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Last Update: November, 2005

The following articles are in various ways related
to the investigation of Sept 11th, 2001,
yet moreso, in relation to the social context
surrounding those events.

Though the central questions about that
jet-black day still remain unanswered,
I feel it is now time to engage you, dear reader
with some fruitfull debate about what
our discoveries might mean in the real world,
(without for a moment abandoning our careful position of
exhaustive referencing -as it directly relates to our central investigation).

Thus, in this section,
we can give some room to reasoned speculation,
to questions of power, history, the soul,
and all things in between.


Why I Choose to Remain Anonymous
(Posted July 24, 2002)

Is it not now rather Obvious?
(An uncharacteristically undocumented rant)
(Posted Aug. 1, 2002)

Rosenbaum's Penile Prose vs. Vidal's Triumph
Here's my critique of the hack-work done
by a real flake from the mainstream media,
(on Gore Vidal's well-written 7,000 word exposition
on the matter of Sept. 11th... Links to both articles included).
For readers who enjoy seeing the foul mouthpieces of
the prostituted press filled and stilled with some
colorful language culled from a love for the
common woman, child, and man,
you may find this more than informative.
(posted Nov. 2002)

Raising the Bar on the Cultivation of Hate
A rather revealing picture of you know who and some thoughts to go with it.
(posted Dec. 2002)

A Poem
Inspired by February 15, 2003
(posted Feb. 2003)

Organize, Organize, Organize
(Posted March 2003)

The PlameGate Affair is A Smokescreen...
(Posted November 2005)

Egyptians, Your Revolution Is in Grave Danger
(Posted February 16, 2011)

A Song... Baghdad n' Basra

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