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Notes from- Strategy for 9/11 Truth
International Inquiry into 9-11
Saturday, March 27th, 2004

L: Individual actions tend to be like pissing in the wind. Better to have a strategic plan that the actions support. How would we measure success? Powerful technique for getting a strategy.

E: Major important facet: focus on 9-11 families. Know Bill Doyle, who has an email list of 6000 families members. Respect the steering committee, donít bombard with physical evidence. FSC run by the four NJ Moms (911IndependentCommission.org).

K: the families probably wonít want to consider demolition of the towers; widows like Monica G have too much invested in Skyscraper Safety, etc.

E: should we send 6000 copies of New Pearl Harbor to Doyleís families.

K: Commission has a copy, Pelosi...

M: Griffinís book is partly his story, of how he came believe it. No agenda. (this is good)

K: my problem is with the Pentagon stuff. 8, 9, 10 theories. No solid case, absent video or plane fragments, canít be proven.

D: where are we going? Who do we want to reach? What issues do we want to reach them on. Tactics/strategies.

L: What is our goal? Impeachment? New commission?

B: if we choose impeachment we instantly get a lot of people on our side who already are agitating for impeachment.

E: I want to see Democracy Now do at least three shows

K: I want to see release of known physical evidence.

B: encompass/align the mainstream peace and justice movement with 9-11 visibility movement.

M: outreach on media; want to be part of the message against Bush at RNConvention. Want to teach people about limited hangouts. Get the Anybody But Bush crowd to realize that 9-11 is the crucial .

L: impeach Bush and Cheney.

K: want to see focus come down on the national leadership regarding the FAA/Norad failure. Want to do showcase of alternative media (C-SPAN) whistle-blowers like Robert Wright, Sibel Edmonds.

L: something about what it takes to get subpeona power? Want to see independent 9-11 commission established (Kyle: in Washington or DC).

C: want to teach people stuff that they donít want to learn.

G: want to live in a country not run by vicious criminals that kill their own citizens. Network, fundraise, take advantage of people that are already seeing the downside of the Bush regime.

J: want to see unified visual movement on coordinated days. Uniform message.

D: want to bring forth intelligence agency focus. Want independent investigation, followed by undoing some of the stuff that the Patriot Act did: spying on Americans, separating police and military. Turn back the clock on some of the policy changes that were taken in response to 9-11. Repeal of Patriot Act.

A: build a strong sustainable movement. Like to do this before fall (K: like to see it before Commission releases its report).

S: want to see court action in which the principals are held accountable.

J: want to see principals held for trial, and executed for TREASON. Thereís a group called AdBusters that tells how to use everyday stuff to get a message across. We need to use the T-word more often, to get it into the public consciousness. Book called Making the News, how to get critical mass on movement.

L: use television and radio. Put the inquiry into a gift box that can be put on radio and television. Package the inquiry films. Enroll at least seven major celebrities.

K: want to see follow-on commission in NY or DC.

M: want to see Michael Moore not be part of supporting second tier hangout on Saudi Arabia.

A: have been working on a movie. Activate a national public access TV network.

M: letís not presume we speak for everyone here at the conference. Realistically, people will do what they are called to do.

G: want to make sure that I leave the conference with information about people and function/skills (media, fundraising, etc) that I can work with.

D: want to see more focus. This is planning for the larger group.

E: want to mobilize people for campaigns. Get the standdown into the commissionís debate.

C: if we take the ideas to the larger group, the good ideas will be adopted.

A: one idea for get people tapped in is to put a piece of paper on the wall that describes a campaign, then have people sign up.

some discussion on process.

B: group according to skills and interest. Get researchers collaborating through the internet.

G: as organizers we want to be able to speak with certainty on topics.

B: helps to have a rapid response team. Example of 23 questions:

K: every hearing is an opportunity, next one is focus on intelligence. Anticipate what might break, and take advantage of it. Play off it.

C: researchers are a well established group. Rest of us are less well defined.

D: start with agenda, at least as a starting point. Likes idea of rapid response team. Moderated questions to research team. Could we agree on the three strongest points; one is standdown/Norad/FAA failure.

B: would be best if points came from the families, perhaps 23 questions.

G: there is a schism in people who believe it was a crime versus those who believe it was a failure, and we need to address that schism.

C: move people through a process, where they eventually come out the other end and say, yeah, this is fucked up.

E: use the family members as a litmus test or pointer to what we should do next. Suggestion to focus on timeline.

L: get Mike Ruppert/Nafeez/Paul Thompson to focus on timeline, put it into a show (video). Get it to the commission, to the families...

B: get the FSC to come out with the unasked follow-up questions, put into rapid response mode. (David: this is powerful).

J: could get graphic artists organized this weekend, to put together a unified message.

B: keep common theme, since we have created strong visual in previous ďStop the 9-11 Cover-UpĒ sign.

L: are we the Peopleís Commission? Can we package our media team with a few actual celebrities, to give an attractive video package. We did this with the End Hunger movement. Have an umbrella over the movement, create an entertainment event, get celebrities involved, give them themes to work with, divide the show into segments. We need an overall name, propose 9-11 Truth and Accountability Movement.

(crosstalk - difficult to get people to agree on a name)

B: plea for accountability.

N: truth is God. Went through all this before in conference calls, not written in stone, but train has left the station on 9-11. Winning for me means that the truth is out, and questions of truth become so superfluous that not even the White House staff listens to these crooks.

process proposal for putting name discussion at end of

L: first get truth, then get accountability, then reclaim liberty.

K: stuff about the buildings is very upsetting, donít want to hear about demolition theories.

(end of controlled meeting)


Get Democracy Now to do 3 shows on 9-11 before Phase II meeting
Harness/team up with Peace & Justice/environmental movement
Teach people what limited hangouts are
Get out 9-11 truth in RNConvention messages
Impeach Bush/Cheney
See focus on FAA/Norad collapse
CSPAN focus on whistleblowers
Teach people what they don't learn
Revolution - live in a country with justice, etc
Come up with uniform message
Force major policy changes
Build a strong sustainable truth movement
Break the story by end of summer or earlier
Hold all involved in 9-11 accountable
Advertise/market T-word: treason
Bring seven celebrities on board
Establish independent people's commission in U.S.
Meet the families half-way
Persuade Michael Moore to change message of film so as not to support limited hang-out
Get 9-11 truth out through public access TV network

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