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Bipartisan Push for the Global Security State
August, 2004
Carol Brouillet

         Kerry inadvertantly revealed the truth in his Freudian slip calling for more resources for a Terrorism Task Force, uhm, Counter-Terrorism Task Force. Bush, Kerry, Select 9-11 Victims Families, applaud the official 9-11 Whitewash Report and have mounted a national campaign to sell legislation that would institutionalize the Terror State that uses special operations, war, the press, to terrify people, crush democracy, dissent, at home and abroad. Why the rush? Red Alert! Opposition to the Powers that Be, Enduring Wars, Ending Liberties is mounting.

         Serious analysis of the official 9-11 Report reveals it to be worse than the Warren Report, a fabrication to uphold the official lie and cloud the blatant lies, destruction of evidence, clear beneficiaries of the crime that took place on September 11, 2001. The mandate of the official Commission has always been to justify the construction of Homeland Security- A Police State Apparatus- designed to crush dissent rather than catch terrorists. Indeed, most terrorism is funded, assisted, and implemented via the alphabet soup of Intelligence Agencies that already exist, with the assistance of the U.S. military, and its allies who serve the same corporate interests, and rely upon a war economy.

         With the failure of Congress to investigate 9-11, to prevent unjustified wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, to protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, from the ravages of the PATRIOT Act and Homeland Security, citizens have been compelled to take to the streets, organize, educate themselves and others to halt an imperial power grab that threatens the vast majority of people in the U.S. and the world.

         We, Americans, have a special responsibility to rein in our government, to expose their blatant lies, criminal activities, and attacks upon the most fundamental values that are threatened by allowing the Terrorists Controlling the White House- to issue bogus Terrorist Alerts, to relabel any domestic opposition to their policies as domestic terrorists, to funnel resources into technologies which enrich and enable the few to control and impoverish the many through violence and fear.

         We have marched on our Senators and on my Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to- Demand an Investigation of 9-11, to Expose the 9-11 Cover-Up, Demand Pre-Emptive Impeachment of Bush & Co., to Demand a Repeal of the PATRIOT Act, Demand the Impeachment of the Terrorists! (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld ) Neither Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, nor Congresswoman Eshoo have addressed our concerns nor our demands satisfactorily. It is time to march again.

         Congresswoman Eshoo and her colleagues on the House Intelligence Oversight Committee introduced H.R.4104 last April. They are rushing Congress back to D.C. August 10 for hearings and to rush the legislation through before the election, before people have been able to digest, analyze the Commission Report, and organize opposition to the latest assault upon the American people and the world.

         At the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One and the Toronto International Citizens Inquiry into 9-11, Phase Two, held in March and May of this year (http://www.911inquiry.org ), ordinary people seeking the truth about, 9-11 found ample evidence of a major cover-up on the part of the government, and the official Commission. In summary, there was plenty of evidence of government complicity, our major obstacles to informing the public were the Mainstream Press which continues to censor the most basic facts about 9-11, and the psychological barriers of fear and denial erected by people who do not wish to believe that their own government could be capable of such a crime. Nevertheless, we cannot prevent future 9-11s by rewarding those most responsible for the events of September 11th which is precisely what the new legislation would do, simultaneously masking the truth about 9-11 for as long as possible.

         Napoleon once said, It is not necessary to suppress the truth, simply delaying it, will do. (Rough paraphrase...)

         If we wait until all the players are dead, and information/the truth is irrelevant, then we allow The Big Lie and criminals to rule the planet and Injustice to reign.

         It is time for 9-11 Truth Movement, the Peace Movement, the Global Justice Movement, the Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement to challenge the Big Lie which is being used to justify the tremendous assaults upon so many for the benefit of the few which benefit from Fear, War and Terror. No to a Global Security State. No to H.R. 4104. True security does not mean a monopoly on weapons, surveillance, a stranglehold on the global economy; true security means healthy relationships between all people, respect for life, peace born out of love and cooperation.

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