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Open Space Sessions
International Inquiry into 9-11
March 26th, 27th, and 28th 2004

Note* There were supposed to be note-takers at each of these sessions, and I have just posted a couple of them- if you have notes on any of the other sessions, please email them to me cbrouillet@igc.org, notes/reports or hard copies can also be sent to Carol Brouillet, P.O. Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (I'll be able to post the notes).

Patterns of Military Intelligence as a Tool of Elite Control

The CIA Connection to the World Trade Center Bombing 1993 – video presentation of “banned” ABC News Report

Methods & Tools for 1-on-1 Conversation about 9/11

Developing a Template for 9-11 Consciousness-Raising

Reaching Out to the Progressive Left Media – Michael Moore, Democracy Now, Z-Magazine – “Left Gatekeepers” or well-meaning but lost? Either way, they will come around. Let’s speed up the process.

Media Strategy-Planning for 2pm Press Conference

Building a Mass 9-11 Movement – 911Visibility.org

Energy Alternatives – Does Peak Oil mean that we’re all doomed

Afghanistan Between the Worlds – A film – a discussion and film showing how Afghanistan was used to set up the Reagan agenda and again the Bush Agenda

Sovereignty Economic Freedom & Prosperity – be untouchable, eliminate debt, taxes and be free to challenge the status quo

Impact & Resistance – Patriot Act I & II – Definitions of Dictatorship

The dull, boring, necessary work of summarizing David Ray Griffin’s book, “The New Pearl Harbor” into a series of Powerpoint / keynote presentations

Collection (& discussion) of Existing References on Aircraft Control

911 Wargames, Emergency Response Exercises & Drills and their Links to the Plot

Mind Control Tactics & Technologies on Activists & the Public

Crony Capitalism or Global Elite: Reconciling Worldviews in the Context of State-Sponsored Terror

Impeachment – Discourse & Referendum

What do you know about suicide bombers, Kamikazi, assisted suicide in Oregon? This is the key to 9/11, don’t you think?

Let’s go 1-on-1 about our personal 9/11 journey (not stuff about the 9/11 event itself)

There were no terrorists – I challenge you to show me otherwise

UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – You tell what you know. I’ll tell what I know.

Gleanings from the 9/11 Commission – 1) the gun? 2) notification in real time? 3) attempts to intercept?

9/11 – Who really did it? The top 150 subpoena list (patsies, helpful idiots, puppets, puppeteers, asteroids, etc.)

Strategy for 9/11 Truth

Strategy for Republican National Convention

Strategy & Winning

Working Toward a Comprehensive Solution – the Jefferson World Republic

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