Towards a
National Citizen's Commission
(with International Links and Implications)
into the events
of Sept. 11, 2001
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January, 2002

Dear Friends:

A serious initiative is now underway
to establish a national, citizen-based commission
into the events of Sept. 11th, 2001

Though still in its early stages, (as of Jan, 2003)
this writer can attest that months of discussion and preparation
have gone into the announcement of this project
and that serious talent, intent, vision, and committment
lies within the promise of each methodical step now unfolding.

That initial "introductory statement" can be read here

As this writer has already taken the somewhat radical
position of maintaining anonymity in relation to
my investigation of the 9/11 events,
it is not possible for me to take a leading role
in the manifestation of the commission.
From my communications, however, with those
at the organizational core, I am quite certain that there is
a place at the table for both, diverse voices, and an
unwavering committment to the principles of careful, credible research
-such that I can express my complete and enthusiastic support
for this initiative; and I pledge to do
everything in my power to help keep
the focus of this commission process on the track of truth.

I further recommend to anyone who is seriously awakened
to the true temper of our times
(compliments of a thoughtful exploration of the evidence
surrounding the events of Sept. 11)
that you read through the above-mentioned document,
click through the various links to get more information
and make direct contact with those involved.

There is no time to waste.