Unanswered Questions: Sept 11, Part 2
by MalcontentX

Part 2A: Intro.

general overview

2B: Sept. 11th, the day,and its immediate aftermath

Part 2C: Sept 11th, the Context


Unanswered Questions Part 2A:


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Dear Reader,

If it is that you begin your review of Unanswered Questions Part 2, after having digested the 140 pages of Part 1, I am both grateful and honored.

(If you haven't read much of that piece, you may find what follows here lacking in preliminary evidence).

The precious nature of your time, and the overwhelming quantities of information emanating from every quarter, means that I have already asked much of you.

Perhaps I could say a word or two here, on why I ask for still more.

(If you have no further need to know why, and want to go directly to more evidence, click here).


It seems the nature of the task before us is both, massive in complexity, and simple at heart.

The inter-connected nature of a vast, global workshop (and its communications system) confronts us as hurdle, danger, and also opportunity.

To understand a single component, we are often compelled to comprehend the nature of forces far beyond our physical eye.

Many worthy issues and concerns compete for our attention.

The great forces driving human civilization toward a single, corporate, military, monetary, and governmental power, (the same force primarily responsible for the increasing fragmentation of our communities, and individual being) also provides us with the clearest, most tangible reflection of our common condition.

In this context, the events of Sept 11th, 2001, may have their greatest significance.

That is, it is not simply to ascertain what really happened in and around Sept. 11 which beacons our attention; beyond even that, the events may provide us with the clearest expression yet, of how the emerging elite order in the world actually stands, operates, and where it is moving.

In relation to there, here we stand.

Even while we do not yet know the exact nature of who did what, (and why) we can already clearly see how the various centers of influence have lined themselves up alongside one another, in the interests of the grand power-play at hand.

Where the fewest voices stood in dissent, where reason and opportunity for reflection were most-thoroughly drowned out in a chorus of "Aye! Aye! Mr. President!" -where the justification for greater bloodshed rang from every mainstream rooftop- here also, is where the network of power has most-clearly exposed itself to the light of day.

Even without laying a specific charge and taking someone to court, we already know that the "official" story stinks all-around: negligence, corruption, unaccountability wafting up through a network of partial, rotten answers, demanding the purification that only a deeper insight can provide.

All we have to do is look at it, gaze upon it long enough, that the hard, outer shell of easy explanations may turn over to reveal a soft underbelly, roasting underneath.

Yet to do this, we need to first counter a construct of our modern, "information age," where we look for a sense of connection with people and society through our absorption of the "latest news."

Permit me to explain.

We live in a society where the bonds of community which have traditionally held people together are unravelling.

Now, in some cases, those bonds were rotten and oppressive anyway, and needed to change; yet what has been created in their stead is an oppressive communal vaccuum: an absence of connection, a continual reduction of the complex relations of family, tribe, village, and local institutions to that of the "cash nexus," the almighty dollar.

A vibrant, rich network of community relations is the prime mechanism by which we can see the workings of the society around us as a connected whole, allowing us to get at the heart of deep-seated problems.

The narrower, more-frail these relations are, the more fragmentary our understanding of society tends to be, and the less able we are to get to fundamental solutions.

"Information," in the modern age, is one of the ways by which we try to connect with one another; yet what we are connecting to, in most cases, is not so much people, as it is an information system.

With the dominance of the mainstream media, this system is extremely dis-connected from the experience and expression of the vast majority of its viewers.

With a deficiency of community relations, we tend to become more reliant on the latest "news flash" for our sense of connection; this, in turn, can cause us to move further away from an awareness of the real community connections upon which a deeper insight depends; and, the less connected we tend to be to a real community of people, the more we turn to the fragmentary information system for our sense of connection.

In other words, our consumption of "the latest news" can easily become addictive.

The system feeds us, yet we are more hungry than ever, and less able to identify where the true source of our nourishment lies.

We, the people, are largely consumers of "other" voices.

The internet may be a case in point: much-vaunted as a vehicle of mass communications, it must be quite apparent to most afficionados that, while it is an excellent means of allowing people, (in great numbers) to voice their opinions, the experience of people actually being heard and responded to lags far behind.

In truth, there is not much ultimate significance to being able to speak, if very few are listening, and even fewer engage us in return.

It is the dialogue, the ongoing exchange between people, which most-incorporates meaning into human relationships -and which, is most-present in real, living communities. In terms of the internet, it must be admitted that this development is still in its infancy.

Even alternative news sources, (critical of the mainstream status quo) are not immune to this; in fact, the obstacle here is of an even more challenging and subtle kind.

In our criticism of various social forces, (which are often responsible for undermining the strength of our communities) we tend to think we have little in common with those forces; when, in terms of what we are unconsciously creating, we may have much.

Progressive editors often feel compelled to compete with the corporate media -responding to "the latest" reports in the context of a sound-byte culture, and a public's dwindling attention-span.

Sometimes, the hope may be that the "next" story will be the one that's going to finally break through the wall of deception, between a corrupt government and a misled public... causing it to fall like a house of cards.

Yet the net result of this is more-often "information overload," "burn-out," an increased sense of fragmentation, and still-frail sense of community.

We cannot cease writing, reading, discussing reports on various issues, (and acting on them); yet neither can we assume this to be sufficient for us to arrive at our deepest insight, and the needed, long-term solutions.

It seems clear that the critical component of our condition is community.

As a society, we are standing at a point, in between the decay of our old, communal traditions, (failing in the face of the money-principle) and the rise of a new one, which could ultimately re-establish many of the older forms on a just and balanced basis.

This community-in-formation exists -but largely, as yet, in the minds of the relative few who see it within.

You who read this, know that it is the vision within us that binds us together -unseen perhaps, (to some) not yet tangible, (to many) yet thoroughly indestructible.

To make this vision, this community, more-tangible to ourselves and others is our task.

To do this, we simply need to identify an event or issue, by which we can begin to bring the disparate elements of our global, human condition into a coherent whole.

Perhaps you could say we need an excuse, to justify taking a step back from the treadmill of information for awhile, and examine an event which many people may view as being "in the past," -within which, we see not only the living repercusions, but also the future unfolding.

In this light, we may see the bombing of Serbia in 1998, the Gulf War of 1990, the "Contra" War of the 80ís, Vietnam and beyond, as precursors, preambles to the events of Sept 11: cyclical moments, where the emerging world order is temporarily brought under a single banner.

In those times, the consciousness of "we, the people" may have lagged far behind the machinations of those in power; yet seeds of significant doubt were also planted, roots reaching out to form networks of resistance across diverse paths, destined to flower a lasting connection.

To some, (perhaps many) it would seem as if we still lag far behind; and it is for this precise reason that I seek to verify your oppositte affirmation, and thus, ensure that this is no longer so.

The tides have turned, I say; we are reaching down into the oceanís depths; we are pulling the plug on the cesspool which corrupts our watery core.

The lens through which we can grasp the greater whole, in sufficient detail, stands before us as tangibly as the towers now do not.

I put it to you, citizens, that the events of Sept 11th, 2001 may yet represent the critical mechanism by which we can come to a coherent understanding of the world in which we live; and verify the beginnings of a community such as the world has never seen.

In my estimation, this analysis not only brings into question the behaviour of government and bureaucracy under the Bush Administration, nor only of Clinton, Carter, Reagan, or how "things went wrong after Kennedy."

We are not simply talking about a single government gone astray for decades or even a century; we are talking about the course of human civilization for thousands of years... all of which is now being brought to a head under a single banner... by forces too huge to contemplate, unless (and to the degree that) we have a lens through which to see the machinations magnified, that we can make the details known, and draw a line in the sand to say,

No more.

We forget no more the endless repetitions of crimes, we recall our creative power, to confirm that the time of accumulating deception is coming to an end.

Whether we complete the task, and gather these humble beginnings into a whirlpool of change, largely depends upon you and me, and others like us.

Relatively few in number, rare in character, critical en masse; a single pebble dropped into a still pond creates many ripples; a committed core of researchers creates a steady splash of insight into the collective consciousness, as individuals continually cycle back for an explanation to the unanswered questions of an inter-connected world.

And what might I, malcontentx, have to contribute to this?

I seek merely to raise the standard of investigation... for meticulous research, simplicity of presentation, attention to detail, and breadth of vision.

To whatever degree I am able to do this, of far greater importance is whether you, (and many others) choose to take it further.

We all have our contributions to make; what I am writing here is merely a reflection of what many of you already believe; and if I am to give expression to something of value, for a time, then fade into the background of our greater works, it is with this understanding that I ask for your attention now.

Only when there are many voices, posting messages, evidence, making it visible, can we so strengthen the clarity of our case, as to bring it into the light of the human family.

Before that, a relative few who envision the many must step forward and begin building the foundation of logical analysis with painstaking detail, (by which others may lay their inscriptions down); and even here, (with my relatively modest contribution) the attempt to draw a meaningful line across the vast canvas may ask much of your time.

You who see all this: prepare yourselves for a battle of Promethean proportions, in the world outside and within.

For a long time to come, there may be little recognition or reward from others. There may be little time to communicate amongst ourselves, at length.

My opportunity to communicate with you directly is minimal, (and may be fading fast); please know that it is

the wisdom I have seen in your eyes,
the enthusiasm in a thousand voices,
the creativity spilling over in meetings and movements too numerous to count,
and the thirst for freedom, crying out from the
surrounding silence which haunts me,
above all,
to remember your struggle,
in this, my attempt,
to present the evidence as simply, carefully, and clearly as I can.

May you be inspired to seek out the truth more tenaciously, to love more tenderly, to take this time we have, and make it richer for the breath of our full potential.

It is towards this that I ask you to journey with me now, for a little-much-longer time.


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In this section, we will introduce -on an ongoing basis- new evidence, updates, supplements, etc. concerning the evidence that was provided in part 1 of "Sept. 11: Unanswered Questions."

This next flow of information will begin so soon as I/we are able to begin sifting through the secnd wave of articles that have thusfar been accumulated.

To facillitate this, a well-organized LINKS PAGE is needed. As soon as that is completed, I/we can move onto the details with some clear sense of momentum.

In the meantime, it may be helpful to briefly recall the outstanding findings of "Unanswered Questions," (part 1) that we may focus in on the most important types of information may be.

In that examination, we found:

a shocking absence and/or delay of air-defense on Sept. 11th; such that, the U.S. Airforce was essentially absent from the skies, (until after all the attacks occurred);

an obvious negligence on the part of George W. Bush, in his refusal to respond, (in the early hours of the attack) and/or upon his staff and secret service, who either refused to adequately inform him, and/or then kept him outside of Washington for over nine hours, (for specious reasons);

paltry excuses given by the military, and an outrageous unwillingness to hold themselves accountable to the reality of a preventable, national disaster;

an FBI investigation that stinks of fabrication and half-truths from start to finish;

a pathetic display of damage-control on the part of the mainstream media, in its refusal to ask the most elementary questions;

moral duplicity on the part of the Bush Administration, Congress, the Senate, and the Military, who baldly blamed the attacks on Osama Bin Laden, (while providing little or no direct evidence) then used this to justify a vicious invasion of Afghanistan, (which "just happens" to hold great strategic significance to the American "empire" of oil and markets) while refusing to apply the most elementary principles of responsibility to itself.

In the first instance, we must admit that, for all our attention to detail, our documentation on the lapse in civilian air defense is still quite meager. There are, as yet, many pieces to the puzzle which need to be heard, before the relatively solid but thin framework, (which first moved us to debate) can either be toppled, or made air-tight.

This is not our fault. The fault lies with the federal government which refuses to include the citizenry in the investigation, by sealing up vast quantities of evidence under the guise of "national security."

Ultimately, such an attitude only substantiates the relevance of whatever it is we have and do find.

In the matter of George W. Bush, his Administration, the FBI, and the military, we are not likely to hear them defending themselves on these questions, anytime soon; and there is no need, in fact, for further evidence, to show that the "official explanation" is not to be believed.

What we have is clear evidence of a systematic cover-up of a national-disaster which should not have occurred.

The evidence gathered so far leads us to a few basic...

Outstanding Questions

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Who, in particular, is responsible? and for what?

In attempting to proceed with this, we must first recognize that much of what we seek has been classified by the FBI and assordid organizations as "secret," in the interests of "national security."

Ludicrous as this may be, we cannot encourage citizens to undermine the authority of said organizations, by publicly seeking to expose people and information which that authority claims to be "confidential."

There is, however, nothing to stop citizens from testing the boundaries of those claims, by seeking out individuals and information which may be relevant to this case, and assessing the legality of the questions, info, as they come up.

In other words, we citizens have a duty to perform, as the watchdogs of government: to become informed citizens, (when we believe that our government is not doing its duty informing us).

So long as we openly intend to break no laws, or to reveal information which is "top secret," etc. there is no harm in attempting to identify those sources which may be relevant, and letting whatever information people can legally offer, to come forward.

Rest assured: there is more than enough information available, to evoke sufficient change in this case, without breaking any laws, (though it may not be easy to find).

In particular, we need to seek out and identify the names of:

the ATC officials who handled Flights 11 and 77, (or their informed colleagues) and ask the question:

When did they first inform their superiors that the flights were in trouble?
Did they try to contact the military directly?
What was the substance of their radio conversations with the pilots?

(Again, we need not make such names public, so much as make the need to identify such people public).

The FAA officials who informed NORAD, (FAA "Hijack coordinator?")

When were you first informed of the hijacking (8:20) of Flight 11?
When was the command center in the Pentagon first informed?

Pilots, maintenance crews, (at) and informed local residents, (around) Andrews Air Force Base,

What was the general state of fighter readiness at the base? and on that day?

The members of the Pentagon Command center, (NMCC) the "crisis-action team," who were directing overall operations,

The "crisis-action team" was "up" at 8:50, (according to General Myers)

When did the FAA first inform the NMCC of the emergency on Flight 11, which began at 8:20?
Who was responsible for not informing the top-ranking Military Commander that America was under attack until 9:40, fifty minutes after the "crisis-action team" was "up"?
Why did the NMCC, (at 8:50, when it knew that a hijacked plane had attacked a major U.S. landmark, and that at least one other plane in the area was also hijacked) not order all available planes, (i.e. on "strip alert") to scramble, in order to protect America's skies?

The members of the secret service,

Who was responsible for the decision to keep George W. Bush away from Washington for over nine hours? and why?
Why were no measures taken to protect the president from an extremely vulnerable arena such as a scheduled trip to a public school?

Beyond these specific details, the question of whether, and to what degree, such a frightening level of incompetence may have been intentional, still stands out like a sore thumb, demanding satisfaction.

Be that as it may, it must be quite clear to the astute observer that a cover-up means that the earliest moments of an event's occurrence is when the least amount of control over what is reported can be exercised; after that, the ability to close down the debate increases by leaps and bounds.

We should anticipate that many valuable "pieces" of information still exist in the hands of individual citizens -requiring only credible venues of dissemination, for their significance to become apparent.

Of primary importance, therefore, is to encourage and facilitate the gathering and recall of such information from a wide variety of sources.


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These pages, as many and as far-reaching as they are intended to be, only represent the beginning.

Until the full, investigative weight of the government is brought to bare, the complete story cannot hope to be told; and yet, neither need the entire story be told, for the telling of it to take on its true, historic significance.

If enough people find in this case a reason to seriously question the standing of modern governments, this may be sufficient to bring about change, so that something like Sept 11th need never happen again. The further along our governments continue to shirk their responsibility in answering to these, our charges, the greater weight the picture we are able to piece together, will have.

Having said this, we must recognize that we are only on the first steps of a very long journey; and the only way for us to move quicker is to work together, to invite more people to participate, by creating some kind of structure which others can easily duplicate or otherwise piggy-back onto.

We, the citizens, need to establish a framework, a standard, by which we can gather together the various pieces of information, and make it easily accessible to one another, (i.e. make it well-organized).

We need to, (in large numbers) create our own web pages, (easy enough, and often free) post info., identify active investigators, and update one another when we can.

My capacity to contact investigators is limited; we each have our contributions to make; my ability to find and post new information will be largely due to what I am able to observe from the websites of others. Your output will have a direct bearing on mine; and perhaps, mine on yours.

If we each add a few new ingredients, and pass them around, then the pie we eventually bake may be tasty indeed.

A Brief Overview

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The "new evidence" which is presented here, (falling beyond the scope of Part 1) has been divided into two main sections: one, which details what happened on and immediately around the day of Sept 11, 2001; and the second, dealing with the social, political, economic context in which the crime occurred.

Both types of evidence have an important role to play in the course of an investigation -each one more important than the other, at various stages of its unfolding.

In the beginning, it is far more important to focus on gathering concrete evidence as to what actually happened during an event, than it is to interperet what appears to have happened. Once a body of evidence has been gathered, the "circumstantial," (contextual) evidence becomes critical to our ability to bring a sense of meaning to the mass of collected data.

At this point, (April, 2002, and for quite some time to come) the overwhelming focus of our investigation into the events of sept. 11 should be on concrete evidence, detailing what happened on that day; and only secondarily, on the significance of that evidence, in the light of the social/political/economic context within which we operate.

This emphasis must eventually change, however; and the reader should be aware that the ultimate significance of what happened on Sept 11., 2001, will likely be in what it compels us to discover about our society, as it existed long before those events occurred.

By separating the evidence into these two sections, you, the reader, may eventually be able to move back and forth between the two pillars of insight, in keeping with your own understanding of the background circumstance.

For now, our emphasis must remain with the specific details of the day itself.

Unanswered Questions Part 2B:
Sept. 11: the day, and its immediate aftermath

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The following section is the result of information which was gathered in the course of the previous report, Unanswered Questions, Part 1 yet not included in it.

It was hoped that, in the meantime, other information would come forth, shedding some light on some of these more controversial or less-documented aspects of the case; but the time to write the first report consumed an unexpected amount of time, and the vast bulk of evidence in these matters also seems to have dried up to a trickle of what once was a raging torrent.

As such, this section may appear to be "old news" to some, still startling to others. I shall endeavor to present the material as clear and succinctly as possible.

Each time we summarize another piece of the puzzle, this gives room for another to augment it.

As of march 11, 2002, this report ends here; more soon to follow on the subject of:

The Hijackings

The Hijackers

The World Trade Center Collapse


Civil Liberties

As of April 23, 2002, my immediate focus is on the construction of a well-organized LINKS page... by which these and other subjects may serve to allow more of us to become involved in the sifting and sorting of the relevant data.

This LINKS page should be posted within two weeks.

After that, I will begin to prepare a report on the above topics.

Good luck to us all.


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