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The 9-11 Truth Movement Rises Up
September 12, 2004
Carol Brouillet www.communitycurrency.org

         The credibility of the Bush Administration has plunged, as new euphemisms for lying are tested by the mainstream press to explain their failure to describe reality in a timely fashion. Cheney believes what Napoleon once articulated, “You don’t have to suppress the truth forever, just until it doesn’t matter anymore.”

         9-11 is the defining crime of the century, a crime used as a pretext for imperial wars, the gutting of the Constitution, the attack on the Bill of Rights, to kickstart a “Shadow Government,” and that is being used now to rush through sweeping legislation designed to expand “the National Security State,”( the CIA established in 1947) into a “Global Security State.”

         The official narrative of what happened on September 11th, 2001 has been reinforced and rarely questioned by the media. Those who weren’t surprised, shocked, terrified, traumatized, by the events that day, however, found the official narrative difficult to believe, and a 9-11 truth movement was born, dispersed in the seeds of questions, in skeptical minds scattered across the planet. Some had even predicted or warned that the attacks would occur, and were certain that the events were “an inside job,” “a false flag operation,” designed to gain public support for an attack by the world’s richest country upon the world’s poorest country, Afghanistan, for geopolitical reasons, including control over the flow of oil and drugs.

         The Project for a New American Century stated their desire for imperial world hegemony and said, "The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor." Dick Cheney and the neo-conservative cabal who seized power in 2000, authored the PNAC documents, which have mapped out official policy, the doctrine of “Pre-Emptive War,” and have sought through the Bush Administration to impose their vision upon a resistant world.

         Shrouding themselves in secrecy and the cloak of “National Security,” while imposing Total Information Awareness, and unbridled access to the homes, communications, and reading habits of everyone else in the country, the Administration has used fear, as well as brute force, and imprisonment, to intimidate, and crush dissent in the US.

         Ignoring and ridiculing those who have ventured away from the anonymity of cyberspace to physically, publicly, question 9-11 has been the primary response to the 9-11 truth movement. After the first organized march upon legislators demanding a Congressional Investigation of 9-11 occurred, Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the official Inquiry, which was overseen by the CIA, and the very men who should have been investigated for their own role in 9-11- Senator Bob Graham and Congressman Porter Goss.

         Graham and Goss breakfasted on Sept. 11 with "the money man behind 9-11," (Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistani's ISI, who had $100,000 wired to Mohammed Atta, identified by the FBI as the lead hijacker in the attacks). The Joint House/Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee Inquiry, and subsequent “Independent Commission,” which the Administration resisted until it was forced upon them, were never designed to “discover” the truth about 9-11. Their job has always been to support the official narrative and to justify the creation of Homeland Security, and the expansion of the National Security State. The choice of Kissinger to head the 9-11 "Cover-Up" Commission was a clue that a high level Cover-Up was taking place.

         Articles, magazines, books were published challenging the official story. Videos, documentaries, radio and television programs questioned multiple aspects of the attacks on September 11th. A cooperative of researchers, activists, and webmasters, the 9-11 Truth Alliance was born via e-mails and phone conferences, then people began to meet physically in New York City, in San Francisco, and in other parts of the country.

         Since the media was so resistant to the questions raised by the activists, they devised tools to reach out directly to the public. The Deception Dollar, designed by Canadian artist Blaine Machan, featured key 9-11 websites, and brilliant art; these were so popular that over four million have been distributed throughout the world, which has helped fund the key 9-11 websites, and events in San Francisco, notable the premiere of Guerrilla News Network’s Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9-11, a comedy benefit- Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush, The San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One, and many marches and rallies.

         The San Francisco Inquiry, forced the press to acknowledge the existence of 9-11 skeptics, but it also provided an opportunity for documentary filmmakers, researchers, activists to come together, and synergize their efforts, to get to know one another, and see themselves as a part of a growing global 9-11 truth, peace, and justice movement.

         The second Citizens’ Inquiry was held in Toronto in May; both Inquiries condemned the “Cover-Up Commission” for its’ conflicts of interest and failure to ask key questions about the events of September 11th.

             Why was the money man behind 9-11, (who had $100,000 sent to Mohammed Atta- identified by the FBI as the lead pilot in the attacks), head of Pakistans I.S.I (Inter-Services Intelligence Agency)., Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, meeting with top U.S. officials from September 4th through September 13th?

             Why did the Bush Administration seek Pakistan's cooperation' in the "war on terrorism," despite the fact that the ISI was financing and abetting the 9-11 terrorists? (Its like "asking Al Capone to help in going after organized crime.")

             Why did the military fail to intercept the hijacked planes on September 11th, in violation of the most standard operating procedures?

             Why did officials react in such a bizarre manner to news of the attack, with Bush, Rumsfeld, and Myers carrying on as if nothing unusual was occurring?

             Why were the men most responsible for the military failure on 9-11 rewarded with promotions and increased budgets?

         Michel Chossudovsky spoke in Toronto and tried to re-emphasize the key point he made in his book- War and Globalization- The Truth Behind September 11, that- Al Qaeda is a joint creation of the CIA and Saudi Arabia through Pakistans ISI; on the surface Al Qaeda is the outside enemy to justify military actions, beneath the surface Al Qaeda has been a CIA asset.

         While there is considerable disagreement within the movement on the particulars of the many facets of 9-11, there is a general consensus that the weight of historical evidence, the failure of the military to defend New York and Washington DC on September 11th, the blatant lies, destruction of evidence, the Cover-Up indicate official complicity in the attacks.

         During August and September of this year, there were numerous marches, protests, events in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, as well as cities across the country drawing attention to the 9-11 Cover-Up, and the role of the Bush Administration in the attacks. A landmark speech was given by researcher, Michael C. Ruppert, exLAPD narcotics investigator,publisher of www.fromthewilderness.com,on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco detailing the key points in his new book- Crossing the Rubicon- The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil:

             “I will name Vice President Richard Cheney as the prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11 and will establish that, not only was he a planner in the attacks, but also that on the day of the attacks he was running a completely separate Command, Control and Communications system which was superceding any orders being issued by the FAA, the Pentagon, or the White House Situation Room;

             “I will establish conclusively that in May of 2001, by presidential order, Richard Cheney was put in direct command and control of all wargame and field exercise training and scheduling through several agencies, especially FEMA. This also extended to all of the conflicting and overlapping NORAD drills -- some involving hijack simulations -- taking place on that day.

             “I will also demonstrate that the TRIPOD II exercise being set up on Sept. 10th in Manhattan was directly connected to Cheney's role in the above.

             “I will also prove conclusively that a number of public officials, at the national and New York City levels, including then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, were aware that flight 175 was en route to lower Manhattan for 20 minutes and did nothing to order the evacuation of, or warn the occupants of the South Tower. One military officer was forced to leave his post in the middle of the attacks and place a private call to his brother - who worked at the WTC - warning him to get out. That was because no other part of the system was taking action.

             “I will also show that the Israeli and British governments acted as partners with the highest levels of the American government to help in the preparation and, very possibly, the actual execution of the attacks."

         On the eve of the Republican National Convention, a Zogby poll showed that half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall said that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act." 9-11 truth activists were amongst the hundreds of thousands of protesters opposed to the RNC.

         Ruppert also spoke in New York, Phase Three of the International Inquiries of 9-11- The Summer of Truth Events, at the 9-11 Omission Hearings, chaired by Cynthia McKinney and Catherine Austin Fitts. Thousands of people attended the educational events held in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, on the third anniversary of the attacks. In New York and the Bay Area there were premiere screenings of media critic, television producer, Executive Director of the Toronto Inquiry- Barrie Zwicker’s excellent new documentary- The Great Conspiracy-The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw.

         “Blow the Whistle on Cheney, the 9-11 Cover-Up! No to the Global Police State!” was the theme of the most recent of a series of 9-11 protests that took place in San Francisco. Over a hundred people rallied, marched, and paraded from the Panhandle, down Haight Street, and through Golden Gate Park to the 6th Annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful Concert which drew upwards of 50,000 people. The unpermitted march with its whistles, chants, music, banners, signs was gently escorted by police through Golden Gate Park and warmly welcomed by the crowd at the Concert/Social Justice Festival.

         While Cheney tries to terrorize the population with the threat of another 9-11 should Bush lose the election, increasing light is being cast upon the dark aspects of a regime whose power hinges on deception, fraud, force, fear and the promise of unending war. At the heart of the 9-11 movement is faith in humanity’s ability to grasp the truth, reject tyranny and war, and seek peace, justice, liberty and respect for all.

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