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Deadly Connections: Corporate Globalization, Space and War

by Carol Brouillet

         The Earth is not dying; it is being killed, not by corporations or institutions, although they certainly play their roles, but by real people, with names, faces and addresses,(1) whose actions and decisions mean “war,” “death,” “starvation,” “illness,” “deforestation,” “flooding,” “drought,” “the expansion of the Ozone Hole,” “climate change,” “violent storms,” “the end of the Cenozoic Era.”(2) … Fascism and the struggle against fascism shaped the twentieth century. Ostensibly, we have been told, “Democracy triumphed.” But the anti-fascists in Europe, after World War II, were soon labeled “communists” and crushed in country after country, while Nazi’s and their intelligence network were absorbed into the “Central Intelligence Agency.”

         The C.I.A. has continually overturned “democracy” in country after country for the benefit of corporation after corporation.(3) According to the dictionary, “Fascism is a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with a belligerent nationalism.” Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany are the classic examples of “fascist countries.” During the “Cold War” the C.I.A. consistently exaggerated the Soviet threat to justify the build-up in nuclear weapons and frighten Americans into supporting the misnamed “Defense Department.”

         With the emergence of powerful “transnational corporations” and “transnational institutions”- created by the Bretton Woods Agreement (the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank,…), later the World Trade Organization, (not too mention the less formal Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, World Economic Forum ), military alliances such as N.A.T.O. , and the growth of “U.N. peacekeeping forces,” a new “transnational fascism” has come into being. Allegiance to any particular country is superceded by an allegiance to corporate profits, dividing the global elites from the vast majority of the world’s people. The collusion between corrupt elites in Third World countries who sell off their countries’ natural and human resources and the corporate elite in industrialized countries who maximize profits, by taking full advantage of cheap labor in other countries and downsizing their operations in the United States (or England or Japan or Germany, where “labor costs” are high) show that economic status reveals more about loyalties than nationality.

         While economics paints itself as far too complex for most people to fathom, there is a great simplicity to the evolving corporate dominated economic system which places the highest possible value on “profits” or “money” and does not value “human lives” or “the ecosystems” upon which all Life depends. The heart of the global economy remains a “war economy ” which is the most lucrative business on the planet; it is in the economic interests of all the major powers to have a war going on.(4) Enemies, particularly “terrorists” justify the “police state” and the construction of more weapons and “defense systems.” Despite the horrific loss of life during all the conflicts in the twentieth century, more people were killed by their own governments than by any wars between nation states. The more “military training” the U.S. offers its’ friends, the greater the human rights’ abuse in those friends’ countries- Colombia is a prime example of this. More and more, war itself is being “privatized,” outsourced to mercenaries. The giant oil companies depend upon the military or private armies to aid in the construction and defense of their operations. Cheney’s, Halliburton,(5) serves the oil industry and the military providing "support services,” living off of US wars and "counter-insurgency" operations in Algeria, Angola, Bosnia, Burma, Croatia, Haiti, Kuwait, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, and Somalia and elsewhere. Just recently its offshoot, Brown and Root, won the lucrative supply contract for the operations in Afghanistan, hardly a surprise in the revolving door between the government and the major military contractors.

         There is little moral qualm to selling arms to both sides in a conflict, particularly in the “Third World” where the understated concern of the “elite” is “over-population”- not “over-consumption.” Subtly the racist nature of institutions encourages the idea that “resources are limited,” “there are too many people,” “fewer of ‘them’ means ‘more for us,’” “wars, while unpleasant, aren’t so bad, if they benefit ‘us.’” Control is paramount, peace, justice, democracy our luxuries to be sacrificed, if they hinder or threaten the dominant powers.

         With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States has had to struggle to create the “enemies” necessary to justify its outrageous military budget. The C.I.A. created the ‘monsters’- “Noriega, Hussein, Osama bin Laden,”… In the book, Dollars for Terror- The United States and Islam, Richard Labeviere, chronicles the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and their joint effort to create the Al Qaeda network, “Mercenaries for Corporate Globalization. ”(6) Al Qaeda complements corporate control. They are conveniently a target in Afghanistan where we wish to construct bases and control the regions oil and drugs, but Al Qaeda is quietly supported by the U.S. military in Chechnya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia where their agenda dovetails perfectly with U.S. aims. The Bin Laden family itself has close financial links with the the Bush family and the Carlyle Group (the 9th largest defense contractor in the U.S) illustrates how both families profit financially from the new “War.” Whilst 1600 innocent people of Middle Eastern descent are rounded up for questioning in the wake of 9-11, the supposedly “estranged Bin Laden family” are escorted and flown out of the country on a military plane (when no one else in the country can even fly), and certainly not “questioned by the F.B.I.” despite the finger waving at the supposed “mastermind,” Osama Bin Laden.(7)

         Just what role did the C.I.A. play in 9-11? Why was the head of Pakistani Intelligence, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, in the U.S. meeting with the C.I.A. at the time. Bush sent him to Afghanistan to demand “Osama bin Laden.” We know that what Bush really wanted was war, troops were moved into place, the plans had been crafted well before September. When this was printed in the Times of India:


Ahmad lost his job, but he was not apprehended or questioned by U.S. authorities.(8) The mounting evidence, from the fact that no planes were scrambled to intercept the hijacked planes, in complete violation of standard FAA procedures, to the lies of top officials, and the fake evidence used to target selected “culprits” lead me to believe that the U.S. was complicite in the September 11th attacks.

         For decades the C.I.A. has waged a relentless propaganda campaign to persuade Americans that “their security lies in an overwhelming technologically superior military force.” For decades the C.I.A. has had “practice” terrorizing and taking over smaller countries. One third of its budget is devoted to “propaganda” and much of that is directed towards influencing the American public. No matter that “Star Wars” isn’t technologically feasible or that it would spur a new arms race, or that is has been designed to overtly allow the “U.S.” to dominate and control the world,(9) the boondoggle means profit to a small global elite, and will allow that global elite to threaten and terrorize the rest of the world.

         At this point, the words “us” “them” “we” “U.S.” “transnational elites” become a bit cloudy, just as fascism has evolved from a couple of countries to a phenomena recognized as “Corporate Globalization” which institutionalizes the dominance of corporations over governments, removes decision making from elected officials to unelected trade bureaucrats, allows corporations to sue governments to wipe out any environmental or pesky labor laws which stand in their way of “profits.”(10) Military pressure is applied to gain local (sometimes state or national) compliance with the transnational corporate agenda. Global elites, such as Henry Kissinger, play dual roles, guiding the hand of the C.I.A. to overthrow “out of line” heads of state, (such as Allende), orchestrating the bombing of Cambodia and other countries (when that seems “necessary”), then putting on a new “hat,” advising Chinese oil companies, in the wake of 9-11.(11) While Clinton was in power, the Bush gang were investing billions and making deals with the countries of Asia. (12) These global statesmen, certainly are not thinking of “America” first… as they create the architecture for a “New World Order” where corporations rule. Despite the rhetoric that demonizes our enemies, including China, on September 17th, China quietly joined the World Trade Organization; the Chinese elite and the American elite have far more in common with each other (making profits and controlling the masses) than differences.

         It is ominous to think of the occult symbolism of 9-11, the anniversary of the Chilean coup, a sacred day for Nazi’s, and the U.N. declared “International Day of Peace.” Orwell’s 1984 is echoed in the rhetoric and behaviour of the White House, and sadly in Congress, who but for a few wonderfully brave examples seem to blithely go along with the “Big Lie” unquestioningly.

         On September 11th and the following day, I was more terrified by the media beating the drums for war, than the actual event. It was months before I was able to put the pieces together, to see that the best historical parallel to 9-11 is that of the Reichstag Fire which enabled Hitler to eliminate his opposition, consolidate his power, wipe out democracy in Germany, and install himself as dictator.(13)

         The Patriot Act, the Anti-Terrorist Act, the Homeland Security Act are direct assaults upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Democracy.(14) Worse, these pieces of legislation are being mirrored worldwide to criminalize and discourage dissent everywhere. The War on Communism, was replaced by the War on Drugs, and now by the War on Terrorism- broadly defined as any opposition to official power. No matter if the U.S. is the only country to be convicted of Terrorism by the World Court, or that our behaviour as a nation is blatantly illegal and evokes the world’s anger; this will not be mentioned by a subservient press. We’ve lost so much, regressing to before the Magna Carta, to the time of the Inquisition, the times of torture, secret evidence, and secret executions. The heart of the Magna Carta is that no man- even the king- is above the law.

         The lies and secrecy which shroud the occupant of the Oval Office, the “National Security Council,” violate this fundamental principal, and permit known criminals to wield great power and public office. We have learned that Bush illegally obtained office through a systemic purging of legitimate black voters in Florida,(15) plus the blatantly political ruling of a biased Supreme Court.

         The only real visible beneficiaries of 9-11 appear to be the military-industrial-complex/the Bush Administration/multinational oil corporations/drug traffickers, and regimes such as Israel who feel justified in using military force against “dissent/terrorists” within their borders. The corporate press has swallowed the whole story, hook, line and sinker, refusing to ask hard questions, cheerleading an attack by the wealthiest country in the world against the poorest, silent on the startlingly mercenary motives (installing ex-Unocal representatives to head the Interim government and represent “U.S.” interests in the region), and virtually denying access to information that would reveal the magnitude of the suffering, deprivation and death which has befallen the Afghan people, as a result of the war.

         Not heartening are the assurances that this is only stage one of a long war which the U.S. wants to expand to countless other countries, Iraq being the favored target, while even more repressive legislation is being pushed through Congress and the States. The politicians assure us that there will be more terrorist attacks and prepare “smallpox vaccines” for every citizen in the U.S.. We are being psychologically prepared for the next assault.

         I think the greatest threat to “the Powers that be” are an informed American public. Only an informed American public could rein in the “War on Terrorism,” bring to heel an unelected politician whose catastrophic policies threaten all people, everywhere. Granted, I doubt if “W” thought up all this stuff, all by himself, but he is going along with it. Occasionally his dad calls him up to tell him when he messed up, and to get him to remember what he is “supposed to do or say.” Those of us, within the U.S., have an especially great responsibility right now, to prevent our government from committing even worse “Crimes Against Humanity.”

         They are capable of staging “another terrorist attack” in the U.S. to expand the war to Phase Two, both abroad and here. So time is of the essence. Michael Ruppert and Dr. Len Horowitz have warned people about the Model Emergency Health Powers Act, which would allow governors to declare an emergency, force vaccinations, quarantine or isolation upon people, as well as seize of property, and require people to actively “provide services” during an emergency.(16) Are the deaths of fourteen of the world’s top microbiologists a warning that designer communicable disease is being prepared for release?(17) The draconian legislature is bad enough, but the companies that are coming up with “smallpox vaccines for the entire U.S. population” bear scrutiny. They are the same that provided poison gas for Hitler’s gas chambers,(18) linked to the contaminated vaccines that spread AIDS in Africa,(19) and linked to the infected blood that killed thousands of hemophiliacs in industrialized countries.(20)

         Consider the monopolization of land, money, food, communications, energy, water by transnational corporations, and the global elite. Are they monopolizing the world’s resources that human life depend upon for the benefit of humanity or to increase their wealth and power? What does the track record show?

         How do the legal, financial, and medical systems mirror the political system?

         The companies- BASF, Bayer and Hoechst were responsible for Hitler’s dash for power, as well as the main beneficiaries of his conquests, they were the 100% owners of IG Auschwitz, the largest industrial complex outside Germany. The concentration camp Auschwitz was a forced labour camp for this company. IG Farben Board member, Fritz ter Meer testified during the Nuremberg trials that “There was no harm done to the prisoners, because they were to be killed anyway.” He was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for “slavery and looting.” He was released in 1952. From 1956-1964 he was the chairman of the board of Bayer AG. In 1962 he was one of the architects of the Codex Alimentarius commission which is sponsored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The Codex Alimentarius Commission wants to BAN all current over the counter sales of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and all other supplements. The pharmaceutical companies are planning a global takeover of the vitamin-herb industry, and within a few short years, they will have succeeded by pushing competitors out of the field. They are planning to do it very quietly and carefully through GATT and the Codex Commission. Will our lives and health be sacrificed again for profits, and control?(20)

         I used to wonder whether those in power were really stupid or evil. It seems so short-sighted to kill the planet, if you want to live. Someone kindly pointed out to me that “Evil is applied stupidity.” Dr. M. Scott Peck wrote “I defined evil as 'the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one's will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid...spiritual growth'".

         I can’t agree with Bush’s “Axis of Evil” definition. “Racism, Poverty and War” strike me as the real evils on the global scale.

         But people are making the decisions, and on a personal level, we need to ask “Why?” How could someone knowingly cause the deaths of hundreds, thousands or millions of other people?

         Aung Sung Suu Kyi wrote: "It is not power that corrupts, but fear -- fear of losing power and fear of the scourge of those who wield it."

         Those in power live in fear, and the dominant system depends upon Fear and Greed to control humanity.

         Much as I abhor the policies of the Bush Administration, I do feel sorry for “Dubya,” imagine having Bush Sr. as your father, Director of the C.I.A…, getting initiated into the Skull and Bones at Yale. I fear that the global elite were traumatized as children, and never really bonded with their parents or learned to love. I believe it is our love of life which makes us human, and care so deeply about others, the planet.

         Psychologist Erich Fromm defines the struggle between Good and Evil as biophilia (the love of life) vs necrophilia (the love of death). "The necrophilous person is driven by the desire to transform the organic into the inorganic, to approach life mechanically as if all living persons were things," he writes. "The necrophilous person can relate to an object - a flower or a person - only if he possesses it; hence a threat to his possession is a threat to himself... He loves control and in the act of controlling he kills life... 'Law and order' for them are idols..." I believe that it is the inability to love “oneself,” the hatred of oneself, which makes someone incapable of loving others, that allows one to condemn “humanity” as evil and rationalize the manipulations, controls or elimination of people perceived to be “uncontrollable” or a “threat.”

         Our challenge, those who love life and care deeply about the future, humanity, justice, peace is how to transform people, society, and institutions from those which are concentrating wealth and power, destroying the Earth in the process, to those which respect, honor, and value life and nourish peace, freedom, healthy relationships between all Life. Humor, Love, Courage, Truth, Hope and Compassion, are the most powerful tools that we have.

         In New York, when we demonstrated against the World Economic Forum, we used humor, song, art to convey our messages. #1- Another World is Possible! #2- They are all Enron; We are all Argentina. The forces of life must rein in the forces of death. The War on Terrorism is a Big Lie; it is truly a War on Democracy, Peace and Freedom everywhere. True national security means healthy relationships between all people, a thriving biosphere, meeting the needs of all, as declared in the International Declaration of Human Rights; secrecy, weapons of mass destruction, designating the bulk of humanity’s resources and intellectual ability towards the military is a “threat” to all.

         Last February there was a national day of solidarity with the “disappeared in America;”(21) we wore blue triangles to remind people of that time when…

         Loudly, clearly, with love, humor, passion, creativity to awaken those living in fear or denial to their connection with the human race, to our responsibility, to our mutual dream and hope for a peaceful, just, joyful, healthy world.

         I wear many hats; I am a member of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, but I also work with a multitude of groups challenging corporate rule, militarism, injustice. One of these groups hopes to nurture a national movement of solidarity on June 6th and encourages people to organize events along this theme:
Not In Our Name: The Pledge to Resist

We believe that as people living in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names

Not in our name will you wage endless war there can be no more deaths no more transfusions of blood for oil

Not in our name will you invade countries bomb civilians, kill more children letting history take its course over the graves of the nameless

Not in our name will you erode the very freedoms you have claimed to fight for

Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding for the annihilation of families on foreign soil

Not by our mouths will we let fear silence us

Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be deemed evil

Not by our will and Not in our name

We pledge resistance

We pledge alliance with those who have come under attack for voicing opposition to the war or for their religion or ethnicity

We pledge to make common cause with the people of the world to bring about justice freedom and peace

Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real

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