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William Rodriguez- Last Man Out Tour
November 1st- November 7th, 2007 From Oakland, California to Seattle, Washington


“Last Man Out” of the North World Trade Center Tower Tells his Story

Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California

A True Hero on 9/11
and ever since then...

With Special Guests- Peter Dale Scott, and Cindy Sheehan

William Rodriguez, who was working as custodian in-charge of three 110-story stairwells in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the day it was destroyed, and who personally saved fifteen others from certain death, will share his harrowing experience of the 9-11 tragedy at a special presentation, Thursday, November 1st at 7 pm, at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. He will also explain his deep disappointment with what he describes as serious inadequacies in the final report by the 9-11 Commission.

At the White House on five occasions and recognized as a “National Hero” by the Senate of Puerto Rico, William Rodriguez, in possession of a master key to all of the stairwell doors at each floor in the 110 story building that day, personally saved the lives of 15 people and aided NYC firefighters in saving hundreds of others.

Rodriguez has used his recognition as one of the true heroes of that tragic day to help draft and pass legislation on behalf of victim’s family members and survivors, to help raise millions of dollars for the victims of 9/11 and their families, to bring attention to the health concerns of thousands of first responders, now sick with "Ground Zero Syndrome," and to lobby for the creation of the 9/11 Commission.

Though he advocated for the creation of the 9-11 Commission and testified before the commission members -- his private testimony before the Commission was excluded from its final report. Rodriguez is now raising questions about what he describes as serious gaps in the official story and is calling for a deeper, more energetic and international based investigation into every possible aspect, failure and contributing circumstance leading to the tragedy.

For nearly twenty years, the Puerto Rican-born, New Jersey resident worked in the North Tower. On an almost daily basis, Rodriguez met with co-workers for breakfast in the famous 106th floor Restaurant in Tower #1 of the World Trade Center. Nearly two hundred people, including most of William's friends, were in the restaurant on the morning of September 11. None survived.

Other guest speakers include Peter Dale Scott, who has recently published, The Road to 9/11- Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America’, and Cindy Sheehan, who will make the introductions.

Meet a real hero. Hear his story. Followed by a reception for William and local heroes for 9/11 Truth,
Impeachment, Peace, and Justice. Now is the time for courage. Please join us!

(If you received an invitation, you must RSVP, if you want us to save you a seat. We hope to fill the theater and tickets will be sold at the theater on the day of the event. If you want to be sure of tickets, you may also choose to be an endorser or sponsor of the event, check the invtation link for details.)

A benefit for the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance • sf911truth.org

William Rodriguez will also be speaking -

Friday, November 2nd: Sonoma
7:00 pm
Warren Auditorium
Sonoma State University
Sonoma Donation $10

Details at ProjectCensored.org


Saturday, November 3rd: Sacramento
7:00 pm
Coloma Community Center
4623 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95819
Donation $5-$20; info @ 916-372-8433

Details at www.WRinSac.com


Sunday, November 4th: Fortuna
4:00 pm
River Lodge Conference Center
1800 Riverwalk Drive

Details at wtcfriends.org


Tuesday, November 6th: Portland
7:00 pm
Berbatis Pan
231 SW Ankeny (@ SW 3rd)

Details at www.911truthgroups.org and www.oregontruthalliance.org


Wednesday, November 7th: Seattle
7:00 pm
Seattle Center Lopez Room
$10 advance ticket $15 at the door
tickets through Prown Paper Ticket
Sponsored by-
911Truth Seattle
Seattle 911 Visibility Project
We Are Change
Trinity United Methodist Church

Details at www.seattle911visibilityproject.org

Peter Dale Scott

Cindy Sheehan

William Rodriguez

Additional Information and Links for William Rodriguez and special guests- Peter Dale Scott and Cindy Sheehan:

Special Thanks to Individual Endorsers of The Oakland "Last Man Out" November 1st event with William Rodriguez, Peter Dale Scott, and Cindy Sheehan:

Patricia Gray
E. H. Joerger
John B. Massen
Chuck Millar
Allan Rees
Ron Stutz

And Much Thanks to Organizational Endorsers of The Oakland "Last Man Out" November 1st event with William Rodriguez, Peter Dale Scott, and Cindy Sheehan:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Peace Resource Project
San Francisco Bay- World Can't Wait
Veterans for Peace- Chapter 69
Guns and Butter

Donate to the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance

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