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Report on Premieres of
"The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw-
The Great Conspiracy"
in California March 9th- 12th
March 16, 2004, Carol Brouillet

"In a time of Universal Deceit-
to tell the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

Link to 5088 word 9-11 Cover Story entitled "We're all paranoid" that appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian

The premieres were benefits organized by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and Project Censored in less than a month; The Grand Lake Theater was donated by its generous owner, Allen Michaan.

The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance found many independent bookstores willing to be co-sponsors and help sell tickets, and gained the support of KPFA, Pacifica Radio, Veteran’s for Peace, the Raging Grannies, and the 9-11 websites- www.911truth.org, 9-11 Visibility Project, www.DeceptionDollar.com. They put up posters, printed ten thousand handbills, sent out a mailing to their hundreds of contacts, arranged flights and accommodations for their speakers- Producer Barrie Zwicker, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism- Made in USA, Webster G. Tarpley, investigative journalist/musician, Michael Kane. They posted the events on calendars, made the deadline for public service announcements, and were listed in all the major papers in the Bay Area, even if they didn’t manage to get a single story, or any mainstream reporters to participate or come to the events. Bonnie Faulkner, producer of Guns and Butter, did offer the “9/11 News Special You Never Saw” DVD, on the last day of KPFA’s fundraising drive and plugged the upcoming events; she broke the station record, and raised $16,000 in pledges in less than an hour, which demonstrated the public support for the topic. Barrie Zwicker flew from Toronto to Montana for a couple of screenings in Missoula before coming to California. In Montana he spoke to two full houses and very receptive audiences. He almost sold out entirely the DVDs and Resource Guides that he had brought to the Montana event.

He shipped 150 DVDs and a 100 Resources Guides to California. The DVDs arrived safely, but the Resource Guides were mysteriously replaced with hardback books- Paradise Lost in Russian! He asked his son to airship replacement Resource Guides. Barrie arrived before the premieres and helped tremendously with the program, and even helped his host, Nikolas, our webmaster, put up posters in San Francisco. A contingent of activists also went to a book discussion group at the Commonwealth Club to discuss the official 9/11 Commission Report; a lively, lengthy conversation took place. (We also passed out handbills and encouraged people to come to the premieres.)

In addition to the speakers, Blaine Machan, the Deception Dollar artist, John Buchanon, the 9-11 Truth Candidate, Ian Woods, publisher of Global Outlook, Janice Matthews from the 9-11 Visibility Project, also came to help with the events. Swami Beyondananda volunteered his talents, and became an essential part of the program. The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw is constructed as a mock “news show,” with six distinct breaks. Swami filled them with one minute bites of “humor disguised as wisdom” or “wisdom disguised as humor” pertinent to the film.

The lack of major publicity and poor advance ticket sales prompted the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance to allocate resources for an ad in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. We have had an odd relationship with the SFBG; they had placed three of our full page 9-11 ads; they had been a co-sponsor of our comedy/benefit last year “Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush” and the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11- Phase One, but they failed to send a reporter to the Inquiry, and their only 9-11 story was when they did a cover story on Project Censored, and Ellen Mariani’s 9/11 suit was listed as story #9. However, a radio interview with the publisher, and persistence with an editor, did finally result in lengthy interviews, and the promise of a 4000 word cover story on 9/11 which should appear next week. We decided to earmark $500 for an ad and to support our budding ally.

The first night at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park, the theater was packed and they had to turn away 75 people. Fortunately, we were able to offer the DVD to the people who couldn’t get into the theater, and suggest that they attend the other showings. We probably broke a fire regulation rule or two, and squeezed at least three hundred people into the Guild. The dialogue lasted “formally” past ten o’clock, and informally until past midnight. The audience was very receptive and Peter Phillips made a pitch to send the DVD to universities and colleges throughout California, and received $5000 just for that. More money (an additional 7,300) was raised that night and on further nights for the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and Project Censored who wants to earmark resources just to the “unanswered questions” of 9/11.

Our second night at the Grand Lake Theater, we also had a full house (about 570 people) and a great audience. The editor from the San Francisco Bay Guardian interviewed Barrie, Peter and others. We ran out of the new version of “The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw”- which included the powerful segment on the collapse of building #7 narrated by Michael Kane which wasn’t in Version #1 because it simply didn’t reach Toronto before the production deadline. “The Great Conspiracy” originally premiered at the last anniversary of September 11th in New York and Marin. Our rallies, marches, protests kept us too busy to organize earlier showings, especially with the distraction of the stolen election and our counter-inaugural activities.

On March 11th “After 9/11: Messages From the World and Images of Ground Zero” an exhibit of photos, condolence messages representing 110 countries received at U.S. embassies and consulates, and a video exhibition, sponsored by the State Department, opened at the same building where the Herbst Theater is located in San Francisco, the War Memorial and Veteran’s Building. The pink section of the SF Chronicle had highlighted the exhibit and our documentary as the events of interest for that day. A Daughter of the American Revolution was on hand to pass out brochures on a new museum honoring “U.S. diplomacy and the role of the State Department” with Honorary Directors- Kissinger, Haig, Shultz, Baker, Albright… I was overwhelmed by the audacious Orwellian nature of the new propaganda overture.(The proposed museum will be in the New War Building- renamed the New State Building in 1947. Orwell's book was originally to be called 1948, but was changed to 1984 to make it seem like a more distant future).

The International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security started days before the anniversary of the March 11th Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,500. The summit drew 23 current presidents and prime ministers, 34 former heads of state and 160 experts on terrorism and security. It was organized by the Club of Madrid, a group of former heads of state. Both 9/11 and the Madrid bombings had the fingerprints of special operations. Both have been used to sell an “international war on terrorism” or a “war on dissent and civil liberties,” Who has benefited from these attacks? The wealthy transnational corporate elite who wish to construct a global police state to maintain their power and privilege. With the corporate media at their service, they continue to ignore or attack the 9/11 Truth Movement and amplify the Big Lie as loudly as possible with the major networks developing mini-series based on the official 9/11 commission report, and Hollywood working on a “Richard Clarke” movie.

We had a respectable turnout that night at the Herbst Theatre. The ushers estimated 550-600 people, although the City Box Office numbers always seem to fall 100- 150 people short. I think a lot of people must have just sneaked in without tickets. With the help of Veteran’s for Peace, we had a huge room on the second floor available for tabling, and were able to include an intermission in the evening’s program. The photographer from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Free Speech Television, and some other reporters showed up. Ken Jenkins spoke briefly on the history of the 9/11 Truth Movement and our many accomplishments over the past year, and the recent attack piece by Popular Mechanics.

Barrie conducted his usual poll, with the aid of our new program which listed them to make things simpler-

    Survey- Barrie Zwicker: What is your take on the events of 9/11?

    An unscientific straw poll. Please answer honestly. Among the four choices below, check off the one that comes closest to your take on 9/11. I believe:

    [ 1 ] That 19 fanatical Muslim terrorists masterminded by Osama bin Laden caught the whole of the U.S. intelligence, military and political establishments totally off guard.
    [ 2 ] That enough advance information had been received by U.S. agencies that the attacks could have been prevented or ameliorated, but incompetence at various levels enabled the events to proceed as they did.
    [ 3 ] That a great deal of advance information had been received by U.S. agencies, enough that the events could have been prevented, but that people at the top deliberately allowed the events to unfold as they did.
    [ 4 ] That the 19 hijackers, if there were that many, were dupes and patsies, that the events of 9/11 were planned at the highest levels in and around the White House, that it was an inside job.

Every night there was a consistent drift after the film of those moving towards the fourth box.

Peter Phillips dealt mainly with the psychological aspects of 9/11 and how we needed to cross a certain fear threshold and help others to cross the threshold which prevented everyone from facing frightening truths.

Webster enthralled people with his deep knowledge of history and the mechanics, as well as deeper political significance of terrorist attacks.

Michael Kane, with his earthy New York accent, could succinctly explain the wargames, which Ruppert alludes to in the film, and told about his own direct experience confronting General Eberhart, who told the 9/11 Commission that the only wargame mentioned by the Commission actually improved the military’s response to 9/11.

Barrie also noted that those who “understood” 9/11 quickly were those who had some experience, some prior knowledge of special operations or of government deceptions, and that the best way to prevent people from being “fooled again” was through public education.

At the conclusion of the formal program, many went upstairs to continue the dialogue and take advantage of all the resources that were there. Every night the conversations went on until well past midnight.

Project Censored had organized the Santa Rosa event, which did not include Swami Beyondananda. The big room did hold about 375 people and was packed, but it was a flat room with a small screen, so it wasn’t quite as good as the other theaters. Bonnie Faulkner, producer of Guns and Butter, moderated the discussion.

As the primary organizer of the first three events, I was pretty exhausted by the end of the evening, and I declined the invitation to go out and socialize. My sixteen year old, Jules, had helped me with the heavy boxes and tabling at the Herbst, and had come up to Santa Rosa, a two hour drive, to help me that evening. We loaded up the car and headed home. An odd incident occurred which made me wonder if Barrie and I were being sent messages by people who didn’t appreciate our activism.

We were on the freeway heading south when I spotted the flashing lights of a police car. "Oh no, I've been speeding." I said, "Damn, I'll have to go to traffic school again."

We pulled to the side of the road, and I waited for the policeman to tell me I was going too fast. I dug into my wallet to find my driver's license when we heard, "Put your hands in the air." We rolled down our windows and put our hands in the air. We were instructed to keep our hands in the air, get out of the car, first Jules, then I, lift our shirts so that our waists were visible, drop the shirts, and in my case, drop my fanny pack, which was open and filled with cash and checks from tabling at the event.

We were separated, and with six police cars behind us, and many guns aimed at us, we followed police instructions. I was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car that didn’t have flashing lights. They said that there had been an armed robbery and we fit the description- "a male and a female in a hatchback car." At least they decided to let us go; I didn't get a speeding ticket and I don't have to go to traffic school! Jules remarked that he had learned in his criminal law elective course that "You shouldn't act guilty or afraid." We certainly weren't guilty of armed robbery, and although I was very surprised and shocked- I wasn't particularly afraid.

Looking back on the incident, though, I wonder if there really was an armed robbery that night.

Webster Tarpley and Peter Phillips both spoke the next night at Black Oak Books, which was also well attended, although I believe a good chunk of the audience was comprised of 9/11 activists. Suffice it to say that there is a 9/11 community in the Bay Area that welcomes and hosts 9/11 activists from Canada, the East Coast. It is the strength of that “community” (which literally means the sharing of gifts), cooperation and our shared goals of peace, justice, and a hopeful future, that has engaged and drawn such tremendous public support.

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meets twice monthly, and will be meeting on March 19th, the Global Day of Action, in San Francisco at 11:00 a.m. with signs and handouts, at the tennis courts in Dolores Park, to march to the Civic Center for the 1:00 p.m. rally. Signs can be returned to the 9/11 table (under the 8’ x 4’ Deception Dollar banner) at the Civic Center, where additional handouts and Deception Dollars will be distributed to volunteers who can help us give them to the crowd. We do the best we can, but can always use help as we continue to organize and agitate for 9/11 Truth to become an essential part of the Peace and Justice Movement.

P.S. One result of these events was the 5088 word 9-11 Cover Story entitled "We're all paranoid" that appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Here are my immediate email exchanges with the Editor/Author Steve T. Jones- (That are posted on my blog, but hard to find.)

The Cover features a guy with a Cheney mask and a T shirt that says- "I Blew Up the World Trade Center" and the words- "Conspiracy Central."

The Resources that the editor directed people to were-

First and Foremost Official Sources and then, a few alternative voices.

I had to write a response, which is too lengthy to be published, but having spent two hours with Steve Jones, an hour on the radio with the publisher of the Guardian, enduring Tim Redmond's dismissal of challenges to the official story, I had to at least stand up for myself, as I believe I was misportrayed in the article.

My letter to the SFBG-

    Re: We're All Paranoid

    Dear Editor,

    I was glad to see a lengthy article on 9/11; naturally, I was sad to note the omissions, and I disagree with Steve Jones on his analysis of the state of the 9/11 Truth Movement. For the record, I knew that there was a cover-up AFTER marching with a large delegation of peace and human rights groups' representatives, on Senator Feinstein's office in January 2002, and meeting with Feinstein and Senator Boxer's staff to Demand a Congressional Investigation of 9/11. Bush and Cheney immediately asked Daschle to limit the inquiry, which was later officially headed by the CIA, Bob Graham and Porter Goss, heads of the Senate/House Intelligence Oversight Committee, who were having breakfast on 9/11 with General Mahmoud Ahmad (who had ordered $100,000 wired to Mohammed Atta, whom the FBI identified as the leader of the attacks). Those most responsible for 9/11 have been promoted within the Administration.

    I believe the 9-11 Truth Movement is growing, as evidenced by our support from Project Censored, Peter Phillips, and the public. The premieres raised over $12,000 in direct donations from audiences to get the DVD of The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw- The Great Conspiracy to Universities and colleges throughout California, and to support further research by Project Censored on the unanswered questions of 9-11, and the continued educational efforts of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. As publisher of the Deception Dollar, I know that their continued popularity throughout the country and world (6,000,000 published- 5,000,000 in circulation) indicates a growing interest, a raising of consciousness about 9/11. Barrie Zwicker polled each audience and there does seem to be a general evolution in one's understanding of 9-11: Stage 1- acceptance of official story, 2- belief in incompetence, 3- belief that they knew and consciously let it happen, 4- they made it happen. Where people are mentally depends on how much they are willing to look into the "facts" and where they go for "reliable information." The failure of the mainstream press to present the basic facts of 9-11 has driven us to do all we can to educate the public directly, bypassing the traditional media. The movement has been plagued by a flood of disinformation, straw men, to make us look "crazy."

    Since my activism began in 1992, I have been working on a number of issues, especially global economics; my mentor, Bill Moyer, wrote the book- Doing Democracy, which maps out the stages of social movements. Bill Moyer was a strategist for Martin Luther King, and his work is very empowering, and helpful in understanding how significant change happens, and what activists can do to help or hinder a movement. I believe Truth should become central to the Peace and Justice Movement, if we are to restrain the terrorists occupying the White House.

    Carol Brouillet

I received a quick reply from Steve T. Jones who wrote the article:

    I appreciate your feedback, Carol, and I understand your perspective. I hope you understand mine and that you appreciated the underlying message in my story, which was the 9/11 truth movement is raising important questions and may be proven correct by history. Yet given Ruppert's comments to me (he was actually harder on the movement than the comments I printed indicated), the passing of the election and commission opportunities, and my own observations, it was tough to cast the movement as ascendant. That said, it's possible that my article will generate some additional press and broadcast attention, so I hope you'll be open to continuing to work with me. And I also want to thank you for supplying me with all the materials and sources that you did. I admire your dedication to this important cause and truly wish you the very best.

    Steven T. Jones
    City Editor
    San Francisco Bay Guardian

My second response to him:


    I do appreciate the article and its merits. I also disagree with Ruppert in many areas- particularly his "assessment of the movement" and where "our efforts/energy/time" are best applied. I wanted to do a showing of the film mid-October, and get you and Newsweek the best documentation we had on 9-11 before the election, but Ruppert was very unhelpful, uncooperative, and I ended up protesting the 9-11 Commissioners/Zelikow instead, and not pulling together the "documents" in a timely fashion. He discouraged me from organizing the recent premieres and didn't want to "waste his time" participating in the events.

    I do not feel that my time or our efforts were a waste.

    I believe that the real battle is "the battle of the story" the corporate/government version of reality, and the experience of people at the grassroots level who have a radically different perspective on what happened, what is happening, and who wields power in an increasingly complex, interconnected world.

    We will continue to raise questions, speak what truths we find, and try to move society from a violent one, to a peaceful one. Project Censored and our researchers will continue to investigate and draw attention to our findings, and I certainly would be happy to work with you, if you have the time and interest to pursue what you believe to be the significant aspects of truth regarding 9-11.

    One of the luxuries of being "a mom" has been the opportunity to read, to do research, and to learn firsthand about organizing, social movements, and social change. Please consider me to be a resource, if you want to follow up on this story.


Barre Zwicker was also inspired to respond to the SFBG 9-11 Cover story-

    To the Editor-

    As the TV producer quoted in Steven T. Jones’ piece “We’re all paranoid” (March 24) I think he deserves congratulations from your readers for a comprehensive, informative and thoughtful article that rises above most of its kind that I’ve seen.

    Articles such as his that seriously question the official 9/11 story are, regrettably, journalistic curiosities. Each one stands as a rebuke to most of the media most of the time. As Jones asks: “…why haven’t the mainstream media raised the possibility of official complicity, or seriously questioned flaws in the official story?”

    This is not just another official story. It is the official story of a history-changing event, the linchpin for the so-called “war on terrorism,” itself the justification for endless hot war, arms expenditures, sacrifice and fear.

    Part of the answer to Jones’ question lies, paradoxically, in the first seven paragraphs of his article – stunningly at odds with the subsequent 84 paragraphs. It’s almost as if there are two of Steven T. Jones, the early one and the later one.

    The early one immediately trots out the intellectually bankrupt thought-stopping term “conspiracy theorists.” Normally it’s used by those – unlike the later Jones – who want to entirely sidestep facing the facts about 9/11 – why, for instance, not a single jet interceptor turned a wheel that day until it was too late.

    The term “conspiracy theorist,” like “anti-American,” belongs in the category of name-calling. It is not fair discourse. Likewise, the early Jones who writes that my film exhibits “leaps of logic” doesn’t offer any example. The Jones who writes that “conspiracy theorists” hold to “a worldview in which there are no tragic accidents or strange coincidences,” himself indulges in a leap of logic. I don’t know a single person who denies there are such things as coincidence and tragedy.

    My point is that if the later Jones feels he must first ladle out a dollop of put-downs to inoculate himself against anticipated charges that he himself is a “conspiracy theorist,” how does he expect other journalists, less knowledgeable and talented, to even attempt to write on the subject?

    As a lifelong journalist myself, my hope is that more journalists will find the courage challenge the term “conspiracy theorists” if they find the courage to write about this at all. Because these word weapons are important pillars supporting the status quo of lies and the suppression of questioning.

    Barrie Zwicker
    Producer “The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw”
    Toronto, Canada

    The following day, I was able to find a hard copy of the SFBG and noticed the "In This Issue" remarks of Tim Redmond which concludes with-

      "You know," he said in all seriousness, "there really are small groups of men sitting in back rooms making really important decisions that you'll never know anything about. And I know because I've been in those rooms."

      His point, of course, was that I might be paranoid and crazy – but that didn't mean everything going on in this country was exactly on the up and up, just the way the government said it was supposed to be. My Nielsen family plot might be lunacy (although I'm not ready to give it up yet), but the news media are, indeed, controlled by a tiny number of people who make all sorts of horrifying decisions for the worst possible reasons, and They don't tell the rest of us anything about it.

      Bruce B. Brugmann likes to talk about the day, back in 1966, early on in the Bay Guardian's history, when a guy came into the print shop on Natoma where the tiny paper had a desk and started talking about the Grassy Knoll. No surprise: we've always attracted people who don't trust the official version of events.

      And as Steven T. Jones reports on page 18, the folks who are pushing alternative theories of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, have some ideas that are, well, a little hard to reconcile with available facts. But check out the official Bush administration position: it's a conspiracy theory too – and it's also badly lacking in factual authority. Who are you going to believe?

      Tim Redmond

    And I saw the photos!!! There is a very large one of Webster, Michael, Barrie, Peter on stage at the Herbst with the title "The Great Conspiracy" on the screen behind them. And a caption:

      Whodunit? From left, author Webster Tarpley, researcher Michael Kane, film producer Barrie Zwicker, and Project Censored director Peter Phillips discuss alternative 9/11 theories following the San Francisco screening of Zwicker's film The Great Conspiracy.

    On the next page is a good sized photo of the explosion of one of the towers, and a rather awful picture of me with the Deception Dollar banner partially visible behind me, holding up Tarpley's book, 9-11 Synthetic Terror- Made in USA with the title visible, and Webster's first name and the caption:

      Explosive accusations: Carol Brouillet and some other members of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance doubt the World Trade Center towers would have fallen the way they did simply from the airplanes' impact and the resulting fires.

    There is a graphic timeline of Flight 77 and a good photo of the recent rally in SF with a big sign saying 9-11 Was an INSIDE JOB! and the caption:

      Joining forces: The antiwar movement was initially reluctant to embrace the 9/11 truth movement during the buildup to the Iraq invasion, but that gradually changed, and its presence became welcome. During the March 19 antiwar rally, 9/11 skeptics played a high-profile role.

    I was finally able to read the text on the cover-
    Beneath the yellow caption-Conspiracy Central it says-

      San Francisco is ground zero
      for 9/11 conspiracy theorists.
      Too bad they act like nuts-
      because not everything
      they're saying is crazy.
      By Steven T. Jones [p.18]

    And the waving man with the Cheney mask's t-shirt, besides saying in bold black-

    "I BLEW UP

    in red letters it adds-


    and it says this under contents-

    The cover: Bay Guardian photo illustration by Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover Photography. Dick Cheney mask from www.theatricalshop.com; T shirt by Bay Guardian art department.

    So this wasn't just "us" acting wierd- it was a staged photo just for the cover story

    My friend, Bob Gipson, and Don Paul each wrote to the SFBG regarding the 9-11 cover story and their letters were printed in the March 30, 2005 issue. Bob's letter:

      Candid but simplistic

      Generally, I appreciate the candor of your article ["We're All Paranoid"]. Three comments:

      You describe Carol Brouillet as "gathering every relevant document she can find, meticulously connecting every dot." Hmmm. That's precisely what any responsible investigator, research scientist, or clinician diagnosing a patient would do.

      You say she connects the dots "into an elaborate proof." I'd say she doesn't claim "proofs," but compiles a compelling weight of evidence – and asks why it's being ignored.

      You say, "It is a worldview in which there are no tragic accidents or strange coincidences, no pieces that don't fit into the puzzle." That's grossly simplistic.

      Robert Gipson
      Single Springs

    A week later the SFBG posted this edited version of my letter and a collection of comments on the "truth movement"

    The truth about the truth movement

    I was glad to see a lengthy article on 9/11; naturally, I was sad to note the omissions, and I disagree with Steven T. Jones on his analysis of the state of the 9/11 truth movement ["We're All Paranoid," 3/23/05].

    For the record, I knew that there was a cover-up after marching with a large delegation of peace and human rights groups' representatives on Senator Feinstein's office in January 2002, and meeting with Feinstein and Senator Boxer's staff to demand a congressional investigation of 9/11. Bush and Cheney immediately asked Daschle to limit the inquiry, which was later officially headed by the CIA, Bob Graham, and Porter Goss, heads of the House/Senate Intelligence Committee, who were having breakfast on 9/11 with Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad (who had ordered $100,000 wired to Mohammed Atta, whom the FBI identified as the leader of the attacks). Those most responsible for 9/11 have been promoted within the administration.

    I believe the 9/11 truth movement is growing, as evidenced by our support from Project Censored, project director Peter Phillips, and the public. The premieres of The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw raised more than $12,000 in direct donations from audiences to get the DVD to universities and colleges throughout California, and to support further research by Project Censored on the unanswered questions of 9/11, and the continued educational efforts of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. Where people are mentally depends on how much they are willing to look into the "facts" and where they go for "reliable information." The failure of the mainstream press to present the basic facts of 9/11 has driven us to do all we can to educate the public directly, bypassing the traditional media. The movement has been plagued by a flood of disinformation straw men to make us look "crazy."

    Carol Brouillet
    Palo Alto

    We're all nuts

    Let's see, conspiracy theory nut Steven T. Jones wishes other conspiracy theory nuts would stop acting like nuts, so that people won't think they're nuts. Did I get that right?

    Arnold Knepfer
    Corte Madera

    Except this guy

    Great story. I'm not crazy, and I don't believe the official story, either. I haven't from the beginning, but I wonder how much of that stems from my resentment of who's in power and my distrust of anything they say and do.

    Gene Ridgley
    Cranford, N.J.

    And this one

    Thank you for writing objectively about the 9/11 truth movement. These people are not crazy. I hung around with some of them at the March 19 antiwar rally, and they are remarkably sane. Having terrifying knowledge of horrible crimes by our government makes it hard to act calmly and rationally. But they're doing their best to get the word out.

    Believing the truth movement's theories might be difficult. But after seeing the evidence, believing the government story is impossible. I urge everyone to check out the Web sites and/or read the books in your excellent resource guide.

    David Spero
    San Francisco

    Putting the pieces together

    I would like to thank you for your recent article. It was wonderful to find a piece of journalism that put the pieces that we do have together on this topic without going off the shrieking deep end into paranoia. In other words, this article may allow the mainstream reader access to these facts for the first time, without scaring them away from the truth that lies somewhere in them. Score one for the Bay Guardian; you have a new faithful reader now.

    Jennifer Rauch
    Palm Bay, Fla.

    Well-balanced report

    I was pleasantly surprised to read such a well-balanced report on the 9/11 truth movement from a major paper. What you did is very significant, for it helped bring to light, to a major Bay Area audience, some of the really troubling questions about what happened on 9/11 – something major corporate media are trying their best to ignore. There are just too many inconsistencies and problems with the official story of what happened, and you are right: the evidence the administration presents doesn't even pass muster using basic court evidentiary procedures.

    Thank you so much for the excellent article! In a perfect world, more news organizations would be doing what you are.

    Camille Sauve
    Castro Valley

I also received this e-mail inquiry from a radio-journalist in Australia:

    Dear Carol,

    I'm a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, currently researching and producing a radio documentary on conspiracy theories.

    I'm interested in discussing what drives conspiracies, why they proliferate (esp. post Sept 11) and why some are more enduring that others. Through my research I've found that in the past decade theories, such as beliefs contrary to the official line of what happened on 9/11, seem to have more credence and more public support than say those of the 1950s...Roswell, JFK, Elvis etc.

    I'm trying to gather some figures on the support base for those who believe the truth about 9/11 is being covered up and was hoping you could help me.

    The ABC is Australia's national public radio and television network, similar to America's NPR.

    The program I'm putting together will be one hour long and broadcast nationally in early May.

    Very much looking forward to hearing from you...

She interviewed me for an hour and I sent her materials, including some audio from The Great Conspiracy and an interview with Barrie Zwicker, so hopefully Steve T. Jones was right and there will continue to be a ripple effect with his article.


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