Part 1
Sept 11: Unanswered Questions
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by MalcontentX
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This 140 pg. document has been broken down into 8 separate parts,
and organized so that you can clearly see the different components
of the case which are covered here, and move easily from one to the next.

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Part 1A:

  • Introduction
  • George W. Bush
  • Flight 77
  • Air Force One
  • Notes

Part 1B:

  • Flight 11
  • Flight 175
  • Flight 93

Part 1C:

  • Summation of Civilian Air Defense, Sept 11
  • Who is to Blame?

Part 1D:

  • The FBI Investigation

This is where we might say: we begin to enter
"the meat" of this investigation. Those of you who are
already familiar with the information concerning the absence of
AirForce defense on Sept. 11, and the nature of the FBI investigation,
may find the following section illuminating.

Those of you not familiar with such previous information,
may find the shocking denial of responsibility, on the part of top
Pentagon officials, to be nothing out of the ordinary.

Part 1E:

  • "Official" (military) Explanations:

  • Confusion

  • The Pentagon

    • "We didnít know"
      "Werenít Informed"
  • Contusion

  • "Official" Explanations: explained

Part 1F:

  • Military-Media Alliance

    • A Few Choice Articles

    • Media Summary

    • Senate Confirmation Hearings: General Myers

    • Ignorance and Responsibility

    • Science of Spin

Part 1G:

  • Who Benefits?
  • Afghanistan
  • bin Laden and the CIA
  • Blaming Bin Laden
  • Spin Summary

Part 1H:

    • Summation
    • Conclusions
    • Appeal