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Report on 9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice
Films, Dialogue, Discussions, Reflection
September 11, 2005, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Veteran's War Memorial Building, 2nd Floor

Veteran's War Memorial Building

401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco



We had most of the rooms on the second floor of the building- which permitted us to have simultaneous presentations, films, dialogue, discussion, tabling/socializing/organizing. If you attended the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, it was on a smaller scale, without the main speakers in the Herbst Theater. (There was also a 9-11 Film Festival Benefit at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m..) We followed our program of events, but left enough space for the self organizing of participants, as well. We will useusing a combination of Open Space, and scheduled presentations. Following were the ground rules:


Notes on Dialogue

We will have the opportunity to have powerful conversations about what's important to us. Dialogue is different from business-as-usual conversations in which we attempt to instruct others, convince them of the rightness of our ideas, persuade them to do what we want, or act engaged when we're not. Dialogue includes:
    Respect: valuing each person's perspective
    Centeredness: saying what is true for us - sharing our stories, needs, feelings and thoughts without making others wrong
    Listening: really trying to understand each other - even listening to what is unsaid
    Exploration: holding our perspectives lightly; feeling our way toward what's new, what we might discover together that none of us ever saw before the conversation began
    Participation: making sure everyone has a fair chance to speak


The Physical Environment and Open Space

The Physical Environment- Second Floor of the Veteran’s War Memorial Building

  • Opening: Chairs are arranged in one big circle to seat all participants. Facilitation

    • Opening Circle: Introduction to the Open Space Process and Guidelines for Breakout Sessions/Conversation Circles as follows:



  • Whoever comes is the right person – You don’t need every person in the organization, just whoever cares the most. And if you’re the only one who comes, you might finally have some rich, focused quiet time for thinking and writing on that issue.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have – Let go of your expectations and work with whatever unfolds.
  • Whenever it starts is the right time – Creativity doesn’t happen on a schedule.
  • Whenever it’s over, it’s over. – If you find a solution in 20 minutes, move on to the next group. If it takes 2 hours, keep the conversation rolling.
  • Be prepared to be surprised – Don’t carry in your own agenda and by doing so miss some amazing thing that could come out of more creative minds working on the same issue.

    Rule (only one)

    • The Law of Motion and Responsibility (originally called the Law of Two Feet) -- If you are neither learning nor contributing in a session you are required to get up and leave and join another session in progress where you feel you’ll be more useful and inspired.


    Beginning the Day

    9:00 am Opening Circle-

      Followed by an invitation to participants to come to the center of the circle to announce and post, as conveners, what they would like to discuss and work on in the open time periods/meeting rooms that are available.

      Participants chose topics, and self-organized themselves. Although people came and left over the course of the day (there was never a time when everyone was in the same room). There was no lack of space- conversations were rich and varied in size from a few to over 40.


    Conversation Circles

    Participation in Discussion/Break-Out Sessions/Conversation Circles- Suggested rules

    • Everyone chooses what they want to attend.
    • There will be multiple, parallel break-out sessions and conversation circles occurring at the same time throughout most of the day.
    • Participants in each break-out session pull their chairs together into groups of 2 or 20, choose a note-taker, and begin to talk and trade ideas and learn from one another. Group Organization
    • Each group consists of individuals with the capacity to self-organize.
    • The individuals in that group facilitate the group.
    • If you don’t like the way the group is going, you can always leave the group to go where you’ll feel you can contribute.

    (What didn't happen, in general is the note-taking part. People were engaged in their conversations and forgot to take notes.)


    Closing Circles

      There was a closing circle of over 60 people. We passed a talking rock, a few remained silent, but most people spoke and shared their most impassioned, inspired insights, observations, feelings. We had much in common


    Notes from Sessions

      Here are some notes from the various sessions:

  • Solutions to the Crisis
    1) General discussion of how to dismantle the Class Ruling House with our own tools. 2) Sustainable Living 3) How do we uncover secrets and get those who are part of secret societies to stop and open up. 4)How do we frame information to counter Mainstream Media
  • NORAD Response

    #93 Secretary Mineta admits to Flight #93 being shot down. Two eyewitness accounts of Flight #93 then saw the fighter F-16 shoot down. Disparity of impact time of 10:03 AM to 10:06 AM. Many discrepancies and misinformation provided by NORAD officials at 5/22/03 9/11 Commission hearings. The Commission said FAA didn't turn over tapes nor did NORAD. With all the flights, there was no interception.

  • Towers Collapse 1) Clearly proving demolition theory: Only way steel frame buildings could collapse using earthquake (only once).
    2) Using hidden nature of WTC 7 showing obvious WTC 7 pulled at 5:30 PM in 6 seconds.
    3) Fires have never collapsed steel frame buildings in past, even in North tower in 1993.
    4)Psychological Operation: Using information, phony explanations of the collapse, killer fires; steel melts at 1565 celsius not at 800 celsius.
    5) FEMA Investigation eak, underfunded 600K! They never went to site at Ground Zero. FEMA said no evidence about WTC 7.
    6)Destruction of Evidence - 11 days later steel shipped to China and India.

  • 3 Issues Analzed

      Facts from FAA about 4 flights FAA has established an open line to DOD, NORAD, Secret Service, as soon as 1st WTC is hit.

      Overview of Standard operating Procedures
      - NORAD 68 times responded 1 year before 9/11/01
      - Did not follow SOP based on Scott's testimony of timeline
      General Myers- ver detached from the day.

  • Mental Gymanstics 121A, The Joys of Conspiracy Theory

      Discussed our basic attitudes, opinions and observations about conspiracy theory. Concluded that well formed minds find working with theories very valuable, but that emotional investment in pet theories leads to closed mindness, inflexibility and dissension. Presenter suddested trying on other theories and points of view as a mental and/or spiritual exercise.
      Other topics discussed and commented on included 3 big ideas from the Spiritual Activism Conference in Berkeley in July; also the power of thought, the power of love, and the power of symbols and visualization. Gordon presented briefly the symbolic transformation in words and in the art of "THE PLANET EARTH" to>>>>>"THE HEART PLANE"

  • Notes from Christian Pecaut

      For eleven hours between 11am and 10pm, I ran an organized conversation on 9/11 and other related problems of human harm in Room 223.

      The basic idea was to take people's ideas on how to cure the situation, type them into ovals drawn in Microsoft Word, print them out into 6"x10" ovals, and then tape them onto the wall in order to see which ideas are more important than others, and (hopefully) find a solution.

      Many people came and went during that time, each adding their own ideas which were written, printed into ovals, and then taped onto the wall.

      First we discussed the liberal ruling class. (Democratic congress members, wealthy financiers, stars, the progressive US press, etc).

      Basically, we concluded that most of the liberal ruling class knows that 9/11 is an inside job, but because the high-level liberals (Clinton, Democratic senators) deliberately keep quiet, then it is very hard for a well-meaning person with some power (media or governmental) to go public questioning 9/11 or other issues consciously ignored by the good guys at the top.

      We collected a wide variety of pressures that these liberal rulers, and the everyday American run up against when trying to speak constructively about 9/11: losing their jobs, getting called crazy, getting blackmailed into complicity, and being left in the hands of a terrorized, subservient mass media.

      One major issue of contention was whether or not grassroots campaigns, WITHOUT mass media support, can succeed. Those who thought YES pointed to electronic media revolutions. Those who thought NO, pointed to a long history of failure and the overwhelming power of existing media groups, while observing that AT ANY MOMENT, the owners and spy-agency managers of these media could take Bush out for 9/11 IF they chose to do so.

      The other set of issues that developed was the conscious murder and harm inflicted by pharmaceutical companies, the creators and promoters of AIDS, and the designers and distributors of crack and other narcotics.

      What first became clear in the discussion was that the right-wing consortium of liars and killers responsible for 9/11 were the same people profiting off psychopharmacology, the drug trade, and AIDS.

      That was a sobering consideration, because when we placed the amount of killing that happened on 9/11 and the military invasions that followed side by side with the number of unnecessary suicides and deaths caused by the psychiatric and medical industry on a daily basis, one new idea appeared.

      9/11, Iraq, and psychological warfare terror are keeping us distracted while the real mass killing occurs in the medical industry.

      That thought was, and still is, difficult to grasp because it's so horrible.

      Finally, the night ended with discussion of high-level philosophical and scientific principles.

      When we try to find answers for how these murdering psychopaths attained such power over hundreds and thousands of years, and how we can find a solution, the accuracy of Darwinian evolution was discussed, whether a solution CAN be found (or if we will inevitably perish), as well as how much each human can know and figure out about what is happening and how to prevent it.

      The biggest specific idea under dispute was whether (A) periods of horror and prosperity are cyclical in human history, and in an individual person's life, OR (B) whether when things get better, they get better, and when things get worse, they just get worse.

      It might seem like an idle conversation, but if you hold (A) to be true, then you conclude that there will either be some apocalypse or inevitable triumph of good -- and if you hold (B) then things might look bad right now (because they have been getting worse for so long) BUT it opens the possibility for simply somehow bypassing the right-wingers and beginning to build and heal immediately without ANY of them. You can see where the disputes would arise.

      And that was it. By 10pm, there were more than 100 different people's ideas arranged in many beautiful colors, with systems printed differently to distinguish similar groups of ideas we discovered.

      Soon on www.imaginenine.com, I will post a layout of ALL the ideas on the wall at the end of the night so that you can judge for yourself what is accurate/inaccurate, and what we can do.

      I also am working on transcribing 7 hours of the conversation that I recorded, and these will appear in MP3 and written form.

      Overall the process (taking many different, often contradictory ideas and seeing how the look in relation to one another, with the aim of finding higher-level systems that will cure) was a huge success.

      This on the ground application of Logical Types and Logical Levels, Copyright 2005, William Jefferson Clinton and Hilary Rodham Clinton -- and the ideas of the Paradigm from California (www.imaginenine.com) has shown me and the participants how much can be figured out with same-for-everyone certainty by organizing everyone's best ideas in a constructive, helpful way.

      Best Wishes to All, Christian Pecaut

      workoutwellforall@gmail.com, www.imaginenine.com, 415-573-5655 Questions, Accurate Reports of Understanding, or to Help -- Contact Me


    Program Schedule

    These Additional Films shown in Room 212, followed by discussion.

  • 12:05 pm - 1:05 pm - Jim Hoffman's presentation on the collapse of the buildings at the Toronto InquiryRoom 212
      This is the presentation made in Toronto in May 2004. (This evening Jim will debate/discuss the causes of the collapse with Paul Cox, in the same room at 7:30 pm)

  • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm by Christian Pecaut - Room 212

  • 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Mya Shone - Room 213
      The Global Gulag: 9/11 and the Architecture of the Fascist State. 40 Minute presentation and 20 minute Q & A.
        Mya Shone is an economist and has a long history as an activist involved in political, community and labor issues. She worked closely with both Casa Nicaragua and Casa El Salvador during the struggles taking place in Central America, and was the coordinator of the Tri-County (Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo) Labor Party chapter. She was also a newscaster and reporter at KPFK in Los Angeles.

  • 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Ralph Schoenman - Room 213
      Treason at the Top: Class rule and the terrorizing of the American people 1 hour presentation - with an hour for Q & A.
        Ralph Schoenman was Secretary General of the International Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Indochina. He is the founder of the Committee of 100, leader of the anti-nuclear movement, Chair of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, founder with Bertrand Russell of the Who Killed Kennedy Committee and has negotiated the release of political prisoners in many countries. Today, he is an author and investigative journalist and produces “Taking Aim,” heard weekly on Pacifica’s WBAI-NY and archived at www.takingaim.info.

  • 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Jim Hoffman and Paul Cox will debate the causes of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. Room 212

      Jim Hoffman's websites www.911review.com and www.wtc7.net makes a very strong case against the official explanation for the collapse of the towers, and Jim has spoken widely on this subject. Paul Cox, one of the great allies of the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, a true leader in Veteran's for Peace, one of the most respected, effective groups engaged in anti-war work, who has helped us substantially over the years to get the use of the Herbst Theater and the building for our events, also has experience in construction and assessing the structural integrity of buildings and has found some faults in Jim's arguments. The debate should be educational for everyone and bring us closer to discovering the truth about what really happened.

    "Food, Drink, Donations for Hurricane Katrina's Victims"

    The tragedy that has befallen New Orleans has been compounded by the utter failure of the US government to actually protect the health and welfare of its citizens. We find evidence of criminal behavior in the neglect of New Orleans prior to, during and after the hurricane.

    The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance is not a wealthy organization and all of our funds go towards fulfilling our mission statement, but on September 11th, at the Veteran's War Memorial Building, we encouraged people to bring drinks, or food to share, and we encouraged those who were hungry and thirsty to think of the people in New Orleans, as we shared what food and drink we had, and to make monetary donations towards the victims of Katrina.

    We know that the Red Cross grossly mishandled its distribution of funds for the victims of 9-11 and we promised to send the donations we collect for the food and drink that are brought and shared amongst those of us who are hungry and thirsty, at our 14 hour event, to local organizations in the New Orleans area who have a history of helping the poor in that region.

    Please be generous. The word "community" comes from the Latin "Free Exchange of Gifts." Let us nurture community, as we strive to put an end to state-sponsored terrorism, violence and war.

    We raised $250 from donations collected during the day. We will send money collected to Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Hurricane Katrina Relief organizations that are listed on the Indymedia New Orleans website.

    If you missed our event, but want to help those who were struck by Katrina, please help these organizations:


    Report on September 10th Truth for Peace and Justice Rally and March

    (This photo is of the 1st 9-11 Truth March in September 2002)

    Report on

    9-11 Film Festival
    A Benefit for the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and Project Censored

    at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland

    Our Co-Sponsors and Endorsers

    Guns and Butter - United for Peace and Justice- Bay Area

    Veterans for Peace (Chapter 69) - American Legion Post 315 -

    - Ken Jenkins - Riva Enteen (member- KPFA Local Station Board)

    Tesla Society

    Marin Peace and Justice Coalition

    - DeceptionDollar.com - CommunityCurrency.org

    Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance - 911 Truth.org - ny911truth.org

    911 Visibilty Project - Radio 960 AM - The Quake! - The green Party of Alameda County

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    - John Bass (Director of the Northern California Interreligious Conference)-


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