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Why Congress Should Serve People not Corporations

[Most of this was written years ago, when I first ran for Congress, before the financial crisis, as I removed it from the smart voter website, I thought that it still holds truth and power.]

The heart of the global economy is a war economy. War is big business, transnational corporations profit from the destruction and rebuilding of entire countries. A few benefit monetarily, but there is a tremendous cost involved for the vast majority of people, and the environmental toll is staggering. If we do not change the course that we are on, there will continue to be tremendous human suffering, an increasing gap between the rich and the poor, and environmental devastation that will render the entire planet uninhabitable for human life.

In order to support a war, people must be fooled or tricked; this has happened throughout human history. The U.S. is not immune to this pattern. An examination of the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, World War II, the Vietnam War, Gulf War I & II, and the war against Afghanistan reveal a number of hoaxes, and false flag operations.

Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett challenges the surprise "Attack on Pearl Harbor." Stinnett provides evidence that F.D.R. asked for, received, and carried out an eight point plan that deliberately provoked the Japanese into attacking America. F.D.R. knew, in advance, of the attack on Pearl Harbor and failed to warn Admiral Kimmel, who became the "fall guy" for the devastating attacks.

His grandson, testified at the Toronto International Citizens Inquiry into 9-11, and mentioned that the CIA was created to "Prevent Another Pearl Harbor." As Pearl Harbor was used to create the "National Security State," and a CIA, notorious worldwide for overthrowing democracies and installing brutal military regimes, 9/11 has been used to expand the official US spy agencies, to facilitate a "Global Security State," and for the US to gain notoriety for war crimes, prison abuse, and torture.

The new growing markets are for surveillance equipment, mercenaries, and "private security firms." This trend does not bode well for civil or human rights anywhere in the world, especially in the wake of the largest financial heist in history. People are waking up, as their homes are stolen, and services are slashed. No one is being held accountable and those at the top are raking in millions and billions.

One of the greatest threats to U.S. policy, identified by the military, is their failure to be able to control all information, and convince people worldwide of the "benefits of US policy and military actions." Despite an enormous budget which allows the CIA to greatly influence news at home and abroad, there is such a huge disparity between physical reality and "spin" that people are questioning official statements about foreign policy, the war, the living conditions of people in nations occupied by U.S. forces, domestic policies. Worldwide opinion has turned against the U.S., particularly the doctrine of "pre-emptive war."

There is a simple solution to this problem. The U.S. should redirect its budget from "killing and controlling" via its military and spy agencies towards healing and helping people in the U.S. and the world who need and ask for assistance. A fraction of the military budget could supply good water, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, utilities, and communications technologies to most of humanity.

The concentration of wealth and power points to how the situation could be reversed. There is the solution of monetary reform outlined by Rep. Kucinich’s HR 2990, which would nationalize the creation of money and use it to meet domestic needs. People need to have greater control over their own resources, land, water, utilities, food, and communications. Corporations must be prevented from privatizing the "commons" and reined in from exercising monopoly power over vital resources. Governments should serve and protect people. Departments which threaten and harm people, or the environment, upon which all life depends, should not be funded. Those departments and services which benefit and serve people, protect the environment, and the health and well being of the communities whose lives they touch should receive funding. There must be transparency, accountability and an end to corporate welfare.

The trend has been to lower health, environmental, labor standards to "increase competition" in the name of "free trade." However "free trade" has meant a free ride for corporations seeking to evade taxes, exploit people and the environment for short-term profits. "Fair trade" encourages raising corporate taxes, raising wages, protecting people from unfair practices, raising environmental standards. We need to stop funding death and destruction, and put our time, money and energy into that which we love and value- life and a healthier, happier, better future for all beings