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Reporting from Chicago...

I've been in Chicago since last week attending the American Monetary Institute's Annual Conference. At the same time, I've been trying to network with the people in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank - Occupy Chicago who have acted in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the larger movement challenging the corporate control over government, democracy, for the benefit of 1% and at the expense of the vast majority of people and planet.

Dennis Kucinich's newly introduced Bill HR 2990 entitled the NEED Act would-

*Put the Federal Reserve (Fed) into the Treasury to make monetary policy accountable to Congress and the American people

*End the banks special privilege by no longer allowing them to create money, through a simple and non-disruptive accounting change

*Allows the government to create money by investing in the nation's crumbling infrastructure, creating real wealth, and good jobs at the same time

I believe that abolishing the debt based monetary system within this country would also inspire other countries to regain control over their monetary systems and economies and solve the horrific debt crisis is a root cause of the inequities and ecological devastation over these last several thousand years.