONS. We deem this work to be TREASON INK!: The 9/11 "Omission" Report is not worthy of respect, not worthy of the founding ideals of our nation and therefore it should be drowned in the mighty sea of Truth!

            Join us for the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth!

            Saturday, December 16th, 2006
            Gather at 11:30AM Sam Adams Park
            12 noon — Proclamation, addresses
            1:50 pm — Parade to Boston Harbor
            3:30PM — press conference
            Dumping of the 9/11 Commission Report

            For more details visit- boston911truth.org/teaparty

          Some folks suggested solidarity theatrical actions- like tossing effigies of Bush and Cheney off Golden Gate Bridge, but we will have to work out details at the all day strategy meeting which we would like to hold the first weekend in December, if we can find some meeting space... (Anyone have great ideas- please let me know.)

          It seems like I've been on the phone most of the day, and packing up and mailing stuff, doing the errands/bookkeeping. New films are coming out, a new major European 9-11 truth event is in the planning stages. We're hoping to get 9/11 Press for Truth shown in Memphis. Organizing takes twice as long as one anticipates, I appreciate and understand what an ordeal and how much work goes into conferences, and even all day events, or film screenings.

          At our meeting on Thursday, the group voted to formally, publicly apologize for inconveniencing or disappointing the public about the SF screening of 9/11 Press for Truth that didn't happen. (I did at- http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/14/18329780.php?show_comments=1#18330619.) Kai suggested that to make up for it that we organize our own screening, but no one stepped forward to do the work- We'd already burned ourselves out promoting the Oakland, Palo Alto shows. Brian wanted to get it shown on all the campuses in the US. Great idea, but way beyond our physical capacities.

          And to top that off I got a letter today attacking "9/11 Press for Truth" and 9/11 Truth and me for promoting it.

          I'd post it now, but need to get some sleep tonight, and I think the attacks- just drain our strength and energy when there is so much useful work we can do.

          Bob Banner from HopeDance has done a whole issue on 9/11 and sent me a link to the pdf at http://www.hopedance.org/cms/ and printed lots of extra ones which he wants to sell to activists. He wrote: I only charge $25 per bundle of 50 (58 pagers) plus postage (depending on how fast people want them)..[His email is info@hopedance.org and his phone number is 805 544 9663] Ken brought one to Thursday's meeting to share and there was immediate demand for 150 of them. I think the cover, alone is worth 50 cents. He did include a short article that I wrote, which was somewhat mangled and included (without acknowledgement) half of Bill Veal's speech (at our Impeach the Terrorists! 11/9/2006 Rally). Oh well... Click on the cover to see the pdf and the full contents:

          I was glad that he also included art from our 9/11 Truth for Peace and Justice Art Contest.

          Kai told me I should post that Ed Rippy's Educational Event will be Thursday, December 28th, 2006, but I hesitate to post the next Oakland meeting and the event, until we get the new key for the building- apparently the one we all have- no longer works! It's the little details, like having the right key to open the door, that organizers have to worry about and make sure of before they go ahead and publicize events.

          November 16, 2006

          My apologies to anyone who tried to see 9/11 Press for Truth last night in San Francisco. I just heard from Brian and apparently the organizer (whom I've never met) only briefly showed up and disappeared and the film was never shown. I should have guessed she was unreliable and flakey by the poor communications on the details of the venue- but I couldn't have imagined it to be so disastrous that the film was never even shown!

          November 15, 2006

          Yesterday was a bit crazy, trying to get word out for the change of venue for the San Francisco showing tonight of 9/11 Press for Truth. I have it posted in 6 places on this website, at indymedia.org, at 911Truth.org, tried to post it to the events list, all the while getting inadequate details from the main organizer... like full name of room, building, street address which dribbled into me over the course of 24 hours, but hopefully the main correct details are posted now. Brian and Bill will be tabling at the event (I have a different event to go to at Stanford tonight.) Communications seems to be our biggest hurdle on every level.

          Fortunately, Gabriel told me about some lower airfares (I gave up yesterday when the cheapest fare I could find was $500!), so I was able to get a ticket to Memphis and plan on attending the National Conference on Media Reform, and I hope other 9-11 Truth Activists will join us there! I have been asked to write another strategy article, and I would like to, but I've been too busy to get to it, and I'm still trying to figure out "where we are now." There was an amazing piece posted yesterday about the abrupt changes in the Bush Administration- the spanking W got from Daddy and Baker, but I can't find it now, rushed as I am to load the car and head for my Weekly Listening Project.

          November 13, 2006

          We obviously must become the media. Thursday and Friday, I worked on and sent out press releases to draw the press to the Lifting the Fog Conference at UC Berkeley. Victoria had sent out press advisories in mid-October, and one person was doing follow-up phone calls, but there didn't seem to be much press outreach, and none of the mainstream press (that I am aware of) came to the event. Apparently the live webstream of Jones' talk worked, and it was videotaped, and hopefully will be edited and made available to the public.

          On Friday, Janette organized a dinner party at her house for the presenters, and many of the organizers. Friday was also a day of preparation, made more challenging by the UC Berkeley building maintenance folk and fire regulations. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to table, and brought along a bookcase- just in case. I didn't have room in my car for Brian, who valiantly made tons of copies of Steven Jones paper, Jim Hoffman's work and other handouts. I also baked cookies (and brownies) for the conference and the half dozen teenagers who showed up at my house to play with my kids (friends of my son at Oberlin, on break from their UC campuses).

          The party was a great time to relax and for people who hadn't met to get to know one another, and for others to catch up. Diane and I spent the night, and I think we should have tried to get to bed before 1 am, because it was hard to get up the next morning at 7 am to set up before the 10 am morning session (which actually didn't start until 10:45 am).

          Photos and a detailed description of the day were posted on the local indymedia site at Lifting the Fog on 9/11: Experts Present Scientific Evidence at UC Berkeley. I thought everyone did a great job, although I really was feeling pretty ill much of the day and missed out on some of the presentations.

          Bonnie (Guns and Butter), Peter Phillips (Project Censored) and I (with Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance) were able to table, and Brian did bring lots of free literature- all the bookcases were loaded with free handouts and we had a good turnout for a 12 hour marathon event. There were fewest people in the morning (about 160 for the morning session), but the afternoon and evening sessions were pretty packed (at least 3-400). I was so glad that so many activists were there and helped to table (and bring me food) during the course of the day.

          Peter Phillips missed the party because he spoke in San Jose the night before.

          I have the highest respect for Peter Phillips and his work, but I told my friend, Robert Livingston (who did post the article) that back in March 2004, Project Censored wanted to be a part of the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11 and back then, I was still so angry at the Left and at Project Censored for failing to connect (what seemed to me to be the obvious dots) that I said "no" and probably did the 9-11 Truth Movement more harm than good.

          It was much later, when Peter Phillips spoke at the Foundation for Global Community in Palo Alto, that I realized my mistake and began to collaborate with him and Project Censored, who have become the staunchest allies we have in getting this information out, not only to the mainstream press, but to the "independent" "Left" press. Peter has also taken a lot of heat from his brave stand on 9-11- like having Professor Jones keynote at the Media Accountability Conference. (Norman Solomon resigned over it- and persuaded Jeff Cohen (of FAIR) to not speak, as well).

          Peter and Project Censored are doing a study of the "Left/Independent" media's coverage of 9/11, the impeachment movement, stolen election coverage and will be presenting it at the next major media reform conference in Memphis, Tennessee this January. I'd like to go, but it is a long way from California, and unfortunately the airfares are sky high right now. I would need help from Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, to be able to go.

          Today, I need to deposit money in the bank (we did take in 1200 in donations, as well as for books and DVDs, on Saturday), but I also have to write a bunch of checks- for books, DVDs, the honorariums we ok'd but didn't send out, and the $ we voted to support the Conference. I meant to do some of that on Saturday, but I forgot completely.

          One thing, I think we should do, is think out a short, medium and long range strategy, for our group and also for the movement. I think Janette said that the national 9-11 Truth Conference (still in planning) hopes to call itself the 9/11 Accountability Conference and figure out a two year strategy- to expose and hold the criminals behind 9-11 accountable. Pretty ambitious! I certainly don't think we want to spend the rest of our lives on this, but recognize that if we can expose this in a timely fashion, we can help to redirect the future of the planet and get it off this suicidal trajectory.

          A member of the audience mentioned yesterday that some unique work had been done, just prior to 9-11 on the elevator shafts of the WTC buildings. We need lots of citizen investigators to help us figure out the details of what should be known as "the crime of the century" and redefine the event, so that we can end the bogus "war on terrorism" (which the current crop of Democrats are embracing at this point). It will take a thoughtful, and enormous grassroots movement to reframe the issue.

          November 9, 2006

          I'm glad to see that many people aren't buying the "Democrats are in power- all is well!" facade. Instead they are organizing more pressure to really turn the tide, including massive demonstrations and actions to force "Impeachment" upon a reluctant Congress. See ImpeachforPeace.org. There will also be an Impeach Beach photo op this Saturday where they are trying to get 1000 people to spell Impeach Bush on the beach- to be photographed by a helicopter to send a message to the folks in DC and the world.

          There are also some very good criticisms about Gates and hopefully his confirmation as a replacement for Rumsfeld will be stopped. I passed on some research about Nancy Pelosi's links to organized crime to her green Congressional opponent, who never used them, and I wonder how much leeway Pelosi has to act. She is so crooked that she could go to jail, too- if she steps out of line, so I doubt if she will show much courage or be a champion of truth, peace, or justice.

          I really think we should have ousted all the incumbents, but at least the machines told us "that didn't happen." So we will have to mobilize more people to get more than cosmetic changes.

          I did enjoy, just taking a nice three mile walk this morning- a luxury that I've denied myself, because I have been so busy these past couple of months. I also had to pick up the remainder of issue #9 of our Deception Dollars from the printers, and ship a couple of cases. I had car trouble, and that interrupted my plans to get out a press release on the Conference this weekend. I hesitate to send it out without the approval of the organizers- my spin might not suit the tone they want to project for the conference. I'm looking forward to it, and glad that I didn't have to do any of the real work, pulling it together.

          Kevin Barrett sent out a "tongue in cheek" press release on their DC event this weekend entitled-

          War on Terror Over!
          Bush Concedes Defeat: “Terrorists Have Won!”
          “Enemy Combatant” Barrett Heads to DC to Celebrate

            MUJCA co-founder Kevin Barrett, the 9/11 truth activist deemed a potential “enemy combatant” and terror sympathizer by Fox News, is heading to Washington, DC to celebrate the victory of “The Terrorists” over Bush-Cheney’s Axis of Good. Barrett will be high-fiving with fellow Constitution-supporters...er, terrorists...including Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, Daniel Abrahamson, and J. Michael Springmann at George Mason University, Arlington Campus, this Saturday, 11/11/06.

            DC Event Announcement: 911blogger.com/node/4220.
            Former CIA clandestine services officer and Tarpley fan Robert David Steele announces he’ll be there! 911blogger.com/taxonomy/term/1756

            Last week’s Washington Post article headlined “Bush Says 'America Loses' Under Democrats” begins: “President Bush said terrorists will win if Democrats win and impose their policies on Iraq...”

            In the 1960s we had a war on poverty—and poverty won. In the 1980s and 1990s we had a war on drugs—and drugs won. That’s why we ended up with an alcoholic cokehead in the White House.

            And now the War on Terror is over. The “terrorists”—i.e. the Democrats—those wimps who had better grow some gonads real fast—have won. The 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor”-triggered Iraq war has been soundly repudiated by the voters. Exit polls show a huge majority was voting against war and the fascism it has brought. Now it’s time to cash in our victory chips by impeaching the bastards, trying them for 9/11 high treason, and either (a) hanging them by the neck until dead, or (b) offering a truth-for-leniency deal along the lines of the South African truth-and-reconciliation act. It is time to let our elected representatives know that if they don’t work overtime to impeach and expose 9/11 high treason, THEY WILL ALSO FIND THEMSELVES IN THE DOCKET as collaborators in the ongoing treasonous coverup. Call or write your reps NOW and tell them to impeach or get ready for revolution.

        A shame Barrett couldn't have beaten Pelosi in the last election! Maybe he'll beat Hillary in '08. Change just doesn't happen that quickly (for the better), and we must keep working to get out the truth, and encourage and inspire people to create the future we all want to see.

        November 8, 2006

        Yesterday, I began catching up on normal life, and attended Tian's Election Night Party. I received (so far- not all absentee and provisional-paper ballots are in, yet- and those who voted on paper are more likely to vote Green) 3,662 votes (over 2%) in an election that drew less than half the registered voters. From an article posted on Indymedia:

          In a state of 27 million adults, almost 7 million voted. In San Francisco, with 600,000 adults, 170,000 voted. Those totals may go up to 8 million and 200,000 respectively when the provisional ballots are counted within the next 30 days. This means that not only did the usual 50% of adults not vote as they are not registered, mostly the workingclass, but many registered voters did not vote. A high voter turnout is 13 million in California and 300,000 in San Francisco. With that in mind, the totals for the Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party demonstrate that their anti-death penalty, anti-corporate and pro-peace message is being heard. Only a mass movement can increase the totals for these two parties.

        I think I did the best I could, considering my personal circumstances (my family being opposed to me winning- being reluctant to ask for any money, and just finding it easier to champion issues than push myself as a candidate). I am glad that I ran for Congress, and I did learn a lot and meet some wonderful people in the process. I do know that I need to organize myself better (I never did get out a letter to friends/family telling them that I was running or asking for money, support, endorsements, usually step one in a campaign).Yesterday, I posted a short article on Indymedia Vote for Impeachment, Vote for 9-11 Truth.

        Peter Dale Scott did say that I didn't have to win an election to have an effect, and I wonder how the 9-11 Truth Movement is having an impact on the press, the government, "the Powers that be." I was glad to hear that Rumsfeld is out and that Bush will probably go along with the Democrats (just to avoid getting impeached- I bet!!!), but I'm still concerned that there isn't going to be substantial policy changes and that the bogus war on "terrorism" and the war on Iraq will both continue.

        I think we still need to wake up more people and get them involved and offer a better solution than the Demo-publican Corporate War Party. I think if Bush is on the defensive now, we might have some breathing space to think more strategically and long-term.

        I received e-mails about protests at Pelosi's on Thursday and nation-wide civil disobedience on Friday, but can't find more on Indymedia, so wonder how well developed such plans are.

        Perhaps getting the right people to attend the conference in Berkeley on Saturday might be a more productive use of my time. I've been to busy to do anything for the event until now.

        It does feel like we need to get more of a presence on schools, and in the press. I did speak to a local reporter last night, at the party, who was quite interested in 9-11, but knew his editor would not let him touch it. I would like to educate a whole bunch of reporters, eventually the story should break.

        November 6, 2006, 7:24 pm

        For those of you also concerned about Brian (who disappeared yesterday)- he is back! His mom just called me. He was out putting up signs all over my district, and slept in his car last night, finishing the job today. I just wish he had phoned- so we wouldn't have worried so much about him.

        November 6, 2006

        Carol Wolman wrote an article about the Impeachment Rally at Feinstein's office: The Duty of Christians- expose Bush!, and ANG Newspapers will finally publish my "opinion" on the need for impeachment- this Thursday- after the election! San Jose Mercury News has endorsed Anna Eshoo and omitted mention of anyone else challenging her in the 14th District.

        Unfortunately, in the paradigm of fear versus the paradigm of love, hope, cooperation, I feel really at a loss today, as my key ally in my election campaign and the 9-11 truth work has disappeared. He's also my treasurer and chief sign maker, and was supposed to be working on signs with me yesterday and today. He never got home last night and his mom is worried sick and ready to call the police. I'm worried, too.

        This morning I bicycled to do the usual errands and put up another sign in a major transportation corridor on Page Mill Road, keeping an eye out for Brian, and any sign that he had been putting up signs (he had said that he wanted to target Central Expressway). I also received a really nice email from Dr. Steven Jones who wrote:

          " I spoke very highly of the Colorado 9/11 Visibility group and conferences at my visit to Sonoma State University last Friday-Saturday, and on the air with Jim Fetzer last Saturday. You are doing great work and are to be commended. I especially appreciate your efforts to put "caring" far above "scaring" (as I also support this critical distinction in the 9/11 Truth movement)."

        This is the paradox. Fear is what corrupts, silences, immobilizes people. It is love and courage which propel us to speak out, forge ahead and explore alternative possibilities, imagine a better world and try to help birth it into existence. What is it that gives me strength and energy and hope? It's the love of my husband, my kids, my friends, but more than that- it is my larger community- the network of activists that I have met over the years, all struggling towards the larger goals of peace, justice, a better world for all. Each time I think of each of the individuals who I have been pirvileged to meet, and know, and work with, it just gives me an internal burst of warmth, a wave of gratitude, joy,and the energy and strength to keep on with the work that I am doing. Conversely, there are events, like the death of Rachel Corrie, and more recently the death of Brad Will, and the launch of each war against so many countries that cause physical and emotional pain, as one's heart goes out to the good, the brave, the innocent victims.

        We often take people for granted, or are oblivious to their existence, until Death shocks us into realizing who has been lost and we mourn, not just for them, but for ourselves, our individual and collective loss.

        I was planning on putting up signs, banners, doing something with Brian, today, and I feel paralyzed by his sudden, mysterious absence. I just hope he is ok, and that we will hear from him, soon.

        November 5, 2006, Guy Fawkes Day, World Peace Week

        Late last night I posted Guy Fawkes Day- World Peace Week November 5th- November 11th on Indymedia.org. It was too late to do a press release and rustle up help for an action.

        I would have liked to don Guy Fawkes mask and done something dramatic, today, but I never was able to find a decent mask and the family wanted my attention. Jeremy, in particular, wanted me to make chicken curry for 20 people at lunchtime- for the dress rehearsal of Shakespeare in Hollywood, the production he is working on at Gunn High School. Between grocery shopping, delivering the food, washing dishes, picking up the pots after the meal, that ate up much of my time.

        It was such a beautiful day, I wanted to do something outside, so I finally got out the paintbrushes and made a few signs for my Congressional Campaign. (I know I should have made them ages ago, along with campaign literature, but between the failure of Blaine to finish the Conception Dollar, the loss of my list of volunteers [and 30,000 email adresses] and all my other activities- like trying to break 9/11 Truth into the press- I just never got around to really focusing on my campaign). I would have gone to Project Censored's Media Accountability Conference this weekend, had I not felt somewhat morally obliged to do some actual campaign work. I am better at promoting causes than "myself."

        I do enjoy making signs and banners, however, and for what it is worth- these signs are made out of reused materials. (Also the rain has stopped). Better that they are recycled, reusable, real...

        This one I put up on El Camino which gets lots of traffic:

        A couple volunteers are also working on signs. I'm just so mad at the San Jose Mercury News and the Palo Alto Daily for ignoring the 14th District Congressional Race in their election coverage. I did get a five minute statement on Channel 2 today, but I suspect that will only be seen by George Bush fans and not win me very many votes.

        I'm just glad that there hasn't been another 9/11 False flag operation, and that the US has not nuked Iran. It feels like we live under a cloud of fear. I hope that courage, truth, from the grassroots up will dispel it. I'd love to see most of the incumbents ousted from office come Wednesday.

        Just got this from Tim Boyle in Colorado:

          There have been two articles in the University of Denver press this week sparked by our Scholars for 9/11 Truth event last weekend. (I wonder if there were any articles in the CU press--was anyone in Boulder watching?)

          One of them was by Tess Cromer, a student and member of Amnesty International and one of the two students who helped us reserve Davis Auditorium. It appears on p. 9 of the 20-page current (October 2006) issue of "[dis]claimer", a student newspaper that appears in print only, no web version, and is published every two or three months I think. [dis]claimer consists of thoughtful student writing. The current issue has the theme "Identity: Veins of Existence" and has articles on personal identity, racial identity, discrimination, corporate greed, fair trade coffee, human rights, and a variety of local and global issues....and thanks to Tess, 9/11 Truth. Tess's article consists of seven long paragraphs and while there are a couple of minor factual errors (such as the fact that Kevin Ryan was not actually involved in the steel testing at UL), overall it is a great article. She starts by asking the reader to keep an open mind. She acknowledges Loose Change, and then goes into the appearance on campus of the scholars for 9/11 Truth and the scientific evidence they presented. She goes into detail on how there were three collapses and how they all showed characteristics of controlled demolition. She quotes both Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan from their essays in "9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out", refers to Barrie Zwicker and paraphrases from "Towers of Deception" on how the government appears to have known about the 9/11 attacks in advance, explains about PNAC and their statement about "a new Pearl Harbor", and also mentions Kevin Barrett. I'm getting it typed up by a volunteer (Nancy Hall) and I'll send it to you later this week in electronic format once that is done. Excellent article and it is so heartening to see this information getting into public view on a college campus.

          The other article appeared in the DU campus newspaper "The Clarion" which comes out weekly and is more your standard student newspaper, with sections on News, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Editorial, etc. It appeared on page 2 of the 12-page print edition dated 10/31/2006. This article is not quite as detailed as Tess Cromer's but it gives great exposure to the issue and also helps to get this information into public view where it belongs. Since it is available online (at www.duclarion.com- WTC attacks questioned)... This article also mistakenly associates Kevin Ryan with the steel testing (he was manager of the UL water testing lab, not the fire testing lab) and says that Steven Jones developed cold fusion which was then questioned by others, which I believe is an incomplete and inaccurate characterization since while Dr. Jones did do scientific work on cold fusion, it was two other scientists Pons and Fleischmann who came in for strong criticism for their work.

          FYI If you want to learn more about Steven Jones's work with cold fusion, check out the entry on Steven E. Jones in Wikipedia. Here are two quotes from that entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_E._Jones):

          "His research includes nuclear fusion and solar energy. In the 1980s Jones popularized the term cold fusion, but his experimental work was significantly different from the more controversial cold fusion experiments of Pons and Fleischmann. "

          "A New York Times article says that while peer reviewers were quite critical of Pons and Fleishchmann's research they did not apply such criticism to Jones' much more modest, theoretically supported findings. Although critics insisted that his results likely stemmed from experimental error, most of the reviewing physicists indicated that he was a careful scientist. Other research and experiments confirmed his findings."

          (I guess that's a diplomatic way of saying that the criticism of Pons and Fleischmann was well deserved but the criticism of Jones was disproven when his findings were confirmed.)


          If you look at the article by Philip Pauli, there are a number of errors in it. There is also a poll beside it asking students whether they believe the WTC towers were brought down by planes or controlled demolition (no mention of bldg #7)- Currently 82% are believing the official version.

          This reminds me of my experience as a child dealing with the press. They couldn't even get simple stuff right- like the facts about our local 4-H meetings. I guess it really is up to us to "become the media." If I hadn't agreed to run for Congress, I might have been able to work this year on a 9/11 documentary. I'm glad to see that there is actually a fair amount of competition to make better and better documentaries on the subject. We have such a wealth of information and analysis, it is a matter of making it understandable to the general public (and the journalists).

          November 4, 2006

          I worked at the computer all day yesterday, and wish I could do something more physical- like making banners or doing actions this weekend, but the weather is threatening. There was an awful hit piece on Dr. Jones and Project Censored in Santa Rosa's Press Democrat- There's that other theory on 9/11- SSU hosts discredited academic who says U.S. could have planned attack that appeared today. I think we will continue to be ignored and attacked, until we can exercise some control over the political system.

          I tried to just post messages on the forums of the local papers- to let the people know that I am a candidate and why I'm running for office and I have just received nasty attacks to my posts. The most shocking discovery was that the San Jose Mercury News has completely omitted even mention of the California 14th District Race in its Election coverage- ignoring the 650,000 people who might be wondering who is going to represent them in DC.

          A woman called me yesterday to inform me that "I had already been elected" - at least in spirit, by the Earth, and those who care about the future. Sometimes, I feel that "yes, I have already taken the burden of responsibility upon my shoulders," simply by becoming an activist, and doing what I can to solve, what strike me as, the most urgent problems. After all- the word "responsibility- means the ability to respond." People constantly come to me with information and problems, in hopes of getting me to help them with all sorts of issues. I often feel overwhelmed, or like the bottleneck of an hourglass, unable to process and deal with everything that comes my way. I received a phone call from a guy who told me about a scientist who had forewarning about 9-11. He's quite a scientist and has written a book called Project Day Lily (www.projectdaylily.com), exposing the illegal testing of Biological Weapons in Texas hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. It's chilling information. He wrote to me yesterday confirming this:

            "This is all that I can tell you. In August before 9/11 my wife and I were visiting Tunesia after speaking at an international conference in Malta on Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare Agents. While there we were secretely visited by a North African head-of-state who happened to be a former patient of ours (because of patient confidentiality, I cannot give his name).

            "We were told quite pointedly that there was going to be a terrorist attack on the Pentagon in the second week of September, and we were warned to stay away from Washington and New York during the second week of September. We were not told of the exact date or of the method of attack. This information was passed on to the Inspector General of the Dept. of Defense, the Asst. Undersec. of Defense for Policy, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Joint Special Operations Unit (Delta 1) at Fort Bragg. There was no follow-up on this information to our knowledge."

          Foreknowledge of 9-11 is amply documented in Sander Hicks book The Big Wedding and Paul Thompson's work. It's not nearly as damning as the use of explosives to bring down the buildings, but it is another important bit of evidence.

          What also concerns me is the fact that so many top scientists who have been working on biological weapons, diseases, vaccines have died under mysterious circumstances. The scientist says of his book:

            Project Day Lily is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Fred Conrad (Colonel, USAF, retired) and five other academic colleagues who died under mysterious circumstances while investigating aspects of the alleged illegal testing of Biological Weapons in Texas hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. This book is also dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Services and their family members who were put in harm’s way and were never properly warned about the dangers of Biological Weapons, and to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice personnel and its prisoners and to the people of the Great State of Texas who were betrayed and lost their health and loved ones to a vicious agenda in the name of ‘National Security’.

          I wrote back to him:

            I will get a copy of your book, Project Day Lily, and do what I can to raise awareness about this issue. I can't help feeling that the 9-11 events are connected with the impending biological warfare that could be unleashed anytime against our country and others. I was horrified to read about Erik Pianka's standing ovation at a scientific conference in Austin where he advocated the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population by airborne Ebola (March 2006 www.sas.org/tcs/weeklyIssues_2006/2006-04-07/feature1p/ ).

            I have tried to speak out and organize rallies and marches to draw attention to Model Emergency Health Powers Act and the undesirability of "testing dangerous vaccines" on the public, and the likelihood of the money being spent to "prevent bird flu," being used to create a life threatening disease. It's hard to tackle these issues and overcome the psychological resistance to grasping our dire political situation.

            I do have hope that there are good people with courage and integrity within the scientific community, and the government to blow the whistle on what is happening, and to put a stop to it...together we can strengthen the Truth Movement which I believe will triumph over those who seek power regardless of the human and environment cost.

          Locally I cringe when the mayor and my Congresswoman, and the press push the Bird Flu scare and they conduct experiments locally on developing new vaccines. It feels like I'm in the belly-button of the beast and people "want to trust the medical community to safeguard not threaten their health."

          I've been invited to speak on Webster Tarpley's radio show this afternoon, and should call him now.

          November 3, 2006

          Yesterday, I worked on an essay entitled "Crashing the Party" which I hope will get posted on websites beyond the choir.

          We had our regular Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance meeting with a few new faces, including a high tech newbie who posted my 3 minute candidate statement on the internet last night at 3 am:

          He also has created a website called- www.BelieveYourOwnEyes.com

          We're so lucky to have such talented people working with us!

          Ken Jenkins reported back on his successful trip to oregon where they showed his new film on David Ray Griffin: 9-11 the Myth and the Reality. Ken also had copies of the new DVD of the September 24th KPFA event- 9/11 and American Empire" (I don't know when C-Span will air it.)

          Ed Rippy gave us a new essay he wrote on the history of False Flag Operations. Hopefully, this information about State Sponsored terrorism throughout history will come out, in an uncconcenterted effort to wake people up. Alex Jones' new film "Terrorstorm" which is all about this is climbing in popularity on google.

          Another victory reported is that "9-11 Mysteries" has been accepted to the Sundance Film Festival.

          Janette was back from New York with gifts- their cool Investigate 9-11 T shirts (we had sent them a case of the new deception Dollars.

          Kent Knudson visited on his way to the Project Censored Media Accountability Conference where Dr. Jones will give the keynote speech tonight. His Arizona 911truthaz.org group is organizing a big national 9-11 Truth Conference in February- the 22nd-24th, though the details aren't posted anywhere, yet.

          Chuck passed around copies of his excellent powerpoint presentation which can be found online at www.truememes.org

          I reported on our 9-11 Press for Truth event and passed out copies of the Stanford Daily with our 9-11 cover story. (I forgot to mention the banner that we made, but I did post a photo of it on the wepage of the event). The group voted to cover the financial loss (I went over budget about $400) and to give honorariums to our speakers- Paul Thompson and Peter Dale Scott. We also voted $1000 for the upcoming Lifting The Fog Conference, November 11, 2006 which will feature Dr. Steven Jones. The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance also agreed to abide by the tabling restrictions.

          November 1, 2006, 3:30 pm

          Today, as I was at the Listening Project, a friend of mine came by with a stack of the Stanford Daily's Halloween Edition, I was amazed to see that the article they did on 9-11 was the headline/cover story, complete with graphic. So, I scanned in the graphics and posted them on the webpage about the Palo Alto Premiere of 9/11 Press for Truth. It will take more than a couple of headline stories, I'm afraid, to wake the country up on this issue- before November 7th, but it is a hopeful sign.

          November 1, 2006

          Yesterday the Stanford Daily published

          911 call on 9/11 response
          Honest search for the truth or yet another conspiracy theory?

          It is a flawed article, with quite a few mistakes, but it did prompt quite a response, including one from me.

          Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my weekly Listening Project, unfortunately, I don't have time for a press release, as I had my hands full yesterday with the Impeachment Rally in San Francisco, and Halloween. Since I lent my car to Brian to table in SF at the anti-war rally last weekend, it is a total mess and I need to sort things out for my demo today.

          We had so much press at the Impeachment rally yesterday in San Francisco, I just can't believe that I can't find any coverage online. I had a chance to speak, and also went in costume- black, with a Guy Fawkes mask and handed out 200 leaflets with the new Deception Dollars.

          This is the text of the 1/2 sheet leaflet:

            Unmask State Sponsored Terrorism!
            Impeach the Terrorists!
            No to War, No to the War Profiteers!

            2006 marks the 5th anniversary of 9/11 & the 401st anniversary of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism or synthetic terror in the English-speaking world: Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th. We hope to unmask these state sponsored terrorist attacks, devised by those wishing to terrifying populations into supporting wars which serve imperial agendas.

            Even now, few understand the original plot: Guy was a dupe ensnared by the chief minister himself in a madcap scheme to blow up King and Parliament. The real plot was royally successful: to invent a pretext for war with Spain. This fraud was the foundation of the British empire.

            In 1898, the American century was ushered in by a similar anti-Spanish hoax: the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana harbor. On 9/11/2001, plotters embedded in the US government, working on a Project for a New American Century, faked the pretext for a Clash of Civilizations - and a neo-fascist world order.

            Webster G. Tarpley uncovered the Bush family’s key role in launching Hitler, and the fascistic P2 lodge behind the false-flag Red Brigades terrorists.In his book- Synthetic Terror- Made in the USA, he wrote about the granddaddy of False Flag Operations…(abbreviated excerpt):

            THE classic case of strategic terrorism is the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605. In 1605 James I Stuart, was considering a policy of accommodation with the Spanish Empire, the leading Catholic power. James was also considering some measures of toleration for Catholics in England, where the majority of the landed gentry in the north of the country was still loyal to Rome. An influential group in London, backed by Venetian intelligence from abroad, wanted to push James I into a confrontation with the Spanish Empire, from which they hoped among other things to extract great personal profit. They also thought it was politically vital to keep persecuting the Roman Catholics. Chief among the war party was the royal chancellor, Lord Robert Cecil. Cecil set out to sway James I to adopt his policy, by means of terrorism.

            Behind the scenes, Cecil cultivated some Catholics, one of them Lord Thomas Percy, and used them as cut-outs to direct the operations of a group of naïve Catholic fanatics and adventurers, among them a gullible man named Guy Fawkes. Thomas Percy was supposedly a Catholic fanatic, but in reality was a bigamist. This group of Catholic fanatics hatched the idea first of tunneling into the basement of the Houses of Parliament from a nearby house, and then renting the basement of the Houses of Parliament, in order to pack that basement with explosives for the purpose of blowing up King, Lords, and Commons when James I came to open the Parliament that November. Instead Guy Fawkes was caught going into the basement the night before the crime. Fawkes and the rest of the plotters were tortured and hanged, and several Catholic clergy were also scapegoated. James I put aside his plans for toleration of Catholics, and England set out on a century of wars against the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, from which the British Empire was born. Guy Fawkes Day became the festival of “no popery” and hatred of Spain.

            Concerning the Gunpowder Plot, Cecil either found means to instigate the conspirators to undertake their enterprise, or, at least, being, from an early stage of the undertaking, fully aware of what was going on, nursed the insane scheme till the time came to make capital out of it. The conspirators, or most of them, meant to strike a great blow and their guilt should not be excused, but they were unwittingly playing the game of plotters more astute than themselves

            The conspiracy was, and must have been, known to those in power, who, playing with their infatuated dupes, allowed them to go on with their mad scheme, till the moment came to strike with full effect.

            This can also be applied to 9/11.

            (James I does not seem to have been aware of the operation in advance. The plot was not directed against him; it rather intended to push him in a specific policy direction. After the event, James I does appear to have realized what Cecil’s role had been, at least to some extent. Thomas Percy, Cecil’s agent in the Gunpowder Plot, was called a “tame duck employed to catch the wild ones.” The fact that he was Cecil’s agent did not prevent Percy from being killed as part of the cover-up after November 5. At the risk of mixing metaphors, we can cite the opinion of a contemporary observer that Cecil, once he had secured the game birds he was seeking, hanged the spaniel who had actually caught them for him, “that its master’s art might not appear.” It is time to expose these schemes to the light of day.)

            Let us declare Global Peace Week from November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day to November 11th, Veterans Day which commemorates the end of WWI on 11/11/1917. To end these wars, we have to awaken people to both the knowledge of how the war party incites war, and to sympathy for the fallen.

          We passed them out to the choir and the Federal employees, who worked in the building, one of them said to me as she took a flyer that most of the employees agreed with us.

          October 31, 2006, Halloween 2006

          I'm trying to pull things together for the Impeachment Rally in SF at Pelosi's office today, but just got this from Tim Boyle on our media coverage from the Colorado events. My hats off to the local group in Colorado for their successes in breaking that mainstream barrier!!!!:

            Congratulations on outstanding appearances in Denver and Boulder last weekend. We are hearing great feedback from those in attendance and we have even gotten much better media coverage for 9/11 Truth than ever before from the corporate news outlets in this area. Thanks also to Carol who lent her articulate special magic to the occasion.

            The Denver Post, the largest paper in Denver, published an article on the front page on Monday, above the fold, left hand column: http://www.denverpost.com/newsheadlines/ci_4572518 I was flabbergasted to see this on the front page, not because these scholars don't deserve front-page coverage (they absolutely do) but I was assuming they would bury it in the back somewhere like corporate media usually do. It has a few flaws and we're posting a commentary on the article on our website (see below). But on the whole, positive.

            The Boulder Daily Camera, the largest paper in Boulder, published this: http://www.dailycamera.com/news/2006/oct/30/panelists-raise-doubts-over-911/. I am unsure what page it was on, as I found it online. We have no problems with this one, it is good although brief journalism.

            This kind of coverage, although some of it is imperfect, is the best we have seen from these particular newspapers and is a testament to the effectiveness of your presentation. I believe you had an effect on the reporters themselves and they could no longer fall back on old conspiracy dismissals.

            Below is some copy that we will probably put on our website today (Tuesday). Please let me know of any corrections or suggestions you may have regarding this.



            Colorado 9/11 Visibility and www.911truth.org were pleased to host three Scholars for 9/11 Truth (Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Kevin Barrett) at the University of Denver on Saturday Oct 28 and at the University of Colorado at Boulder on Sunday Oct 29. The highly successful events were attended by 300 in Denver and 250 in Boulder. The speakers focused on the research they have done into "Why the Official Story Can't Be True" regarding the collapses of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

            The event was videotaped and we hope to make a dvd recording of all the sessions available at a nominal cost in the near future.

            Media coverage

            Local newspaper coverage following the events was significant and we offer the thoughtful public the following comments and corrections on the coverage.

            Regarding the front-page article in the Denver Post on Monday, Oct 30

            Backers hail 9/11 theorist's speech:

              1) This article drew attention to the work of Dr. Jones but it failed to mention the other two speakers. It was particularly unfortunate that the article failed to report on Kevin Ryan's scientific challenges to the NIST report. An article seeking to inform the public about the claims and counterclaims of this vitally important topic should have acknowledged Kevin Ryan's contributions.

              2) The article quoted Brent Blanchard of Protec Documentation Services, a New Jersey firm that documents building demolitions. In his presentation, Kevin Ryan mentioned Brent Blanchard as a spokesman who often lacks substance but speaks with much "bluster", and these statements appear to fit that pattern. In the article, Blanchard gave two reasons why criticisms of the official story are "out-of-control allegations" that "could not be true".

              a) The first was that controlled demolitions are initiated at the base of a building, whereas these collapses were initiated at the point of the airplane impacts. He failed to mention that WTC Building 7, which was not hit by a plane, fit the model of a conventional demolition perfectly, imploding neatly and accompanied by the traditional series of visible detonations from bottom to top. Regarding the twin towers, he failed to acknowledge considerable witness testimony of explosions during the time the buildings stood burning, particularly in subfloor areas where victims were burned and extensive blast evidence was observed. Although the collapses (and the accompanying detonation sequence) did appear to progress in an uncharacteristic way, top to bottom, the previous basement explosions played a key role in the success of the demolition and it clearly merits further study.

              b) Blanchard's second point was that pre-planted explosives could not have survived the plane crashes and subsequent fires without detonating prematurely. While this may be true of some explosives, Dr. Jones has noted in his paper at journalof911studies.com that "It is important to note that initiating the thermite reaction requires temperatures well above those achieved by burning jet fuel or office materials -- which is an advantage of using thermite charges over conventional monomolecular explosives such as TNT, RDX and PETN." In his talks in Denver and Boulder, Dr. Jones stated that in his own experiments, he was unsuccessful at igniting thermite with a propane torch.

            Regarding the October 30 article in the Boulder Daily Camera-

            Panelists raise doubts over 9/11
            Speakers at CU say government deceiving citizens

            This was an accurate brief article and we commend the Camera on their coverage of this controversial topic.

            The speakers

            Kevin Barrett, PhD, instructor in Islamic Studies, gave historical context to the day with a discussion of "false-flag events", attacks executed deceptively and then blamed on a chosen enemy, which have been used for centuries as a technique of governments to gain popular support for war. The events of 9/11 appear to fit the pattern.

            Kevin Ryan, chemist and whistleblower, told the story of his firing from Underwriters Laboratories for questioning the "Bush science" used in the engineering report by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He gave a detailed analysis of the changing "official story" of the WTC collapses over the last five years as it has evolved in four separate official investigations to date, culminating in the NIST study of 2005. The NIST study abandons previous explanations such as the "pancake theory" and appears to rely on questionable "tweaking" of parameters in a computer simulation after reconstructed floor assemblies did not fail in physical testing. The computer simulation is not available to the public. Among the many problems with all four studies are changing explanations, conflicts of interest, destruction of evidence, and the withholding of evidence from the public.

            Steven Jones, PhD, internationally renowned physicist, further explored problematic aspects of the official story. It is universally acknowledged that office fires aren't hot enough to melt steel, yet molten metal was found in the rubble pile and observed streaming from windows of the buildings during the collapses. Laws of physics such as the conservation of momentum tell us that the 47 core columns and 240 perimeter columns in each of the twin towers would have slowed down the collapses considerably from their observed near-freefall speed of collapse, or caused toppling to one side or another, unless all vertical supports for the building were simultaneously eliminated as in a controlled demolition. Building 7 of the World Trade Center also collapsed at near-freefall speed, although it was not hit by a plane and had only small fires. Other phenomena that were ignored by the official explanations but exhibit the characteristics of controlled demolition are the explosive phenomena visible in video of the collapses and the presence of demolition accelerators such as sulfur, zinc, and managanese in the dust that coated Manhattan and in steel residue obtained from 9/11 memorials. Dr. Jones is calling for other scientists to review the contributions being published at journalof911studies.com and to join in the research effort. The current membership of Scholars for 9/11 Truth stands at approximately four hundred and they hope to have papers extensively peer-reviewed and published in major scientific journals in the future.

            We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the writings of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth at Journalof911Studies.com and in their recent book, "9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out" (Olive Branch Press). (Colorado 9/11 Visibility has this book available for sale at their monthly meetings.) Please share this important work with your friends and colleagues. While the implications of this research are devastating to those of us who have trusted our government to protect us, we must have to courage to follow the truth wherever it leads. As Dr. David Ray Griffin said in a recent speech, together we can do this, because "we have the truth, and we have each other."

          Kevin Ryan wrote this to the organizers:

            "Those of you in CO may not remember, but a Boulder Weekly article in October 2004 was instrumental in “pushing me to the edge”, so to speak. It was the NIST draft of that same month, along with the courageous example provided by your group (and some nonsense from Hyman Brown), that inspired my letter to NIST. Bob McFarland was kind enough to save an original copy for me."

          Every action by every local group inspires others, and I think the Colorado group has done us all a tremendous service in helping to raise consciousness. I am so grateful to them, as well as to the speakers for their work... it sure was great to be there last weekend!

          October 30, 2006

          After pouring so much effort into the Friday premiere, I must say that I was a bit disappointed to realize that I had scheduled the event- during the football game betwen rival Palo Alto High School and Gunn- so we just didn't get any of those students. I learned that there was also a rare progressive law conference happening that weekend at Stanford, plus the UN Film Festival. Still we had a respectable audience- between two and three hundred who appreciated the film, and Peter and Paul's discussion afterwards. We also had a couple members in the audience who had been at the White House on the morning of 9-11 and one woman shared how they were told that Bush Sr.and Barbara were there, that W would be arriving via helicopter shortly, and basically "la te da" business as usual... They didn't realize what was going on that day until they were well clear of the White House. (She's in the online video).

          I just found an article that appeared online in the Paly Voice- a student online newspaper entitled New film raises questions about 9/11. Peter found a 31 minute video posted online with the Q & A Unfortunately (for me), I did exceed the budget that I received from the group, and we probably lost several hundred dollars on the event- just because the theater and insurance alone cost $1270 and we only took in $900 from the sale of tickets, $1000 from tabling, but the publicity was an additional $1000.

          Brian used my car the next day to get to the anti-war rally, where activists did gather and table, which helped a bit- we received another $390 in donations. At least we are still in the black, so I hope the group will accept the loss and not force me to cover it all (though I will, if I have to).

          I didn't get to bed until 1 am that night and had to be up very early to get to the airport. Mike Berger and Chris Emery met Steven Jones and I in Denver and we had some great conversations and pizza on our way to the University where the "Research on 9/11: Why the Official Story Cannot Be True" event was held. About 300 people came to it, and the hall was quite full. Despite the lack of sleep, I was thrilled to be there, to meet the folks who organized it, and to see the Kevins and Dr. Jones, and the others again. It was a great weekend!!!! We had a fabulous Middle Eastern dinner together prepared by a wonderful family in a little restaurant, not far from where I was staying with Fran Shure, one of the main organizers.

          It was a joyous luxury to be able to sleep in, and actually feel coherent and intelligent on Sunday when we went to Boulder. An article had been published in the Style Section of the Denver Post that morning- 9/11 theorists are either silly or shrewd and another article appeared later in the Denver Post: Backers hail 9/11 theorist's speech. It's so strange to see the coverage, after having spent some time with Jones and hearing all the lectures twice- noting how much the attack article failed to say.

          I have the deepest respect, admiration and love for Kevin Barrett, Kevin Ryan and Steven Jones for their intellect, their work, their integrity, their courage, their sense of humor, their dedication to truth and the common good. They each gave brilliant talks and with the exception of the reporter fro the Denver Post, I don't see how they could have failed to win over any honest, intelligent person to their position on 9-11, when all their lectures were combined.

          Actually our biggest problem was the sound system, the michrophones, and I just hope that the sound and the DVD will come out ok (but I have my worries).

          In Boulder Ellen Mariani and Joseph Calhoun (Whose running on the Green Party ticket in that District) came. Actually, the only problem with the event, was not being able to meet everyone who was there- there were hundreds of people in Boulder, too, including a guy who is walking from Denver to DC to wake up evangelical Christians to the truth of 9-11 (and doing a documentary, too).

          I was lobbying people for John Leonard's (Petition) World Peace Week idea- to expose state sponsored terrorism from November 5th to Veteran's Day, and I tossed that idea out with the other "what we can do suggestions" during announcements before the Q & A. One women later expressed how horrific the indoctrination of people was in the U.K. every Guy Fawkes Day- where people still haven't realized the truth about that world shaping event.

          I hope that Kevin Barrett will post his talk online. He went over false flag operations, but he did far more than that, looking at the paradigm shift needed to go from a culture where people and the earth are treated as "its" to be controlled and manipulated by very powerful interests to a Copernican sized revolution of spirit where people and the Earth are treated with respect in truthful dialogue for the benefit of all life.

          I still have a very warm feeling, and joy inside when I think of all of those in the 9/11 truth community who do share this deep committment towards this shift in consciousness and moving us from the war economy to a life serving system.

          I did get a book- A New America- An awakened future on our horizon, as a gift recently, which maps out the shift in human consciousness that is underway and strategies and hopes to help nurture a positive transformation. Mike Berger was complaining that the "9-11 Truth Movement wasn't doing anyone a favor by exposing the horror of our situation without offering positive steps, strategy and vision for a way out, but I think all of us are consciously moving in the direction towards global enlightenment, which I believe is our best hope.

          In Colorado, I did get to do a 10 minute intro to the events and Kevin Barrett, and put in my two cents. Here's my little speech (after "thanks to the organizers and volunteers"):

            I am deeply honored to be invited, given an opportunity to speak, and help introduce heroes of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

            When we marched on our legislators demanding an investigation of 9/11, Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the investigations to the “failures of the Intelligence Agencies to prevent the attack.”

            Official statements, the destruction of evidence, the actions taken by the administration in the wake of 9/11, the absence of a genuine investigation are indications of a cover-up and criminality at the highest level of government.

            The first Senate/House Joint Inquiry was steered by CIA insiders, including Porter Goss and Bob Graham, both of whom should have been questioned for their breakfast meeting with the “money man” behind 9/11 (Pakistan ISI’s General Mahmoud Ahmed) on the morning of the attacks.

            There was great resistance to creating the 9/11 Commission. The initial appointment, of Henry Kissinger, to head it was another major red flag that a cover-up was taking place. Indeed, if the media had simply stated some of the basic facts about 9/11 years ago, the administration, the rubber-stamp Congress could not have gotten away with the “bogus war on terrorism” the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, the attack on our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Habeus Corpus, the regression back to the pre-Magna Carta Era when “divine rights” permitted kings to judge, label, and execute people.

            The 9/11 Commission was directed by the author of the “Pre-Emptive War Doctrine,” a member of the Bush National Security Team, Philip Zelikow. Zelikow's area of expertise is the creation and management of "public myths" which he defines as "beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community." He has a special interest in what he has called "'searing' or 'molding' events [that] take on 'transcendent' importance and retain their power over time." In 1998, Zelikow co-authored “IMAGINING THE TRANSFORMING EVENT”

            Here are two excerpts:

              “…an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America's fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either further terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently.

              “ The danger of weapons of mass destruction being used against America and its allies is greater now than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. It is a national security problem that deserves the kind of attention the Defense Department devotes to threats of military nuclear attack or regional aggression. The first obstacle to imagination is resignation.”

            If you haven’t actually read the 9/11 Report or heard Zelikow speak in person, in his talks and the report, he has the audacity to blame 9/11 on a “Failure of Imagination” and push the idea that the innocent Administration was taken utterly by surprise by the cunning evildoers. The report omits mention of the collapse of Building #7, the mulitple wargames being conducted on 9/11, Cheney's role in the command center where he was issuing orders that morning. It also states "who financed 9/11 was of little or no importance."

            At Stanford University, Zelikow was invited to speak by an Institute which had just been awarded a hefty contract to improve “counter-terrorism exercises.” We had been protesting all the 9-11 Commission members coming to the Bay Area, with the theme “Blow the Whistle on the 9-11 Cover-Up!” actually blowing whistles at them and shouting out the questions that they quietly ignored in a series of presentations where they lied outrageously and ignored any questions which fell into the “conspiracy theory category.”

            At Stanford, a friend of mine blew the whistle on Zelikow and was hustled out by security forces. That’s when I walked into the auditorium, forewarned by a security officer that if I blew a whistle I would be arrested. I assured him that I wouldn’t. However, I was offended to the core of my being that Zelikow could lie so blatantly, that I couldn’t sit quietly, but rose and challenged him verbally until Security took me away.

            The Commission's real job was to sell the official story, justify the creation of "Homeland Security" and the transformation of the military. Just as Pearl Harbor was used to justify the National Security State, 9/11 is being used to construct a Global police State/or Empire.

            The 9/11 Truth Movement has blossomed thanks to those who have questioned authority, the researchers, the activists, the artists, musicians, filmmakers, the courageous journalists, and those who have been forced to become the media to get out information to the public, despite the mainstream press.

            Unlike Professor Jones, Kevin Ryan or Kevin Barrett, I cannot be fired for my political views because I am a mother and do not work for a large prestigious institution or corporation. In Barrie Zwicker’s book- Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11, Barrie noted that most 9/11 truth activists were self-employed. It is much harder to speak out when the truths we champion could shatter the system, which hangs onto legitimacy through the smoke and mirrors of the press and by atomizing resistance.

            I must admit that I studied the arts, rather than the sciences, and dropped out of college to write a book. To understand precisely the nature of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings and the flaws in the NIST and other reports, the general public and I need the explanations of real scientists, those of integrity, who actually can study and understand the data, conduct experiments, explain the results. The contributions of Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan to our understanding of 9/11 are profound. Humanity is in their debt. I just wish that the institutions and corporation that they each worked for shared their courage and commitment to truth and supported them.

            One of my dearest friends teaches “Holistic Health”at San Francisco State University. He has invited me a few times to speak to his classes on various topics, but in the Spring of 2002 he allowed us to participate in a “Teach-In on 9/11” which nearly cost him his job.

            Since 9/11 it has been much harder for me, and activists in general, to organize at schools, as well as get permits for rallies, marches, although the barriers have simply slowed us down and not stopped our efforts. What has given us courage is the triumphs of other activists, in different states, to break through in their schools, on their campuses, in their local newspapers. Every voice, every act of courage, helps pull us all forward.

            Scholars for 9/11 Truth has helped to encourage everyone, and now there are new groups forming including- architects, engineers, and pilots for 9/11 Truth, each contributing their pieces to understanding a complex event.

            So here we are to hear brave souls who have risked their careers and livelihoods to share with us their research on 9/11, and why the official narrative cannot be true, looking at the evidence, the cover-up, and the attacks upon academic freedom. Our first speaker is one of my favorite 9-11 Truth heroes, the delightful, wickedly brazen, and humorous-Kevin Barrett. The greatest tools that we hold in face of the rise of the most terrifyingly powerful empire the world has ever seen are our sense of humor, courage and the truth. Besides being very courageous and funny, Kevin has mastered the art of doing his homework and putting those who attack him to shame with his grasp of history, the facts surrounding 9-11, and the larger context of this complex moment in human history. Kevin, in addition to earning his Ph.D. in African Literature and Arabic, holds M.A.s in English and French Literatures. He has taught English, French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature, Folklore, and Islam at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay area, Paris, and Madison, Wisconsin.

            He grew up in a family of lapsed Unitarians and reverted to Islam in 1993, a move that gradually impressed upon him the gravity of the moral choices we make in this life.

            He is also the author and illustrator of the cult classic A Guide to Mysterious San Francisco, published under the pseudonym of “Dr. Weirde.”(Allah forgive him)

            He became a 9/11 Truth activist in 2004 after reading David Griffin¹s The New Pearl Harbor. That summer he founded 9/11 Truth Squad, a local group based in Madison, Wisconsin.

            In July, he rejected a plum post-doc at the University of California because it was funded by the 9/11-disinformation-sponsoring CIA-linked Ford Foundation.

            He has led several 9/11 Truth Teach-Ins at the University of Wisconsin. The lecture he organized with David Ray Griffin that was broadcasted on C-Span significantly helped to increase the visibility and strength of the 9-11 Truth Movement. A founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, www.mujca.com, (a great website, which has been added to the latest, 9th edition of the Deception Dollar, along with Scholars for 9-11 Truth, and Journal of 9-11 Studies). He is co-editor of 9/11 and the American Empire: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out published by Interlink, this year and author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie to be published by Progressive Press in 2007. Please join me in welcoming Kevin Barrett.

          I just wish there had been more time. We hurried out after the Q &A on Sunday, without even saying good-bye to everyone. The consoling grace was that Steven Jones and I had a whole hour after check-in, so we were able to have dinner together (my first and only meal of the day) before we flew home.

          I'm so glad that Colorado Visibility thought of inviting me- it was such a joy to be there and get to know some of my favorite people better.

          My Kids favorite comic does 9-11:

          (Click for full sized original)

          October 25, 2006

          It's been very hectic, trying to get out press releases, follow-up with the media, get ads placed, put up posters, flyers, give out postcards for the upcoming events, with some nice surprises, and a few disappointments along the way.

          We have also tried direct outreach to students, and Brian designed a huge 20' by 6' banner- which one kid thought was a pirate ship- because it is rigged like a sail and moves on wheels. My son, Daniel, had fun helping Brian with the grommets, drilling holes... while I mainly helped by painting the message-

            A film- 9-11
            PRESS FOR TRUTH
            Friday, October 27, 7 pm
            GUNN HIGH

          And on one side I added the quote-

          "They lied.
          They all lied."

          Patty, 9/11 widow

        We tested it on El Camino during rush hour last night (as soon as I can post the photos we took- I will) and we drew quite a bit of attention - including that of a police officer, whom I invited to the show, and gave her cards to give out to her colleagues.

        I also visited the local Fire Station and invited the firemen- and I told the police officer and the firemen- that our policy is to admit students, firemen, policemen for free to the event. We really do want the police and fireman to see this film.

        I also received a copy of Mike Berger's new film- Improbable Collapse which I couldn't resist viewing. (And I also gave copies of 9-11 Press for Truth and Improbable Collapse to the Fireman to review and to pass on the review and invitation to other firemen.) Improbable Collapse includes a bonus piece on the failure of the radios- which are still in use and costing lives. If our film screening goes well on Friday, the next film I want to show is this one- it is very well done and focuses on the collapse of the buildings. I must admit, I wasn't too happy with the cut shown in Chicago last June, but it has been completely re-edited and is vastly improved.

        Joe Wanzala, a longtime 9-11 truth activist has been very involved with the KPFA Elections. KPFA, despite being co-sponsors of some of our events, and producing that outstanding program last month on 9-11 and American Empire is very much divided internally over the issue of 9-11 and some programmers remain silent or attack those of us who have been raising questions and challenging the official story these many years. There is an election coming up, and we need to support candidates who will be forces, voices for 9-11 Truth, and truth in all matters. Joe sent me this:

        The KPFA Local Station Board elections are underway. The candidates for the Alliance for a democratic KPFA ("AdKPFA") recognize that KPFA should encourage and embrace community involvement in the station in a meaningful way. A governance structure operating on the principle of genuine participatory democracy is the only way to ensure this. The challenge is to keep the station open and accesible to new ideas and voices and make sure it is not overtaken by the sort of insular careerism which cultivates hostility to community participation, resulting in the proliferation of public radio stations in which the public has no voice. KQED radio in San Francisco, for example, recently sent out ballots to its members asking them to vote to strip themselves of their right to vote to choose the board of directors.

        Please consider voting for the following candidates from the Alliance for a democratic KPFA. Their names (below) are listed in alphabetical order. Please be aware that this election process employs a ranked voting method which is discussed in your election packet. You may refer to the candidate statements at www.allianceforademocratickpfa.org and at www.kpfa.org/elections/2006/ to inform your decisions about how to rank the candidates. All these candidates can make important contribitions to KPFA.

          Regina Carey
          Bob English
          Sasha Futran
          Dave Heller
          Henry Norr
          Vida Samiian (Independent)
          Akio Tanaka
          Dave Welsh (Independent)

        There was a good write-up on Ken Jenkins upcoming premiere of 9/11 The Myth and the Reality in Southern Oregon's Mail Tribune. I need to make more phone calls- to get anything in our local papers beyond a few blurbs, and our ads. It has been a challenge.

        I also have to get ready for my Weekly Listening Project, I'm not sure how Brian is going to navigate "the pirate ship downtown"- we had trouble with a tree and snapped the boom last night. Despite all the time and effort we put into this contraption- we had to admit we had an awful lot of fun.

        I was also heartened to learn it is "activist week" at Gunn High School and there are political banners all over the place. I really appreciated one that the students made which said:

        Bush + 9/11
        - WMD = 1984

        I also found the website which is monitoring the war games, exercises and drills, hopefully to help prevent another 9/11 (so many are deeply concerned over a fake attack in order to launch a nuclear strike on Iran) the website is- www.falseflagnews.com and for some reason or another I am told that I don't have permission to enter it now- although I could a few days ago.

        October 20, 2006

        It's heartening to realize how much is going on simultaneously all over the country right now. It's a little frustrating to battle with the media in my own backyard and do outreach to students at the local high schools and Stanford and Foothill College. It's been such a busy day with highs and lows, a minor migraine when I saw the ad I put in the Palo Alto Weekly buried on the last page of the Sports Page, and the one placed on the local Palo Alto High website cleverly omitting the when, where, critical details of the event. There is so much to do, and I just can't do it all. Brian has been heroically carting around a TV showing trailers of 9-11 Press for Truth, making posters, passing out cards in a guerrilla manner. I've been walking in the front door, doing things the "traditional, legitimate way" hoping to win over the officials at the schools and libraries, and at the local businesses to support our endeavor and help us get the word out. Sometimes the doors slam in my face and sometimes I am politely encouraged, but don't know what will happen when I walk out the door or look the other way.

        The sound on the 14th District Congressional candidate's Forum taped by Saratoga Community Access TV was the worst I've ever heard, and I doubt if even the local stations will play it or whether anyone will watch it.

        At last night's meeting much happened-

        And I sent this out to the discussion list this morning-

          We had a productive meeting last night and voted $1500 to support the 11/11 Scientific 9-11 Conference in Berkeley (www.liftingthefog.org