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January 27, 2012 - A Deluge of Events, Ideas...

My son and I have been working hard all week on campaign materials, the new website, my radio show. People have been phoning, volunteering, helping in many ways. An old friend, and gifted communicator, W. David Kubiak, who used to direct and knows the complex language that I've been struggling with (Joomla) is in alignment with what we're doing and hopefully will make our website more functional, less embarrassing, and publicly presentable. He wrote two articles which I think are excellent, and inspiring for the Occupy Movement, as well as all the other movements struggling against the sea of institutional assaults upon people and planet. One is entitled The Belittle Big Bodies Banzai: A Year-End OWS Salute and Immune Key to 2012 and the other The Contract on Corporate America. I'm grateful for his help.

Yesterday, (in addition to my radio show, a film screening/discussion in Berkeley which took most of my time) in the Hague, held an event launching their website with international speakers and the publication of People Building Peace 2.0, a collection of stories about peace building which included a story that I had written about my Listening Project (Listening for a Change).

It seems that most of my life is spent communicating one way or another with the world and people around me, directly and via film, art, words, the internet, radio... I was drawn to a recent Ted Talk on Human Identity which looked at how we are comprised of all the experiences we've ever had, but always changing like a waterfall, the beauty being that we can choose to reinvent, recreate, redirect ourselves at any moment. I guess I hobble between feeling extraordinarily grateful and joyous at the gifts, insights, love, experiences that I've been blessed with and the frustration of not being able to share, give, do, contribute more with people, to events, to the world, beyond my immediate range. It is such a paradox, wanting to do more and be in more than in one place at a time, recognizing my human limitations, and trying to balance my life, health, energy with the daily demands, my dreams, aspirations, and the projects that I'm working on in collaboration with others.
I can't even visit all the local Occupies, General Assemblies, events, there's just so much happening right now. So I am trying to learn patience, contentment, and to not be so hard on myself and others for our shortcomings. I think what binds me to so many people is our shared desire to do the impossible, rein in corporations and government, empower ourselves and others, improving the outlook for people and planet in the process.