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Questioning the 2004 Presidential Election


Questioning the 2004 Presidential Election

Most people were shocked and disappointed to hear Kerry concede so quickly on the morning of November 3rd, especially in the wake of exit polls which indicated that Kerry would actually win the election. Activists had tried to protect the vote and monitor the elections in key swing states. There were soon numerous accounts from them indicating that masssive actions had been taken to prevent voters from voting, to discard votes, extraordinary vote counts coming from suspect machines which gave Bush more votes than were physically, legally possible in multiple places.

The election was not lost, but stolen, and Kerry's concession was seen as a betrayal of the voter's will and the voter's rights to have their votes counted.

The mainstream Press utterly failed to report the systemic violations and irregularites that occurred. The network presidents of ABC, CBS and NBC cooly applauded their devotion to truth and denied anything beyond a few small glitches in their election coverage.

The outrage, demands for investigation of irregularities and recounts, were also ignored by the mainstream press with one notable exception- MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

I received about 500 emails about the stolen election, plus a phone call from a woman who became "radicalized" by the event and was ready to go out in the streets, pass out flyers, whatever it takes to wake up the American people and rein in the criminals who stole the election- not once, but twice!

My hope is that the people of this country will begin to realize that something is seriously wrong with our media, and the government, and that it really is up to the citizen's of this country to hold officials accountable, and responsible for their actions- particularly the blatantly criminal ones.

Our way of reaching people, despite media censorship, was through art, flyers, film, books, comedy, public forums. To help the growing movement challenging the Stolen Election of 2004, we are creating a special version of our popular Deception Dollar, an Election Deception Dollar, to draw people's attention to the websites which challenge the official 2004 Election story, and are mobilizing people to exercise control over a rogue government.

If you want to help, contribute ideas, funds, or help with distribution of our new Election Deception Dollar, please contact me-cbrouillet@igc.org or phone 650-857-0927. (Carol Brouillet)


Additional Websites (in alphabetic order)

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Greg Palast (He chronicled the stealing of the 2000 election.)

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Video Resources

Votergate - (Important 30 Minute Video)

James Collier Speaks on Organized Vote Fraud

  • http://www.votescam.com/order.php


    Radio/Audio Resources

    The Randi Rhodes Show




    Vote Scam



    Billionaires for Bush!

  • http://billionairesforbush.com


    MORE Tools, Art, Cartoons, Flyers

    Block the Vote Heroes- Playing Cards

  • http://billionairesforbush.com/cards-home.php

  • Election Deception Dollars Help us print these and get them out to the public!

    Key Articles

    47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly,By Jonathan Simon, November 11, 2004
  • http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0411/S00142.htm

    Odds of Bush gaining by 4 percent in all exit polling state 1 in 50,000; evoting/paper variance not found to be significant, John Byrne, 11/8/2004

  • http://www.bluelemur.com/index.php?p=405:

    Bigger Than Watergate, C.D. Sludge, July 8, 2003

  • http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0307/S00064.htm

    The Unexplained Exit Poll Disparity, by Steven F. Freeman, Phd., University of Pennsylvania, November 10, 2004

  • http://www.buzzflash.com/alerts/04/11/The_unexplained_exit_poll_discrepancy_v00k.pdf

    Election 2004: A Fragmented, Underfunded Election System
    Continues to Frustrate Thousands of Voters, Common Cause Press Release, November 4, 2004

  • http://www.commoncause.org/atf/cf/{FB3C17E2-CDD1-4DF6-92BE-BD4429893665}/VOTING%20REPORT.PDF

    Media largely ignored Berkeley study on Florida voting irregularities, bt SSM Media Matters, November 22, 2004

    Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election A Reader, by Michael Keefer, November 6, 2004

  • http://globalresearch.ca/articles/KEE411B.html

    Ohio hearings show massive GOP vote manipulation, but where the hell are the Democrats & John Kerry?, by Harvey Wasserman, November 17, 2004

  • http://www.freepress.org/columns/display/7/2004/991

    Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularities, AP, November 26, 2004

  • http://news.bostonherald.com/politics/view.bg?articleid=56007

    Kerry Won..., Greg Palast, November 4, 2004

  • http://www.tompaine.com/articles/kerry_won_.php

    Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory White House calls on nation to 'come together',by Adam Stone, November 24, 2004,

  • http://www.northcountynews.com/view.asp?s=11-24-04/news5.htm


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