The State Of Our Investigation: One Year After
by MalcontentX
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Last Update: Sept 11, 2002

This page covers a series of documents discussing the status
of the citizen's investigation into the events of Sept. 11, 2001,
described variously here as "Thoughts on Research."

Each document covers both, a review of the main contributors involved,
(as I am aware of them) and of various principles involved
in the development of credible research.
So while it may be that each new update does make the previous
version dated in one respect, its sister aspect remains
a relevant part of a larger, organic whole.

Thus, One Year After, (Thoughts on Research, Part 4)
brings us up to date with some of the latest developments/contributions,
as the bells toll upon the one year anniversary of the tragedy.

Thoughts on Research, (Part 1)
examines some of the details
by which we may distinguish credible research
from speculation, disinformation, and "conspiracy-theory."

More Thoughts on Research, (Part 2) :
was originally posted on April 25, 2002, revised June 20.
It covers the subjects of "constructive criticism"
and the need for an investigative focus on the part of a core group of researchers.

What's Left to Talk About? (Thoughts on research, Part 3)
Is an Exploration On Why Many of the Leading Voices on the "Left"
Have Avoided Asking Questions About the "official story" Surrounding
The Events of Sept. 11, 2001.
(60 pages, July 20, 2002)

Comment from reader: "I already considered your work up to Feb 2002 to be among
the best alternative-9-11 scholarship. Your latest contributions (such as your look at
Left resistance to 9-11 research, and your excellent accessment of the alternative 9-11
movement) are so well argued, so judicious, and so valuable... that I have to congratulate
you! In these projects you've accomplished so many things that are beyond my level of
energy right now, however much I might desire to engage them."
J. McCurdy. (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)